Empowering Relationship Statements (w/ Deon Cole)


Day used baby. Welcome to another episode of. Why won't you date me upon cancer. Miyako buyer tries to figure out how. I'm still single. Even though you could you could you could tell me you love me and then never text me again. And i'd say maybe he'll text me one day. I'm in love my guest today. You've seen among black ish You've seen him on grown ish. You've seen him on andrew tribeca. He got comedies special. It is dion. Not how are you. Are you beautiful. Our faq wanna hear from you. Thank you so much for doing this. How has the pandemic been for you are you are you a touring or u. home. Yes yes. I've been doing nothing. That's it i haven't been torn haven't been on. Stage in february will be a year which is which is unheard of for comedian. You shouldn't even be on stade's nothing less than two weeks is in win a whole year. So is very weird. i m Just a shooting blackish. Ns about it man. Stand at home trying to stay. Say yeah it's fucking wild march will be a year for me and it's the most amount of time that i haven't been on a stage and it. I did like a couple spots in december when everyone was like. It's not that bad. A couple outdoor shows and then i got mad again and i was like okay i gotta gotta palestinian side can't be doing it exactly. Nah i haven't even tested the waters. I've no idea holidays so honestly it felt good but like it's truly not worth it. It's not worth you know what happened. I'm done with it. I want that vaccine. Give it to me. I don't know why they don't make us essential workers. I heard that we were because we. We actually have medicine which is laugh. Laugh this medicine and we gives a people. And i know it sounds kind of cliche. Make make your own ram reason for but we are actually helping people cope. And i don't understand why we as comedians can't give vaccine i just. I'm not sure why crews wouldn't be not like ahead of anybody but like it's a lot of people who work together so it's like an it's close in it's like people are watching a lot of television. I mean i don't wanna be like whereas central but like kind of like what else are you gonna do you gonna watch. Tv like put it like this like if a singer. The singer goes singer has the brain crew lighting. Sal mix You got all of that A comic is kinda. just bring his toiletry In my less people involved in a dislike. And we're we're making people laugh like songs make you feel good but we're making people laugh i will. We're making people laugh. And i just. I don't know i just i just and i'm not trying to be like here. We are essential and should not like that. I'm just. I just think. I got a good legit other. Comedians comedians being able to go out and hostile tweets and just hospitals in make people laugh and cheer them up and all of that. So i don't know. I don't know but but my job. I'm not saying we go before people six seven people who would pre-conditional let them first. But you know an i group of regular comic. Push the one out of the way and be like movie diabetic bitch. Let me ask The just a matter of fact. Let's not the subject people be like. Did you get the old outta hair. Realize at clubs on your writer you can ask for shit and then they go get it. I had no idea until. I can't remember what club it was. But the manager was like you don't have nothing in your writer so we did xyz. And i was like what do you mean. They're like just said that. You like vodka and that was it and i was like i can put more things he was like. Yeah then he was at one comic he asks for air force one's every show brand new ones eddie griffin eddie griffin. I didn't wanna say eddie griffin eddie griffin. Yeah he's he's he's he's known for that. Everybody knows the actually. He actually paved the way. The good thing that i love it. I ask for tampons. I haven't paid for tampons and it has to be like i didn't know what your flow was like. So fucking bag. You're writer you ask for. I don't have much like mine. Is like fish vegetables fruit. Look at you healthy. Come on now bought drinks for other people. This just drinks drinks fed by like if people came through gas. or whatever. drink down and Yeah i'm i'm simple. Mass sparkling water. Ooh i love. There's some lacroix's means my dion. Are you single dating married. What is your relationship status. I am just chilling man. That's how i'm doing. I'm chilling. i'm i don't have nobody and that night that It's kinda hard to even try to find somebody especially now with all of this on on so you know if i was on the brink of something pandemic then make shutout doubts so like I'm just chilling now mantis without nobody at all. That's where i am right now. I'm just like it's too hard. How do you. How do you navigate it. What do i have to text you for forever till we're both vaccinated or like both pinky. Swear that we're not gonna fuck nobody else. And i don't know what your business i was talking to a friend of mine actress shoes like your guy. I can't take this no more. He come when he wanted but then he lied when he wanted to leave. And you know. I can't take this shit or whatever and i was like okay Been you're gonna be what somebody else he likes. This yank think about that. You might want to put up with that in and our now you might be a good thing right now. That people before they make choices sometimes. Just don't think about the whole fucking thing domino effect. You know you let them go or whatever then you have to get back get back on the streets and looking for people on the streets or nobody mistreats everybody. Oh you're going to pick somebody with a mask on. And i see them and so you got ta. Y'all gets up test and you didn't and you about fifteen phone conversations in and you started like this person and you see him without they masks and that was under there. I can't tell you how many times someone is like. Pulled down there mass. Delake say something. And i'm like i can't believe now man. I was on instagram night. You know just wasting more time. And i came across this account. That was like we're going to empower you and your relationships and i was like okay and the first one was worry less about if they like you and more about if you even like them and i was like i've never thought not one time. Have i ever been dws actually like this person. Hey why don't they like me. Do they like me and you just never going. No man i. I'm so caught up into the moment back at the moment dictates. If there's another moment sms Even think about if really liked the person that i it just depends on that moma gone at that moment going and i'm like oh this is cool person or whatever then i have another mama where i. It's cool like ooh. I feel at ease. I feel at peace where around this person i'll stress not and then let me do it again. Let me do it again. And that's how to me. But i don't i don't sit back and be like if i liked this personal. I wonder if they like me. You know like i. I don't i'm so man i'm so like into the moment if the moment is off i'm off and i'm i might not have another home That you're like the second dude recently. Who's been like. Oh i live in the moment. Like do i like them this moment like do i think about them later. So then i'll call them. But like i think a lot of women or me personally. I don't think in the moment i'm to the next moment with my career like i enjoy the moments but i'm like how is this moment. Gonna help me to get to where i need to go for the future move. See mine is more like a pattern. I have to see a pattern. And if i'm comfortable with this pattern then i'll invest in it. But i have to see this pattern. And i had to see how you react in all these different moments too. I got to see how you are on other people in that moment. Also got to see the moment when you buy yourself. I got to see the moment. When i'm gone for three three months and i come back all these moments i gotta i gotta see how you play out in these moments so whether or not how you envision it because you can't visit you can't envision something you ain't never been through and each person that you deal with as a different person which is a different situation so therefore you cannot go. Oh well this happened with this person. I can envision is going to happen over here you can guess nonetheless you box in person. 'cause you doing more damage than they are because you already put neo this person's going to do this than a third or whatever so you can't box them you have to live out the moment and nip that moment of find new find yourself worthy of that moment and that person does student you have another moment and you keep going you know i mean that's that's that's just me and how i mean how i mean i like it. I think it takes a lot of pressure off. If you're not thinking oh they're going to do x y and z with the last person. Did we were just like. This is a different person. How are you this moment moment to moment. I think that's a very good way to women relationship. Exactly a lot of women be thinking like you say i live in the moment mean. I just wanna have sex now. You wanna go. Rhino had nothing to do with that. I mean i'm i'm far from. Can i have sex with thirty five from that. I mean if. I'm not having sex right now or when i fell like it been vessel me. You know what i mean. That's what i wanna do. Then i do a but me personally. My time is graded in any call. Ever but on a t-shirt time any plumber ever have our waste time for a calm. I done that before. And the even words on it was like what am i doing. Now as i'm oldest. Like oh time. Its way then. So i have to add to the five which you and in a way that you know we we we get it and we we on on page with a lot. A lot of people don't even be engaged in the person they are caught up into the relationship or saying that the nfl relationship then more caught up in the same rather than the person to in a lot of people. Don't even care about you. They just want to be in a relationship. That'd be like he's like syria relationship people especially the people who can who can find somebody right out the breaking up with you and they got somebody else. They're in love with love. They're not in love with the person. But i mean that mean that means that they could be with anybody. Because of the yeah. I don't understand people who can do that as like jump from person to person. I'm like you don't you want to take some time because you're who you are now after. The relationship has nothing to do with the person has to do with failing people are in love with the feeling of love their billing of relationship love with the feeling of telling somebody i got somebody. That's what the in love with not in love with the person you know. And so that. I mean that's that's that's how i feel. And and a lotta times. Kind of meeting people to like they. A lot of people don't know how to love you they don't they just do it. The best day kellyanne. they not trying to learn you just trying to do what they can you ever had somebody do some very sweet for you and they don't move you at all but there's very sweet though and it's very kind do shit for you You lying you could have done without this shit like somebody bring you flowers or something. I mean like me personally. Somebody give me some flowers. I'll be like oh that's nice. Yes no you get something very nice or they do something very nice reunion like whatever but then they'll be like a little thing that you didn't think was going to be special that gets done for you and you're like oh my god you know me you know i would like the nice man who lives with me. Got me so i like four key from toy story. Four toy story. Thirty all spoke is really funny. He bought me a like a teeny tiny. Little forty guy and i was like ob- and it was supposed to fit in my crock but it didn't have the thing to fit in my crock. Defective terrible. But i'm gonna give it to you anyway and i was like. Oh my god. I love this. This is so will threaten us away so moving away. I did not but does he's he's trying to. He's trying to learn you. What people people are trying to learn you when they do that. And you gotta get people. Have benefited doubt those few those few times or whatever but overall the majority of people from experience don't know how to love me because of whatever they think they need to do. That ain't what they need to do. You know. I think i love you. I need to accept all avenues that an order to get the best can get. I can't i. Can't i can't i can't have you which wasn't called sporty as you said forecast. I can't i can't like not give you four seattle. Give a fucking bomb order to get the best you know. Maybe maybe i'm weird. I'm talking crazy. But i don't know i i'm vibe and with it i think it makes sense so the second thing. It was a bunch of slides. The second one was rejection is not as personal as it feels liking someone or being like it's more about compatibility than inherit worth and that spoke volumes to me because when i get rejected i go fuck am i. Unlovable what's wrong with me where it has nothing to do with me right like i feel like time in everything and so always chock everything up to that i just go i never go i never go to me i just go. The timing is messed up. this could probably could've worked by. Maybe maybe got got some better for me. I can't be locked up in to this and it's something else come along you know is like that in hollywood like if you you pray you pray you pray to guy who i wanna be a tv style television show you get it you go you go tv style you go. Great and then University 'cause you and they want you to be in the new avenge vengeance moving. And you can't do it because contract is for you to be a tv star. Yeah so you can't you can't get added at you you you stuck and What you make yourself to be in. I mean would you make yourself however you make yourself to be a whatever you know and so good to kinda stay open. I stay open. Keep your heart open. Keep your mind open yet. that's how i am with my career but not with love with my career mike. I'm open to things. Think love is like that. I think it is and i'm not sure how to apply for love so like i've had. I had a job once where it was like a pilot. Where i wasn't in i wasn't like fully in this series. It was like six hundred ten episodes or something and they wanted me to be a series regular. And i couldn't do anything else and i was like but if i lock into this then i'm going to close a door to something where i might be featured more and that might open door to something else so then i like didn't usually have like a talk with my reps or whatever but i just i had no i thought about it for ten seconds and i was like no i can't close can't close the door of the unknown and i feel like in love a lot of time like okay. Let's close the door. You said you liked me on a thursday and by friday you'll be my boyfriend and then by saturday you'll meet my friends and sunday and then we'll go camping and then me forever. No not at all. Not maybe help you know is is not forcing it and just letting it happen. If it's going to happen this is going to have. And i know it sounds so cliche but it is. It's like just know that if it's not happening that there's another door that's waiting on you and that's the that's the analogy. I was trying to make it with the career thing. Like you rush to be a tv style within this movie. This movie career was waiting on you. But you rest to go through this or whatever you know so if a situation any working relationship wise it's just like it's just not working by just doesn't work by you. Can you can forced. Some work in people can change. They can do that and you can see if that works and if that does them more power to you would you know by if it doesn't work just it just doesn't work and just and just move on because it's going to happen and the level you on in life is going to dictate who you wit too because you might rushing. Go get you somebody. That's good for this level. When you write and then two years later you go here. That person was only good for this person that person. That wasn't good for this. The person is good for this. You ain't meet him yet. You got you got to watch who you bring which you on your journey to and you gotta make sure that this person is willing to to to be on a journey because the way that you are not what you do right now. I promise you you're not going to be doing this. You might not even be talking to me two years like you might see. You might see. These won't be like. Hey how you doing good you doing. Well that's great all right take it easy and you the fuck out of a you know what i mean like. Because that's way your time take your time is taking you to wherever mayor whatever triton session whatever the fuck you doin' gonna be doing that so the level that we all now we ain't gonna be honest level two years we now we going to be on a different. I was gonna be a respect level. So i was going to be respect but we won't be different and that's the same thing which are relationships wherever you bring along. You better believe they. They either got to know that. Your your success in what you in love with. Which is your career your stand-up whatever that is going to change and with that situation's going to change and if they're willing to rock with that then cold if not go far quito The third one is stop choosing. What isn't choosing you if it's not mutual. Why pursue it. I have such an issue with this. I for whatever reason if somebody is like i like you i go you why and if someone goes i don't wanna be in a relationship right now. I don't think this is working ago. But pooling that's like if there was a fork in the road. I'm going for the person who's like. No thank you. But i can make you. Don't know why that's hilarious. I mean i. I mean chalk it up to just you want you want what you have as it is. It goes back to be a kid. sanction is like what what what forbidden you want by. If i tell you. Don't think a pizza right now. You're thinking of peace so it's that whole forbidden thing that you that you don't want i know a guy this guy right. He's a is a gay do right and he only an he only likes straight man and he and he is miserable because he kept five straight. Man i mean he has. He said he has done it before but the majority of time the majority of his life he cannot find straight man. It's just going to be with him at all. Which is trippy to me. Because i'm like okay at. Ub with him. he's no longer straight right. Yeah then the lurs gone then. You're gonna leave him. I think that's a lot of internalized. A lot of fucked up. Nece that copra straight man but if he's sucking you go all were you going after. And you're the asshole thing about just you know Back to what i was saying. People want what they can't have and they're like totally. What advice would you give me so okay say. Let's fast forward a year six months. The pandemic has done. We're back in these streets. Were looking for dudes. We're looking for people. What is a good way to capture. Someone's attention you seem like a good flirt. So what's a good flirting tip When we back I have no idea. I know i know is going to be a baby. Boom out this map. I can wear i do. I have to predict anything. It is going to be a baby. Boom out of this guy damn world it is gone condos are going to go through the roof and no condoms. I if they see no condoms. That's going to go through the roof but as far as like a flirt man. I don't i don't think it's going gonna take much it ain't gonna take you. Just people are down. They ride any people going to be like. Yo what's up what's up. Let's go to the bathroom. We don't even have to go. I can't wait. I don't wanna car right with room. When you were touring on the road and whatnot. Do you have chuckle fuckers. Do you like people who throw themselves at you. After shows deny also hell. Yeah we got. We got that all the time they every city. What did you want a female comics. I talked to were like not really a lot of. It doesn't really happen a lot of female comics from what i've noticed. They keep themselves distant. Go to that the party with a crew people and then they go today room and that rome and then that's it whatever they do secretly whatever fucking room car ke they dropped on the floor on the way out and somebody picked it up and they've been i n on. I don't know about that. But majority of female comics they They tend to stay to themselves like they don't put themselves in that kind of situation In comic on the other hand cheese. I know some comments. I know some comics. That i go. I came fleck. Which you and i and i'm a man i'm like the i can go out you fuck my night off. I'm going home. You doing too much team too much doing another thing on this little instagram. Me thing says ask yourself. Would you be friends with this person. If you weren't physically attracted to them be honest and nine times out ten. I'm like oh. Yeah i guess they were just printing. I got a little dick matai. No thank you. I don't really like your personality. Like oh no. I'm i'm a weird kind of guy man. I'm different with my like like. I said before i'm all about just. I'm the kind of guy where you have this very Even know if. I'm answering your question. But you gotta like this seductive ass woman and she could be right in my face and i i would probably see her but then i'll i'll see her then to be it whatever but that wouldn't catch my eye. My i will be called in conversation like a see beauty. But whatever. Come out your mouth after that dictates if i stay ago so it's not your beauty. It's not the beauty if stay ago or how your your looks period. Don't dig dictate Is what she is what you say. And if you come with something quick with something like that without trying to be funny by that keep me around the natural quiz like it's like just not even without trying to just be who you are just in the pocket and just not trying to be witty but being witty without trying i dunno weird. One of your bits is about the worst three. Assume you've ever had and that joke to me the way you describe the woman who comes to the hotel room made me laugh so hard. How much of that was true. And how much did you. You know embellish The joke was true. The the part the part that was not true was me. Be like y'all ain't fucking me. Like what i was saying that the am but the whole thing was like this chick was i. I'm gonna give my girl and yeah we're going to get in. I'm like mad. Let's do it and we were at a bar and she called an early come to the bar. So i'm waiting and we. We both waiting to calm. We say talking she seattle drinks and stuff and chick walk in. I'm looking at a walk. In and i'm light i'm like am. She'd saw them up. Like i was. I that i instantly was like. I bet she assem. That's what i said. I bet you lay center. Not knowing she come to the table she just walk right out the table Got us. she's a. Hey girl hug time. I was like wait a minute. She sat down. She was like Who sub sub sub is going on. It's going on by looking at me and shit. But i i'm over there pull my cert- down didn't ask to see a picture of this person. I did not. Because i was so like three. So where are you do like. I wasn't even when i did ask though. I said that she pretty sure that game she was she was pretty very she just she just had a pants sag and then came in where she came in. And you don't think about that. You know you three so you never thought that it is. The girl would be as the one was that came. Chew start 'em opener. He was boston he was. He laughed about that like for three days. Three days straight he would just look at me and just bust up lab. Heavy light padded. Before i even did it on stage. He would just laugh and be like dude. You gotta you gotta talk about that. And i was like. It's a really funny but it made me laugh. Paint this woman away. A way where i was like. I know exactly how she came in like. I miss. I miss being on the road. Like stories from the road are just. They're so funny like the funniest shit happens. When you're just like out and about trying to live your life. The just the weirdness comes to you. It's the best. I miss i. It is nothing like it. You know it's different. It's different from rockstars in a sense. I mean it's the same but it's not but like singers and stuff like that. It's kind of different. Because they have a whole bunch of people around him alienate them and comics can go any. They won't to you. That i'm even a bit comic. I you come in with the have on. Ain't nobody really don't know you on the wrong. You know what. I mean like you anywhere so your role story a little bit more colorful than one. That is scott security everywhere in managing and and and the role manager and all of that. So yeah yeah comet. Comic gross stories different. I i have this thing that i did at the beginning of the pandemic no. It wasn't even before the pandemic. I had this thing called a hollywood. I mean real roads stories that i do and they're on Youtube an echo railroad stories. I tell a whole bunch of stories. I've been doing it for a while. Yeah way before the pandemic. So i tell my stories and put them on youtube. How did you get into comedy which is probably a boring question. But i'm always curious a friend of mine. Bet me fifty dollars to go on stage and I did it. Never looked back. It was it was just that simple. I was never know funny. Dues never was the class clown And even you know. I had a different way of thinking unless you knew me. I wasn't accessible to people like that. I wouldn't come around guillaume gang of people in be the life of the party i would. I would be that guy back of the room just sitting at chilin. Slow me about just listen. How old were you when you when you took that bet right. Twenty two three twenty three. I love that. I just love fearless people. That are like bet. Yeah i'll do it. I'll get up on stage whatever. Gimme the money. It just makes sense. I don't know i made sense to me. It was all farfetched. Anything i've ever done. I just knew my friends always be like for. You are food by your fool. Why would you. Why would you say that. Why would you think that because it makes sense to me. But i wouldn't say it in a way to make them laugh. I was saying. Because that's how i really felt about something even though they would laugh My friend was. I bet you fifty dollars. You won't go up there. I was like say what and he was. I tell the story about this this this aside okay and so i went down to the comedy club and seen these comedians. And let just like. I could do that shit by. I'm funny at an that. You know i am funny. And did you tell the stories on stage that your friend told you to tell you ten percent manager. I gave him his money a big game of his money. But i i. I didn't get stage. The first night i went down there for the first three weekends. They wouldn't let me on stage and so every weekend at i went there. I began to think about other stories or thinking about other things that i thought differently about and i just wrote them all down and then when they when they finally let me on stage never look back. I think my favorite thing is a comics point of view. And i don't think like i read books and stuff early in my career to be like how do how does one right a joke in all of it was like point of view point of view and i never understood it till i saw this one girl. Tell a story and as i was listening i was. This is a funny story but you have zero point of view about it. Just retelling something funny. That happened but like the jokes are your point of view. Yeah i just think. Strong comics have a very strong point of view. Yeah absolutely because you can take a story and you make it your own. And because you're on it makes it unique in it makes. It makes a different in a way that nobody else tell like. An all an off comics are comics like that. Like i always say this movie. Ace ventura if you gave as scrip five comedians. You at the same script. You will have five different Or totally different And so is that it's saying way when it comes to like sand double that abyss just like it's like the way that you tell something that's why a lot of comics don't make a neither. Because what do you. How are you telling a story like you're just telling me a story. And then sometimes they can't even tell the story so what they do. Is they embark on being That word say that embark on being kind of like a you know sarcastic. Detached ironic detachment thing and it's like and and and may fail. That's what makes them funny and this lie. That's cool but your hosts set should be that you a ho sets and be that and that shouldn't be what you about because you don't have any type personality in usa therefore you result to this. I just don't think that that's comedy comedy like that. You can have that in your repertoire. But you have to also give us you. You have to show us who you are as a person. So i'll know if this shit shitu saying this believable in that you just give me a slew full of jokes and you find anybody can tell these ships. I could tell you can right. This ship for actor actor can do that. Yeah that's the difference between like roast jokes and like someone's actual set because it's like you're roasting. Anybody can say your joke like nobody can do your joke from your act exactly exactly and and it's proven so many times with so many different comedians. Like it it just. It just isn't gonna work and it does not work real quick dion. We have to take a break. Did you know that more people are virtually dating now more than they were before. I didn't know that. I see everyone's thriving with so much alone time. People are really looking to connect they. I couldn't find their person and they're doing on the dating app. Okay cupid in fact you are fifty percent more likely to get into a conversation now compared to before lockdown. Oh really okay. 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Keeps people very lonely. Yeah no but. I mean if i had to say anything all i would say is be you. Don't don't don't don't change for nobody is gonna come your career is going to dictate your level your level who is gonna dictate who you iran. Whoever you now probably ready for the level that you're gonna be oh so remember that. I think that's great advice. I have a question. Are you in therapy. You seem very grounded serene and in touch with your humanity. Now i know you know. I'm just. I'm just a realist man. Where i'm just like it has to make sense to me. I'm all about simplicity sense and it don't take much with me is like the lessons more and if i can if i can understand something in two sentences than your though that's meander type of person where if i ask you where you at. I'm not the question mark because just extra work. You get it when i said i need what i need to question my for a very funny way to describe as simple. There's no question there you should figure it out upper. wear. I asked all my guests. This question year no different. Would you date me. I would you. You want me to tell you why because because the way that you think is it's totally different and is in this and it's Intriguing and this a tree. And i know our conversations will go broader than fucking and all of that and i think that we would disagree so much to that we will end up agreeing and learning and coming up with all kinds of material and all kinds of shit like that because we're from two different worlds and not only be from two different worlds respect each other's worlds and learn from it and and and that's that kinda shit my attracted to be light where a conversation go way long getting fuck and that's why i say when i see somebody that's cool that they look good. That's attractive great What you say after that big sakes rest day ago bridge you grow up chicago sasa. That's where my family live. And i won't say mel tell you after where she lives. Big you so much for doing Love and thank you and keep rocking. Man you with the family conan. That's my family really. So good that is that is my brother for the rest of my life with above changed my life. And he's a great guy and you were good people and keep rocking 'em and jeff and andy and the whole crew so mad love welcome to the family says the key killing to do you doing your thing definitely end and keep your foot on next. Thank you well if like this episode of. Why won't you date me. You can like it you can read it you can subscribe. You can leave me. A five star review on apple podcasts. And if you write a review hitting on me saying something nasty i will read it. Nice person said to me. I want to eat. You like a crab. Pull your legs apart and eat the middle respond a screenshot things. I skimmed them. And i don't read them until i read them on. The podcast really made me laugh. Thank you so much. That's it for lifelong date with me. Nicole fire why won't you beat me is produced and engineered fight all the sweetest woman. No marisa melnik. It is executive produced by other wonderful people. Adam saks joanna solo tara and jeff russ thanks next friday with a brand new episode. What a trade off has eighteen cocoa production.

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