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My name is Allison Brie and here's how I say but holes grown up WAMA woman blonde hey there welcome to Andrea savage grown up woman hashtag potholes thanks for coming and listening to US Tony You have been gone I've been gone but I'm back I'm not GonNa lie you were not missed as much as you thought you were going to be I had a hunch I hear there was a lot of shit talk on on one episode in particular but I have not got to hear that yet I feel like you came off easier than I would have liked I feel like it could have been more well did you enjoy what were you were in you were a wedding what what was happening I I was in the wedding I was a wedding yes I was in the New England area weirdly playing some weddings with some friends friends of mine that have a wedding band out there and they have had me come out last couple of years they have come out for a week or so and place them weddings with them I know it sounds strange but it's true I do you enjoy it I do actually it's really fun I think it'd be really fun it's Super Fun 'cause like people are just going to have yeah and they're getting getting free drinks and they're ready to have you ever performed at one where tough staff you're like this isn't going to last and I can tell I can't say that that that has been because I don't always necessarily see the ceremony right but the you know you're there for some of the speeches right yeah have you ever seen a speech go wrong too drunk I don't not necessarily too drunk you'll get the you know the ramblers and the people that are clearly not prepared boo then I would like to I haven't gotten anything too bad the the the guys that I do this do it regularly and so they hire them because you're giving me nothing I mean you pay for their flights I mean I sure yeah sure then go for the amount of money making from this podcast it is nothing I will pay for these flights they just sound like they might have more to offer well yeah I mean when you're doing that you know kind of full-time and I'm doing it three times a year it's kind of you know you're GonNa have differences there have you ever tested somebody's marriage in terms of I'd like to know if this woman is really loyal and and and come up to her and giving her the Biz you know what I mean and then scene if she was like excuse me this is my wedding day or see if she was like Oh hello me personally I can't say that I have but I've I've I've heard of some some some strange shady really kinds of something you've heard give me any why are you here we're Ceylan Hey here you know what I'll give you this yeah you know what right now already since I have been back I got back last evening I pretty much already spent more time with you than I have with Kayla and my wife and two day to day we record this is our anniversary yeah that's a happy anniversary thank you are you guys still doing well or has this podcast caused a rift I mean eh there's some talking to be had I can break you up by the end of this season my work here we'll be done don't think you're getting away from giving me one drop up of a funny wedding story honestly if you can't even do that what are we doing here you can't be just hitting writing on my back we don't you you you give me no prep you don't tell me I'm going to be juicy wedding stuff I don't have prep you know you got something you have some in your head when you were like I've heard stuff of of well I I've just heard of things have kind of like brides or bridle well actually really no I think it was the process of being like weirdly flirtatious toward band members and like this is the wedding this is your wedding day or wedding you have the band members Scott for it no God damn it I find that every one of your stories disappoints me I'm a disappointing man can say Kaelin so lucky among all right well I'm happy to have you back are you in some ways I I don't know I don't know you well enough to know if I'm happy or not you you were here and then you left so quickly it's like I don't know if I can put my heart on the line again I I mean I had these these wedding plans long before you and I had even met but my heart has been on the line well and I opened up and then you left and and now you're back and you wanted to just be like it's always been we'll see we have allison brie coming in today yeah I'm excited she is one of the most else lovely hilarious cool down to Earth funny people that I know I'm very excited to have her here she's very attractive I hadn't noticed weird phase can I count on you to be cool about this I don't I don't know how you act when an attractive woman comes in the room like other than your wife I don't I'm just are we safe can I bring her in and I think we're going to be all right I mean what are you concerned about what he would he would anything sexual assaulter I listen I don't know much about you I don't I'm just saying she is alarmingly attractive and I just I have have concerns will hate you but you want this this juicy wedding gossip what if what if though on my wedding anniversary of all days Oh you sexually assaulted your works odd dare to dream Fuck I'm really torn now because I don't want alison to have to go through that or do I fan I I I I'm excited I've never met her she's lovely let's she she seems lovely. I don't know you know what she's what she's doing here what's about to happen because we don't know what's about to happen that's part of the fun right is part of the fun this podcast thing is it's a real do's short doozy yes because I'm in a hurry and I can't spend the time came to finish that very long word no dues are Tony let's sit down with the delightful Allison Brie let's do it Allison Brie first before we move forward I need you to grab that piece of paper Oh and say the the sentence and you can say it with a flourish you can add whatever you want I just WanNa be really straightforward about it however you want I'm not gonNA influence you my name name is Allison Brie and here's how I say but holes I have to tell you that I'm so delighted with with the title of this podcast because but whole is like a truly my favorite word and given the whole premise Ramos of this podcast I feel like it really resonated with me with this word because I have female friends who are like don't say that word around me I don't like that word and I don't like to think about what comes out of a butthole this is like a friend of mine who's a mother which I mike you're drenched in shade ah constant maybe she's changed the tactics since becoming a mother but I feel like there was a brief moment where I was like can I still be friends with this person that's a valid measure of whether or not you can but whole as a word gives me so much joy this is my theory you can't the butthole without smiling it's true it's true and especially when I mean in any context really it's so fun I feel like when you're wanting to insult all someone it's the edge off the job you can't rely on you know what you're just real butthole yeah immediately it takes takes the edge off there's a great line in The classic film twenty-one Dumpster Yes in which does girl goes were you guys finger pop in each other's ass all she says assholes never mind that's not even a butthole lines like that line so much and then Johnny Hill repeats it and he's like no we worry finger poppin each other's Aso's I guess I just like the whole heart and I will say there's something about it because this this whole podcast is about people who are grown are functioning people in their lives but are still immature and mature and funny I I am I'm bringing people I love and who died me and forcing them to say but hall as grown people think it's funny that grown people have to say about hall all Julian Webb was here and she's almost ninety and the delight she had saying but all just my heart grew like seven size and my butthole sizes so I mean I wasn't here but like at home my role was expanding banding and I was like what is happening now ellison did you get het like I feel like I have think about the reality of your butthole grew seven is is well I have a very tiny butthole type that is true so yeah yeah seven sizes it goes to normal normal size yeah of course you have a cute little very petite butthole talk I was this morning I woke up and I did not tell you this when we came in I was just thinking about it though I had a totally totally unrelated to anything I had a dream that I'm just remembering last night that hugh grant texted me okay and what did he say well let me set up that he texted me only said Hugh but I knew it was Ukraine and that we were friends I've never met Hugh Grant I know him no but I was just watching Notting Hill and I have a lot to say about it okay well he we were in a group text of with another other people but I did not I don't remember they were and it was something very casual where he was like Oh my God I guess it is what they thought and then sent a photo and it was like got a joke it was like we all would and then in my dream I was in London suddenly and I was like I fucking never told you that I was in London he's GonNa be pissed yes is it too late well he thinks too rude to tell him now I'll be telling me now I'm here for one more day to text and be like hey by the way I forgot to tell you I'm in London I and I only have one more day can I see you I don't think it's too late what did you do a dream I never got I kept thinking I got a the texture yeah and then my dream would go on I still haven't texted you and then I woke up so it's not the best dream okay cool flashed in my head Eh but felt so real yes totally those kind of drink I mean all dreams are so interesting because they always come with a set of given facts that you understand stand like seeing hugh and your phone and knowing when France Not Jackman no no not dancy it was for sure hugh grant and also so I feel now today as if I am close to Hugo I like that I like how dream stick with you even though I feel like we've all gone through a phase phase of going nobody's interested in hearing about your games and we shouldn't tell each other and it's worse and then we get shamed for that but now I've come out of that phase into being like I'm telling people about them because you know what they are kind of interesting and Quirky and weird and I don't know if if it's as I get older or if it's always been this way they like feel to real and they really stick with me and like also whatever I'm reading or listening to immediately penetrates yet my dreams I my my dreams are way more on the nose are tired they're just very much like oh I watched that and then I dreamt about that guy I wake up like Oh what Oh yeah I just did that I do when you dream about celebrities though it's very specific I had a dream not that long ago where I I was in an intimate setting and and a sexual setting with Al Pacino who current Al Pacino uh-huh and in it I was into it in the dream I was like I've never thought of him like this before he makes me we feel things yeah I woke up yeah concerned but also as if I had I had a lover in my life life and that lover wasn't aged Al Pacino yeah I mean right and then you wake up and you're like I'm confused I am still a little bit on a little turn should I masturbate is that taking it too far I will admit I did not think that would be if I had masturbated my so you'd wake up after him but still the middle of the night and you're like well maybe I should just masturbate along but then I'm usually do tired so to start a little bit like maybe I could just dive right back back into the dream that never were no you never will I'll dive back in but I'm like just past the sex in the dream or like reset backwards records in the sex is never going to have sex you can never get back into a sex I know it's hard you try I think the weirdest xtreme that I've had was about Caitlyn Jenner how what era like it was sort of right like the boom of Caitlyn Jenner's just come out as Caitlyn Jenner and she's on the cover ver- of and I had a very sexy dream in which we were on the beach like making love and she she just looked like a beautiful woman had like a fantastic Pena's and we were just like it was like a full penetration dream a had and I had an awareness in the dream of Davies going to find out I always offense meteorologist cheating on any time I have a sex dream I'm worried about that I feel like it must mean that I'm very loyal to my husband's like a good thing that I can have sex dream without being like Oh God what have I done he's going to know correct with guilt always but it was also like very gentle is sexy I woke up just being like what does this movin what does it mean and then did you linger when you you and your eyes would go across her in a magazine or whatever was there a little bit like oh I know her the went away yeah we went away pretty feel that with Al is well sure okay good you're not like I woke up and was like Andrew we need to talk this is not okay but what was also interesting about it is it wasn't just purely sexual in my day I was emotional you were like dating we were dating he made me feel alive yeah I like that I've been listening to the savage love cast which is confusing being it should not be ready for that hopefully which is Dan savage's podcasts. Oh it's like a call in question answer Hi it's been around for years apparently he reads written a column for Years Yeah giving love and sex advice but I just kind of found out about it and so now all my dreams are about like open relationships and bisexuality and like sometimes it's like me and Dave I just woke up the other night where we had this huge fight about him being like we are we're GONNA be in an open relationship but just me and I was like oh he was like babe no what and I woke up and just like Glare I was so mad at him in real life in real life women do that more than men I woke up and was just like fuck you and he was like Doc Good Morning Tony I saw you laughing over there have you had a sex dream about famous person I know that they have but I'm spacing on it but I have been on the other of the Kaelin waking up and being angry at me when I do I I can't Oh my God tony I know you hate almost story she tries to force stories out of me and I got nothing he brings things up first of all you should know Tony I barely know great so I we're getting to know each other there and every time I'm like what is the stories like I know there's something but I'm like what are we what are we doing here real king of the non-story yeah you're welcome no listeners should know that Tony's wearing a great shirt thank you yeah try to marry Tony Oral will feel better about small flowers are small it's fine I just all right I can't handle complementing Tony or we're going to go to a quick break and we will be right back with Algebris guys were back with Allison Brie who is also a grown up woman yes also Hashtag mudholes definitely Hashtag buttonholes mm now I like to do some research especially when it's my friend I think I know and then I find things out about them one you and I know each other from sleeping with other people ah yes that's the first time we met right I guess so yeah which is so funny because I just think I know I just think of like hangouts and sort of group parties season adding like I've known you forever I agree yeah but that is how we know each other yeah and that was I don't know how many years ago so obviously people know you from the things they know you from but one thing that I think was very important about you that I found out is is you you would put on shows for your family sat included a fake ad for edible wieners where you would only wear a trenchcoat and a hotdog between your legs okay wait was is first of all you felt this online listen we have our ways can I say this is how these stories why was going to say more that like I'm already going things slightly senile where that is a story just pitched to like tell on a late night show thinking I'd never told it before and we didn't have time like we just didn't get to it in the segment and maybe maybe that's good since it's clearly already story I've told many people it's amish knowledge you can find online you can find this online I also also don't be where you can tell it on a late because no one's listening it's the best you know what I mean let's be on trying story online we'll tell me yes well okay it's not an untrue story but I well except for there's one major clarification which is to say that I would not it's not that I was wearing nothing under the trench coat by the way I didn't read that as nothing like you're you were a child I was like a kid had with like a tank top and shorts I didn't think this was mid bree secretary operate you you're not maniac you're or a normal person who is not a crazy well I just I know I just feel like I have to clarify because there are we live in a real hot button time and like I have said things before just off the cuff than have been misconstrued that way and then afterwards I like no no no one forced me to take off all all my clothes like a that's like a very like did I say so yes no I my my family these are memories of like my mom's friends wins and they would have these big fund barbecues and me and my sister would hang out with their daughters and I was like not to make everything's sexual on this podcast little war need little kid yeah like and I just was like N. funny that I was a funny vis funny it's not funny this is a good bit and so when we would hang out with these family friends who we just knew so well it was like sisters here's yeah and our parents would just be like getting drunk and the other room and hanging out and I would like corral the other girls on the bedroom be like we're GONNA do skits but the funny thing is I think in my memory of it after the first time doing it we just did the same skits we've just like immediately like our most famous sketches is because they got a good reaction I did enjoy I put myself because now I have a ten year old daughter were having a party with friends over imagining her her also she somewhat shy like this is so not hurting but if she wasn't coming out with her friends and then opening have well Ozan first first of all there was a whole thing so it was like we'd sit everyone down and the weed come out one one at the time with our sketches and I was like a real skinny little kid and like always looked very young for my age I would have this big like adults trenchcoat on and I would have one of the hot dogs from the barbecue wedged in between my legs I in high crotch and so I would love to walk like shovel out waddell keeping that hot dog there and then I would do a whole little like I you ever walking down the street and you're hungry when you don't know what to eat well now we're introducing the new and improved edible wieners and I would like flash the coat open and be like it's your Weiner but you can eat it that was the invention which was like I don't understand exactly how it works like look at Dick that you buy and you can also you it is it stays between lay and it takes you cut down Doug so was this true or false also your original SNL audition the workshop. I'm waiting for the second phone call and when when they call me and you but please don't spoil it for Lorne could imagine you hosted at some pretty short bit no never it was like a dream I assume it's coming soon so you you host has no you pick this day one just that Monday pit you know that first pitch that you guys have a couple of things that I really focused on this this is my top bit it's three sentences long but it's got a big payoff huge pay is anyone could I what did I need a visual aid someone's actual okay so now that we have established how you got into the business I assume this was when people ask you and in your first couple of things you do a monologue this was and then I did that I did one comedic one dramatic that was my contemporary comedic great and then I did like Macbeth great I love it now people obviously know you from glow yes yes which just season three just dropped yes it did and it got a ton of nominations you've nominate show's been nominated directly this season yes which is director Oriel debut very exciting it was fucking amazing now everyone knows you from these things I like to dig into some of the things people don't know the credits that aren't as touted lauded One comedian through the day that you found out you got the role of Nina on Hannah Montana Ho actually you know it was great that was my first job on television talking because it's not to like Shit on these jobs bears thing because the excitement when you get your first job it's definitely like when you heard that how did you feel oh my God it was so exciting and it actually was such a funny it's I think about this story often because it reminds me of the difference it's like I'm constantly trying to get back to this version of myself that had just graduated from Theatre Hamill at cal arts and in like a combination one of naievety and just like general excitement and youth I would go into audition rooms and take big sway yes you you know and so this was one of the first things it was the first thing I ever did on television done this way think one horror movie before this and I when into the audition and unprompted decided to do like a long island accent it wasn't a not requested sources sources quirky like hairdresser character on the show and I was in there just being like you're now what you need you need highlights and it was such a weird it was a weird day where they auditioned some girls than they asked me to stay you know it was like the callback was like immediate so I stay and when they said can you stay your heart already like Oh my God this is I said can stay us and I was like well I have a couple of things not just like Oh yeah I'll stay number so they asked me to stay and and then I came in and read again for some other people and they still asked me to stay can you stick around so now I'm sitting in the hall and I hear them telling other actresses who are coming in they come out into the hall and they started to say and could you guys do an accent can you do a long island accent and I'm watching these actresses are like this business they're all phases horrified terrified but they're like of course definitely on just give me two minutes and then I had like an amazing I was like holy shit ship this is crazy like that's so cool that choice yeah exciting but also they're giving your choice just these peop- telling her to do so they're like we like Kurt choice but her yeah we're interested to see if maybe someone else can do her choice better. ps every audition of my entire life every job I've ever gotten has has taken five auditions of them going God we love everything you're doing but we just have a feeling someone may be could do a better and then eventually I guess we didn't find someone better the all right but anyway I got the job I was so excited and the first day that I went to do it again on set and it was great it was actually like the perfect first job at a theatre school because it's a Disney show and it's for a live studio audiences does this thing to be doing on television and I come out with a ton of energy for rehearsal for the director and he just do the C. Goes that's great I love it it's so funny just lose the accent oh I didn't do the accident on the show Oh my God it's got me the job and then do it on the show and ps someone just played me a clip of this and the other day and I was like an my voice on that show like because it's a bag about talking about being adult women it was so funny to me to see myself that twenty two twenty three probably being like I was just like am I am I still it was like no maybe that's judge was your smile I'm so excited to be acting to show oh I my first job up was sweet valley high kids show oh I remember sweet valley and I was serious there last season I played. Renata Vargas the X. Brazilian exchange student and I thank you that is the appropriate reaction and I had to do an accent but I I did the same thing I went in with big swings I went in and you know they loved it and then I remember I got it and I was like well now do you want me to like actually they get a Brazilian accent because this accents crazy accent were you doing a literally just a made up accent that sounded somewhat like Latin America Marie American but not Brazilian which is Portuguese it sounded kind of Russia likes large Russian Hispanic sure great and I was like do you want me to know we're good and then they proceeded to just said don't do any acts no they were like do whatever you don't do what you do learn a better one is what what they basically said they were like no no we don't need the authentic in any way and then my character war fruit on her head but also lived in the Amazon jungle but also love Tacos also talked about boroughs in her hometown and lived in the Amazon well she remembers this show came from the Amazon rainforest like Voodoo but then burritos and it was a zillion Mexican Hornsby and Arjun Bandaged Any thing really under the sun cool it could not go over well now maybe this was the thing but again that's weird that we both got in with accent Yeah Yeah big big accent was very I don't understand how you talking to me like dad now no that's not what I found actually yeah yeah I don't know what I'm doing so because I I love talking about this first jobs because I remember those couple seminal moment jobs one of them was getting sweet valley high literally I was like Oh my God i read these books growing up Oh my God I'm going to be on the show and it was such great training ground yeah as an actor coming out of of you know just coming out of college and I like what what more grown up job did you get where you were like Holy Shit Oh I me in madman was that way because yeah I booked madman when I was twenty four years old suits really still was one of my I I yeah and again that that was another case of I didn't do a crazy act I honestly think I came in pretty much doing trudy exactly how I dropped doing oh yeah but I auditioned a few times and then I didn't hear back for a couple of weeks and I thought I hadn't gotten the job of his television moves so quickly it was very obvious that I I wouldn't have gotten the job after two weeks and then they called me back and told me I got it and and later Matt Winer had told me that you know they didn't want cast me I think you've Lord knows it was more of a story highlighting him as the hero which I do actually believe that I think the director of the episode wanted to keep looking they held another round of like maybe tomb around dishes after I had him in and that audition process to was me coming in fully as Trudy yeah and then when I came back for for my call back with Matt and the director in the room my like producers callback the whole callback was them taking it down and taking it down and taking it down and then when I got the job I came for the table read of the episode and Matt the first thing he said to me when I walked in the room was like forget everything I said you and your audition just did ah so it was like the opposite and I was like crazy few this business guys I know but that was but matt will say they saw all all these other people and then they were just down to the wire as this is truly how I booked madman and community of people being right down to the wire and going what was that tape get us that girl roll gives a girl and they're and they're they're like and then you come in later and go suck my Dick I the same but hall okay I don't think we're gonNA find a better line for a break than that we will be right back hi it's Andrea listen if you're enjoying the podcast or I'll be honest even if you're not this would be just a personal favourite of me which no against Shit but go to apple podcasts and subscribe to Andrea Savage grown-up Woman Hashtag potholes or spotify or stitchers you're all all the places and then also apple podcasts leave us a review it's annoying that we even have to say this but unfortunately it matters and it's annoying because I didn't want it to matter but it matters so don't be stingy with the stars let it loose five I don't need your chanting Tony but five dollars just don't be stingy the stars all right things are listening okay back to the show here we are we're gonNA play 'cause you're game person right I don't know aw I'm like the whole point of this Goddamn podcast for me to see my friends that I never get to see and I love playing games and I'm like all my friends love to play games and then they all get there like I know so okay this isn't like a game hypotheticals would you rather good because hypothetically I I do like to play games okay all right I don't know what that's not all right we're GONNA do some would you rather okay great great I like this would you rather only wear leather or vague leather or only wear tied for the rest of your life I mean 'cause you're like a fashion lady Oh thank you I look instagram I mean for the rest of my life you can only wear leather and again if you're that's the you the animals that's maybe not great but so fake wearing leather no I actually would they I feel like I gotta go with tie-dye for practical reasons because leather gets quite fight hot yes I like to work out it feel like that's not gonNa work tight is in right now I don't see I feel like my life would take a real turn for the worse if I had to only wear tied I feel like either of these your your life's on the downswing well but I would be a lot more comfortable in tied at least then you have like a lot of fun color choices you can do there's like a tighter tied there's like I feel like there's a lot of ray there's different ways you could go with it okay more subtle will widen gray allowed to do that so you're red carpet emmys glow tied I down pushing boundaries and then not only that next year when it's nominated again hike and we're not allowed to tell them what you've agreed well the new rule about right matting you're at and I think I still would stick with tied because ultimately I do value the comfort over a aesthetically pleasing looks all right I like that now this high and you can tie anything like I could I could would wear tied I leather you don't know okay I mean if it's tied I'd like I'm so imagine like a right blue like aqua and orange yeah leather vests vests yeah wow that's somehow vest I was the worst part of that nothing's worse than a leather vest and there's not a human being tony have you ever worn leather vest no safely say no never never really yeah I don't I don't know if I could say no I don't know I I know I have to say I know I have other best in at some point and I thought it was fantastic I bought it I don't think I heard a ton but definitely a couple of times yeah I feel like there there was a point in the ninety s where there were guys who wore vest Salat yeah and I feel like Tony I didn't know because again we're getting to know each other I'm glad like he'd be a vest Guy Oh boy that's that's the meanest thing I've ever said the things I've heard of yeah okay so you've never you've never worn leather best great okay I feel like a couple of these I'm going to stay away from the sexual staff potentially potentially this one okay see about that now and I know I keep saying this that I'm not a poop humor person but pook keeps coming up somehow I I love walls but I'm not intended to sin farts Oh oh very funny do you the I four brothers like I just have never been a for Joe Person Okay here's a good would you rather okay okay okay gradu- rather smell like poop and not know it or constantly be smelling poop nobody else can smell definitely he constantly be smelling I could not abide being the smelly person I would much rather you know alley oop I know ooh I feel like I that's even worse I just be like why doesn't anyone WanNa be around me like I feel like even not knowing the the reason I would be able to sense people's discomfort around me and yet that sounds like a horrible way to live versus just constantly spelling poop like you know sometimes James will like am I smelling my own poop or like other peoples poop interesting I feel like if I interesting dilemma your own poop you're like well then what's the problem I think it's other I think it's just a general like oof that's a rough smell I'm with you by the way I'm choosing the same thing yeah Tony that's the way I'd go to thank you I feel like we he would rather be in pain than have other people that's a very very open altruistic making great and sitting in a room talking about care a lot about what people think of us that we don't want people to think that we just like all the time yeah it's definitely the first thing okay this one it is would you rather have your body found in a pile of hard core sex toys or have everyone you know see your browsing history sex toys aw how one hundred percent because I feel like I even this the truth is I don't browse anything anything I don't watch porn really and those dreams exactly my life is constant streaming yeah video my own imagination the nation it's not like I'm ever googling rid like really lewd thing yes but I definitely Google things I'm ashamed chain of like just in regards to even just in regards to like lame like people that we know like celebrities ages or or like we do so bald or like I'm like who I don't need to know to know that on a Tuesday a evening at seven pm like why I don't know there are time about that I was just thinking about all the weird stuff that I go but you're right because I was like I'd rather that than we're sick they found my body dead in a pile of sex toys I was like oh my daughter's got to live with that I don't have kids yeah my mother or any any dead soon I like that becomes the headline that it's always doesn't matter what we on the head of that's the headline I guess I just would worry it's those weird thing close friends of mine like why did you Google I did what I mean it'd be like I was curious the much as I don't know I'm sorry oh I met I met Betty Gilpin she meets like the first time when working together we went to look at something on my phone and she made a joke about like Oh God what if you pulled the window up and it said like Betty Gilpin sex scenes scenes or something and I was like I see I have not have not google that about betty but it is like you know will I just feel like there are even take things we google that you're like oh did I look that up to see you know what I mean or even about yourself I do not Google myself off and I do not want to know because it's like every so often who knows what you looked at that was out there and then everyone would just know that that to me is way more mortimer selling me on this because before that I was very much like I don't care if people know the weird stuff I go but now I'm like oh everyone I know could potentially henshaw be hurt and also it does show you being sort of your petty asked pettiest you're patty at the bottom line is and especially because it's so in terms of like like name fat cellulite picks like or something you know what I mean you're just oh I was just trying to find the fastest journey to get what I wanted in that is there anyone that you feel comfortable add meeting that you have googled them someone we know or that you know I don't know I'm trying to think who I yeah I mean googling all my friends right now so I'm little again three yeah yeah craziest things yeah but then I also google stuff like what had Hitler do that was positive total for like weird scripts you know what I mean and then I'm Ooh that's tough I saw her how do but now I'm hearing what you said and I'm like that's a weird thing where I was reading something and I was like how much do ch- how much do people we'll get for child trafficking sure I mean no totally Charlie I agree when you're researching that I will dive into that you take weird deep dives that wouldn't look great out of contact yes yes all right I feel like we should take this caller yet and a and let you get on with your life to please because I know I'm just started this podcast and still trying to figure out like what it is and it's really really just me going these are people who delight me and I just want to talk to them and show the rest of the world that it doesn't end sure were when you get responsibilities Oh my God are we at a point already to be like his life about to end no but I'm the thing I think we did because people are scared sure scared correct you're scared to be boring honest so I don't WanNa go like hey it's fine it's fine were all growing up and we're still having fun and everything's cool and ed but holes can I put that as like the quote like yes underneath like Allison Brie as a recommendation for the shower lease will you also write a review in apple for me yet but it will just say that great then we'll have a red and then it will also say like and love the podcast thank you especially the episode with Allison Brie Yeah only that episode yeah well no don't they own you know look I look I'm district I disagree with stuff all right arable trae we're going to call Rebecca Carrillo no we're gonNA call Rebecca got she's from San Antonio Texas and she's got a quite she's got some questions for Rebecca she submitted to be like call me I put something on instagram everyone has this question how do we find these I just cold calling people in their home traveling all around the country shortage it's like hey don't Andrew savage it we just cold call through the phone book and we got to our great rebecca because we're in a phone book that goes by the first first and last name bullshit much much easier then it makes four thousand Rebecca's there's more choose on put on instagram if you have questions about being grown up if you have anything Blah Blah Blah send them in and we're calling people listen we don't I know how this is going to go look rebecca could be fucking crazy a real wild card which I like I like it too let's we can't stop pushing ourselves I I agree we gotta do things that make us nervous if there's one thing you know about me it's that I agree all right let's call Rebecca let's find out what's going on in Tass that's how Bernama Vargas when top not remotely she rebecca being hi it's Andrea savage believe uh-huh I'm sitting here with Allison Brie Rebecca thank God only Rebecca you're already exceeding our expectations yes because when we're calling people we don't know what we're GonNa get and you are sound upbeat and lovely thank she can't believe I'm GonNa talk to you I would also Rebecca you submit a question in writing and so you knew we were calling so there's some I love that the joy is still has not been ruined we're not shocking shocking you too much yeah yeah can't Texas I like it like I really like San Antonio where I am right now I think it's a lot of fun here what what what do you do for fun in San Antonio a lot of like the farmers market or or like San Antonio has festivals for like everything right like a Tequila Festival Tago festival the crawfish festival salsa festival. I'll go to a lot of stuff like that it party yeah that's not all friendly we get to pick her dog and have fun like like that now before we get to a question your question allison and I were just doing some would you rather and I'm and I'm I'm GonNa ask you one of the would you rather that we just did okay get ready you watch the show right yeah I do okay so nothing I say is really going to horrify you right no and you are a lawyer correct yeah do you promise not to sue me is that a lawyer I wouldn't ever see you okay I just had to check I was pre lot cornell so I know a little of the jargon Oh and I believe those lift that in I believe it's a little something like do you promise not to sue me that's okay okay Rebecca would you rather have your body found in a pile of hard core sex toys or have everyone you know see your browsing history probably browsing history see well they said the opposite this is Allison Brie speaking and maybe I shouldn't like new as to why no you know what actually I'm curious that makes me feel like you don't google well crazy stuff and what else 'cause I was on your side but then she sort of brought me to the light of do you never google friends or family like weird stuff about them yeah totally you can sue browser but it's not incognito that's saying no we're sending no you're dead and either the headline is your body's been found in the middle of crazy easy sex toys or your fire browser history has now been sent out to everyone you know and work with and related to and friends with even incognito incognito browsing okay I was being lawyerly I'll check there would just be like would you rather be found in a pile of sex toys or your Inkatha veto browser to back so I like you don't want your clients being privy to what you've been googling do you disagree with a lot more private go ahead and let them find me in sex toys Okay Okay Rebecca you shared a lot of information Which I love now the part that I loved in this question was talking about how one the inner struggle of how to act every adult for everyone and and you feel fake which I think is very global thing for every everyone's nodding in this room it doesn't matter how old you are if you're technically weekly above twenty one we all feel fake to an extent like always feel fake at les don't all feel fake by Andrea thank thank you have you feel like you're fake being that you know what you're doing sure it's like it's slavery your phone voice when you're like booking a hotel hotel or like recently I had some problems Idaho tied like speak to the manager and suddenly and I was like in the room with my husband calling them and then I had like go in the other room because I didn't want to sit there with him while I was like yes this is miss bree we did have a problem acting acting swiftly stituation and it is you're just like you know a second ago we were making jokes with other yeah so it's that sort faking it you do get to I think one thing that I feel like now that I'm in my sixty s I feel like I'm more more comfortable going I can call the manager and be like this is fixed and I love the fact that I'm laughing about dicks in the other room through this is you need the balance is the requires what should I feel like I need mation the question basically is when do you stop calling your mom to help you through everything and went into you basically start figuring out stuff stuff on your own and can you be an adult and still be asking your mom for yes how old are you rebecca thirty four okay thirty four so I I do understand that feeling though of like 'cause you say here like you ask her if a certain church should be put in the dryer you has to sell all your buttons back on she he lives for hours away so I mean my husband asks me these questions like you're not as mother Bobo podcasts I don't have time for this I don't know saying that's like what's the difference between ask your mother asking someone else that you know at what point do you become from the person people call for help yeah when do you make that shift in your head where you're like I don't know how to fix this gotTa Call My dad I don't have to do this when you just go I'm gonNA Google it figuring out yeah right I think sooner rather than later because it feels very satisfying to figure stuff out on your own you now I think so I this was what the question also made me think about is do we think googling has taken away a report of our mother mother your part of our relationship with our parents Tony's nodding little bit yeah so do you have a story that you can't remember source of course I do do you call your parents like occasionally but honestly not too often yeah I mean I used to probably right yeah probably more than I do now yeah thanks for sharing your won't Hey I'm gonNA stop I think you're right that's on me now because I feel like I used to ask my dad a lot to stuff like this but is googling making us alienate ourselves from our parents I feel like we've gone where we're not helping you at all yeah we're just talking about life I think does your mom enjoy it when you call her yeah I I think she does I mean maybe some of the stuff you might find stupid but she would never make me feel that way and to me it's faster to ask her than Google I I don't think there's anything wrong I actually think it's very sweet I you're an adult woman and your fucking lawyer and it sounds like your life is going great yeah married unlike if you want to call your mom sometimes to to learn about how to put garlic in a roast them do it yeah I really very sweet relationship I agree and because I was like I just like at this question because I was like I want to talk about it because I'm like I like my mom and I think my mom fucking loves it definitely and as I sit there and I think about thirty years from now my daughter calling me I'll be like oh my God he's a Nice I think they do love it I think it's very sweet and it's helpful for you yeah so don't stop calling your mom I would say call her more sounds like we're telling you to move in with your mom I know now I can do that no no no I'm not giving up so easy I feel like the husband bring the mom they make her your partner at the office ever be your clear clerk right isn't it out it exactly actly Rebecca I don't know if we've been interesting or helpful on any level but I will say you're delightful and thank you so so much for submitting your question and letting us call you oh my God I know I'm so happy to talk to you guys I think you guys are hilarious here thank you enjoy the rest of your day take it to the man all right I picture you Gorny Weaver and that's all I have to say bye Rebecca Iraq you Ooh you pictured her as Gorny Viacom hard clergy list hardcore like woman sigourney weaver is like my all time mm healing mail icon she's pulled that out I ask like I'm like you did he picked should Rebecca's not two extra warning I picture is a lot of great things I will say the first time I watched glow and you were nude that was very sigourney weaver no just just reminded me just it was weird to see my friend Newt yeah I find that hard when I I have friends and then I watch their shows up and now I'm like okay here it is and you're like sitting there with your husband and Jeremy Beers and she's she's new to you know that's the first nudity I've ever done in anything really but now I've cracked it open stopped me from taking my clothes on and we have tried but it was it was a funny thing with that because I do feel like obviously I told my parents my family everyone prepare yourselves I

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