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This message comes from. Npr sponsor code for america who believes government can and should work well for everyone. Code for america works with governments and communities to build digital tools and services to meet today's challenges and push for a better tomorrow learn more at code for america dot org live from npr news. I'm nora raum the. Us apparently has retaliated for the bombing attack. The airport in kabul thursday that killed scores of people including thirteen u s servicemembers a spokesman for the us central command says the us conducted drone strike against an islamic state member in eastern afghanistan killing the target the evacuation of kabul continues state department spokesman. Ned price says the. Us has been able to remove. Most of the afghans would work for the us embassy. The vast majority of our locally employed staff and their immediate family members have been evacuated or are currently on the grounds of the hamid karzai international airport we are actively working to evacuate remaining staff and we have been in direct contact with them. Price also said the us will to provide humanitarian assistance to the afghan people. And we'll make sure that none of the money goes to the taliban. Britain's foreign minister has confirmed to british nationals and the child of a third uk citizen were killed in thursday's bombing villa marks reports for in the so domain rob said. He was deeply saddened to learn that the three individuals had died in the bombing at the edge of kabul airport. He described by deaths as the tragedy and said cowardly terrorists have killed individuals. They sold to help the family members evacuate safely to the uk. The dead were among dozens killed thursday. Britain's royal air force confirmed that a chip. Thomas fourteen thousand people out of afghanistan before the august thirty first deadline for foreign forces to depart rob said the british government will offer concert support the families of the dead and said the attack on the line. The dangers facing those still in the country then. Npr news on the lamont's on the hurricane ida is gaining strength in the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. Npr's debbie elliott reports. It's on a path to strike louisiana tomorrow as a major hurricane. Evacuations are underway in at least five south louisiana parishes and governor john. Bel edwards has activated the state's national guard to respond to what's forecast to be a devastating category for hurricane. Benjamin shot with the national weather service. In new orleans says it will bring wind gusts of up to one hundred and seventy miles per hour. Fifteen foot storm surge and nearly two feet of rain in some areas. This will be life altering storm for those who are prepared and ready to take what i'd is. Go throw at us later this weekend. Parts of louisiana are still recovering from a record. Five tropical landfalls last year. Debbie elliott. npr news ida is expected to make landfall on the exact date when hurricane katrina struck. Sixteen years ago devastating. A large swath of the gulf coast. Katrina was a category three storm while aita is likely to be a category four. This is npr news in california. The lake tahoe visitors authority is urging people not to visit. The air. quality is terrible because of a major wildfire. The kaldor fire has burned more than one hundred forty thousand acres in the sierra nevada. It's now only about twelve percent contained after breaking out on august fourteenth. It's one of nearly ninety large blazes burning in. Us mostly in western states the the administration is urging state and local leaders to give tenants a chance to apply for rental assistance before evicting them. As npr's laura walmsley reports the move follows the supreme court's decision to block continuation of the cdc's temporary addiction. Been in a letter. Cabinet officials call on governors mayors county executives and court administrators to take action to prevent what they call unnecessary evictions among their recommendations are local pauses on evictions and requiring landlords to apply for emergency rental assistance before they file addictions tenant advocates say. The message is a powerful nudge. Too many states and counties addictions are handled at the state and local level twenty. Five billion dollars is available in federal rental assistance but in many places that money has been slow to reach the renters and property owners who are counting on it laurel wamsley. Npr news washington spacex will try again tomorrow to launch a falcon nine rocket and send a dragon capsule to the international space station. The weather didn't cooperate. This morning is to deliver some forty eight hundred pounds of supplies as well as fresh food for the crew. I'm nora raum npr news.

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