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Friday 27 September


You're listening to molecules house. Few first broadcast on the twenty seventh of September Two Thousand Nineteen on monocle twenty four this is Monica the house view coming up today to say Mr Speaker. I've never heard Tom Bugging on my life. It has been very much so another week in Brexit also we'll look at Canada and Hong Kong where two very different leaders are trying to very different tax to deal with two very different crises we will fanfare tomorrow's Australian football league grand final with a look at the weed and dare we say wonderful world of AFL club songs awesome. Thank and we're talking about Milton Keynes it says here for some reason all that and more coming up on Monaco's house view starting now and welcome to today's edition of Monaco's House view with me Andrew Miller and we will start here in the United Kingdom though it has been one of those weeks where it's hard to know where to start with the United Kingdom on Tuesday which already feels like it happened sometime during the reign of Edward the seventh the UK Supreme Court decided I unanimously that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson had acted unlawfully advising the queen to suspend parliament parliament has since resumed and has not being in a forgiving mood refusing the just about governing conservative party even the traditional recess to enable the Tories annual conference joined with more on this upon Nichols Executive Producer Tom Edwards. What's been the highlight for you this week. Well this is it Andrew. It's been a selection of lowlights even by the standards did of the rhetoric that we've seen really since the Brexit vote and the subsequent sort of political impasse inertia. Call it what you will. It feels like this week's really reached a new low ebb. If only in terms of the way that people in particular the chamber itself in Parliament in the House Cohen's talking to one another and I think because we we should note especially for international listeners has always been usually observe of traditional off decorum in the houses of parliament idiot is all my honorable friend and so on and so forth which is not to say that things don't get a little title unruly from time to time. This is the point there. Are these very established nice season. I guess most of our very educated listeners know that most of the function of the House and indeed need most of all function of our politics is governed by convention rather than by any sort of formal constitutional doctrine. I think that point is very important under the Aegis said about it has its moments in the past and even in recent memory one can think of perhaps Tony Blair and the atmosphere in the house toxic around around say the Iraq war well that was so much toxic as genuinely impassioned well the margin between yeah I think in any example you can cite like Thatcher Administration for over a decade had a number of these outbursts. They tend to be followed by a lull. There was often a spark a row about an issue about a date a moment and the vitriol always almost always was then with a period of calm reflection action in a gradual rebuilding of some form of consensus the problem we've had over the last couple of years and indeed we're seeing it day. After day off day day off detail today the problem it reconvened this time there's no relief to it and I think if you look at the newspapers here in the UK it's reflecting the sense of frustration and depending where on on the spectrum you gather your news from you either see Telegraph for example Kohl's. MP's must not be bullied into CA tailing language. This is the Telegraph Telegraph the very pro brexit former employer of the president prime minister or if you even look the times another newspaper of record divisive language harms chance for deal Tories. He's Worn Johnson and we've had to look as so often over the last couple of years to other voices voices unexpected voices perhaps to bring a little it clarity and I know Andrew. We talked about this moment ago. The twenty year old daughter of former Labor party stalwarts evacuate bulls when public talking about her fears for her parents safety and this of course is through the prism of what happened to Joe Cox and again just for international listeners Boris Johnson cited jokes who was murdered by apnea member of parliament for Butler and spent if Manson an outspoken campaign against brexit and Johnson said the way to honor the memory coaxes to get brexit done. I think that seems the verdict most right minded people. That's very insulting to her and her family to go against so I mean it was a weird moment element for Johnson. The only two possible explanations are that he knew exactly what he was saying that he didn't know exactly what he was saying. Which I realize is possibly possibly unhelpful summation but do you know what I mean because because it is such a weird thing to have said well it's been extraordinary to see the reaction to those pronouncements announcements from John Scenarios. Obviously he's been traveling back from New York where he left a U. N. G. A short order one imagines he's not exactly well rested at the moment but even see commentators like his sister. You know they've been saying this is. This is meat and drink fan. This is what he likes. He likes to be the PM. He wants to try and play strongman tactics takes. You've got people like his advise. Dominant coming so people are suggesting driving this rhetoric for the advancement of their political program on the other hand. Lets people we'll saying listen. Everybody needs to show some restraint some respect and actually if we want to make any kind of progress here it actually doesn't matter where you are on the Brexit on the Ba- brexit spectrum. If you want to see momentum we need to start having constructor discussions depressingly. There is almost certainly plenty more where that came from next week Tom. Edwards thank you for joining us. You're listening to Monaco's house view. You're listening to Monica's house view. I'm Andrew Muller Enter Canada now where it has been a memorable couple of weeks for anyone anyone who bet heavily earlier in the year on Justin Trudeau's fancy dress preferences becoming a major election issue Canada votes on October twenty first and the upshot of this will be whether or not Justin Trudeau is returned as Prime Minister Trudeau has apologized and obviously quite rightly for his bizarre serial misadventures in black face but how forgiving is the electorate proving to be joined with more on this from Toronto by a bureau chief. Thomas Lewis Thomas. We will have by now seen some post scandal polling. Does it look like it has put a dent in him well. The needle hasn't really moved tall. Andrea poll was made at the end of last week. AAC directly at the height of this scandal as you say is the three photos and video of published by various news outlets and yes the opinion polls was really haven't budged one bit and they seem to have remained pretty much the same this week which I think too many people watching this story you know from the outside you'll be the prettiest of amazed by think that what that speaks to is two things. I think the way that Justin Trudeau handled the release of these images ages was very swift very sort of categorically like in his in his apologies which really sort of cut the story down and really cut the energy I think from the opposition parties attempts to really use this ring every drop from the scandal I think the second thing is is that he's opponents actually have also failed in on their own to really capture the imagination of large swathes of the electorate too so I think if we had for example charismatic leader the head of the Conservatives aw party on the left the MVP perhaps they would have really risen to the top in this scandal but they haven't so I think we are surprisingly only so kind of kind of where we were before the the images broke last week. If this isn't landing as an issue then obviously Justin Trudeau will be profoundly relieved saved if it is an what is still then seeming to preoccupy Canadian voters as they make their minds up what I think if you look at the campaign itself has this kind of return to the sort of normal tone of general election campaign we are having daily announcements of policy proposals by all of the major parties tease. Trudeau made the big announcement. Excuse me on the environments this week the leader of the opposition Conservatives also made lots of flagship proposals and I think you know the feels kind of quite normal in terms of the tone. I think what you know lots of Canadians have felt is that fair is maybe Abia growing some slightly shapeless sense of distrust or mistrust towards Justin Trudeau and his government for several things that they haven't done during their first term in office most notably reforming voting system here which is a big big issue for many voters. I'm also the environmental credentials so this very controversial intra-vaginal pipeline project in Western. Canada has returned lots of voters away from the Liberal Party. The other parties haven't really had this sort of million dollar kind of answer to sort of sway lots of voters so far though it seems and so he will I suspect we will get more policy announcements on pensions for example on trying to young voters into the fold over the next week or so as election day gets closer well on the subject of the environment mm than there is some chat from the Green Party that they think they could be in a position to hold the balance of power after the election. They are of course presupposing a hung parliament. Is this just pre-election. Braggadocio would does it appear actually possible. There is definitely a quite a big dose of of of that I think from the Green party who can blame them. Frankly they've had some really impressive opinion polls standings the last couple of months particularly and in in a provincial election earlier this year they almost took Paolo which would have meant the first green government in any part of Canada in Canada's history I think you know if you're looking at the way Canadian elections work. Usually people anticipate surprises but quite often things slip back to how they were that isn't I should say what happened back for years ago. When Justin Trudeau One when his opinion poll ratings were pretty low and then he came in and swept up a full majority in the House of Commons in Ottawa so who knows I think it's very worthwhile politically for the Green party to be staking back claiming in that way I think it's worth noting to that both the MVP the party on the left here and the Green Party has said that if the Conservative Party won a minority government or one won the popular vote then they didn't have a green agenda within their mandate they within join forces effectively pushed for another election so they are trying to raise the stakes. If Election Day does yield a bit of a mess I suppose electorally in terms of the makeup of the House of Commons and I think you you know any political party. Small large would be trying to do the same thing so I think it's all quite sort of you know. We're not quite sure how the message will roll on. I think if you look back to the events the week ago it's remarkable how quickly they have from scandal that looked like it was about to torpedo prime minister. Thomas Lewis Out Toronto Bureau chief. Thank you very much for joining. When you're listening to Monaco's house few you are listening to Monaco's House view in Hong Kong. The city government's Chief Executive Carrie Lam has taken the bold step all things considered of interacting directly with the citizens as Hong Kong braces aces for yet another weekend of protests last night. Lamb held a town hall meeting at which she fielded questions from one hundred and fifty people selected by lottery twenty thousand people applied for more on this joined in-studio by Monocle Research Carina Choi who is usually based in our Hong Kong Bureau but it's here in London at the moment a a it's hard to know whether appearing before the public like that Karina was a bold move or basically about the play she had left. How did it go. I mean based on what we saw. She was kind of asking for all this confrontation. didn't play out so great for her. Seventy people were selected to speak out of the one hundred fifty and most of them vented their frustration toward her administration her incompetence as a leader some even asking her to step down people were asking questions like why listen to one hundred fifty randomly selected citizens when you won't listen to over two million people who've taken to the streets three-fer question put like that yes us jackson-lee and some have even you know picked on specific incidents like Yunlong attacks when triads appeared at the subway stations and police didn't come in time I am to help people out people said how do you respond to those who've been brutally attacked and beaten up by the police what she like at because it varies enormously from politicians. Titian to politician is she good at dealing with people and at interacting with the public some some politicians have terrific aptitude for some just terrible where does where does she figure on that spectrum. We'll purely based on the past four months. We've seen that you know press conferences. At this dialogue specifically it just seemed like she had a list of responses a list of talking points and regardless of what was thrown out her. She would just say the same thing. She had no empathy not at all for the people. She didn't suggest made an make any suggestion that she would come to any sort of compromise so I mean it's telling of how just truly truly incompetent she has is as leader so if this meeting did not impress the people selected by lottery to be there all that much and it seems very much like it didn't did. Did it have a wider resonance. Did it attract a sympathetic response outside the venue well directly outside the venue. There were there. There were protesters surrounding the area and obviously before this all happened. She said you know this is a peaceful dialogue. I hope that we can come together. We can be be united but she there were riot. Police stationed outside with tear gas and rubber bullets at the ready so for her to to have that station patient there. It's just not welcoming for anyone. No one's going to feel safe. No one's going to feel like they can trust her. and unfortunately it took her four hours to get out of the venue because protesters were just so angry at the way that she handled last night well it is as we go to where either very late on Friday night the very early on Saturday morning in Hong Kong depending on on how you calibrate these things. What are you expecting this weekend in terms of protest so it's going to be the fifth anniversary bursary of the umbrella movement on Saturday tomorrow so and also as as we mentioned previously October first on Tuesday which is the seventieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China and to organize protests have been given the green light so people are allowed to take to the streets. There shouldn't be be violence. We hope that they won't there won't be violence. an speaking to some of the protesters and organizers they say that these upcoming marches are an opportunity for people people to mourn more than anything the lives of those who have been sacrificed for the past seventy years or those who you know the suicides have occurred it over the past four months as well so overall we we shouldn't expect a lot of violence particularly if the police have given the protesters the green light to go forward career choice. Thank you for joining us in just a moment. This is Monaco's house feud do stay tuned and at this point on the house view a shoutout to listeners in Melbourne and indeed Sydney who may find themselves unable to sleep for anticipation of tomorrow's Australian Football League grand final. The Australian state of Victoria is certainly unusual probably unique in observing two public holidays for sporting events one. The first Tuesday of November is Melbourne Cup Day in Fantas. The rest of the country pretty much takes the afternoon off for the race as well the other the last Friday my day in September is Grand Final Eve the day before the climactic match of the Australian football league season for which more than one hundred thousand listened people will fill the Melbourne cricket ground to watch the Premiership decided the football. They're watching is of course Australian Rules Football Australia's earliest peculiar passion the code correctly described by one Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies as the greatest winter game devised by mortal men the clubs contesting the grand final this year Richmond from the suburbs of Melbourne founded in eighteen eighty five and greater western Sydney kidney from the outer suburbs of Sydney who only joined the AFL in two thousand and twelve a creation of the league at spectacular expense and with generous assistance assistance to further the cause of Australian rules in territory traditionally dominated by rugby league so there are many subtexts to Saturday but one of the weed is that this clash between the Tigers and the giants is also a contest of the two best a fill club songs. Here's Richmond's and here is greater western. Sydney's dowd from the club's songs are a curious quirk uh of the AFL all eighteen clubs have won and they are braid and bellowed by fans in the stands and players in the dressing rooms in the event of victory. The League's older establishment teams have mostly borrowed their's from familiar tunes. Jill lungs is the toreador song from bees as common Be Collingwood's started life as has the music whole standard goodbye. Dolly Gray in Carlton's stately anthem is the minstrel Choon Lily of Laguna and and the Saints Kilda serenade historically infrequent wins with an obvious choice the the canonical versions were recorded in the early nineteen seventies by a choir of Melbourne jazz players wrangled by a record company called fable the expansion of once the Victorian Football League to become the Australian football league during the nineteen eight thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety s saw new teams added to the competition and therefore four the necessity of new songs in several regrettable instances original works were commissioned these all absolutely sucked and indeed suck still non worse than non more eighty s abomination which fanfares the West Coast Eagles onto the field greater western Sydney's splendid blended swaggering stomp is the work of Harry Angus of Millburn rock band the Cat Empire the no great football fan angus understood what was marvelous about the original clubs club songs an outcome is that blend of match. Oh braggadocio and arch high camp into something that sounds like it might have welcomed Soviet tank divisions back from the battle of Kursk Greater Western. Sydney are a new club with few fans and little history Richmond aren't old club but one of the best supported in the country with with a glorious heritage the two thousand nine hundred nine grand final this Saturday shapes as quite a game innovation versus tradition money versus passion Sydney versus Melbourne but whoever wins will have an appropriately rousing song to sing when the final siren's gone. I am joined now on Nichols Nicole's house view for reasons which will shortly become apparent by monocle research. Nick Milanese who being from Perth may first of all have something to say in defense of West Coast Eagles terrible and stupid stone. I don't I really dinosaurs crooked versatile. I think you'd find that most. West Coast Eagles fans also I think it's terrible so why does it possess because it is objective garbage. It's it's the it's the worst one thousand nine hundred radio rock drivel. It's even got someone playing bass with the thumb which should be a crime punishable Chaba by having the digits zone off one hundred percent agree and really. I think you would find moist paypal do why we persist. I think maybe a stubbornness but like like I was saying earlier when we were chatting about these walls. We're listening to your pace. We are constantly trying to reinvent it like we. We introduced a chant last year at the start of it to try and sort of jazz it. It sounds like a high school sports day. That's what it sounds like now that they've got the chance at the start. Well my attempt to bite you into controversy. There has clearly really failed so we should probably talk about the thing you're actually here to talk about which it says right here on the running order is Milton Keynes This is possibly not some it's ever happened on any of our shows before mcquarry talking about Milton Keynes we are talking about it because I was reporting there for the festival of creative urban living living now now. I don't know if you noticed about Milton Keynes or anything about have you. Have you heard it's been made fun of. It's the punchline for I've been there once. I think I went to see. Ram At Milton Keynes bowl a billion years ago this this cows as well right concrete castle museum I believe that would be concrete. Candles run the museum. No concrete cows are now housed in a museum but that that cuts to the core of Milton Keynes is made fun of four. It's the fact that you know. There wasn't really anything there. There was a joke they couldn't actually have agricultural farm to install concrete cows to make up the numbers it was a place that people didn't WanNa be necessarily it was started in nineteen sixty seven as part of the new towns movement where the British government basically declared a whole heap in new towns around the UK to move people out of the cities to ease overcrowding in them and Milton Keynes I guess became a the showpiece newtown. I know you are skillfully avoiding the question of why you were there. was there okay so. I think so because we're going to give you a little bit of Evan designed background so it was designed in the Garden City Movement where they had lots lots of housing with light industry and agricultural all mixed together in a single development. I guess surrounded by trees. The housing itself is absolutely outstanding. You're surrounded by greenery. There's ample open space at the front and the back of the houses. The issue is visit our you're not experiencing this yours simply driving through one of its many wide roads punctuated by roundabouts and not really getting the tree. Milton Keynes experience so the city council in setting up these festival wanted to try and showcase that so they're inviting people people to come and stay with a resonant to try and get an understanding for what it's like to live in Milton Keynes and why it's so good and is that what you did did you go and stay with some Milton Keynes. I did stay with a lovely eighty year old woman named poulain she we it was a quintessentially English experience we had fish and chips for dinner cool English breakfast in the mornings and Moshi. Oh she pays the night before a cup of tea it was it was delightful so he can intrigue listeners go online and sign up for this they can so the the festival runs from the twenty sixth the September to the thirteenth of October and it's not it's not just the beds united program which is what you spend the night in the city it's also hosted by the exhibitions and events of closed off part of the main street or the Midsummer Boulevard to house an ideas forum for I guess vision in the new future for Milton Keynes because it was it was meant to be a kind of utopia by having all these built you know these buildings surrounded by greenery and and you know it was the advent of the age of the car and they really embrace that but now they've gotta trying I guess envision a new type here and that's why they want to get people in and sharing their ideas and exploring at three this festival we can read all about this in an upcoming edition of Monocle you can I have have a observation at the start of the magazine and you can read about it. They're okay with that nick. I will leave you to enjoy the West Coast Eagles final few hours as reigning Phil Premiums you are listening to Molecules House viewed and finally on the House view to Germany any specifically to it's very easternmost city girl. It's it is not a well-known destination though it probably should be it survived World War Two largely unscathed and remains things a modest masterpiece of quaint middle European architecture several film directors have noticed this including Quinn Tarantino and was Anderson but not enough others so girl. It's is offering people chance to come and live there for a month four nothing accommodation and workspace provided no strings attached enjoy now now taking a break from packing his later hose and by Monaco's Marcus Hippie Marcus. Iu in fact tempted by this well. I do love Middle European architects texture but at the same time I'm not getting very vibrant vibes from this German city. I was looking at some figures but I was able to find unseen to the German reunification in Nineteen Ninety joins us. This city's population has fallen from ninety thousand to fifty six thousand and the eighties as it to make up forty percent of the population by twenty thirty so you can understand why they want some fresh blood in understands. I also learned that just a couple of years ago. They were also trying to attract young people there by offering them free beer among other freeze for two weeks and go there for two weeks of free beer. No that didn't do the trick either. I have to say that's that's. I think only it's Finland invented. Maybe work together. I'm from Finland and there are many small towns over there trying to you know stop the decline of population. It's it's quite hard over there and what they came up in Finland was that in some places nowadays in some smaller towns they offer you a free plot of land for a nominal price voice off one euro but what's what's more interesting for some individuals is that you sometimes get a baby bonus. If you decide to relocate your new place and have children over this a for for example everyone remember this name less. DRA that's an infant in the middle of nowhere. Could you get ten thousand euros for each baby a B but presumably you to raise them there as well. Suddenly you decide on the verge of spotting loophole exactly exactly actually it's been working quite well in Seattle is so back in twenty twelve when they launched this incentive of baby bonus and ten thousand Euro awards for babies. That's twenty twelve there. There's only one baby born and that baby's name was after that they started paying this money and the next year already forcing babies were born so obviously that works but I think it's a wider issue in Finland that new stats were released to sit couple of days ago from from England of what's happening with the population. Finland is one of the very worst European countries wrist. Go through aging population cry for the highlights. We're just GONNA clip that quote so we have you seen. Finland is one of the very worst European countries. Well listen to this. He's finished. People just are not. They're not having children anymore so in just three or four years time. The situation may get so bad. They're more puppies. Being born in Finland lengthened babies so something needs to be done and and and it's quite clear that we're not there yet when robots would be looking after the after Finland's elderly the people so Finland should start to think about this issue properly as well sadly the right wing forces or Finland. Don't thing that migration would be a solution to this. It's remains to be seen the obvious one and this has been an issue with girl. It says well which like a lot of East Germany is something of a haven of anti-immigrant sentiment and Alternative Alternative Fedora Sean the anti-immigrant Party exactly that is so true and I think that's something that needs to be solved eventually after after reading the news from Finland from girl is I was thinking that it would actually make a good point for them to exchange information so you know Finland has many things they offer for free you get free education free healthcare free childcare yeah and so forth but otherwise expensive so maybe Finland should start considering that free beer as well has Finland of all places also thought of offering free mittens mm free sunlamps nauseates. I hope Finland's listening because that that would be my tip that would be my principal. Reservation would be the eleven and a half months of darkness and in freezing cold. Every otherwise is awesome. I couldn't possibly agree more Marcus Hippie. Thank you very much for joining us. That is all for today. Show Monaco's house view was produced by Daniel. You'll bake and research by will Higginbotham studio manager was David Steven's coming up at twenty hundred Marcus will be back with a brand new edition of the Menu Molecules House view. He returns at the same time on Monday. That's eighteen hundred London time which is of course thirteen hundred Toronto the rest of you can figure out the time difference yourselves. I'm Andrew Miller. Thanks very much for listening have have a great weekend mm-hmm.

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