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BA4 The Importance of a Spiritual Program Begin Again: The Spiritual Legacy of Ven. Bruno Lanteri with Fr. Timothy Gallagher


Discerning HEARTS DOT COM in cooperation with the oblates of the Virgin Mary. Presents Begin again? The spiritual legacy of venerable Purnell and Terry With Father Timothy Gallagher Father Gallagher was ordained in nineteen seventy nine as a member of the oblates of the Virgin Mary. He obtained his doctorate from the Gowran. University needs dedicated. Many years to an extensive ministry of Retreats Spiritual Direction and teachings about the spiritual life by the gallagher. Is the author of several books published by the Crossroads Publishing Company on the spiritual teachings of Saint Ignatius loyal and the life of venerable. Brunell and Terry Father. Gallagher is featured on E. W. T. and series living the discerning life the spiritual teachings of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Begin again the spiritual legacy of venerable. Vernal Terry With Father Timothy Gallagher on your host Chris McLean Father Gallagher. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you Chris. When last we spoke that are Brunel and Terry was I would say he was a deacon is about seventeen eighty one and he was about to go through a very important door in this portion of his life yes this to his obviously the the threshold moment of his life with your donation to the economic is now committed to the priestly life and is not just months away from his ordination so it's a pivotal point in his life also because as we saw last time these were the years in which he was receiving spiritual guidance from father. Dis Bach. That Saint Louis Jesuit priests who became the principal influence in his life. So it's very much a threshold time in his life. He would compose a very important spiritual program for himself. That really is it. Can you say it's a? It's a model for so many of us today. It's one of these virtual writings the writer of which would have never ever imagined that. What is it now? A few hundred years later we would be discussing is pages in an interview like this. It was twenty four manuscript pages. Most of them written at the same time but others sewn in later on so it was compiled gradually over some time. Probably the fruit of different retreats and conversations in Spiritual Direction and obviously he treasured it because We still have it. He kept it throughout all of his life. The manuscript is still there in the archive and it was one of many privileges in writing the book to work with that you know to see the actual lines where he wrote. It's he's young still. He's in his early twenties when he's composing. This which itself is remarkable. Here is a man getting hold of the spiritual practices and spiritual program that he'll keep for the rest of his life already at that age which speaks to the richness of the Catholic formation. He received in his family and early. On through meetings such a wise and saintly priest Father Dis bark and he proposed a when you put this together to read it every month. Go through the entire thing in the months. That separated him from his priestly ordination which is a way of saying that he really wanted to take this to heart. These were not just pious thoughts that were written and then left in a notebook for the rest of his life. But this was the stuff of the way he was going to live and in fact did live spiritually from then on throughout his life. What would comprise the spiritual program? What were the practices? He would endeavour to participate in the heart of it was the very clear realization. That God is the center of our life that we are from God. We are four God that God contains the the infinite good that our hearts seek as he wrote in that spiritual program. God alone can satisfy me and make me happy and then wanted to take that very seriously. If that's true then God would be the Center. Which as we can see and as we'll see in his life does not mean it. He loved people or places or occupations. The less but all the more genuinely and richly because God was always the center and from the love of God and the grace of God or richness when out that blessed all of his relationships and activities in life he also was struck by the fact that the truth said guided the lives of the saints remain true for us all and the fact that that is the God is at the Centre Holiness vocation and eternal life his goal and all the rest of the truth had guided the lives of the saints and lead them to a life of holiness. Did those were equally true for him and equally true through all the years of his life. This was not just a pious moment or the fervor of a retreat at a young age in his life but these would be trues that would guide him forever throughout his life and so the consequences that he wants to give himself totally to God and he wants to do that unashamedly and unafraid to appear even publicly as deeply fully dedicated to Christ and to his Catholic faith at whatever the price that would bring with it he was willing to pay it so in terms of practices. Obviously his mass is very much at the heart of it is something I didn't get into in the biography because you just couldn't go into everything but he has a very detailed programme of how he wants to. In his case. Celebrate mass for many of us it would be assisted. Massive would work either equally either way so for example when he's saying the Gloria to think of the angels on that Christmas Day praising and glorifying God and to have a heart like those angels at that time were in listening to the readings at mass to see himself as a disciple present. Jesus was speaking to his people. And had that kind of heart you know what they would have felt the kind of attention. The openness the taking in of the word that they would have experienced in the living presence of the Lord Jesus to have that kind of heart as he's listening to the readings or proclaiming them in the mass and so on at the creed to be like the martyrs who were willing to give their lives for the faith and then he says very beautifully communion dispositions over love or simply one who is loved and loves in reply. Now that's just one little window into how carefully he has thought out because he did this for all of the spiritual practices of his life how he would apprai- The breathing during the liturgy of the hours the time he would spend before the bus sacrament and very fundamentally his daily time of meditation all of. That's very carefully prepared. And thought out the examination of conscience and the things he would focus on and all the rest. It's a very detailed well prepared and very practical program that once in place as it is at this point is early twenties. He'll try to live for the rest of his life. And then we'll transmit to many others countless men and women who came to him for spiritual guidance in the spiritual program written in this time of great reflection by him. There is nothing that's being proposed that is so rigorous that it's beyond his everyday activities. He's not trying to set up high benchmarks for himself busy. No this is not someone who is in the Higher Mansions for example of Saint of Ebola at this stage of his life. At least it's someone who is very humbly beginning and very willing to begin humbly and begin concretely. And so all of these practices easily translate into any spiritual life today so for example if daily mass or at times during the week at least as possible assertive modest spiritual reading which he will recommend to everyone and again as we've said before that could easily expand today to digital and electronic means of podcasts and listening to the faith and so on but some kind of spiritual nourishment every day the examination of conscience this some kind of meditation on the truth of our faith every day. All of these things are are there really just the staple of the spiritual life and what's striking in his case is that he sees it also clearly and that he puts together. A doable practical program sets out to get rooted in this and to live. This is faithfully as he can has regular contact with the spiritual guide with whom he can talk about how this is going adapt and adjusted as he needs. It's the engine of his sanctity. He lived in such Tumultuous Times. It's hard for us to imagine at a distance of two hundred years now just how catastrophic and tumultuous and Shattering The Times in which he lived where nations were bathing revolution and and bloody revolutions wars endless wars of conquest and re-conquest. The church persecuted the Holy Father held prisoner and all the rest and in the midst of this year after year decade after decade in his life. Better what Bruno's simply tries to be faithful to these daily spiritual practices. You can say that is really what made him a saint. It's really what gave him the courage and the energy and the spiritual life to face the many things around him and in his own life struggles of health and all the rest. How wonderful it is that. He wrote it down that he would make it a part of the practice to go back and to reflect on it a month after month year after year. That the value of for us in doing that. Especially when it's written in those times up apparent spiritual constellation so that we can use that as a touchstone when we begin to feel the challenges that may come with desolation for example or just the struggles of just the challenges of everyday life. That writing it down was is so very important. Isn't it when you write something down you possess it more deeply Something that well. I'm a writer. Writing is in my blood and is something that I find very helpful in the spiritual life as well but not only many many people do the difference between having for example. The thought that you know it would be good if I were to do this. Or it would be helpful if I were to undertake that the practice the difference between of leading thought like that and taking that thought and actually sitting down and writing it is enormous as I say we possess it. We see it. We enter into it much more deeply. It's it it becomes more lasting. The written word is something we can go back to as something that will remind us again. This idea of choosing a few effective helpful spiritual practices. That are possible for me. In whatever vocation God has called me to live and writing them down and then reviewing them periodically and trying humbly and sincerely to put them into practice is among the most effective things we can do in the spiritual life because a simple resolution. Like that as you say Chris Meeting. Time of light or constellation nor clarity is the lifeline in the darker times. It's something it's always there and can see us through so a resolution to spend this many minutes every day with scripture or to get to daily Mass on these days of the week When it's possible for me to do it or to say the rose three only Driving back and forth from work. If that's the the one time I can do it or to listen to a recorded talk about the faith or as a vendor Bruno would say to one married woman to read at least one page must spiritual book every day. These kinds of resolutions make all the difference in giving a structure that sustainable the classic principle in the spiritual life is that if we want to have a growing spiritual life we need both structure and spirit. That is if we have spirit that is. We have the intention desire but it has no structure no concrete shape. It's not going to last. If all we have is structure things to be done. But without the warmth and the love of the heart the spirit it gives them life and the structure becomes heavy and we won't sustain that either if we have both together a heart that desires to love. God that seeks holiness. That wants to live the vocation God has given us fully and we shape a practical simple effective structure to help us live that then the spiritual life really will grow and you see that. I am an empty throughout the entire life of venerable Bruno return to begin again with Father Timothy Gallagher. In just a moment. Did you know that you can obtain a free APP? Which contains all your favorite discerning hearts programs. Father Timothy Gallagher. Dr Anthony Lula's Archbishop George. Lucas father reaches filthy and so many more including episodes from inside the pages can be obtained on the discerning hearts free APP. This also includes all the Novi knows and devotional and prayers including the Holy Rosary and stations of the Cross. The tablet is Saint Michael and the seven sorrows of our lady. All available on the discerning hearts free half visit the I tunes and Google play APP. Stores to obtain your free discerning heart sap today the councils of mercy an excerpt from the writings of Venerable Brunel Land Terry founder of the oblates of the Virgin. Mary above all I recommend with all my heart. That your guard against discouragement disturbance and sadness seek always to keep your poor heart and peace and encourage it and always to serve God with Holy Joy. Be of good heart because the Lord is with you and he loves you for more excerpts from the writings of Venerable Brunel Land Terry visit discerning. Hearts DOT COM Hello My name is Dick Almighty editors and I WanNa ask you to support this winning hearts in a special way. We eat Chris Mcgregor Board and I all know that. Not everyone listening can help financially. We know we have listeners. From all parts of the world and we have made a commitment since the beginning to make the truth shared through turning hearts totally free so while you may not be able to contribute financially which you can do certainly pray but also give us positive reviews on whatever platform you used to listen to us I tunes Android Stitcher spotify however it is that you get these podcasts. Were if you're on youtube and you like our videos. Please give us a good rating and write a review the mortgage ratings and reviews we get the higher profile and the more listeners will discover US listeners. Who may have the means to contribute in the future please consider rating us in writing a positive review today A prayer for the intercession of Venerable Brunel and Terry Father Fountain of all life and holiness. You gave Father Bruno. Land Terry Great Faith in Christ. Your son a lively. Hope an act of love for the salvation of his brethren. You made him a profit of your word. And a witness to your mercy. He had a tender love for Mary. Ann by his very life taught fidelity to the church. Father here the prayer of your family and through the intercession of Fatherland Terry granted the grace for which we now ask me. He glorified on earth that we may give you greater praise. We ask this through your son. Jesus Christ our Lord on man we now return to begin again with Founder Timothy Gallagher. It's so compelling as you read this because if you were just to look at the spiritual program and its methodology it could look like a structure for study and learning and yet when you read the deeper part of it. He's entering into a relationship the way he desires to encounter. Not Only God but also the saints even the relationship. He would speak of the blessed Virgin Mary. I mean this is as you just said it. This is something different. It's a it's a program to encounter the holy is everything has to come as you say. From relationship everything starts from relationship that's ultimately what all Paris is a relationship. It's two persons in relationship the human person and the divine God whom we do not see with our physical eyes but whose presence we know through faith and the human heart the divine and the human person in relationship and you really pick up so well in that Chris that at the heart of all of this is a love is a fire is a thirst is longing to receive love and to love in return but then as we said in all things human you know if you WANNA learn to to play the piano while you've got to set aside time every day to practice if you WANNA learn to master a sport again study has to go into this thought and conversation with someone who can teach me in time set aside to to grow in the skill that that's what I mean prison saying that Something that Venerable Land Terry Really. exemplifies force. The clear sense that the love the relationship the fire the desire will deepen will be sustained and grow and deepen if it finds the right kinds of structures to support it and guided that. That's really just a consequence of the fact that God has made us both body and soul were not just soul all things even spiritual things need to be in. Karn if they're going to last once ordained do you feel Father Gallagher that the then Fatherland Terry that program that relationship that fostering and also fueled his love for hearing confessions and facilitating being that bridge between the penitent and the mercy of God. That was very much at the heart of his entire ministry. You know his voice was weak as we've said before he was not ever able to stand before large crowds and and to preach his whole ministry are almost all of it was a one on one ministry or at the most ministry was small. Groups may be in retreat settings and he was enormously effective that countless men and women came to him in the confessional. He would when she received permission to hear confessions which was granted three years after his ordination. That was the pastoral practice in the archdiocese of turn in his time. That three more years of study of moral theology ordination before the priest was able to hear confession so that when at age twenty six he he was now able to hear confessions he began ministry. That would only grow throughout his life. As long as his health permitted he would he would go into the hospitals to hear confessions and even This was something that could take place in a Catholic culture. As was his. At least nominally Catholic would go into the prisons and hear confessions. He was available people in his own home. The apartment where he lived so that as one of his companions and one of those younger pre soon he trained in a life of holiness said of him. It almost seemed that he never stopped. He was constantly available to people for confessions and this in spite of the poor health which always wait on him. The impact of this was Incalculable I think I've quoted earlier in these conversations. How when the French now? We're occupying his little kingdom of Piedmont. One of the French police would back to his superior in Paris saying that daffodil anterior is one of the most sought after confessors in the entire city and great numbers of men women from all ranks including the highest ranks in the in the culture went to him for confession. One of the witnesses said that those who throughout the years of the persecution of the church and under under the oppression of the French occupation throughout those almost twenty years remained faithful to the church in the city of turn. Almost all of them were marked. By the fact that the receive spiritual guidance from Fatherland Terry it was an enormously effective one on one and sacramental ministry in his life and yet Father Gallagher. When you think about that you're dealing with so many different people with so many different situations again. The flux of what was going on in the country the political situation. How else can you stay so balanced if not without that structure will? It's a striking witness to the power of the Sacramento Confession. I'll just share a personal thought for a moment. At as the years of my life go by I find myself becoming increasingly grateful for the sacrament. I've always on just you know esteemed. Obviously it's place and but to receive the forgiveness of gun and the the peace of heart brings in the freedom to take the next steps in the spiritual life is something that is uniquely powerful in our spiritual lives. Sometimes I think what happens. Is We find ourselves carrying certain burdens? Something that weighs on that relationship. It doesn't stop. The relationship doesn't stop us from praying faithfully from living a life the sacraments and trying to serve the Lord in our vocation but it does weigh on it. And here is this open door in the Sacramento Confession. The the Lord waiting to to lift those burdens in a way that gives us new joy and energy and hope and freedom to to love and serve the Lord. This was something that venerable Bruno lived very deeply both his own life. He was very faithful to receiving the sacrament of confession himself throughout all his life and even more frequently in the last weeks last few months and weeks of his life but throughout all of his life and it was something that he made as available to others as he was able and in the way in which he heard confessions not only did people receive Sacramento absolution but there were elements of spiritual direction in fact in his time the his what we call a spiritual director or somebody who has guided by spiritual director in the language of his time. They were called Penitence people. Who Were His penitence people? Who came to him in the Sacramento Confession but in that context received in addition to sacramental absolution also guidance for their the spiritual lives the way. I think we could imagine it would be if one of us with a burden or an uncertainty in his or her heart. Were to go into a church and when it at a time when confession was available. And there's a priest that we don't know but we want to receive the sacrament of confession and so We go into the confessional a share what we have to say to the priests and then find that. We're deeply understood that this is a priest who really knows and understands the experience that I've shared and a priest who has very clear specific helpful answers to the questions and the uncertainties that I voiced in so that I leave the the Confession that only with the joy of forgiveness but with a very clear sense of these other steps that I can take that are going to take me to the next level leaving the confessional. Very likely say to ourselves. I'm coming back to this priest. This was enormously helpful. That's what people experienced when they went to the venerable Bruno in confession. And that's why so many such great numbers of did one of the witnesses also describes how people would go to confession to venerable and Terry and then would always leave with their hearts and consolation. You can see why so. Many people flocked to him and the enormous good that he did through the Sacramento and the Church so much that would help sustain him would be found in that wonderful spiritual program that he penned in those early years of his ministry. Yes why don't we just look at maybe a line or two from what he wrote there? I'll quote one paragraph because this is the whole theme of the Book and much of his spiritual guidance. I will not allow myself to be discouraged which he would say over and over again to people. That's the great danger in the spiritual life. That's the great obstacle. When we do that ourselves could get discouraged. And so he will always over and over again yes he and his letters the spiritual direction he is asking people to be on guard against discouragment as the real enemy for us at nation language. As you did a moment ago Chris that would be spiritual desolation. If God is for me who can be against me? Quoting Romans Chapter Eight. Though I fall a thousand times each time even the thousandth I will rise again S. peacefully as if it were the first knowing my weakness and lowering knowing Lord your great mercy and so he goes on to say if I should fall even a thousand times. A Day. A thousand times with peaceful repentance. I will say immediately now. I begin my God. My God. It set irrepressible spirit of hope. In God's mercy that sustains the whole structure of these practices he sets them up wisely he fully intends to live faithfully but he begins this knowing that he's GonNa fail knowing that he's GonNa fall and not once but ten times a hundred times even a thousand times but every time is with with peaceful repentance as he says knowing the the D love and mercy and re and warmth of our God he is going to get up again and continue on the path and it was that that got him through the fifty remaining years of his life. This program remained in place. Essentially his life with variations and changes a little bit here and there as time went on with all the ups and downs of health and life and the situation of his nation but he faithfully persevered never letting himself get discouraged if he should fail and it led him to a heroic sanctity recognized by the Church in declaring him venerable in nineteen sixty five. I'm looking forward to our future conversations because I think what we're going to see. Is that in this particular spiritual program. It will be an important rock and I've used the term before touchstone because his life will have many challenges and there will be struggles and he's going to show us how to persevere through it only. It's remarkable that the revolution is happening around him. Armies or sweeping through the country and he continues to resolve to be faithful to his daily time of meditation to really praying his mast spiritual reading the examination of conscience. It really is what God him through. Thank you so much bother gallagher. Thank you Chris. A prayer for the intercession of venerable. Brunel and Terry Father Fountain of all my life and holiness. You gave Father Brunel. And Terry Great Faith in Christ your son. A lively hope and an act of love for the salvation of his brethren. You made a prophet of Your Word. And a witness to your mercy. He had a tender love for Mary. And by his very life he taught fidelity to the church. Father here the prayer of your family and through the intercession of Fatherland Terry Grant US grace which we now ask me. He glorified on earth that we may give you greater praise. We ask this through your son. Jesus Christ our Lord. You've been listening to begin again the spiritual legacy of venerable Bruno Lantieri with Father Timothy Gallagher to here and our to download this conversation along with hundreds of others spiritual formation programs visit discerning hearts dot com. This has been a production of discerning hearts in cooperation with the oblates of the Virgin Mary. I'm your host Chris. Mcgregor you pray that if this has been helpful for you that you will I pray for our mission and if you feel as worthy consider a charitable donation which is fully tax deductible to help support our efforts but most of all we ask that you tell the friend about discerning hearts DOT COM and join us next time for begin again the spiritual legacy of Venerable Brunel. And Terry this Father Timothy Gallagher.

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