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Hi, I'm John McEnroe board. This is Martina Navratilova. I'm massive Lander. I'm sunscreen am Lleyton Hewitt. I'm Andy Murray, and you're listening to the tennis podcast. Right, here we are again. We've had sort of days play. And we've had some matches but we don't really know where we are right now. Other than the fact that it's about nine o'clock in the evening. Is that my right Catherine nine thirty five thirty five? Okay, we've just finished the day's play here, the Queen's Club home in the fever tree championships. And yes, there's been lots more rain. There's been lots of more on and off the court with covers flying over the shop and some matches have been played. However, we have the bumper order play of all order plays tomorrow to look for to as a result, where to start. Matters here. Hello, matt. Make some make some sense of day, three four us. So he's actually a more complicated day for everyone like like today when we've got play on and off rather than yesterday, which was just total washout, we kind of, knew where we were today back the absolute. No. Because you were saying interesting things about how your day is you. You said to me, it was one of the most hectic difficult days. You can remember having to get information out to all the right, people just because it was Shane such exchanging picture, plus plans were withdrawing, and I mean, one Martine poetry will come onto has withdrawn from the tournament singles doubles because he's hurt his knee, and we didn't know when that was going to happen initially just withdrew from the doubles and then the singles came through lights are on all this stuff's happening and you've got matches moving all over the place. You've got. Suddenly a couple of the courts had got some moisture on the outskirts, they couldn't be used to that to move to another court. Oh, dear. Funny thing. It was a it was a funny day and it was a hectic day. But at least at least there was actually some tennis today. Yeah. Definitely wasn't tennis and presenting it all on prime video was in micro doses. Cutter, which here who has been on air long in terms of total sort of ours span, the ratio of hours on two bulls stroke. The lowest two days is, is pool. Strong depending on numbers on your viewpoint. So yeah, Catherine's had all sorts of guests. Got onto those in a minute. But yet, concentrating on the play itself who do we start with today is del putter wasn't it? They'll put tro Chiappa valve was in the tuna. When he was in the tournament. That marriage. Let's just talk about the tennis forget that Ryan for five minutes. It, it was just a microcosm of where their careers are added wasn't it because it was seven five, six four to del Paltrow. There was some lovely points. And yet, there was never a question in your mind that chef of woodwind. He was always gonna lose. It felt to me. He looked like a junior playing a senior money against boy completely, and it was shot selection. I thought that largely Chiappa fellow down in eclipse, his ball toss was all over the place right from the get-go usually, especially if it's not necessarily, I don't think as far as I remember he hasn't always had issues with the ball toss vision, who suggests that. His of generally is a bit of an issue, loss of double folds. But today, the way over wrong shoulders, kind of having to sort of dislocate, his shoulder, actually get a racquet on it, and he caught quite a few of them, but he tried to hit some of them, and it just it wasn't working toll, and he was hitting a lot of the highlight reel shots. You know you saw shot good shot from shop valve, but there was absolutely knows that have game plan of how he was trying to win that match. Whereas del pot tro was playing at a much more consistently high level. Shop about his coming in bursts. He was doing all the running was just sort of moving the ball around chatted to Donna velvet do couple of years trading open when he was working with Greg immature of knee talks. Ready Kamini about patterns of play about meat and potatoes ways to win points, where e don't have to think about what you're going to select because. It's just instinct, this is my bread and butter way to win this point serve four hundred is that those, those Goto deeply ingrained instinctive patents play. I feel like now is what densch valve news making decisions out that our news decisions on, on the right ones, and the mind goes back to Mary carrillo's magnificent description that non award-winning. If you if you can't if you've got to have good footwork to his good serve. The problem. So yes, it was. It just always felt like that was going to be the end result. And yet. Dell Paltrow injured. His name light on again. Reactivated the same problem. And I mean, you know, these are. Maybe I'm biased but I think the best grass courts in the world, they are so true, so perfect so beautifully manicured. But when they are brand new, and especially in conditions like we've had where there's a bit of moisture around. It is impossible for them, not to be a little bit slippery. And. Yeah. Footing was difficult to find time for the players and Dell patrols reactivated his knee, somebody on Twitter today suggested an alternate universe in which there's a CPA event of the queen's gross colts, and the quality and everything you just described, but with the Hallo roof. That's the dream for all of you out there, thinking, David, why don't you get a roof? Well, the thing is, this is a tennis club eleven months of the year and the whole tournament that you see all the stands. They are built from scratch six weeks before the tournament starts you can't put refund you just can't possibly be floating in. Eleven months of the year. And as you pointed out yesterday, it as read that we get these huge washouts and the last two years. I'm not even sure this has been a minimum effective. Iran. Heat wave summer and English reached the men's Bo Cup semifinal, like was that real some soup strange police injury. Experience or dreamers. Also. I bet we were complaining that it was too hot. So. It was to thank goodness. So that happened, and then we got another match and that was down Evans against him. Rinca and Stanford cat came out remix, oh my word, did he play. Well, I love the way I go sensitive, that he might do that in the way he did his little jittery run from the chair to the back of the cost, Dr less time was called upon the resumption. Well, when they had about three hours and then came back out there is doing that in dull esque, little would is it sort of explosive little bit of footwork to the back of the net. And I thought it was the N T diesel today. It wasn't it didn't take time to get going. He was just on it straight away. Somebody gave him a turbo charge in Jackson. It's, it's the skull GMs. Guys, we've done this, David. It's guns. Seriously? Let's be honest, amongst the three of us. Three of the nobody's listen to this. Who did you pick to win that match before it started? Dan Evans Dan Evans. Greg's Eski Picton Evanston, Il, anti Cova pick done Evans on a ten match winning streak. And I thought the day off yesterday which kind of help him to get over the, the heavy lifting to do nothing last week. I look, I, I would have said the same and I do find it quite interesting last night. Mike Dixon from the Daily Mail came in our tournament office, and we were just talking about it, and I was, I don't know why. I don't know. How are we going onto just said Evans, he he's in good neck, he he's got chance. This has Nair and I could just see the cynicism in. Mike's is not that he doesn't right. Yeah. He doesn't right. Dan Evans, incredibly highly. But I think he, he made the point that. Stammering is a world class player and it's just it's so easy to overlook that the natural pedigree of these people what they have inside and what they've done, and if they're on it, they're gonna win and whatever was saying about kind of federal with clay when he came back to climb from oh, how's it going to do? It's clay. I mean he has played on clay before it's not like it's completely alien to wherever in. Yes. Grosses is worse surface. But he has for each to win Mullan quarterfinals. I think twenty fourteen twenty fifteen it's just the last couple of years, maybe when he's not had the fitness that grass-court form has kind of, and he's really wanna match on it, but he can play on grass. It just doesn't suit his game. Remember a couple years ago when we were asked the question might be might even been one of our listeners question additions, what he was more likely to complete the career grants. Lamb Andy Murray. Oh, STAN Wawrinka. Yes. What are we say is handy Murray because I remember my reasoning was, I cannot see him not winning Australian Open title. Five finals, the I mean still fi final. Our? Triplet ticket down to what's more likely to happen. Rinker wins Wimbledon all Andy Murray wins the franchise and conkrite. Remember this is before ofter Murray's run the fun. The French, I think after an I decided Murray, winning the French with more likely I would like to revise that same ring. I'm saying. All you need to speak down. Metal hip. You're in the mix. Mixed wimbledon. Stammering ker. I mean, the yeah he's in the mixed one. This toland. He's in the mix. We're more than even in the mix some champion. Now, I'd need to see more. I think it's bad time. We're might put thought into this post part, but I do feel we've done the definition, right? Yet. Yes. In terms of they actually have to have a chance of winning the tournament, but I kind of feel that we need a numerical. Measurement of the mix as well. That has to be. A number of players. Because I mean the fund shape in there, what did we decide twenty names in the women's draw in, in the mix? We came up with it now. We have to come up with the grass court. I say it, it varies tournament keep expanding the mix and Chuck in new ingredients. Okay. We'll before Wimbledon will decide on the mix. How many people in of your cakes if that's how you bake? I'm speechless just saying, Mike cakes have to have a certain number. Anyway. Anyway, where we got say, well scullions again to quote about kroth stammer fingers tennis was hefty today. Of the day, isn't it? Haven't seen about Croft's one take three and a half. Minute tour of the play lands. She did yesterday during during the rain delay when it was heavily populated. And she did it for prime video in the tournament of, of re tweeted it as well. It is Laurie. She was brilliant. Feeds gray hair. All they, they do these, these great cakes flip jobs. I had that one yesterday. It was a bit hefty. She was in love. Right. Stan Wawrinka in the mix and is. Tournament for the tournament. Let's, let's stick to that. Fact is factual, okay. So he's through to the next round and then the heavens opened actually the opened in midway through the second set. And we had monumental Phil for gas Rian on prime video. We had what I didn't know had happened in an errand six minutes is isn't millers ranch, somehow manage to win on another call. And somebody cares me and said, that was quick familiar. She wasn't it. Has he actually gone on the court? A genuinely didn't even with macaws. Yeah, I like that. He just knuckled down and get on with business that literally without any of us noticing. My colleague podcast, friend, Andrew said of that match meet us ranches winning tournaments. He just just came out with it because reasoning is better than a and then Lopez to reach the semi finals. Good player is forty eight years. Ten years in the fire. Doubles there with his partner any Mary. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Ran, it's just thirty eight years old, seven rounds. Just brushed the side out. Yeah. Oh, they we were running yesterday during the monumental for we were running the twenty sixteen final. Between Andy Murray, Milas rounded shoes. Peak rounded, Benito macro Kunar and just like a different guy did like a different guy. I'm not saying Andrews wrong. But he's real kid beyond them. I mean I thought maybe I dream in Reno, he's been the tournament and these fallen by the wayside here. So stepping out cool incidentally, should just add that intern Andrew, which is my, my catchy name for Andrew bridges, who's part of our tennis podcast team is here with queens. And yes, I think I think he knows his stuff. But Miller Charlotte's dodgy predictions. He's one of more than welcome. You mentioned Feliciano Lopez came out from set down to win through in three now. You may have read some media reports about Lopez in the last twenty four hours and his name is being mentioned in regard to some allegations to do with the integrity of the sports, and he has since released a statement and I'll just read it to you says following reports in the media that mentioned my name, and my partners, Marc Lopez. I feel. Is extremely important to come to you. An absolutely deny any link with the events described in relation to the allegations of match-fixing. Unfortunately, all tennis plaza public figures, and we are exposed to having an good name used beyond that control for that raise now will do everything within my power to defend myself against any such full six accusations. Mark, and I had immediately contented, the tennis integrity unit to fully cooperate and they have confirmed that there had been no investigation about the match. Wimbledon in two thousand seventeen what actually happened just to fill you in there? He won the title here at queen's in the singles went to Wimbledon, and, and actually to retire in, I think, in the fourth set in in his singles match with a foot problem. He ended up playing the next day or a couple of days later in the doubles and lost in four sets, and that's the match that they're referring to. He says, we have full faith in the tennis integrity unit and the role. They play protecting our sports. I've always believed in the values. Fair-play. It has been the case in my long career. And I stand for the integrity of the game, which is so important, I've now focused on giving my best as always, and we'll play with one hundred percent focus at queen's for now, these are the only comments I wish to make on the matter. So it's, it's been a pretty I think trying period of time for Feliciano Lopez and he is yes, that's his situation. We thought we bring you today on that. And he will now play with Andy Murray tomorrow in the doubles eventually as long as we get good weather nineteen degrees in intimate. Sunshine. As the focus on. No right night. You got into the next four days. Katherine, I've suddenly grown to like you. Fantastic. Basically law summer all all every just a bit more than before. So, right. What else is today? What was the next match man on? Call sit surpass Edmund is to be finished. How good was the avation sit surpass received from the crowd here who've never seen him before. You know, in a at Queen's Club, at least, and he was given a really rapturous reception. He he just connects people Disney. Yeah. I think all of that crowd with thinking. This is something that all be recounting remembering in five to ten years time saying all I saw. I saw sits pass when I played his first acquaintance. I really think that I believe that will be the case, and I think that was on some level on the most of the crowds mind with seeing something that's very seen going to be very special. I grew them agree. I mean he he just. He's just stunning watching his match with studying with I can't remember named Joe. Learn Annabel crops. We've already dropped her name. Trump nights. I'm just trying to be factual we're standing next to TV screen in the. Planche after I decided against one of those flap jacks. Just said, he's just gotta everything, isn't it? There's nothing he hasn't gone in terms of charisma and just balance. And we were talking about footwork yesterday. He looks like he could just skate around and the contrast with colored when we say star wasn't it because sits walks onto core an economic rise of Emmy's completely absorbing he just dominates imposes himself on whatever space. He's in and call the moment is the absolute opposite. I think that was something that Freddie, raising ground is, is coach the display with earlier this year. The backend floss year really specifically trying to work on with him. And I started working here, the him trying to be more imposing presence on the call into exude more, positively and more. Tom nation of tennis courts stature, and, you know, he's never he's the personnel. Not the is you don't want him to be acting but he definitely made some strides with him in that regard. It does feel like he's regressed. You know, I think about sets you just your belly noticing the calls that he wasn't playing horribly. But that much was so all about sits eighteen months ago, a bigger human being. Tennis. I didn't see a huge amount joy from from collared. The circumstances were extremely difficult and trying a lot of that second set the coup was being invalid in. Just I mean, the moodiest mice threatening looking clowns. It was like mortal descending on Wesland it re and, you know, even the most mentally focused athletes in the world could be little bit distracted by that. But it's not just here is not just today felt the French Open throughout the clay court season. He's having a tough time and, and he's, I get the feeling that he's struggling to enjoy his tennis at the moment. And that makes me sound. We've heard a lot from any Murray of the last two years about what it's like trying to play when you just in pain all the time. Now, I have no idea what sort of pain caught. It might not be in, but he's definitely managing they problems. So. That must weigh on you. I would think do you think the show and yeah he just doesn't have that presence on call. And I think what you're saying about kind of you can't say can't fake. It is interesting, but I mean Kenya I think I think you have to you have to show something I need to him. Fist-bump doesn't it? Yeah. Oh, all the Kevin Anderson thing about committing all the time. You know, this like you have to show something if, if you're not able to produce it yourself physically, you've got a mate, your opponent, at least think that. Yeah. See would may I, I would say that he he does it just by. Notching up a window to I feel not sort supply. He needs one win or and just bills in Paris, the when he got that winner shoddy over two days, the French Open. That was the start of something new start. I mean I you feel they move say than it had done again. Shorties is far as I can tell I feel like we've seen the trend we've seen over the course of his career three or four years is that he has a dip and he has a setback. And then he just gradually builds because he's worker, you know, he's somebody keeps punching the clock and keep turning up for work every day trying to build back up, and eventually when he's built enough, he's, he's confidence starts coming into play and then he's actually he Sydney. It's almost like a set of moment of realization, she don't I'm actually a really good tennis. And you're gonna know about. Yeah. Which, but you're describing there is is not faking it till you make it. I don't think that's really it's not him. But why, why try and be what you're not saying that we just think you need to give. I mean if his name is so bad. Why is he planning on it? I don't know how bad it is rarely that we don't really know. I mean he hasn't lost. Real thirty on the second set behind he has played did play in the second say, I think he had a couple of break points Charles and it's just like a bit stressed. Yeah. Yeah. Watching tennis? That's not gonna happen and be quite interested season. The did see about what sit surpassed to contrast with about of he has Penza play. Definitely, like there's something I think, federa about the way hits a serve out wide and moves up to the four and really quickly, just of swishes it away to the other side. It's, it's he does it so often effectively. And it's so simple. But it works is intent yet. Reshot is yeah, he's gonna he's gonna hurt you in some way or set you up to like a job that will follow what a writer exactly. Catharines less impressed with that analogy. Dysfunc- box in bit Greeson. Why it is. You know, it's a sort of tennis nonviolent boxing, really. Yeah. Which is why it's better ROY agree with better. That's why I've quit from the box podcast without doing. Come to this one instead. So what else is going on? Remedy more tennis than the heavens. I and we all and people just scarred. There were results Luca pre one against Jay claims fake club percent bed night, beat Alex, terminal, in three sets celebrated like it. Won wimbledon. Was delighted Lopez one. We talked about that. He now play well now he, he would have played portrays. Lopez is three to coach funnels. We can do a quick reply in a minute. We've got four minutes left. It was. Yeah. It was one of those days where some people didn't even win around. Nope. As one too. That's right. So happening other tournaments I don't even know if they had play saying depend care beatings feedback with big wins out of some starts something 'cause she's beating on today. Three and four in Birmingham, court Norris to think that you can put this plan like Hoster pinko into the mix, and she can just sit of make splash out over the edges because she's, she's depend. Petra Martic beat Margareta experien- up the streets of obese who I shea doubles partners. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't didn't push plaster capex Verbeek like Cape genuinely staring trying to establish want. Rank. Nine seven in the tie-break or something like that lovely give them doing face. I the being to keep a straight face if they ever met before on talk remember having first ever meeting between twins on the tour. I believe, and I mean every they found it until Larry's is, is everyone back into Nando together. We are now wouldn't mind. Anyway. Chong be Lauren Davis, Venus Williams. Be SaaS Novic party beat Donna, veg-. I was a first round, but I, I love how sort of unaffected party seems seems to have been by winning the French Open. I want a grand slam. Just cruise into cruise into the bro put out because she's the cheetah's impressions lay quality impersonate, say. I'm not performing monkey. Savasta be. Tomjanovich anaesthesia Sylvester ver has been in the final of every single meal open really. Sticks. How did you know this? This is such such as function, having that reaction. I mean, I've stolen from somebody on Twitter who I can't even remember to credit, our poll is this number. This is the real four looking up. Without will be schools can be unstoppable Jabbour. She retired in that one in seconds and he's mountains beat stamps, Sam stays two sets and yeah. If I'm wearing Alison van fund. Is it was it Victor Strayer Burgos? It was the absolute king of the eat any ever wanna match in Peru. Also some high altitude like the path for something like two or three times in a row. And it was undefeated at. Fifteen hundred meters Kafelnikov when Moscow about six times. Gotten tiller read the, it's not an verbal. What if you just struggling to spell my orca? This is what happens today. It favorite to championships. Buna church defeated Jau, Susan, in this audience that tiebreaker, three hours when the match point was, like thirty shots long becoming bit for marathon Borna chart because is defending the title. Title, there should be federal. Bab Sergi's kofsky. See surgery, Karen Hutcheon of be Yemen. It's through in three sets manage good match every match in Debbie govern beat ready. Our where is Vetere? Just. He's got some good next is smoking a cigar. Remember when Songa beating from two sets down at Wimbledon? Wow. I didn't see that because I was on another court with five live country something else. Anyway, do you want my seven STA also Vesta research? Yes, please. Okay. She's being in three finals today. Twenty sixteen. She lost to Caroline Garcia in the final, then twenty seventeen. She won beating year Geiger's in three sets. And then in twenty eight eighteen she lost to Tathiana Maria. So she's on to win it this year. And I think twenty sixteen is the first year say. Yeah. So three. That Catherine stunt cat. No, I'm not. I'm in trouble now. We've been tennis podcast brought to you in a citation with Ted ago. Look looking. Oh, I'm in such trouble. Brought you with ten ago executive produced with real with a while had one beer. Just. This is what happens and all. Plug some supposedly spent right? Bakes tennis booze dot com today. Right. With another one tomorrow.

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