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AP Headline News Oct 30 2018 18:00 (EDT)


The. AT radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump and first lady Melania Trump are met with protesters as they arrived at the Pittsburgh synagogue were eleven worshippers for killed last Saturday. And follow the March. Hamilton, mourning the loss of his good friend, seasonal Rosenthal says Trump's should've stayed away. He came to death. Thank you citizen darter. Should it does waded into entity? Everything's comes down funerals for four the victims held today. There'll be services from now until Friday for all eleven people killed in last Saturday's rampage, Trump in the first lady arrived after today's funerals and lit candles for each of the victims in the synagogues vestibule afterwards at a makeshift memorial of stars of David outside. The Trump Slade white roses as well as stones for each of the dead, Boston mobster once one of the country's most wanted men Whitey Bolger has been found slain in federal prison. Here's the a p's. Ed Donahue, Bolger ruled south Boston legend or people, you know, growing up. He's cool, but Tommy Donahue had a different view scumbag. Actually, he's a mass murderer family Bolger is alleged to kill Donahue's Whitey Bulger led the mob in south Boston and also became an FBI informant. He was on the run since nineteen ninety four but was apprehended sixteen years later, Sean mcgonagall recalled at Bolger sentencing, a call he received when he was twelve years old just call. Christmas time is coming home and ask. What he Bolger had just been transferred to the West Virginia prison and a medical examiner declared him dead shortly after his arrival, I may Donahue the markets continue their roller coaster ride. The Dow up four hundred thirty one points today, while the NASDAQ rose one eleven this is AP radio news. The new ipads are missing the same thing as Apple's new phone. Warren Levinson has more new line of ipads is following the lead of the iphone and ditching the home button vice-president, John Tournus told product introduction in Brooklyn users will be able to turn on the new tablets just by looking at them a feature apple calls face ide- support for phase Eddie might have noticed. There's no longer home button. We'll know home button means all this gestures from the iphone ten now come to the ipad. No home button. Also means more room for display the new tablets are smaller than their predecessors. But with larger screams the company also introduced new max, including a high resolution screen for the macbook air. Warren Levinson, New York NASA says planet, hunting space telescope Kepler has run out of fuel and has gone silent over its nearly ten years in orbit Kepler spotted more than twenty six hundred planets outside the solar system, including up to a dozen rocky world to size, the Vert inside these so-called gold layout goalie Kodaly Kodaly ox, look. I'm Tim McGuire.

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