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You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT. visit www dot podcasting, troy. Before information. Hi My name's Stephanie I'm a horror writer and podcast from the tree. I challenge myself to the. Or Challenge, which means I have to watch every movie from beginning. To the end, regardless of of how good or bad it, it looks and I'm sharing that experience with you. Welcome to fifteen minutes of Ma'am I. Watch it so you don't have to. Welcome back creeps and creep bats. This is Stephanie and this is fifteen minutes of mame where I watch crappy. NETFLIX's horror movies, so you don't have to. We have four new titles this week and One of it was actually pretty good, so. We'll get. We'll get to that so. A lot of us are stuck inside right now. especially here in Michigan's really really hot so. Going our doors seems kind of like the most terrible thing. The floors hot lava. Don't go out there. Some movies that I'm reviewing few so that you can find something cool to watch We're going to start off with the recall, which is a twenty seventeen film that stars Wesley Snipes Rj, Midi and Jedidiah goodacre. the tagline is when five friends vacation at a remote Lake House expect nothing less than a good time. Unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass abduction. Okay, so this movie. It starts off like your typical. A bunch of kids, we're going on vacation so there like there's you know hot girls and guys that are all Horny, and it's like Super Campy, and so they stop at a gas station or a party store or something like they always do, and they run into Wesley Snipes character, and he's like this creeper. WHO's like out in the woods being a creep and you know so. They're kind of like. Stay away from him. They get to the cabin. Weird stuff starts happening and like this alien What one of them gets abducted by from the lake? I do believe it was and. Okay so this movie isn't terrible, but it's really not this really middle of the road. Wesley Snipes did a great job he's he's in it for like that minute at at the store. And then he's like out of it for about like a decent amount of time, and then he comes back in because obviously, he helps the teenagers because he knows all about the Elliott abductions of course so. He does a good job I like him as an actor. I mean it was an okay movie. It wasn't scary. The alien special effects for. I mean it was just kind of boring if I'm afraid of alien, so if an alien abduction Newbie doesn't scare me. then. You know can't be that good, so I'm gonNA give this one to five shrieks and. It's worth it if you like Wesley Snipes, and you're just kinda looking for something. campy and silly to Kinda run in the background, but it's not something you should definitely seek out. To waste time on in my opinion. At next F we, but is he one is? He dressed as blade at any point in time, and to does he ever say always bet on black? Nobody's he's. He's dressed in black so. But. He's not dressed like blade and he doesn't know he doesn't say that slash. It's you know it is what it is right? It is what it is. It wasn't like the worst thing I've seen. We'll put it that way. Next we'RE GONNA. move onto the super, which has boy val kilmer in it it also stars Patrick John. Pflueger and Louisa, Krause. It came out in twenty seventeen, so these first couple are more recent movies This is like a horror mystery, so this guy moves into this huge new. York City apartment building with his two daughters. He has like nowhere to stay, so they set him up in like this really creepy room in the basement with his two daughters, which I thought was like I mean he had nowhere to stay, and they gave him a job, which is super cool, but like. He's got two daughters, and they like. Put Him in this creep asshole in the wall in the basement, but anyway so there's other supers that work there and val. Kilmer character is one of them, and he comes across as being super creepy like right away and You know he does a good job of acting. which we all know that Bill Kilmer is amazing and I. Kind of disappeared. I know I don't know if he used to have health issues or what's going on with him, but I've always always loved him, and so it was kind of cool to see him. In this movie there is like a significant twist and. Most people that are into this kind of movie will probably be able to figure it out. I don't want to give it away because this will be was actually pretty good, and it's worth watching so all these weird things start happening inside at this High Rise building in one of the daughters seems to have some kind of power, or like. She's like tapped into something. That's inside the building. pretty creepy, little creepy so I'm GONNA. Give this one. Three out of five shrieks and I would say watch it. It's not a pass I enjoyed it it. It just wasn't. It didn't wow, wow me, but it was definitely worth a watch, so didn't WANNA give it four wasn't quite there, but. Three and a half we'll go three and a half if you like, that's their. That's a that's a good number, right? I'll right and the next go onto. Forgotten or the forgotten, which is also a movie. That was like that was the two thousand four movie. ABOUT ALIENS WITH Julianne Moore, but this is a different one. This is not that movie. Just one is not flex obviously. The came out like twenty fourteen. It looks like and so the tagline for this one is after teenager goes to live with his father in abandoned public housing, he hears strange noises and decides to investigate with his new friend. This movie was so boring so boring. So, this kid goes to live in an abandoned. How Boring was it? It was so boring. That I don't know probably five hours to finish movie. I probably paused at like a million times. It was super boring. So this kid goes he. They move into this. Literally abandoned public housing, so they have no running water. They have no electricity in some. How this kid is allowed to live there with his dad, which makes no sense like the mom is awesome where They never fully explained, think basically she just couldn't take care of him anymore. Some things that he goes to live with his dad and dads being really creepy and. So He, the kid is in his room and I'm using air quotes because it's not really it's. It's an abandoned creek like flat in. In. The UK it's very creepy. So. He starts hearing noises and he goes to investigate next door, but he finds this like this chick like feels bad for him because he's sitting in a park at some point, and he's getting picked on by these other kids, and she likes stands up for him, so he kinda like glommed onto her, and they ended up becoming like runs, and she goes into the abandoned flat with him. And, apparently they find out that this flat was the scene of a violent crime and that the girl is tied to it, so there's an interesting story there, but it is so boring. It moved way too slow to get to the point and. It wasn't scary, maybe because it took so long to get to the point. Yeah just I get this one out of five shrieks, just just a snooze fast. More of a sympathy sympathy shrieked. You're giving it. That's what you're. Hitting streak because I you know. I have nothing else to. Butts, Last, but not least we have out of this batch. This was my favorite, and I never would've watched this because it looked so terrible. Even when I explained I'm GonNa read you. The tagline on movies called Siren. It came out in twenty sixteen. This is the tagline a groom should be in his pal. Celebrate with the debauched night out. That ends with the supernatural assault by stripper. Who is now what she appears to be? So hearing that. No, I'm not gonNA, Watch that sums kind of stupid this movie stars Chase Williamson Hannah. FIERMAN and Justin welborn on that. Yeah, so this. I didn't I just assumed this was going to be. You know kind of just terrible, and it starts off a little corny. A clarifying question already. Yes, so is it a stripper with supernatural powers, or is it like a ghost stripper? Well I'M GONNA okay. Because look pretty I mean like. Within the first twenty minutes I feel like. This is not this is not a spoiler. I think that anybody who watches this movie like they give it away pretty quickly like what's going on. So the beginning of the movie, there's a guy in a church that. These people are trying to summon something and like he interrupts it, and he apparently they did some in this thing, and he ends up. It's a little girl, and so he like he's like come with being I'll take care of you. Blah Blah Blah fast forward. These guys are going to. You know this crazy bachelor party weekend, and they end up at this weird, fucking house. With. The Guy at the first strip club that they went to was like you should check out this house if you really to have a good time and. When they first walk in I mean it's definitely a different type of club. Everybody Looks Alternative. The strippers are doing like crazy. They look like performance art like Gothic performance art. They look really cool. And so the proprietor owner of this place is like so I know you. Guys are here for Bachelor. Party. I'm going to take you to this private room and will will get you situated. And So. The groom-to-be ends up going into this room with this he walks in and it's dark, and then there's a window, and then he sees this. This lady with these really like kind of crazy is through the glass and she starts to sing. And like he's feeling all of these crazy things, and it displays all of that obviously on the screen, but what ends up happening is Once, he leaves the room. He realizes she's locked in. And so for some reason he feels like it's a great idea. To. Like, he thinks it's just like. He? She's trapped because of like. It's some kind of A. I don't know. Trafficking Ring or something, so he decides to take her out of this building. Craziness ensues, and so you did here when I said that she sang right so siren. She's definitely a demon. She looks she has humid. She looks human, but she can transform and this thing with a crazy tail, and her face splits open, and these special effects were really good for being. A basically a B. Movie I was pretty impressed by it. I definitely enjoyed. How they moved forward with this movie I. Highly Recommend this. This one gets four out of five shrieks. get through the first twenty minutes a little Corny, but from there it's a lot of fun and like I said the special extra totally worth it, so yeah I'm GonNa go with Siren being the best out of the four movies that I watch for this week's show. Again we reviewed the recall with Wesley Snipes the super with. Val kilmer the forgotten with the people whose names I don't know because they're easily forgotten and siren. which is the winner this week so? Hopefully one of these sounds good to you and you guys can find something to entertain yourself with. Thank you so much for listening to fifteen minutes, and I will be back next week with more reviews.

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