Ep. 31 Dr. Greenes Story feat. Joseph Mercado, Founder & CEO of Master Mind University


Welcome to make the grade with the success. Dr Steven Green were. You'll discover actionable strategies to help your student to reach their academic goals to excel at standardized testing into planned for the college admissions process painlessly. And now here's your host Dr Their Stephen Green Afternoon Steve. Yes so So Steve I know discussing with regards to your maximum education online course. That's coming out and then just want to just kind of have a brief conversation on the little bit about you know who you are and how you got started and just see what exactly the morning till the people that may be listening. You know what they can how they can feed a benefit from your information your knowledge and your course and just getting to know US personally professionally so on that now. My first question to you is what motivated you in life to become. I'm an educator. Well growing up. Both my parents were teachers My father was a college professor professor and my mother was an elementary school teacher. So pretty much. I spent my whole childhood around parents grading papers making lesson plans. And in some cases kind of testing out ideas Me and my brother and sister before they were trying in the class so I always had kind of inclination towards that and As it turns out my sister became college professors. Well my brothers At least part time law professor so I guess Yes All of us didn't fall too far from the tree as as it was but I think what keeps me there. I think anybody who's in teaching teaching will tell you is is the satisfaction working with people and helping them to reach goals and to see them improve and to see them. Progress progress over time from point A. to Point B. So I think what got me into this as a profession in a career and and all all that isn't necessarily what keeps you there at the same time But I never looked back. You know the way I kinda planned it out when I first went to college to major natured. In in teaching is a little bit different than played out in terms of my career but the idea was always the same so that but that's basically mostly where I started pretty young that way and You know I'm happy to say I enjoy it. I mean fortunately there's a lot of people I know and you know Kinda miserable in their their jobs and in their career but unfortunately but Yeah that that's where it all started. Well that's pretty awesome. I appreciate elaborating on that. So there was obviously some with an influence in the family. And that's obviously trickled down. You know carrying that that mindset in the education and then you could tell from knowing you for the past several almost a year now maybe very genuine and very disaster about transferring a good. The energy told the students and really looking for the best interest in having that caring you know mindset that ability which goes a long way you know 'cause it goes back with you sound like most people are built love like what they do now makes it hard to be compassionate or be understanding willing to have an open mind towards other people's problems what they're going through and you know solution auto respect so no. I thank you for answering that question. I will tell you this. Let me add this kind of briefly. Is there's a difference difference between what goes on at school where you have a curriculum and a Kinda set agenda versus what goes on with people choose to do education action to improve themselves and When when you have education by choice it that when people are looking for specific like solutions and that's when they can decide what the best fit is for them? You don't always have choice what you have to take in schools especially in elementary school meals a high school. Yeah you don't get to pick the subjects that you take and you may not get to pick your instructors or or your teachers Or the textbooks you get these but as as you move into opt in education and courses were you get to select which do and obviously you know a lot about this joe but This is where you really have to meet people where they are. You know So that's that's something that's very important to me is trying to really understand what the people I'm working with. What would help them the most what they're looking for How to try to get the straightest point from where they are to where they want to be and and work it that way so That's that they're not really what you asked me about. But it's it's an important distinction between what goes on in in and say like classroom education and structured education Asian versus rather opt in education So yeah so yeah people. Don't think about it that way you know because typically some kid a child comes home from school and and You got a bad grade on my math test or whatever and the piano. Say Oh my Gosh Josh we gotta we gotta get a tutor. We gotTA figure out how to fix this and That's a decision that you can control. You know who's the best fit for my child. How are they going to help him? Well they understand his or her learning style their ability or how pass fast they can work how slowly they need to work. And it's it's a lot of different dynamics and a lot of different considerations than more of an institutionalized education where you have a teacher in the classroom twenty or even thirty or more students and they're trying to teach them as a group and I obviously I are. Maybe obviously but I'm clearly not trying to criticize criticize teachers at all difficult job But that's one of the challenges challenges on both ends but I think that's something that is important people understand understand and And it's something that can also power them you know people don't look at it that way sometimes but that's that's how I view it that is important to understand the mindset before actually engaging in early going back knowing your audience and understanding the on what exactly is identifying the need of the individual student and parents quite a major role in helping out and I'm sure that You know going through like angry process for the parents understanding the a child student so variables coach upon so that was really elaborate on that When I when I it was on you know just a little bit you know? I know understanding and developing course on national education written a book as well which I've read his very the excellent and there's a lot of great points not just for students ball. Roy was people can utilize your information your content. So what what was the specific point point or moment during your profession that leads you to create. Maximum education was a mormon implying that you felt like alive create something based on maybe was on. CD problem album that you noticing that leaves continuing want to create an organized. You know of course a series of content. That would help people out. There are specific moment. Yeah Yeah what funny. Yeah yes and no I can actually trace it back to a very specific assist point in time when a parent of a child I was working with at the time. Basically said to me. You should write a book about this and I I basically said yeah. Maybe I should good But I I had not specifically set out. It wasn't a bucket list or you know goals for the year list of mine. Say I want to write a book by such and such a date. What did happen was this? I I had been privately or working privately with students for for years and and it was in a variety of subjects Mostly Science and math based but what I observed was there. There was a relationship between the organization ability and time management and the ability of the students. To just Kinda get through the day in officiant way. And they're great and and it fairly Intuitively kids who were unwesternized. I'd have kids come over. Anders paper sticking Out in every direction their notebooks or they couldn't find their homework. They had to do that night. Or you know I could go on and on that way anyway To address that even even though what that's what I was being asked to say Help a kid with biology or whatever. I started coming up with a lot of other ways that they could. They could help themselves of calendars for organizing their time to do lists organizing their tasks. I started teaching kids. A lot of different ways to outline and we started happening was rather than just write these out every single time. I put them into word document. Certain word processor documents. Nobody really uses that term anymore. Do they put I guess I'm dating dating ourselves but Anyway over time I had a collection east thing so a student would come in and and he or she would need something. Hey you know. Let me pull this up on the computer not printed out and what I did one summer was I put all these together And it was about twenty twenty five documents put them in a in a in a basically what I call a manual and I call it my study skills manual and That looking back was was the precursor to the book and I for about two years. Used those documents With with a number I mean hundreds of students basically my almost my entire caseload and till the the moment I referred to earlier where parents that. Hey you should make us into a book doc. So really only. The transition was taking a lot of that content and and describing it writing why it was important or or how to use it or how different components of what I do what I wrote about in the book or conceptualized in the book work together. 'cause all this this says all co mingling. There's none of this can work perfectly well without other pieces of it and That's how it all came together. So when the book finally reached its publishable state and the way they said only fogged was essentially two three part part three part piece which I know you know about but and part one was how to manage information. PARTOUT was how to united time and part three was how to put them all together being a daily action plan for success and that essentially are the core tenets of the book and workshops and essentially everything. Maximum Education strives to achieve so That's really how it happened now. Let me add one last thing the the original edition of the book. It's pretty pretty much still intact Ideas haven't changed but what has changed. I work with more and more people and I'm able to interact with more and more students and their families. I like anybody else you know. Teachers don't stop learning either or we shouldn't stop learning either and and so I've added a lot of things a lot of case studies There's a lot of you know not every this isn't cookie cutter. You can't be cookie cutter because everybody's individual individual so I I've I have now expanded. It conclude special cases. Can you know situations where A student might have a particular need that. Maybe some people don't have ever or whatever and and so that's all a lot of its feet back back a lot of it's looking at just the realities of the people I've worked with and things I've learned from them. And that's how evolved so that's in the short story about how the book came to be But after I published the book And I I'm I'm happy to you. Say That was a pretty good rollout In terms of sales and getting it out to the world people were calling me. Email me and asking me to take a nurse step and then I turned it into workshops. And there's four workshops which are the same. We're basically the. Three main tenants spoke before time. Madison Information Management Success in the fourth. One is is putting it all together now the movement is to take this into a video based class or a live in class so I can reach as many people as possible and share this information with them. So it's kind of taken on a life of its own in a good way and that's where we are now this we're bringing it bringing to right now. I'm excited to you Steve. Because you've got a lot of great information could really help people out there and it's it's I think it's another amazing things. Just get manifested. In how things things come to fruition this from somebody said hey write a book you stated earlier you know into loneliness out and have the ball in the book has into another info product. What the course or you know all the various components that can really really significant changes into a student's life and I think that's what that was the key and just just sort of people out there don't get the wrong idea just because somebody throws ninety out automatically to hear somebody say Steve? You should go run a marathon. I don't immediately go Out Run twenty six miles but Yeah it it it. It had my my point I think or the point I wanted to make is. Is that it. It was Kinda just a a something that happened because it needed to happen in what I was doing. It was a response And and a A solution Aleutian set to problems. I was seeing on on multiple times daily basis so it the way it came together and the coalescing passing. The ideas was very simple The the Labor was making it into a book. They had a consistent voice and read. Read well and you know had some artwork and cover and stuff like that but but the actual content was really not completely organic but but mostly and It really was fun. I mean it's opened a lot of doors it's n- allowed me to interact with a lot of people. In a lot of institutional level things I- locally would not have been able to in the past or without this kind of a service I provide so and best of all And I know this will resonate hugh for sure it it. This is helpful to people. This this adds value. I strongly believe to people's lives so yes it does. I can even share that even after reading the book and being an educator myself you know coming up to the the session with the outline his critically what if we important because when you say putting together curriculums or no building courses to people like yourself and what happens is the outline so important and a lot of the people I know. They don't know how to structure that and it's you know it could be yet so simple yet so complicated based on not knowing how to do that you lay it out in such layman terms and make it still simple on the child can do it. And that's what I love about your book and and you know the different components and make it easy easy to understand usually and it's easy on the eyes the mind and that just makes it much more compelling to want to delve in and actually apply the knowledge nation to someone's bath the The biggest biggest compliment. Anyone can give me about the book or the courses or the workshops is that they were able to apply what I taught them or they learned from from the material immediately at the end of the day. That's the best thing I can hear from somebody. Hey I read this chapter. Read this as part of your book and and that night. My kid was able to do this or I was able to do this. That when somebody says that that that's about as good as it gets in in this kind of world for me Because that's the whole point. I want this to be as actionable and as As consistently actionable actionable as possible. Because listen anybody can do something for one day right. Anybody can do at one we. We're trying to change habits. We're trying to take C.. She students in Macomb students and and and consistently and with less effort and less stress and less anxiety and less less that stuff because us. Because the I I I've been here. My whole life was already talking about and I don't think anything really more important. It everybody this is everybody's privilege and everybody's right is to is to be involved in education and there's so many things that result from it yeah employment and whatever but yeah but that's that's stetch for me really where the rubber hits the road is. When is actionable stuff that people at their own level can put into place place with very very quickly getting results and I'm not saying you know shaking incredibly changing results immediately but but real results tangible measurable things that they feel are valuable and That's the beauty of and and just as an aside would I found an and is all this stuff in maxim education applies way beyond school school children or school age each people. I've been approached by businesses. I've been firstly entrepreneurs. I've been approached by attorneys. I've been approached by a lot of people. It just handle a lot of information or have very very challenging scheduling In their lives so The book look is geared towards the student population their families. But the concept's go far beyond that so we you and I have spoken cooking about that a little bit but You know kind of leave it at that for right now. That's great. That's great information like you say when people feel that they're applying it to the past you really truly feel in your heart that your your purpose and you know you're meeting obligation in that respect. So that's definitely very important. Orden in in a in a valuable means of of what delivers an educator. Now with that being said you know who who exactly is you're talking market. Is there a specific age groups. Do you work with people. People open to a certain point. Let's high school at the College. Like how how exactly does that Play out in you. Know what is your your target audience where people like you about the world in terms of sales It's basically a a parent of a child from about third or fourth discreet or older So essentially kind of an older elementary school age child and schools cut off at different grade levels levels in different school districts in the country but Through middle school or in some places junior high school as they call it into high school and into college so essentially apparent who hasn't been an eight or nine year old child or older that said the practical UH application of what I'm teaching is seems to or tends to be more valuable as kids get a little bit older So I kinda sweep. Spot is more seventy ninth tenth eleventh grade and the reason I say that is has nothing. He's the age of the children as much as that's when the workload really kick sent Your typical third or fourth grader. While they need everything in the Maximum education the workload and the complexity of the work at that grade level. Isn't that demanding. compare air to a seven three screener and certainly compared to a tenth or eleventh grader. Were College student. So the need gets greater later as as as a child progresses through the educational pathway because the courses get more difficult to pacing courses gets more more quickly goes more quickly But to try to answer questions directly Anyone who's eight year olds or older. I believe can find a lot of value in this academic from in their academic class. So I'm looking to converse with and meet with and be exposed to the course exposed to parents of children that each so they can hopefully benefit from this that's really good. UK and a lot of youth out. There definitely needs. You know your your input your knowledge to help them in a lot of kids struggle. Today you know with Notch the society but you know but just understanding you know a lot of the changes like along educational system with on the core and just think that they are introduced reduced to that you can bring certain things different rumble of light and they can really enlightening give a kid an encouragement or or hope will give them some form of insight that hey I could do this. They'll have the confidence. y'All thanks to make this work and now you know that child that's doing can become their own solution provider. Which I you know I wanted to ask he? was you know just to give people a little feel enough the alive experiences with you sitting at the desk every day or watching you to you know. Get them like an experienced veteran shinnecock against where there's making identify a problem and how you divide the solution to resolve. That problem with a student can give it like a example. No actually I can give one very recent 'cause I'm still I'm still you know. I guess I'm author now but but I'm still every day. CNN in private clients and working with children and And students so I'm still seeing in some cases. Eight ten fifteen people a day I I person- come over yesterday Who has to midterms next week and The first thing I said to him was how how you feel about about this. Are you feeling ready. And the response essentially was now not not And and this is this is not a student I see regularly and this is not a person who was he wants a week or whatever. This is more of a first time into the into the into the office here So that's we're talking for months worth of information so so where do you begin. And so what basically I did was we have to get a a level of prioritization. What's the most important thing you need to do right now? What's number one? We're going to get you the most bang for your time and what's going to cover the most ground and and honestly the kid looked at me. I don't think anybody ever ask awesome. A question like that. And they're like fifteen maybe sixteen year old. I'm not positive age I don't think anybody even remotely ask them something about to think that anyway. So should I said right now. If we can only do one thing what would help you the most and Basically they didn't know what the answer but they finally after about thirty seconds. Well I I need to figure out what's on the test so But my point point is whenever you're working with somebody stays one is is an assessment. You have to figure out where they are. You gotta figure out where the strengths are. You're gonNA figure out whether weaknesses are and you've got to figure out their abilities to How fast can they run so to speak? And secondly you gotTa set goals and you know this this conversation's not about goal setting but as you know and probably a lot of people out there. They're smart markle's quote unquote and there's Kinda random goals and you know. I'm a big believer in the whole thing's specific measurable time-limited all that stuff with the goal. So okay one hour by the end of this hour. I need you to the able to identify flying flying flying Mike complying and be able to explain to me in a way that you believe you have to explain them on the test. And that's that's essentially what we did. Did we spent the next the rest of our meeting. Identifying these things in some cases I had to reteach them to the student thiessen to the student because they didn't understand them There's also I what I find is. There's a lot of value in asking somebody to teach it back to me. And this is more of an academic kind of thing. It's Kinda purely what I what I have in the book but it's a technique that that gets used a lot when a meet with somebody in a in a teaching session Russian But but to kind of sum up number one you gotta do an assessment. You gotta figure out where things are number two. You have to set goals. Awesome what you want to accomplish number three. You have to try to understand as much as you can the person's ability to research goals and said it within the time that you wanna you wanna reach them and then you just go to work. Then you gotta just you know hit rubbers gotta hit the road and you gotta move from there. I'll throw you Kinda give you a different perspective and to be honest Joe will not everybody's motivated It's it's fair to say you know. Some of the students are work with are really motivated. They they've got goals got aspirations. They got colleges. They're trying to get into. They got careers. They're trying to progress themselves into They're pretty well. Achieving students trying to get an edge I also have kids who frankly don't care or don't care much and the reasons why they may not care aren't important but but but they just they're not motivated. What's the difference? I'm never going to use this in my life. I don't like math. I'm not going to be a math teacher. I don't understand why I I need to learn about plant anatomy because I don't care about plants And it's an attitude It's an attitude. Ah like that and it's hard to. It's hard to teach somebody something they don't really WanNA learn. So what would I do often involves. A lot of psychology allow involves a lot of motivation Involves a lot of pushing people. Maybe outside Their box or maybe outside their comfort zone to some degree I'll be honest. It doesn't always work perfectly. It's not like you dial it to three. and Oh you know you're automatically you get a certain response There's a lot of hand holding a lot of stuff like that. So there's there's definitely human element in this as well That that that's really important and that's where trust comes in. That's where building trust with with the individual that you're working with the families that you're working with. The people involved in the workshops is really really important. And it's not something in the book or the workshops per se. It's not a chapter title or or something like that but I really believe that that's important in one of the things that they have. A lot of success is being able to build that that rapport and these relationships relationships And and that being able to open up the communication and and getting the reception listen for the from the students to work what they WANNA do. So that's that's another piece of you don't really think about all the time. 'cause the you you can walk in any bookstore. You can go on the Internet and about two minutes and find any number of motivational books and Diet Books and self-improvement books and so on and so on and I'm sure all of them have great information but how many of them get bought and never read or half we read or people. Don't follow through right. You have to develop some level of commitment to your process and got some level passionate about what you're trying to do so this is something I feel especially when I'm working with somebody directly. I can add into the equation so which is important. I I don't know how you measure it exactly but it definitely something that matters But that was a big thing with this child yesterday. They were just over wealth. They didn't know where to start. They certainly didn't know where to finish. And they didn't have much of what to do in between we either And I look at myself more or like Kinda open the door and guiding them then saying well. You must do this. You must do this then you gotta do this next. 'cause I'm not the one going in and taking the test for them. I'm not the one going in and doing the exams. I'm not writing the papers for them. I'm I'm putting him a position where I believe they can maximize their ability which is one of the ways the name accent education came from. How can you get the maximum from your education? How Eddie maximize your education So he would agree tools and strategies help out a mess. Oh there's no. Yeah Yeah I mean look you gotTa have both. You've gotta both you know but you can't drive a car without gasoline. Either you know some point you gotta put some juice into it so you need. We need kind of technology in the need the ideas but you also gotta get something driving it forward And so it all really we have to come together in some way at the same time But but but the the thing I have found often maybe not a hundred percent title but most of the time success breeds success even a tiny amount of success breeds more success and then it spirals in a positive way pay today. I got three problems right well. That's not so great but if you got to yesterday good for you tomorrow. Let's go for four. Hey the next so you got four awesome. Now let's go for five or six. All of a sudden you got nine nine sounds great compared to three right and that's how it works that that's that's in real life how this stuff works and that's where we talked awhile ago about the gratification and the human element of it and eh kind of the stuff. You can't put a price tag on. But that's that's a lot of where it comes from is when you see that sort of growth in student and the the result okay has in the family environment and things like this. That's super important. And I really appreciate you know being insightful on that and you know I just what a nickel quake input on the fact that Steve One thing I really like about you Mrs People Listening in as you know. You're you're very sequential. You definitely you mentioned earlier in the whole appeal by the hand feeding them. Ask them the right pre-qualifying questions to see what their rats can help. Identify their problem and doing things in such in order that allows them to rebuild their self esteem. Self confidence and say that you know what I can do this. And with these tools strategies and combining elements together. You know they can't be success so that success can read itself so I really like him you touch court elements because again these little things that maybe parents aren't thinking about all the students now now thinking about. We're not support now thinking about and the into you know. Understand how vitally important that is and I feel that that goes back to again bringing the the the national value. You know that to the table when you're up you know helping students and you know speaking Mason Commission that you read about your walking through your courses so now let's definitely great. Let me let me just add one thing because I completely agree with what you just said is. Success is a relative term. You don't want to do is allow somebody else to define. What success is for you? There obvious things in society that can define success. Ask you know money wise and I guess possessions wise and kind of house you live in such and such but when you're talking about something intangible people like school and education and self esteem and things like that you don't want anybody else defining that for you that you you should be something that you set your goals and you decide what's important and you decide when you reach these goals and then when you recycle guess switched. Do I know you know the answer. This go and set some more goals right. So that's that's a really important thing. I mean my business this my business. I my tutoring business called. Make the grade and My motto is we help you reach your goals. I mean that's that's since and that's when I started the business that was when I went to get business cars. So do you have a tagline the tagline because I was never business person So quickly you can describe grab your business. I said well I help people recycles those. Why like that? That's what I do That's always been my motto For the business. And it's the same thing here here so again. We talked a little bit more about kind of the psychology this and motivational piece of this. But again you can't really separate and completely we But but in terms of getting back to the maximum education is not some bolts. It's the how to it's the wind to win in some ways to lie to and people can plug that in with right motivation and the right long-term thinking that's where the results come. That's where the success of the long-term real success comfortable and all that you know putting together and combined really does does help you know. Keep keep that going and people were students do go on their own later on and they traveled traveled the world. At least they have always keeping Poland's no from your level of education and your influence Mel people can carry that with them for the rest of their lives which is a beautiful thing because now they're adding value and they they get that so let's get your point. It's an excellent point that I didn't mention is is is once you know this stuff. You know this stuff. It's not you got to relearn this every morning each once you learn it all you have to do is apply it. That's it that's right. It's all consistency consistency. Consistency is just learn. It get good at it do it. I mean how simple can be. And and that's you know that's that's that's it. You don't have to relearn every morning so well what to do their code it. It's it's definitely You know just sticks and apply at the daily routine you're going to create a continuous result. Which which stems into what my next question for you and you can kind of tie these together? It doesn't have to be individuals. Simple questions is You know really just to help people. That aren't aware is what what makes it so highly important. Four Time Management Information Management and organization an entire that altogether like kind of wrapping that up. Let's into you. Know One component one basket. How wides it important to? Let's say a steamer an entrepreneur. Well the most obvious thing to me is that everybody's very busy. The greatest shortage the greatest commodity. Audie we have is time. Everybody only has a finite amount of time period. You choose to spend that time is is is really one of the the things you have control over in your life but as a student you getting up early GonNa School here in school. Three o'clock or so. Maybe you have sports. It's practice or clubs or play practice or something they after school Come home you've got homework to do. You got other stuff to do whatever and then it's ten o'clock at night and I hear this over and over and over and over from from people just they just don't have any time time and That's fine I mean. It's good to be busy. So that's where starts is we got X.. Amount of time to accomplish what we need to do. And when I say we I mean students and that's where the time management's important anti management is is multiple layers time management like okay. I got homework to do tonight. When am I going to get it? Don How am I going to get it done. But you've also got quizzes next week a test in two weeks a paper due in two weeks midterm coming down the road a fine on. Sat an essay so it isn't all just about what's going on between right now when when you wake up tomorrow morning to go back to school. So the time management works on a lot of different layers short term and longer term and this is talk talked about exhaustively in in the book and in in the Maxim education stuff The information management is is is the idea the of managing what you have to learn. And what you have to know 'cause knowing and learning and not necessarily the same thing you could learn something they may not be able able to explain it to somebody else or you know. Be Able to reproduce that information on the test So generally speaking the the more information you have to deal with the more effort is GonNa take to manage it. This is why organizing prioritizing. Yeah things like outlines and and and flowcharts and concept maps and mind maps and wherever terms use can be really really valuable so that's about efficiency And then the third part of the daily actions success plan is a matter of taking the time management skills taking information management skills and put them together to accomplish everything you need to accomplish in the time that you have to do it so in a way. It's like Oh that doesn't sound. That sounds pretty simple. It was that simple. Everybody would already do it right. yeah so that's that's that's it And listen I struggle with Lottie same things in my own life. I'm not immune to this. I've got a lot of projects. I'm trying to get done You know that taking us All right so spoiler alert to the community. Joe And I've been trying to do this. I eight months now so Anyway we're We're you know I. I have the same challenge going it right. But we were. There probably could have been done for hunchback open. But but that's okay. You know the right time with the things happen when they're supposed to happen but but I'm just saying is just just because I'm a so called expert word in this in this field I I'm conceding. I have the exact same challenges. Everyone else I wake up with a list of more things I can. I can probably get done in that day even under good circumstances. And then you got the unexpected phone call the email you got a handle on the schedule and this this and this and this and you know I it it. It's it is what it is. It's how you deal with it and how you choose to okay. Got An hour or between now my next thing. What's it's like I asked my kid? Yesterday was the most valuable thing I can do in the next hour and trying to stay. Stay Day in that course of thinking so that that's where it all comes together is making is making this. A part of of your of your life is making this part of how you execute your your your day to day whether it's academics or or entrepreneurs work or business work or or even I have a A client of worker now. WHO's training for a triathlon on nothing to do with academics? But what it does have a ton about is self discipline and planning and executing and it's it's been really interesting Working with her and learn. I don't know a whole lot about the science of that stuff but the the idea of how you do it. It is very very similar. You get you. We're GONNA do this much running. Do Certain amount today tomorrow. You an increase a little bit over time and you combine all that with Diet and and stretching resting and you know stuff most people don't WanNa hear how But the the the the tenants of how you accomplish it as your time managing your information doing it every day. It doesn't change same. Yeah so that's that's really how it all comes back together. Is that that and let me say one. Last thing is that you do not have to be perfect at this for to work you know. That's a good input that yeah can't release right pressure all the perfect person to do it this way. Otherwise and yeah yeah I mean like everything you know. Sometimes you know you You WanNA learn something you go to a teacher. And they're like super good at it and you're thinking I'm never gonna be as good as that person is intimidating and I'm GonNa tell you this stuff here here. We'll help you even if you're just a beginner you if you get scratching the surface of making this work the more you learn about it and the better you get at using it and then we're fishing you become the mortal healthier and even so but it's not like you have to master this to get any value out of at all you know it's like I said before the biggest compliment I can get is when people have put this stuff in action really really quickly. And that's the beauty of it is Is instant or semi instant gratification. That's amazing stuff definitely produce really great content on this on this phone interview. You and I really appreciate you taking time attention today. Steve and before we close the call. I wanted to ask you anything that will two things First thing is is there anything you'd like to leave the people you know whether it's not gonNA wisdom or some form of inspiration influence and. I know you've been doing that throughout the call. This is anything else that you would like to Encourage people upon Is there anything specific. You would like to add well number one is is. It's it's correal important to believe in yourself. Everybody's got different circumstances in life and this is not you know I'm not a motivational speaker and I'm not. I'm not telling anybody what to believe. But but I think it's really important to have faith and confidence in yourself and to accept the fact that there's things you're just going to have to work on to get better at and it kind of embraced that idea as a challenge as opposed does the thinking of it as a as a setback. And I think that's important and that kind of sets the stage for your progress and I think thank you are thing is this is not a race that there's there's not a stopwatch involved here aside from managing your time. Nothing has to get done at least in terms of learning the processes. You know that way you do this in a in a way. That's comfortable for you that you can integrate into your into your daily actions whether it's it's quickly or slowly as long as it's consistent it's going to work. I absolutely lutely absolutely have no doubt about that and I think the last thing is You know as long as I have the band with I try to work with everybody. I I I can work with You know I hope I guess they reach a point where I limited that way but I have people. I've had relationships relationships with I've been I've been to this morning twenty years. I still have communication with a lot of those people and You know so. This is the way I do this. It's it's not a figure it out yourself sort of saying this is about being guided and taught how how to how to do this even if it is on your own terms so you know if you have challenges out there and you're listening to this you're not alone. Many people do due back. Probably almost everybody has things they want to improve. And and as long as you're willing to put the time and the energy in and you're willing circles where you WanNa be you can get there. I know you can't and I know that's a huge thing in your life Josefino. I don't know how to convince you about that at all but Yeah a lot of people haven't haven't experienced sustained success and they unfortunately personally Started out and I understand why but the I'm telling you just you know just focus on the future and Make like a sport for you. Know that's actually put in a lot of people can appreciate. That was muggy wisdom. Yeah just quickly that on top of what you said. Previously they could add the past and they'll in addition to was coming out from National University. How people get in touch with you and find out more about you know what you're doing a MAC education well my right? Direct site is maximum education dot net which is spilled the exact same way as the words are maximum educational. One strength. Frank Dot net My tutoring and academic support company called make the grade and our site is make the grade dot net Email if you want me to give you that. S Green as your E. N. E. At make the grade dot net and Dan Yeah I'm on all the social media. FACEBOOK twitter instagram. What else is out there? Probably others I I'm on Pinterest Lincoln I would ever seems like there's a new social every other day But that's okay I mean we wanted unity. Well there's a facebook community Makes a great community where I encourage courage. I if somebody has a question and you feel you feel secure enough just posted up there and I'll address it and then you also get people that community addressing. There's a Lotta peer to peer experience. People have Which is neat as well Oh that's awesome. That's yeah so oh that's That's that's where it's at I do are planning to do more webinars online and I can advertise them or promote them. A number of ways but Typically I was doing on Monday nights. I'll probably get back to that more consistently again and and that's another another way people could could learn about what's going on here absolutely we'll be able to put some of those webinars in his recordings leans like this one here on autumn directory. People check you out learn more about you can follow through your website and reach out to you by email community so once against against you just want to say thank you so much for providing your great quality information and wanting a really want to quickly add before we let you go. Is You know myself working. Knievel the past eight months. They gotta say. Stephen Green is a very high level of individual integrity He he works with an extreme honesty. Steve and that no one appreciate about appreciate about you very much. Is that You know he keeps you a word and that you really truly care about seeing people successful successful in reaching their goals on the witness to see you do that. You and I work together on a operating capital the people you know. I think it's a magnificent a gift that you have to keep on driving through time and helping many others because I know the people that come to you a definitely gonNA reach that point of success that they want to acquire new life so keep up the great it works. Thank you so much for everything I'm with to Sharing this this audio interview with all the people and I'll definitely be in touch with you real soon and and I'll give you call all just a couple of minutes. Okay Steve Thanks Joe. Thanks everybody out. There will be in touch all right. Thank you and thank you everybody for listening. I'll speak to everybody soon. Take care now. You've been listening to make the grade with the success Dr Steven Green. If you enjoyed this episode we sure to subscribe subscribe for more resources and support. Please visit make the grade dot net.

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