Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - November 22nd 2019


Originating from our Jimmy Johns of Lexington Studios. Welcome to the weekend. Stakes tree view presented presented by naira bets with the advantage. It's still one go all go by a half on the outside and oscar-nominated from second down at the Inside Market Office Third Gold Shield get started while wide talks tries to secure racing room between horses calf of another two lengths back the summertime and big bend and Nessie in their appetite of this dredge. One one go all goes still has the lead market off into the clear to try to get him oscar-nominated his neck toss here. Here's Sadler's joy from dead laughed and he's ruling home Sadler's blurs joy. You'RE GONNA try to go to. I Will Sadler's Joy aleppo-beirut going away. McDermott I WANNA Ron. One goal go was second and won her q twelve and four. Now here's Anthony. Stabile and Steve Grabowski. Everyone welcome to the weekend stakes preview for them to buy Naruebet here on the horse racing radio network on the big. A Anthony's to be joined by Steve rebel ski where high atop the finish line and act our Jimmy. Johns of elections in broadcast of IOS does is operatives Dela Pena Eleven steaks and all funds show. They're all fun. But this is a real different and interesting show tonight as it's the weekend stakes preview and beyond this. We have races on Saturday and Sunday from aqueduct. Woodbine and DEL. The del Mar Monday as we get closer to thanksgiving. We take spree before Thanksgiving actually couple of sprint races at Mahoning valley as part of their stake schedule and then Wednesday one of the bigger days of the year for Penn.. National Gaming Land of enchantment enchantment day down at sea. Hawk will have a ton of the Zia races for you on Wednesday's edition of Red Brand Radio and we'll also have the penn national holiday racing festival Wednesday next to that Reverend Radio show on Wednesday all the way from three to seven thirty and Stephen. I'll be joined by Stefan Stephan to funnel Stephan filled in for Steve. A few weeks back on Halloween Stephon will join us for that action PACCAR. What's happening kit? Good to be back good to work on this again and I said it's going to be week long steaks and Looking forward to moving all around the country and and just jumping into it and getting ready for big week. Yeah we'll wrap the program with the three big ones from Zia park on Wednesday the handicap the Derby and the Zia Park Oaks. WanNa play along over the narrow bets dot com new Promo Code. HR In one thousand nine hundred and they match up to okay. Two hundred dollar sign up on it so you sign up for two hundred bucks. Naira will match Head over to narrow dot com for more details. If you play Del Mar.. Are you play it this Sunday. A NEAT little wager. If you use the APP only is Promo on the APP. Only better twenty five win. Bet On the horse. You like in the second race at Del Mar on Sunday. Twenty five bucks to win lose. You want him back playing simple role in the second at del Mar up only really Rodriguez played at the other day and uses abby. He played on his phone. He thought it was in. His APP wasn't as APP. You didn't get twenty five dollars back so rudy. Download the APP gotTa play through the APP Heads Abets Dot Com for more details and use that Promo Code. HR In nineteen. They'll match up two hundred dollar. Sign up deposit all right. Let's get right into it like I said three Saturday Sunday to Monday through Wednesday bringing a blow up being just a little bit. The Red Smith is a great three mile and three eighths year on the in a turf here at aqueduct tomorrow afternoon. Field of eleven in the body a couple of main track onlys this remain trek. Only a couple of ease. Eleven will run including Sadler's draw. You heard Pete. I L O on the call of the magnetometer that was back in twenty wanting eighteen. He hasn't won in ten starts. Since his trainer Tom Albatross any will join equine forum presented by Red Brand fence tomorrow morning at eight the M eastern time. He's one in some of the biggest races in the country for turf marathoners. He has a win here at act. I remember it was an allowance win. We're Havi a CASTELLANO. Aboard many moons ago I'll be back aboard for this Red Smith. He's one of your favorites. Sadler joins always keep an eye on on him. And you know this. Red Smith is one of my favorite races in the late full winter. Love it always look forward to it. It's it's a fun race. Always a big field a good betting race take a look this year's rendition. I mean I. It's no different. I mean it's got a bunch of speed horses it's got kristoff Clermont. First Time Import Port Lasix for the first time although that hasn't been such a productive angle as late not as much as it has been in the years past You Got Glorious Empire drone on the outside exciting. You know we're just GONNA show a lot of speed and you've got the class master Your Sadler joy an emmy. Just take a look at the horses. He's been rather gets the art. Close the time who was big up at Saratoga enable and magical less than ten links off the two of them in the Breeders Cup Turf. Last year Churchill downs you know. He loves the distance last time we saw him in the turf classic when he finished behind our clone channel maker. He was up there. I mean though the fractions were slow but he doesn't want to be anywhere near the leading. He found himself right right on it. I think now switching back the heavy cast Alonzo and getting some pace in front of. I really think that he's going to be tough to down here. Like the fact that they skipped the Breeders Cup on them gave them a a little bit of a break and relatively fresh horse on the run three times this year. I think he's ready for a big one. I know he's eight to five on the line and I hate chasing chalk but I think he's the one that beat here. Yeah on paper. You know there are some peripheral runs in here in the cities of on paper all. Wow this race can really You know there's GonNa be a tough one But when you when you look closely if if this thing's history it's over Yeah Twenty one on the outside looking in that could if they improve if they come with a big big gaffer they could win I guess Petite flee the West Point Horse that you will mention the ship stuff. laundly six zero Tommy. Bell House mentioned this horse when he was one of my guests on the forum. Last weekend I would give him a little bit of a look. Maybe around out. The exact Nakimora is is a horse who knocks on the door. He's one for one at a mile and three eighths. I'm GonNa tell you the Horse that I think is gonna run really well read right hand from my man Tom Morley. He's won on free in a row. Four of his last five stretched out to win the mile and quarter last time out against on leverage to. I think it's going to be okay for Chad Brown widar that day. Probably can't go wiring here Johnny. VILLAS GONNA ride. We'll see if johnny can work out a good trip with him. He was at a price. I want to get to try it exactly so you talk about an astute claim. He took this back in June and he knew exactly what he wanted to get this horse on the grass. Get them to go longer. And I I mean he's been fantastic of late. I mean the uh-huh class rises You know isn't an easy one and I mean he's going to have to continue to take a step forward but his tactical foot is good. It should have them close to the pace on the stretch out here and You know it's GonNa have to prove his good enough but certainly in the right won't agree that Salvatore's awfully tough tomorrow though. There are some peripheral players for playing executive tries to grade three Red Smith Nine on a ten race card. I Post twelve o'clock Kim examining I'll bring you talking horses. Starting at ten forty five to Woodbine we go great to Kennedy Road Six furlongs on the all all weather where our neighbors to the north. Get ready to wrap up their meat. Got About three weeks left up their field of nine nine. All eyes will be on though pink. Floyd had that effort in the bold venture Klingon Star last time. If the sum gain issues he was fourth on the line Hill take a bulk of the money. I guess the other horse they'll take a look at it And I kind of wide open underneath extravagant kid. WHO's GonNa get back to the all weather of it would line? He's never won that all weather but he's got some good company in turf turf sprints this year he'll probably take the money for Brendon Walsh. Yeah those figured it'd be the two who take the bulk of it. Pick Lord I mean what can you say about this source. Twenty twenty one for twenty six at Woodbine. Sixteen seventeen at three quarters. I mean he's he's just a machine. Last time they happen to be a problem at the gate Still only lost the race just by a length even though he spotted them I mean it was backed by the whole field spot of them. Five six seven likes whatever it was from the beginning He certainly wanted to beaten here. I mean you like chasing two two two five three to five. He's even money on the line. He's going to be lower than that if he wins. I'd say yeah you know. He's a deserving I gotta try and beat them. I'M GONNA go with the four riches in the House House. I certainly certainly the way he's come to hand this year For LYRA Ravelli. Who is having a fantastic meet up? It would from his limited starters got three wins at ten already Indian for others in the money. This look really good. First Time they put them on the On the all weather at Woodbine last time was able to track what she should should be able to be doing in here. He only won by a neck and that one but now he's going to he's going to step into a good spot again. He's going to need to take steps forward off of that one but I think he's a really good gal. Catch them at the right time and five to one on the morning lies sneeze that I'm gonNA use him. Excuse me I'm lead. You pick the against pink. Floyd was a cause. I'm picking them all right. I can't even argue with that very much making a cold. Exactly what the one Dixie. DIXIES GAMBLE WHO I know. Said Limited starts at this six for a long distance. uh-huh unlimited success really but I don't really love extravagant kid you Richie's in the house is GonNa take money and they will be part of the pace. I'll try and get home a cold six one. Pink Floyd over dixies. Gamble reese number eight on Saturday. Would mind is the great to Kennedy Road Out. They'll go great three native diver mile an eighth on the main track field of six. In here you got yourself a grade one winner roadster on the Santa Anita Derby Bob Baffert finished a tough luck. Second on the Breeders Cup Saturday undercard by a nose. First Time blinkers going seven eighths come back a little quick three weeks see what He. Asa midcourt when the comment that a top last time now the Baffert in here leading score was third the comment of the top just missing the PRU Baker winner of that to thirty. Five's here interesting renewal of this native diver. Baffled shows a heck of a lot of confidence thrown roadster into this vis grade three against Against older on on Saturday super impressed with the source earlier in the year and last year when he was running against game horses like game winner and Derby didn't really have any shot from an outside. Draw those why. Why did he had and that went to the bench? After that for a little while came back he was great. umbrage this weekend I just think the confidence that the Bob Baffert shows here To to try these all the horses I I. I can't go against him. I mean even see him after. This one ended up in the Malibu so I I think he's a really good one I think he's getting back on track and I think we've got a lot more that we're gonNA see this source I'm GonNa go with the four roadster. I was never a fan of his mid. The court has been good since being gelded. He's lost just once John sheriffs. That was his return from a pretty much a sixteen month layoff and he's had plenty of time between races. In fact for SHERIFFS IS GONNA be the first time he's GONNA run back without a lay off line on his car and I think he's GonNa get a big a big pace in here zestful while he's not that fastly score is I don't want you could have wrote of all the roads that you. How could you not like a roach? We were a game when fanny became when one of them do a roast come nothing to do with Rosta lately race three year old is all you this time of year out. Grade one winner at nine panels that he's going to go on Saturday. You want to get it for a coffee midcourt verse roadster. Let's make it a large one thun on all right. That's fine that's fine. I mean the best. You can't win That's what it's going to do race number. Eight on Saturday at Delmore is great. Three native diver will take a break when we come back. We're GONNA do it all again. We're just going to do it on Sunday one from aqueduct. One from woodbine one from delmar. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by now. We're bats here on the horse. Racing Radio Network is your home force racing and betting with narrow Beth's you can play hundreds hundreds of tracks from anywhere at anytime using your computer or mobile device players. Earn points on bets and building a bankroll promotions. Like this one today using Promo Code Tate. RN Two hundred hundred dollars within the first two weeks membership and choice dollars right into your account. That's Promo Code H. R. N.. Two Hundred Walker. Rebecca savell will across the United States. Visit Tara Betts Dot Com for details. Nara Bets Racing Play Call Stream Tame Gulfstream Park on Friday November. Twenty ninth for the kickoff of the championship meet enjoy the heart pounding. Excitement of live thoroughbred horse racing showcasing. Some of the best jockeys an forces in the world be one of the first to experience the all new outdoor dining terraces or have brunch while viewing the racing ten pounds. Make sure to come early to get your free. Twenty Twenty Gulfstream Park Wall calendar while supplies last visit Gulfstream Park Dot com for details and a full schedule. The road to the Breeders Cup has come to an end but H. RN Just keeps rolling. Don't Miss Trainer talk presented by facing Tipton every Wednesday. The Brits Net Dot Com Colon show on Thursdays these days and the naira bets weekend stakes preview show on Fridays. Plus Join Mike Penner every Saturday morning for this show that lies the network the equine forum and HR in is your home for live racing with red brand radio featuring daily coverage from across the country and the biggest against fall races including the Zia Park Derby the pen holiday racing festival and more HR end is your home for all of racing's biggest against advance go to horse racing radio dot net for more information over to listen live. You'll guys they call me Jersey Joe but it's only only Joe Bravo plummy whatever you like just so happy that you're listening to horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets. Let's and the favorite my boy tate ranges up on the far outside just in behind is four set in fourth as field heads for home the half in forty five and three VIP seconds. I Love Lulu Digs. Down at the WRAL TRIBECA between says my boy tate on the outside three of them across the track inside the poll. I I love Lulu and my buy tape. It's between those two now it's bye bye tape to take the lead in deep stretch. And what a couple of days for Dylan Davis. He wants six yesterday three more today. Including this one the US aboard by boy tape my man John Embryos Al on the call of the Holly Hughes much like Sadler's joy joy that was the two thousand eighteen Holly Hughes. He's winless in three starts since we haven't seen him in over a year he's back from Michelle Nevin Neven Sunday afternoon in a renewal of the New York stallion series races. Welcome back to the weekend stakes. Prove the by China. That's here on H. R. R.. And before Steve Kerr basking I get back into the stakes action. It's time now for the blood horse. News update and look at the top headlines from blood horse dot com into mischief and Matola available to quarterhorse suspends reform as partner with Robichaud far ranch and will offer the opportunity for Quarterhorse Mares to breed with leading into mischief and recent great one British Cup. Sprint winner. Matola for the twenty twenty breeding season was announced November twentieth. Quarterhorse will be read via artificial insemination three spent perform owner B Wayne Hughes looking for creative ideas and Ryan robichaud manager. Robichon Ranson Through Bridge Louisiana looking for out cross the venture interested both sides of the deal. SPENDTHRIFTS stallion sales manager Mark Tooth and Billon Korean Hellabrunn who campaigned four-time. Remember totally approach. Spendthrift with the the mister uses always wanting us to think outside the box and come up with some different ideas and some things we can do them. mm-hmm this thing just kind of came to a life of its own tooth or said it approaches pearly on that they have people in Quarto force business. Of Of course they have a puerto worst background and Steve Asmussen's holy trainer does as well that wraps up tonight addition of the blood Lahore's news update. There's one website that's the go to site for racing breeding. South Island isn't that's DOT COM breaking news desire lists results raise replay videos I was leading earner lists and so so much more. You'll find it all at blood. OORS DOT COM double dip double duty Matola into mischief. Get your money's worth not surprise. It's holy into mischief is a little different total. You know the sprint speed and everything. I don't know I don't know Mr has had that success with the You know the positive with his His young runners so maybe that translates to some horse. Yeah we'll see we'll see should be interesting We'll see how it all shakes out in the next few years back to the stakes action Sunday Sunday at the big stallion series of influence race number eight on the nine Racecar Post Time is twelve twenty David Aragona and I will bring talking worse than starting at eleven thirty seven furlongs out of the shoot. My boy takes off the long layoff gold for the king. He's run just five times uh-huh this year is almost three quarters of a million dollars but he's winless in. All five of his tries actually won this event last year. Almost ten lengths over nine lengths as the one to I. Five favorite. He'll be back to try to defend that crown. Get his first win since this race last year. He loves a fight a little. Bit of a renaissance being cleaned by Orlando Notre for ten thousand back in May at Belmont Park. He's won five races this year. He's having a good year. Four of those races was actually this year For Noda who joined on here. I thought they were Several interesting remers in here. You know we talked about wise claims Rudy Reggie Guess. He's done a nice job since taken dark money back at Belmont Neha any early summer. Two for three wins. Earning the best numbers of his career ear now. He gets another shot at one two of his four last time going away. He's big sprint. Of My boy tapes was the last time we saw him. You know he had a backed off things a little bit. You know he He kind of TOOK AKWA by storm a couple of winters back. He was really big in the state. Bread ranks back then and you know earning numbers that made him competitive integrated stakes Sprint ranks if he wanted to give it a shot so you know. Hopefully he comes back. And we see a resurgence from him in this one I I was kind of a goal for the king. You know I know he doesn't Hasn't won in over a year and he did win this race last year but he just loves aquit Okinawa seven for eight in the money for for eight winners This is just a second race in Saratoga. I think he's going to be a lot tighter with the The Hudson it's an behind bill to suit behind him and I think he is going to give the rest of his field all that they can handle so go for the king from me. He bothered his last race. Bothered me. I don't think he did much running his last race. I know it was getting back to help us. 'cause but he's hard to take winless this year winless in over a year. I ah he can win and I'll use him in my late tick formerly took five. But he's tough to take. I like dark money. I think money's GonNa work out a good trip and he has got tactical speed. He can win on the front end. You know let's see what happens from the railroad banksters. Let's see what my boy take off the long way if he was. Sometimes you just come back from these playoffs and they are so keyed beat up that they come they come out of there with a vengeance to come out of there like a house on fire so once proudly. But I'll tell you what if there's not a lot of pace on here. I could see see Jose Lescot. WHO's in writing very fine form right now just putting on the on the lead? I talked wanting on Sunday took the pace to his inside. It's going to make it a little tougher him. I know banksters cheap. Ed Baxter from the rail. Last time he showed more speed than he had in his as a couple of starts in I think he's just GonNa dot money's going to need to sit. They'll get me wrong. I would love. I would have to the brain going doc. Money laugh onto him. I think offers hope is GONNA show fresh beat as well. I think you may work out a trip. I don't see him on the front end. Yeah we'll we'll see how it shakes out. I'd like to see him forwardly placed. I'd love for him to be just off of it but I would not be surprised if nobody else goes. Jose just blast some off. Take dark money race. Number Eight is one of the New York stallion series races here on the New York Racing Association circuit up to Woodbine for Sunday's grade to bus Arabian seven. Frogs for the three year. Old fillies thrilled phillies up. I'll go out of the chute on the all weather weather we like here. You know I look this race over long and hard. A handful of times went back and forth and up and down and I I just came to the same result you would have had to you know absolutely right. It's the first thing that I thought because every time I take a look at a race I wanNA take a look at the pace scenario. You know and I'm saying who is going to go with the sophomore number. Seven gambles candy and I said I don't think anyone who can so up and down and you take a look so nobody showed some speeds on long on the turf You know a couple of the other mazer showing a little bit of speed. I think If Louis contrast wants to leave with gambles candy he's got he's going to be able to set up shop Six and a half furlong win last time of four for the lead kicked away. Eleven to one upset. She's an improving three year old at the right time of the year. I think she can can take these gate to wire. I like special relativity on the outside the norm McKnight and David Cohen Shipping up for the ride this Philly Saratoga horse for the course. She's done very well up there in the last two Summers Day didn't take her to the Midwest. When Saratoga was over a two zero turn her over to McKnight for eminem racing she went up to Woodbine? She got ready for a couple of stakes. Races up there you know the first day. She ran the first time around the all weather. I didn't catch the SLOSH. I WANNA eight to nine to five into journalism. If she didn't break well and I kind of feel like she needed to get accustomed to the all-weather she trained on it for a few weeks but a lot different than training and racing came back almost a month later in the Tarot fashion a grade three and look a a whole lot more comfortable on there. Now she goes from the six and a half and a six long race to seven. That's a distance. I think she's a little more comfortable with. She's had some good success at seven seven right the one time she was off the ball in that safely kept but then she one and finished third to come dancing on the destroyer and the Ballerina and wrong with that. She gets some pace to her inside. David gets the stock outside. Special Relativity. Allot on Sunday. It goes as race number eight in the grade. Two seven wrong Bessarabian up at Woodbine. The cary grant is seven furlongs on the dirt for the cow. All breads out of del Mar another race. Eight on Sunday shortish field just field of six ultimate Bango goes turf the dirt. He's dirty just once in. His career. Trainer Blake Heap. freesheet out to hall of Famer Mike Smith for the return to the main track. Oliver cuts back from a couple of to turn races at Los Owlry won. The Johnston ran off the board last really in the comment that the topic is open company. But he's back into State Brady won his last two against against Cowbridge to take the bulk of the money in here. Yeah Great You know short field Several ways to go in. They all looked rather competitive. If I go on go on first appearance I I would take a look and I say that you know fashionably fast comes into this Quite quite nicely with three straight wins to them here over the track back in the summer. But if I'm going to try and beat them with With Oliver Sophomore who was Beat older into his last three starts. He likes Delmore as well. Never been off. The board in five tries turning back should have a little bit of bottom and he's at the tactical speed to be right up there with the pacesetters early so he may be strong one in the lane. I'll give him a shot. I went to ultimate rank. Pango you know Blake Heap. It's not like each year northeast and turf races are done. He's going to have plenty of chances around the source on the turf and this horse has had success from five and a half to two a mile. So it's not like he's pigeonholed into sprints arauz. He he can do. Both guineas decided to one of the source. And you know I guess insane. We're talking about this about the New York branch locally all the time when they hang up this kind of money for the state races as you kind of have to run one hundred thousand is only feel the six you know. This could be a hustle from the racing office. Hey listen you know once on dirt we only got five. Hundred thousand has some speed. Maybe I'm against getting sucked into the hustle horse. I don't know but I think the sources fine is dirt. Racy ran seventy two by a figures finds amaze got some tactical speed plenty of other speeding here. The two grinning tiger has asam gas I would think Oliver's you'll be closed even the outside extreme. I think he works out the trip. Money Mike cashes in from the rail draw. I'll take ultimate Bango in race number eight delmore on Sunday. The cary grant halfway home. We'll take a break. Technically the weekend stakes are over my friend but when you have a holiday week like Thanksgiving I was on the news this morning. Apparently they said Friday morning today was one of the busiest travel days of the year. Today I use a lot of people taking also week next week and fly out of town some weather running around. I guess I don't know I don't I don't mess with those Steel Birds. I'm I stay down ground But we will keep. We'll keep the party going. We're GONNA the Party going all night long. My friend Monday all night. Long Line Ritchie Monday mahoning valley stakes come your way next ends. The show them enchantment park action as well. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview and beyond presented by bets here on the Horse Racing Radio Network. The Rebecca's your online home for horse racing and betting with narrow best you can play hundreds of tracks anywhere at any time using your computer or mobile device players earn points on bets and Vilbert bankrolled exclusive promotions like this one today using Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred hundred dollars in your first two weeks of membership and our two hundred dollars right into your account. That's Promo Code H. R. N.. Two Hundred Rebecca savell across the United States visit Tara Betts Dot com for details marabouts racing. The best play cannot to Gulfstream Park on Friday November. Twenty ninth for the kickoff of the championship meet enjoy the heart pounding. Excitement of live thoroughbred horseracing showcasing. 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For All of racing's biggest events go to horse racing radio dot net for more information over to listen live. This is showed mcgahey and I really enjoy listening. Horse Racing Radio Network. This is the weekend stakes preview view presented by naira vets and brought them in Israel six months off Earth which is still called Paul with rates to go res. Overdoses takes up the chase. He's win place or show a nose drop back in third and Salmon. Is the trailer right. Now we're down to two. It appears as they hit for home half forty five and one and call. Paul doubt stems the margin. The two commence freeze overdoses of game trying to cut that margin when places. Show Ono's racing third the sixteenth ago. It's called Paul now drawing away Cole. Paul and on House Soirees. We'll take the new castle. Wins it by about three threes. Overdoses a good second win. Place or show Ono got third over. Brock's inman welcome back to the weekend mistakes preview by Rabat zero. HR and the big the big Rabovsky taking you through a fantastic Friday evening. Get over the narrow batch to open a new account. HR In one thousand nine hundred the Promo Code. Don't match up the two hundred bucks when you open into account put deposit in Sunday comes second race at del Mar on on the APP. Only twenty five win on one horse race to the horse gets beat not GonNa give you twenty five bucks back. It's that simple. You just have to do it on the APP Golden Arab that's dot com for more details. All right we told you about Special Wiki on the network. Let's head to a place. We very very rarely get to at Mahoning valley in Ohio race number. Five on the Monday card is Hollywood gaming Mahoning distaff we will have representatives from all of the Penn National Gaming Hollywood gaming race tracks this Saturday morning tomorrow morning on the equine forum presented by Rembrandt fence. Mark Low will represent Mahoning Valley and talk about this Monday stakes action. Eric Johnson from Penn National. Talk about the the holiday races on Wednesday night which will cover here on wjr cover on the network on Red Brennan Radio. Chris mcelwain Vice President of gaming for the company. Not Just Shrek. He'll be our Z.. Apart connect till talk about the week in general but folks on land of Enchantment Day Down Zia Park trainer Tommy albertrani. He's got my boy Sadler's joy in the Red Smith Mall. Tommy actually having a really good year communist tacos about the six year old Sadler's joy and what the future holds for him. We're working on another guest. I'll give I'll tell you guys this right now. AW IT'LL BE A steve. That's all I can tell you. Short lost the network equine forum presented by Reverend Fence Tomorrow tomorrow morning. Eight to ten. Am Eastern time serious. Nineteen Xm to a one stream. It live on your home for all of racing's biggest events at horse racing radio dot net all right. Hollywood gaming Mahoning distaff goes race number. Five six furlongs main track feel ten. Got Jimmy Johns Service shipping in. Dj's favourite a relatively junior thinking won the sprint. Steel feel various valley's frontal. We'll talk about later in the car. Two years ago floor on Jerusalem towns arrived he right one in the steel valley as well so we have some familiar familiar names trainer wise. A Jockey wise trainer. Wise Bob Heff. Bob Has has thoughtless in here but yeah Nice. Little Mix of local and national flavor over mahoning on Monday. Yeah there are several shippers who who come in here to try idea the track for the first time who have some solid looking speed figures that may point them out as as being top contenders others in the heat wasn't crazy about the local runners in particular Just a few in here I thought that was a good amount of speed towards the outside And I thought WHOA that might set up a nice trip for John Services outside run run a DJ's favourite with Iran Rt's you had mentioned I understand that she is as a a wet track specialist and it would be great if I'm not sure what the long term weather forecast. But if she gets any any precipitation any moisture in the ground cheese Certainly GonNa move move up as well. I think that first race since October where she showed a little bit of speed and tired At parks I think that's going to set up a skewed refrigerate since April. I I think that's going to set her up pretty well To take a step forward here from a nice outside tracking draw. I think They're going to have her to hold off. I'm GONNA go with. Dj's favorite in the service and Iran Ortiz. Junior Kessei. Blame you I'm not familiar in the racing. Form the final. If you will hasn't come out yet so I don't know when the pick fours and fives are holding a Monday I'll handicap handicap these races so I obviously Be Wagering especially if I really like something I really tough time with this race Though the Horse I like it here a little bit makes very little sense but tough Irma. Komo landed and she's really seemed to turn around since surround conspiracy claimed third oaklawn park on my birthday back in March unfortunately her better races on turf but her dirt races. Oh like sneaky good. He got run around a good track and may closing weekend that oaklawn. She didn't have the best of trips that they got beat. Less than five Lenz came back and ran around the matron on the all weather. Go into terms that was a six six Roland sprint. Less than a month later she's going to turn on an all weather. Track comes back after that runs to turn in Indiana grand on the main track and a mile and a sixteenth ran. Well she'll be five months I think the mile and a sixteenth on the dirty little scope and then she wants to deter. She finished second money. Allowance should a two-month layoff in well behind graded stakes winner coach rocks and then she won a three of them. End Engage wire fashion which you just walk the dog on the the front end. The Sean Bridge Mahan. I don't surface it's been regardless of surface all voracious have been good. GotTa cut back in here. But I think she'll be a little bit of a price. I'm I'M GONNA TRY Tough armored affiliate you mentioned on the outside. DJ's favorite. She makes some sense. I think last true love right next door makes some sense. She's tried stakes races across the country. Laurel Pinnacle Penn Delaware Park. Mom acqueduct on her last seven starts now she goes to Mahoning. Chill need a little pace. What do you think about the speed of ever wonder? Yeah I think if you're playing a multi-race wage like I would like to do. She looks like she's gone on the lead and all these other phillies have a bunch of question marks. So it's it's a wide open race. It's an interesting race. It's very interesting race for Monday afternoon. Tell you that I'm GonNa take a little bit of a swing at a decent decent price with tough but I won't be surprised at four or five of these phillies has won this race but the number six tough Irma for me it goes race number five five. The Hollywood Gaming Mahoning distaff later on the card race number seven four starts six. So there's no pick five a picked force six. I was just informed. Ray Seven is the Steel Valley Sprint quarter of a million on the line This is for the straight three year old and again Ian Wilkinson Julian Peru Shipping and with Bourbon calling on a few race win streak. One three of his last four lone blemish was in the Amsterdam against chance a lot when he won by Paul Call All polls won stakes races at Delaware Pen Gulfstream Park's and Saratoga and his career he takes his show on a rope adjacent service. That's where other teas lands for this one Local horse from a man Lou Dare Day. He's won three of his five career starts Wayne in Catalano and channing Hill father and son-in-law coming what Manny Wa luce has another one in Olympic Village who he claimed that if a win ran in the Jockey Club forgo company then to turns. He cuts back to spring another wide. Open race here yeah. There are a handful of contenders. You know call full may be the one to be. I mean he takes his race track with Thurman I mean that's something that can't be underestimated. I mean you see a horse like that and go into attract Mahoning valley where you know. It'd be nice to have some experience over the treacle. The horse like this most likely isn't going to need that so he may be the one to be but I thought there were several speeds in here. That could push him early. I ended up going with the with the outside horses. The twelve Preamble for thou percent. I I really like this horses first. Couple of races and Kentucky last fall He was rumored to to be a good thing. His Damn Beautician. A lot of class At an early age he. This guy is pretty precocious Last year came back with with a huge effort again to to Take his second level Allowance condition at Keeneland in his first start of the year in the spring and then something went wrong in the chick Lang at Pimlico and his fourth career start when he was beaten as a seventeen to ten choice failed to beat a run home in that one Redoubt per said knows how to get these runners ready to fire and this one certainly has had no issue firing off works and his last acumen is super sharp. He's outside who should get the stalking talking trip that he needs and I'm hoping I get four or five to one beggar on him right here because I really like preamble to win. This one stole my thunder him and he wants to look over at my form. I'm not didn't you do this for talking. Horses maybe a copy that you liked valley the just talking. You gave one out your company working at work at work on the comeback handicapping. Good you pick obviously being picking the same words. I'm picking your handicapped spot on the comebacks axel. I love the source of the Chick Lang. I didn't make a big bet on them in the claim because he took all this crazy money he was like five to one morning. Line the next thing I know. He's he was awarded seventy in a five at one point. I bet that race falling apart though Esther looks at Tony and came up. Well yeah the rail was good that day. Remember that's where war will win the preakness wherever fast. ASK HIM UP. The inside recognized that serling disagree about that. Rail wasn't good that they I think he's nuts. yeah I guess. The the layoff thumbs aren't great for research. That's the only problem the last two years. He's won one of these horse and it was him and it was him to begin. Begin this year. He's working sharply again. I was ready to roll. Yeah I hope so. I picked them but again if she plan pick for I am not letting call Paul beat me the run Bourbon a theory now run bourbon callings on I and I don't know what's what's changed changed in. This horse was really weird random on the turf and it was almost like a hands up. I don't know what to do anymore. He he didn't run. Who who steps on the turf? Then they dropped seventy five thousand and a Gallup and look off of his form. You weren't going to really bet now. This was had turf pedigree three to us in that you know on a bestowed family from From from the Phillips family and all of a sudden creatures turned around he won. He finished third a hard charging thirty. Got A great pacesetter. Reo Behind Rufus. Then he won the end him for the hundred thousand and even answering for the allowances except for the hundreds of thousands of Churchill. He one of them was all of a sudden. He's not eligible for the allowance race but he's into Amsterdam. He only got six is links for second five lengths for second in the Amsterdam win win so some this is good. And he's got good ran well Churchill. He Ran World Saratoga. You're in well keeneland England. So you know he's fairgrounds. She's in terrific form. I mean the issue is just his running style from the inside or any big field turned around. He's Oh you're not gonNa let Paul Paul Biya. He's a worse as you know. Do you WanNa let the local. If you WANNA let Lucia the only time this horse ran. Poorly was when when he tried to run them in the Ohio. Derby off to sprint's but his sprint races wins by eight wins by seven and a half against Ohio. Bridge wins by six then. Last time he got run down late late in the game. Forty four and one. Last time he goes forty four. One in this field is going to be three in front and maybe they don't get them. I don't know many Wa. I has a license. You know his turf his dirt sprints he got beat by gray attempt from the sugar. Bowling one. Last time has dirt sprints have been good compete. Just three quarters of a link last year in the Ellis Park juvenile look good race good action on Monday and Mahoning Valley talk about tomorrow morning on the forum. I'm I'M GONNA make preamble like Steve the top pick when I think five or six horses go in this race wide open. Renewal of the Steel Valley Sprint goes race number seven six furlongs a quarter of a million dollars on the line. We'll take one more break. Come back and we'll look all the way till Wednesday for Zia Park Oaks Zia Park Championship and of course the Park Derby. 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This is the weekend stakes preview review presented by Nyerere bets. SPURLOCK minute ten point five seven seconds. A lady apple and Santana sweep into the stretch. They have the league off the term. They're up by length and a half chased by gold standard. Second Classic fit has had enough for long ago lady apple as command trying to come back along the rail gold standard lady apple the gold standard coming close to the wire together there at the rail tight ahead separate play the apple gold standard lady apple will prevail in the remedy for folks and a great stretch drive the gold standard who settled for second bit third. She's shiny four point. Welcome back again stakes preview for the by naira bets here on H. R. Par and and beyond the tagline. This week's show. We've already talked about Saturday Sunday and Monday a races. Now a Lotta Wednesday. We'll be Wednesday with a special edition of Reverend Radio from three to seven thirty. We'll have some accurate. We'll have some mm Zia park. Land of enchantment. We'll have penn national holiday stakes action tons overall tomorrow morning on the forms offers end by red brand fence Wednesday Zia Park stakes. We'll cover three on this program. Zia Park Oaks. Folks goes race number eight mile and a sixteenth now There are some issues with a herpes outbreak and Remington Park. So horses at a stable Birmingham Block. Name with Steve Execution Runs May or may not be able to get out there when the handicap. The racist hoping that everybody can work together and get them there But keep in mind that This can change when we come back to you with each race's live on Wednesday and we'll keep you updated via twitter account at Horseshoe Sir at HR and on twitter as to what's going on but as of now you got these races. If these sources are going to be allowed to ship race number eight goes the oaks field of six. Nick speak favorite three to five lady Apple. She's already won a couple of hoax. One REMINGTON wanted Iowa fairy meadows this year lone blemish. I missed really on a car. This year came in the in the Alabama when she finished eighth in the Kentucky Oaks Behind starring the emperors and Laura three to five and deserve to be. She's been well managed this years. You know all I can say they gave it a shot again in the Alabama. After the Nice I awoke score. She's been beating eating on You know the the second and third level Sophomore phillies this hearing when she finds another field here that she looks like she on her normal effort she she may be able to handle. I just I don't like the morning line price and you know while she may win the race. I'm going to have to try and beat her. Richard Baltas has to Phillies in here than before motion. Emotion comes off a neck miss as the favourite in second level allowance at Keeneland and he also has the five harassed. That's that's the one who I'm GONNA go with. She wanted to Mama folks this summer At a Mama Sixteenth. Earning a big a big number beating Jaywalk last year's champion two year old Philly Things went a little bit awry in the in the Castilian when she She tried to rally on the outside. Wasn't good enough to get to St Brand Bandon Vanden Guarani. Who is anything wrong with that? Koran is a top multiple grade one winning filly And then she came back in her first football to awesome and Raven the Raven. Run at Keeneland sprinting. One term where this showed a little bit of early foot but really didn't get into that that sprint gig. She's better to turn she stretching out. Ah back out now. I think she posts a mild upset here prices on the morning one in five to one. She's five to one zero Geraldo just shipping in for a second time. Richard Bolt us yes. She was tough for me to make. I think I think the apple just going to be Too much for these horses. Should she not make it over there. Calf Moon Bay hasn't isn't seasons winning third in Las Virginia's to Bella Fina she ran a couple of good racists she's really been good since Jerry Holland overstretched her out. She was second. She won a couple of times she was third in the last Janice. We haven't seen her for a while. But that amount of sixteenth Jerry's going to get into sources ready brings brings written van Dyken and quite frankly. The apple doesn't ship. I think she's actually the horse to beat. I will take lady apple if she runs Kathleen Bay. If the apple doesn't race number eight is the Zia Park Oaks Race Number Nine Zia Park Championship Japan. Recap older horses get to go nine furlongs more than once around a lot of familiar names here hereditary and Boquila island a couple of former Phipps runners for hall of Famer shook mcgahey We see looking at Lea- runner up in two thousand Seventeen Kentucky Derby to always dreaming those three names. We certainly know field of eleven Kevin Wide. Open race here for the championship. Yeah I thought Tana ways you could go in this race. I ended up going with the old fips. mcgahey Horse Island. The number seven seems to be easiest specialists two for three with a second Three starts here He's he's been really good. He'll be facing a bunch of here but he beat a couple of these already and he answers this off the the prep went for this earned a career best. Buy A number I'm not gonNA the buck that trend here. I think he's in great form and I'm GonNa give him a shot at ninety two on the morning line bottom number seven Buki Ilya Island really. I'll want the old sugar. I'm taking a very interesting. He seems to like it here. I thought ought Lee can win if he ships. I thought Mr Benn's can win. I know happen to Mr Benn's last time unfortified but I like betting horses four five against horses in the race that they find a way to come back and win. Mr Benn's can win. I think restrained revenge Benjamin Wynn even though he's coming off the turf he's run. Okay on in some dirt efforts Is the most recent in acres. The neck We'll take a look. Yeah I think downtown Eric and Wendy which we're about downtown and Mr Benn's they both race previously for called Broberg. They've actually improved the little bits over. I I think you'll kill you can win I think deputies echo returns to a place where he's done. Some good in the I feel like from February to August layoff needed the few racing to get his feedback under legs back under him and now he has for Nancy Summers. He ran well in this race last year. It'd be just a half length. He ran okay if someone last winter as well And I thought Sky Promise. Either you landed on skype. Promise I see this thing just falling apart and sky. Promise just come running at the end. And that's what I'm GONNA do. I'm gonNA play skype promise. I don't know again if there's a check this out of the seven eight nine ten seven seven eight nine ten point four six seven eight nine ten point five. I WANNA use four or five of them in here But I will make him my topic just hoping that He can think eleven Liam down late. The number eleven sky promise race number ten is the finale. And it's the big one. The two hundred fifty thousand dollars a park derby a mile mile and a sixteenth four the three year olds we get a field of ten Steve. Asmussen holds the big hand in here. Nine tone broke the four bank. It if they can't get in this race becomes a whole lot more wide open. I want to ask listens if they get in the. I thought the nine tone broke Had A big shot chat in here as well but I went for a little bit of a price somewhere else I went with the six. Sleepy is todd who Lost less than two likes to Owen. Dale last time beating the other runner in here the number four bank it I just I like the effort last time. If I went was in his racy would be. You know. odds-on on I think that if sleepy is todd can get to the front I think he could be a big player in here at eight to one on the morning line. I'M GONNA use him okay. I thought I thought the two ASMUSSEN's little ones I wanted You sleepy is todd. Could it could be all right. I think he'd be alright trip in here take trip yeah right off the pace. That wouldn't surprise me. I I don't I don't Guaymi here again. It was tough for me to get past listens. If they get in you see final jeopardy source that we saw east coast for Jason Service most of the year and And now he winds up in the Midwest a couple of races up at Canada a bunch of races of Canada really and now while he ships back down to two the two zero park Yeah I I wanted to ask if not I would definitely give your sleepy eyes taught. Look I'd probably give them a look anyway TO BE HONEST MR moneybags to know Mr moneybags. He was bouncing around those racist in the South at Houston Houston Delta downs. Trying to Pat Day mile took a ton of money in the past they miley went to lead and folded up. He went back to Lonestar round. Well then went to the the Ohio Derby with any stretch he shipped Z.. Cut Back to six furlongs got up lash stride toward the inside now. He stretches back out. It's worked before the sprint. To the stretch out Mr Moneybags for me if the asthma sources do not ship all right all eleven seven races Saturday Sunday Monday Wednesday in the books Ta now for the Niagara Bets. Best bet is the naira beds. Best that where we going. I am going to the To the Monday mahoning valley cards that that will cover on the stakes races from still valley. Sprint I just love preamble wile. Wow Wow wow. Okay all right I. I'm going to go to Woodbine on Sunday and the Best Arabian and special relativity comes from our outside draw third time on poly third time Norman McKnight and gets the candy in the great to Bessarabian up on the all weather at Woodbine Woodbine. Don't forget tomorrow morning's equine forum presented by Red Brand Fence. Get you ready for the Thanksgiving giving weeks the Thanksgiving week stakes across the country. Eric Johnson from Penn National will join us to talk about the Penn.. National holiday sticks coming up Wednesday night. Chris Macken lean vice president of racing at Penn.. National Gaming we'll talk a little land of enchantment day from a park markel vice president of racing opposite Mahoning Valley talks about the staff in the Steel Valley Sprint on Monday. and Tommy albatros Johnny trains one of my favorite horses running around here now. Sadler's joy he'll be the favourite tomorrow in the Red Smith here at the big a eight ten am eastern time series to nineteen Xm channel. One St live on your home for all of racing's biggest events at horse racing radio dot net great job as always Steve. We will talk to you on Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow you never know. I hope we'll see you. Then for Steve Hausky producivity though Pena. I'm the big amp needs to be help. You have a lucky night. I hope you went all photo. Finishes Talk to You tomorrow morning. Eight am sharp sharp eastern time for the equine form. You'RE ON H R R.

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