Ep. 582: Girth Life Balance with Nick Adams


Give little time for the child within you don't be afraid to be young and free onto the lock central away, the keys and take coffee shows and sex and run you it's Jordan Jesse go. Jesse thorn, America's radio sweetheart, Jordan Morris? Boy detectives and what a joy it is to be here. Doing our smash hit podcast, Jordan, Jesse go and on the Sunday. No, less Jordan. I don't know if I mentioned this to you. But since we last recorded this show became especially what happened. Well, we were getting we were bumping along fine. We've been doing it a long time. Right. And then the show business God smiled upon us. And we became a smash hit my life has not changed. But maybe I should brace for it. Did you get the telegram from our agent tell I'm sorry. I didn't. I haven't been home. She said that we became a smash hit the the telegram. Yeah. Person said you've become a smash hit stop right recede to docs, stop shipment. Hold on. Yeah. It's just a trick. To get us down. Doc. Listen. I've seen a lot of movies that have scenes that happen that docks. I've never read into one myself, you know, don't care for Saltaire. But I actually have spent a lot of time at the docks. I was a stevedore for a long time. Well, how was that was good as well prayed? But the politics were out of this is big popularity contest. Loading and I'm learning so boy like whose dad's gonna throw him the biggest birthday party? Exactly there were some great birthday parties. Though, a lot of times they would have to bounce houses that were like those giant bounce houses that connect in between the different bounce houses. I I've never heard of this kind of all these parties went on down at the docks. So you wouldn't know? Yeah. Just a stevedores. I you know, I wish I liked Saltaire more than I do if you were if you were a longshoreman, you would know that's the t shirt that I bought on Facebook. If you write long long shot, let's Thirty-seven-year-old longshoremen named Jesse. No. It's wine times when we introduce our guest on the program. I would love to he is a beloved perhaps the beloved Jordan Jesse go regular guest. He is a comedy writer for the television program beau Jack horsemen his name is Nick Adams repea- back. Again, you guys it's you guys are smash mouth hit. It felt a little like I was walking list that is maintained completely at the discretion of Steve Harwell lead vocalist of Smith. Well, I say somebody about for now. Yeah. There is some smash math news that really coincided with my personal interests as you guys. Both know I'm a fan of the San Francisco Giants or. Yeah. And there was there was apparently smashmouth there from San Jose. So they were tweeting about the giants. And they said that a giants general manager far Huns eighty oh not want to sign Bryce Harper. But the owners the ownership group did want to sign Bryce Harper superstar outfielder, Bryce, you're sure. And apparently, this just came out that was well known that they had they had tweeted this about the and they claimed that they had inside information apparently far Hans ICTY, the president of baseball operations of the San Francisco Giants a man who makes I'm sure two million dollars a year running. The the giants baseball team had to have a meeting with all of the people who work in the baseball operations department, read smash mouth's tweets and Clara. Fai that he also wanted to sign Bryce Harper. He had to rebut internally the tweet about Bryce Harper that came from smashmouth the officials smashmouth account to nine. Oh, no. But I I don't follow baseball dispatch mouth just automatically play for all star game. Yes. And play walking on the sun. And then leave this. Everyone's confused. You know, everybody's into it for a song and a half because you're into all star. Yeah. Fuck you if for whatever snarky about the lay down. Hey, hey, hey, you're into all star. When you're you're you're I've seen them live. Nick, I've seen smashmouth live recently. It was last year or something. Did I go is again kinda. But while I was there and when that went all star teeth you love greatest song. Just a great song. Yeah. Walking. Oh, yeah. They had that other halfway through that you're done. There were a couple more where I'm like. Oh, yeah. Like come on in a car in high school a lot. But I mean, those two this was. This was gifts. I think right. Yeah. I one of my most vivid memories of high school was like a moment when I realized that I went to an arts high school more more more profoundly than at any other moment. It was my childhood best friend Pete. He was on the football team of a Catholic high school. I'm just like a real regular Catholic high school called Sacred Heart. And I remember that I went to one of his football games in I rode with a girl who went to his to his school. And she was listening to corn like corn, CDs, and I was so confused that people listened to corn because I had just never experienced that at all. But then like halfway through. I'm like, but wait a minute. They're always number one on TRL. Everyone likes corn. I'm the one who's weird. Yeah. It was a very intense experience. Then you started following corn around. Exactly. Yeah. Well, and I made sort of making bootleg merchandise, which they actually encourage. But but I mean, people found you because you smell it with a c. Yeah. And the people like this is fake. I love those bands like Korn so disaffected in torture and dark and then. You look him up and there from like Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Oh, Tampa Florida zone before guys relax, Nick. I want to ask you how you and your sons poke him on collecting is going. It's been pretty good. Hold on. I'm going to need some background on this. Because I don't know that your you and your son have been collecting Pok Mon my son is what's the word obsessed? Uncomfortably if says Pokemon, and then so there's Pokemon go on the phone, right? Which was like a big deal when it first came out, and then everybody was doing, and then it sort of like, you really had a moment. Yeah. I feel like people our age were Pokemon wing. I think there's people who work in my office who are still Pokemon go. There's I mean, it's still very popular. I think chewy is still he'll still go out in the park because he's gotta catch a particular Pokemon. Yeah. Yeah. There was like. Yeah. I mean that was the thing that was site specific polka Amman, and you had to descend on a certain gas station at midnight. I'm not confident that Daniel butter well here in our office not collecting poke monz right now. But you know, it was a good reason to go down to the docks. Yeah. Oh. Doc, so teaming with Pokomo. Oh, yeah. Teaming guaranteed. Yeah. Fresh off the boat. So like, basically, I can just if my if I on immigrants. Technically, I guess they are they are Japanese slow boat from Japan delivers a bunch of rar soars and women. It's going to be an international flat torn Nashville. Sorry, flam, Sean as a coffee table for to get Ryan Reynolds in here is that you. Could you in this bot I love God. I'd love to have peak achier in here right now. The time you've talked active Pekar talking what? Yeah. What title Admiral peak? You think the sequel to detective peak at you could be the sequels could be a series where he takes titles Alaska. He rises up the ranks of the police department. It becomes like captured get you. Yeah. Evolves into right. You perhaps. Oh, wow. Yeah. That's a good point. I was thinking just different titles. Like the next one is Admiral Pika chew the one after that is Duke Pika chew. President peak achieve peak. It's you better than the guy. We got in the White House now. My right sorry. Sorry, maybe some subtle commentary. RA? I went there, Jordan. It was a little too real sorry. Okay. He's talking about drumpf guys. Yeah. Anyway, so but year son who is who is like the age of the age that it is appropriate Pokemon. I'm not mean to imply that the nineteen. Yeah, he's five almost six. So he's like, yeah. Peak Pokemon perfect for him. And he knows the names, and they all evolve. So like, it's it's basically science it's like you have to categorize these things. And he like, it's crazy. It's insane. What's your top, Pokemon Bobo? So our strongest Boba sort what's your personal favorite? Oh, my personal favorite food is Nick Adams ride for for whom does Nick Adams, ride growl the lot. Oh, yeah. Tell me a little area on tell me a little bit about flare on flurry on is an easy volition is like a cat like Pokemon, and then she can evolve into multiple forms. She's a girl polka Pokemon. I think so they don't really. Yeah. I think they have gender. I think she's a female but she evolves. The flare Yanji voted make a bunch of different ones. And you know, what flaring on it's actually a doctor, and you know, what you listening. You didn't think that's what I was going to say because she's a female poke them on your baggage. Larry can be done. Fuck you, do you have to be an e v ve loosen to be a doctor. Yes. So like, my neurologist, Dr portray acc-, she's an EV evolution. Yes. Sir. You can do stem to people. I don't know. What would I do get to see like how all the toys shit is on a loop? Yeah. So I didn't like Pokemon was after me. My son is really in the bay blade which was way after me. But this stuff was popular with guys in the twenties or maybe thirties. Yeah. And then it just died down for a while. And then they figured out. Okay. The toy manufacturers will like put a guy him flame on this thing. And they'll give it a name ultra bay blade. And then they brought it back. You know? So my son, we'll just make this thing dab a way to make this thing dab, and then we're back in the gay Carlton. Yeah. Yeah. My son will see like there'll be a waiter who sees it. My son has Pocono on. Oh, wow. Pokemon. They still do that. I was in the book of mine when I was younger I used to like Boba sore, then my son just rattled off eighteen Pokemon in a row and was like I'll be right back with your and now you're friends with lots of local waiter. Yeah. Yeah. BSO win. So I asked because we went to lunch. Other day and your son was not with us. But you still had to take out your phone and briefly catch Pokemon? Yeah. I mean, I feel mostly because I'm good dad. Sure. Yeah. Because I feel like I've happy Father's Day to you every day. I try to check in wherever I am just to see what Pokemon in the vicinity whether any put him on where we were ever just like lame. We already you need them was like put him on the have just parked Tron. Yeah. Him not too far off. Yeah. When you consume children's content. You're just like oh that they thought about that one. Right. There's like a name. Oh, it's a pun. It's a play on another animal. And then there's one where they. Yeah. Far drawn like they like, it's almost six thirty. We gotta we'll be back at it on Monday. Speaking of the world of children's entertainment, I have been fucking Steve from Blue's clues. I've been making love to Steve from blues. We're in a relationship. You are consumed by Steve boost. Right. Love for you've intertwined with Steve from blues. We've become one all I have. I've been like I've been like working in kids TV a lot recently. And you know, kind of like thought about like, oh, I should maybe take this a little more seriously than I do. And I should kind of find out about the world of kids TV because it's kind of like it's kind of like comedy Jason a little bit. It's not like you. You don't you know at you. Don't usually see the, you know, the the usuals that you see it. You know, other comedy jobs, it's its own little group simple. And I went to a like kids animation writers mixer not too long ago. And I knew one guy I was there with like one guy who I had worked with on university invited me into this mixer. He's a very nice man who I know like two things about other than he's a kids animation lifer. Is that his? Pancer always too short and he likes bird-watching. Are you? Sure, he's not a public radio may maybe an informer. Rambles in your him's. Not felon yell. Yeah. No, you're right. Take him up. No brambles. That's true. Maybe he's just concerned about Brambles watch a mile in his shoes. Jordan. No, you're right. He could live at he could live in underbrush. Lattice lot of scrub. So either way guys my favorite Pok Mon is Bramble ham. Bramble sore. Sure evolves. The Brambles or my favorite is clam digger. The short pants spoke them on. And so I, you know, it's a little bit nervous going to this mixer because I only knew the one guy hem blog. Yes. I also it's your adult and you going to mix her nervous. Sure. Yes. Exactly. And I only I had brought mixers but no liquor. So I was just carrying a huge jugs of ginger. Nowhere is the Notre table Monica Pierre. Boy, you know, how much things are always Saltaire. It was it was in some sort of like sh like not VFW hall, but some sort of like community shared space. Wow. Yeah. That is amazing way better than I expected. I just thought you were going to say a bar. No, none of Barbie far with video games. So that's not weird enough. So I I so I parked eagles hall or something. It was something like that. It was like I was like veterans of domestic wars. I think whatever whatever it goes on in this space. Some of it is prayer dumb. There. Dumb there some rare. So I see the the guy that I know on like I parked and he's keys parking as well. My great one the guy. I know is here I can walk in with them. I I get hold hands. I can softly kiss him behind the ear your watch out for me. If there's any bullies. Yeah. Boy, tell them to tell them to keep their hands to themselves. And so, you know, I know about this guy pants too short loves spurred watching, right? And I saw my came in has it going and he's like great this weekend. I went to a kite festival. Fucking awesome. Yeah. It is was totally awesome. And he told me about the kite festival in Santa Barbara, it sounded fun as shit, man. You you don't have to tell me twice about kite festival. I'm sold the second you say kite. But I mean, and again, I think I what I'm what I'm trying to do here is to kind of paint a picture kind of to to chill. Kind of illustrate the differences between comedy writer and kids TV comedy writer. I mean, I think I do not usually if you ask a comedy writer what they did this weekend is running the loan triggers shirt and dreg alone. Got mad about Tinder have some sort of problem with Tinder, but yeah, this guy was fucking going into a kite festival already better say can I ask you a question right festivals? I know that some. I know that some kites do tricks. Yes. It's it's cool shit. Fucking amazing. I know I did not ask him if they were tr kites. Yeah. You don't you? Don't generally follow up. No the kite festival. Yeah. I was. It to me to know more about it. He mainly talked about how it was in Santa Barbara. And what the weather was like. But yeah, mild. Yes. Well, maybe a breeze, maybe notion breeze. You know, maybe maybe he's not what you want for a kite festival, contrary to popular belief. You wanna you wanna calm a calm air. I don't know. I don't know. I mean, it depends on what you're trying to do with a kite. That's true. If I've got a kite up there. I'm looking for lightning bolts because I am discovering electricity my friends. Wow. Yeah. Check out John Adams over here. Is that the right? You know, all those guys I'll be as one of the whig guys. Yeah. What at one point? Okay. Because I have children. I think about stuff like this. Right. You have to learn US history. Yep. And then as you get older as more generations, there's more history to learn at what point do we stop? He's acting kids to know who the fuck John John Adams and bitch. At what point is that not embarrassing or like do you like I don't give a shit. I'm wondering if the window just rolls forward. Like, you're only responsible for two hundred years of US history. Keep some of the old stuff. But like just like, if you're if you're our age our age like, you know, hey, I got the eighties, and maybe the seventies and sixties somebody older you like it gets a little fuzzy. We we gotta make room for morning in America. John Q Adams, we could lose. Do you want your son to know who Kanye is John Quincy Adams, honest question? Gotta go yeezy too. That's true too. So I'm sorry like Jefferson ks Washington. Frank Benjamin Franklin. I just because he's like such a renaissance man stays, right? All those other guys. I don't give a shit if my kid John Quincy Adams had when he got famous signed consequence the extra guy from a tribe called quest than I would be saying John Quincy Adams obvious. The only one of those two guys put consequence on a second time for no reason, if if Stacey dash is last sane act was John Quincy Adams video. He would forever. Have a place in my own kids need to know, why they're waiting in line for sneakers. He's started all this bullshit. Just go to the store and buy a ten issue. And now you have to preorder, right? And you have to get a text message, and you have to get you have to spend the night in a folding chair offer hideous hideous and sneeze in my way. When I'm trying to go to Cantor's trash away. That's a part of the mystique. I trash in the trash Jordan underneath the leader model of. Mountain dew that you are drinking out of tornado know, if you've seen we're doing mid city stuff, maybe side hipster. Yeah. Benjamin. Franklin ex Adidas consortium. Pretty hot. Benji when you've got some hundreds material. I don't know what that is. Different about this Nieker shut up and get in one. What are your what are what are both of your kids currently learning in school? What subjects we had a few weeks ago the like US history pageant American history. Pads sounds day was a full on kids dressing up as slaves kids were inappropriate native attack. I was like holy shit. Like, we're like full-on like hiawatha. Yeah. Yes. Single feather headdress. News apart. He Knicks kids school. Are you listening to this your canceled canceled Knicks kids school, my daughter was like narrator fours? I was like she's wear anything ridiculous. And then the kid that was Martin Luther King junior. I was like I said I tweeted about this. I saw the pro I saw the program, and I was like my Sean is playing Milquet holy shit. Like, he's he's the biggest cut up you've ever seen like he can't house. My, sean. This is going to be sky fucking my Sean, Jordan, just just a picture the biggest cut up you've ever seen in your life. Okay. Now, having put on those Martin Luther King glasses and a little narrow narrow lapel, willow. Black-tie picture the funny kid in like, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, movie, his hilarious. Right. That's fucking much like this kid the most important role. How do he murdered it? He. Absolutely murdered it like he dabbed at the end of it down. He was off the chain. Great. Unfortunately, the sad part is the thing that he murdered was his murder was a historical reality just had to deal with no way to get a full-scale Lorraine motel his reenactment of these S nation. That's what he did with his last gasp staff. Tab Reverend Jackson. I just wanna say. That's that's what my kids are in school is terrified so to to finish the story of the animation mixer. So I'm feeling pretty good going into this VFW hall, or whatever. And it was a someone was giving a talk. Someone was giving a talk about their career in animation and then at a mixer. Yeah. Quietly, and listen, it was it was entitled animation colon actually a series of still drawing. Ooh. Interesting. And so, you know, there was like a there was a, you know, for the mixer part after the thing was done was kind of a everybody brought a little something it was kind of potluck. And so there were strengths and snacks. I immediately went to share day like some people chose their lovey to brings people chose the latest toy they got Ryo. Yes. Sure. Picture of their grandpa and his army uniform, sir. Yeah. Do they still do share day in cloud? Oh, yeah. Yep. Time as very big what are your kids share just one of their studies? Okay. Sta almost invariably one of their stuffy Bieb lead. Oh, sure. Yeah. And these are like Coban, but spinning tops now. Even as interesting is that just spinning tub's. Okay. And they name it's like, it's a blue spinning top. No that's area of. Yeah. I want to paint an accurate picture of the mixer along with all the lady Pokemon who should not be doctors in my opinion. Oh, I clapped. I think they should be doctors. I think they should be doctor. I think they should prefer. I think for the top dental hygienist, that's my opinion as female poking. Okay persons. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Jessie, your cancels? Oh, no gendered, non binary. Yeah. And I don't want to mischaracterize the mixer part of this. I don't want to say that everyone was drinking juice box. But I do want you to know that some people do spock's there were way whatever'll adults were they just standard like an apple juice box or were they that kind that's half juice half water to reduce your sugar intake. What about what about a wine in a buck? I checked because that was my first that was my first what about a CBD infused beverage. These were juicy juices. UC juice brand what about liquid THC? I mean, they could've been could've been worse. It could've been all drinking squeeze. It's. Oh, yeah. Sure. Which we learned last week were not made by the Kool-Aid corporation now. Those little plastic ones. Yeah. No, no. It's it's the size of like a small coke bottle. It's made all plastic slightly opaque, plastic and has a twist off top. You squeeze it through the hole into your mouth. Three SO mixture. What's great? Learn about a kite festival. Jeez. Boxing around and people who are tricking Jews markses and this kind of coincided nicely because I started a new job in Qin's animation. It is a property. So I actually can't say what it is yet. But let's just say a certain spinning top might be coming to life. It's benji. Yes. But my littlest Hobo. So I had to go in for my engine Mon. The only thing you talking about the dog. I y switch to the Canadian version of Benji, which was called the littlest Hobo. Oh, interesting. It was a dog that went from town to town solving mysteries. Did he have a little beard? Yeah. I think so cool little data. That's great, and my orientation -cluded a Ernest slide on Nerf gun safety. What? Yeah. No. I think that that inter office Nerf gun fights are so common. And it seems like they had a problem with injuries. So my HR person had to like address it with me like epic over nerve like a very serious HR professional after we talked about, you know, sexual harassment. You know, the parent company. Do they talk dangers of going down to the dachshund getting involved in those double bounce houses where the tube out south connected by a play? Actually, they told me that I could go in the door bounce house. But not the Spiderman bounce house because that's for big kids. Got what what was the nerve? Like, I think so I think that that just Nerf gun battles and someone like made a slide for this. That was the most amazing part of it because there's a slide for you know, social media behavior. You know, don't, you know, don't post anything that you know, you would need an NDA to look at. You know, don't post works in progress things like that. So that had a very earnest slide. And then it was just like, and then this very dry, you know, woman who is an HR professional with like a Dilbert calendar just had to explain Nerf gun safety to me because I guess there had been so many like eye injuries. But did your friend. Jonathan Franzen have to say about it. I don't Fuqua ever the corrections. That are there. Are you? Brought you there Mr Michael Chaban who's really into birding Jonathan Franson. Oh, I see European. Yeah. Yeah. Sure, you're being insulting to the world of children's programming by comparing them to actual writers. Yeah. I get that. No. My my birdwatching friend was not there. I was trying to be insulting to the world of bird-watching. Oh, okay. Take that bird watchers. No, he actually works for another company was different. So he didn't. But I'll have to see if he's ever had a Nerf gun related related injure. I mean, did you get issued a Nerf gun? No. I did. Here's the thing. You gotta bring it from home. So I met a disavow. Vantage. I guess I gotta buy a fucking Nerf gun unless I want to get droid nerve. No wanna get nursed. You gotta be able to nerve back. You're going to get one with a big. I mean, they must have they must have some crazy ass Nerf guns. Seems like it I've seen some under people's desks. And it's like the Gatling variety like something, you have to have like after shove clip into you know, what you should do nerve technology like take it to the next level, Jordan. Here's this shit. Fucking super soaker get super soaker the needs batteries ruin it ruin everybody's laptop. Yeah. Really fuck up people's phone. You always think with this that once you're done with it. They stopped doing it to the new, oh, they've just continued to improve nerve technology or indeed nervous chugging along give like anything Nerf gauntlets now that you can like slip over your hands and fucking wolverine people with your nerve, very Nerf under the carpet, and then someone steps on it and Netflix at in your mind into their jugular. Yeah. That's really dangerous because like there's some leftover Nerf money from the Vietnam war continued to be active is still on the Sony light from shows going your kids nerve your kids. Mike kids are not allowed to play with weapon. So they do not do any weapon stuff, and we have done pretty good. Although I did notice that today. My son, Oscar and Elliott Kaelin, son. Sammy did use hobby to get involved in a sword. Fight briefly. Gotcha be shut it down. I said, let's let's only get into sword. Fights the traditional way both of us standing over the same. Toilet bowl. I here at the big trough urinal at the baseball earn a sword. Fight by having a huge mature penis. While you're reading today. Oh, you're having a penis on penis or. Wow. This pansies toured fight. You're you're with your soft. Come on truly extract a wreck Dick's together back in my day. Yeah. Bing bang bomb. Tap them on the balls. Holy cow. Penis. Okay. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jesse go. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio, Sweden, Jordan Morris. Boy detective the repeat atom. It's this g are you the most most comeback guests on Jordan. Jesse point. Scott has got to be. Yeah. I mean, Fairbanks what the fuck Fairbanks Fairbanks is right up there ever since he lost his ability to talk, and you can't mumble anymore though. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Back to back. So I can get some distance between me and that guy like we could just Bank a couple right now. Yeah. You wanna record it? We'll them out. I just use them evergreens one every eight months nine months better idea. Why don't you just poison them? Yeah. I should just kill them. Okay. If you're listening don't use this as evidence. Yeah. Fairbanks it's up poison. This had nothing to do with. This is like asking a prostitute. If if they're a cop. If we say you can't use it as evidence legally. And get on Chris Fairbanks has to die pro seven years from now, we get a great Netflix documentary out of this seven eight years, man. A lot of slow pans across family photos. Yeah. Jordan, and I have to pretend to be interested in it. When someone's describing Jimmy to watch it. Yeah. Oh that sounds. Wow. Re. Okay. No don't spoil. It is. I will definitely watch this. I'm glad I'm having a conversation. 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Come into your town starting June twelfth if you live in one of eight towns. Yeah. Probably do you probably do you live near enough to one of these towns. I mean, you can make it out you got roller skates. Don't you pop. This pop your skates skate onto the freeway. I mean, you're gonna wanna. In lines on the freeway. Yeah. That's probably safer. Hey, we're coming to doing like a disco thing starting June twelfth we're coming to Minneapolis. Minnesota Chicago, Illinois, Seattle, Washington, Portland. Oregon Brooklyn New York, Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, DC and Austin, Texas, maximum fund dot org slash summer. Boys of summer to get tickets. It's going to be a lot of fun. I think I know that I'm going to be making my premier DJ performance in Chicago. I'm pretty excited about that. After the show. I'm going to stick around. We hope you guys we'll stick around with us. And I bought I went on a popular ecommerce website and purchased a special box that carries forty five rpm records. So that I can bring forty fives to play for everybody in Chicago is going to be a great tour. It's going to be so much fun. We got a lot of great guests. We got the guys the guys from rift tracks. We got Courtney Enloe we have ten coming out of the dates the hilarious. Lamont price Glen Weldon for pop. Culture, happy hour Griffin and Rachel McElroy or come in with us in Austin. It's gonna be fun. I would come out to it. If I were you. I'm pretty pumped about it. And if you're Jordan Jesse go listener, you live within a couple of hours drive of one of those places and you're not coming. Well, hope you skates break. Yeah. You're gonna need some new skates. I hope your I hope your skates get out of line press. They're in line now. But just wait till you missed the show. Wait, let me change it. Let me change. Yeah. Change. It your skates might be in line. But you're out line. Nice. That's a little cleaner. Yeah. So max dot org slash summer, boys. This summer, that's kind of more the energy. You guys probably should've brought to the ZipRecruiter's by that kind of you're right. You know? No know that. Threatening our fans on g you know, what I mean, we like to warm up with the pay dad and really kinda just, you know, get the flu. Loosen up, and then we like to get professional. What about the crew is? It's a really good lover. That's right. What happened to rhythmic laughing was such a key part of rap music in early to mid nineteen eighty s you never hear these mumble rappers on their trap beats giving a great. You can't do buddy laughs when they're on the Molly. God's going. What they should be laughing the one two three and four vaping. Yep. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jesse go. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio sweetheart, Jordan Morris boy detective, Nick, repeat Adam's. Okay. Here's the deal. We've been finding out a lot about our audience. Sure. Have we learnt how many of our audience members have a an wear fezzes? Oh, I thought you were talking about the news. They sent us. Yeah. We've been finding out about their hidden birthmarks rights ill ill conceived college tattoos about the distasteful news. That's what I feel. You guys are probably getting everyone talks about the tasteful the new because the only thing they're wearing is white after Labor Day. Gauche. Yeah. I was gonna say they're taking naked naked pictures at like a screening of the transformers three. That's that's good to now. Right after Labor Day spider. These are all these are all great examples flight after these were using their dinner fork to eat salad, right? Oh, it's have it this instead of using their salad fork. They're using their erect penis. Guess what? Go to lunch. It's real closure over here. How do you think? The hawks are out there in Jordan, Jesse go listener land. They gotta me thick short, but thick girthy bungee being girthy bunch ladies out there probably keeping tight shush. I should hope. So I think George for the girth though, that's true. You gotta balance it you have to balance, but everybody she cables goals, you need a good girth life balance. Just kind of sounds like work. I guess. A lot about our audience all the different qualities of our audience. We have and so forth. I'd become kind of obsessed lately with three wheel motorcycles. No. Yeah. I thought you're going to say bay blade. Yeah. We'll certainly into bay blade. I'm more into the fire one. Yeah. What's that? Ultra max crystal lakes, crystal s. Crystal x is actually just what I do. When I go to the EDM tend to get challen. I was gonna say, it's my favorite soundcloud, right? That's better. Here's here's what I'm thinking about is three wheel, motorcycles and motorcycle sidecars. Yes. So I'm gonna I want to ask our audience. And I don't know if you guys have things that you want to ask our audience, I've got a couple of name even wanted to like maybe just because because Nick is you know, as as much a part of this show as anyone who's not a host. He certainly more part of it than Brian. Yeah. Yeah. Significantly more so increased Fairbanks. I would sure. Yeah. Especially since Fairbanks fell ill. Yeah. Right. Natural causes people have been like a lot of people in the LA comedy community food like weeks now been talking about how he doesn't look. Well, he might die any minute, right. If he died, it certainly would not be poisoned. They wouldn't even look into. I won't be there. When he does like I'll be somewhere else. So I won't you know, to look at all thing is like if you just put a little lead into his breakfast. Yeah. Yeah. You don't wanna just or you? If you get that Russian isotope. He's just blow it in its face. Like so many rip Taylor confetti rip Taylor was doing people. Wow. In the in the in the last election cycle. That's what. In the way that like, you know, it's botulism with you know, when you get both John's botulism, but it's like a little bit of it. You don't put right. Yeah. Exactly. Not enough to kill you. The soup salty botulism tight. Yeah. Gotta keep it tight. But not to tell you gotta watch for that girth. So you've been seeing a lot of three wheeled. Oh, I was just going to say I would maybe want to invite Nick to play this round if he wants to maybe we can we can have a through because we have not had a three way battle. Yeah. Yet. And I think that's maybe those are called sword fights this rice. I just want to know. So tell me what your fascination with three wheeled motorcycle is. I just wanna know who it's four because it has do you mean an actual the actual crazy like references. So there's two so the rough riders are mostly riding like ATV? Right. I think he's silly thing. Like that is not training montage from creed. There's another thing here. What is called that? You see ads for late at night. Sometimes I'm talking about the thing that is a full like a like a motorcycle. Like one of those Honda gold wings, big comfort cycles, but instead of two wheels it has three wheels. That's what I'm talking about. And there's also a kind with two wheels in the front a little narrower and one in the back. Yes. And turns that way that one also counts and subset of that. And I do hope you'll clarify which one of these applies to you. I'm also interested in people who have ridden in a motorcycle sidecar and no chimpanzees, please. Sure. Okay. Because number one we're not going to be able to tell what you're saying. When you call in right? We don't understand sign language. Yeah. And well, that's guerrillas Jordan primarily. Hey, I guess I'm cancelled canceling myself for using gorillas and chimpanzees. Add animal, Jordan. Yeah. Right. Uh-huh. She got all ball over here. Yeah. So they call me because my penis girthy. Got run over by a car all of that. Okay. A lot of reasons they called me all ball. Okay. Nick, you know, when you go back to show business tomorrow. Will you let them know that if they need anyone to make jokes about KoKo the gorilla who speaks sign language where the only game in town, who's not a chimpanzee. Like if there's a if there's a reboot of that cocoa the episode where mister Rogers went to see KoKo the gorilla. Matt cocoa the gorilla. But this time it's a comedy where the guys you want to get to right or like, maybe there's like a Congo. We boot. Oh, yeah. That would be the best. Use of our skills would be a Congo like comedy. Ear more irreverent con-? Yes. Sure. Reverence. Cracking albino gorilla. Right. Maybe he kind of knows he's in a movie. Little dead pool. A little condo meets dead. Or is that kangaroo, Jack? Right. I was watching. Jack when I was watching that original conga, so mad about all the reverence is like, what is this fucking movie or a cathedral? To encourage it. Yeah. Tim Curry's in Congo. Leave is was you play probably a guerilla right jungle guy. He's like a like, a, you know guy who knows all about jungle. Yeah. And he he's the guy in the movie who doesn't have a gun in his like a lot of like and not ruining the right Jews for this in like getting hit in the head with you know, branches. It's like that guy shouldn't have worn the spike heeled. Oh. Well. I'm missing teatime. Is this Tim curry in Congo? Or is this you be in the moon's again. Yes, right. Yeah. Tim curry Congo's, very similar to my impression of every boring. European children's book, very similar. I was a big Crichton head as a kid. So I was excited about Congo cited about sphere. No boy you excited about. Them shits. I had my mom rent me, the boring seventies Andromeda strain, man, they bad movie. Yes. Fears very bad. Yeah. But it's got those little jellies those jellyfish that suck onto you. Anyway. I remember enjoying that part. Right. You just want a jellyfish sucking on Anya, and that kind of do honestly couldn't handle the girth though. I mean, I think what it sphere came along in a time while I was finding out a lot about myself. Right. And so the the sucking pig jellyfish early imprinted on my sexuality, and that's how you became a gentleman. True. Yes. That's what we call ourselves. The jellyfish sexual mongo jelly Mons. Jelly me bananas today. Baen. It's no less. Weird infers. Yeah. It's the same. I hope I hope people accept me. Joe? Jelly me five. If I've insult anyone in the community who cares. What do you? What do you think? Nick. No, they're just out there, making friends love having fun and making friend. That's how I show the for community that I love them is like I'm Brian vomiting. Shooting them by including. Yeah. Gentle ribbing gentle ribbing, friars quits right away. I always make sure that my that my jellies that I'm wearing a gentle ribbing before they left them suck on for their pleasure or they're fun. Right. You gotta you gotta take the jellies pleasure into account. They're not just machine that's about you getting off. Yeah. It's about getting the jelly off semi-autonomous creatures. It's true. That's true. Okay. So I'm by a my I I want to know how many Jordan Jesse go listeners have ridden in a sidecar or driven a three wheel motorcycle. What about what about these things makes you think that we'll have an inordinate amount of them in our listenership? I just wanna to know who doesn't why. Okay. I don't think they'll be over represented in our listeners outside of the fact that maybe. Maybe certain strain of irreverence runs through our audience. Sure. Yeah. You know, people like to stand out, I keep Austin weird and so forth. Yeah. I think if I were to guess about the three wheeled motorcycle, I think it's someone who wants to feel the wind in their hair, but is a coward in all sat, but doesn't want the part of a motorcycle where you die that feels like our audience except for the wanting to feel the wind in their hair part as sure yeah. I mean, I know that doesn't relate that I I can't relate to that. Part. Went in the hair books in the teeth. You want the whole. Yeah. Experience the wild hogs of it. All I just want to get out there and wild hogs, but you don't wanna die. A lot of our audience members. Probably saw torque got pumped torque Mike avoid out, you need a special license to why two wheel motorcycle that may be if summer of two thousand two the torque biker Boyz combo in came back. Oh that was like the media or movies or the ant movies. Yeah. The movie twins. So what have you got movies coming out these days, but a big foot movies? I'm thinking that there are four Jordan Jesse go listeners who have written who have driven a three wheel motorcycle. And then I think there's like twenty Jordan Jesse go listeners who've written in a sidecar ridden in the sidecars. What I think boy? Oh, boy, I was going for listen. I. Have something in mind, but I was going pure volume. I, of course, you are. Yeah. What's yours pert? Plus right exactly to leave in conditioner on it. How many of you out? There is a leave in conditioner started using leaving conditioner. And I think my hair looks pretty good. I want to know how many out as possible that there's peroxide and you're leaving conditioner. And that's why my hair's getting more blonde. Yeah. No, I started using the leaving conditioner after my hair turns planet, because I thought maybe I was the thing that was turning my hair blonde was maybe damaging the hair as well. It almost certainly is. Yeah, I just started maybe oriented in the water. I would balance it out with a nice leaving conditioner. Right. God. What a boring podcast. Why would you listen to this fucking talking about his leaving conditioner back to the part where we're seeing the freaks come out? Yeah. People are real meat of the program. What people want describe bay blade more? I want to know how many listeners out there have a replica weapon from a movie. Okay. It was specific to a movie. Yes. So like the Rangers soared from Lord of the rings a Harry Potter one or like a predator gauntlet. Okay. Something like, but no game of thrones weapons. That's a TV show. Not shows from feature films only feature film released in the theater. Yes. That's about laser guns. 'cause I bet a lot of our listeners have laser guns from Star Trek and Star Wars. I think that counts that counts. Yeah. I will also I was also know they might have blasters or phaser. Thank you. Guns. Yeah. Sorry. If I don't think that laser guns should be Dr. Okay. I just don't think. It's now with God intended when he made the United States of America, Jordan. That's true. Yes, I want to know how many of our listeners have a like replica weapon. I think these are mostly things you see for kind of display this up into. Laid weapons go. I don't think we I think laser guns if your gun. Yeah. I mean, there's probably people there's probably more people who have replica laser guns from Babylon five. Then there are people who've read it in a motorcycle sidecar. Yeah. Well, I see this is interesting because I'm my thought is that it'll be so over represented in terms of sword. I would think that soared would be the main like I do think bladed weapon is kind of making a full of this is the different. I think you have to put film weapon and just soared separate that. Once you say sword. So I just how many listeners have. So I think that's where the the cuss were the meat of. Yeah. This is going to be not just general sorts like if you you can't just have a renaissance fair sword. No. It has to be it has to be a replica for real sword that Bilbo Baggins war, right? Yeah. In the movie starts generic sore. And I would like to move to include Harry Potter ones because they have an author on you. Fuck you have offense. And okay. Abilities this. Yeah, they got offensive capabilities. I'm offended that I fell into your bullshit trap. He's got a fucking Harry Potter won't take your store in. I'll take a Harry Potter on. I. Harry Potter ones at my house. I've never even read. Fuck it, Harry Potter. Do you crazy expensive ones from universal? You. Bucket. I don't even know it comes into special presentation box. I wasn't even a participant in the decision. You gotta go to the thing. And do the you got the ad sounds like a lot of them to agree to just go to universal. Instead of having a birthday party wants to have ofensive capabilities. I understand. Offensive capabilities. If you've got Andrew delay living in your pool. Tell you what her mind he grader could straighten your attitude, right? I right up, buddy. Yeah. Dr within nice. This is bullshit feel trapped j just do Harry Potter ones. Then can I just take airy Bader wives trying to scale it back from all laser things. I was just gonna say swords from movies. Yeah. Movies. I wouldn't I'll say I learned fucking light savers. Yeah. The counts I will say non bladed weapons. Fucking like weapons. What is it has to be like a fancy replica one or can just fucking toy one? No. I mean, I think the I here's what I want. Here's what I'm I'm getting at here is a is something where authenticity is is part of the selling point. We're like, it's not just one you buy target. But like this is this is made to the right? This is made by an artisan to be similar to the movie. I'm changing my Danny, Jordan. Jessica listeners have worn socks with sandals. I win. So you want to see about the motorcycle thing though. I do I didn't know you were going to pick something that four hundred people. I don't know why do prison Brian's only job true, Nick g think you can beat replica weapon from a movie. How many Jordan Jesse go listeners have had direct contact with an spirit Nora voter future from the afterlife. This is what I'm talking about. I'm I'm not talking about my mom's my grandmother's is that. The in we stayed at on vacation. I mean, I saw something somebody talk to me something touched me. I saw some shit that. I can't explain why I'm not just key vine. No, I will not just I heard a sound like. What it was? And you observed it directly in someone you are comfortable saying it plainly with your first name last initial right. And and just saying it for the record that I saw this name. K I I have a new one. Okay. Okay. How many Jordan Jesse go listeners? Don't let me ask you a question quick just a quick could be banshee wind ago who doesn't matter what about sleep paralysis Munster because I've seen the sleep paralysis monster, but I don't consider who represent days sleep paralysis monster where you can't move and you see the shadow I've never seen anything. But I've had wait, right? Yeah. That's like a sleep. It's the thing with sleep paralysis. You see a like a shadow, man. I guess I don't really know what sleep paralysis. That's the thing. We're you like you wake up, but you can't move. Okay. And then, you know, you're part of it is seeing a shadow, man. I I. But I've never had this shadow, man. Always like a sense that there's something behind me. I'd never saw anything. But there was like I knew that. There was a nNcholas shadow, man. That's that's you are. Yeah. Yeah. But I think that's a natural phenomenon. I don't personally believe that to be supernatural. I think that's just a brain trust. And I've seen a jelly mon-. Sure. You've seen me. America's most vocal jelly Bonn. Hey, everybody jelly me bananas. Okay. So direct contact with something that is dead some sort of an explorer creature from the other side. Yes. Yes. That could be like an angel. Yeah. Sure. Okay. I'm don't know. What's over there? What about it? Poke demon. Oh, yeah. Okay. Jordan. You've got how many people have a replica weapon from a film? I don't think it's going to be as high as you think this. No toys, a lot of we have a lot of surprises in this. I'll say that. This is always the answer. Is usually surprising. I bet there's a lot of like really like considering the replica weapon from film, and I can't justify the to it's. Yeah. The priorities. He I think that is that is a Mark of these things that are like a little more expensive than you want to be like they got on the mailing list for the cattle. Yeah. Maybe Cervo things. Listen you called the number. That was at the end of the crow VHS tape. I use that as a kid I had the crow catalog for so long never ordered anything. You order that duster so bad duster wanted the pendants and one of the busts. You wanted to blanks. All right P. Brandon leaves to Dr sued too much, I nineteen ninety two sued. Okay. Two zero six nine eight four four. Did you have one? Yeah. Mine is a thing about the fucking three. We'll motorcycles that. I thought it was going to be fun. I thought we were resetting back to lower number things Li are I was gonna say I was originally going to say that versus like who's owned a segue. But now, I guess I'm stuck with. Who has driven a three wheel motorcycle or ridden, a motorcycle sidecar in in the world of circus performances personal mobility vehicles, or I thought you said PNV's. Vaginas. When you say personal mobility vehicle. I immediately think about reproductive organs. Have you seen the guys on the like, it's just a wheel and a board? No, yes. What does that cold? Do. You know, what that is? It's just like a board with a wheel. And I don't know the ankle roller for people who don't roll their ankles enough. Do you want to include ankle rollers, and you're fucked does. All right. I'm keeping my ship. You're not just folding in every kind of weapon, captain, America's shield counts. As long as it's from the movies replica from the movie Gulf marks and everything. Yeah. It has to have the right? It has to the Black Panther. We're gonna win. If you just sit how many people in our audience, our stormtroopers that con- that's different that way. But they all replica laser guns. That's true. I'm I'm prepared to walk it back to non-gun weapons non-gun weapons. Yeah. Where they can have Harry Potter wand. I'll I'll forgo all gun. No. You can't they have all since. Capabilities wants have offensive capabilities by any metric it's a weapon. Yeah. Equal opportunity offenders. It's true. That's what you saw. Sorgi Bill Maher sword would never just fracture because Ron had his cloak failed down or whatever happened in Ron. How many Jordan Jesse go listeners have hats? That's mine. Yeah. Yeah. Can hats to cover their heads ironman, gauntlet cats to how many joined Jesse go listeners have had lice. Yeah. Adult life. I'm Jay Jay, my two adult lice. There's a there's a life. You technically if you're Jordan Jesse go listener and you own like, a Glock automatic handgun. That's you know, most of the marvel universe right there. That's true. Black widow. Yeah. No, Glock, Anthony Mackie's like bullshit flying just has a couple of guys. There's a couple of nine already flying do karate. And then he just every now and then pulls out like two sub-machine. Anyway, I'm sticking I'm sticking with mine because mine's the best one it's how many people have been in three driven three wheel motorcycles or been in a motorcycle sidecar. I'm I'm betting that there's a lot of Jordan Jesse go listeners who were postal carriers during World War Two fronts. Maybe you in Vietnam and wrote in a trike. Yup. Right. Isn't that what we're including two tooks here to fine. Yeah. I'm gonna throw in two to three vehicle, right? Sure. You have to tell us. I'm Brian Brian. I'm gonna want to break down between two two sidecars and tricycles our like a big wheels don't count, and if you if you were in Laos Cambodia and you enter to we're not gonna follow up and ask you what you were doing. They're just if you're nervous about where your activity were. Yeah. No questions. Don't you? Don't have to tell us if you were there to buy heroin. Trafficking. We don't need to see though. I think have you seen a creature from the afterlife Mike run away with this. Yeah. I think it might that much erected directly with a creature from afterlife. Right. I saw it. Like, we had a moment. Right. You have to have had an exchange of some kind. Yeah. Fluids words. Yeah. But there has to be a one two three back and forth. I think it could be one too. I'm fine with one too. Because like I've one saying it, you say something that says some back to you. I like a lot of times it's like you say something to the creature the creature goes away or a lot of times. Yes. A lot of times. That's how this works. That's what happened when it comes to angels. And demon this right or wear it live here divas parody for. Let's that's the dark sides many. If you've been of dark sites vineyards, and yes that includes seven wolf if you're in your mid forties and occasionally fall asleep late at night while you're watching your ipad DC movies. Yeah. But never finish them. And then you turn the character's names. And then repeat have been pike has right months down the road. Sometimes the words like para demon monitor anti monitor these things, we'll just slip into your vernacular. Honestly, jordan. I don't think that minions even has a dark side. Nothing but bring love to our lives like throw those evil minions purple ones. Oh shit our dark minions. Sorry. Yeah. Well, it's. I no more. He's he's a professional professional JJ, go at maximum fund dot org. Two zero six nine eight four four fun send them into us. I just want. I just want to know the breakdown. I just want to know the breakdown toward. Yeah. I think we all do because I know that I'm gonna lose to both of you now. So I'd since. Was such a surprise him. And I think I think something that has been a a constant surprise in. This has been how much international travel has to do with it. So I feel like throwing took tooks in there really helps me. Yeah. Maybe you're gonna get a appreciate that since characters like the dark Phoenix their powers, and she's absolutely one of the most powerful in the universe writer, certainly her powers are completely mental. Right. So therefore her mind is a weapon. Oh, I believe technically if you're Jordan Jesse go listen to who has a brain. That's true. You're on my side. So. Call. And if you have a brain Jordan, those kind of those do those magic ones that you by Universal Studios does that count. I think so I I'm specifically thinking of the replica once people get Universal Studios. You don't have to get the eight doesn't have to be like a hundred bucks. So. Yeah. Those are they have to count those are expensive. Okay. Two zero six nine eight four four fun JJ co at maximum dot org. One or the other don't do both one or the other talk to both call in or you may have o'day. Okay. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jesse go. Thanks so much to the over twenty thousand members who joined or upgraded between nineteen minutes fund drive to all of our monthly members. To celebrate hitting our goal this year. We're putting the twenty nineteen max fund drive pins on sale for all ten dollar monthly members. As in past years, you'll be able to get some pins and support a great cause at the same time. The proceeds from this sale will support the national court appointed special advocates CA Shen national. Casa does amazing work for children youth, your national network of nine hundred fifty member programs. We're proud to be able to support them the pin will run from April twenty ninth until mayton. And if your ten dollar up monthly member, your personalized code is waiting in your inbox right now. For more details. You can head over to that's fun dot org slash and once again, thank you. Hello. This is Amy man. Leo. Podcast called the art of process. We've been looking over the past year to talk to some of our friends and acquaintances from across the creative spectrum to find out how they actually work. So I have to write material that makes sense. And makes people laugh also have to think about what I'm saying. To people kick your ass on make you famous the fight to get LGBT chew representations. Shown weirdly don't know as many musicians as you would expect a really just became a political speechwriter by accident realizing that I have Stanley pants down. Listen and subscribe at maximum fun dot org, or wherever you get your podcast. The Guinea pig was complicit in helping the scientist. Eleven. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio sweetheart Jordan, Moore's parody Mun, Nick now, Brian Fernandez, sunny dark sites. Jordan more stark sides Indian. Brian Fernandez, our producer on the program. He had an important. Yeah. Has he's the one west account to emails and telephone calls. It's a professional he painted problem. Yes. So Brian can you luminated what what's the issue here? I feel like we're going to get a lot of. Well, I saw ghost wants not sure if this counts, but I saw go. So if you've only see just wanna be clear if you've only seen a ghost. We're talking to you Mike Mitchell to interacted with how creature from the dimension of the debt keep it to yourself only seen one day if you saw goes and we're chicken shit coward. Yeah. Did it or try fuck it? With it can send you had to get its consent first. And then fuck it. Honey, you're you're going. I think I'm ready to go to the other side grandson, don't come back to you. Crew. Kate says trips on my mortal soul can't rest until the one more living person. Yeah. A lot of a lot of people need to crossover to find peace. Release my chains. That's what I'm into. Can I keep the it's called Jacob Marlene? People wanna be fucker chain goes. Okay. I believe that. And I want to clarify that we're including tuktuks, right? The southeast Asian motive popular conveyance. But we're not including those those minibuses they have in the Philippines. They're like a little bigger than a two to but smaller than a regular bus. Those are four wheel right? Yeah. Those are generally four wheeled, I think. Yeah. Look for three wheeled like Tuque, right? I'm talking about. I'd do when I was in Bangkok, I wrote on the back of a taxi cab that was a motorcycle, and I've never been so terrified in my entirely. I bet just this tiny motorcycle tiny time and who drove a taxi driver because that's what his job was and me just there's like a little on like a sporting motorcycle. There's like a little bar on the back of the backseat. You hold onto. I was holding onto. That more tightly than I've ever hold held onto anything. I I was holding onto that more tightly than then like Arnold. I mean Sylvester Stallone was holding onto the edge of the cliff in the movie Clifford or the other man's arm in the movie over the top replays. It arm wrestler who needs to reconnect with his son or creed sense of identity. I I've written on the back of a motorcycle. Will you supposed to grab on that thing that you're talking about? I'm hugging your ass. Yeah. I'm sorry. I don't care. I think. In just full bear hug arms around the way airy small time and get a nice Biden with. I think I had one hundred pounds on this, dude. Like, I was like, I know this guy can manage this motorcycle. Like, this motorcycle seems well within his control. But what happens when two hundred and ten pounds gets on move takes you back and the throws the whole center of gravity off. Don't you want to? I was so scared. I was gonna throw off his enter. That's what I was scared about wolverine claws count. If you have a wolverine club. And bladed weapon say a claw glove with right now. One claw like, but like one that's a replica. If it's not you can't just be the one target. Yeah. We talk in whole cans do not count. Yes, we are. No that anything with that. Outfit. From the cons is gonna win. Adding more things L my date my date at a costume in a costume thing. Didn't take off like I thought it was going to. I mean, we had that spider in fucker. Yeah. The Spiderman fucker was great. I forget why sexual hypnosis called. I think they were trying to decide whether they're dazzling outfits constituted a cost to listen, I listened even though it did not win. We got a lot of wonderful memories from it, especially sexual hypnosis one called to erotica hypnotize us while we're onto. Yeah. We're consenting to Arado hypnosis while on tour. I will be radically hypnotized on stage. We'll let. Oh, go over ground-rules with my wife. But sure, I think she'd be chill about it. Yes. She seems pretty discrete. Screen letty, she four twenty friendly. So. Oh, okay. She's in the Hitler. No my wife into hit, you know. She's more of a Mussalini gal to the dictators. Me, and my gal Pol Pot and. Nick adams. It's been a joy to have you on the program as. You got anything you want to plug. Coming out who can birdie men to convert Lisa Hanna, Walton new new blaster, Tiffany haddish. Alley wong? Stephen young crazy crazy gift even on that shit to do men. Did you did you work with that guy in real life? Yeah. Yeah. A little bit where you because I had him on in this amazing Korean movie called burning this past year. And he was amazing in it. And I had him on. I had him on bullseye. And it was one of those interviews where I was uncomfortable the whole time because of how handsome he is. He's looking guy, and he's one of those good looking guys, you say is that I think you're making a close like, I don't think you wearing a coup jacket. I just like making jacket coup just with your careers. Yeah. Yeah. You're like, you know, coaching that jacket up a little bit. I feel like there. There are people who you know, almost anybody's in film and television is very good looking even people who play a goofy looking right when television, and when you meet them in real life. There's a there's a kind of disappointment. Oh, this person is in goofy. Goofy. Looking like me, this is just only goofy looking relative to George Clooney, Hollywood, goofy. When you meet them, but not every person that comes on bullseye. M I intimidated by their good looks. I'm not usually actively uncomfortable. But Stephen also so chill gays, very mellow. He's very such a nice chill, dude. They'd back cool guy. So it should be a I'm excited about it. Can't wait to see Lisa's mind is very unique in twisted and fund. So I'm looking forward to this snake trains and like plant ladies with boobs like lots of fun stuff parking. It's on the net. Flicks. On the flicks man, gotta get it up on your net. Flicks. I say flicks machine. Amazon comes on it. That's for another sponsor. We can't give away other songs to people who serve three billion dollars which to different Houdini song. Yes. Would you please flakes? How many of us have them clicks ones? We can watch and to. How about that? That's good. I like that. Okay. Before we watch any further the let's have sex, right. That's our next. That's what they're doing. Convince America that Netflix means sex. Yeah. The greatest marketing thing ever sure, Amazon's got to come up with another thing like in. We've been going to say intimacy. The notional intimacy not physical like well. Yeah. If you're looking for sex Netflix connection. Okay. Nick, delight to have you. Thank you. Nice way. Try to keep up with you. Jordan, Jordan shooed box, Brian sunny D Fernandez is our producer. Thanks to Brian this week for counting all this shit. Two zero six nine eight four four funding. JJ go at maximum fund dot org are the ways to contact us. If you got socks for us, the information's at maximum fun dot org slash socks who coming out to see us on tour, its maximum, fun dot org slash summer. Boys of summer and do get your tickets in advance. We just gotta sales report Jordan things are going pretty well. Yeah. If you don't wanna be left out, wouldn't that be pathetic hate to be left out? I could you imagine you live in Austin, Texas. Yeah. Orense you'll have Jordan Jesse go. Go to podcasts. Yeah. They should go to podcasts. Sweaty from ninety minutes of rollerblading down the freeway arrive, but you haven't purchased in advance. Yeah. Tickets advance, and you are asked out literally because it's a cooler way to roller skate. Yeah. With your assets. Yeah. Yeah. Faced out ads out. That's the way we like to rollerblade. The third room on your forehead. Yeah. You can find maximum fun dot read it dot com. If you wanna chat about the show, you can also like Jordan, Jesse go on Facebook place to do that. Jordan is at Jordan underscore Morris on Twitter where with the perfect carefully. Crafted joke about once a day, maybe every other day. Yeah. Three times a week three times a week. He's got those perfect jokes. Get an endless stream of nonsense from me at Jesse thorn. And if you wanna hear some Bernie Sanders related grumpiness follow big Nick Adams on Twitter, if you wanna hear like Bernie stuff, and then like, really obscure NBA references, which won't make any sense to you. And also school play casting updates. Yes. Really hilarious all the important all the important shit. You can follow at big Nick, Nick at Nick Adams, web seeing them to something. I don't know who that person that could have been big, Nick. Yeah. Sorry. I didn't know your little Nick at us big Nick Adams that guys all ball. Know what I mean? He led fifty lad, we'll be back next week. But guess what Jordan's gonna be hosting next week go to Mexico, baby. Okay. Okay. Cool. To do that. I didn't know that. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not trying to shock. You know? I'm not sure pairing the audio lesson shocks. They get one of their favorite episodes, the ones they like it's going to be so fun. Cash driving across the border. Hey, guys, we are Elvis Mitchell. If I think as as as we do when jesse's in here, I think I'll do a malt beverage taste test of it's fun. We've to ask the guests. I if they want to have them, but if you have any beverages that you want to know about hit me up up on Twitter. The guests are the Hanson brothers from Hanson. Yeah. Hope I hope they like most ever just hope they're not you know, what I think they literally out here. So it's hops. Good name. We'll talk to you next time. I don't. Fun dot org. Comedy in culture artist owned audience supported.

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