S1E90: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 02/18/20 | Bronx Obama Calls In |Officer Mark on the Evidence against the NFL - Turnt Up Tuesday


And all not. When I'm lacking Iraq. The audience invading has been in and out the common to Canada Halo. Your wanted everybody. God bless each and every one of us a target up Tuesday. It is Tuesday February. The eighteen twenty twenty thirty six minutes axial Sean Harvey One show features sitting J. Lo of our co host Bob Cologne. We started right only place on Earth where you get your morning started right. The chat room is Wide Open. Plead so each other some love over. You want to call it. I dare you to call the five seven zero nine eight hundred six nine five zero broadcast radio DOT COM iheartradio DOT COM Condie. Worldnet radio also for Almighty facebook. Lock Synergy on a turned up Tuesday good morning. And how are you today? Cj You out there lousy. Good Morning Sean. I'm doing and wanting to everyone listening. We have a great show for you. Today we're going to get started with front page news with Sunny today where I will let you know what's going on locally and nationally so stick around for that yeah good morning guys in Beckenham right now. He is thirty. Seven degrees is going to be a high of forty eight. Today mostly cloudy. It's GonNa rain around two PM this morning in Strasbourg. Thirty six degrees. It'll be a high of forty eight as well as cloudy. Man It's going to be a high of I'm sorry it's called high forty. It's GonNa rain at two PM as well. Thirty nine in New Jersey with a high of forty eight cloudy and rain at two. Pm in New York City is forty eight degrees. Go behind hurt of okay. It New York City is forty one degrees going to be high forty eight cloudy and rain at two PM as well in Los Angeles fifty four degrees with a high of seventy three and cloudy thirty four right now. Chicago with higher thirty six. It's going to be fair. Seventy five in Miami eighty-one for the high end city. It's GONNA be Sunday in Atlanta hot `Lanta fifty four degrees sixty for the high end of rain. That's what I have for you all today. What is the weather like what you are barbeque? Locum until you live from the show. Everyone Shock Richmond city. Jay We get you started right. Could you want to start a right? Thank you so much born Cologne synergy. If we had the morning was this morning and I guarantee everybody out there in radio land social media land in the universe that will be wasn't before nine am only place on earth when your head start buzzing before nine. Am Cj what else do you have a? And then an hour. We're GONNA have sending says I'll let you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news to stick around for that and we will have a little harvey what you guys stay. Don't go nowhere what we're GONNA do. We're GONNA Shout Room Out Wisdom Parts Chapman. You know the official anthem. You know you love the anthem. We're going to show you some love but sitting. Well we're going to do right now with quicken go back to the morning drive a cj not here let's go come on here never stops. Never stops whining. Everyone guys Tuesday here. What has it all over the place to this trickling in here shutouts Laura Turner Halo. Are you GONNA accommodate? Show US thank attitude. The other dad hang up on her. I was like you know why I didn't call for this by Saturday night. We know it's literally right down the street from her so it'll be best up if she didn't go right that maybe I'll be going to make sure she's there shot. We're both Dolly Rick. Did they know guy he said? Don't call her back. Laura she wanted to leave. She was rude. That's why she hung up on me right biggest actually in yes with the click. We faced is the same satisfaction edges to Hungary video. Yeah video so she. She saw faith and everything I was like. That's what I said I'd say you this right here. Which is not what I called for mic to apologize right now right now needs to apologize. Monkey attitude that no city check you more calm. 'cause guy just shot her out in front of thousands of folks that's all she need. Ain't nobody saying Laura Turner out here in these streets. GonNa you know. He's he's just rolling her eyes. I can tell in her house getting ready for a relationship. Still be working for real. It's just south needed daddy in that life. Is She over to act crazy to sell? Oh shoutout to wanders daughter Chiara if it Chiara Kiara she she the Miami returning back to her dorm room in Rhode Island she. She's done with Brazil. Brazil for daughter has so beautiful Monda. She live at her best. When you get to travel for school I should have did a study abroad program. I didn't used to Whatever at least out know she probably yes she is. Michael Monroe both of the apologized. Look we ain't nobody apologized. We just start talking again. We do anybody. Get all apologies. I'll there exactly news. Arguments always won't believe what these kids did today. Somebody 'cause I kill the bill. We have back never stopped believing in God. Bless each and everyone turned up Tuesday Tuesday February two eighteen twenty twenty forty five minutes out the back. Sean hugging morning show featuring singer Cobos Bob Cologne Way. Get your morning. Started right when he place on Earth where you're GonNa get this morning. Love Chat Rooms Wide Open in jail. They could calling if they want five seven zero ninety six Berlin heal dot com iheart radio. Show Dr got the Almighty facebook live in the building. Get your mind right. Fixture fakes like my may. Rod Jackson said what was the raw. Cdc heating up in here. Already as high as I rushed over here. So my internal temperatures already today right you know you would have kept saying okay. Right actually be more. Their Sin Equip Nikki delicious. Barbie the necklace really. I WANNA touch it clean. Boys you deal with the wash cloth glass. Let's a great hearing touch. Barbara's deck tech's put your hands up in the chat room dragging all Barbara yesterday Rail bribes you here in Bethlehem Right. Now is thirty seven degrees. It's going to a high of forty eight today. Mostly cloudy and it's GonNa rain around two PM today. In Strasbourg. Thirty six degrees with higher forty eight cloudy and again rain around two PM is thirty. Nine degrees in New Jersey's going up to high of forty eight. It is cloudy right now. And it's GonNa rain around soupy today as well. Forty one in New York City with higher forty eight also is going to rain around to cloudy. Right now. You guys get your your rain gear. Keeps umbrella on standby because it's going to be wet today in Los Angeles? Fifty four degrees with high of seventy three cloudy thirty four right now Chicago. Thirty six degrees for the high. And it's going to be fair. Seventy five in Miami with a high of eighty one is going to be Sunday here. In Atlanta is a fifty four degrees. It will be high of sixty three today and it's going to rain pretty much the whole day in Atlanta. That's a half you all today. What is likely you are Robert Cologne coming to you? Live from the show having one show featuring Sidney J will you WanNa start right so I want to thank you so much of. Cj WE'RE GONNA do right. Now in the chart of Tuesday must show the chat room some love without Chat Room. We wouldn't be before showed Chattan love. Cj We have to show. Those creep was actually clone became over. Here we're talking about one of the creepers that she no okay. So creep was out there. Just listen to the show you want to be involved in the group room. God bless each and everyone your thank you so much for supporting us. Keep listening to the show but why you creep and please everybody else knows about the show so you can stay in your creek mode. Enjoy the show and have a great city. All the hate is your stay there. You'll keep hating on this. Show keep watching. It can help yourself stick with it. Not only do you hate the show. You'll on time when you watch the show get you don't if occasion watching at then soup. God blessed blessed to the all stars in the chat woman New People that are in there we need to show them some love in glad these folks we wouldn't be here. We communicate with them. They like to six men off the bench. Seattle put their switching. Is Prince Cultural Pause Blackheart and build? Yeah Cheeses Young. Yeah I can see you on Sunday August. She was then the chat room that chat room. Let's go with a heart set win a heart heart. The heart set turn down. Hey Tom Heart SAC. Ten chat with a heart attack in the twin heart track heart where the heart with a heart attack hearts with a heart attack win was doubtful. What's her duck Tuesday? Only place on Earth where you get your mind right right you want to start right right born in love somebody or people in it. Don't get no love for the rest of the day the rest of the week. The only place where you get your love the only isolation you get fairly don't even like you. Kogo like you were but we love you. This is where you get your validation. It's right I. Will you get your morning starting at six or face? Oh your whole face face. Nobody likes you us. You hear that Laura Turner. Nobody thinks your whole face Jackson. God bless you. God bless. That's right nobody but us we saw you. Yeah sorry whose verse. Santi is here in his own. Assign She Edison Manila Figueroa and the building. Hey Shannon and low batteries how. Hey Ray girl. She got her ways shots to wash your show. That's right we really. Why are you buying the hurt? Why you minding her business Valerie. Calling Sakir Call. Call in Valerie. Tell Sean where to go and get there. 'cause you know she will right. You can't go on this. Baloney jet. Joe Is he make Dandy women last time you heard somebody they then how many of those left. I have two three or four. How old are you how I think the young as my my nephew is having one skis and I have another cousins three. I think twenty. Serve the old if you you got a name like Nathan. Maybe your kids confront. Let's stop the keeping keeping going. Dumbness because he will no way to changing that name. I put that burden of my son. I Hate I hate them back. I did that today. He's not junior. And My name is Shawn Shawn Quitting Harvey. That's not that doesn't qualify Juban. I should've I should've never named my son at the myself. And my son in law has your name to right right. Yes tour today resort to see all right just saying the young man enervate with. I love my son-in-law smashing my daughter what it is and like the young kids say the factory they don't say that's fax this facts. They bank he's trying to make it home right now. Hopefully don't because somebody from our factory built in tune with the latest slang your body better say that to me is go come a day where. Mandel come around. You're going to be sexually active so you better be ready for Seattle man so like you. Don't nothing out of the water body in your daughter's vase ask me my heart. What's up a widow? My daughter House boyfriend. Answer the boxes and all that. The applaud smash whatever they end up building. Web Johnny during Markeith Mo is here. Hey Marquez Hey Mike. He wanted to knew Williams good morning. Hey Girl Marguerite breath is in the building. Expecter looked absolutely beautiful young. She didn't ask to post up my picture. You proposed of the The chatroom member week apparently yes I will. Yes I know why the Santiago Shepherdess here Good Morning Beautiful Wanda headed. D Logo Monitor knows going to get one at every. Turn and Laurie deal. When I post present in a group I just tagged. I don't put individual names. 'cause that's ever been good. He's going to have to ask who? Hey heavy and the bail day chat with a member of the week a chat group member of the week. Jim Will Ferguson. Empire Eighty Barbara Does Collard Greens. Ready rose can add in monnet. Rose a rose. Yes to make some collared as well. Shimmy Jackson is here. Good Morning. Barbara Hall Enrolls Latin to have a college green context prentice cats. Hey go good morning sue. You died Mr Ravin too much. Oh Jacob Jacob House it's in the building y'all hey kristy caserio. Good Morning Chris. Unique Tragic Good Morning Beautiful World Treasury always you need net net net. Serano is head on in absolute guarantees hurts. He it's right here that Should have had it ready. Don't be slimmed-down Shelby's award right. Got Haley shoved me all stores. Yes McFarland all over. And you really can't hear Sean Brown out of the hate fest. Jobless of yes Andre Ex. If in the building good morning I drink promoters Gupta. Yeah Michael Monroe Martin and Michael. They have a family dispute right right. My mongrel yes. Nice not sounds like you'd be like a movie star like well thought out right so brand may do with with that trademark in desolate. Gp's Brown billion serious. Michael Rose but if he trained racket. That's his name. That's right that's right. He's more business. Make a puppet. That's right around now. That could be the governing. Because that's the name is but they can't use for business has been me into building. Good Morning. Dave is this Julius. Good Shaw Hello. Julius humor is you Shayla Hall is here guys. Hello Com the shore. Shea is a here Good Morning Leshan Down Andrew. Hey Delicate della was good holiday. Jasmine and Caleb Davis it's in the building the Intel lately just because I'm gonNA relationship could please continue to flirt with me as far stopping Auerbach. That still flirt with me. Still Flirt back now now. You're not getting any more of that. Let let's just pick them up leads. We're going to pick you up and take you off the market. I'm more of the blue. Give them off the market in how you doing everything not they say. We'll let let us say how you feel about that right. You want to call somebody caller. I got question for Kgo. Send out by Barbie dotted outburst. Nothing good is leaning out. You'd better take these congratulations to go. Sit saying appreciate your coupon Diane. How hard his whole twice? You have just once dying best. You'll save me say Good Morning Fan Ray. Could and I'm still fight with your other nowadays face. Oh yes that's what he likes. He likes his spicy. He was he wanted to get mad at him. Up There Early Awesome Maria Fernandez. More early says some of the new relationship bobby urologist to get more medicine show. Bill Carmen seat Sean Year. Yes now Karma no more silver five. You're gonNA come on man. Stop that the van. You don't do that man. It's all good everybody. Everybody calm down calm. No you're not call. My girlfriend understands the whole situation. All right y'all keep would be up for in back. Stop it stop. The universe out of retirement wasn't ever really not only did. I get new medication of rated the medication. Oh makes are no happened with that right at the time we get it in. And he's having headaches after. I slept a headache free. Take your medicine down. We watch that blood pressure now. He might take care with. Carry easy to see here. Urologist Atta General Practitioner Regulation. Your girlfriend is thirty. Five fifty four years go by thirty five. Young Rogo. Pyti. Okay see you come away visit. Thank you okay. Women of all ages. But this is my thirty five. Forty eight within these go on needed a new cardiologists. That's right Carleen Schicker Daddy. Y'All today. Whatever YOU WANNA call it. Whatever you want to young sugar daddies all my women who was certainly. I Love Women. Us sixty year old to get ages. I just I just I just find yours. Ninety the woman that was with prior to Nikki. She was a early thirties. See you just keeping a good though. The plans to get married man. Can you guys say more to the Queen? Because she is in the building Queen. Julia thanks to Julia. Crowley to Harare. Hello Carly Hey Carli. Darmon seek them. Adding tiny is he a good morning. Your comedy butyl. If you stop calling me Sills Larssen's so frigging that Jack J H AK- husband is here the mornay husband. He told that man one time guy to do the Atlantic city's cleared up into the Good Morning John Left. Hey John good to see you the America's the Rodriguez's CENEX next that's my sister loves the veggie highly. If he's out in these streets eight Johnson just popping our dreams. Mostly Dave Wilson just popped in haven may good morning beautiful all the names only showing as Jones out. They got her anyway. You'll shohei jobs here. Good morning to you. Those of Nazi right now. Get your name for Nick. That's right anything like to save Michelle people in the party next with yes too much. How doing now I just want to say we truly appreciate you checking in with us every morning and being here with us. We truly appreciate it. Make sure you stay connected with us on Social Media Sean Harvey Morning. Show featuring the wake up team that is our business page. Make sure you like an follow that we also have a group into the Sean Harvey Morning. Show featuring the WAKEUP team a group. The group is popping so please make sure you guys join and invite your friends in the group If you invite fifty finishes let us know. And you'll be automatically preapproved to post in the group. We also have an Instagram Shaun Harper. Show please follow us on that. And we on iheartradio platforms. You can take us wherever you go if you don't have it it's free. Just go to your Google play or APP store and download that and look for Sean Harvey Morning. Show and click follow and then you'll get notifications to whenever our shows post up live on their wall says so much a shutout sponsored by K B Z landscape Mostly chat right now. Please support K B NC landscape but also J. Wolfe nation of our good friend. Richard None Police show some love bobby repulsive pitchy. Yesterday I saw this will. She was at the new restaurant located in. Your mind is located at eight. Thirty one south Delaware drive on going towards Philadelphia. They had American. Fair in a twist on their cocktails. You guys make sure you go and visit came. She's the owner and tell them to Sean Harvey Modest Show Century. Yes that you sound. We also have a cast at by Donaldson Months. Please donate to the showcase. The doors open keeps the bills paid. We appreciate it and visit website. So have you want so dot com. Guess What God. Don't go nowhere front page news with Cindy J. as to the double and Ryan. You can't Guy Madison away but my back hurts. I threw my back out last night. Messing around with the dogs. Yeah like my lower back like I can't back down into one of them is scared to go up and down the stairs so bringing up the stairs and I don't know why I took my lower Bagley really heard. What is it that you put on your your back? When a turning off the clock and my kids had the stomach virus and now on how to play the comic viruses might get into her stomach virus. Mike Manage because my kids have open throwing up. Yeah I had to buy this like little white pill to keep to stop them from throwing up and then had they've just been like eating like crackers and stuff but now my stomach is hurting this morning and that's how it starts little cramped and then he started throwing the actor Jason. I'll talk up to say it might cause that it's like a twenty four hours a day and it just runs rampant through you. Real quick only be down for a day. How embarrassed hey you might lose a couple a win win. The attention bobby. I could do that too soft. Who who's this man was? You're not I just want to know your food. Benach me gone all. That's that's the world famous. Benach Obama from the FBI ex borough to I'm still in the White House saying. How's the hood going right now? So I'm in the bronx good name might make chiming upstanding you. You do Benach. I was in the Bronx men recently man in a small hometown. Nobody in the streets to smell man. Nobody's happy in the Bronx was but second you'll also. The BRAZOS is playing into the city. Man Like the number six bus pulled up and nobody painted the front and everybody got in. The back of the bus was up with that man. I mean why. Don't you think who has grown as person to get on the city? Bus A bag of buzz knowing that you've got a job and you're not paying. I think why the bus job is still job in the will pay everybody man paid anyway. It going to wear much. Bob And why why? Why every body in the hood get upset when the handicapped do with the wheelchair? Get on the bus. The bus drop Bash Cheltenham got beer felt good darlene. They should I sure. Will the back post with a wheelchair? You Goodbye to bugs. How you'll you'll Benach man yesterday or the new city they had in in in New York. There's some dude with dirt bikes. Cj Dirt Bikes on the subway Platt. They took the dirt bikes on the subway platform and took the dirt bikes on the train. Allowed only in your yard now. I've seen what it's trying to screw him. How did you get a school on the train? Pro Life this is disrespectful in the glow. He got the ground house they were Jim. Thanks bobby is the weather. You know tune in three times a day. We have to do that here. Too weather right now. Like on prospect avenue in the Bronx into all. I've seen a guy with a meal or drink said money. That's right that's real. He didn't have idea keep putting his book bag. Look there's a lot available women in the New York ally but that's going on right. I used to know how chain I take a couple of days in the cab and so what a bunch of vision over a window people incumbent while ban so so how. We're going to bring things we 'cause we gotta go back to the House. Your loved by You. GotTa give me a call in exile. You out here made. Don't don't you do that again. It's no Michigan Jake. Full Man I had to go to New York. I was in the Bronx overnight. And come right that Michael J. How a how'd you love Ben? What's going on over there? We'll talk to increase child on coming home late Nolan. Who'd made them thing. I'm chilling zoo. You went out. How get mad when I can't roar here because at that? Did you feel a certain way on Valentine's Day being by yourself in doubt not really sound sad brother very lacking i? Avedis when he was shown out random stuff Mike King. Oh we got we got to go back. And that's big knocked Die Benign Obama. He represents now he represents long took a follow this instagram post people talk drink on a tower one. What way back turned on Tuesday? Tuesday Sidney j February eighteenth twenty twenty seventeen minutes out. Walk Back Sean. Have more show Team CJ barbeque long shows sponsored by KPMG Landscaping More Keys Moses in Chapman? He's a gentleman narrowing. You're showing some love. Also yeah Wolf nation apparent. And I. Am you got a few more commercials. Come in this week as well sink. Yeah good to you come on feel telling you back is TURNI's hurting. She's I don't know what it is but you know I had heard it before I work and it took a few days for its come back like I can't really bend down. Can't twist a little to the side but there's just like this pressure likely lower back. Take Medicine have you well. It happened last night. Like maybe like nine ten o'clock and I didn't take anything and then you know I've been working on night and I just got here so I don't know maybe I'll see when I go home. I'll try what everybody's saying. They said 'cause you hot and cold and I think I just have to work it out like I'm supposed to do like little. That's what the doctor said. Last time. When I when I hurt my back he was like just. Keep doing little extras. He's like don't not move. He said the biggest thing that people do. And then you get stiff and it's not gonNA help as so. I guess I'll do a little later. Yoga stretches you'll go online at your back. You know so that even I feel I'm Oh is that I'm fat. I think that's why this happened. And it's a lose some weight and then I wanna be having my back her in and stuff like this. That's not you you can be in shape. Would go wait is still purchase back Alley Jabbar. Us need a massage all offering to give one thousand like for me five. I mean I could. Maybe that would her but I mean that would feel better but I guess I'll just lay down when I get home. I know that might help. It would w. the last time it was because I was in a car accident and so like that didn't go and get some hours. Strong Hayes and met Bobby. You know somebody life long black. Actually her on her. It's my lower back like right before. Like right above my but right right there hurts do. Maybe we'll give it a couple of days. I'll keep you guys. Hopefully by Friday is gone. It should be Friday because if the back is still hurt nor Friday that you might need some extra how to go to the Doctor. You might need to go higher. Pack or whatever. Magic need to go to the doctor and then when my kids get in their stomach virus tired of being up in there oh. I think I'll be fine. Listen from page news. It's okay rotational. Wow thank you so much. Well you guys you guys you know. It's front page news and also as well it's black history month and I am going to give you another person all month. I have been been doing a great job with that yes barbecue. Great job holding down wasn't here. Well least you said Jake is I live over. You know what Audrey John Know. Audrey Josh that I do not have she said. Make sure you don't have side I because it literally. I like go there. No no no. Nothing's burning I drink too much. Cranberry juice for that. No literally happened. I was lifting a dog. I'm dog sitting right now. So I have four dogs apple announced and so I was lifting this dog literally after I did it. It will go back to last you afraid of going up and down the single. Why didn't you didn't do the basic techniques lifting supposed to your knees for. I didn't because I was just trying to get him because I was. You know I'm doing stuff around a little pause on edge asked me. I'VE GOTTA don't try to get that off. Audrey Good Morning Guys on tomorrow good. How are you fabulous thank you? I just wonder wish you guys would have presidency Audrey. Valentine's Day was savvy. Which by the way. What did you do about? It was so fabulous. Today I woke up. I was I if you put those heels on for your husband person. Wouldn't we ask the question about art? Did you put the nails as we usually do? I'm hardly rapt every whenever it happens. This let us know we're gonNA keep the show going into. She calls on their say everybody awards little Goblin Rat. Don't end now. Now you said sick you said Cindy might have a urinary track Bertram. It's actually real melanie. You Right above the park between the pack and the bird. Do you have your abdominal area. That idea so you know if you're not drinking water a lot of things like that or you know just any by any chance. They need that. Anything could have actually not. It's not impossible and it will cost you a lot of pain see right. Yeah I know Audrey wasn't that though but thank you I sini. That's crazy that light you can like Audrey Johnson type of person. You can't tell you could save her. She's GonNa to tell you straight up bowl. I should call Dr Michael Carney who said we could call was sitting. You might have to take him with this young lady. Says it's number one. I would see Zinni agree with him. I think a medical doctor. You go to the doctor today. I know it's not. I never had that you should go to that even more than ever go to the doctor. He's never had before But I've heard WANNA know I wanNA know if there's any eligible men in that room right now. That's willing to massage seaney James Back. Right now we have one of my watch body SOB. She might need a deep tissue. Besides was an extra Venus Robert Seventy. It's not seventy seven degrees eighty four against the God. Bless thank you you look this. Have a God bless conscious. God bless you go ahead gopher God bless God bless God bless God Andrea Law. She don't have time for you. Got Less saying God bless God bless the pillar. God have a great mommy. Audrey God bless I signed? Douglas said Seti Lay on the floor. Let me rolling a bag. He'd be happy as hell rolling over me to ask me bone he. Maybe I'll give them assange. I am. I'm going to go to the spy. There's a SPA IN NEW JERSEY. I WANNA go to call so just or SOPs bar. That's what it's called primary soldier that do that does those Iran of massages online. Yeah no that's not. What Rape Him Era? Eat after? Call the cops on me. So are you saying you're not disciplined enough. If a man was size you like if you go online and so is that the young man. That's right a soggy morning show sitting on. Hey John Guideline come from back proper regular. The car accident was a long time ago but I was also revolved at a car wreck and When I was your mom but I was diagnosed with so it. Sounds like that's what you have has run through with. Urinated track inspector owner where she got that from weighty. Happy herniated disk from your car wrecks. Get that checked out. Don't think it's related. The accident was years ago this but I couldn't have a disc problem our now John. Serious core vice in and out of the full week and a half and I was also having back problems and a friend of mine told me. Go back to the hospital. Let them give you extra and they gave me an x ray and I was diagnosed. Her needed a little bit off. Well I'M GONNA get this checked out. It was literally was while I was lifting the dog when I came up the steps fully. Couldn't I couldn't stand up so I really just muscle day really doesn't matter. I mean to happen years ago and you met all these years go far. What are we eating backtrack? Though the fact Kinda messes up checked out God bless you. Listen I this is what I suggest. I suggest that you rub cine back right now. While we want to hear was there. I was Sparrow Hawk back and put it back in place Da. Hold on hold on all right. John de we're GONNA. We're GONNA do it right now. John if you don't mind Sydney's walking into your room laying on the bed. Could you just kinda struck with the do rag? Now go ahead John. Say say the morning. Copd fiction back. They had John. Belk GONNA continue the conversation. What would you tell me? Would you do to that? We role playing. Every I'll I'll I'll tell you what I'll tell you what I'll go first. Ok Hasten Hasten Jay how are you back Paul play when you bet your stomach? Could you please take your clothes off the baby oil? You hold on. I'm GonNa Art Gopher Man. Happy to have her. You got back problems with that. Listen back challenge over back to stay right there. I want you to say Sydney about to take care of you. Who Back Problem Right now? Say That to all right now have a God bless competition. Ivo I god bless God bless keep going back. I don't want you to fix my dad turning could keep your clothes on a NATO meeting too long practice Turkey close off. We're talking about you bro. You have breakfast practicies this date. No you bug it John. Same Say A. Welcome to John's massage. Did you please take you close curtains godless bag boy there too? You are both of your city Bob to welcome regret sending US committed to you. John Tell you right now that you love her back good balance we can take back to take cities back lady where two ladies out with a strong arm exercises. I can do for my back. Let us know about her. Like I need to sit down when I sit down. Here her fresher. I know something swollen in there. Hey Maria de de know. Hopefully tomorrow's a better sleep tonight awfully. I've been sleeping on the couch for the past month that weird. Somebody's hate sleeping alone. Have like a big pile of clothes on my banners. Well brief sections and I couldn't even smash right now. 'cause my bad word. I would it be able to do any lay out on. The fellas took no yachting to blow it back. Unless you guys see what? I'm going to say I'll go to the doctor but we are. Dick backed up agency out of the bathroom. And I get look back back thing. That's like some back up. If you have back pain alcohol you mom. She put an exclamation point. Mom does actually all the questions about. Oh yes she wanted to four one one. Thirty five okay. She's a capricorn. She likes long walks on the beach. Favorite colors purple arguing fairly obvious. Were of Gorby real quick. Look at Good Morning. Good to see what was. How is the weather center Jay Bobby Cologne part to nick? Campsie show with the neck. Everybody is not that great of a next show off. Get local unexpected. My definitely a Catholic from right now. Eight thirty degrees is going to a higher foyer. Mostly cloudy is going to rain today. The rain should be around two o'clock this evening. I WAS AVENUE. You guys have your rain gear. Ready in Strasbourg. Thirty six degrees with high of forty as well cloudy and rain around two PM Today. Thirty nine off New Jersey forty four cloudy and again right around two P M in New York City. It is forty one degrees both a high of forty eight cloudy rain around to. Em so you guys make you get your rain gear. Have IT ready to go? Radio and Weasel wet girl protect the Hanbo okay. It lost fifty four degrees with a high of seventy three. And it's going to be cloudy in Chicago before degrees with a high of thirty six and fair today. The seventy five in Miami anyone for the high and sunny in Atlanta. It is forty fifty degrees with a high of sixty three. It's going to rain pretty much all day today. That's the Web I have for you today. In what is it like where you are why we Cologne coming to you? Live from the show having one show featuring city Jay. Will you get to more than started right? That's right I'm sorry. Yes you guys. Thank you so much yes I know. My daughter is not at school. 'cause she's sick. She has the stomach virus. She got it last night school because my mom in the chat room because she gets an alert as we all get alerts when the kids are in school that school contacts you so my mom's thinking loses in school. She got the call that she's not but me being her mother. I know where she's at mood and like okay. Let's bring the alert level down to yellow amber alerts. I appreciate the concern though. Thank you everybody. But she's fine. Wash not by she throwing out but she good Davis in Chattanooga morning for men trade show if you win a million trade show. Him amid fevered fewer men in the building. I'm GONNA show you still get the names? Jane Action Packed Show. Everybody deal sends feelable Becker. Yeah thank you guys shows in thirty two thirty three thirty three birthday. Yes my Jesus God what I did that everybody. She hurt herself. Leaned OVER INTO THAT. Urinary tract or herniated disk muscle of but sleeping on their calendar. Ali's diagnosed back really GonNa hurt when you take those ten pounds of clothes opening day right. I'm never taken the ball. Sh my closet. I dressed yes I in one word in Dallas to me so I can have an lightest is always losing your she. I think she thinks she is. Yes you guys. I'm going to start with the news. Also going to start it off with black history month. You know. We've been doing this all month long shouting ow. Black inventors actors. Anybody that we don't normally or the media doesn't normally talk about during black history month and This is This was cemented me by Barbie which is really great. Because I love this little girl Her name is Mark Martin and she stars on Black Ish She is she plays the sister. She plays the daughter but she is also the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history. Yeah Yeah So. Shot up to her She is sorry. The story keeps getting away from me. She's a teen actress and she was is it. I'm sorry you guys this. I don't know why this is not opening. Redirecting me to another page. I hate that. She was born August fourteenth in two thousand and four. She's in American actress and she's also a producer She's known for her role as Diane Johnson on Black Ish and she starred in the two thousand nineteen universal pictures comedy film little. She did that with Isa you survey. It's ray that's our last name Where they switched bodies kind of Friday typing. She was also armed. She was an executive producer for that movie as she also has another movie in the works as well So shout out to Marseille Martin. She she started. She made her film debut playing a leading role in the Amazon studios original film and American girl story set in Detroit during the civil rights movement. I remember that movie. I saw that And then from there she just got other roles in February two thousand nineteen Martin her. She started a production company called genius productions and they have signed a deal with universal studios in her first film as part of the deal. Is that monster? Which is a comedy about a teenage girl who was adjusting life with her new stepmother. So that's coming out and she's also become the youngest person to get a first look at a first look deal at universal and the youngest person to get a deal at any studio concert. She's fifteen and may two thousand nineteen. It was announced that She's also going to be and starring in the film adaptation of Amari and the night brothers for universal pictures and she's also producing a comedy film called Queen so she is doing doing a smart to follow her on Instagram so If you guys have a chance go check her out. She's very smart very motivational as well. So good it's a good role model for young black girl. All of us yet. Everybody yes black men white women everyb- everybody does young ladies. Well counters at the agency is. Oh yes she deborah leslie little so long little came out lashing the minimum flashy. I believe the words and it was so long as last year the boilers please call so we can have a God bless context. Yes and she's currently worth one million dollars. Shot at. The school changed dramatically. Yes it wells movies. She's going to be like one is a billionaire right your way right. This is a picture of her. She was going on. Hey shot to my side Alley Ma. You have a great day too right. I'm Richard Southey. I'm giving the news right now. what's going on and why can't deny job yes? The Corona virus. Yeah I'M GONNA keep updating right Leery as well this record but I thought well nobody from the United States has died from the virus. Thank God however we do still have fifteen reported cases countries are still rushing to evacuate their citizens from the Diamond Princess cruise ship where we learned that three hundred and fifty nine people are infected it But the challenge is getting the passengers off the ship without risking further contamination Meanwhile in another attempt to keep the rapidly spreading virus at bay the trump administration has denied at least one hundred and forty travelers entry into that state at airports and land ports. Those restrictions were put into place at the start of this month and include the temporary denial of entry to foreign nationals. Who recently visited China and as we all know a lot of airlines are no longer flying to China. I believe starting this week up until may is how long their bans on. I said this is the right thing to do or not to close out. This is notable that these type of circumstances. Yes you close the Border Tax. Mexicans like the trump administration as racist policy. This is a virus last before. Don't folks please don't use racism with this with Chinese folk? Now if you're doing that you're dead wrong but this is definitely justifiable city. You shut everything down. Nobody could come in to the to the country that's it. I tried to die because you didn't come from bats best soup eating snakes and all of that and you set culturally is susceptible over there and on what day it might be strange to us. But that's what they do. Why keep that over there so when you get sick at eating your bed soup? You can't come this because it's a weekend in sick. How best to staffer saying Bathrooms Giovane? There's a false propaganda city you go ahead and eat your bat super. WanNa say what is what soup and thanks. Okay instincts. And don't eat basil so though the liability of the factors that you get sick when you these things. I don't think you're supposed to eat them. That person we get sick eating chicken. Read me then. You have lettuce Salmonella. E-coli no doubt talk three days off. We know that's why they retire. Years live police eating soup and dying immediately. You see how me is made in America. I'd rather eat some snake. That some of this stuff buddy deer rubber match himself you rounded anyways in and people still get me tell you where they will will ring. We nasty the Fuck Center Lane Women's Alvarez in Georgia Chitlins pop and I ain't Chitlins with no power was hot sauce and I know frat Chilin which you about this thing but both building two thousand is now you guys say no. And how the test is that the city. Everybody's but you want to get on the Chinese doll in near you. Don't give a damn about your in the Hennessy. To see how are you talking about breaking it? Hits you right. I talked about was what they shoot in the chicken. But you ought to be all your hennessy shots. And all that should count of poise letting her issue little. Hennessy never hurt. Nobody ever anybody to go kill you baby. Daniel is not for you to understand over so get get Chinese man and they look back soup. I wouldn't eat. Novak sign events things that look this. I was starving in the middle of the jungle. The Damme treat for asking. You don't have any any real fat on them so I don't even know how that's appetizing out to country. Everybody my loved one was in there in Zion Canyon. Right you got to your Grad wanted to the day. You GotTa wait to Maine to come back. Come back in Maine Your Day so twenty four days. They should know the money. A big debate on the intimate. Let me tell you something Sean. Which got me those with a loved. One got to govern girlfriend was point team for a year. Yeah and yeah for one whole year Wait that would see. China may or may not built for that watch out for all your stellar saying he had asked got the virus. And you gotta stay overseas right there. He leaves you a what happened through better for worse than how thickness and in how you ready to take those vows this year. Shaw and you've got your New Lady on Apple but we now talk about you. Go leave our home. GotTa go out the door. Thinking Noah Person Care Right now you that girl if you listenable both ears. Run in with me now. In Wuhan where they're strain of corona virus originated. The virus has claimed the life of the Director of the Wu Tang Hospital. Yep this poor guy the guy that told everybody about it that has died as well as we kicked it but but he passed away. What director of the Wu? Tang hospital this chant building Wa that there are rapidly building another hospital for all these people. It's like one hundred thousand. They ought to me. That's that's real gangster right there. China says it will designate medical workers who died while working to combat the virus as martyrs. Because they're really there in the thick of this. I mean all of our healthcare professionals that are in there you know combating I mean. They're they're literally putting himself and you know what sometimes you've gotta say at the people. I'm not catch. I'm just saying that's better. Just go after that. So are you going to help the people who got the Corona Bobby Model these? I want to be alive but your quality game of the game. I quit especially in this type of medicine in the viral medicine right. They thrive on this. Well they went out. What the best fight you go ahead discovered the virus killed them. You gotta go by. That's a row ix in Austin and now they're trying to combat this whole thing and the two people that had two people gone eagle. That's me that's when they say posted when the ship goes down to down with the Alabama I what the damn boat. Because I ain't going down you the captain that maybe Nassar get nervous. Line ship them. She is the last one off the now. I'm how I went on a day of lifeboat going by ship. Care giving I want. I want to go camping when the when the when the boat is down in. The book is sinking like this. You have to be the you gotta get everybody off. And then you're the last one. Oh absolutely Nass continues. I'M GONNA be the first book and I'm in data safety because I'm the Kathy warm Short Harvey the captain the Kathy guys just like these guys. These guys were the captain of hours city and they went down with the ship near well to saving overs. Sorry I appreciate your efforts wall. My thing is is that China keeps trying to suppress these people that have been coming out. And they're like they're like disappearing or they're like shutting them up so I don't know all of the people the people they thought they had a problem in Hong Kong. The people in mainland China are mad at the Chinese government because they feel like they could have had a better control on this than they did right then they made. It seem like the people were just being crazy and now look at it now. What are they going to do? You know that China has the highest population in the world. So all can you imagine if that whole deal where you defend them on a regular basis. I was talking about the Hong Kong roadmaster. Yes no more it. Because they're therefore getting information out to the people they don't want any more censoring now from Hong Kong China. We talk about that but it's in the home. The Chinese government is minimizing. This whole thing. They should just come out and say you're everybody dying of antibiotics. Stop this everybody's dying. They don't want to say that because it's a public relation thing. Well who's the president over there? Jim Painting whatever he needs to go. Talk to trump and figure out what they're gonNA do know Judy how y'all need help over there. I it house last into our hearts are with the people in China. 'cause could you imagine just going outside like? I wonder how they're living over there. There are some twitter accounts. I'm GONNA PULL THEM UP. There are there. Are they have Chinese twitter? It's called Lebeau. Wbz and some people are documenting. You know how they're how they're doing with it over the people on cruise ships and before you to continue this. Feed them and let them stay on that ship about it yet because it's already now all the crew of Nasty Clean Nazis four thousand people on the ship for a week. That's nasty already nasty. So keep them on that ship for about three months and keep feeding them and then then baby them when they come on and then just stay on that boat then then more people are to get sick. That's probably all people gossip in the first place well. The cruise industry is taking a big hit right now and being highly criticized because they're still having these cruises taking people from all type supports everywhere crews came to me right now. We got all of free trip. Six Seven Days Caravan Free trip because it is a long number on there. I'm going into building. I'm Dan city. Would you take a free cruise right now? Six days. They'll tell me Yeah. I know and I've never been on a cruise. Everybody say thank you my mask but I'm not gonNA use the pool or anything because you gotta eat get it was. I want plastic for people. That's healthy you good you get. It is going to be like the flow. You're going to be. That's why that's why they do here in America. Not GonNa here. Because we're healthy people over there it's mostly the ugly diet of the people who got the my diseases or who. Oh who back in the flow. Young flu do is what Dr Michael Kearney says right. He's really believe with us as absolutely because it's true barbeque alone. Guys is that day was around. Twenty four wraps are. There's no there's fifteen cases there have been fine people over the guy only two guys died so clearly. They'll bobby because there's nobody because we thought originally now bringing in China is what I'm saying. Oh what's the all? Be One thousand. Okay right because they always say so. You know so. Why don't we take like some of the infected people think like let's take ten thousand leave me? Donut bring here now. To- everyone about asking right here to touch everything only see how strong is pretty. Good Not Talk. Any city reported deaths. I I was to another seventy five thousand. You GotTa Start amuses spreading okay. So let's take twenty thousand infected of residents fly over here right to valuable. Bobby cut the number of song abuses of doing this than the boy scouts of America. Scum Assad is airborne. You Bit Scary and this club Bobby Colognes. Immune system strong. The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy amid hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuit that thousands of alleged abuse victims and dwindling membership numbers. Before you got on me months back because I said disband this stupid organization I it's the organization in my opinion. Cj There's criminal. This is a criminal. I used to be a girl scout. It's not a criminal. This is a criminal organisation. Shout the Truth. Three forty two. Hey this is the land of the I mean this is where perverted men and women go. Ms that these were it's like it's like the perversions. Like Wuhan of the perverted. Yeah they tried to do. It hasn't been boy scouts when I was a little kid. I had enough sister how night the way that looking at a perverted look on his face. It's going to continue on with the story I said this is the boy scouts as a result of the filing all. I'M GONNA reading. As as a result of the filing civil litigation against the organization suspended. Would you have your beloved son? The green is to create. What well he's a very good looking at the edge smart smoggy sky. He's going to win in life. You could tell that. Just go to win this young. He's GonNa get you out because waiting for his company. Football season is in city honestly honesty and actually by General would you have your beloved son enrolling the Boy Scouts right city. I which I still think it's a good organization. You just gotTa make sure nobody's touching. Okay so yes I will loan son. Was that age. Your son's grown. Thank you so six nine years old at web of local chapter the eastern have. I would've boy-scout challenge. Would you have mission as you send your centers boy scowls? Probably actually quite young signed not interested in many things. Would you send a hell? There'd be no I'm not sending my son was so they have three sons. They're not going to voice out. There was never envoy scouts. There was never a boy scout. It was an AU basil basketball. It's a bunch of guys. Allow SCOUTS. I don't want no teenage boy. You're young go boy or young man in his twenties taking kids out hiking in the middle of the night somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania. I don't want that but they can't but they can coach them on team a lot of pop another button about that anybody on the to do a great job with the bud then having some perverted do have my son in the middle of the forest somewhere in at night trying to make fire. They're not making fire. We find well. My question is how like an my son. A life skill of what you make is being molested. As a result of the filing all civil litigation lawsuit attorneys had the alleged. I'm surprised at both of you. Young lady ends with anything. I'm surprised them both of me. Where she now? You're pressed children that be. What do they had to allow your children to sit there in this perverted Cesspool for the Boy Scouts of America? Shame on you and she first cousin watch. My kids are small. We'd we in front of my kids watch them. Disa- perverted teenager or Babylonian twenty five years old first of all because when you can't become a Roman Catholic priests you go to the boy. Scouts attorneys for the alleged victims expressed regret that the filing would prevent their clients from holding the BSA Boy Scouts of America Accountable in court rumors of bankruptcy have been swirling since December of two thousand eighteen since then. The Boy Scouts of America have taken steps to try to address the large number of accusations leveled by former scouts. However recent extensions to some states statute of limitations on sex crimes meant organization was facing a barrage of lawsuits that he has to say. Wait Week on. Extend this. Yeah we're going to extend this whole situation and the boy. Scouts had the yield to that. No they won't dates have done. Recent extensions to their statutes of limitations on sex crimes in general so big city so now look but I want to know is how can they hold dumped? You look in this lesson. How can they hold the boy scouts of America accountable when it's individuals that run their own thing? Is You know what I mean organization under one umbrella. Yeah but that's the thing that they you know. Anybody can apply and be a troop leader if later. Cec seeing them accountable for this. Yeah bottom higher me once in your own Dane. Here's the crime when the boys go over today parents at all. I just think that they get materials from the boy scouts. Window boy complained to the parents to the to the to the organization that debt debt debt. Jonathan I'm just GONNA use a name is touched a molested. The organization doesn't do anything. Body is status quo Instead of getting rid of this person and flock valid charges and making a big thing out of this for a deterrent for others to do this happened to do this crime. They sweeping underneath the table like the Roman Catholic Church. That's another organization to get rid of. So what about the girl scouts of I'm not going to hear about it? Two separate entities. You'll hear about getting girl scout. I don't know girl she'll be most anybody coming out the woodwork for the girl Scout. Yes like the boy scouts rid of that. Yeah you really don't like them. What's the matter with Sean? Cindy I don't want my chow around this. I don't know what he's young Scotland where they cost countless tallied in Scotland. Trust SO SEAN Boy Scouts. Murga calm and we call on Y'all okay. Yes and sorry. No yeah that's all avenues Walson. Sorry no that yes just miscellaneous stab. I don't like reporting on stuff like that only getting punched in the face with Roman Catholic outlets I. I never understood why they make priest. Take a valid celibacy. Like don't you want them to be multiplied on my thing is why don't why don't you just go out and smashed a woman and then why right like what makes it even we? What makes it even worse bad. And this is why they have medieval policies. Back in the saint. Pete import days. Where Bobby Cologne back? In those days it was acceptable for men to mess around with boys. It was acceptable six hundred years ago. Yeah that was. The men of the one of the faith would mess around with the little boys that have ulta boys and so they still have this mid evening policies. Today I totally agree with you. One hundred percent article on how would know how the priest married to try and say I effectively? Give the word of God if I'm going to women. That's pretty much what they're saying they're saying like you don't need these described distractions and serve the Lord. Yeah I gotta get with. That now is full. I could I could get with that but when you have a companion will make you a better serve of the lawyer. I read that too but the thing is the church is like Yo. If you served the Lord that said we don't want you to know why you gotta get up get the current where you have. A woman maybe. Some of this is sexual abuse against these boys stack. And I and I totally agree with you with that is saying medieval policies and. They won't let them go be love. You is involved in the in the boy scouts. Brian Martindale he says scoutmaster. They were called when I was involved. How was your time in the Boy Scouts of America? Brian States places. Tell us won't have check. We'll split sixty four in the boy scouts. Years ago still is in. That joined the they had the right way. Models wrote little bow joy. I WANNA know separately. So you can grab it off. He was your mom. Your mom yelling actress any says sitting there. Mom I object was he says Cindy offer valid question mark. Marcus glad baited Brian. Hey just they were appropriate without a minute. We'll win issue of winds honesty. But seriously like if he's if he's if something's happened to him I will follow Bossou to probably get your get your money up right may madman even if you don't then something there is. There is a lot of young men out here who've been sexually harassed anything because they think shame with you know who it is. You're right that was jail authorities. We know you are. Ain't nobody taking advantage of us. Not Today not then when I was in lowly baseball and he said he had back in the day. We Bronx do they. Nobody touched on this number. Had that ball with Brian. That's your strongest talking I will. I will probably don't have to be strong here. Brian problem all the baby moguls. That's the income down your baby mobilize those. That's the real hours right. Black Man's Kryptonite child support killing one day at a time slowly. This is slowed down. Something given me. Phoebe vic hat is Julia and Hey y'all have you wait here. I know I'm not going to be decided by out late because I think it would have been many young. Jaa that are on the watch. Party needs to come to the main room. Mike the Sean Harvey Morning. Show featuring the wake-up team watch partier that way you can get notified will go live watch. He was wrong. I owe you WANNA be with changed our government. I was getting personal with you is when they ask where here. God God daughter shots her say girl parties or something. It'd be one of our things that have been with one. Call Joe at your anyway. We somewhat gap Q. Q. One way yet product takes you right zealous jam on the lower hanging song county bond. Now I know you work in me. Love everybody working. Fifty do comeback. Oh you know what rack? Carolina girl back Tuesday Tuesday February eighteen twenty nine to nineteen minutes out. The I walked back on my show featured singer goals Barco wickets one-star right chat model. Please call in five seven ninety two zoo broadcasting live radio DOT COM IHEART radio show DOT COM COMEDY. Worldnet radio and facebook clone of shut off your back onto level. Es Sure Handbag Audio. Today's city on superpowers with your back hurting working. We've got thousands of folks. Listen you'RE GONNA be alright guy you want I got. They've got some work for me. I don't like taking some time. You give back to those waters. The world isn't it. What do you plan over there? Something weather over here right now. Go to agrees with a high of forty eight days mostly cloudy right around him and Strasbourg and thirty six degrees. The high will be forty is cloudy and rainy around some free air in Newark New Jersey. His thirty nine degrees with a high of forty eight today. Cloudy and rain around forty one in New York City. Forty eight for the high cloudy and again right around two PM so you guys get your rank yet. Ready to score rain. He I want to get the weeds up. Fifty four in Los Angeles. Seventy three for the high and cloudy thirty four Chicago fear. It is seventy five degrees in Miami's eighty-one highways seven in Atlanta. Hatton dance say fifty degrees sixty three for the high end rain. That is what I halfway you all today Western. What's likely you are coming through once between each right sue? Thanks thank you we just got our numbers of Cunanan Shaw. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA show them for lunch. Does thank you very much. Everybody sitting hold on cine rail fare. You put it in your mouth. Close cinema off at boss for so dramatic he no. He ain't no go ahead and swallow they go in. You heard for sorry mom. I everybody swallows hard. You make sure you get it all then say behind. That is God bless chat rooms drift chat room ten chat chat room hand in the chat room. He down the heart damage with a heart. Dr Downward Hey Thom- chat room heart set in the chat. Heart heart set in the travel heart sat down a heart attack down down one. Hey what am I gonNA bash up? There's a lot of names Eric. St On was that it's just those right guys. Hashtag that group areas in the bill. The Hey let's all deed Shiva Manelli Figaro Valerie. China's think John Johnny Wapo Marquee Smoke Universe Williams Marguerite. Well why does IAGO CHEF DE low low? Turnout Barbara Horton Harry. G Chat remember of the week chat remember. Yeah Purchase Kath able and Mr Look. Keep those jove's theory Jackson. Christopher Sarah's unique unique treasure is here let net net Serano Lease Got Oh and McFarland the show brown Oliver Acne crews in the chat room babies seen their Rooney Hey Christo Mellon Flint meal. She Changed Andre Ex. Time is Michael Monroe markets. Mr Wanting more jazzy Kim Yada Evans Julius Bill Shop Dillashaw Shayla Hall. Say Hey Sonya have is now at well della Andrew Tobias Jackson. Caleb Davis Diane Hall Diane Hall. Y'All say good morning to the Queen's valujet employees Darlene short. I'm sorry Darlene Ashmore Fernandez Juliet Begging Call it a Harare Chrome seat the Valentine Jacob Holmes. Ac husband. Jon Morgan D mark. D Democracy Rodriguez Reggie Harley renamed. We'll sit audrey Johnson nasty fever man and the building Natalie. Turner should may add of Anthony. Cragg Y'all was I was going to stop and say everybody in the party. Woman Boggling and the folks here my party wounds a lot of folks listening this God bless your candidate. Koya individually. Call Your in in room where we see our God bless. I don't want this young lady come in the main room. If you WANNA get shouted out come into the main will necessarily be morning. Show Waco team page city. Even though she'd just finished saying let's put it back to work. We'LL DO HARVEY'S HOUSES. What's why why take a break? Because she just dropped to add those Swallowed hard swallow wise. She's let that set in real quick enough for so you feel no pain a few minutes but we do see DJ. Why you take your break and fellows eligible massage. Cj's Batman you put your hands in the chatroom. Yes you want to push back ready to be massaged so you don't let us know in the group you will love to Machar's Cindy Jay's bass hitting a massage it's tissue. Thank you all for a deep tissue massage. Thing you by eleven. Oh before Nafta Yeah. That sounds Nice from team new. Damn t t off Astros pitcher suspended for one hundred sixty two days so he has been for the entire twenty twenty season Does it got to do with that? She know which Kinda SORTA Major League Baseball just announced that Astros pitcher Francis Martez has been suspended for the entire twenty twenty regular season. Martez had received one hundred sixty two long game suspension. He is the mimicking republic native. He was suspended for testing positive for. Pd's performance enhancement drugs so he was using the P. E. D. Jar to enhance his game The Major League announced his mission on Monday evening in the news comes with Cam camp. The news comes a couple days after the Astros held a press conference apologizing for the signal stealing in a twenty two thousand seventeen season for. You're going up a city the Houston Astros number. One should be stripped of the world series for that year that they are performed smart to do that. I think that that particular year they shouldn't even have a world series champion because of the cheating scandal of baseball with the Houston Astros. Because now everything say that they were cheated on. I think they should take that particular year and just there was no world series one right now now now now even Now back to this. the Dominican. God bless him. You know I think the Dominicans at best baseball players on earth right now from birth right not only that not only that Barbie Day in the Dominican Republic. They play baseball every day. Every day for folks that live in the southern part of the country in South America Latins. They play baseball all the time. Now that live up here in the east coast could play it. You know when it's summertime now sitting this a policy with these performance hasn't drugs and they know it and this is a guy that's a repeat offender right now. This hurt his packets. We don't know what the salary assure you could make a whole year when a couple of coins But the House we. This is a disgrace to his his family. I mean your young man. What do you even need these performance drugs for to win sandwiches twenty stronger and you can play city right? You're talking these four years old but the person to be the best city. When I was twenty four years old I was running these streets. Got It be no perform. It has been I had a workable. Betas and I was doing my thing. Don't need it so when you're twenty four city Jay that you just have to go on your natural abilities. You don't need all that stuff and this is exactly what this man get. You should have got to use even with this baseball scandal with the Houston Astros. One day own a baseball players cheating or performance. This is severely penalized as young men. A year to me's not enough for years while trying to end his chronicle of that year's get out of here because he was on the team when they cheated using actual should be banned from baseball for year. Sean Down with the Hammer. So so if you're a young man and you playing baseball you don't even need all these performing I know. So competitive in the Dominicans Puerto Ricans Body Cologne. Yup Well documented Latman and these Latin City Jay Cutler played the baseball. They love the play. The baseball than bobby play with some Latin borderline spicy spice up those balls and God bless if you and you the best basis does obtain these Latin tap out of the Babylonians and white guys can play baseball to write the black baseball back in the day to have basically is playing baseball. No they ended that right. They went to play basketball and stuff the war with them right. Brooke these Latin Gaza out of the best baseball players in the world. This is the best baseball players. You won't take performance enhancing drugs. We go. Group is the best and you tell me that he doesn't need a four. Four suspension is not enough when you already atop baseball bat for years played on the team. That's cheating on that. The commission as all we need is shot on the baseball commissioner to get you to the baseball. The God. Who who the mets this guy? Carlos Beltran who was on the Astros who the city in his playing career was one of the top baseball players. Latino the adult say. He's really off with the Bell Tran but the Carlos Carlos have you ever had a Carlos in your life. Oh that was his name and your and your baby for over naming look Roberta. You're crazy. We lack album right. This Guy Roberto Gonzalez cobbles. Carlos show the cows who pillow rebuttal. Stitz name calling. Don't wear please down exactly who go to the next story. The mets hired him as the baseball manager. Princess knows more than city. They fired him before the first game semester. Do get hired at the best job you ever had your life and you're fired because something you did. They call it two years back. So I say comedown suit on the Latino Baseball player right. Because they're the best place on earth since he needs to be punished. They know better. You GonNa win win natural. You don't right right exactly fair. You might wait. You don't even need on that baseball players in it. The last big black baseball player was bobby. Itchy shaking now. Gary met with other del for reinstatement. But there was no rule yet. 'cause you know myles. Garrett was the NFL player for the Cleveland Browns He got in two with Mason Rudolph in a game last season and he took his helmet off and he smacked him with the helmet because he said that he used a racial slur. Or would you consider day the Latino again I I told you I'm equal opportunity near Oak city. Jay would you be open to Latino again I could be. Yeah whatever to open right now. You know possessive American. My black brothers nickel might give me awake. Tmz has confirmed superstar. He met with the NFL discussing status the League but no official decision had been made yet. A few reports came in that He told a lie. That the The Mason did not use racial slurs but the X. Brown gm John Dorsey set spoke to a reporter said that Myles Garrett told her right away that Mason did use a racial slur so his system a credible no he may have but I was telling earlier. You can't let your emotions get the best of you should just be win. We accounts on the field. Just win the game in that. That's how you get him. Mike Tomlin said that he didn't hear or he don't believe that his player use racial slurs. But you WANNA feel so how the hell you might so my new business and let them Hanley Tom. Out in the now. Mike Tomlin is the black man who coaches the is a black coach of the Pittsburgh who will tell us was willing to play defensive back back in the day. He's going to stick with his play. The guy was the quarterback because the main superstar quarterbacks out Rockin Burger whatever his name run burger my Polish city. I was watching that game when it happened the browse with the state like he's at a slower were to project any kind of negativity. But I don't want to be judgmental but I looked at the quarterback. What's the white guys named quarterback Nathan? Cine he looks like the type that would say inward right now. He said that when he pulled the handle he said such-and-such mic now sitting the guy. What's his name? The Harry way minutes waiting on this guy. I heard I was watching the interview. He sound like a young man and smiles. Gary Maoz myles Garrett. Yes Gary Maoz Garrison Jas ladies this. The North Talk Steel in Iran. Talking fast as people that they've sending out of their mind whatever slightly in New York the last girl dated before God bless was from Newark New Jersey. I have to call cops on his chip here. Everybody knows what it is and played Iran on this show women from Jersey completely clueless once it. All online portal showing. This young man sounded very educated very humble mouse. Garrett Smith J. articulate himself well he was so apologetic he wasn't like the other Guy Antonio where you actually got instant Antonio Brown's city and he was so sincere and that's why the. Nfl lifted his suspension. He said that he called the inward Atta believe. He sat day even in the heat of the moment they were tussling and of course he should've never you right but I'm gonNA. He's should've never took his helmet off and hill. You're absolutely right. That's probably what about the Babylonians when they use the inward towards us that a nice this emotion but br bobby is still in all you stay even if he called you in were. You still shouldn't react that way right but it takes for some reason with Babylonian use that word it takes us to a place that we don't want to go and that's what happened here. I think Mike Tomlin. The African American football goes defend. Babylonia quarterback has to do that. I believe in my heart I believe of Garrett Gary I believe I believe assembly. I'm sorry I believe a boy said and now I'm looking at this quarterbacks. Look I'm looking on. The side is sitting looking sad because he wouldn't provoke this much emotion. I mean the the helmet thing gets after the fact he have tried to kill his tunes still painful but she has a chaplain to agree with me. That Latinos are the best baseball players on earth out of our earth but they good is saying. I don't know why I mean they might be because the best. Come Out Mama's wounds. Who HAVE THEY GIVEN BASEBALL? No doubt right some of the best baseball players in old time of Latino first one was rebuttal Clemente right back with the Pittsburgh power with only play for it. Definitely this back in the day down in a plane crash. Houdini writing baseball. Mr Try it tonio ground. Gosh let's we are no. He played for the steelers Patriots. Rada or would you date a guy have this over the top narcissistic personality? Absolutely not what about you? Would you date amid solar top like that? He he doing to marketing while he is in talks with a Jon. Gruden to leave the doors open to return back to the NFL. Antonio's exit from the Oakland Raiders was about as Zastava as imaginable yet. I know he was allegedly. Brought up on. Charges were sexual misconduct with two females. And that's still in play. And he was recently in news for a assaulting. I've driver delivery driver would live with some furniture and then he was on his twitter. Instagram All kinds of foolish. If he would just shut up and be like mom myles. Garrett and humble himself you know maybe he can have gotten back into the. Nfl are ready but since you WANNA be narcissistic individual. No his played win where he talks to try to get back into the NFL They have not made a ruling as of yet and they probably won't let that game because he will not mouth shut up so we are going to keep you guys a breadth of that situation whereas if unfold so much more we will take a break up. City says back that cut down the news. GotTA IT'D BE TAXES. You run a million miles a minute as soon as you can get out of here. Were all right. That's right you that's some good even know so much was going on the sports world upon again guys start in the cold air to breathe in the goal. He reported off Norway. Gari we hit is like fine. Keep NO GLOVES. Live out the out the front door to the front of the building. I really do these premium. Eric Maggie sports fake free Kit Envious of that Google. Who normally give me going to base it but the other day they screwed up had to show your trip because I can read quite well. Thank you appreciate it. These was first of all. They don't go that governments stay in sex with K. catchers talks next out there. Was this amount. Turn Up Tuesday Tuesday February nineteen eighteen off seven minutes now semi up before we shall. We can't just too much to know that we would have. We have been in the crew in the group. And you know you guys. Please make her job. Follow was on the show. Gorby young team or page. Let's he hasn't done this in the month right. I haven't done it. City city says well if you guys follow Candy Burress Candy. She used to be a group escape. She's most notably known as on the real housewives of Atlanta else Murphy. Yeah she's really purchase. Matheson smashed candy. You're like we could smash toge- y'All you don't WanNa spend smashed group would you? Would you watch SNL City Smith? Boring show assist also the marketer show. Hey officer mind I agree with you. It was your opinions on the baseball and the Latin Americans in great athletes. But I I just WANNA say thoughts on the NFL with the situation with myles Garrett. I don't believe that the NFL cannot find evidence. Everybody else in the world is Mike Up. They got the guy on the sidelines with that big microphone. Okay and nobody knows nothing. Okay I think the NFL wants to hear what they wanNA hear. That's all I got to say on the seminar on that. This is an officer. Marcus a friend of ours lettuce gotTA. He's a real police officer in real time. Try the local leader. So he's he's real like the car the uniform the whole thing and he works. He's a Babylonian Cindy J. but he's a COP haircuts Got The COP. He looks just like look. Just like when you look at the cine. He's he's a beloved friend of mine is a Babylonian. He's he's married to a beautiful white a black woman. Who for this Guy Blackman? Now he's GonNa win. He got the women over the he winning. This like old white guys. They're going to say all right and say had heathen say the N. Word. He doesn't know that he does not a microphone around it. We have to take a Brent. What's the name Butcher Footballer? Gary take both so mark. Are you saying that you saying that? You don't think that Mason quarterback I what I'm saying is the NFL. Show say can't find eleven. You know you can't tell me. They got everybody in and have a Christmas. Miked UP FOOTBALL GAMES OKAY. And nobody hears any interest in it. So you know they probably didn't do Shirley aggressive case you know that that's all. They got these people on the sidelines with detect. Michael Fox stuff like that but they listen to the recordings who knows nobody knows. I believe I don't believe that Myles Garrett chills that she heard that and he feels she believes that I feel happen to share. And it didn't happen because you know that's awesome about that as he put his career in jeopardy over of all I think he will. Maybe he probably whispered until you right. There might be some microphones over there. I don't think he said listen. Mark of smart. When you're out there today patrolling the community. If you don't mind could you pull? Oh God before you pull over exist. Could you do that for the show? I watch on the first white. Hey Sean Hey question show you're not she rubbing your eyes you have a little bit too much saucer than two getting too much for your you know your needs. Aarp car don't worry about a subscription for peacefully and take appreciate you and your concern. Please whatever you do today not pull over a Latin or African Americans. They don't have I guy you see. I don't care how they look for the whole month of February officer mark. Don't pull over any black city just act like you didn't even guys are too much. I've known you out. There's no way she said that she's right. You're looking for March. Leave US alone okay. I I'll just tell you people Dr People Talk. I Guess You guys you gentlemen you people. There's two ladies. Okay Sean J Barbie you have a Nice Day limbaugh Michael get fired. His boss will be like not one. African American League got one more on the way out listened to that song. Darby Darby. That's hilarious. God No candy birth. I mean she opened. She's on the real housewives of Atlanta. She opened up a restaurant called Old Lady. Gay Audience which is with her with all lady gang and it's run. I think by her mom and her and her two aunts. They actually opened Old Lady Gang to restaurant in Atlanta. However there was a shooting there that left three people injured according to Atlantic comfortably has couples were dining Valentine's Day late Friday night. A man entered Old Lady Gang to restaurant on marketplace boulevard located in the Camp Creek Marketplace shopping center and shot a man as well as two innocent bystanders. Authorities reported that all three victims were expected to survive and were hospitalized. The incident prompted candy to speak out on the issue letting fans know that her thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the she and her team are cooperating with authorities who are conducting an investigation saying the restaurant still bridge. Yeah she you know. She's basically she. She went onto facebook post. She said as African American business owners has been our goal to invest in our community by bringing jobs quality dining in a positive experience the greater Atlanta area. We hope that you know and understand. The acts of violence that occurred yesterday do nine anyway serve as a reflection of oral G or it's values we appreciate all the love and prayers. And did they gain? They are literally a heated gang. I I even question as this edgy name literal all day long go to La County. I don't know why they don't know why the person did it. Valentine's was asked or vice versa. It isolated and no one's going to go into a restaurant shooting happened was he probably like you said the girlfriend boyfriend. Somebody got caught witness you. But she's right still support. The restaurant isolated incident on for God. Everybody's support her restaurant. But I would be leery to go there. I would be Larry to go there especially on Valentine's that detects Ale security now candy yes and also if you guys didn't know there was a viral video that had went where. I don't know if you've talked about this last week The stripper that foul up fifteen feet from the poll in a video. She ended up having to get her jaw wired. Shot to get fixed She got a couple of pitchers under her chin. So she's been going through a lot but she was invited onto the Wendy Williams show and they actually gave her a check for ten thousand dollars scholarship to go finish. Pudi school so her this. The best thing that happened to this woman had fallen over. The poll can go back to work. School help us is up. Is the best thing that happened. But she's even though she fell off this poll. She's a professional dance. India dance and getting paid all you women in a chat room and sitting industry. You'RE A non-qualified up to dance in the poll. Okay I love all the Colonia I got love feel did not and if your child to work in these clubs you will only get the morning shift from Monday morning from seven thirty. Am tonight thirty eight lounge as an Olivia? Seven thirty close. Strip club opened about eleven is an Miami has twenty four hour so if you think you can work right now right now. I'm probably the Mid Day Day on a regular day bobby will have a few regular John and now I guarantee you that if you work at is twenty. Five shift will be six thirty in the morning at seven thirty. Am Monday ruining get one hour cleaning up the six thirty in the morning after walking seven am now that. That's all I happened. Yeah great awesome. Who's a regular Chapman governor that was ABC's head Della Andrews Cunera Williams Mamassani is in the bill the winner Jake Thumps The SHOHEI Jones who wasn't the markets Mr Money Moldy Johnson Reggie Highly Takashima bar. Hey y'all have Harry g because you're the chat member of the week. Hey because you're the chat room member of the region. There is a Michael Jackson sunk by saving my friend. He's the money guy. Yeah Zanele Daniel. War is here a soldier settler Johnson. Prentice Cox by Mr Abbas in rail. Holla Holla Holla building that's it y'all subordinate timing Barbara. Cologne Songo Pablo. You guys can find me on facebook extending underscore John Instagram and semi Jay on Snapchat user. Three Commission. Facebook. Coughlin is when we appreciate everyone for listening. God bless to the mall with wasn't thank you share the show and everybody that was will come into the the shot and that one.

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