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Usually stretch patent sled men nick loeb. Whatever y'all yes. I know our names can before we start thinking. Oh hey you know what happened with fixed you gotta hear the the mic check purposely. Told big a big eight during the mike. Jake introduce pilot from the vip podcasts This is My partner man. he's like. Oh that's piggy. Your name man was foot this up. Yeah good thing. You have a very very Unique name there mr man. Oh sorry my bad. Mr of vega man remember the guy from street fighter vega bylanes to the girl was off one of the guys from the he was in that movie of american me. I said no way like he really was same. Guy is yet. The guy who threw threw over in metal metal. I say he was only phallic. This house watching. I wanted to watch the out takes of like who i want to watch the sun devil. Who taught him how to fall. Like that can look like nothing like twice. The good guy said he was like he's he's like i was in the painter over. Yeah but i mean i mean. We went to talk right away. It's only like check but that's cool to what's what's up to us out there. This is the microphone on the podcast. Slash mega man throw past show. What a partner with the year. We got the parents in the building as us. And we're going to celebrate a little bit before we start to show because the main man don't brought us some gifts platinum patterns out there are punished. Sorry i'm drinking a bang bang. Bang it up homie. I'm abania later. Oh what a punishable command. Full thick silky silky is on is beautiful mic. Check light on the mother. Fuck week night and yeah we have a four. Pack mega man brought a little special. Tell them exactly the pack size. I mean that's kinda rude. He bought this for twelve ninety. Nine mom is like leaving the the the price on the fucking christie. Each drink can present it so you never ever go to mix your mom mexican. Mom took up the price. You forgot to take up the price stupid offered against pekka guys got. It's probably worth about thirty bucks now. You made them reveal. His price is nothing. But how much time is worth sixty bucks like now and a half big anytime anytime gonna get to go in the closet with the lights. On or off the team wolf she clauses clean a great photo. Shoot for later guys own might take even says going to get back to just keep talking froze mic check. Check check getting rid for tonight. Show tonight around those those. Those notes and nick just joined the show pointedly as a fact checker his audio is. Have you seen that movie hubby halloween. No shock comes out and he has like a lady's voice the the whole movie. There's a lady. Dj on the radio hurts halloween tonight and then he shows up to the fucking dj station. Check talking in the lady voice ital- halloween tonight. Nick lok said. I was watching that show family matter earlier today in the grandma with urkel. Right winslow's the winslow's his love. Car winslow bad s to be over twenty five years for chicago community talk show. We know baldo phenomenal. Rather soldo mention the name. Why we're but he's gonna do okay so your audience are really really low. Big eight give him the spiel like this. You see how. It's really almost parallel. You got to put that like that straight up they go. Hey girl talking that move the back there you go to lower liberal right there trying to talk straight in front of it if you're to the side it's not going to be the same thing. Let me disturbs levels. Once you want to check check check check check check check check check check one two one two one two one two one two one to go here okay. I'm gonna take the shit home to he pointed at nick. Lok fucked up. You're not go check went okay. You're you're looking good now. I mean not physically. But ideally yes. Thank the point that you're gonna come over in the suit and you could just blowing the homeless man. I should've came in with a mega man. That's you see. That's what i thought it was getting. The ad said during the story into that jumper with you though. There is a story into how. I got the name mega man. There's a story into shadow. To my cousin. Stephen he passed away stevens. Steven gomez mucosal right. There insurance through the most are when i was little he told me like. Hey why don't you come over. Because he was the first person to have a nintendo on the black back in the eight. Go and say. Hey i got this game. I rent called the the mega man you know when when it come over so long people lines of waiting to play thirty minutes each because he was only one half the block of nintendo. So i played the mega man game the the first one of the very very first one and he brought another call mega man to and start playing as man. I fell in love with it ever since then. I play play forever. And to this day when i bought a my kids the playstation four and the xbox one together i got both of them on the greatest. Hits of the mega man. And i've ever since then i've been playing it. I fell in love with it. I think the hardest out of all of this. I probably like mega man. Fuck in four five. And but ever since then i i met i found love. That's always been me. I've always been a mega man hardcore army fan. Like mega man games. Are there out there ten. no shit. that's why i have. The greatest hits has like begum one all the way till ten though. And i think i think i think the best out of all of them. I have to say mega amancio is still the best one because it has like all the original Villains shit like quick man dr riley iceman like all that shit man who the iceman iceman gun. But he dies in the end. Yeah i it's about kilmer humor's going to be important too. I think it makes a cameo so audios are much much better now. Perfect thank you for the vocals. Their big let me hear you one more time. I'm going to mute everybody else. What a punishable. Gay coming back again to yo. Silky silky is man. I'm just looking forward to tonight's going to be a special lineup of drinks yet sled man. We got niccolo at amd. Got the mega man from the mcman. Podcast whoa she's about to go down back to partner like i said partout down. We sled mike coming out tonight. What if that santa fe station of come out him give him a few drinks. Give you shots. Who curly sue coming out tonight back to you. Patna what are they. Let's hear from the putnam. Lick no quarterback. Nick lok the dogo one more time. What a snake coming you from the doj. Oh saying what's up. We got a good show for you tonight. We got We got a special gas mega man. We got big a as usual pattern. I don't know why he's here in hand sled man. We also got the sled man in the house so yeah we got a good show coming tonight. Hope you enjoy coming from to you. Laugh mr sled man very good neglect your incher. They're pretty awesome. They're pretty smooth all the way through very consistent meagan good improvement improvement. Everybody's lead man here getting ready for show tonight. We're gonna do a right. We're gonna make sure everybody's all it up british to go and get into zones. Do this is getting the zone. Why is there such commercials that if you hear one word poem right back there and the big bus and be goes. Aw go extinct. Wanna get away. I fund it all right. Let's go around in home. Some random amazon to see people can get it. I'm gonna go first versus Banning all right. I heard it when you said this is a good job. I think we might have fun new game to play with said the headphones buoyancy law. We're better or you're good good with the volume and good. Get to la. Kurt think we're good fellas. Lou smith schuster mary. A podcast is working working working brick. Yeah well let's. Let's go ahead and close the microphone check. This is your local on the podcast. I wanna to do one more. Might check with just everybody talking. Now that i've got everything updated. I think it's like sounds too loud but it looks good though it looks really good actually It's just everybody. Just say whatever the fuck they want but just say a couple of things for like twenty seconds back for me. I'm just cleaning off this thing here. Want you guys talk everybody. That's that's exactly. I got burned on thinking. It's a weekend but it's a dodgers four-month thinking subject to communist. Let's let's all laugh on three one two three too loud slow downs going on here. penguin less pingelap flyer. Then then danny de devito was glad wintertime. Why regular rarely talk right here one. Is everybody better than what would what. A what the supine on the podcast. I'm saying i'm saying hi. How much the hello. Hello hi see something happen. How have a we got your bar. Bellinger la los angeles daughter right. Jim thanks bob. Thanks for having me on. Well we got this great game going on tonight between the dodgers and the raise hubbard. How would how would how would have it. Sounds pretty good there. The i was going to work. You have all the mike levels at the same level glass. I lady handle with the glass roof. Yes so that it lets above. I do i intentionally this. You gotta know you actually. I oh testing. What made this farming. Would he walked. Tell you off the players head. So what they do is they took a beer and limited more but with half of dating whole thing is than one way mainsail bad missile cheers there either. They're very not hoppy. The big up a couple good. We'll take a quick up in your chairs. Yeah he's oppo. Shoes accused where june said. No so i can cure to do. That's just national bunsen more beers and have more bottles themselves. Brewers on your. I guess everyone at best of the best i need a cake have catering here at home. So i haven't gotten rates irish bev. More getting our let us get data cake for like eighty bucks which mccauley had the have their beer. no ages. yes i asked about the gimme. Their brew masters business current His all the breeze will be here. And all right right here by monte montclair. There's less of a sandbox of land. You got out got french. Kook among the king's reggie around those they're always up and coming new brews popping up all the time there. What do you worry that was cold. That was the you know the final wait there. We're driven these from owain files shit as attributed but this would meet after his passing. Yeah well dan a whole bunch of passes but can in my house all the covy. Kansas saved it. But they're good but i do. I have so many beers bottles by fifty percent. Twenty percent chance of black tuesdays in. Oh this bourbon. Like vanilla as matt is sweet. But you're no like that. She can creep up when you out making. It takes like one or two and good. What else do we serve entitled. Something that's work. you need this shit anyway. Any organs backs centuries all right. Let's do one more quick around. I fix that problem. Let me see here. Let me check myself real quick. Check yourself what a pint of this is dependent on the podcast. Like la la la la loud. Guess what a what a what a partner this is your partner on the podcast. And i'm saying what up what up to of my partners out there. What to my partner nick lou. What a what. A what a what a partner microphone check took it took. It took a wooden nine all right. Slender man Tonight philip are notebook with some notes from showed. Get it going to nights. Let's do this ride lydman here getting ready for good show do rame everybody. Hello hey there. Hey they're they're closer. Sir yes ma'am yes dude. Hello one-two-three one-two-three or la question of sunday there's normal than for you the Sled man here high coons these yellow cans yellow kenner here. Some bad ass. mason Something their beer rake it says Then the next one crowns in hobbs. Hazy i it dropped editor. Will you mr legendary twenty four. What we got kershaw on the play two outs all. We got grounded. The second oh out at firs. Jessie what's what's up. What's up everyone. What's up big a partner. Sled man niccolo. That's the order. He wants to data speed dating. I want him the second. The bunny ranch. She walked in. And i had all these fuckers lined up. And he's like. I want all of them. Let me tell you story. Oh shit already Story about the bunny ranch and never been allegedly allegedly something on. Hbo with is funny. Fuck you saw something. You knew somebody who went. No i saw something was funny. This guy is okay was about to have sex but they zoom the camera and this guy had a chop the stain of undies overnight. Yeah that shit was like chocolate. Say they has some some mother who brought her son who was sixteen or seventeen years old so he can get devirginized. He saw that one shit. I ever seen the show american gigolo. Oh my god did american gigolo dude that kuku awesome. awesome thing. If you like this. It's going to be split. Sound a little weird okay. So i'll stick right here in this sense kissing. Doug don't be afraid kissing cancer. Here we go figure what a pig in come in. Full effect damn does Twenty four legendary attitude. Damn this drink is a double hazy. Ip this dumi ray. Eight point six percent alcohol. Shit you can tell from my voice starting to little slur action way ticket It's the body. Go down and his brother mike. Check back to you partner. thank you for. That's the best thing you've said all day Basically big a hurry the fuck up and start recording. Because i'm not gonna last. I'm gonna i'm gonna be like the kid from american pie. Who noted all over right before you went in on her arm. Pine still scored. He did you know did you didn't but you did. You know you scores still count. How many of you are like upset that he never scored with her though. Like the the main hot one in the beginning does that czechoslovakian from from saint piran it is. It's a it's a to his name. He was on that. I keep thinking william h macy. But it's not. And i'm gonna be pissed because i like that dude. He was uncomfortable constables. Wanting he's been on every movie he did. John adams that series on jonah nra manager mansard. He's a good actor themself back her. Hey fella is that was. The that was the mic check. You know we have come back because we we we. We noticed that there was a fly on big as head when we were recording. The first mike kick and the fucking fly with the opener and turns out. It was a man's so we fixed the problem. We quarantine the fly. He's currently in our garage. There's two teleportation devices down there so he might come out as a half man half fly dude like fly utterly to all my partners out there. Listen to microphone check. So you don't have to listen to these microphone checks but you like to hear the back what happens in the background. You know is is nick holding a boom mic over. Overslept man all. he's talking getting off. Is nick look like an old school typewriter with all kinds of old school encyclopedia britannicas. When we go fact check something. You'd takes an hour to find the answer. I don't know gentlemen nick bloke. Our local fact checker is ready to rock and roll tonight. You took a viagra. Before he got here a hand rock-hard have a great show tonight. I wanna say what's up to mega man and told my partners out there. Stay tuned for the doper so under road and your local podcast piece out. What a partners. Hey everybody likes that all right. Give me one more time and try not to scream it. Just say cool. You know like. I ready by. I'll say i. What a partners there you go. That's smoother it's much better otherwise it sounds like we're screaming. You know a lot of people know about the behind the scenes. A podcast is bit out there. I love it man. You know stupid. What we're doing is throwing it out there fighting a little more than you can chew their sled. All right folks. we'll be right back. Stay tuned patasse. Oh thank you.

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