RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom and Liana Boraas | BB22 Week 10 | Mary Kwiatkowski


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Off Sound School I can sell you. Is the. Are. Bunny to the RH, AP beef for week. Ten of Big Brother Twenty two, we have reached double digits, the ending, but a stone's throw away and here we are a glass that is slowly come crumbling down more and more as the season progresses. But in a fun way, it's fun glass like that sugar glass that you get thrown through. If you're a stunt, person doesn't really hurt you and we're here to not hurt you here to hopefully bring you plenty of pleasure as we talk about everything we ten in Big Brother Twenty Two n beyond Leon Boris, is that the weirdest introduction I've ever done in this podcast? I'm still stuck on the sugar glass thing. What was the comparison that it was a glass house but glasses usually painful comes crashing. What is a glass house? You? You never heard that phrase don't throw stones and glass houses. Yeah. But are we are we the ones throwing the stones? I suppose so. That is the big brother season, the glasshouse you. Don't say that too loud. You'RE GONNA get. You'RE GONNA get sued Liana Yeah. Okay, yeah, of course of course Mike I one, hundred percent agree with everything you just said smile and nod, you're the perfect writer dialing from that perspective. Sure. About is just going to be so bitter when you blindside me and I'm going to just be so remorseful and my exit press. That's okay. We'll put a really big picture of your face up on the wall and not all smooth everything over. Absolutely. We're here to talk about as on is is alluding to all things Memphis and beyond mere happy to welcome this person back to the FBI considering that she has her own comic name as part of her twitter handle frail Mary Mary could Hausky I've been. Let me take that back. Are you okay with your Comic Book Name Being Frail Mary sure I feel like that's fine I feel like it'd be me trying to lift something up but you can't do it and so everyone else house to help her. It sounds like a pretty lame. Vero I'm not sure how. How saving the day there but but yeah, I'm glad to be back at the BNB. Glad to be here on comic week I gotTA. Say a needed to lodge one complaint though. At the accept people keep walking on the when I'm in the bathroom like there's no locks on the doors nobody knocks it's just really disturbing. It's my quiet sanctuary and yet everyone just keeps barging in. Yeah we actually have a sign on the bathroom door. The just says your funeral on it. So it really sets up this rule of, Hey, you wanNA walk in there. That's fine but you know you're you're standing your own risk. I mean also Mary don't you know that's your responsibility. Okay. The BNB holds no liability like when you're a kid and you go and play in the woods and your parents make sure you make sure you sing really loud so that bears don't come hunters don't shoot at you. Is that the same thing you have to get in the bathroom you just like talk and sing loud to make everyone? No like there's someone in here somewhere it's like kindergarten all over again. Are you Gretel Lake hanging out in the woods admit I have never been camping now I'm even more actually you know what that incentivizes me more because I'm a loud mouth anyway. So I think the natural bare repellent of. You never you never just wander out in the woods and bear season it's not A. Difficult thing for you. I love. I love this so much Mary because now I'm picturing. Consistently singing or is this just if you see a bear I mean obviously wouldn't see the hunters. So if you're trying to drive hunters away must be consistently singing. In the woods like I really. Remember seeing I remember like the walk to the woods in the back to the house we had to be singing stomping loud cheering. But when we're actually they're playing in the woods, it was kind of whatever. But we also had to take walkie-talkies with us because. You know no no more concerned about the what what was the terrain which when you describe the path quote unquote to the woods what does that that not? To to our to our, you know hang out spot in the woods. The Creek or whatever. Sure as he do I'm not sure I'm not sure we want. For their I'm happy to drop this subject but I will say still I'm I'm extremely fascinated by that. Don't technically actually this brings up a quick question if someone is going to the bathroom in the woods, is there etiquette on walking in on them there? If someone goes to the bathroom in the woods and no one's there to hear it. Think Similarly Similarly to the NBA, you're going through in the woods and it's also your funeral. So Yeah exactly man. Diedhiou like the courtesy you know when you walk into someone's back when we used to be an office is and like you would walk into someone's office when the door was open, you'd be like knocking on the door even though it was always open to. Knocking on every other tree in case there's someone squatting down I is not to knock on the tree like, Hey, just see no I'm here. I'm behind the AIRY Kit. Well, singing does that for you right. So if you're following the rules of consistently singing than you are constantly alerting bears, hunters and M- what would peers to your presence? Yeah. So I think it's you know what this makes so much sense. I. Don't understand why Enzo who is by far. The most musically infused person left in the game is not constantly spitting his own bars while on the pooper. Here, okay. I'm I can't with the Dwight squall pooping. Whatever Cooper? My. Really I think it comes down to Christmas not knocking. Yeah. Okay. Can we agree like? Can we agree on that? Yeah I think. I don't think have we figured out yet what Baloch system on the door as I've seen. So many mixed messages some say like Oh enzo should have just locked the doors some say you can't physically lock the door because production couldn't get in in case of an emergency. So I think the jury is still out on that one but no matter what yeah I agree that Christmas should not. Learned. The first time after the first time it happened give a little tippy tap on the door not just throw it open but they're just feel very Christmas Abbott right serve charging him with brusque fours and really no thoughts about. What might fall her every move not only that but I know in the past they've had either like little sliders or a piece of paper you can flip that says occupied or open or whatever. Why don't they just do that is there is there a reason not to in there's only five people in the house could Christmas snatches do a quick check of like where is everyone Owens's missing? He's probably in the bathroom headcount everybody sound off also are not gonNA blame the people in the shower who are not saying like, Hey, there's someone in there. Yeah that's also true. Oh man this is like a really elaborate wing to get Allie Lascher in here to litigate this court case because I feel like we gotta hear from all the witnesses now is the burden of proof needs to be on the person in the toilet person coming the person who saw the person coming from the shower head coach didn't see. Cody still in the shower on the stand having to answer these questions. Where were you? Well, like I had like so much shampoo like in my hair like and then like Christmas like knocked on the door. I just can't imagine like Enzo or cody in a court of law because they're verbal tics will just make incredibly annoying to be a jury member. Spit out cody sped. Mr. Palumbo. Were you witness to the murder? Yes, all that night is what it is. A is a knife was what it was. The the yeah. The lawyer ask question that's what I'm saying. Just, back like Oh. So you were in the alley on the third yellow is in the alley tonight of the twenty-third yellowstone saying that's what I'm saying. I think that's my favorite part about Enzo and I feel like it comes across less on the show. But definitely, when you watch feeds is someone will say something to him that he is absolutely not saying or in fact saying the opposite of and his response is just that's what I'm saying Yo and I'm like. Well, in fact, you were previously not saying this in fact, you probably disagree with that statement. So I understand it as a filler phrase, but it is so direct enough. It's not filler enough like it's to direct enough. That's what I'm saying I'm saying all right. Well, I'm I'm knocking on the Gary Let's let's get going. Boy Gary Poured Carey's trying to use the restroom. We're talking about week number ten interesting situation at a final five here at least probably more interesting. Maybe the past couple of weeks of Big Brother Twenty, two have provided. Between everything with Nicole, winning putting a stop to Memphis is. Guys final four between you know the back and forth s who should go Christmas or Memphis ultimately. It's Memphis walking out I could say maybe besides Ian, this might be the first genuine blindside and probably only genuine blindside of the season in Memphis walking out. Mary. What did you think about this past week and Big Brother Twenty Two? I was. Glad that we at least had some intrigue between cody and Enzo debating whether or not. They wanted to screw Nicole over and do something different. If this was a different season, maybe we would have seen and so trying to win the veto or actually managing to win it and then taking one of Memphis or Christmas off the block that would have been exciting but given what it was. Eats in a weird place right now to be going into the next week trying to root for Christmas I guess just to upset the status quo. I feel like Memphis was a bit brought down by his own. Multiple. Alliances is this is tyler going to be sitting there being like Ha si it's all your your final threes and you file to. Why He said that about. That about cody during that jury. Cody's do toadies do and what I didn't WANNA do man getting trouble. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody with cody he was like Oh shoot it's working for him. That's I was afraid to do that. But with Memphis at least it's Kinda. More of the tyler result or what he was afraid of. We're getting towards the slow point at the end of the season Kinda coming up on like. Is there anything that's GonNa Stop Cody from just. Getting it to the end of the game here. Yeah I I really liked that comparison actually with the O. Making multiple alliances and how that can backfire especially hearing Memphis talk this week about how confident he was that he was going to say he was like I could win veto whatever Christmas will still go home I got the wise guys not a problem. And so that was pretty interesting to see and then yeah the the only other piece of intrigue. I would say this week was the discussion of Christmas versus Memphis which was very short-lived. So I think to agree with Mary again, like we're at the point where it's the bullet points just ready to okay who won veto okay. Moving on you know what I mean like. I don't need much more I. Mean there was some interesting stuff here though I know when I was on the round table last Saturday I tried to make a case at that point of like. Well, you know what I think Nicole might have a slowly growing shot of winning the game. If Memphis leave, she might have the second highest win equity I. think that's become a bit surprisingly more apparent with her winning the veto seems like Memphis at least in my talking with him is surprisingly high on her so it could be that it's a cody versus Nicole final two which up beyond this might be the most interesting outcome at this point it could. I. Don't think it's going to be you know Nicole actually squeaking this one out, but it could be closer than expected I. Guess the other thing that I took from this is and this will get into some final four stuff. So skip ahead about a minute or so if you don't want to know the details, you know I think cody's in a very good position obviously, just one, the final four veto but I think looking back on his game. I'm still just greatly surprised at what he's done at the final five and final four where I think he put his game in more jeopardy than he really needed to with some of the decisions that he made. To the point where like apparently, he threw the H. Two Enzo, which doesn't make any sense in any capacity from a final four perspective. So cody was playing with fire after you know holding a hose, the entire game, but he was able to squeak bruce good on him. Yeah it's hard to not be result oriented because we're seeing how this is playing out now in retrospect. But I feel like he was so well insulated almost regardless I get kind of I. Don't know I don't know nothing matters. Does it matter does anything matter? It's just they've been so fricking dominant encompass wins and so it's really hard to look and see about the Oh but what if? When you have such an astounding compliment. Wins think are probably the determining factor there between cody in Memphis who both have the same group of people in their alliance pretty much from the start have both in their own minds gone through this game and a pretty easy fashion. But the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CODY IN MEMPHIS, making all these alliances because cody was one winning he was actively protecting people and seeming to be the one charge whereas Memphis was like I set up this alliance I got. All, these final three is in final twos. I'm fine. I'm insulated here at the end and they're gonNA keep me but no one actually felt that real strong connection with him because he hadn't been recently doing anything to really help them and if anything he was winning at the wrong time and putting up the wrong people like putting up Nicole during the triple and stuff like that. That was just hurting him. So when you look at Tyler's decision to. Well. If if he does feel like Memphis got screwed for doing something by Cody's managing to do it correctly, it's because of that. Social Game Element that cody has over month. So yeah, it's weird that he. Is taking so many risks win for pretty much the entire game he's been. Playing like on paper a perfect game. Sorry I'm just I'm thinking about the like why Memphis I think also one of the issues of Memphis is that he never you never feel or obviously I don't feel like the sounds like it is that you don't feel like you're part of a team with Memphis. You've feel like Memphis is the the dictator and he's just going to do what he wants to. Do we saw that in the triple a fiction where he just no one talked to him you know we are expecting the scuttling around and all of the whisperers in the typical double fiction. None of that happens have rose like Memphis Memphis he's GonNa do whatever he's GonNa do and then in combination with him winning at the wrong time in combination with him also not. Continuing to build those relationships like he has a tendency to set it and forget it like Memphis would be a crock pot man throw. Like he's not he's not there to be invested throughout the property. Superhero named the Human Crock Pot. If only maybe he'll play a third time. Yeah. He's just like, Oh, Yep I'm a big bowl of Chili like he looked like he was constantly dressing for chilly weather. I mean Memphis was in my opinion probably the most interesting parts of big brother twenty two because of just the way they played it's still a staggering to me that this guy wound up at the final five after that h we he had week to. Like I know forget him being like a right I'm not going to tell anybody who should go I'm gonNA tell nobody who I'm targeting that everyone goes for the safety suite including my own allies. David. Welcome to the kids table buddy like he I think he got very lucky that his law ended up winning out from then on that he was able to slip back under the radar because I cannot believe this guy one. Wants and did that let alone two more times after that and was able to make it to Had probably the second biggest chance of winning. Had he not been affected this week? I, think people were scared of him. Like I really do I mean even cody talks about that. With being terrified of Memphis. And not wanting to put him up. So yeah he's he's also a little. Too crotchety a crotchety pot the human crotchety. Human just I think that that that inability to really connect with people and keep connecting with them is like you made the alliance of any. Didn't win as often as cody's that he would just sort of sit back and be like I'm fine. But why is anyone wanting to trust him work with him at that point? So if he had just I mean, he was close to both him and Christmas were close to winning that past h h and if they had just managed to do it. Would have been a different game. THEME OF THE SEASON HERE Oh. My God seriously, and also with the alliance's remembered the we we. We guffawed. The prospects of the committee existing right Oh Julie Chen Ova Committee. Oh, she has no idea what's going on. The committee at the six of the final seven right. That's just so wild to me that that ended up happening is a byproduct of who won competitions wasn't the committee was not supposed to work. It was an alliance where the Memphis made and they were never supposed to talk to each other. Again that's how alliances worked in Big Brother and somehow because of all these competition when slowly. But surely, it actually became a real thing. Oh goodness. I cannot believe that that actually got manifest because again, we forget about it. We assumed it was such. Assuredly, the wiseguys was more secure and the show made you aware of that considering that county probably no less than ten episodes where the wise is was mentioned in the previously on with the exact same scene to it dialogue included. YEP YEP YEP. Yeah. That was definitely beaten to our brains. I mean, it's also hilarious. So I, I agree from an entertainment perspective as well but but yeah, memphis running the show. How. Let's let's get into some more memphis because. MEMPHIS was yet another one of those people along with like your quiches Kevin's preseason who people are like wow. Wow we're really they got Memphis Robert. Memphis Garrett the womanizer himself to return for this season how the hell is that going to work Liana how much of a card did you think Memphis is going to be preseason? Are Right so. If one person left in my predictions that I had predicted making pre jerry that one was. So way off in terms of how I thought he would do but I wrote the Memphis would and this was okay reminder we wrote these predictions right after the first episode because we didn't know confirmed the full cast. Okay. So I wrote the Memphis would fall in several comps during the season and big brother would create a montage of him falling wall playing the Benny Hill theme song. I wrote that he could not adapt his style of Gameplay and struggled without Dan lies and I also wrote that he is no fun. That's it. That was the whole bullet point and then for his comic book name I wrote. MEMPHIS. And in parentheses the will feature Memphis in several means distracted boyfriend meam spongebob upper lower case mean Ghana funeral excetera, and so this sword of happened during the eviction on a you mentioned that on those four screens Memphis walked out one of them was him Casualty leading with his head on his hand and it sort of looks like to me the condescending Wonka me. So perhaps Memphis actually became a thing even though it was not as comic book name. Oh my gosh I loved that when I saw that tweet was like Oh. This is perfect. This is so true. He definitely does look like axes like leaning over. And so the profile looks very similar. So. Close. I MEAN MEMPHIS MEMPHIS okay. That's like pretty close. Phonetically Account Memphis as a point in my column because I, did not get. But I feel like, Memphis is very similar. Is very similar. Yes. So unfortunately, I did not come up with Memphis for Memphis. My Superhero named for Memphis was the APP tyzzer. Parentheses a combination restaurant and hacker character. What? Did he like win Hacker Connell. Maybe. There was going to be some sort of high tech COM that Memphis wins, and of course, he's a restaurant tour. So he's the APP tighter. Oh, of course. Yes. But I said that I've said that Memphis would make the jury I said that he would be this season's quote Unquote Watch Contest Aka all but disappears from the game to the point where people are tracking him not sure really did we really have one of those this season? Like someone that was just never. The, for example, like this came from Andy Herren, infamously doing becky watch for a long time. Becky really just wasn't doing too too much. I don't think so I think everybody was either involved in the majority alliance or on the outside, and so there was no real place for anyone to hide. So I said, he'll never take his hat off I. Love. UNNECESS-. Beanie I said he'd get the Kathy at it for completely biffing it in every challenge participates in. And also, he gets taken out around final six to final four. There's a situation where there's literally no other choice. Oh my God. My is one of those. Wrap it up. Yeah Go. Yeah. So you know how you start it's how you finish. They'LL MEMPHIS and not have a very strong considering again, he had with his underwear pulled over his head thinking that the white guys we're going to protect them. Do Okay. Do you guys think he was blindsided? So from what he told me apparently during the take like he talked to end zone, Denzel's like Yeah WanNa keep you just of talk to cody, which is just like a huge. Red Flag. Okay. Clearly he doesn't want to keep him which is why he changed his speech. So I think I don't know if he was necessarily surprised that he went think he's surprised at like it actually happened like that. It's like, oh they why would they do this? Like sure they might do it but it's stupid for them to do so for in his opinion and then it actually happened. Right I mean I think it's hard at that point in time unless you are truly committing to the blindside bit of like, no, no no I got you bro like we're good. We're good. We're good. We're good. It's so hard to fool at that point just because those lies of like, Oh, I got to check with and so oh, I got to see what the House wants. None of that works right? Because there's two of US exactly like, oh no just got check and see what the rest of the house is doing like imagine next week when someone says that like there's one of you, you are the house. I am the house we are the city exactly. So Memphis warmer thing I'm GONNA ask before we start moving into the games while around the track of Memphis because I've heard a lot of stuff about how Memphis is you know quote unquote like an old school player he brought such an old school mentality to this season that was primarily new school looking back in a do both of you agree Mary I know you're someone who has been covering old school big brother. You just did the block for season. D. Do you find facets of that game in? MEMPHIS? I think that he was. Going to say. In some ways, it's like an old school survivor game, which is in ways like a new school big brother game because he he really did the I'm going to create an alliance and I'm GONNA. Stick with it for the most part in the crease up alliances within that one, which is kind of old school survivor in new school big brother. But I think the main difference with old school big brother that he didn't do is there was more clear cut US versus them. Two sides and I think he did try to. Not Make. It appear that way maybe that's just with the fact that now it's like let's create an alliance of nine people and there's there's not even really a point in having two sides because one is so outnumbered. His attitude comes across old school because he's so. He has. said it forget it. So yeah, he's. Right. That attitude feels old school. But when you actually look at old school big brother, Games people were loyal which I? Do think that he feels that's kind of how he plays but they're more. Training the way to describe it like in old school if you were. Not working with the H and not part of their alliance. You'RE NOT GONNA try to appease the house necessarily just to vote that way. New School has a lot more. Even. Unanimous votes in the fewer split votes that kind of thing I think that he is a proponent of Oh, well, I'm the H. got to do what I want, which is actually more new school. Yeah, that's a I actually, really like also to go back to the comparison to the survivor season because if it felt like a little bit of win Memphis made the committee, it was kind of like going into the merge where it was like okay, guys. So obviously the six of us together, we'll never have to talk we're all voting together not a problem. We're never going to talk about it again, kind of thing and it's just like a given to Memphis, where you don't need to be actually building those relationships because you were bonded for however many days on a tribe together. So I think that that that kind of makes sense to me. And Yeah it's definitely the crotchety pot attitude of it. All that I think really cements him is an older older school player or maybe I don't know maybe it is the thing about feeling like he has to have bonds with every single person in the house also that he doesn't do that might make him seem more old school. So it's not necessarily them versus us, but it's like I'm not going to bother to create these relationships of people because I already have my crew. Maybe it's more of an emphasis on old. Yeah. Very. Old. Yeah. Yeah. There's that I think that he's not he while he did make like multiple alliances the multiple alliances he made were already people that he was working with. He didn't try to do all. He was following the Boston rules of one it majority lion's number to majority within that majority. Right? He never he was not one of those people who's going to be like, okay. I'm going to go off and make an actual side alliance with case. Journal he knew that they wanted to work with him and in spite. Of that. He's still despite that he still didn't try to keep them even though it might have been for his best interests later on more new school player would say, okay, here's my lines but let me also make sure I have connections with everybody else and he wasn't really doing that. So that does feel a little bit more old fashioned but but I, think a lot of it's more like whether it was old school gameplay or new school game play. It is just sort of old man game play like it's not really. Not, about the time period, it's just about his personality. I wonder then should we like stop doing old school versus new school and more? So do like differentiate game play based on the period of in your life like Oh that's such early twenties game play. Yeah. He was playing some pretty straightforward late thirties, early forties game play as opposed to playing like a nice young hipster kind of game play or the you know he's not he's not down with the kids whereas you have who's close in age Lee Enzo but based on his language alone you're GonNa set him apart and think that he's More more hip. Hip and happening. Yeah, I mean Memphis is is the baby boomer he is the Jax whereas ends does in their be unlike Hella Saas. Slit I'm I'm a Gen Z.. Game play back to the Enzo. Mirroring stuff. It's not even mirroring but ends is also great about repetition like how he just kept yelling beast at emphasis he was walking out which I guess is jury management. I'm chuck it up to that of I'm just being beast show beast. Beast he's a beast. and. I just love when the end of the episode of being like what is this night moves night moves your what is this night moves? What does that even night moves? Man Know what. Was, what not Nice Moves It really is repetition like he says the same things over and over and over and over again, and it's really he's like. You know the real life human of trying to fill up the ten pages on your essay. because. It's just like repeating the same pillar. Short. Well, you know I would say therefore and then Mesopotamia y'all was what it was cradle of civilization. That's what I'm saying. A Like if I keeps talking even if I'm saying the same things over and over if I just keep talking, maybe nobody will notice that I have nothing to say. Yeah. Yeah. It's Oh you think you're having the conversation with the person even though there's nothing of substance that you're saying because I, feel like sometimes people don't even want to have a conversation with you like they just WanNa talk and so memphis sort of that. Perfect or Memphis Oh God and opposite of. Real Jen baby boomer gameplay Anyway Enzo very much in that brand of just. Yeah. Let me just keep talking to get you to keep talking. Doesn't really matter what I'm saying necessarily. All right. Well, Leon, we want to hear what you have to say about that. So what do you have first up on deck care for the Games this week. Okay. So the very first activity that we are going to enjoy I hope. Is the BB Comic Book Battle So one of the benefits of having returning players come on the season is some of them had comics made a previous to this season. So what we're going to do is sort of like a head to head matchup of old comic versus new comic. Now, we can decide as a group are criteria. Is it do we make the assumption that they are truly superheroes and they are battling each other or are we going simply based on which comics we think are better judging? Just in general based on the comics because I was quite taken by a quote from one Melissa. Deni on the recap episode and she said the took such care in the making the comics previously and I'm really truly wondering if that's true because I also seem to remember the comics being, Oh, comics are so great I love the comics. because. They were so stupid because clearly they continue to be so stupid. So if you want to follow along with us, you can check out the bit dot L. Y. Link. So that's bit dot l. y. slash bb comics. So all lower case bit dot L. Y. Slash B B Comics and that's lower case and to be to these comics. Okay. So. Let's go ahead and open up our first matchup and that is none other than the Queen Bay. Bailey herself. So Mike, maybe you can describe these two comics. So the way that I have it organized is we have the comic from September two, thousand, eighteen realize the dates on them so that's quite Compared to the one from from this year. I worked out with Portas timing as well. Right wait but it's not September why why the comic dated. Yeah I don't know. I guess they're trying to continuity. Okay. So of course, we have sort of like a before and after things. So on the left is the Queen Bay. From a season twenty, it is Bailey wearing a bit out probably love the Wasp I know that Mary is in big into marvel movies a lot. You Know Hope Ban dying and it says get ready for Bay Hem. Verse is the BB Twenty Two version Bailey's comet, which has her wearing some sort of like. Purple and. Light Blue Onesie as she surfing on a comment and the subtitle is a constellation sensation. So essentially, this is face versus bug who will win. Well in the battle of space versus bug would you would you rather have the relationship with one Queen Bay or get hit by a come whatever the JEFF quotas and Yeah I. I do think comment alone Bailey or no Bailey is given just smash the beat a pieces of you're like in in that I mean is this a shrunken beers she like lifestyle fishy full size is she hers size or she like little tiny be because If you had if you were giant the power of an aunt because ants can lift like what like a thousand times their weight or something I don't think can do the same thing. So she doesn't get any sort of like superpowers from just being life size be except for maybe this thing in the ability to fly. Interesting. Yeah, it's hard. It's hard to tell the Queen Bay because there are buildings in the background, but it's very difficult to get a sense of scale. And so you know just I mean she if she's drawn proportionately, she could be any size to be honest but it seems that at least flying superpower, she'll just seems to be punching I don't know if bees have the power of punch. That's the sort of Stinger like I'm going to hit you with a Stinger thing but I as stupid as the Bailey comet. COMIC IS I do agree that I wouldn't the comet immediately just smashed the be regardless of size. Yeah. Should we create a new version of rock paper scissors called like the comet I don't know what defeats a comment. But this is the be somehow. Okay. So yeah, because I think it's more about what the because. He defeats Bruce Willis because he's allergic to bees. Armageddon and the comet to be perfect. Okay Great. So this is. Comet be. Yup. Hand signals are for those but. The pullback, your hair, your ball like Bruce Willis. The comet is a fist. Raw. It's like bird, right? Yeah this makes sense. It's a little confusing is punching which gets confusing with the fist but sure. Yes probably go comment on this one even though they both have pretty I gotTa Say Pretty Minimal lame backgrounds here for the rest of the comics. Some people get like bad guys and stuff they kind of don't really have much going on. Their surprise. Appearance maybe. So I can see the comet these for comment in Bailey's Thompson. These should've put his little face on the continent so much better. Oh, man thank ms sovereign looking at the subtitles though I think get ready for bay. Ham is better than accommodation constellation sensation. I think yeah. I think for me based on if we're talking about just pure comic, which comic would I rather read? I'm going to read the Bay but if we're talking superheroes I think Bailey's comet beats the Queen Bay light if that makes sense. Okay. All right. Let's move on here. Two CHRISTMASES, comics Of course there are both Christmas themed Mary. What do you make of the Pala Lunatic versus Mrs? So. For those of you who don't remember the follow-up lunatic was from season nineteen where it was probably one of the most obvious seasons of like. Hey all you people left. You're the bad guys because we're going to show you how terrible your comics are. You're all clearly villains clearly not great. So. I think in terms of that Mrs Claus got a little bit of an upgrade but yeah, we've got Christmas here follow lunatic on a scooter wearing a Santa she's wearing and Santa Hat and both actually And she's shooting missiles out of her scooter at like a reindeer I think. She'll make you fully snobby dead. Oh that's my fire my face. Bad. Is I don't think this is suitable for all ages I? Think this is like a dark graphic novel very terrifying dead pool. Yeah. She's very scary looking. She's evil grinning. It's really creepy. It's really creepy. The poor reindeer is just about to be blasted by these missiles. The Christmas tree is already torn in half. So that's terrible so that that definitely. Sets a mood really paints a picture Mrs Claus on the other hand here she is smiling more and she is just destroying a snowman with massive wolverine style claws. Slashing through the snow so Do. You think those and do you think she's wearing gloves or think gets like truly adamantine? Like, they're like gauntlets. If you're using if you're like trimming the hedges right now and you you hit you put those. Loves on. This is how I edges. Sure. It seems to be an either one doesn't seem Davin necessarily superpowers but more along the lines of iron man and that her equipment. Seem. I. Mean of course she looks quite strong in both as she is quite strong and real life but you know like Mary said she's got the missile, scooter? And then the gauntlet gloves the Mrs Claus. The confusing thing about Mrs Claus, she's wearing it sort of A. Theme. Dresser like bathrobe or something in some some black leggings, both of which also have like scratch marks in them as if she has clawed her own clothing. Well. Maybe she put on like crap I have to put on my leggings. Music. Be Really. Careful. Like it takes so. Long to get these gauntlet glove she's not. A lot of weird stuff about this season's. BB. X One was I mean to your point Mary I think production because people were really ragging on like cody and Enzo for making fun of what is King Case King of getting victim pre jury who the hell's that Oh. That's Kisha that was one hundred percent bet to them by production. But I mean, it was very clearly set up, throw them under the bus right to came make fun of everyone who went out of the House that. Everyone likes much better than you. Yeah. For sure and so I think looking at these like the Mrs Claus is little bit of a upgrade in terms of being nicer to Christmas I. Guess He's a little but she still destroying an innocent Christmas themed setting that like the Snowman here does not look like a bad guy he's not she's just tearing him apart but I do think that it's nicer to her than literally calling her a lunatic in her. Name. I mean, it's not hard to make her look slightly better. Straight up, call her a lunatic But Yeah, Mary I think your point is very apt about her destroying innocent bystanders regardless of the call she's she's a beast. And from that perspective, do say that you know say what you want to about frozen the movie but in my point of view reindeer trump's snowmen. So I'm GonNa go with the follow lunatic finger she has firepower having long range missiles pointed if the clause any day though if Mrs Claus gets near that Scooter Crispus can get away quick enough because she is right hobbled I will also say that I think by far the most awkward part of the past few comics competitions in my opinion have been when for some reason, the houseguests in the diary. Room may get hit with some sort of weird ray maybe it's the shrink ray from their earlier competition and they turn into the comic version of themselves and it is by far the most incredibly awkward thing that does not involve Julie Chen moonves says that I see on big brother every season I particularly noticed bad about cody on this one when he like talking as his comic guy is really weird. Yet, they could only move between two poses because the guy who drew this like didn't animate it. So they can only go between two things like their mouth barely moves. You have recently talked about this on the Massingir podcasts about the craziness ventriloquist when it comes to the baby alien I feel like we're getting shades of that here when they get turned into their comic book characters. It's so weird. I'm so happy that you brought this up because it's just so unnecessary and creepy. It is quite the choice to include that and especially for some of them, it's definitely more creepy than others I would say for me, the one that stood out was Enzo as the weird. Thing the meow meow of course, I believe his name and have it here but but that one was extra created. The cat was his face was so skinny in that comic, like it looked rail thin. So it's very weird to go from. Enzo, relatively normal head to like this super slim physique with him. Going, Bob Bob Bob while he's saying, it is what it is going to win this competition I'm a cat Yo. Yeah. Exactly. 'cause they can't really move the mouse just like that's so weird. which again, just like fine like animate them although I guess it's not worth it but if it's not worth it for that short segment, then just don't do it at all like who who had home is clamoring for this. Alright well, let's go ahead and let's move on to Nicole's costume. So Nicole has gotten three big brother Comex in her time on big brother, and all of them have been based off of her costume. So that's when you know really do a lot of work here. So she has October fist. Which is, of course, she's your worst nightmare, which is her German leotards thing super safety girl from bb eighteen. Her cones will bring you down and from this from this season serial killer sloppy costume things are about to get sloppy. The middle and just feels very gufah mystic. I. Don't know if it's said, but her cones will bring you down. Made me feel. Yeah definitely. In in the episode, Nicole did not seem to be happy about either this one or any previous ones but you can't have it given both ways you're going to be the person seeking out all of these punishment costumes than you know that that's just. Bread and for the BB comics creators. I think out of all of these three. October fist is the most fun like she's not really doing anything super safety girls kind of just standing there your. cones doing all the work. So I don't know about that. I'M GONNA go with octoberfest as well because I also the only one to transcend the written medium because if we recall big brother nineteen, there were what the Revenge Irs oh yeah. Because what they called it and Nicole, I don't know if you recall played a lead role as October fest even before Cody California broke into the acting where all was the goal Frenzel doing just that. So I, feel like because it is probably her most well regarded role of the three I have to go with who knows maybe twenty three we'll have the vendors part to wear sloppy makes a return appearance or serial killer. So. The thing about the serial killer one is she's smiling and the costume and shirt her hands are kind of like fist pumping like she's like, yeah, and then she's just walking down a city street destroying the city. So very much feels like non. Purposeful. Destruction like she's just like, yeah whereas octoberfest is really you know come at you. She's like ready to attack. She's got her weenies in the background flying. And so I think also octoberfest is probably the most menacing of all definitely I. think that's the that's the one that's coming at you like emission serial killer gets coming in second four lamenting super-safe two girls just standing there with their cones out in about and I don't feel like one of you know. I don't know action-oriented. Caution baby. All right. So. The next. The next match up we have is the OH I don't know if you guys remember this but there was someone named Nicole who is not Nicole Frenzel who is always the? Only, on A. Nicole Aa, we have her to comics. So her her first comic is the nickel losses. With greetings from strong island this actually kind of reminds me of the serial killer one. She's just walking through the city streets causing random destruction with weird harold what our hands are doing you flaw hand for sure she have clawed hand would. She doesn't have are they talent? Is that a bird reference? Oh. Maybe but she's doing it in her other comic from this season as well. The pod math wage. Curling. Palsy. Exposing. Rice would definitely lose some points for this if he was judging her look here. Yeah this is the Nicole Office one Oh surprised me most year because I really thought that they would try to give her a very positive like she's a hero kind of person but instead this, this is a little villainous innocent bystanders running away screaming what is going on with the building behind her it looks like Oh that might be a hole in it I don't know I thought it looked like a giant spider I wasn't sure what? With that. SPIDERS spider drawing. No. So she kind of is she looks maybe it's also what she's wearing in the first one. She looks like she's just like a little kid who super sized and his smashing her way through this city. The microbrews comedy or the competition is the opposite. She just got enlarge and she's wandering the had come out and say it I think losses is so. Like her face like I feel so bad and that's why I'm going to go with the pod master because the calls also has the open mouth look at the moment that just makes her look terrible I totally agree this is your fan favourite from season twenty-one. Why are you making her look like this? The pod master I enjoy even though ends up promising he'll never listen to a podcast I think. She looks better. I think you know it appeals to us much more. I'm not sure about all the Rainbow Thought Nicolas's warranty unit. UNICORNS than the Rainbow feel about her appropriating the rainbow for her own benefit but the potter master just does not look like a circus freak unlike Nikolas and well, it still looks a little villainous here because the people appears to be that she's like brainwashing them through podcasting but. I. Don't know why there's like to what are these people joggers who are like hypnotized coming at her, and then she making someone rob a bank maybe. There's like Josh will on a cell phone. So Mary's dog in the pod master comic you have in the foreground Nicole who does like very gorgeous here but in the background you've got like hypnotized people different panels of is who? I agree with you I think what happened the story is the top left. She hypnotized the guy to rob a bank. That's my guess the other two I have no clue like the to joggers that are just like they're like zombies walking liquidity war are they her soldiers that are going to go other people and then the guy who's watching the podcast is she? hypnotize ing him to subscribe to the podcast become a patriot. These a crime, the other two were just being a person. There seems to be another jogger also in the bottom left kind of hidden by her hand, but also just seems to be wearing a pink shirt like running towards you so. Yeah I. Don't really know what's going on there. In fact I think it's the same woman is in the top, right? Yeah. It does look like they just cropped it over a little bit wait. Yeah, it is least sexy. Yeah. Kit, while I guess a couple of these TV screens are out according to the the. Out of order signal on these television so I think. The. Look into her cable setup. And the one behind her is spongebob correct me if I'm wrong here if you're podcasting. On. Air. Aren't. You just a radio host then is this like how is that a podcast? Are we on Air Right now? I guess we're broadcast. To no one. Yeah, I don't know that's a good. That's a good question I. Don't know about that All right. Well, yeah I. so again, I'm going to give it to the pod master. Would agree with me here. Yes. Because of the NICOLAAS. Yeah. Just sort of like feels like. More of a mistake. Then actual diabolical nece. Okay MIC. We gotTA talk about Cody California's comics because I need you to help work through this one and Mary as well because I'm sorry holy thought about this. So he was sent from the future to protect Zach. Ephron that doesn't make any sense as to the name as to the purpose. This was two thousand what. Two Thousand Thirteen is acuff Ron was not nearly at the zenith that he was beforehand. Also, you have to pick one John Travolta Travolta Nader is right there. He looks much more like a young John Travolta Zach Ephron I. Oh yeah. Well, I think the thing was that he had like one segment on the show about talking about how he liked. Zach Ephron, which is is all well and good, but it wasn't his thing that whole season I feel like there was other stuff that was his thing we did he rarely I thought it was that he looked like Zach. I, want they also had a segment saying that he looked like you're right like John Travolta which I agree with not only that but link. This comic does not look like him at all I don't know who this is supposed to look like. Thick makes no sense to me. So okay, I mary. Thank you for bringing that up because I'm now in flashing back to I remember that one segment where he was talking about how he like Zach. Ephraim but it was very much a one off and it wasn't it wasn't anything consistent but let's okay sure find you're going to base it off the Zach Ephron comments. This still makes no sense because he's okay he's standing the man who supposedly is supposed to be cody is standing in front of Zach Franz dressing room to I guess protect Zach Ephron from the Papa. which you just which man in a green coat with a camera. But also wait. But let's talk about the weaponry of the F. Reiter because he's holding what looks to be some sort of like futuristic read gun that looks just like a nerf gun. So is he's shooting them. Is He beating them up? Why is he ripped in many places quite literally in terms of his own treaded ads, but also like his metallic skin is peaking out. I, don't know Mrs Claus got a hold of him. I mean, it looks like he's grabbing this guy by the scruff but or potentially he just snapped his neck I mean, it's one or the other. Know. That guy does not look like he's in good shape here. So I don't know if like murdering Paparazzi? Really counts is like a intense superhero because we have the Up Against Cody's comic from this season, which is the tally feary don't mess with this twisted Mr. which I believe is that banned from the eighty s? Very much if it's pretty Ephron, he doesn't know about it but it looks like I'm looking at like you also look at the people throwing out of his way like the seems to be no looks like a bank robber under these are these are bank robbers. One has a red mask and one has a blue mask. With the kind of looks like worth from Star Trek you don't look up close up, they're just wearing masks and also cow Twister up. I would nice and timeless but like the Caliph Fury, here's a thing pick one or the other you either pick one that has to do with. Pig a name that has to do with what the comic represents like. He should be called something tornado or something like that. Or pick something that goes with his name. But then the thing you pick with his name needs to also relate to the comic like he if he was caliph. Fury than I am thinking like. Furious. Like he looks really mad and maybe it's temper like hulk hoax out kind of situation. I don't know where the tornado is coming from what does this have to do with anything? I mean, my sumptuous Eric got on the line with the producers amid go easy on cody with this comic. Okay. But nothing about sack Ephron he's done with that. please. Still More Zach upfront references look and I just want to say as much as we're making fun of these comics. Please continue to do them big brother production because they're bringing me so much joy even if they don't make any sense that's part of the fun of it all because. Yeah, there's nothing. Her any type of weather related in Califor- e necessarily right like. I don't don't really get it here. But. That being said I, think, I'm more terrified of Caliph fury even if it's vague compared to the F. because I have no beef with Zach Ephron so I believe that I would be okay. With the for nature here, this is probably the toughest one we've done yet. There is so much mystery like if I saw the effort or as a comic cover, I'm inherently more interested at this very specific story whatever then Calipari is setting up also, but I will give points. For. Also having a more realistic neck as opposed to the were cody as neck is because his head. Yeah I do think that if I was gonna read one I would definitely read the letter The Caliph fury though he does seem to be a little bit. Like. He actually has a superpower and not just a futuristic NERF gun. I'm going to vote for whichever one has the cow on it. So I'm going CAL theory. That's true. Actually, it's very much to your corner Mary. Oh my God. Okay. That's perfect All right. Well, let's keep chugging through got few more to get through. So the another person who has been on gotten three different comics is Dave von. So Mary. Thank God is, is this phoning it in? Mama Day is the. Weakest One we've seen so far I mean, this is worse than, super. Safety girl. She's not only is the name phony in subtitle. She's one tough mother and she's just punching. We don't know what she's pushing. There's. Rubble round no I don't know. She's she's punching. There's rubble. Now what's most interesting here I think is that they also phoned it in the next year with destruction in that it's the same outfit they didn't even draw new out of it. They just put her in the exact same purple shorts, leotards thing but now her hair is taken down a jet or something what is put it this Listen, you can't help, but she didn't get. She hasn't yet to get a costume punishment. So it's not like Nicole where there are sources of plenty to give her a new outfit. You could at least swap the colors or something no they just are in the exact same outfit radioactive accident turned Mama Day into. Okay. So at least a bare acknowledging that she is still Mama Day. But now she's At least Jean Grey became the Phoenix I believe she wore a different now right the people weren't like why why does Jean Grey suddenly doing now? Otherwise I think people who are fans of the BBC comic, university like Mama. Day. Doing now grabbing jets with her hair wait the proportions are also very often that is she giant now I life as she must yeah, I liked destruction as a name better, and then now we've got daydream. Interesting year that they went with her spelling of day as opposed to literally writing a DIY which they did for the last two but we got daydream and okay. So here's the thing. Your dreams will become a reality. Now this seems a little bit. Kinky me right I mean she's tying up a guy who's in bed and he's like dreaming that he's being tied up and he's actually being tied up. This is his. Daydream married. That's what I'm saying I mean look at this guy he doesn't see. He doesn't seem too upset about it. He does kind of look like why Dec-. Munchkin from lunch in land. That's my biggest concern. Really is. Much about I don't know he does look kind of like that guy he he also just kind of looks like like. Mario or something I don't really know what's happened men but. Yes. So right. So we've got the a the thing about daydream is it doesn't seem to be the third edition in the Momma Day day -struction universe, right so at least they gave her a different and almost like when you've committed to the bit now like why not just continue the triad right but they at least gave her a different outfit but this is by far the most confusing of all of the superpowers to Mary's point like the. What so the guy, maybe the guy wants to be tied up is up the thing like maybe it's not a menacing. Your dreams will become a reality because if you have good dreams that that's like a good way did she I'm confused about is that clearly she has tied up in her dream why is he tied up in reality? In your dreams will become a reality so That it. Appears a Freddy Kruger Situation Yes. She only exists in the dreamworld, but whatever happens in the dreamworld becomes a reality and include an object like if I. if I give you a stake in a dream stakes, not going to appear in your mouth when you get will, but it's going to be a ghost. During their with the rope. Yeah. So I have no sense also of really any of the powers of. A ALTER EGOS. So Mama Day can punch -struction seems to have control over her hair and might be giant and Adri plumbing. Mike's Gases as good as mine except his is terrible. So maybe not. But Yeah I don't get it. All right. Well, then I guess by default I have to go with day. -struction because guess it's I. Mean this is a very low bar to clear but Mama Day is just so basic and daydream is just so confusing the destruction wins by purely being like the least offensive of the three. Definitely. Yeah. All right. Well, now, we gotta talk about someone who apparently looked like an out of work magician according to Enzo, and that is tyler so. Robin crew addressed this a little bit on the recap episode. But we have here the life Guardian and this is from Tyler's original season. Payback's Bax. A beach. Verses Labral. Curl DABIRA diabolical. Own. I looks terrible. labral curled so bad his outfit is terrible. I mean. It's literally like he's wearing a blue bathrobe thing and then he's got this horrible Cape His Hair I. Don't I don't know what's happening his face doesn't look like him like the Weiss Guardian at least looks like Tyler and he's got the power of sand and they get to make a play on bitch which they're really loving recently on big brother is this what he gets for trying to quit back in five they're like us to get back we're gonNA make a terrible comic book for You I think definitely I mean the the background of the comic is Lazy I. Don't Know What this is. It's it's like Nicole's claw hand but giant in the background. Yeah. The background also makes no sense like he is supposed to be on maybe like a planet like a looking alien planet or something like that. Type, of thing. Yeah, he's definitely has like the darth city as hands going on with like the electricity coming out of his fingers but also his hair. So. I. Don't know maybe he's part of the pod Masters Network because broadcasting her podcast live on this alien planet but I just feel like the phrase diabolical. I. Also, like it's the weird thing where the eyes are for some reason lower case in everything else else's upper case that it kind of a nerve. Like, okay, we need a hair related phrase and going to the rhyming dictionary somebody came up with follicles, Diabolic I. Bala. Goo follicles. Should be. Having a bad hair diabolical follicles I can get curled straight. I'll just have to wear a hat that being said it has to be the life. Guardian. just because it makes tyler look better it involves less confusing subtitles and also I forgot the lifeguard might be like into human trafficking because it looks like he has a prisoner in the sand castle behind him. Yeah I mean everything about the life guardian is better except for his foot which is I don't know what's happened in Mary. Why is he ever such a point to go? Yeah got it. Looks like a skeleton. Yeah it's weird but that one's just A more flattering comic. He's probably a hero given his name whereas the labral curled. As just sort of unnecessarily shooting electricity out of his hands. Well Jelly. It's a diabolical follicle day for me. Okay. I'm sorry I have of honor never going to survive. All right. So Life Guardian absolutely wins here diabolical follicles is just so stupid. Okay. Now, for David. David is the next contestant that we're going to talk about and he he did have a comic from his original season. His was freeze frame. For us I, he has like Donnie and a couple of other people frozen in the background. Yeah Mike can you explain this line of? So it's David is covered with a bunch of cameras like he's Elissa Edwards from repulsed drag race all-stars too but it looks like he has the ability to like extend his hands and almost like Abracadabra electricity shoot out of the cameras that causes people to freeze a static yellow light. So the person in the foreground actually kind of looks like Enzo looks like a Caucasian male with like a shaved head and abandoned on. Then the background looks like three people that are frozen that looks like. Let's see looks like Donnie looks like someone from the movie The warriors and I'm going to say Benjamin Franklin is the third. Yeah. No, that's a great comparison. With the vest in the hair it's truly Franklin. I think the issue here is that the stuff is so bulky. Yeah let's. He's not he doesn't have just cameras on his hand all over his thighs he's wearing a giant camera on the pack giant Flash Bulb. Yeah. He's got one of those screens like behind his thigh. I don't know how that is necessarily attached to him but this is up against David and Goliath his comic from this year Mary, which was like the growing versions of himself or maybe he's just growing like I can't tell if this is. Oh, my God what was that the book series where you would turn into an animal or if this is an anamour type situation I, took it to be kind of animals like were just 'cause. They're kinda faded in the middle like he gets from this little this big. He's kind of like this is the process that Nicole losses took. Just we didn't see it but we're GONNA get in the before it after here now. What is in the background of this one? Though there's like? The cow, a house Oh. Doll peg board looks like into those mirrors and couches. So it's looked like David among the fifteen times he was nominated just decides to start growing at shoots through the roof apparently. So this one is clearly in the big brother are a universe which is interesting. So at least. Doesn't have a bulky outfit. And do we know why he was covered in cameras in the previous? What what does that have to do with him? So he when he when he and his initial season, he was billed as a photographer. Okay interesting. Yeah I mean, it's no, it's no a crush on Zach Ephron, but they were they were really I don't know they were thinking maybe I'll actually I think my mainframe was to be like the Comeback Kid in this one because he was known for comebacks I'm surprised they didn't go in that direction. I agree with Yuliana I can't tell if he's shrinking or if he's growing. Yeah, I guess at the tiny one is more in proportion with the furniture that's in the background. But I pulled up also winstons comic. Twin Stinson just because I thought maybe David vs Goliath was like multiple of him and I was wondering how David vs Goliath would versus two. Winston and also just Winston made me laugh he has a cloned to pick with crime. But the. Less relevant now that I better understand the David and Goliath comic. Yeah I mean I guess. Phases of David against all the Twinstar who do you think would win? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. I think I don't know there's a lot of winstons here but the the giant again, this is you know how many it's one giant David vs? Who would win in a fight I? Think that's a complicated question. That's a good question I feel like David would like stop you before he threw a punch and like would explain to you what does a punch really mean or like insists that he's not going to punch you but then still punch you. Yeah. So I think I. So it's unclear David and Goliath is it bull? Yeah. Is it both of them because it's David and Goliath? Like do you get both the tiny and the giant version of David? It's unclear if he has any other superpowers whereas freeze frame, really kid freeze people in their tracks with seems to be a very powerful I I like the idea that it's growth, the little and the bigger David that he can like, pick up a little one and put him on his shoulders and then like you know what you Need for a little bit. What are you need a little David for? Blend in. Blend is. Not. Believe she's like a normal human side. Really. Enjoying the you've. Played like those video games where you need the little, the little or one, the normal sized. Crawl through the vent and the big one can like smash something up in another location. You know what maybe it's such delights is David is Goliath secret identity. You know like, Oh, I'm not. Just, Me David Alexander. He's. A normal did. All. Right. Well, then I guess I'm GonNa go ahead and Pick David and Goliath because I love what Mary, his come up with, which is throwing the t the tiny David around but that's hilarious to me. So yeah, I'm going with David and Goliath yeah, yeah I might have to choose freeze frame because I do love me a Ben Franklin Kim I'm GonNa go Winston that Oh. Okay, well so that was that was the last comparison that we can do between. People who were on previous seasons because obviously big brother comics didn't start until big brother sixteen but there was one other comparison that I thought was pretty interesting and that was immense fist as we've talked about at length versus Corey. From big brother eighteen comic was the missile. I didn't I didn't realize that there was kind of this history of Lake choosing body parts to be weapons, but the mistletoe is far weirder than and. I A certain fan of Enzo has has this comic framed on their wall right? Because it prominently features Corey speech shooting missiles. Well, the other thing that the mistletoe features is both the missiles and the Santa from both of Chris Mrs Comex. That's right and it's like in the same location at least this. Snowman looks angry based on the eyebrows and the frowny what are you doing? tagline is this Christmas Kizer, ass? Good Goodbye. But with three exclamation points like he's writing a post on a facebook group. I just put his foot up your. What's going to happen and then blast it i. don't know that could also be that guy's fetish from the company. And also nice mentioned October fist. She's not shown you know front facing but as she's still very reference as corey trying to kiss her also trying to foot kill a snowman at the same time. Really a multitasker is cory foot kills your man. Plows I. Think I don't know I. Guess you're asking by it's funny but Memphis. Mess with this fist. Allah gist is very, very weird a delightful way. It's so weird. It's so weird and I love that he's wearing the vast you know singles really. Poor shot mixologist by the bar. The actual mixologist, right? Like the actual bartender is there. And then the other guy in the foreground looks pretty beaten up looks like he's missing tooth. So it seems like Memphis, already got a his hand, his fist if you will. Turn his that big in golden or you think that always is a thing. How does he hold his fist up his fist looks like it weighs more than entire body. Looks very strong. So I don't know maybe it's made out of one of those really lightweight materials that they make like fancy by. Stuff's. Okay, well, that concludes all the comparisons we have very quick game at the end I have to comics. That I want to see if you guys can guess who the common. Good and The first one is the salesmen. So Ohno. Who who you think this might be a comic. Like anyone that I recognize all right I. Have I have I. Have a guess. Is this Jeff. From Big Brother. Seventeen. Guess, okay. I mean. What is What is going on the salesman look like him at although also, why is his briefcase shooting missiles? What's with this obsession with shooting missiles in these comments? Why hasn't? Complex invested in becoming so much. To really want to promote it. And he his fist is also quite large. This may have been the first iteration of Memphis Te. But? Yes. This one I was just like who like it took me awhile like who is this? And I have the same reaction to the crustacean. which is the next comic I have here the Tagline is you won't like me when I'm crying guests that this is Hayden Yeah. Yeah. But also if you just change your face around, that will be much better go with with Patrick from survivor Patrick Bolton and he's the one who had the pocket. Yeah. Heller hair red and move on Yeah. This is indeed Hayden. Did when my missing I never get something he was supposed to be particularly like. Chill. Super Surfer Dude who romance Nicole before Mistletoe came into the picture. So I'm not sure why he has a mood problem. Also weight is his lower half a crab or is there In front of him or a yeah he's either buried in the sand or he just looks like he is parked crab. But not part for nothing crab no Mary, a literal crab, the entirety of the credit is lower. It's he's inserted into the back part. Of, his heart. But instead of just the back of a horse, it was just an entire horse once you're. Right like you were like stuck to the of the Horse, your torso was stuck to the back of the horse and then it was the rest of the horse way that he's leaning I don't WanNa think about how he's stuck in the back of this crap I mean, where's the crab head? Isn't he then the head of the crab? I think the head of the crab is the this part that we. Okay part that's to me I don't really remember what shop. But? Anyway. This was really hard. This was so weird. I was like what? What? Anyway all right. Well, thank you both for and hopefully the listening. Going along this weird weird road we were singing the whole time and hopefully kept all of the bears away throughout this journey. So I have a very fun game from the Great Dj Lebel Klein. He came to the next new game sensation for big brother fans get ready to play Marianne Liana Wall yeller. Years how it works I'm Gonna I'm GonNa read out the explanation for the game. We've already reviewed this offline, but for the listeners. So digital develop Klein writes welcome to wall yeller an exciting new game that bears a striking resemblance to Inouye infringes on the copyright of the Meredith Vieira. Hosted game show twenty five words or less like the much bemoaned wall yellow a big brother fame. Your goal will be to communicate critical information as quickly as possible before the house guests are sequestered back inside the house, this game will be played in six rounds each consisting of a bidding and a yelling portion. During the bidding portion in each round two players will be the bidders and one player the house guest. The bidders will reveal a list of five words or phrases associated with big brother. The words or phrases can relate in any way to any season of US big brother and they can and will not Kirby include proper nouns. Starting with the first biddle bitter they will. They will bid how few words they need to get the house guests to say all five words or phrases before a minute is over the bidders continue to bid down until the round until one person gives up by declaring yell at the other better. So for example, if it was Leon and I playing, I look at the words in the round and say I could get married to guess the five words in twenty words and if Leon it feels like she go lower she. Could say eighteen words. I'd say fifteen words and she'd saved thirteen words. If I want to challenge her on that I'll say yell it and the bidding is over and Liana has locked in a number of words that she can use to describe these phrases to marry. Then we move onto the yelling part my favorite part personally of the challenge where the bitter the winning bidder is going to have to use that number of words number of words only in the course of one minute to get the house guest or guests. To guess the, phrases. If the HOUSEGUESTS, the person guessing gets one point for every correct answer that they get and but the the wall yeller has to get the guests are to guess all five or they lose five points to the other esser or to the other better. So basically, it's all or nothing for the person who is giving the guessing the person who is guessing it's going to get a point for every phrase it. Okay. All right. Let's let's just do this and then we'll figure out exactly. Let's let's sort of play through and see what happens and I'm excited because the first one is Liana and Mary playing I'm going to be the guests. So digital about Clinton's assembled the handy document if you want to look through the first tab, see the words and phrases that are on the dockets and Liana. Let's start with you whenever you want to make a bid for how many words do you think you can use to to get me to guess words and phrases. All right they get my Minova got here. To look at these. Yeah. We can. Yes we can see what all the words are way. Can we see what other words are beforehand is that will look at all the words for the first round. Yeah. Because you should look at all five that you want me to guess. Right. Okay. So. Okay. So Mike don't open that game. All right. So I'm I'm going to start. You know what? Let's just keep it. Let's keep it at I can do it in twenty words OK. Well, my question I assumed that we cannot use any of the words in these words and You. Can't use like sounds like or rhymes with either. Can. We make sounds Sure I'll count sounds. are sounds working great lake thinker. Ourselves? Word. Okay So. Yeah. I think I could do I could do eighteen. Okay. I'm GONNA say fifteen. Probably do. Twelve. Oh Man. I'm GONNA say ten. Okay, do I have on order? You don't have to go in order now. I'M GONNA. Let you try ten. Okay. Okay. All right. So Mary if. You're going to be our timer here as the bidder who is not doing doing the guesswork. If you WANNA time out one minute and let's see how many I can guess again, if I get a point for every correct answer I get Liana, you have to get me to guess all five correct or five points go to Mary. Sure okay. Let me I'm GonNa Count you down. Five, four, three, two, one go. Front Entry Door. Front Door House House door I said front entry is my series of back. Door. Thank you. Brent Melissa. Elsey. Jackson. Mickey. Fruits watermelon watermelon. Okay so I'll hold on I'm here. I have four left. Okay. Lock key. My. Chicken George? Well. I don't know how many words. assumed. It was kind of waste so. You because I had three three left. So I, think you used either seven or eight depending on how many words this? Breakfast. But I think I would have said poultry man. So I think, would you have gotten George from poultry? Got It anyway from chicken George because it was like well, there's chickens but like chicken is more of a survivor thing unless it's chicken George unless you're talking about like Raymond. Yeah. I. Mean. The benefit is that you know that these are big brother related words. Help, yes, I e yeah. The Chicken George One I was afraid that would could be hard for. For only using two words but. The Duck Hey. Duck man okay. All right. So I get five points you get five points five points for guessing all five correct. Let's move into the next round. So now Liana, you're going to be the one guessing and it's GonNa, come down to marry and myself. So Mary, I can take a look in the second tab here and let's see what the words are. Married do you want to do you want to give the first bid? Okay let me see Okay, I'll go. Yeah I think I could do fifteen. I think I can do thirteen. Okay. So, so exciting. I think I could do twelve. I can definitely do ten you can do ten. All right. Let me think if I could do less than ten. Can you do nine Mary Right? Okay I. Can do nine. Ono. Through here. All right what? Yeah let's do it. I'm GonNa see if you can do nine. Great listen. All right, let's look at one minute and no words. I forgot one minute. Oh No. I'm sorry, Mary I will do my best. So one minute, nine words three to wine Kaoh. Thick oems. Liz. Julia. Mama Mama Day Days Tornado. Twin Sarah Go. Have not. Sloppy, a superhero. Be Comics. Only you got it. Okay. Shoot. and. Julie Phrase. Expect the. Unexpected. But I I I don't know if that was great words shoot Julie Chen Free as three. That might benign. Last one. Yeah. I don't even know what I would say number five I didn't think that far. Number five was Ryder Die Yeah ooh that I know. That's really a frame of that. All right. So Liana, you get four points for getting four answers and I get five. Failed to David Fail. On I use trying to think ahead of time but ride or die I'm like the only thing that kept popping into my head was when. When. Alex was saying that telling everyone that Jason was Ryder die and everyone's like stop saying that he's a writer die but I. I think you would say untouchable touching. Shoe, untouchable Oh that's a good one. Yes I. Don't know didn't think of that. Just just couldn't I was picturing Christmas writing on something I don't know. That follow. Writer Die Right Right? Okay well. It's about the effort. Well. Mary it's turned the guests Hersi. Now it is be versus V. Liana Myself. So let's take a look at what It's coming up here. So All, start here. I'll go with other with fifteen words. Fifteen. So that's it's essentially like doing it. How many do I raise lose three per player per clue all it I'm GONNA say. ooh. You know what I'm GonNa go with twelve. Ten. Do I think. So here's a question. Do I think Mike will say eight if I say nine is like now based on historical precedent. I know that and Mike also but the thing is, is Mike Scott Ten points Mike is is is winning at the moment so. You know what? One of these is pretty challenging. So I'M GONNA throw it over to Mike and let's see if you can do it. Right. Selena you are the timer here. Yes. Okay. Yes. I will do that. I. Am pulling up the time right now and we are good to go. So I will give you the countdown. Words. You have. You've told a work. Yes. Yes. Okay. Can You keep track words? Okay. All right. So Three Shoe One, go twenty, four, seven. Live feeds. Case. Endurance. Durance. Shoot the the box thing the was a called. Box. The Oh wait. It's like something a comeback to think about it back. Insulting Robes cooker. Sorry. You got it the Zimba-. floaters grab. Life Vest. HAP- yell. APP Yell. APP. Yellow. Oh yelling man happy L. O. Shoot the five Star Zero Stars? Yes. A CRABS, there was no way I was like there's no way I would never get this I would never get. Zero Stars who come up with. Points on the board I was sweating. I was in the pressure cooker when you couldn't get pressure. I was like, no I'll think of it. I just couldn't think of it at the top of my head. The twenty four seven was a good one I. Don't know how many words that counted for if it was one word. Your math and I did two words per. Exactly. Insulting robot. That's hilarious. Okay. Fabulous. That was In hot see here fifteen Liana has nine Mary has five. So we're going around the born again. So it's me in the hot seat and Liana and Mary doing the doing the clue giving. WHO Okay. ooh. Okay. So wait so I. Okay. So I'm GONNA say fifteen. Fifteen Do Ten Okay How Cuba I'm trying to think so I'm like, I'm trying to think if I have clues for some of these. I'm GONNA say nine. Nine. One of them is is the one that's hard. Yeah I think I could do nine but I'm not sure if I could do eight. See I got nine. Eight. Or A let's see. Okay I'm I believe in you. I believe in you. Okay. Wait hold on until I'm the timer here. So let me reset. Eight words to get me to guess five things. Okay. All Right Mary you. Ready. Okay I'M GONNA go for it. Okay, oh my old timer just went off. So three, two, one, go Arianna. Frankie `Grande. Got It. Online season. Big Brother over the top. So long. Bye Bye bitches. Now. The. See, you never From the Big Brother House and come back that when Raven. Drink. KOOL aid. bitches. By. The mean girls Oh, God. Inspiring, conspiring bitches. Okay so long was the other one. So long farewell now. So long. A cody. Junk. who God That's. Day, I. Don't know what else to say goodbye message. I'm amazed you guys. That was the original one I had I was GONNA say cat bitches which I thought would have been easier but yeah I don't know how you get goodbye messages with two words. You got anything what was going to say That was the one that I was really. Struggling with because I was thinking also for conspiracy like refer conspiring I could say like Massaro and hopefully yeah conspirists computer conspiracy pod like tie in there. But the goodbye messages I was like like farewell letters. something. Farewell Letters would have been better I e. Cody's junk to be honest. Yeah. But the issue was is trying to get down to each one that only because if it was eight because I, I said nine because I was like I think do Arianna for one and then the rest would have to be same. That's where I was yeah. Yeah. I don't know how you get down to that but that was that was still amazingly. Them. Or unfortunately, five points totally on a this time Mary it's you against me as Liana is in. Okay see the problem is now it's like if I can't get all five I, don't even want someone to get. I don't want to give them guesses multiple. Is it bad that I thought about the way you could throw it depending on who like if Mike for example, is giving me the things like I'll throw at for Mary to give you five points like let's team up tonight is Mike is definitely winning. All. Right. So let's see. So. All right I'll start I. Think I can do this in thirteen words. In. Thirteen. The. I think I could do this in ten. Ten. Okay. Okay Me All right I can do nine. I can do. I can do eight. Although. I think this is one word. I are this. If you guys think this is too I believe this is one word. So you have one minute. Okay. Well, let's Eliana to guess. Three. To. One. Raven celebration. Wolf Worth. Mother efforts. That bathrobe. A. Trobe. Rockstar. Birthday daughter's birthday. blanketing. Audrey Hey, Jessica. How're? Halting K.. So going back to this other one. I have. Raven. Celebration. Online. Parties people were throwing parties for her Is that ears. Vixen Party Election Party Raven Division Party no. I phone time is up. It was blank. Parties. Oh shoot. Cute cute. Yes. I'm so sorry I should have gotten that one. Wow. Even seven words before I threw in the online Yeah that was that was good. Those dogs. Go back around and use the extra one. Yeah she darn it showcase. I'm going for it. I can't do the strategy of trying to throw. It was just going for it. Not Time? No No, no, no we had we had to go. We needed to win, but that's okay okay. For Fun. All right. So We have one final round. Mary's the Gasser it's between myself and Liana. Liana, you WANNA start with an opening bid. Yeah I'll start with fifteen I'll go thirteen. Okay I'll say I'll say twelve. I'll say ten. Mike is so good though crap. I can't let. Let's see. I think it's I think we've lost. We lost regardless migrant. lost. Maybe I can get a couple more points Okay I'M GONNA say. Okay I'm going to nine. Ago. With eight. Okay Yeah you can. You can. Okay. Let me try it. EAT words. Oh. Yeah okay. Yes. I need to be keeping track of the time okay. My job. Okay. All right. All right, three two, one go ravens smart. IQ? SMART. The Oh. Shoot. No, no MENSA ooh. Hall. Abrahamian notice last name. Returning, player. Final two loser. All does he Move on move on Glenn. Glenn. Yeah I'm sorry sorry Mike. Okay Glenn Pseudonym. Oh, I didn't hear that Glenn what pseudonym Sudanese you don't him. Yeah I'm not going to be able to get that I don't know. All. Right. Sorry. I'm curious. What Mike what would you? Okay. So it was so Mensah, you did get correct the the one four Paul Friendship Friendship Yeah No, that's. Glen, suitor Glen Joe. Rodriguez. Lip, I was I was thinking i. was going to try to squeak by by going like fussy phrase and see. Yeah. Yeah. I guess last won't be like I. Don't know like. Death or death or something. Yeah death death death event. Okay. So those are. What hold on? What was the Glenn One? Was Joey Rodriguez? Do you remember this Mary from Joe from from bb you? been reminded everyone that that's the only season I haven't seen. Oh. Well, here's the thing though is that it wasn't even on the season it was like, Glenn was. A false account named. Joey. Rodriguez commenting on photos of Glen and human being like you should totally hook up like they should. Totally that's that's my bad for not having known that one. And the friendship one. See I almost think if you had said pissed I might have been able to get friendship because You could have just gone split Polar Opposite Hall Yeah Paul. was what I thought of for that one. The issue was finding ones that would be only one road. So. Yeah. Definitely. Gore of. It looks like it's six to twenty, three to twenty, four I. Barely eat out a victory here. I want to give us a GPL clang because this is an incredibly fun game. Yeah this game is fine. Man. I'm like. Is this the last round? Play more I know. So maybe maybe when the interminable big brother off season, maybe we can do a more full-scale version of this but this is this is great. This is a great way to do find everyone's general big brother knowledge and how many words we can use to describe some of the most infamous parts of twenty two seasons of big brother. Finish things off Mary, the balls back near Corp but not to guessing big brother phrases of course, every day on the BNB, we been letting our guests highlight a charity or cause that they want to bring attention to outside of the Big Brother House. So putting it on you is is there anything in particular that you want to highlight this week? Sure Yeah I would like to highlight the charity pro literacy, which is a charity that maintains an extensive national network across the United States does great work promoting adult literacy with the ultimate goal of making sure that every adult has the options for furthering their literacy in order to. Pursue their ambitions It's a really great charity and you go to preliminary dot org to look this up. But also there's a lot of other adult literacy charities probably in your local area where I am in Richmond Virginia, the Read Center is one that I've worked with in the past that has a similar goal of. benefiting dolts adults to. Provide, classroom, instruction tutoring, and educational resources who for adults who want to improve reading writing basic math and digital. Leverage Eighty is really linked to poor health, low educational attainment, joblessness and poverty. So I think that's something that we can all support in the world. MAZING. I'm looking at the website right now the donate button like right up at the top and a lot of information on on what they do definitely. So whether she dot Org. Yes. So whether it be pro literacy or if you WANNA look up other adult literacy charities within your own area like I said in Virginia there's the read center dot org but there's probably many more. So I know that supporting local charities can also be something that maybe people have more of a connection to, and of course, like if you have issues reading, how can you read all those issues of comics to find out how examine became? Days. Direction. Sets. We'll Mary. Thank you. You're always so fantastic when you come on and submit yourself to the equivalent of singing for an hour and a half to keep the bears away that the big brother being be if people want to follow what you're doing on social media and check out some other stuff that you're doing in the podcasting world how can people do that? Sure you can follow me on twitter at Frail Mary or anywhere at Frail Mary, and you can also check out my other podcasting. On cousy CAST, which is out with K.. In find that on cousy CAST DOT COM or the cousy cash twitter where I do. All sorts of random podcasting kind of whatever I feel like at the time, of course, riverdale coverage with Kirsten. McKenna's which should be starting up again in twenty. Twenty one and we're covering. The haunting of why manner right now, as well as reading through twilight and doing our twilight podcast. So if you if you, you know get your literacy all up to date, then you can listen along to that because nothing says pro literacy like twilight. Really. Have all ends only the spooky spectrum covered between the series twilight. I think we kind of spooky things at one end and then teen dramas at the other and twice right in the middle. So it's perfect. Kindly on what's going on with YOU ANYTHING SPOOKY Nothing Spooky is what Mary is up to you but. You know. And I are still plugging along doing the massingir although yes. Maybe now that I think about it, it is quite spooky especially with the weird ventriloquist of that is the Baby Alien But yeah it definitely check that out. It's so much fun. It's so silly I just love the massing or so much if you like the BB comics absurdity like that's exactly what the Massingir is. So doing that and you can find me on twitter at Liana are H. Eight and sometimes the puns they use make even less sense than the ones these bb comics. Yes exactly. Oh. My goodness. What a mess. You can follow me at a Mike Bloom type. Of course, you can check out the exit interview. I DID WITH MEMPHIS ON PARADE DOT com she had some very interesting choice words for the wise guys that are left in the house. So be sure to check that out and hall, of course, talking with fourth placer next week as well. As the final three week after but also on the reality TV sphere from the CBS side the amazing race is back and came back a big way of Course Myself Jessica Leeson Rob Serena or gain together every week with not one but two amazing race podcast 'cause there's two people on each team. We do a regular recap that should be up on Thursdays and then we do. A special weekend podcast called the carpet which rob actually described as sort of like equal parts, the slop the BNB and the survivor feedback show it's an odds and ends amazing race podcast. We record the first one earlier this weekend and it was a lot of fun. So be sure to check that out as well as as exit press as well for dot. COM ON. Post. Show. RECAPS, of course, doing loss star Trek covers just started up again with myself and Jessica lease and I did a super size brand steel with Josh Burglar and Chapelle of the avengers game characters two part podcast. In fact, speaking of Brain Mary I know that both you and myself were involved in some recently released brain steel glee versions Brent Glee if you will for the choir room podcast. Breglio yes. Yeah. So also definitely check out the choir room I was on the brand steel that did the New York era of Glee cast. So that was a lot of fun and completely ridiculous. And anytime you can have a dog or a cat on brand steel. It's perfect. I know I'm jealous of I love the dog cats, inanimate objects on there I believe I was on the first, which was a big brother season of all the adult over eighteen characters in the glee universe. Now is a great kickoff. There's like five or six. There's Jonesing for some reality TV content and a fictional variety. Be sure to check all that out but we're going to keep moving through the big brother season. We have two weeks left and next week we're going. To Talk, be talking about the penultimate we a big brother, twenty two and we are welcoming in speaking of the amazing race a pair we are welcoming in a couple. In fact, we had these guys on during our survivor rewatch season they were fantastic. So we're very excited to be welcome back Kevin McLean and Nigel Bocanegra shoe the BNB big brother version to talk everything about this week of the final four. We'll see how much we ended up actually talking big brother twenty two and how much we just end up going down the rabbit hole or the bear. Hole into all these random musings that we did this past week but it should be fun. No matter. What if you have a game idea I mean digital Abell Klein is sort of I witnessed Sierra as to the match that can come out of games that want to be played on the. BNB. So feel free to send it to us, J. P. BNB gmail.com, or reach out to us on social media. Tell us the game that you have would absolutely love to play it. No matter what it may be because look we might be running out of. Things to talk about inside the house, but there is no limit the things that can be talked about in the Big Brother Universe at large, and we only have a couple of weeks left of this thing. So if you have a game idea, make sure you get it sent out a sap especial. Thanks to stop Scott's NPR editing everything behind the scenes wolf from America for his fantastic theme song we're going to be back next week with Kevin and Nigel to breakdown week number eleven of Big Brother twenty two for now let's check you out your next day. Play some game. Right Y'ALL MA? Offense. himself. As being are H.. E. Andy. Day I'm price. Ourselves. School. and. Our case.

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