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Leah and Rachel - Contented or Clamorous


How did he react when life takes a turn in an unexpected and unwanted direction when all your best laid plans are suddenly discarded and the new normal is nothing? Like what you'd planned. Do you accept the new life. Making the most of what you've been given or to you resist fighting it with out of your being are you clamorous or contented in today's episode of all Gods Women we look at Rachel and Leah. Two sisters caught up in a web of deceit by their father scheme forced to live the rest of their lives. As sister wives both were victims but one moved on and made the best of a bad situation and one remained victim for the remainder of her days and welcome to all gods women. I'm Sharon will harm your host for the show and I am excited to be taking you on a journey through the Bible focusing our attention on all God's women we'll be talking about women you've heard all your life and women you've never heard of each has a story to tell and I can't wait to share them together. We'll discover life lessons. We can take away from each of these ancient women and apply them to our modern day. Lives joining US each week for the latest episode of all Gods Women when we first meet Rachel in Genesis Twenty nine. She's a lovely young shepherdess taking care of her father sheep. Jacob is immediately smitten with her. He kisses her and weeps for joy. It's love at first sight as he gets to know. Rachel better used to grow. It doesn't take long for him to ask for her hand in marriage offering to serve Leibman Rachel's father for seven years in exchange for Rachel as his wife. We're told the year seemed like only days. So great was the love that he had for her. It was the perfect beginning for happily ever after but on the night that should have been the highlight their lives daddy through the mccur of ball while it was tradition at the time for the older sister to marry before the younger sister. No mention was made during Rachel and Jacobs courtship surely. They knew of the tradition but in their infatuation with each other they must have assumed an exception would be made this time. I can only imagine how Rachel must have felt when Laban pulled her aside and informed her that she would not be marrying her beloved on their wedding day instead. Older sister Leah would be the one to wed Jacob. And what about Leia what? We're her feelings for Jacob. How did she feel about marrying a man who was in love with her sister? Did she even want to be married? Hardly feel when Jacob arranged toward seven more years so that he could marry Rachel as well as Leah did. Rachel want to be married to Jacob if he were already married to Leah. What an awkward triangle of three individuals brought together against their wills in a way that none of them wanted Laban deprived all three Rachel Jacob and Leah of their perfect happily ever after. But they each had free will to determine what they did with the rest of their forever. Despite Jacob Loving Rachel. More than Leah. He'll Leo. We're not without intimacy. In fact Leah spent most of their early years together pregnant and raising her many sons with each birth. She revealed much about her spiritual status. With Ruben. She said the Lord has seen my misery. Now my husband will love me with Simeon. She said the Lord heard that I am an loved has given me this son also with Levi at last my husband will become attached to me because I have borne him three sons and with Judah this time I will praise the Lord Leah desired for her husband to love her but she accepted that. This was not to be so she praised. God for her blessings. Her son's Rachel on the other hand remained childless of of her husband. But it wasn't enough. She wanted more. She envied her sister and blamed Jacob with her infertility. Give me sons or I will die. What JACOB DO? He obviously wasn't the one with the problem. So Rachel gave Jacob her made so that she could conceive for her when the made Sunday on was born her response. God has vindicated me. And give me a son when your slave bore another son in my wrestling with God. I have wrestled with my sister and one even when Rachel was finally able to conceive her own sign her response may the Lord add another son to me as Leah gained more sons through her? Made then conceived more sons and a daughter. She rejoiced in each one giving God praise. The last we see of Rachel is her dying words as she gave birth to her second son. She named him son of sorrow. She played the victim to the very end of her days the year twenty twenty opened with great promise then before we knew what was happening we were all hit with a plot twist that none of us could have foreseen now. We each have a choice to make. We can accept this new normal. Make the most of our current situation and praise God for our blessings or we can forevermore clamor about the unfairness of life. We can blame others. We can envy those around us. We can ultimately blame God. The choice is ours to make you may feel mistreated. Orrin loved you may in fact be mistreated and unloved by those around you. Because I know that you are not alone. Got Us with you and he loves you very much. He alone can provide you the contentment that you desire. So desperately in these days of trials and tribulation turn your eyes to him and to him alone. Lord God we come to you confused and a little angry with the way things turned out. We've missed out on opportunities. We'd looked forward to this. Is Not how we plan to spend this season of our lives. But Lord we know that none of this caught you by surprise urine control. Help us to turn our eyes to you to be able to see this situation through your eyes. Allow us to see all the many blessings you've surrounded us with thank you for your everlasting love and kindness in. Christ's name Amen. If you'd like to learn more about Rachel and Leah check out the show notes. Ripe provide the scripture references related to business as well as additional resources. So the you may study these two sisters more indepth. That concludes today's episode of all Gods Women Tune in next week when we talk about shipwreck and too few Hebrew midwives who risk their lives in order to save the lives of others. If you enjoyed this episode of all Gods Women would you mind taking a moment and leaving a rating and review? It'll have more listeners. Find US and encourage them to take a listen thank you.

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