Episode 220 The Yarn Wall


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Men running around new orleans two phantoms and sex are cana- and if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots. Where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long. Vhs fresh off of a week vacation and ready to get back into the podcast life. Welcome to the yarn wall. A place where jason i sweep up after our last movie is like a free for all. Dare i say smorgasbord of movie trivia. This week we continue with our golan globus part two. So let's get into. It cues a music and in three two already for data. Because as the big insane say spokeswoman the match made in a bathroom floating into the void. I have menachem. Golan's email address name written out phonetically. So that i quit trying to put that kept on trying to say menachem. Yeah you know. And then. Every i think i called him mannheim mannheim steamroller last month like six to eight times. I think we both did while easy. It's it's really easy. It's just menachem when you listen to the some of the people talking about him and the documentaries There's a lot more flim involved in his name. The sherby yeah. I think people that feel like they can pull that off will go ahead and try to pronounce it like that but then like guys from oklahoma. It's better just to spell like m. a. n. o. k. a. Am monopoly exactly what you have written down. Yes okay yes so that is what. I'm calling him he's still with us right. Golan is dead. Okay yeah he died in two thousand fourteen globes. Lovato think is still with us yet. He sort of looks like Scharzenegger's friend that was in all of those sure is face does not as vita. I guess i just say. I think i have like beard blindness. If somebody has a beer they just all look the same to me. Dude the amount of Freaking jumpsuits that. I look back unbelievable. I feel like if i would do the same thing if i if i was you know. I wish i could pull that off. Rich foreign movie producer pocketful of yoga. Is that Isn't that like a One of those quiz you know you can do online now as like you know. Which foreign movie producer do i most represent all my god. Can you do that. Sure i would love to do that. We'll do that test and we'll put it on on the website or something. Let's get in the show. Yeah or we can just quit. Let's just talk but record it okay. Isn't that what we do anyway. I guess i just described the podcast nydia. Welcome to the yarn wall. I'm tim cornermen and with me as always is yes and walker i say yes yes they have somewhat of menachem would say i tried to listen to him. A few interviews talk about different people. I had trouble keeping up with. I was like holy so energetic having him say to mr stallone as difficult then some mouthful for him. Yeah but there are several interviews about him You of them which. I watched on youtube You can see one which was Looks like was from two thousand fifteen called golan a farewell to mr cinema And it's it's not funny. Yeah it's not meant to be right okay. It's not meant to be ironic. Because he was like made crappy movies the producer of this documentary. I guess he had done a different interviews with them before about their movies This was descend a very twilight after everything was right gone. Basically he's just because it was two thousand fifteen. When did i say that he died. I already don't remember two thousand fourteen when he he died. This came out after his debt. Okay so he was looking pretty rough in it but he was telling stories you know yeah pitas get past it and get to his stories of when he was on the set when they were hot and doing. Oh my god can you imagine is pretty frigging cool. There was another documentary. I watched that was it had to be in. I would say late eighties. It was called The last moguls was a bbc documentary. Wow so you know it's good. Yeah it's nineteen eighty six and so they're talking about some of their prime shit. Yeah interesting it actually shows them and doing certain deals on the phone. Yes in a way that they talked to. You know they were able to convince them. Yeah in that electric blue globus. He's yelling at people on the phone. They have a couple of you know videos of that and You know menachem dislike giggling in the background. There who did their prang somebody. But no we have a game they. Yeah exactly. But i mean i would be. I mean it was pretty terrifying. You know and. I thought that i actually watched the documentary. Which was the gogo boys. And i think i told you that. I even posted on On social media when i was answering Jonathan night jonathan. I'm sorry. I didn't watch the gogo boy as i couldn't find it. But i watched some of these other documented ri- there's more than two and it has a lot of interesting stuff about the really the meat of them in their prime. Yeah of how they were able to make these deals and continue growing astronomically in the eighties. And i'm sure that it's you know kind of glosses over some of the you know the trouble tie not i mean and and you know they're kind of business dealing you know the way they. I'm sure made them out in a better light what they were doing that. Close to like Alica racketeering or something or or a ponzi skis. yeah kind of their selling a movie by over publicizing. Hey we're making this movie to get backers on. that movie. Is that to pay the last people from their latest failure. It sounds illegal. But i don't think that it's just a way around it. Because they were all the same company they were making these move right but they were just keeping their business. Afloat and the business was making movies. Yeah i don't think they were like breaking the law but it's like they definitely were you kind of like. They're doing the trump thing where they were like inflating you know their holdings so that they could borrow more money when actually you know. Yeah i buy that. They got away with it kind of castle. The wheels fell off but now was it in the electric blue blue documentary. That was talking about when he was making over the top and he was doing trying to get the deal with silvester stallone for doing over the top and talked to the stallone's people and they said hey he'll dear movie but his fee six million dollars and he says i don't want to pay him six million. I want to pay him ten meal right right right. Didn't we already talked about how that that may be over. The top wasn't the commercials success that they wanted to be and my heart at it is a success. Yeah i i have seen that movie too many and everybody knows about it but it's like did sylvester stallone. Not have anybody that was like. Hey sly have you read the script. I mean here's a script. I just can't imagine was the first movie that they produced with him I think maybe it was yeah and then subsequently they were able to make cobra right. And i think a few more movies with him. I go over. The top was eighty. Seven cobra was actually eighty. Six right now if you had a choice. Which one would you watch cobra. Who would have to be a double feature. I guess you're right. I guess you're right now. I know jason. You're gonna take down the yarn while later and takes to next week's movie up and we talked about this off. Camera always say off came off air. And i mean technically i assume that the nsa is filming. Somehow i yet absolutely abs- the amount of spam that i get on my phone alone because it's listening to our conversation within minutes of actually say like it's almost like wait a minute getting pop up some i was just i just had a dream about fat anyway. cobra i think. I watched that at the theater I watched many of these movies at the theater because they were so. That was just right in that time. This is the time when we were going to the moon so every freakin weekend even seeing like could just movies that normally. We're like all right as an adult. I kinda save all that up for one movie per se. No i don't go to the or well. I guess nobody's going to the theater. You know i mean now but yeah which is go see anything back then fucking idiots. We were talking off air because it's kind of goes with With what we're coming up with with the summer fest thing the and if we were going to do that next week or we're going to do your movie next that up to you. Don't have to make that decision at this okay but i think that my movie will be a nice transition into that now. Ha bloods you don't know why yet. But i will i think all right. Maybe you know what during this podcast. I'll drop a couple of subtle hints. And you see if you can you drop me some subtle hints last week and couple things which movie you're going to go go down and i'm going to thread together the kind of yarn that i had. Yeah you said it was a real short yarn right. Yes extremely two movies may earn three at. I'll drop a couple of big bouncy of hints through the through this podcast and we'll see if we can figure out a drop a couple of big thumbs up like oh it's become that kind of pocket all right guys next week we're going to lay a stinker on you stink pickle. That's what i'm trying to say was. I was gearing up for the summer fest. Yeah and i've already watched three frigging meal my god. Can you tell us what they are or is that something that work. Okay ha you've got something up your sleeve both sleeves. i guess. Memory is sleeveless shirt. that's impressive. I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt but not on my top wearing an upside down. You can rip your sleeves off and have any kind of sleeveless shirt now. We see that a lot of these movies too with our guy. Oh my god sylvester stallone and has been in many many sleeveless shirts. But then you've got the the wife beaters true right which are just just tank tops right. Yep john claude. Van damme is pretty prevalent in these movies. Wearing a tiny tiny strap taint top. What does that call now. His body makes me feel funny. Like lighter slide down the rope in gym class funny Yeah but mean. We used to call them wife beaters but now i think they're called the a shirts or something out of there some a. I've heard it called a shirt shirts. Maybe the i'm given too much. I'm really coming down hard on that a. It's just a shirt. it's not a shirt. Oh brother watching rap patrol while while recording by the way What is rap patrol old. Tv show from the seventies late sixties. Yeah yeah okay. But it's got christopher georgina as the main character and Man he was really great. That guy we need to appreciate him more all my god. Well that's what i you know as like okay. We're doing the podcast. And i what do i got. Knighted started looking up stuff and i was like. I don't have shit. I'm just gonna look. I'm just gonna see where the that's literally. Just a first think's i i looked up the cannon film list on wikipedia and it goes on and on and on you know it's in little sections and i think picked the eighties section. Which is you know the the band of that. The end of the god and he just all of the it's insane but I stopped on a beyond evil. I think we've talked about before Where's that one Nineteen eighty two Did the years don't help when there's twenty eight movie. Yeah realistically did exactly. It's got john saxon on it. A in it. And i kinda got i was like. Oh okay all right In i just kept reading and it's such a strange like the way these things are connected to. It makes you think that something is not wanna say. Everybody says like the matrix or whatever. But i mean really. It's like the coincidences are weird yet. Very very strange so anyway. Lynda day george is the female lead and beyond so i clicked on her talk about her. Yeah ya christopher george. That was his wife and when he passed away She quit acting but Man she was in some pretty crazy movies. You don't think she quite a few years before the navy's so i well. He died pretty young in films. But i'm quitting acting right. The ally suit. You're saying very funny him. She's a good actress. Look at the pictures for beyond evil. And she's like shootin green laser beams out of rise by remember that have like a more unhinged karen black little bit sort of his. That's possible get which is really stretching is it can sibling crazy. She's making a face and the imdb page for beyond evil as pretty pretty great man. John saxons is fucking ripped. I mean like ripped and nineteen eighty. This is prime saxon for sure for sure. I mean he was a good looking guy in good shape free no for most of his life. Yeah and no. When he was kicking ass he was he was stacked was he in his seventies when he passed away is not too long ago right a couple of years ago he he no. He died in two thousand twenty. Yeah right last year. I think he's older than he looks. Yeah he died. He was eighty three. What yeah when he died. Oh my god. He was only forty eight when he was a nightmare on elm street. So it's not so bad. He's our age. Yeah i guess. You're wow booed. i've got some real stinkers to talk about. Because i was just looking at the the list as well. I'm really looking at malcolm. And his freaking career. just under his filmography. Yeah now whether they they coincide with the entire scope of golan globus. I'm not. I'm just looking at his information right now on what he's done. How many directing credits does it. Give him producing. He has two hundred and twenty days for directing of forty seven. Okay 'cause i was reading about revenge of the ninja That was one of those where i mean it was. It's a ridiculous story where you know. He hired a guy who only just had his name. First bergh Can't think of his first name anyway. He basically hired the guy you know was there on the set when they started filming fired him and then try to do it himself and he's like i don't know anything about fucking and then hired the guy and i think that happened a lot. I don't know what they were capable of and because they had so much. Pull then one of these documentaries. He talks about when he was working on with With roger corman There was a race car. Movie that Roger corn moon was trying to do and Menachem was there. And i guess there was a group of people and it was late at night. And he's like hey we've got this race that were filming in the morning and we need to have a wreath. You know this giant style. Wreath you know. Four the winner of the race right. We don't have that and we need that we need to create that and it. Can you know who can get me that by tomorrow. Right and nobody spoke up and menachem. Says i can do it. And then he went to like every flower shop in the air and they're all closed because it was after hours right and he was peeping in one of the windows and he actually said through the keyhole of one of the doors on this on this shop this flower shop to see if anybody was inside. The police stopped in a and tried to arrested. He explained what was going on and that he needed to make this wreath and the police officer drove him up to the florus house at ten o'clock at night and say so he could wake him up and they went back and they made this wreath. Roger cormon the next day and kind of presented that in so he got clout from roger. Corman saying hey. This guy is going to be a producer. Wow how much do you think. They paid that floors Probably nothing pope name. He probably did it at gunpoint. That's what i was thinking like. They're like look you're either gonna do this or fuck in gonna break. Your ankle can lead you with them. Steagall rod. i mean. That probably didn't happen like that. Which is now not quite. We're editorial as yes anyway. That was an interesting little side. Bit though of you know what they were capable of at such a young age. I think that's what really propelled their their career. And they were able to create. This company is because of their ability to negotiate right and just like get things done against all us. Well i mean. That's a perfect fit for roger. Corman those two together god. That's can't not that which. I watched a documentary on roger cormon. There were several of them out. There garris did some interviews the several different ones. You can actually see the age differences. Both of their hair. Right of these interviews with roger. Riot was really interesting. I've seen one. I want to say it's called korman's world or something. That was a popular one. Think it might be on amazon. It was very very entertaining. It's a weird like dichotomy listening to him. Talk and then hearing these crazy stories about him about roger cormon because he just seems so like monster rogers and i mean. He's a square. You're right exactly. Yeah no is a teetotaler. But i mean and then he tells you to you know whipper tits out you exactly or you'll be fired even with humanoids from the deep. We talk about this. Yeah that was. He actually went behind the directors back while he told her he was filming these at added scenes but he didn't let her see these and nobody did until the actual bowl cut of the movie was awry. I did watch Bits and pieces of the remake The one with kerosene yes not. David ri- yes. Nerd caribe nerd. It is pretty bad. Yeah he's trying to be a bad ass he has. He's not a bad at hanham. You're always gonna see him as an preferred exactly. How many carotenes are there. Would you say sixty eight i think. Last time i counted a movie with keith heritage. Not too long ago. Right okay keith. Carrying wasn't he the one that was in dexter. Yes who is he in that. He ends up having a relationship with dexter sister. Okay and but he's also like an envelope. I don't think he's internal affairs or something like that. But he was in investigating dexter. Dexter dexter is coming out real soon. Oh yeah like a new season of it. Yeah since the hopefully redeem their last season it was a good series. I really enjoyed it. That have kind of lackluster ending. Yeah but many of the series series is a series. Mary min- are you. Okay with may have had a stroke many of the series that are on television. They don't have a way to end it so it usually ends up pretty shitty. Yeah like lost right and saint elsewhere was in. Oh man those a dream right. Snow glow something like that and dallas. They don't know how to end it so they just like drop it somewhere in the middle. I can only hope that happens to young sheldon. God that makes me laugh a little bit every time. And you know that. Roger corman produced a movie called cobra gator cobra. Gayer the weird match up. I mean i know there's a bunch of wait a minute shark a-plus versus whale wolf. Yes i just started. Looking at cobra daters so recent though and has michael madsen then on my god there's a million of them. Dino croc versus super gator. Isn't that what i just said. All sounds claim because they all have the same basic like they like through one of those like sets of like magnets that go on your refrigerator. it's just like with the word sauna. But so if you wanna separate between roger cormon and golan globus though roger cormon and this is what we heard from our interview with allan holzman as well. He said that rodgers not out to make a good move right haze out to give you just enough to get your ass in the scene right your dollars spent and you're satisfied. You're not under budget. And on time on yes whereas golan globus now thought they were doing shakespeare. He's not they were exactly well they tried. They did a fellow right. Yes and he talks about selling that. Didn't we talk about that. Placebo placebo lasted. I don't know. I don't remember that i wasn't he in black face. I thought you brought it up. Oh but and then quickly regretted that. I did they wanted. I mean i think in the one of the documentaries menachem was just getting a really good at that stated saying that he wanted an oscar. Yes but i think the closest they probably got didn't i think Jon voight didn't he get a golden globe out of a runaway train. And i think that was nominated for like three academy awards. I don't know what it one. I did not go down that route. I mean i think that's probably their most like critically acclaimed movie. Would you say it's the one that when they talk about it. It always gets brought up because the kurdish Maybe that's what helped propel their let me have a couple of really good legitimate dawn and just like you said they started trying to make more and more movies and that's what they make as many movies as possible get asses in the but promoting the movies before they were even being made right over to cons cans. I'm always going to get that wrong. Setswana cans at and putting up billboards of movies. That aren't me even made yet. When i read that. I was like holy. Shit that's brilliant. That's brilliant and balls. It is also said cans. That's another Little hint for the movie that I'm going to be giving you little hands. You know this one. You can watch the cayenne good. Anybody could watch any take shit and watch running manner or private popsicle well. It's private popsicle with that. Was what it does films. They did wake up. Boas day though as davidson the biggest pervert in the world. I started looking at his career. It goes on for forever. He has produced a few felix haunted. When you see of course he is probably a. When i saw interview with the he looks like his hand would just like turn into dust. You know just like mom that happened again. Let's back up a little bit on golan globus so we were talking about how they basically when they got started they bought the cannon corporation a canon group right for like pennies on the drive which was already making like swedish films or something or was a swedish company they kinda just bought into it and bought a name and just propelled that name and i mean even then they were making like like that like those lemon popsicle like a teenage sex films basically like porkies hot. Bubblegum sounds disgusting. You ever left a pack of gum in the car was just disintegrates. It's as gross disgusting. Not great but directed by david salle but they started getting into a few movies. That actually got the successes. And that's what propelled them up to the mid eighties. Yeah and we were just talking about Was it breaking A break in. I think is where we left off and then break into electric. Blue blue was the same year right. A huge successes in nineteen eighty-four. It just goes on and on alex making the grade. Oh i remember that. I don't remember watching that judd nelson. That was gordon jump. Oh my god andrew dice clay a time next time. We avenue remember next time. When we do podcasts. Have set a timer. Oh well have gone right ears. Thirty five minutes in and we got our first w. k. r. p. and cincinnati cast. Sorry i brought up the grade but just a little bit after that. I'm stuck on the movie poster. Great but making the grade nineteen eighty-four. I don't think i've ever seen. I don't think i have either. You've probably seen this eighty four. They did the sword of the valiant. Yes that is another. I know it as the green knight. It's the one with sean connery right. Yes i think they called. I could be wrong. He does play the green knight. I think right. And that's why we talked about it. It was The legend of sergei went in the green knight rights. And they throw in some other like arthur. Murray and type stuff in there but I just remember it for my child. Being so weird and i think i loved excalibur so i was like watching anything that had anything to do with like king arthur and stuff and that was a very strange movie. Also i cannot believe sean connery with let somebody like paint him like that. I'm sure he slapped at least one nyc up department person. Give me what that would sound like. There's no fucking way you're putting anymore green paint in my hair. The really good. No one better fucking look in the irish today. He must have been a monster. Don't you think back in the day. You just like rape a hairdresser and then just go back to work. It says here that he was making a never say never again when he did sort of the vast the lamest bond movie ever was it not the one with kim basinger and he goes to like a spa or something. I could be wrong. I could be wrong. Note you correct. Yeah that one is so boring with barbara herrera. Max von side. How bernie casey diana. I'm sorry i got. I got stuck yet. You got to reboot at okay backing up. No sword of the valiant. It says here that writer director stephen weeks wanted to cast mark. Hamill as galen by the producers minna menachem golan. Your globus cast miles o keefe in a ho man. Oh keys voice was dubbed by peter. I oh my god wonder how much o'keefe in this movie apps the waiting for him. I like it though still works. I held back three. John saxon jokes right. Thank you thank you man. He's so bad. But i do. I like him. i appreciate them. I shade his i do. I mean he does have a very. i mean. you're not here for the acting chops to look at his oiled up body. I could hear your air quotes. Yeah yes heavy air quotes and there's usually a girl that's pretty Easy on the eyes. I can't remember who the girl is. Alan can't pronounce your name. So i'm not even gonna try right. They also did Exterminator to i. You know the first one's the best one i think. Of course act. I is that the one with the guy with the. It's like lyles szeto now. That's the i thought it was. But no wiggle that confuse. This guy has a like a flame on the front. But it's robert dinty. Yes samantha eggar and christopher george right so That guarantee guy do not like him the deeply unappealing but exterminator to had mario van. Peebles frankie is on right. You know he was dr electors keeper in science. Yes is right. yes and there's an gross down there. Oh i love a little. He's kinda sprinkle a little airy gross on there just to gives it that kind of like paprika also an exterminator to there's a guy by the name of scott slow motion ran. The hot is that in quotes or is that as christian name. It's in quotes. Hang on a second. I need to get on. He's only got two credits to his name. I really wanna know how he got his name because he the only other credit he has was in miami vice and he plays manuel skates santiago. Another nickname in his. That's amazing he's probably a stunt guy and he did stunt and kind of like you know. Wow it really bumped my element parking barrier whatever. Okay so i'm you lost me somewhere. We're on the executioner. Right externalities terminator. That's why oh where's the executioner. Thou is Christopher mitchum who might think is robert mitchum son of second son of robert mitchum. Those movies are always gray where it's You know like steve mcqueen's Son chad mcqueen rising. That makes me laugh every time. Chad mcqueen doesn't really have the one of the movies. I watched this week. It actually had a chuck norris. His brother Aaron norris i guess he was a big stunt man you know. He did a lot of chuck norris as interesting. Yeah so. I've come across a lot of older brothers this week to see well they need to do that And maybe they did. Seems like in the back of my mind. There was like an expendable with like all of the you know like frank stallone and You know Oh what's swayze don swayze in rome. It's like a low budget expendable. I would watch that by the way. Hollywood get on that. I'm waiting waiting chad mcqueen. All right so far we at now we're talking about nineteen eighty five in the hot seat. Okay four golan globus here But they did a lot of the when there was a trend of hard bodies. And this is these in the movies that we want for our our summer fest. read our beige movies. I couldn't line Hard bodies for free to watch so watch that and it kind of dictated what i was watching for this but then i stumbled over other stuff. Well so hard bodies. I i know i mean. Obviously i've with gilbert godfrey up all night. I've seen most of those but i remember hard bodies being the little lame compared to like you know bikini car that i could be wrong. Maybe hard bodies. And that's where i think. A lot of these other directors are like you know what i think if i show a little bit more booze. Yeah little bit more acid. We're get round asses in seeds. Yup and also just throw the script in the track and then give me boaz davidson. Sorry the bikini. Carwash company routes actually an llc. I did not know that. they're legit. The public. I love it when you look at the cast on. Imdb and there is no profile pic. Until you're like way down Yep we know it's a good movie then. I've got a question and it might be this movie. What is the one that ends with their making bikinis. But they make them with Like surgical threads so that when they get in the water like dissolves and that's kind of the end of the the movie. Do you remember this. I want to watch that now. What is yes. Oh my god. There's so many i i am. I am deep deep in these iniquity. We named him buddy all right god. There were some hits and misses with these. Like looking at hot resort. Okay sure hot resort has bronson pinchot in it. I love him but he's not enough to carry this film. Who is who are these other people. I don't know eight reads young guys on the make. Get a job at a resort hotel in the caribbean bats. It that is. It's not even like a full sense. It's not gonna run on sun's. I didn't realize that i needed to know. Dan schneider's name. But now that i see him. Why do you need to know him is he. not now. maybe i'm getting him confused with a similarly. Big puffy guy was he not in head of the class With the doctor johnny feeder. I don't recall ever watching. That was what you didn't watch the class now. I didn't much glen an i. Guess oh just such a w head that if like eating of those people were in anything had to which we do need to give a shout out that we just lost Herb tarlac honored which is sad. Because i brought him up that same day to somebody at work. You kill them yet. You actually sorry guys. It's like When a bell rings and angel gets swings an angel clips his wings Speaking of head of the class Did you not. Brad pitt was in an episode of that. I did not watch that at all. I know we're way way off but weren't we already when we started where we on we were never on mugabe. Were always off. But anyway that one that show like started the valve. There's five seasons of it. I did not know that the somewhere in the middle. I can't even think of dr johnny fever's name howard hessman Was replaced by Billy connolly Replaced sure this is fascinating. Everyone but Someone to talk about that with me we have to do. The tv cast yes. We're you make me watch all of these strange. Cvs please like you've made me watch all of these weird and bizarre movies and talk about them in you do that. Alf cast or just talk about how there's probably one of their. It's on an onlyfans okay. I'm sorry i i digress. I did watch the trailer for Nineteen eighty five hot chili. Because i was looking like. I said i was looking for stuff for our summer fest and i going down this route now. Where i actually went was totally off the rails. Because i'll find a movie that i like that i haven't seen and more apt to go for that. Even though i really want to watch up the creek again yeah i agree and i find myself doing the same thing. I'm like man. There's no way this is as good morning. I just wanted better version. That i know is out there but i will watch these cheesier one so i have something more to talk about. Yep even the trailer for hot chili goes on for like alex. Meli c. h. I l. i. Exactly chilly that sends disgusting especially in the summertime. maybe that's making my stomach kind of turned his life. Can you imagine just a big old steaming bowl chili at the beach. Who's that girl in. Hot chili a has nobody in it. That i could recognize but hot chili reads a group of american teenage boys. Go south of the border to work for the summer at a mexican resort. Okay this is. Wacky guests zany adventures. We get it. German dominatrix music futures. Hot giving lessons buxom cook. All of these words are exxon scripture. Kind of word is buxom. And when you say cook i'm not necessarily thinking when i should be thinking the ad there's not like a Saucier now to nancy. parsons Smoking a stogie over a big papi says fasting and scrambled egg. Yeah and muttering obscenities about how she hates kids. Yeah okay now wait a minute wait a hot fucking minute. There is a still in the images on imdb Hot chili okay. Of i assume the main character behind a woman playing an oboe. Yes and she's naked. Have seen that picture in relation to something else. Oh have we. Do you know who. I know why this is a serious question. I don't know maybe because we came across this probably with taffy o'connell who is in galaxy of terror Ha ha menachem. I think you've that's that's going to be our eureka from now on. Okay also want to point out. The hot chili was directed by william sachs who also directed the incredible melting man. Okay was one of Believe that's wanna stand winstons. i Makeup credits. I'm almost positive. Let just give you could say real quick quick. Google search rick baker rob now. Okay yes that's us wrigley okay. I'm sorry you got all these guys in head edit all that oh that winnower. It really didn't so. I was looking at other stuff trying to to find something to watch. And that's what led me down a path of watching three movies. So far for possibly next week's. I'm gonna keep teasing this that we're going to be doing this mini marathon one week where they were just doing whatever that hopefully it it pertains to summer because we mean to lay some groundwork for waga think the elements of what. We're trying to describe here obviously bubis. I've came right out and said bubis dumplings fun bags. Bongos bazookas melons lady lumps heard him called pontoons. Before i think that's more of the particular shape potatoes. We were called shirt potatoes. I don't donna sweater. Muffins coconut s. that's good. How many can we name. I wonder i could go on and on tune in next week when we continue this conversation about. Have you ever heard the term blubber nuggets of probably my favorite one. Did you just happen to google. Search other. names ford tits now. I don't think you mentioned a tent. Right i mean that seems yes. We know tits So would you say. Sand is a component that has to be in the ingredient. You mean just that would encompass a summer flick. yes i guess. Not if you wanted to do summer school right. I mean they do go to. The dad doesn't miss. Well i think they go to the beach Also up the creek not a lot of sand but they are there on the wall or they're on a rare. I guess i watched a river movie. I watching it yesterday. Okay and i can't wait to talk to you about it. says it. Has some real familiar faces to us but kind of an odd one Yeah 'cause up. The creek is like the only one i can think of. It was a made for tv movie. And you know it had the when they would cut to a commercial as usually a still frame of the person action like they were getting ready to do something right and he just still framed on their face. Yeah yup that's the level. I math right like like martin. Balsam hangs up the phone and turns to get up out of his chair. And it's just a dun dun rite yup that's like died in vietnam like the at the end of animal house so but. Are we going to do that next week. Are we going to go into our summer. Flex into i feel like you know. Now that i'm reevaluating. My movie fits in for two reasons. That i'm not gonna name okay. It just as easily could go after or before. It's up to you but we are in what's today by the time. This next two incomes out will be in july let. Let's do the summer movies next. And then my movie can be a nice little Okay follow up. I'm going to name your movie later but okay well. Let's not let's not do. Let's tease it out. Just a little bit long. all right. You wanna stop real quick and go get a drink shirt hey freaks stirs and briquettes it's tim from the moratorium. Do you like the sweet sounds of our witty banter in your ears every week. Well head on over to our patriarch on and for only three dollars a month. You can get even more in the director's cuts of our movie episodes. On average. that's twenty minutes. More of our wise cracking jive talkin and lip flapping laughter straight to your ear holes. Go to the moratorium dot com and click on our patriotism link. And you'll find five awesome tears with tons of goodies. You can also find our t. spring link on the website for even more awesome merch. Thank you for your support now on with the show so but talking about the summer movies i got an idea from watching trailers of different golden globes. Moody's like because. I thought i could pick one. There's shirt and branch off of it and have even more to talk about ended you find a movie not let me down different paths where i was like. You know what. I'm going to sit down and watch last american virgin and no i didn't It was something. I just happened upon. I'm like oh yeah i. I've seen this movie. I know it. And then i started watching. I'm like shit. I may be only seen at once right. And i didn't realize it was that good or that now. The one one that i watched was rated r. And i was like holy crap. What does our get you in in something like the gossip boobs and we got a whole lot of cursing. I feel like kit. You show. I mean maybe i think maybe the rules have changed. But can't you show a little bit of boobs and still get away with like a pg thirteen or something right. But i think if you say fuck more than once or twice. Yeah you're gonna get it. I'm sorry but don't watch censor. I tell you that are okay. Just don't watch it it'll come up. Don't watch it. it's bad anyway. The one that i watched They were teenage kids in high school having sex and seeing these people that were actually old enough but you know the twenty two year older such playing a teenager that is getting topless with another kid in the car. I'm like whoa wait a minute. Does that cross the line with you. I mean you mean like morally. Or yes morally. We're pretty morally. Ambiguous very morally ambiguous. I want that on his shirt. No i mean. I'm good with that. Now we started talking about this I think before wasn't brooke shields in the blue lagoon. Lula judy was also barrio. Young age it was she and fox's or was it little darlings one of those where she and one of those. It just seemed like that. She was trying to give her virginity away. That was Tatum o'neal and christie macnichol right. Which will miss. Fox's thou when. I don't know off the top of my head but thank you i am. Dv yes that was nineteen eighty am. That was jodi foster showed he was lost. Yeah yeah and was she trying to get rid of her virginity like scott bay. Oh didn't we talk about this. That's just a whole other level closed. Some nacelle says randy quaid in it. Yes of i look at this just recently. 'cause lois smith talk about her. She's an old lady that shows up every now and then she was Helen hunt's aunt twister the one had all those little windmills that our yard and yeah right. Adrian landed fox's which is another like a loathsome individual. Oh god not now. I watched jacob's ladder at the theater. That was that was nineteen ninety. The year i graduated sought at the theater. And i was kind of blown away as like. What the fuck did i just watch. Came out of different man. Did exactly but i also saw fatal attraction at the movie theater with my cousin men this way i was going to bring this up because we were talking about in the height of our ninja days when we were wearing a camouflage pants and you know had throwing stars shit like that. I had a lotta yesterday for me. But i went to see fatal attraction with with my cousin. My cousin mike who is probably my biggest influence to nerd them and brought him up in the podcast before but he's my biggest influence growing up. I wouldn't know what dune was. If it wasn't for him. We actually play the board game for many hours. Lucky devil and many different occasions. Was there a empty. See in between you two when you went to see. Fatal attraction was on one side of me and my cousins on the other owners during the movie and just happened to be. He tells a story better. I know it is This was a mistake right right. After the sex scenes i adjusted myself in the seat and i push myself up or whatever and i popped my button on my pants. Camouflage pants where you know they just had a little cheap sewed on button. Bang right sure but they live it down there like god fatal attraction the longest time i cousin my cousin would say we'll bust. My buttons is timothy comments off couch. And that's how he would introduce me to people to that is something you talk about in therapy years later. Yes thank you. Jason for listening. God i mean what is this but just a long therapy said right long uncomfortable and unfortunately neither of us are getting paid to listen to the other person and not really feeling any better afterwards. Nothing is not making any break. Thor's or just kind of wallowing around fine. We're fine you're fine but speaking of guys. Hey good or patriae on and please help support us. We who we'd thousand dollars for shrink visit. I thought you were going to say new hosted a gun in sorry essence not really dark. My god. when. I looked up little darlings. Carney came up and yes i was going to break. I was gonna take to carney not too long ago and i. I couldn't do it. I steered my way around it. Just just the sexualization of jodie foster. No wonder she is a lesbian. That probably does not ever want to look at another guy. Gary busey and clown makeup. That's enough to dry it up for ever. You know what i mean. Wow wow what are we talking about. I don't know we just got back from a break. We're talking about brooke shields. For christ's sake. I'll because i was talking about the my teasing my summer show okay depicting underage kids having sex. Yes yes or this yet. Christopher atkins in a diaper yes looking at right now. Play him with them jubilees. The twins twins so really golan globus. They started getting in some weird movies and is the action movies overpumping now. They did a lot of like the delta force Pow the escape. And we'd since we just brought up a carrying. yup. I don't think i'd seen pow the escape. I don't think i've seen that. I don't know that one has brought up mako remember. Let's get hairy remember better movies. Yes and now. I can't get on the minimum golan's menachem sorry menachem. You're doing so well in your was a dropped menachem 's producing you can pay a nine thousand nine hundred six. Pow escape The delta force was also nineteen eighty-six which was chuck. Norris lee marvin martin balsam yet again. Man he was just the go-to bad guy. Boasts vinson robert forster robert. Vaughn steve. Rome is in there to watch how kim delaney i've never seen the divorce I'm sure i did back. In the day i feel like trent loved those movies. Trent if you're listening. I remember you missing in action posters But that reads after a plane is hijacked by terrorists. The delta force is sent in to resolve the crisis by shooting. Everybody killing everybody. I thought it was more of a war movie but so delta forest but then pow. The escape is colonel charity. They just kept his name by the way partly because he was too drunk to answer to anything but his own too confusing at that point. Colonel kerry leads a group of american. Pow's battling their way to freedom as saigon falls to the viet com. Wow david carradine. Steve james again also did lone wolf mcquade to which i feel like as i love that movie. Yes oh yeah. It comes on periodically. I and i'm happy to watch the the last thirty minutes right which is probably the best part of the movie. Yeah but at the end he wins and ends up leaving his wife and daughter on the sidewalk. There chase more bad guys like. Can we get a ride home. I or we no doubt. Work news Detective school dropouts. Oh wow detective school. Yes this this one we have not talked about. And if you look at it. I remember the box art but i've never seen this movie. It reads two bumbling. Private detectives get themselves hired to define a missing person. They find themselves in the middle of a mob war when it turns out the missing person is somebody. The mob wants to stay missing. I don't know if that's the way read that or if that is just the strangest description. Oh it's italian it's down. Now that makes sense. George george in it. It's written in part and starring lorin dreyfuss and who you might ask is more and drive. How many dreyfuss is do you know i am asking that question right now. Who the fuck is lorin dreyfuss. Older brother of richard dreyfuss lauren's girl's name isn't it. I mean we could look it up but yes We're already so deep. Yeah so older brother of richard dreyfuss. He frequently does voice overs for his brother. Okay throw him a bone. I wonder whatever voiceover actor for. Richard dreyfuss goes for these days. I can't imagine but he was in moon over parador and let it ride man. We're also going to stake out on this podcast. Eventually i went over some weird paths and the next couple of weeks guys. You're you're in for a tree. Because i'm gonna be going through all this shit god but anyway Lorin dreyfuss also. He played of the voice of old jay and the clerks car to. What's but i should give you that. That is a very strange. Bit of trivia He was the writer on skate town. Usa yeah i saw that do you. Are you familiar with that movie. No not but look it scott bay. Oh and ron. Hello ruth. Buzzy patrick swayze. You're rate to see how long it took me to bring up a little person. billy barty. Oh well we did it the podcast. Thank you thanks. Everybody her What are we. What are we at right. Now let's just go ahead market at one six team yet in the podcast died on. Palolo ruth buzzy. Patrick swayze as a johnson. I i must watch this movie in medium. Wow town also written by nick castle. Yeah nick castle directed. The last starfighter was also a writer on escape from new york directed a handful of things including nineteen ninety-three dennis the menace without walter matthau and he directed Major pain. yeah so such. Wow damon wayans classics major pain. Did you know the patrick swayze has an audi every day. I guess back then. Guys shirts ended like they're like twelve inches. Long is disturbing. Just going into lorin dreyfuss for a second though i stumbled across. Oh how about dutch. Treat the nineteen eighty seven dutch treat. What does that mean. I know it sounds so dirty and it probably is to. American friends travel all over europe and end up meeting an all female rock band from holland. Isn't that veered detail that last. Yes i did. Thank god and they pass themselves off as record company executives written by lorin dreyfuss starring lowering dreifuss directed by boaz davidson. Could florida. i'm going to have to ask you counselor where you are going. Because we i feel like we have completely bottomed out with now treat. We have. I want to go over one thing with golan globus and we can get onto the fun stuff. Okay all right. This hasn't been the fun stuff for the golan globus they produced dutch. Treat okay. i'm looking up. What a dutch treat. It better be fucking candy or something you know is not and for six ninety nine you can find out what a dutch treat is to do you know. What do you wanna fill. I mean we're not gonna fill them because this is a stupid saying. The term dutch tree is an outing meal or other special occasion at which each participant pays for their share of the expenses. Just going dutch. You are obviously not on urban dictionary. Please don't tell me what it means on there but your lowest they produced and number of like family movies with just a hint of boobs. I in one thousand nine hundred seven. They did sleeping beauty out. I don't want to know how this ends up. All of these were were family rated g. rated. Pg they were kind. I think actually business ended up buying the rights for these movies because they did not have any of these movies. There were supposed to do. I think i read Thirteen or more. Wow what are you going to do with that premise. In the thirteen i mean does she just keep on falling asleep. It's narcolepsy years. No i'm i'm talking about the family monet's so that most of them you know we're all these so we have rumpelstiltskin beauty and the beast. Alright okay sleeping. Beauty mark olympic juries. And i can't remember which one started it but they were on a trend of making all of these movies. Okay i don't know if they were filmed here but they look four. And even though they have like eric and actors in them. There's something about them. That looks like they were made in like east germany or something i would buy that. They were called cannon movie tales. That just sounds like pornos. It reminds me of the a christmas. Carol that bill murray was trying to do in scrooge where he could never love stuff. It's like it's it's four kids but there's a little something for data so the cannon movie tales and this is is under snow white like i said there's there's plenty of listeners that have some trivia on it to save money the cannon movie tales were shot two or three at a time. This movie was simultaneously shot with beauty and the beast. It wasn't the best of situations and often the two crews would be competing for the limited equipment and costumes and set so basically insane because a warehouse that they were just running around and filming these movies in right. Yeah it's like renaissance fair costumes. And they're just all kind of trading the now so here's the bit of trivia on this nine feature films based on classic nine new cooked or nines and that's the second time quoted that movie today really you watch that announced. Sorry just so. I can catch up. Are these listed in the The big list on wikipedia. I should be menachem. He directed a few of these sue. Okay this is nineteen eighty seven eighty seven. Okay so we're deep into them making a ton of movies right now cod. There's like forty of them in nineteen eighty six this unbelievable amount so part of the cannon movie tales series nine feature films based on classic fairytales. All of the movies featured well actors and actresses from the us and the uk. An were shot on location in israel. ha. Ha ha. that's why not kind of like gotcha in israeli okay. Now sny gotta linked to these okay now on the movie tales age. I have taken us all over today. I apologize and madness. Although the series was originally conceived as a whopping sixteen movies production stopped at nine when rumpelstiltskin nineteen eighty seven flopped at the box office and the remaining movies were sent directly to video despite their commercial failure. The movie tells garnered a cult following after the disney channel began airing them as storybook cinema and nineteen eighty eight o k so yuccas a couple of these look kind of familiar yet i i the amy irving in which one was i own and god i am lost. Cause there's hansel and gretel snow white. The frog prince has helen hunt in snow. White has diana rigg in it. they go all over. The place of rumpelstiltskin had amy irving. Oh help me. Out of billy barty. Oh god i think we can all think he might just be an every damn one of these yes. He is Here's a guy that i'm gonna mention here in just a second. I'll go down his path. Julian charrington okay. I just want to branch off on him real quick. Julian charging he just had that that face. And i happened to scroll down his stuff and and look to see what he was in. And he's a uk guy that's why we don't we might recognize. His face is not as name. The one movie was questionable to me. And it's called here. Come the double deckers again. Serving dictionary has very very different. sounds disgusting. It reads the adventures of a gang of seven kids whose clubhouse is abandoned in a double decker bus in london junkyard but it usually involves a bit of singing a bit of dancing and general fund times general fund times. It gets kids really this general fund times so this is a tv series and there was seventeen episodes and it looks li- disturbingly like Sid marty kroft. What's it called again. It's called here. Come the double deckers. That sounds familiar. I don't know. I thought for sure you'd have something on this. Oh no no. I've never been exposed to this madness. Our there's jane seymour and peter holy shit. It is very much like Yeah said breadcrumbs psychedelic kind of. Wow that is which easing this was. Nineteen seventy and nineteen seventy one. So guys go check out that god st the abuse that those kids must have suffered is not cool. It's tragic again jane seymour. When she's like fifteen or sixteen has to be. That is just how she. She's another one that. I think probably got very exploited a young age absolutely like harassed to unbelievable levels. Could god tim yet. Better have a damn good reason. We're looking at all shit of this i. I don't have any places going other than i didn't know it existed. Who are the guys in the like power ranger or they're like very colorful astronauts that are i don't know years eighteen seventy going back to golden globes so back own out of that go back to the golan globus family films. We also have hansel and gretel. Nineteen eighty seven which had david warner and chorus leach. Men playing griselda the witch okay. That's unfair i. Love course lesion There was looking at sleeping. Beauty was nineteen eighty seven and it had tawny welsh in. What do we know her from. Tiny welsh i kind of went past. That and i was like very familiar. She's the chick can in cocoon. She's the chiller alien. Yeah but there's one for instance that was for sure. Pg but i mean. I knew like like time code when it showed her. But like i mean i had it like i could just pretend like i was watching everything else and just yeah. It was pg thirteen but as far as movie boats. Go a plus ranks up there. Yup also in sleeping beauty though if you look here. Ola sylvia miles. Oh okay morgan. Fairchild jane whalen yeah. That was surprising. What year is ou- one that these are all around the eighty seven. Yeah that was at the height of the the go-goes the go go's if you see also here in sleeping beauty. I be remiss. If i didn't mention that kenny baker plays elf. So thank you. Thank you not welcome all right. Well let's finish up. Let's go into the fall of golden globe as now. We're sad to say that yes. This couldn't go on forever even though they did. Some are our favorite movies. Couldn't quite keep up the momentum. They did great but too many failures with not enough successes at lower rates. And i think this is where menachem jesse have got out of control. And that's where. I i saw on these documentaries. I started making everything that came across his. Your mom was constantly trying to find the funds for these movies right. Eighty seven in particular is just like a sh- mortgage board of movies masters of the universe superman four nasr superman for what they said was mostly the the demise fire member when that used to come on. Hbo i would just be like no thank you. I know. I understand that it's a movie. I should probably watch but no kind of put my hand out and just say now. They had some critical success movies now. I never watched barfly. I feel like it was on a lot of you know during my childhood and it was just like you i. Maybe it was because sweaty. Mickey rourke and yeah. Alice krieg jack nance faye dunaway frank stallone. Oh my god. I did not realize that it was based on charles bukowski life. It says semi. I thought it was. Oh get this barflies. Nineteen eighty-seven american comedy drama film. I see comedy drama romance. Yeah it was hilarious. When he barked on faye dunaway away. Or and there's another reason why. I probably never saw this movie. 'cause i didn't pick it up. Because i can't pronouncing his bar fli artfully yet. That's his name. Barfly bar flee the barfly john. Kenneth bahraini calling barkley. Hang on a couple of minutes and you'll see who who good so round nineteen eighty eight. We start seeing stuff like are you mentioned salsa. Yes the forbidden dance. So boaz davidson wrote and directed salsa. I remember seeing that on the shelf and i think this is a lot of these. Were like straight to video and i wonder if they couldn't get these in the theater and so they were dumping them off on video just to try to recoup some of the money that they were losing. Who is the audience for a long badeah. Do you think. I'm not sure. I haven't watched it. And therefore i mean maybe like dirty dancing kind of like a. I mean because i saw dirty dancing a lot but yeah because they said it was okay to watch yet. Another movie about pedophilia. Wait a minute was bay about underage name is baby that which is a little off putting on. I'm sorry i get off on a little trail. I'm completely lost. We're getting to the downfall in nineteen eighty seven nineteen eighty eight. We did have a lot of hits. Eighty six were tiny hits but a lot of ms rice critically acclaimed movies bar fli not so critically acclaimed masters in the news. That was a real real. Stink burger surrender. I thought that was a pretty good movie. I remember surrender with sally field. Michael cain steve. Gutenberg peter doyle jackie cooper ball. Louise lasser julie. Crab ner wow. I don't think i've ever seen that hang on. I gotta get my eyeballs on This is Wealthy writer who has terrible experiences with money. Hungry girlfriends and ex wives pretend to be broke washed up novelists to see if he can get a woman he loves who wants him for himself. Not just for his money written and directed by jerry. Belsen belsen. you know jerry belsen as on student by. That's what i thought. He was also listed as part of the writer for student bodies or the director at one point. That's how i know his name. I got to student riots by using jury. Belsen way back in those a teacher at the school or who was he in student bodies he was the breeder okay toys debris either. I just thought that would bring that up. So so you got a classic movie like surrender with sally field. Michael cain and then you come back and you do death wish for which is by now really an audience but he wants to. I never saw death wish for the crackdown. That's what i'm trying to remember his like. You know i mean. I was into those movies. Anything with like guns and explosions and shit and even those were like just watch die. Hard for the fiftieth timers and around the same time. Nineteen eighty eight. Did braddock missing action. Part three braddock. Not a bad seat doesn't one of those have an exclamation point at the end of it. Or am i thinking of mcclintock or something. No that one has a colon braddock colon missing in action. And you gotta call on. You know it's serious about alien from l a. Oh god that is a punishing kathy ireland written and directed by albert pune. Well who did ha- sword in the sources we did it solved it and also Did cyborg which also you know. Enjoyed. 'em sorry. Not gonna talk about that anymore but really. They started losing money. Probably after superman. For lord superman four failed so bad. That was such weird up king movie. I think it's budget was cut. Nearly in half during the making of the film that other guy was just laughable. That other guy. His name is mark pillow. Mark pillow played nuclear man. That's the guy's name as nuclear man. Yup that's he was. That's just the final indignity and i think they cut the budget so hard on superman for that. The special effects really really suffered so it looked. You'll each. You can't tell a bit jon. Cryer was supposed to be is he. Lex luthor is like lenny is his name. that's insane. We just lost him too. By the way. What jon cryer. No oh god don't cared for his second jon. Cryer died. You mean mark pillow. Ned beatty died. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah didn't yeah he's fine. He just died like june thirteenth. Did you know that he won a best supporting actor for network and he was only in the movie for like two or three minute awesome. It's the same thing with Anthony hopkins he. He won best supporting actor for Silence of the lambs. And if you put together all the hannibal. Lecter scenes the his only in the movie for like seven or eight minutes. How sharpen trivia and you guys dropping it hard that nuclear man costume. Yeah it was bad. I wanna do that for halloween. One years anyone knows but i do as and trivia. I mean it bombs so bad at the box office now. Christopher reeve and this is according to the documentary series to that we were watching so christopher reeve didn't want to reprise his role as superman. Yeah he kept putting it off until somebody else was getting cast. And i think he stepped in afterwards and said If your back move street-smart i will do superman for. It's a package deal. All was that i don't remember that street-smart streets are is christopher reeve playing a reporter who fabricates a story about. I believe a pimp and then the pimp actually comes after him right right right. I've ever seen it. I remember watching it. You know what i mean. I think of him primarily. I mean i guess everybody's as superman but what was the one with Burt reynolds and Switching channels switches acting. Yes are you ever just latch onto those. Just i mean. I'm sure it's an awful movie. But i like loved it. I think i saw like a lot. I don't know why. I have plenty of movies like that. That also has ned beatty in. I have seen cocktail more than any human. That's another one and for the longest time. If it wasn't for us and for i would have been referring to the flugel binder as being the proper thing when it is actually an aglet. Hey those are the kind of problems you wanna up. Somewhere in. Time was really good yet. That's an now somewhere in time. I was going to bring that up. Because that was jane seymour. Too right yeah. I almost went down that road earlier. Yes so in the trivia here for superman for the cannon group thinking. They had a potential blockbuster on their hands. Cut the two hour plus film down to lean ninety minutes so the theater owners would have more screenings per day and potentially make more money. That would eventually filter back to the theater or to the studio did that work. I don't think so. Because i don't think so. It died so horribly. Yeah according to mark pillow all my god. i'm going. i'm writing that down. According to mark it's gonna be my new tv show that i'm coming up with. He found christopher reeve to be quite intense person during the shooting but said gene hackman was. Oh my god is gene hackman. Not the absolute bet. That's like my favorite gene hackman role that and the guy unforgiven the nannies. A good lex. Luthor. he is nuclear. Man only has eleven lines however in deleted scenes as three more lines many locate. They cut the film big time. And i think that's probably there's is never going to be a hundred and thirty four minute cut of this being released because nobody wants to see it mariah but somehow better than superman vs batman do you see where it says gene hackman as lex luthor slash. Nuclear man voice right. What is that all about. There was a second nuclear man. Okay k. mark pillow. That is pillows. I just keep thinking the my pillow guy. The crazy like mypillow guy. We didn't mention dirty pillows. Yes that planes trains and automobiles. Those aren't pillows. So mark pillow was not the only nuclear man. There was actually a first nuclear man. Okay is that the guy that's kinda green with the spiky hair and originally the film had to nuclear men the first dubs nuclear man one because that was the easiest thing to do. He wore a black costume okay. His scenes were filmed but eventually cut. It has pictures of that in the in the photos on imdb awesome. I wonder he kind of looks like bowl from night court a little bit. It looks like richard mall. i could go is a richard mole as fighting christopher. Roll my god. I i would watch that i would sue ann. Four though trivia for that movie is insane yeah says west craven was set to direct yes but was replaced after creative differences with christopher reeve No will christopher reeve when he took on this role. He said also he wanted to be he. He's listed as part of the writing team because he was allowed to mid creative choices for the film mariah. He came in swinging his dick around. Is like gimme that script. No no and he's also like a real method actor to like his really like that. He was real method in the movie Called above suspicion. Okay it was one of his later films. Actually i enjoyed and he was accused of of killing his wife but he was playing a paraplegic. Oh interesting and court. They were trying to prove that. He wasn't a paraplegic. I think in they stabbed him in the leg My god and he didn't move okay at the end. You know you see him get up that he was playing. He's really method. You know talk. Yeah but it was an interesting movie. But it was real interesting that his paying payroll pelagic and knowing what we know now yet. Yeah and i think similar circumstances very weird and he fell off a horse. Yeah holy shit do. Did we just like uncover some conspiracy. I've been carrying this with me for some time. My god we need to need to wake up. The president got to wake up. The president originally had to nuclear man. His scenes were filmed but eventually cut. Allegedly because previews revealed several serious visual effects errors. Oh for sure. The deleted footage was considered for a v superman film. That obviously didn't get funded. Thank god again. Better than superman vs batman. Yes they called everybody to see if they would direct this pile of shit. If you c- christopher reeve suggested the cannon to hire ron howard directs. yeah ron howard was unavailable. He was dirty. Ya willow by the way. Yeah he definitely didn't wipe his ass grip and set it on fire. Thank god i mean. At least you've made willow you know so anyway. Interesting stuff superman for help. Bring down those the great great company the cannon group but it also failed because they were looking for money and they went to a guy that became a partner. I think in the group okay. Yes his name was peretti. And this you can read all this in the wikipedia down here in the nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety four relaunching demise of golan globus golan left cannon films. So i think he he was just like he can't is showing out flames. I can't do reis. i'm stressed to shit on my third triple bypass menachem continued working with peretti. And i think peretti got into some money troubles and they they all ended up defaulting on loan payments together they bought mgm so there was an mgm path merger whole crap and even though they did that they weren't able to make anything out of the company the head that just the ups and downs are crazy well with this new money really believed in it but they still were putting out some shitty movies American ninja four came out about that time which was american ninja for coal and the annihilation. You remember hinge. Tae kim je tae the forbidden subject that i remember seeing that box and i was like. Oh it's death wish but like we're gonna shoot a bunch of people that's really what it was also and nineteen ninety-four cannon pictures released. Its last film. Which was hell bound. I meant to look that up feels like an hour ago. What what year was that ninety. Four there it is. i see it. Read it off for our audience. Frank shatter is his name and two police. Detectives investigated brutal. The brutal murder of a rabbi as the investigation begins shatter and jackson. That's great are summoned. Israel that's gonna be the sequel like god x. verses sever some summoned israel for questioning upon arrival. They realized that they are in fact pursuing. A supernatural being Don't you hate that emissary you. How do you pronounce that process. Tahoe's zoo. I've eaten there once They've got these little They have like a Pesto that they put on like kind of vodka. Toasts if not like a An olive oil is actually just a stick of butter with pesto on it. And you just kind of cloud bread on it. Yes so decadent using. The bread is a spoon for the butter. Yeah yeah like a lot of pasta. Went down between now between the golan globus. Okay now wait a minute. This thing gets insane so presente pronounce his name. Satan's emissary tried to wrest control. The world from god during the crusades however was stopped by king. Richard who trapped him in a submarine subterranean tomb during this encounter with king. Richard the source of Ghana's power his sceptre Musonda was shattered into nine pieces. Which were This this is crazy. Okay so this guy is trying to find all the pieces to his and He didn't count on getting roundhouse kicked in the head by chuck sergeant frank shatter. That might be the best trying to think of a better name than that. Coming up short there were a lot of hell like detective and hell movies. You know like i. Power and Was at one was denzel. And john goodman fallen. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah all right. So more on Post cannon here so guy that came in and swooped in and help out. His name was peretti. He helped reorganize cannon pictures as a low budget distribution with his path. Path past okay. And they started to try to get things together when they bought out and gm. I don't think help them at all. They got in a more money. Troubles right peretti was pushed out a management control of mgm in nineteen ninety one after he defaulted on loan payments per ready was later convicted of perjury and evidence tampering in the delaware court for statements. He made in nineteen ninety-one civil case. I don't know of that has to do with anything The guy's a little crooked. Maybe let's i am under investigation but I'm a gonna make the most of this in ninety seven. The supreme court of los angeles entered a final judgment to separate civil suit against peretti ordering him to pay one point. Four billion to whatever billion italian authorities arrested both men and extradited them to the to the united. This was somebody else called florio. Ernie and accusing fraud menachem got him with the wrong guy to try to revive the company and it just never recovered for anything at the end of electric blue blue. Is there kind of a sit down with the golan globus. I think there is talking like an a movie theater. Yeah yes i watched. Two or three documentaries did not get to wash the gogo boys. All of this is a fascinating story about your childhood and how these movies came to light. They might be know immoral of lighten monsters but man they made a good trashy flicks. Good good stuff. I have to say if we are going to postpone it for a couple of weeks The movie that i wanted to do is they can and film so so. We haven't heard the last of them are. It's a rich bounty or let's get to it first. Let's take another little break and before we do. So let's just bank golan globus for making these films recreating our child for molding us into the geeky men we are today. Thank you insane vaster. This is krista from the moratorium few like grizzly gore mysteries. Of course you do. That is why. I suggest you described my blood suspended animation dormitories waiting to be told where we at the moratorium offer a number of lurid from men running around new orleans to phantoms in texarkana. And if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriotic where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass. And i remember long way. Vhs we've been teasing about this movie. And i thought sure that. I knew that next week's movie or two weeks now. We're going to do if from now okay. Let's announcing now that next week we're going to have our many movie marathon. Yes many summer movie marathon. we have name for. I know that i you earlier. Something like yes. Movie madness summer. Freaky fast some are freaky fast. Freaky fests low work. I kinda bit something. We'll come up with something better. Yeah can have corey feldman fest. I guess i watched a movie. That had corey heyman. That's all i'm going to say. So i'm gonna watch more of these. I'm gonna probably companies. I'm gonna give you at least five movies. Probably because i'm on a kick now and there's still a few that i wanna watch okay so next week summer. Freaky fest tentatively titled. Yes we after that we're gonna be going back to our our regular scheduled programing. Yes and you've been teasing the movie that you were going to take us to. And i kept saying that i knew what it was and i. We haven't talked off air about as you will. No no no. And i liked the surprise and i think the surprise is as a lot of what we were daring each other to watch these movies. It seems like so we can talk about it for another two hours. Oh absolutely i feel like i have given you a couple of real well. Almost almost gigli hints at receive. Because he said it was more of it could fit in our category for our summer. freak fast. whatever. We're calling it in that there is a certain amount of skin exposed and and that maybe has sand. Maybe doesn't oak. I thought i had it until you said that it was a golan globus really you. Did you state that that it was the next week. Minute is like hanan film at probably my favorite no shit that makes me think that i am incorrect. Wow let's hear what she got. Let's look at our casper since we're going from human waste. Sure so we've got. Doug mcclure vic moro cindy weintraub. Let me stop you it Doug mcclure oh you're gonna go from doug damn okay well let me tell you that i was wrong because you said short yarn. I thought for sure. You're going to go with cindy weintrob. Who played carol in humanoids from the deep and i think carolina was doug's wife. Is that correct. I think that's yes yet. I thought you were going with her. Because i thought you were taking us to the prowler. Oh no sorry. This is probably the most sure. I've ever been in guessing them. How really yes really think. You're in my head. i can't even find a hate. It i keep on going to the damn tv movie humanoids from the deep where in the world and night neil won the real one. I tell you though. I i did watch most of the end of humanoids in the d. The tv one The thing that we really like from the original movie Did give you that that ending. That was total alien ripoff or the the humanoid popping through our our raped chicks stomach. God so they do an ultrasound and say maybe we should think out of her before it becomes. Yeah there's a whole nother story there that needs to be told. Yeah i've potentially Thorny subject that we probably should end the remake and the tv version it does the accelerated growth thing. Okay which they didn't necessarily give us in their original movie but this in fact is a woman like in her car driving o. k. season traffic or something and comes to a stop and then her it doesn't show the actual humanoid coming out of her as just you see her stomach. Growing her dress pushing out screaming there may have been some blood splatter on the windshield or something and then fade to black. Wow so really kind of a letdown. Now they did. Use some of the original footage from the carnival. Yeah i remember when they threw that carnival for the humanoids and like hey thanks guys and they came in and just tore up the place and kill everybody. Yeah right humanoids. They love good carpet. You know who doesn't all right. I'm totally wrong. We are not going to the prowler. No we are. That is that that movie. i enjoy it. Because it's one of thomson beanies first movies. It is oh warm. I mean and it has such a predictable plot new. It's almost like some of the plot of student. Bought plot of student bodies is actually better but it does have some good. You know it's got some good kills. I think i've only seen at once or twice. I would rather just watch a super cut of all the time. Savini makeup effects. You know no we are from doug mcclure gay holy click on doug mcclure on dougie dougie. We are going to go to a. I mean i guess you could in a broad description. You could call the us. Yeah oh no that's another. That's a double entendre adventure movies. You know indiana jones. I guess but also like you know sheep. Adventure movies like alan quartermaine stuff like that news in a movie and seventy eight called warlords of the deep Warlord lord in looks awesome. Oh it looks very often is incredible. And if you click through it. I mean the it's just stills of the movies to the special effects the okay i it's definitely not a you know you're not getting a ray hairy housing level Of claymation and stuff like that. It's like a jules verne sort of. I mean it is like a harry house so bad. Move into the center of the earth we find. Yes right okay. Yeah yeah. I mean he adds sits all atlanta. They are the warlords of atlantis. There the titular You'll see why that is a theme here. Yes do you think that They were like a biker gang and also you know in in real life and wore had just w o a or whoa on their back of their jackets. Yup we are. The warriors of the dad wasn't the catchphrase of Joey lawrence anyway. Anyway as john ratzenberger at it i saw that. Is this our next movie. melvin it has an actor going to do by peter gill more not to be confused with david gilmour from pink floyd. No there british Second there. I thought you were really going to go with. Michael go third because he was in life force. Oh wait. I'm sorry i'm sorry. I clicked on the wrong. Damn thing michael. And we are doing life you i'd Boom that was a real roller coaster. Almost had us doing a completely different movies. Glad you'd talked me before you out here. Who is that then. your guilt. Well i know where you were taking us. Yeah weird okay. Peter gilmour out of your mind. Yes algal gothard. Monaco growth are gothard gothard. Let's say fast like the author And i could not tell you who he is in life force he is the he's with the military i assume But then there's also that blonde haired guy. I don't i i kind of forget if we're michael gothard but it doesn't matter because you know that that's how i usually do. These is it just seems to like serendipitous that one movie away could get to one that we needed to knock out. You know so yes. So that's it and we've talked about often talk about it for real z's yes exactly is there a like Extended criterion collection of this movie. I believe that the copy that i have says director's cut or something like that. So if i find out that there's a extra scene i i will definitely Let you know how let you know about those extra sees a feeling there. Some deleted seeing kids this. If you're i mean i would. There's going to be a strong warning probably before Maybe at the end of next week's episode but there are some you know. I can think of two reasons why you might want to you. Know not let your kids listen to the podcasts. I mean i said shirt potatoes earlier. So i don't know how much about bad crude we can get but we'll see we'll definitely see how we're going to see him but one of my favorite movies of all time directed by tobe hooper. What else do you want to stay giant. Like i mean the end of that movie is so insane Steve rails back is in eve rails. Back amway great growth chart. I thought for sure he was in like He just has those beady little glasses like he was in stargate or something. He's in ken russell. Movie kind of looking like a alex from a clockwork orange. But now okay just curious. Yeah the devils. So peter firth. Did we mention him a second ago. We saw him as a young child. in a What looked to be a german porno but it was actually children's film. Oddly enough i got a lot of trivia about this movie they. They called him colonel kane because they wanted michael cain and they thought well if we just name the character he'll have to do it he'll have to come on in. Yeah did not work out Mattel the may as space girl space girl that sits enemy glorious when we finally do this but summer movies. I all right. That's awesome when she read off I know our audience. If you're listening to this you know you know ally for allied forces about is a very short description here. Read it up a race of space. Vampires arrives in london. I mean that's skipping past the first hour of the movie a race of space vampires arrives in london and infects the populace beginning and apocalyptic descent into chaos. Is that not the wall morty want. That is the best sentence everything so it is just one sentence but it says a lot awesome. Oh man vampires. There's kind of a zombie element There's a couple of big elements that we will. You know what i'm saying. patrick. Stewart is in this beautiful. Patrick stewart fenway which we brought him the as the three musketeers. Yup i think there's might be a couple of those and there's a lot of british kind of old actors. In this aubrey morris Was the schoolteacher from a clockwork orange. Him the mentioned mathilde as i mean. This is a cult classic movie. Yeah for sure they let hooper fucking go wild on this thing and he did and they lost their shit on yeah was not zilly was not successful their really pushing but we are so glad they did. Yeah i mean. I guess that's really a nice little slice of what those can and move. I mean that's kind of the epitome of the cannon movie. I buy it all right. Awesome our guys next week. We're going to do our summer. Freaky fest. I don't wanna if i like that name somebody kilowatt award better name. We'll work on if we can get it to our audience. Hey give us a better name. If you're lilies gives us a better name for summer freaky fast and maybe will use your idea. And plug it on the podcast. Yeah come on what you got please. We have nothing left new were spent. And let's go ahead and break this down jason. Don't you tell everybody where they can find this. Just go to the moratorium dot com moratorium dot com. But he's going to do it for you. Know you'll find a link to everything including lifeforce which i will put up on the website. You can get a quick link to it. You can watch lifeforce for free by the way on tubi and pluto very nice very nice we like free movies and we both of those learn non subscription services that the are not censoring your movie. She nand knock in a blur out those movies. This would be a twenty minute long movie. If that was the case. No yes but hey if you feel like you want to support our podcast like I was really thinking about some memory supported. yeah i was. I was working on that me if you guys feel like. You'd like to support a couple of boobs who come on over to our patriotic and throw a couple of bones was really good. Sin you like that. Where a couple of boobs. I like that a lot. You can support us for as little as a dollar a month. Hey will give you a shout out on the air if you wanna give us a little bit more. We'll give you a little bit back for three dollars a month. You can have the director's cuts to our movie episodes. As right guys. I cut out at least twenty minutes out of every episode just for our directors cut. You should get run over and check it out please. We appreciate your support. Please light sharon subscribe. Tell a friend or family member force a family member and listening this show. Whatever you gonna do. I m up time down our jason. You got anything else to add nope out. We didn't tell everybody they can find us on every kind of social media. Go check out our and hey come on in have a good time throughout some means we love him. Yes you can find us on twitter. Find us on instagram. Check us out guys all right jason. You got anything else to add. That's break this bitch down bob. You've been listening to yarn wall. An empty cornfield production tune in next week for our summer movie marathon were bikinis beach babes blood and boobs will all be represented and the finest moratorium fashion where nothing is sacred. If you have any movie suggestions or just want to tell us how much we really suck. You can contact us at movie. Moratorium at gmail.com thanks for listening and long live vhs. I know we're way way off but weren't we already when we started where we on. We were never on mugabe. We're always off.

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