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Want to know more about what your favorite Ninjas have on their minds check out the American Ninja Warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any Ninja Warrior Fan. Welcome back to the seven five. Oh I am your are Joe. He is seven five times report champion Bala Famer and reader of notes Paul newspaper. Tony facetious donate happy Friday to you. Well happy Friday to you. TGIF and yeah you're right. I'm going old school on today and and you know I'm impressed you got. I actually stopped and got a Dallas Morning News and because I you know every once in a while. I'll get a Sunday paper but no no one buys newspapers anymore seems like I bought a the Dallas Morning News in this going through some of the headlines as we get ready for the game on Sunday and I was impressed. You came very very close on how much newspaper costs three dollars in. Actually that's closed. It's actually two dollars fifty cents. That's again. I think that's a lot I don't really much newspapers costed like ten fifteen years ago but I just it was the last time you got regular newspaper delivering. Gosh it's been that's a great question because I said they'd part of the you know the generation where you go out to the driveway with the dog and more or less now have your Labrador go and get the newspaper for you and come out inside and then have your cup of coffee man. I used to subscribe to it but again as soon as electron CITRONEN. Media became basically just instant. I decided not to do that and plus it wasn't it wasn't cheap and so I'm gonNA say. It's gotta be at least eight years ago. Maybe that makes sense like that's rat around win. It feels like everybody got an IPAD. Yeah 'cause 'cause like every everybody. Every household has like an IPAD now so no longer I everybody got a computer and then everybody started to get cell phones then everybody but he got an Ipad so interesting so you just said like the grocery store like Ana Bannu like hey. I need a physical paper. Yeah I just was running. Samaritans Marines and I just thought I saw like want instead of just going to the Internet and get my research and things I think that let me try this way. Uh and again you know the the really the the best thing about the Sunday newspaper was like the the midsection were used to have like parade eight and all this publication and I think it was just kind of the novelty you know with the war off and again. I was just running some errands. I saw the paper and I saw the headlines and I thought let me just get a paper today now. Here's the problem with that. Is that as much as I I spent two dollars and fifty cents the newspaper I probably will probably read like four or five pages which is really set at the dissect in the newspaper but but again it's good for recycling and so it. It should probably see that pretty soon interesting. Wow well hopefully you got some interesting stuff in that school brother because you know I am the old school oh man on this on this podcast without a doubt and I'm proud of I am up in terms of headlines. I saw headline the last thing thing before we get into this and I refused to believe it. It was a headline that said that they there was a study done and it chick-fil-a has the slowest drive-thru of all fast food. There's there's no way that's true but you know why because it's so damned crowded yeah but dude. It's still really fast like I know but here's the thing. RJ's there's there's. There's a year my community my little town. There's a chick-fil-a in is the town has grown so has the business chick-fil-a and even expanded ended it like two lanes and they still cannot stay on top of business. I will give him this that they do. Try to get as many people in and out and here's what I do because I don't really want to wait in a dry food line. Now I mean we're talking all the way out to the the freeway not freeway but the highway and eh I'd rather go inside and order said in my car I mean really I mean I just is it that inconvenience where you said rather sit there and wait twenty minutes drive through and just go in and get it. It probably saved another five minutes kind of lazy. Yeah I agree with that. I will not do my My chick-fil-a experience experience is hardly like that. I will say this the other night. Maybe like two weeks ago after a high school game on Friday and I I really really wanted to water burger but it was it was a water burger on a Friday night after high school football and so it took forever I mean it took twenty twenty five minutes and I did regret that so that's a good point but anyway. I refuse to believe this chick-fil-a slander. CHICK-FIL-A is not open on Sundays this Sunday though Tony. At and T. Stadium Kim is open. I think this is the game of the week for week five. I mean you look at it in the there are some some nice matchups. We've got a London game for the first first time this season. I think Monday netflix Basel underrated with the browns and forty niners but this is. I mean always packers Sunday afternoon. Joe Buck your boy Troy Wakeman Erin Andrews. It really does not get much better than that. Yeah I mean you look at the game last week. which was a huge game but I think now you you have yet to both tames three and wall and you had the cowboys? That stumbled didn't have their offenses. You know game the defense played well then you have the Green Bay packers and we all know about the history of these teams playing each other you can add the flavor of what the last time the Green Bay packers you you know did when they were in the cowboys bill and so yeah it's got a lot of flavor to it has got a lot of a lot of teams disappointing losses then when you look at the packers you know how bad they play defensively and in the cowboys but how bad they played offensively so yeah. I think it's definitely the highlight of this week's matchups in the NFL. It's I feel like we talked about this earlier in the week but I feel like whoever wins is this game has an argument to be an and again this is this is just week five has an argument to be the best team in the NFC. This does feel like a bit of a showdown down in that regard and it is interesting as you mentioned because early on the big stories for both these teams was the cowboys offense cards. Congress offense and packers defense packers the packers defense and both of those things kind of cratered in their games last week and the Green Bay against Philli Dallas Orleans so I guess I'll ask you this. What what do you have more confidence in showing up on Sunday the cowboys offense again or the packer defense. I think the offense will will will adjust. I think they'll rebound. I think again both when you look at the offense and defense the defense for the packers. They played really poorly. I mean they gave up a tiny yards versus the Ron and prior to that I mean I played pretty good defense. In the Nablus kind of been the yielded the category had been carrying their their tain and now they the Philadelphia Eagles has hit them in the mouth at home so I think for the cowboys the I the only the thing that concerns me. Is that there without one of their best offense in Lyman entitled Smith Lael Collins. You know he missed practice. I'm not not too concerned about that. So that's the that would be. My biggest. I would say concern is at their offense is not going to be full strength upfront. Now I think Secord Philemon is a is a viable backup but yeah I think the offense still Ming loosen a guy that important in your office and line I I just don't know how that's GonNa work out for the cowboys when they face a team like the Green Bay packers it again and WanNa rebound because they played so poorly against the eagles yeah I mean there. There is a a sense and a spirit of okay. We gotTA bounce back from both of these teams. You're right tire and being autists certainly not ideal. Obviously it's better news that he won't be out for a long period of time but you know we've seen the cowboys be fine without him at times. We've also seen them just be incredibly credibly awful. It does seem like Michael. Gallup is going to play that feels like a welcome return overall. I do Kinda feel like even without Tyron Tyran Smith. I just you know I watched the saints game a couple of times and it just felt so weird I mean it. Just it felt like this is a weird way to put it but I felt felt like they were purposely. Not you know digging in their bag of tricks. You know what I mean and it feels like this is a game where you know they. They are going to have to and so so I just I. I believe that the offense is going to kind of fix itself because I mean you have flooding in there for a reason and he's hung around for awhile. I mean he's he's not a bad swing tackle Michael. He's not without a doubt but so I I just I think that that absence is a smaller one for example pulled in green bay potentially missing Davante Adams well well. I think when you look at the saints game clearly there was you know those costly turnovers you take away the turnovers and it may have been in a different outcome and a game so the cowboys opposite gotta clean that up as far as running a football. I think again it's the energy they just couldn't match it off a defensively we talked about this on on Monday or Tuesday that that the saints are running downhill all game long and they just couldn't answer into that that speed and does things happen in a game like that once you create this you know this. You know this this downhill all a surge in energy. Sometimes it's hard to match and again when you get in a game like that. We're so close the the the takeaways in a toner turnovers the numbers Kailua so here's here's the thing when you play against the Green Bay game. It's it sets up for the cowboys. They come back home to huge. I mean it's a big football game. It's it's again. It's the highlight game of the week on Fox obviously an NFL so I think the cowboys that you feel that you feel that that is def- is a defense or excuse me as a team and you know you got to rectify. You're clean up the mistakes and I think that that's something that that's so great about. You know after are really really disappointed. Loss on the road to get to come back to your building. Now you'd get a chance to get back on track. Yeah I mean I. I think that I I mean if one of these teams is going to get back on track and one of them is I just the cowboys have shown a little bit more I think and there is all the talk of all was just against the giants and the Redskins. It's against the dolphins but I mean and to their crap that I suppose. The packers have beaten some impressive defences. They beat the bears. It'd be the Broncos so the broncos are kind of shoved themselves right now now but I just I mean Green Bay. The cowboys feel like like a contender. I think the key I'm not trying to say the packers not a contender Aaron Rodgers on your team. You're a contender but I feel like we haven't seen the packers really really really click and and hopefully that doesn't happen on Sunday but I just Aaron is a is a quarterback that really trusts and goes to particular targets and obviously Davante Adams one that really the cowboys last time these teams played. I think think without him that presents a very very difficult hurdle for him to try to get over. I think when when when when I've watched Ann Rogers that's a guy you. I just don't want to get hot and I think he's so good at being under siege because he moves around he improvises he makes plays and you can ever trust trust him that he's you know he's not. GonNa make a bathroom or he's not going to be an improvised and fine the open dude and I think that that it to me. That's my concern. Whenever you play quarterback and easily quarterback like that that really really can find a way to hurt you and find you know aw a weakness because you are playing aggressive. You are trying to make a big play an seemingly. He's done that his whole career. You look at the the resume made the packers when they haven't been good defensively. He is carried that team and I think for me. I really think when you look up until last last week and when they played really bad against Eagles I thought wow this team has willy. Well rounded defense finally playing good. We know what they can do offensively. Lee so their defense is going to help the offense out and in the past. It's been totally the opposite of that so I I really think Aaron Rodgers. I mean you you mentioned demonte. Adams is GonNa play but you know you have Jimmy Graham which I think is tremendous tight end. They have guys ability to run the football. I know offensively on offense line line. One of the best players offense attack was out last week. I don't know what his status is this week so there is some concern especially when you play an Raleigh Rogers. Nothing's has given a national football league and rather you know they played bad last week or the case may be going into this game having a one of the best players at the fact number twelve back there. They always always gives them a chance to win. I agree with that you mentioned Jimmy Graham and to Kinda circle go into that you know I don't I wouldn't quite call him my ex factor or my my guy that I'm most afraid of but that's just kind of see if if this didn't go the cowboys what you could kind of see Jimmy Graham just having having a stupid game you know what I mean and everybody being frustrated like what you know of. Cour- that'd be the one games would go off. He's the guy especially you know with the devante Adam situation and that's the guy that I think I'm most you know worries or worried about on the packers. Who's the packer that you now has caused you to lose the mostly this week well. I'M GONNA look at match ups and I think when you look at their secondary they have some tremendous this playmakers in the back end in one of the most dynamic quarterback. Excuse me cornerbacks have is already Alexander. here Alexander Yeah Yeah. He is a tremendous. Here's a tremendous player and I think their secondary has really upgraded since last year the my my my concern is is the matchup. Amari Cooper your last week was pretty pedestrian and you gotta give the Saints Defense a lot of credit for that because they were able to get to the quarterback and just really stop the run so to me. That's me is a concern because I don't if I'm Green Bay. I'M GONNA move him around all over the field and matching them up against Amari Cooper and rather that matchup I think for me that will dictate now. Is You mentioned earlier. Michael for Gallup is is is practicing this week so they expect him to play on Sunday. Hopefully that'll change things a little bit with his availability so they'll billy really so you know to me. That would be the biggest concern when I look at one particular player that can give the cowboys issues yeah. I think that's a great all actually Jay here. Alexander Alexander has been balling. He's really starting to get a lot of attention. Nationally really come on the packers with their secondary have kind of treated it like the cowboys treated their offensive line. They've just thrown first round. Pick after first-round pick at here. Certainly one of those Kevin King is another one a lot of cowboys fans wanted Kevin King when the team took Taco Charlton right and obviously the TACO pig worked. It wasn't a mistake at all but so yeah you're right. I mean you think about the way Marshon Lattimore had success against Amari Cooper it. Is You know at the very least troubling to think you get another elite corner elite DB on him. Somebody like actor here Alexander. That could really kind of shift the way this matchup goes. That's why I think on offense. I think the cowboys I think this could be a big. Maybe not Jason Witten in game but a big Blake Darwin game we saw Blake get involved just the tiniest bid against New Orleans and if feels like you know that that middle of the field gold is going to be where you're going to have to do. You're damn. It's GonNa be kind of scary. What those linebackers kind of dropping back but we've seemed like success? I think he could do it again. against a defense defense. It's going to focus more on the outside. I think I think Blake jarred gives you a little bit more flexibility when it comes to faster than Jason in witten obviously but I think he does give you a little bit more wiggle room if you will as far as your Bam l. to get open in the middle of the field in kind of a guy that that can look at it and just kind of move the chains yeah but so I I like that aspect of being able to use him especially whenever last week I mean look I mean offensively. They discussed shutdown. They could not run the football against him. So it's a team that really wants to run. I throw I mean. Let's face it. That's why they paid you know Ezekiel. Elliot all the money and with the highest paid running backs in the national football league because of that but I mean it it Kinda comes hand in hand but I agree with that and you know for me. I think Michael Gallup again. I think he's dynamic. He gives you more than just one really the number one receiver marquee. Excuse me a Mario Cooper yet is the guy but still there is a lot of variety when it comes to being able to use him in a lineup in Blake Jar and again I think he's emergence if you will because we have really seen that is now trying to disguise is showing up and he's really making some nice catches especially when the when the timing drag check out the American Ninja Warrior podcasts for a behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Hey Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown. Forecast Your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is already orange spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches wear now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP yeah I mean it. Does I know this. Just kind of sounds sounds like we're just like chugging the Cooley because we're like Oh yeah. Michael Gop should show up this gambler Charles. Shove this game. It's Tony part of that's just everybody in there but it just it makes sense sense for this team to kind of a return to form just because the New Orleans game was so weird I mean it was it was so against everything that we've seen from them up to this point point so I think we both think that the fence will get back. You know at least closer to what we saw. The first two regular season the defense is going to have a hard the time granted with with Aaron Rodgers because he's Aaron Rodgers but I read something this week Tony So. I think that you know for picking X. Factors on defense. I'm going to get their. I because I don't want to lose this guy. I'm GonNa Take Robert Queen because I don't know if you know this Robert. quit has three and a half career sacks against Aaron Rodgers in four games. He forced a fumble on him. Once this is a dude who has beaten David Bacteria plenty of times and so I think that Robert Quinn is he's the guy who's going to break this game and you can see the splash is play on defense tablets because of him and I think that's going to be a key in this game and again when you know to to really to hit on excuse me Green Bay's in defense when I look at the pretty dynamic players late Martinez to me is a is a is a pretty good is stub and I mean the guy moves around makes tackles. Maybe that's because he's a he's around boy as Martinez I I. I'm just GONNA assume what you're planning but anyways I think he gives ability to fly around and I think he really really it gives them. An opportunity is a good run stopper but yet to your point when I when I see some unlike Robert Quinn is Fassi hit his off the edge. It's tremendous the seed the disruption he can create and it's very difficult for at some got an offer to tackle that is suspect that really speed on the edge to be able to match up against Robert Quinn and I think with him. I think someone who really needs to the played better in probably getting Double Team S. demarcus Lawrence and this week I mean I I don't Thailand Thailand. Crawford is is is a scratch again this week so we talked about last week in other keys you know to me. It's all about an inside rush but yeah. I mean against Aaron. Rodgers is a guy you gotTA. Take your shots and you've got to put him down to ground and really be cognizant of your wrestling's sure I mean I know there's been talk about demarcus Lawrence this week from a lot of people I don't I mean look I mean would I rather him. Calm get through the Saxon a game whatever of course but I do think that part of the reason Robert Acquaint has been he hasn't been for the last two games has been I mean I don't know the number after this abuse. I'm this week. I don't know the number of this week but entering last week demarcus Asante seen double teams more than any other edge rusher this season so he's certainly you know getting his fair share of attention. I do think though that I mean if I'm the packers I I mean and to to break it down to like. It's most simplistic form I can. I can not just double team. Democracy Lawrence and think that that's enough I mean Robert Cohen is certainly making you made the Miami Dolphins paper that he made the New Orleans saints pay for that he was all over Teddy Bridgewater and so I just I. I think that this could be a game more democracy. Once breaks out because Robert McQueen and matlock flirt talk about this and it's one of his press conferences this week he talked about how he's aware of Robert Quinn because he was the staff with the rams went when he was there and so he kind of has that familiarity with him. I don't think Allah floors just GonNa let rob acquaint hat his way and Marcus. That would be a foolish decision. I think it all comes down your play calling also and I think you know whenever you have someone on into so so fast and disruptive and getting up Phil. You'RE GONNA try to slow them down. You run stuff inside your screens. Iran draws because you don't want to dislike him to take off and get a clear shot on your quarterback so I think they'll be some game plan. That'd be so quick passes. Check nouns just sell you know not not to give more manageable Dallas or Green Bay because you know that's the issue whenever you and that's that's what you try to create on defense third long and if they're just you know they're nickel and dime on different plays and bailed run the football because I I think the cowboys I'm not. I don't think that the pack excuse yeah the packers will be able to run the football so you know that's going to be crucial for them to get him in those third long situations but that'll be the key the game it's obviously the guys up front and how much pressure can get on. Aaron Rodgers because again although Oh you may get pressed on it and on Air Raja. We've seen it before R J that he is really good weight inside the pocket he can take a step or two or just makes these ridiculous athletic attic crazy throes and and you're like scratching your head and you're like now. There's a reason why so good because not only can hit you with the being concise. He can move around a lot more of you. Thank you can and he can find a guy and be able to extend right yeah. I agree with that. I also think that I mean on defense while I think that Robert Quinn Democracy could have some Nice Games. You're right. I mean this is Aaron Rodgers. He's going to do some stupid. Things are going to make some stupid throws. I think the weakest part of the cowboys defense right now now overall is rosy and that sucks because she granny had an interception last week was off a tip ball. It's like she made a great player. Anything not to take away from him by any means but cheeto his trouble what Devante Parker and I know that the Davante Adams thing is not as threatening but I mean she needs to kind of carry that sigh because if he's not I mean you could see Marquis Valdez scanlon kind of having his way and that being that being the well that are in Rogers goes back to you know what I mean because is Byron. Jones is playing well. She has got to carry his part too. I just think when you watch that game last week I'm Michael Thomas Outstanding but there's not a whole lot of length in the and you know when you matched up against bigger wide receivers seems to me. There's they're. They're more difficult go cheetah. You're right. He didn't play well last week and I think again when you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA pick on pick one particular category you no. That's where that Aaron Rodgers will dissect that film and watch it. Okay this this guy we're. GonNa work this guy. We're going to move them around our you know our receivers and we're going to try to create matchups and I think for me that that's that's a good point. You bring that up but again it all comes down to what they they can do upfront and I always believe that'll be my always always be. My key is against great quarterbacks is get around him. You'll make them feel uncomfortable title and really really gotTa stay disciplined. You can't really just come outta covers. You GotTa stick to your guy because as soon as you do that as I mentioned alluded due to earlier that's when Aaron Rodgers kills you right now. It's a good point. I mean it's a sad point but it's a good point so it's time. Tony I don't even remember last week's bold predictions and to be honest. I'm just GONNA assume you're both wrong because the game was so weird at broken in a lot of ways but what's sure bowl prediction for cowboys packers making. I'm going to make a juicy. I'M GONNA go defensive line because I know against Miami. I said they would get five sacks. I think this is a game where they will put Aaron Rodgers on the ground four times last week so you think you're you're getting getting four this. Well well. You'll five was against yeah. I really think that's to me and that's that's a good number and you know if I'm I'm going to look at am. I you know my statistic of what I I think my bold prediction I think they'll putting down the ground four times now that kind of segues weighs into my key and what I've been talking about. It's all going to be about who you know. put pressure on Aaron Rodgers Upfront but on the caveat of that is it's is going to be a lot to do with the interior part of the line and those guys really really have got to turn away to push the pocket and collapse it because once you know the pressure's there's GonNa come from the outside. We know that okay. We know it's going to be Robert. Planners can be demarcus lawrence so Aaron Rodgers when he steps up and he finds those windows to those lanes. That's when the pockets gotta be collapsed and again. This is a game too. I think really really if on Rod Marinelli I'm going to take shots and I'm GonNa Send Lane Banderas Jason. I thought last week those guys really really played well and really kind of restored what we saw last year especially in late and Bandra address show I that's kind of my alone bold prediction but there's a lot there. There's a lot of material there and I think for the cowboys to really have success they they gotta be able to get through Aaron. Rodgers okay well. I think that that's fair. It's certainly hard to sack Rogers not as easy as it was to sack teddy bridgewater so I didn't force definitely bold. I liked it. I thought about doing that but you beat me to it so kinda hit your local right now but what I am pretty good at it so I know last week. I I don't know what mine was. You know the cowboys lost but I think that this point. You're still kicking my ass while I will go. I mentioned him so I'm going to kind of stick with it. I will go with Blake Jarwan because I do. Kinda see this as a game that he kind of you know emerges this. This feels like I know you had three touchdowns last year against the giants in week seventeen but this kind of feels like a game where Darwin announces himself you know you you can kinda see like all the shows. All the talk shows next week saying man to cowboys. They have Amari Cooper Michael Galvin how they got this. Guy Black Jar when they're unstoppable and so I think Blake Blake Darwin Stat line he will have at least five catches. He will have at least one hundred yards and will he will score at least once. Just it just feels that way like a big John Long game to me. That's because you're you're right. You're right though Jay here Alexander and and Kevin King are going to do their part to make sure you know they're. They're not going to get beat by Mark Cooper. You know what I mean. That's just not going to happen and so I think it'd be the cowboys. You're going to have to look elsewhere and I think that also number eighty nine yeah and you know what here's the the thing also is i. I I know that the cowboy fans last week there was this overreaction because the cowboys lost and it was a tough loss but but don't be surprised if the cowboys get home because this is a team now I I mean I I really mad because the Green Bay packers a good football team and they got a good their coaches yawn but I think again. It's going to be a team. That's going to play up there on the road or playing the cowboys. Obviously the younger generation probably doesn't understand the storied relationship and their tradition of these teams. I'm sure they do hopefully Tuukka class and learn about the Dallas Cowboys Green Bay packers game but you know it so to me. That's it's GonNa be a tough football game. I don't think I I don't think the packers are gonNA. Come in here and just like okay. We're GonNa let you restore you running game all right again you know which which which leads me to my prediction okay. I'M GONNA pick the cowboys to win. I'M GONNA take I'M GONNA pick the cowboys to win twenty twenty one to twenty. Oh okay. I liked that. I liked that. I liked that a lot. Actually I will go very very very very close. I will go twenty seven twenty six. I think it's a crazy close game. I think this is a contender contender for game of the year and I think we'll all enjoy it a lot so I hope I hope you enjoyed Tony. The next day you can read about in the paper payments. That may be something superstitious. I may have to do if that's the case yet and it's black and white and there's a lot of pictures you know. May when I read I like a lot of pitchers. That's true so the cowboys win. Tony's getting a paper subscription journal figure out which outlet it is cowboys. Oh boy we've got you know. We've got some some good good predictions gone. I feel pretty good about this so ready for a good weekend. Tony Ready for the AH the baseball playoffs star. It's a lot I know. I admit I have not followed baseball. The a's lost last night right. They did they did this so I mean it. Is it now we got Tampa Bay or excuse me so it the Bay Houston Yeah Yeah. I'll pick in Houston to win. At all I got I got Houston and the dodgers round three straight world series for the dodgers so with the Astros win again well right on downs good but then everybody make sure you have a great weekend. hopefully our predictions come true. Hopefully has some great stuff to talk about on Monday morning. Tony you have a great weekend. I'll do my best as well everyone we enjoyed it. This was the seventy five oh

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