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What if there were a podcast just history class except five minutes long and fun? I'm King Kaufman. I think there is one. It's not your century. Join me for it. Wherever you get your podcasts. Hello and welcome to the giant splash. Henry Shulman the chronicles beat reporter on here with Marty. Lurie for part two of our podcast from spring training in Scottsdale Arizona. In the first one we talked all things giants. I hope you'll listen to it if you haven't already wherever you get your podcast today we're GonNa talk about some bigger issues in the game itself. Just a reminder. I that we would like to give you a chance to have a say in what we cover. WanNa know what you want to hear and how you feel we can make our podcast better. Please take a short survey at. Sf CHRONICLE DOT COM SLASH PODCAST survey. If you complete it you'll be entered in a drawing for one of five one hundred dollars gift cards it short. And we'd really like to get your feedback. That's SF CHRONICLE DOT com slash podcast survey onto part two. Marty Lurie right after this. Hello Hello Peter Hart Lob you may have heard from the east coast media and even the White House that San Francisco has literally become a toilet and we completely disagree. The big event podcast is becoming total. Sf and we're going to highlight with still great about Francisco will interview colorful characters share history pay tribute to our favourite. Sf movies and just have fun to listen for the Cable Car Bell Total SF wherever? You get your podcasts. Reshow that with Marty Lurie I? I went to the press conference yesterday. That Rob Manfred here. I actually wanted to ask them a non astros question and then I realized if I stood up did I'd have two hundred journalists who pick up their laptops smack me in the head. I mean you've been through so much you've seen so much in this game. Where where does the Astros signed ceiling stealing scandal rank in your mind as one of the big negative developments in this game? Well it does look you go back a hundred years. John McGraw talked about it and then the Great Hall of fame and you had him on the radio. John McGraw Nineteen Thirteen. He says you know we can steal signs If the CATCHER has hand too low and things like that but telescopes and binoculars are no good. You know and that's the culture of baseball as baseball. A developed science stealing through telescopes inoculations and other nefarious means were used The giants did it in one thousand nine fifty one Al Worthington pitcher wouldn't go to the Chicago White Sox because they were stealing signs in the scoreboard. So in baseball was always. Don't do it and if you get caught they slap on the wrist. They give you parking ticket because it wasn't that big a deal. This thing became a bigger deal because of the cyber attacks we have in the world and the technology how it's taking over the world and taking the hardaway so they clearly used means that when the Ferris that should not have been used and they did it in a super technical way and they did it during the world series. It's like a movie at a Hollywood. This is a movie and they did it during the world series and they won the world series and this offends the sensibilities of everybody. So it's bigger than it's ever been for because of the technology involved in because the world that we live in where we're panicked about the next presidential election about every state we can't even get out of Iowa without a with a primary being subject to all sorts of questions because of the apps and things like that so it bothers me all right. You saw that. The game took a big hit during the thought took a big hit. During the strike of ninety four ninety five came back took a big hit From the steroids scandal. And it came back. You think this this is really going to take a long time to get you know baseball back in the graces of American public after this one. No no I don't I think the the public wants games. They want the story they WanNa know as Stanton and hit seventy home runs. Is Aaron. Judge GonNa do this? How will other teams treat? The Astros is ver- lander going to be the guy you know goes on the mound and does thing will the giants breakthrough with this young hungry team. People want the story. This doesn't go to the integrity of the game. It went to the integrity of one team using technological things to steal signs. It doesn't go to the heart of baseball not at all. I think we need games when all this stuff happens over the winter not that talk about twenty four seven look. You're the hardest working guy in in baseball you writing columns and tweeting and doing stuff all day long. That's the off season. Once we get games this is going to be forgotten. You have a twitter account right baseball at Baseball Marty. You don't use it a lot. Do you During the season I do during the season. I do and let people know when the show is going to start. Who's going to be on and things like that and while the Games are going on I like to tweet Because look for the post game was very helpful to get the discussion going getting ready for post game so I would tweet in the seventh inning. It's time for Bocce to make a move or you know better hit and run here. Put a pinch runner in here and you know do this or that and it got the conversation going. I like tweeting during the game. I don't tweet as much during the week and rogue ops they may be coming to spring training here as I understand it as an experiment. What are your thoughts on that? I love it. I saw it. I went to the Pacific League. Whatever that thing is over in San Rafael Indie Ball in the ball? I saw it. It was when Eric Byrnes. Who's doing that whole thing this special on HBO? And I saw Jenkins writes about it. Jenkins and I are on the same page. We like it and you know why like it. I'm tired of the bellyaching during the broadcast of broadcasters players. Everyone saying that was a ball. That was a strike. That was that was a striking their umpiring from five hundred feet away. I'm sick of it. Kevin Automatic Strike Zone. Whatever it may be let it be called. There's no delay the Saw IT in action. The umpire calls right away. Tired of the bellyaching I'd like to see a game without that we're gonNA bellyaching about something we all we always do. Yeah all right so the calls at first base and we haven't gotten into replay it and what's going on there but as far as the pitch ball strike and all that get it called by the computer whatever it may be. If it's accurate enough and stop I tell you. He's the empire and he's a high ball empire and this and that I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it. During the broadcast might feeling on replay. It was always that if the people in New York can't figure out in ninety seconds that the call was wrong then it should absolutely automatically be upheld. You agree with that absolutely absolutely. I think it's ridiculous. How long it takes there should be a replay booth In every stadium this eleven. Twelve billion dollar industry come on. This should be every stadium. They should have it. It should be instantaneous. It should be initiated by umpire in a replay booth. Who can look at it quickly and make a decision and that's the way it should be. I think it's nuts that that we go on for three or four or five minutes waiting for call finally this year. They'RE GONNA. They're at least going to tell you support right isn't an empire going to be miked and tell you you know what the result. I don't know if that starting this year but yeah it's like the NFL referees right. Yeah no I think the replay thing has got to be worked on the the Guy Popping off second base and getting tagged and all that kind of stuff. It wasn't meant for that it wasn't meant for that and you can't have every play every look. Abner Doubleday member George Carlin Bob. Newhart said boy. Mr Doubleday you figured it out ninety eight. How did you know? Then it's the perfect distance every player's Bang Bang every place bang you can't have replay every time. K. Marty. It's as always it's been a pleasure and thank you for joining me. I look forward to being on your show coming this season. No absolutely Saturday. We got a spot for you. I love having you on. And it's what the pre games all about it. It's the anticipation this is. What baseball's all about the anticipation of the game? That's going to happen. The giant splash is a production of the San Francisco. 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