#24: Inception


This week's movie is a already science fiction classic. That's right. We be going down the rabbit hole into one Patrick's all time favorite films inception. This is a masterpiece film from the writer and Director for Christopher Nolan. Film stars the Fantastic Leonardo DiCaprio as a professional thief who steals inflammation. The little traveler twist listen closely as we throw out some time traveler tips about one of our favorite films. Welcome to adult. Beverage podcast. Where we will be talking films new and old is looking at you. Just. Become best friends up as well as anything else entertainment world enjoying an adult beverage in hand. Or welcome to adult beverage film podcast and today we. Fun Fun. People with us here. Our lovely host. Here's. Everybody's just going to say, don't you guys introduce yourself and tell us what you're drinking today because that's what we can tell already kick down here. And we'll start with Laura there. So all hi I'm Laura am drinking some Sugar Creek Pale, Ale beautiful. saw. Santa that good that sound. Yes Oh My Patrick. Zoom I'm Patrick Drinking filtered water this. Gregor squeaker. Myself. Mike Way. I can't think of a better way to introduce yourselves. Never. Sounded so good ever had a lot to say today. That's awesome. I'm looking water nothing filtered. I'm not classy like Patrick. Straight. Out, of. The TAP. And I can't Smith and I'm drinking a lovely majestic APPA which is. Delightful and I'm this is one I wish I was sharing with everybody. But others let you all listen to. was terrifying sorry. Until. Why don't you drinking squeaker? Just. Went on a run. It feel like I need to hydrate a little bit before i. Really runner to that I totally relate to but. I do like a good good adult beverage after going for exercise are playing tennis or something but. I do have to get a lot of water to get hydrated back. So I could have made something up i. mean no one really knows I'm drinking vodka, right? It would have been really appropriate if you he said his beer and then sounded like the dog would have been. Like. Hair on his chest started to stick up. Drinking Sapporo. Japanese beer. A Good. Making me WanNa. Have Sushi so Let's get what we're here to talk about, and that is inception Christopher Nolan. First of all this, go around and start with the basic question. Is One of your all time favorite sense fiction films. Sh-. Don't make. Making. Are you guys sleep? Do you never. Know sudden moves. Well I've just got failure in idiot because this is not my favorite science fiction is my favorite movie of all time they're living. Science fiction to be honest with you but it is. What, what do you think this? Why? Why is this your favorite all-time film? Because it's like a Greek epic about this man. Who so entangled and dreams is consumed with dreams his occupation it's his dream is to return to his his children that he's. been severed from due to something he did to his wife through a dream and the irony of it is he can't dream without this machine they use to extract dreams from other people. It's just this epoch. It's like this man goes through hell and back just so he could see two children again and it just it. Floors me a love it love it is his odysseus. Going on his own journey of our what's your thoughts on this film? Okay. So I was telling Patrick before the podcast that I really was not looking forward to the smooth. Kind of dreading having to end this. This is not this is not accurate estimate of time dreading having to sit three hours. Through this movie again because I. Fell Asleep. The first time didn't didn't want to get into it. It just wasn't the right time. I watched it earlier today. And those two hours. Twenty eight minutes just flew right by amazing. It was an excellent excellent film and I'm really glad that we are doing it so that I had to watch it again. Squeaker we're thoughts. Rugby. Need. A little. Returned to squeak. Man. Next week. So I wouldn't say like I wouldn't think of this as one of my favorite movies but I think it's hard to think of it as anything other than a masterpiece like in writing, directing, acting cinematography editing like it's pretty much perfect all the way through. There's not much you could find that. To Nitpick about. The holes in the plot, but we're not going to. I think some of those holes in the plot actually I know first of all, I really enjoy this film. I think it's a it's like you said a squeaker, it is a masterpiece Christopher. I liked his work before this. and I liked his work. So. He's a masterful director very intelligent comes with a completely different style. Than most directors and you know when you watch found, you know it's kind of his film. And I thought the use of the visual effects as well as a special effects are just blended together. So nicely in this film, which is when you have all this complications of. Kind of. Could, it could easily go crazy off to the wrong direction I think I think it stayed very true and I think this film is another one of his films that creates. Controversy in one way and also creates dialogue after the fact because people are always trying to figure out and understand these meanings behind the film but I think the thing when I was watching this again. And I saw this in the theater I think twice went the first time and I was like. Well. Loved it but I don't really understand it. So I'M GONNA. Go back seat again. So I went back to see at the second time. And got a little bit. Deeper insight into, and of course, then I bought the DVD and watched it and I don't know how many times now probably ten times. And each time you get something different from it. But it's it's. It is a classic in so many ways. But the thing that this really I started thinking about for this podcast. What since this film aside or apart from other foams because it is like a Lotta People's top five films of all time for them and some of it, some of the ties back to what squeaker is calling it a masterpiece. Let's think of it as a piece of art. And Art isn't always. It's it's open to interpretation well, I think the reason this film and this was the point I was kinda getting too. Long Way but the reason I, think this film is so impactful with so many people is that we all dream? Okay and we all have different versions of our dreams and how we dream and this is basically and when we go to cinema. It is in a sense like us going to have a dream we're going to see a film and try to come to this feeling and understanding and visualization of something that is different from our real world and this film probably put does that as well as anything it takes you into multiple dreams and starts playing you into those effects and you forget which one year in that was what I like most about it was I couldn't remember where real was. And that's how I knew. I was like sucked in all the Shit I don't remember where anybody is well. By and chat with Japanese TV showed, it would have numbers. So you'd know what what level You're in the. Quarter isn't that. Crazy. That's that is pretty cool to think that that's that's the case it's it's pretty funny I. I do have a couple of questions though. That we might get to later but one of them involves. Right, now because I think right now. Okay. So. One of the plot holes that I. Couldn't let go of was that. When he's driving them around the city there in a dream already they're driving around the city and he wrecks the Van Lake severely wrecks the van everyone goes tumbling. Why do why does that not kick them right then? Back. Out of that. Dream Safaa. JUMPS OFF THE BRIDGE No no no. No. Like before that. I'll oh, he rolls the van and they all go tumbling and tumbling and tumbling and that would be plenty of fall for me to snap out of something and he he kicks them several times to make sure that that will wake them up and I, just. My brain kept going back to that like one and they wake up then. We're in a dream, a red because they weren't dead. One Oh Really. Good Really, good seatbelts. You either have to have the preset kick which a lot of time seems to involve water. So they had to know the kick was coming. Well. Do you only way around that? Is If you die in the dream so if you get hit in the car. No big deal it's the what if you're dreaming in the car like they were unconscious in the car I mean like I could talk about this all night. Say That like the. Are But when the equilibrium was off and they were felt like they were following, they would wake up. It didn't seem like they had to know about it. It was just that if their body felt that sensation right he also said that he would put the music into let them know that it was coming. But why didn't it kick them out? Even if they didn't know it was coming I that you know. I don't know and it's hard to restart the movie with an extraction God wrong of snow and they give you some kind of the basic rules. But then all of a sudden they pull in this new factor, which is Yussef who has a sedative that's more powerful than anything they've ever used before. So I don't know if that's part of the answer. Because I was kind of joking before about the holes in the plot. Can Be explained and people explain them in a lot of different ways and they're open interpretation I. Don't know if it's a whole so much I don't know if we have to sit here and figure if we want to waste. Says openly in the movie that paradoxes are a part of the dreaming. So like this is yet another paradox that you know may be I'm just thinking about it too hard because also site Oh, gets shot in the van. Right and. He. Doesn't wake up so. He doesn't either, but pain is feelable and Dream World Oh. I think what you're saying is just the fact that they were shaking all rally. There were basically in mid air. Yeah by the time, they hit the ground they were kicked, but maybe we're not counting that maybe it wasn't a hard enough kick. Yeah well I. think There's a lot of little things like this throughout that. Make you question things as well as ponder those thoughts you know one of the things is like the time aspect of it to you know you know we're. Evenings different thing amounts of time the further down the more time. Passes Right. Equally shorter amount of time the level above above previous level. That's why limbo you could live ten years right? Fifty or. Yeah our lifetimes, and then still if the other dreams hadn't collapsed above it, you could go back to those and see that not as much time passed. Yeah and and and I think the whole dream aspect sets. To me I I know that this part of this is like. It's very confusing and a lot of ways in to people that you watch it the first time. One of the things is when they hook up is in the first time that I watched it, I thought okay. You're hooking up I. Don't think about this from a dream perspective I. Think about this as you're hooking up and taking you to short of an another version. Of Reality. On another plane. A little univer nice thinking in the aspect of a dream. But but when you hear you know Christopher Nolan and everyone talks about it. It's all about a dream and everyone's in this dream. So you know I think there's some people will fight for it one way and some people will fight for the other way. But if you take that aspect of what he's trying to say, say drink this is a dream. We're in the dream. Does it become real out? And that's the question I had throughout it is. Are we dreaming through this whole thing and is this entire thing dream? Or. Is this part of reality at points and we jump off we're into reality. So you know what I mean, and that's the whole play is you have to do that and that's basically what happens to mall is Mal. Although hers his choice as an active choice to choose the limbo level. is the reality she puts her totem. So. She no longer has that something. The tell heard that it's not reality. So it's kind of a choice and there's I showed you guys I was reading inception and philosophy I only read a little bit of it because your head will spin off in. Like the top and. I want bar that. You can borrow it because I started reading it and I started to go. It has like four or five different. At any one time interpretations of the same experience like some people think movies a dream. Some people think that starting from when Yussef. Puts them under test the sedative everything from there on out is a dream it's at it just keeps they have all these interpretations or there's the one where the movie just shows you and storytelling it's like Oh there is a reality and they go through different levels of dreams and Yada. Yada this is a film that's kind of like the shining shining a lot of people do the same thing they have versions of way they see the film and Some people say it's another work of art and other work of art and that's right and it's which is the cool part. If. The things that were very interested in May was the age. So when he first comes in and Cobb is sitting at the table you. When he gets not in the very beginning, but once he's with. Drawn a blank on his name's Saito side of Ken what an IB so. On you know he's sitting at the table that whole thing kind of threw me. Maybe you guys can explain because you know is this past. He's experienced about why is he odor and Leonardo's character? COBB is his younger. You're talking about the end of the movie that limbo. Is always kind of at the beginning the beginning the beginning of the end is circle back to the beginning. Yeah. Right Kosaido makes mentioned to COBB. Do you want to just go all back? All alone and be an old man. So. Aided full of regret he created his own. Limbo world what I got is from Leonardo, talk about him and making all those buildings and. Crazy look like planet of the apes with cool structures in it. Yeah. You're it seems like in limbo your God what you? You control the environment around you you create your the Creator God of that. From his memory is because that was the same office that they met originally and was malls childhood home. And you talk about site. Oh. Jesus. Carlisle something. Again it was. He's. He's very angry about this movie. There's a lot to say, no, the He created his own limbaugh at the end. which is widely Ardoz I came to tell you so. Let's go and be young men. Again, society we can train your subconscious to defend itself from even the most skilled extract. How can they do the his I am the most skilled extractor. I know how to search your mind and find secrets I know the tricks and I can teach them says even when you're asleep you're defense is never down. If, you want my help. You're going to have to be completely open with me. I need to know my way around your thoughts better than your wife better than your therapist better than anyone. This is a dream and you faithful of secrets I need to know what's in that safe. In order for this, all to work, you need to completely let me. Gentleman. I consider a proposal. He knows. We're back welcome back so I got another question for you guys question why is cod wanted by the police? For Murder Laird. But did he really murder her or did was that a dream? See that's the thing they always. Well, she jumped off the thing herself. Make she. Filling the. The inception that he to her in limbo level. Like your world is not real so like. Murder. Yes. Totally murdered her but not directly. Police I accepted her. You did what now? That that was the thing when I first the first time I watched it as I was like. You know. How do you? How are you wanted by the police if it's really not known and did this happen? Is this in her sleep? Well All right. Like she implied that she was abusing her right yeah. So she set it up to make it look like he did but how she was in a different building so I don't know how they proved. They were in the same building they were just across from each other. They were just weird. This is one of the things people dwell on go city cheap rent a room opposite of his. Sweet and they were just across from each can because they were. So close there's no way that they were in different hotel rooms or different. Swedes they were in the same place those. Suites than I've ever been in. You can't Ford that come on. Weaker. Auto Lodge doesn't really count. Yeah. For Real. Don't even have stairs Bro. Tells Motel, six is don't have second floors. Yeah. No. The. Red Roof in does not count where you pay by the hour. And we we know about squeaker well. A lot of this dog what A. Lot of this is about architecture that is designed in the head. Okay. was there any parts of that that bothered you throughout the film or did you believe everything that you saw or did you think that? We you know Sherlock Holmes always made a memory mansion in his head like he built. A house out of things he needed to know out of clues. So I think it's totally possible like if Sir Arthur CONAN doyle can give Sherlock Holmes a you know Memory Mansion. This is totally believable. Sorry. That's just me y'all go ahead. I. Don't think I understood the full question. Well, the question is it. Do you believe all of the? You know the one of the things is not believed that. Once again back to his name's. Side. Him with laying on the carpet and he doesn't believe. The carpets real. So that was a set factor that changes dishes. So you believe everything that you see in the film. Or are you taking the thoughts of what these guys are trying and that's the thing is Are you an audience at this point when you're watching this film or do you just believe everything that's going on I? Think you're a participant More more than audience I think. I think as an audience member, you have a totem that we're going to discuss later who almost discussing to have. Some real quick about what's so while. My mind just went totally blancas. Sorry. I. So. Here's the question is. You see a lot of these details like a lot of the fights that are going on away from. Fisher away from everything. So those details even matter it's not like He. Created this world, he can't create things that he's not involved in. But it can because it's his brain that there is an yeah. But really, he doesn't he's not aware of it. Right. So those those details even really matter are you talking about I totally involves? How does bring? Brain issues they're when they're. Up. In Fisher's does he Snow stuff like all this stuff that's not related to him at all that's going on in the background. I think like a dream it. Well, I think in that case those. The invading snow people where they were subconscious just like the ones that attacked them hours. But more to your point I don't think it has to be very specific. It's you're. A lot of it is because dreams can be visual, but they're not visual visually based they're feeling based. So a lot of times if you feel that this is what's going on that's what's going on your mind just starts filling in. Your brain fills. And I think that's an loves to do if. His brain would just fill in There's other guys fighting over here and. I saw this James, bond movie one night we're all these. dudes were chasing each other. We're. Dotted his favorite bond movies. On Her Majesty's Secret Service which Is that the dog. That's Roger Moore no Dan The guy who did one? Isn't it? Lazenby. George. Lazenby thank you lazenby. But it has some really need. Snow snow fighting seems. Yes I think I think you're right on that it did have some now that I remember nothings as cool as the anti gravity leg flippy floppy. Like. Joseph Gordon Levitt fighting in the hall with that Kobe is some of the most amazing. Should I've ever seen I? Don't know how they did it and I don't care. It doesn't matter. I love it. Right zero gravity stuff is crazy. The flipping gravity when the car is rolling and they're fighting and they keep having to walk on the walls and then on the ceiling in the. A lot of that is done in box forms and they're spinning the form. So you have you have the illusion that it is. Them kind of walking is kind of what they did Matrix and. the Jamiroquai Jamiroquai video music video if you remember where the the walls were moving. Like that. So which is Really interesting way of doing it but that that is part of how it's done. And then of course, got special effects that they're throwing in there to make things interesting this this movie relied a lot more on actual. Effect that it has obviously, it has a CG special. And as much as a normal. Big Budget movie would they tried to do as much as they could where they try but there's a lot in this it. There's a lot that compared to when they say compared to a big wonder if. End Endgame where well some of those filthy percent. Super. Done they're all done in studio and completely everything shot but you know there's lots of situations where they use practical. Realistic. Realistic. Landscapes and then they see g the backgrounds and stuff like that. So. You can see it but I think it was done so well that you believe it and that's the thing. you know the thing about This film is that you know like you said, it is all about a dream and dream within a dream and I don't know if you guys have ever had that but I've actually had that affect happened where you dream dream a dream and then you wake up and you're like. Wait a SEC. Terrifying yeah. Would you know when you woke up the second time that you weren't GonNa, wake up a third time. Don't until you realize that you're in reality again and you're not in a drain freak the fuck out I think that started having when I started having some of those who? Is. It was also in a time when I was you know. Trying to deal with things that were. What you could do with your mind, but but the power you have with your mind and what you can control things. And and there's So I'm very believable in the fact that you can control your dreams and you. Train yourself dreaming. So Yeah, you can actually force yourself to walk through a into a room or you can force yourself to get out of a situation you know and and that was because. I had a reoccurring dream that I had that all the way up until I was around a nineteen years old was it tell us? It was a roller coming coming and I was not able to get out of the way of the roller. Steamroller steamroller on a on the road and I was on the road and. would. Just you know was coming slow motion and you're just like. You know I couldn't. Well, I started talking to someone about dreams and how to calm and they started telling me about ways that you can manipulate yourself in situations and that allowed me to be able to. At one point I remember the first time being able to slide to the right. and Get out of the way of the steamroller and it was all said and all the tension release from it. So. That's a lot of what's taking place in this and if you hear the I, mean there's people I don't know if you guys. I to me I I've had situations where I've dreamed, and then it becomes reality you know. Things happen or I see something That a lot of people may be called deja-vu. But those are the kinds of things you see those aspects in life and you are able to know what's Hey, there's GonNa be a person walking around this corner and they're gonNA have a red shirt on, and then of course that happens it's glitch in the Matrix. That's a lot of this is film is all about is about. Parallel maybe. Life forms or whatever you WANNA call those those. DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES BUT Getting back into this do you think that that's what was going on for a Cobb to control these things? Is Him being able to play his game in his head to control how he wanted the situations to unfold? I think originally yeah but I think it got too much. I, mean definitely after mall he couldn't he wasn't in charge anymore he couldn't himself anymore. And he's not. Really. Good at what he did but only up until that point, he's good at manipulating within the dream, but he's not even making dreams anymore. That's why architects do even though he used to be an architect. So Yeah Barry Edney who have her Trailer Park Boys. She's their latest architect and. So he's really an IT becomes a team ship, a teacher team. To at the partnership if you want. A partner team ship that. I I to politicians can make up words I make up words. Excuse me some coffee. But she she seems to as the architect even like. Start improvising as it's getting out of control, for COBB, leader in the dream with the only way to complete anything to like progress at all is to improvise flexible. I think that's what he does a lot with mall shows up in that first scene inside psychos house where while shoots Arthur in the leg because paine is your pain is through the brain so. And So you know cop shoots in the head which seems kind of harsh but he knows it's come up but that's an improviser improvisation improvisation. One of those. Cute Little Shadow. Yeah. It was very nice. Yeah. Playing. Yeah. Not much cloud. Times, can I just say? off-topic. Joseph Gordon Levitt adorable this is for the ladies out there. So so cute love me some jgl. was. Really good in this film to I think he was. Like his adult movie like not I mean like like his big toe. Seen, that one too but this is A. This is like Grownup grownups movie. Yeah. He what he showed up at the audition for this in a suit. Oh. Yeah. He's. He's Arthur he's. He's still just a baby though search a baby little faces. Here's what what is he like eighty now? Yeah I must be I think it's empire might be yeah. Immortal a nice man part perhaps he's one of those highlander. Bros... Gas Back, on track. Please help me. I am. I'm not sure if I'm a dream or dreaming or. Within, A. squeaker just fell asleep are out to go into our food or maybe we're in squeakers dream deliver. Jamile. Terrible Any breasts running after me yet. So name. With legs. Up Should know about me. I specialize in a very specific type of security. Subconscious security. You talking about dreams. And Mr Call has a job offer he would like to discuss with you. Go. Workplace policeman. Not Exact. Recreate the world the. Dream. He bring the subject into that dream. And they their secrets. Then you break in and steal it. Well. It's not strictly speaking leave. It's called inception. Already. Found a way. And this last job. That's how I get their. Feel real while we're. So. When we wake up that we realized something was actually strange. Not Prepared. Classic. have it under control. Out. Of Control. Mustn't be afraid to dream with Vega Donna. So. Describe maybe one of you guys can grab all the totems for each of one of the characters because each person had a different one. Not Everybody had different one. Is One of the problems. Hers Yes. So the the whole point of the totem is to know you're not until be Elsa stream it's gotta be something that you know the secret of. Now. His wasn't COBB. was using miles. Totem and you spend the top, and if it keeps spinning doesn't fall then you are very likely in somebody else's dream and then hang on Arthur having by can I interrupt just for a second? Why couldn't Mall Spin the top? Whenever. She was in doubt Oh because she locked it away and didn't it in a way in limbo g accepted that as her one reality Until. Adult Cobb comes on and says you waiting for a train? You, think you know we're going but you're not quite sure blah blah blah. So basically run over your head with a tree. So basically. The inception of your reality is not real. You have to die to get back to and she's not willing to open the safe in order to get out the talisman that she knows I. Don't think she remembers it anymore. John really locks that part away at that now why he takes I can understand from a sentimental thing but why he's using it or better yet why he's using it and also explains it to Ariadne which you're not supposed to be. Less, that's not his real totem. Yeah Yeah. Well here here's a question I have about totems in general if it's your totem and only you know the rules couldn't your subconscious trick you in the dream into. Doing. What? You want kind of want it to do well, even worse is the architect me could. Control it because she knows the secret or I. Could control it except mal is just a at that point is just A. Nation yeah she's a manifestation of his subconscious so. But I was talking before about the audiences totem and I think it's the wedding ring cavs wedding ring because he only wears a wedding ring in his dreams. The real world, he's not wearing a wedding ring. So it's kind of like our totem go is he wearing the Rangers? You not wear okay. He's industry. He's dream level now I have to watch it again y'all. These little things really important. Moment that at the end of the movie where I'm going I don't understand we can just go. Oh yeah this is the answer here. I also read on the interwebs, Michael Cain Set I. Know You told me earlier that I was lied to on the web but that's okay. That's about Pepperoni and we'll talk about that later. Now. So I read that Michael Cain said that Christopher Nolan told him that all the scenes with Michael, Cain, them are reality. So, I went into this time watching it knowing that. and. It was a different movie for me. When I can ground in Michael Cain, which is where ground knows things. Around or grind. Column One little. We WanNA grind. You say like that it sounds filthy. Totally Ever seen educating that's some hot stuff. Anyway. Any way. Yeah. into got everyone. Before we jump on Michael Teen for going Oh my God, you tell everyone that Nolan in the past to said that he feels that copped back to his kids in the real world he goes but I'm not gonNA he goes. But at the same time I, don't want to take away from people's interpretation the movie because it's so open interpretation sues aware that people are going to interpret different things out of the movie a painting I mean everybody's going to see it and take away from it what they will I, had somebody very angry at me because they said the ending is so ambiguous I hated the ending and I went. Well why and she the top? and. What if the top falling are not falling doesn't really matter anymore it. Again. She wouldn't accept that anymore and it wasn't until the last few times I watched it wasn't told the last six or seven times I've watched. You realize that the top really isn't the top is important for one reason and that's that he starts the top seizes children walks away from the top and that's all that is children. He's no longer obsessed with his dreams. His existence is about as children so plus it looks like it's GonNa. Fall? and. It looks like it's GonNa fall. That's reality. Seriously how do you know that a top fell in the woods? Her didn't fall in the woods. Shat in the woods honesty a top to spin in the woods. There's like dirt no flats. There's no flat surface at all. You're right. I this is a dream. This out there. What if what if? We assume as reality really is another dream level and the mountains, right? It could be that's one of the theories is that they went Saito and. Saito. God it was so bizarre sight does fulfillment of. The promise he had with. COBB. Was What we saw at the end that he could. He could make everything. Because people said hockey and this guy make phone call and everything gets forgotten dry and he could he has such power but. They're saying, how did he get there? He bought an airline for Christ's sake. Line you don't just do that if you don't have power. Would be. neater. Well. Well, the other part of that is I thought it was funny that they woke up and immediately made the call. He didn't go to actually make sure that Fisher? He knew. At that point new. Well, he knew that it had been accepted but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to carry out and Israel that wasn't the deal. Yeah. He's got to make that phone call before they land. Anyway right because that was the deal and talking about that scene I love when Cobb wakes up and he looks like somebody who just woke up from dreaming for a very long time because he's like freaked out by the stewardess going. You're whatever that's immigration papers or whatever it is, and he's just he looks at. Arthur Arthur kind of has this half smile on his face with his nod and he looked at Ellen page and Ariadne's got kind of this look like. That drain to. Yeah. And then site Oh looks at him inside all like Oh fuck is supposed to make a phone call. We get. So the thing about of going back to your interpretation that ending Patrick how it doesn't matter I think even if. Reality is. And this dream level I think it still doesn't matter because that version of COBB got to see his kids again. Whether that's reality or not that's what I was trying to it is. Face. Honestly I believe I do believe that it actually all worked out in the end. He wasn't the real world Michael Caine, was their here's your grandchildren. And I think it was the real world. But my point to this woman was it doesn't matter because Cobb is happy Cobb. COBB. It's So. To. God. When you see the kids. And you see the faces that becomes the polls on the strings. This film had some things where you know he watches. When he washes up on the beach in the very beginning, and of course, the kids are kind of playing on the beach in you that sets the tone, and then we book end at the end with him seeing the kids and it's just this really cool moment that you feel. You not only have. You just watched this blockbuster film. You know that's been very exciting. You're always guessing it is action packed. You know and a lot of people get get called into this film and say it's all about all the things that you know the story are made up about but it is a really good action film a lot of action going on there's always something happened. There's not any you know there's a lot of you know they chose the right things of you know moving the camera even though they've got a lot of CGI and some of those situations but is a lot of action happening throughout the film that you never get bored with. You've got this excitement plus you have the you know you've got some charming characters in this that you care about and that's something that a lot of films don't have all these things come together to make this thing come to be a masterpiece in itself and and Christopher Nolan is magnificent inch in. That, and you know there's not anything when I watched this film that I'm like blown away with. But this also was one of the first films. Well. Listen to what I'm saying about blown away. I watched this and go. That is the most credible shot. I've ever seen. That is something you know that's like, but you never get taken out of the story and that's why I think this film is a masterpiece is because you stay in the story of the whole time and you feel that moment you feel those those those. Strings. Pulling in different directions as you're trying to figure this out and I, think he did that in Memento to where you cared about the character you know. So in this when you care about Leonardo's character cobb and you want him to find that journey back home, you know when you're wanting but you're also in the same time, you're you're feeling all the emotion and all the different things happening and you never get bored with I. Mean after watching the ten times, you're not bored with the smell I am still blown away though when she when they invert the city on itself, walk up the street. I saw that's the first time I saw a movie and I match was inception and still it comes back to me I'm just like Oh my God. This is a fucking experienced and your this thing was shot in Amax. So you know that's the thing that was shot thirty, five millimeter and sixty five millimeter. But they did some really cool thing and I think because it shot on film it looks and it holds itself even today. It wasn't shot. For X. No, they didn't shoot it in Amac the. Sticky wanted them to go three with anyone. Now, that's not chose not to go that direction with it. And but one of the things it's ANAMOUR FIC-, which is I think is. Language. Amazing. Changes the depth and you're also a wider format. So it it adds to the big screen effect and then you throw in sixty five millimeter. Film. That's got a higher quality and then also he did a lot of things that had a lot of slow motion in this that a lot of films at that time didn't have. But when you watch it now they are the perfect way to tell those pieces of him falling into the water you know and you see every detail of it. So I have something to say about the there was one slow motion scene where I was like hey. That jarred me right out of this movie and it was they were in the elevator. He had strapped them all up with phone cord. Arthur strapped everybody up with phone coordinate, floated them into the elevator and they're all in the elevator. In like. He blows the elevator to get them to kick. Right. They are all flat on the elevator floor and it's slow motion and they hit the bottom of the elevator and everybody just stays still. Yeah. And nobody's closed move nobody bounces. There's nothing they're just like as a unit they go slap and they bounce back up and I was like what the fuck. I thought about that. Because got up, I thought about that and in what you would think is there would be this whole bouncing slamming everything's kind of hard and I think that was a choice on on Christopher Nolan's I don't know I'm not heard him say this but from a director standpoint. I think that's where he said. I, want you to remember this is a dream. And he's any changed that and I. Didn't. They were like a block of frozen meat. It was a completely I don't know exactly but that's we're not went. He went from all this action and everything's happening. There's crazy to. Hold on time is changing you know and I think. That was even some of the things he did with the car saying to you know they were super slow when they were falling and all that kind of stuff which you know when you're following, you're not super slow and JJ looks relaxed. He's having most pleasant relaxing ride in his arms or all flailing. Or Out. You're getting giddy about this SCHNITT. About Leonardo my second at the so very excited about J. point. Another. The way they kept going back to the scene shot of the van falling so you could see like. Cross in time versus what they were doing in the other levels and I think that gave you. A feeling of why they were doing what they were doing in the same and I thought that was a really unique way and I'm sure that was something in the edit room where they probably you know just battled with it to get it but I think that worked of cutting back in it kind of reminded me of Children of men were in the car same the crashing the car scene and that. Should spent a million years since UH. That kind of slow mo but like cutting back and feel the had it in there that I think that that sort of tied to something that that worked and I think it worked really well, I mean this is they did it like could have they could cut back to that van a lot of times but they did it just enough where you like. So we're remembering it but not. Not like. Thinking about. This film Won Four Academy Awards. Was Best. Cinematography. Which I think it was beautiful and and and it definitely deserves a best sound editing best sound mixing and best. Visual. Effects. It was also nominated for best picture, best original screenplay, best art direction, and best original score not best director which. You know locked up. It's kind of kind of a little right here. I I'm not sure on the best director and and we're. Pretty. Sure. That year I was so pissed that it didn't win and I don't remember what one if it was like blocked it out it was like to artists or something like that and. Those years was the dog from the artist. Won. Best, picture right even hasn't happened look don't ask questions this. For. The king's speech. Oh. Right. Now not really was a good movie that was good damnit. WHO's coaching? I'M NOT GONNA watch the King's speech again, I'll tell you Why stay a couple times cents and it's really really good. It's it's yes. We know what's going on. It's not as okay. Fine I'm sorry the king's speech is really good. Speech I. Thought You said the Kingsman I'll watch it every week. Yeah. I'm not talking about and. Both have. -actly exactly it's the first East. Do. Not The first time. Those same year, you had one, hundred, twenty, seven hours Black Swan. What went. Best director that year. Tom Hooper the king's speech. And Black Swan hard to believe that one didn't win for best director because that was not my favorite movie. I. Think I saw that with you can. You might have that's a very dark in. Maybe directing and it was amazing. Aaron cost just did a great job with it Aronovski. Went on his religious. Kick with all of his movies. Yeah. Yeah. We went to the big money movies. Mine. Yes. Social Network True Oh yeah. Hard to there was a lot of good movies that year that's a great trick grits. Amazing. Before this movie, I gotTa Swear My love for Christopher Nolan because I fucking love his stuff. Kantauri mentioned memento. More than mementos the prestige. I love that when so much that was my probably like up there for my favorite movie and then inception came along like God you know that might be. Batman Christian Bale to. So the Prestige is a better movie for Christian Bale than than begins. Yeah Oh, yeah. Oh God you like I like it better. I'm not going to say that the prestige is a better movie than damning evidence. Getting better. 'cause mandate kind of stuck within the confines of. The. Batman Cannon and mythology or the fans get really mad prestigious just fucking bonkers awesome I. Think about all those huge Ackman's and I am just like. The vapors. Vapors. Can All be doing so much for us right now? Holy Shit. Sarah, how do you guys? Do you guys like the ending their? On this summer my question is, do you guys think the ending is? Is the real world. This is the end up in the real world with his children. Again I'm I'm on the Michael Cain train and I say, yes because Michael Cain is there that must be the real world. Even without that information I felt that that was the real world and that it worked out. He saw their faces. All their faces and they were aged yeah I've told you felt this was the the end in this was. Because the credits were coming up at the end. Yeah, that was. The Psychic yes. So but I, I believed what he was in the reality of it. Now when I look back on it, you know after watching it so many times I could see how it could go either way. You could say that it's not or could be or this is and who really cares because it's a great film. It's entertaining. Happy happy and so. Really down how you want how he's not wearing his wedding ring from the time he wakes up. That's a little. You know it's funny because the point somebody had mentioned is wedding ring thing and his hand is concealed his left hands concealed a lot in the movie, which is kind of sneaky Christopher. Nolan Cheeky Bastard. Only if you're looking for it, now be looking for it when you hands the passport to the What do you call that two people? The CILLIAN Murphy now? No Stewardess No. The people in the airport. Called `immigration ticket takers they're like they're the boarding pass people were to patrol. Are we all stupid. Yes we are who are those Airline people airline stewardess. Customs. Show now is nowhere near that no words you were lifetime laboratory towel. He hands the passport to the customs guy and it's so fast. I had to freeze frame. my TV, and then you look at his left hand, he's not he doesn't have the rain on and you're like, well, this is just something silly. But then they show the customs guy his hand he's got a wedding ring on and it's like a close up and it was like. Wow. Now, he's just rub it in now that you know what to look for. Could it also be that he's finally like over and he doesn't feel like he needs to wear. We haven't worn it in all reality so I don't know if in his dream all of a sudden I'm GonNa take this ring off an age, my children to you. And see the faces. Michael Team. Love Mike Okay so That's your Michael. CAIN impression no. That was my Leo DiCaprio. Impression wow. Because he loves Michael Caines. So mark there's also another thing. I read this, but it made me go back in when I was watching it. The second time there is they use different films, Dot Matt's film stocks, but cameras. To so the sixty five millimeter was done with some different shots like as in. What was in the reality and what was not was done in some of the thirty five millimeter which has a different. And I don't know to what extent that was done all the way through but they used to try the camera different types of cameras to be able to tell different types store things through the story. and. Of course, they went you put all your. Your filters. Of afterwards to blend, it can kind of become but I, think there is something to that because it's almost they wanted this to feel real. All the way through without and then but yet have their dreams be unreal and some you know also. So I think there's something to that and I'd like to watch it again and really look at the C. You know if you could see the grain and certain things and you don't see it in other things at that was away they pulled it off. But this is the thing about this is there's so many different. Levels in the film to be able to try to understand it. SORTA speaking of levels people go like well, how did Sido and top at the end just wake up from limbo and end up on the airplane Did Not, go through Snow Land Cityscape and hotel land levels but I think as their ten hours was up on the plane. Well, let's face it. This was a video game and it's all true. All right. Game plus you gotTA keep heading those levels to keep getting down to find the information. Plus what happens is when a dream collapses do they skip that level because it's not there anymore because? I completely would believe that. I am at the different levels so that changes things too 'cause you don't pick up as much information. So yeah. You're moving faster. I've read complaints that people say if you knew, you could just kill yourself to get out of it. Why didn't he do it earlier and I think the the point was. Leo New and he he had to go tell sight of that like when you're in that limbo, you don't realize it. Yeah. You don't. You don't know. That's your reality that becomes. Yeah. Yeah and how much time actually. Re in real time were they was an hour and thirty minutes or wherever along the movie was this took place or ours in twenty minutes? Yeah. Saying the same amount of. Two to twenty eight is. Edith Piaf. PF her original recording of that Song was two minutes twenty eight seconds, the movies, two hours and twenty minutes. Just. A little fun fact, but the the number is five to eight just. Did you guys see it's five to eight, four, nine, one there it is. For those of you can't see Patrick has t shirt on this as five two, eight, four, nine, one yes. You like numbers justice to my knowledge numbers don't really. Mean anything outside of layer the combination. Oh, that's something wanted to talk about how frigging awesome I teared up. So single tier when. When they open. That and He'll say F-. Little Pinwheel. Inception is based on finding a pinwheel safe. I've thought that was fucking amazing. Christopher Nolan is a God. Yeah. Well. I think, I, think we covered everything. We can cover on this call that squeaker the boy hated everything anything else. have one random thing that doesn't with any of this conversation that I thought about the movie though, okay. Where are you dreaming or you're not drinking? There was a point where I think it was in the second third level maybe when Tom Hardy became a woman. Yes something like do you need me to do that like how like you've done it before like Tom Hardy just becoming a woman and Dreamworld and? That's none of your business. Why Are you interested. You're going to have to watch boys on Amazon because some of this stuff kind of filters into that really watch that. He's the forger so he can basically be anybody and that's one of the points we forgot to mention. Nolan says he based this movie on what he knows which is movies And COBB is the director. And Arthur the producer. And ariadne's like a art director of it and eames is the actor. And it was like this whole thing he goes what I knew. That's Awesome That's a good way of. My favorite character in the whole thing I think I like him best but I love I. DO I do. For a Lotta People in this movie? Of the always lot of hearts. Even even Ellen page though I mean there's a Lotta lusting. Happen. postlewait before we get into this so good even though Johnny tiny part. P postlewait. Always good. Cillian Murphy I don't know how to say it, but he's always good. But my Michael Caine for one of the top. Credited people is in three minutes of the entire movie. They're very important minutes. They're very important when he's out there. Just three. Lucas hoskins should mention him Oh shit. I've forgotten all about him. Is He Check. Yeah he sure did. He left. By. Sorry. About that whole helicopter thing. My bed you got dragged down the stairs. I'm sorry I'm sure he's Doing okay. Yeah they didn't feel. They couldn't he. They weren't going to do anything to, but they could guarantee what cobol. Yeah. Engineering would do, which is I don't like that Co Ball. They're Bali. Really. That's another thing that people think might be a dream is because if you look at. The cobol chase through. where were they? WHAT COUNTRY MOMBASA BOSSA? They said the way it was filled a lot was like amazed like a dream as and they're like really happen. Dream. cobol is pretty generic gammy leg computer language. It's not a company. Well, it is the purposes of the movie but Molly shows do you seriously believe that there's these Cobol Ben? Chasing. After you and this that that you're the supported, you just make it up you're dreaming. So she questioned his his realities to, and it's kind of exciting. Yes. I'm excited. subconsciously you could tell by the way that you're when I is closed the other way. So that we. Can about this. Guy's been watching. This week anything exciting or new were anything the start? With Lars. Since. I. In relation to this movie, I watched brainstorm. dreamscapes I watched Paprika and like pepper is definitely is way up there is a really good a highly recommend I only recommend brainstorm and dreamscapes if you're into Punishment. Does they're not great. Eighties. Eighties and like the snake by in dreamscapes like it's scarred me for ever and. A guy for warriors. As the Yeah the bad guy. You're not I haven't seen that movie in thousand years but I loved it. I loved up. The other one wade. And Wade. Quiz. Dif-. Different. Quaid. What was the other brain storm storm. Too Yeah but yeah, they're not quite there is a lot of hardware and brainstorm to make all the dreaming things happen and that's probably the most enjoyable thing about brainstorm is like seeing people up to these weird hoses and things. Helmets hoses and shit all over. Great Dreams later. This week so Moly. Patrick. Why did you watch him? What had been watching I watched. Paris Texas because he said to watch it again, I haven't seen it in thirty some odd year and what was your thoughts on it? So it's fantastic. It's long. Yes. In to the way. Laura went into sexual when Jesus Christ two and a half hours. And that why? All right. This is cool. Then a friend of mine Michael Men's where I went to college with shamed me into watching the sting. My Mom. Such a wonderful movie. Reminded me how much. You love it and. It's good. It's good. I think I might when I was a child that was probably playing on the TV when TV, networks show mice movies. At I was too young to really appreciate it. So he got me to do that. Loved it, and then I watch birds of prey last night. Yeah. Boy State today which. Sounds like one of those dirty movies at squeaker washes by. It's about an actual Thing that the American Legion does where they put. These boys together, your I don't know how your chosen button to make basically a local government from the bottom up. Into cool documentary it's interesting. Documentary. Yeah it's not it's not a good narrative. Okay. squeak or what have you been watching? Martinez. Seventy. Eight came out. People are throat. I. Haven't been too much crazy this week I kind of took a break from watching like movies and stuff I watched. Few. NBA Games that were on and then Kind of a strange situation. There it is. It is. It is. It is weird of the bubble there. Yeah. Usually, shooting, right. Okay. Year Yeah. Okay. Still, powering through arrested development, you know fourth or fifth time. Let's season. Taking. Weeks to get through that. Those first seasons were so good and then the fourth which came out eight years after the yeah. Yes. Time. Never never captured it. I think it was a lot of things like the actors they couldn't them all at the same time. There's a lot of green screening and. But it just didn't didn't work as well. Yeah. I agree with you one hundred percent on that. Is a shame because I love the the earlier years I thought it was just kind of raw funny comedy. Yeah This week I started going back again, trying to watch some other things, but I also wanted to watch some new things. And I watched the Green Room and Patrick talked about. This is that with Patrick Stewart. It is. Kind, of a movie. Extremely good. This harsh it's really hard but very, very entertaining and you believe it and you kind of sit in there with them and experience I thought it was well done and I watched a Russian film that's just released and I highly recommend it people. It's called Sputnik. And Let's say is. Not to give away too much Is that it? Is a space movie. That bring something back to. You. But it set in like a great time. It's set in like the. Sixties kind of feel and look and feel of it. So it comes off a really neat. And then. Another one we started watching just. Last night started watching the Pale horse. On Amazon, which is kind of interesting. I don't know where it's GonNa go but I watched the first show or show. Yeah. Works the first two episodes in it's very entertaining. Very. Kind of. Mystical. kind of things like that. But. It almost reminds me a little bit of the wicker man as becks, but then it throws a twist. It's it's Kinda neat. KINDA NEAT. and been watching the boys. Amazon here. That's really good. It's fun. It's a fun thing and did not love it as much as I thought I would. Very. Different. It's very different play on superheroes so It's an anti superhero. 'CAUSE WE, got like umbrella academy season two dropped about logo. Knows I've watched that twice already the second season. Doom patrol's another quirky superhero dysfunctional. Yeah and I have trouble getting through I can't binge doom patrol the way I'd been jump Brel. Academy. Because they're similar, right? Yes. So he's he's just a lot of superheroes happening out there. Yeah. Another one I watched an ad highly recommend to is Italian film. It's called the girl in the fog and. So she's got flatulence like created. It's All interesting. Searching for a girl lost kind of film heart now say but a psychological film but very, well done. It's got a couple of twists that I did not see and. Very entertaining. I highly recommend it. So I I would I would definitely tell people put that on their list. Be, negligent if I didn't mention late last night I watched the bride of Frankenstein. Favorite Universal and followed it up with adventist beat. Frankenstein, you must have the same list I've got the same thing. I add those three. Peacock. Yeah. I did I downloaded that of just for that so everything on peacock I went to Frankenstein have been kissed. This is how I wanted to go and buy those and I went and I said well, I'm not going to buy something that's already playing on one of the other things because I probably, but I don't have it in my collection and so I was like. Let me check it out and boom popped up and then. The other one I put in there was the creature from the black lagoon so. And I think I own Abbott? ME. Frankenstein. And that's one of the best. That's one of the. So, funny. Chick. Huge Abbott and Costello. Meet I grew up with. Live with them I grow. It must have been a fun life for theft. Yes and I'm also ninety six years old. You look so young. Do. Look Kinda like ninety four, ninety three. So what's your whole Smith? Anyway we want to thank everybody for listening and we have a ton of fun while we're doing this and. And what are we doing next and what what are we doing this time? So. What are next move is going to be what? Frendo for old men was that sorry. For old man okay. I'll contract. Man It took us a little while we had to get the old man to say that for so no country and folkets. Tell him to call it no, and then he it said that. That's right. Point script ahead of time. Walking? About. Young going to be fun. Discuss that film. So I know she says it's not her favorite movie, but it's okay. It's no whiplash which I watched again, the other night i. Haven't listened to any of our older podcasts and you're still on this listening whiplash could be only like four or five of you at this point. If you're still listening three hours later. People squeakers already checked out. Just hang hang on. But if you haven't listened to any, you should check out this is our twenty four. PODCAST. So we're twenty three other ones that are very entertaining all the way. What are your favorites favorite I'll tell you. Okay. My top favorites are whiplash and Saint Street. Yeah. Inception I like Tucker, and Dale Tucker does fun and I think a lot of people haven't checked that one out and I think they're missing out. I enjoy giles I thought was really good. It's getting a little buzz online. Yeah. It's actually it's doing really well, and a lot of people are checking it out and. I mean, I'm surprised. We've already hit people posting stuff about sharing it and already whether it but other Chris Baker. Post and all about us. Talking. Chris Baker. So anyway. Yeah. So All I can say is rate review and gives. A subscription to any of your favorite friends. So which is free it's free. Free. Be Your favorite forensic strangers? Tell them. All your enemies tell everyone. Yeah what's our worst podcast? That's the one you tell your enemies to. Here I know bad ones they've all been very entertaining and all. Really good films I mean I think there's only been a couple that we didn't like that. So. And at least one of US liked at least one or two. We should take some movies each to one movie that we hate able pick from the hated movies. Yeah. That's a good idea. Much. Unless squeaker and Laura that means we'll have to use Patrick's last to go through. Oh. Just give me a list of any ten movies probably hate him. Kidding wait a minute. I've thought of one lie Haney Namie there you go. The hate a lot of. It is it's all black and white I. Well, we want to thank everybody for listening and once again, get out there and rape review and subscribe and thanks we love you. We love you guys make this possible and we'll talk to you next time. Be Safe. Thank you for listening to adult beverage film podcast. This podcast has been brought to you by our sponsors bricks, wood-fired pizza where they bring people together. They also have some of the best adult beverages around. So check them out here to visit adult beverage dot net on the web to find out more interesting facts about films and citing bonus material. You've just listened to lar- Patrick in Kent and Squeaker Love Our podcast head over to your favorite platform such as Stitcher spotify tuned to grab rate review. That's this week's episode of adult Beverage podcast and thank you for listening.

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