Diane Guerrero: Most Likely To Be Superlative


Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from wicks dot com. A web platform for creating your own professional website. Join over one hundred twenty five million people already using wicks to tell their stories, online goats at w. i. x dot com to create your website today. Warning this podcast uses some unsavory language. Please be advised. From NPR and WNYC coming to from the bell house in beautiful, Brooklyn, New York. It's NPR's our puzzles word games and trivia asked me another. I'm Jonathan Colton. Now here's your host. Oh, fear is. Thank you. John oven. We have a great show for you for brilliant. Contestants are backstage, deleting, questionable, Facebook posts. They're here to play our nerdy games, but only one will be our big winner. And today's special guest is Diane Guerrero. Diane is an actor you've seen on orange is the new black and Jane the virgin. She also wrote a powerful memoir about her Colombian parents struggle to immigrate to America called in the country. We love my family divided and she's adapted it for young adult readers. You know, not every memoir can make that transition. For example, I wrote a memoir, it's called screw everyone sleeping my way to monogamy. You cannot adapt that to a Waie audience very easily. I mean, what are you gonna call it hugs with no regrets. Our first game is about physical fitness, which might be a problem for our contestants who have only competed in the academic decathlon first up Jonathan ferrantelli on buzzer number one. You work in post production for films locum. Thank you petrified to be here. Your opponent is Tyler Krause on buzzer number two. You work for a nonprofit after school program. Welcome. Thanks for having me Jonathan Tyler. The first of you who wins two games, we'll go onto our final round in the United States. Fitness is a twenty seven billion dollar industry, and sometimes you need a wacky idea to stand out which brings us to this guessing game real or fake fitness class. It's simple will describe a fitness class. You tell us if it's real or something, we just made up. We're going to go back and forth, so no need to ring in here we go, Jonathan goat yoga real, whoa. I didn't even get to the scripts. Is that not description enough. All right, thank you. You could be like goats, doing yoga, or you go. Noga all is that Garvan is taken go yoga. That's what I know. It is goes climb on top of yogis in the class. And then afterwards you get to snuggle and hang out with the goat's, and it is real. Thanks. Tyler mermaid fitness unleash your inner aerial in this class where participants swimming pool while wearing a mono Finn that covers the entire lower body just like a mermaid tail real or fake. That sounds like it would be difficult. I'm going to go real. It is absolutely. Jonathan high intensity interval house cleaning you may have heard of hit or h I, this is, hey. H I h this fitness class for the neat freak uses moves like the fold and press and walking vacuum lunges classes are held in participants homes, real or fake. I love it, but I'm going to have to say Fiqh I'd love it too, but it is fake. Yeah, that's fake. Sounds great though. It's a good idea. Multitasking, right? Oh, yeah, do it. Yeah, right now, I don't know that I need an instructor. You could lead that on on your own? Always sweat when I clean my house. That's fine. Yeah. And like you could do an advanced version at a hoarders house or something like that? Oh, yeah. With goats. Yeah. Again, if you through Goten there, it would make it even harder because you have to clean up after it. Go. Tyler laser fit work up a sweat, zapping, your classmates while running around and Austa course players wear a special vest fitted with a laser tag centre accelerometers that refill your ammo as you move real or fake going real. It sounds fun. I want to do. It is totally real and I agree with you. It does sound fun. Yeah. Jonathan pound fitness, this class. Let's you rock out while you knock out that extra weight with specially designed drumsticks and moves that incorporate rock drumming with the principles of Yuga and plots real or fake. I'm going to say that's real. It's totally real, totally real. Hyler physio puzzle in this hybrid bootcamp class and escape room. You have sixty minutes to solve a series of puzzles and do a certain number of exercise reps do extra burp or squats to get hints, real or fake. Escape rooms have gone too far fake. You're right. It's. These your last clues, Jonathan juggle fit juggling burns two hundred eighty calories per hour. Why not learn exercise that you can use to entertain your friends? Maybe you'll get a new job at the circus real or fake. Mom going real totally real Yam, totally real. Yeah. I would be terrible at this. I've tried to juggle. I cannot do it at all. This would be the most frustrating and shameful class for me at all without a goat. It would be impossible without ago Tyler throwback fitness. It's phys Ed, but for grownups play dodgeball, capture the flag and other schoolyard games in between drills of rowing and pushups Reeler fake. I think that sounds real. It does sound real and Israel you're correct. Liska how did our contestants do? Well, they got every answer correct. You'll ring in to answer if you're wrong, your opponent will win this round real or fake armored combat league trained in sword, fighting and work up to full scale battles with real weapons and protective gear. Tyler real. That is correct Tyler. And that means you are one step closer to the final round. There is no, I in team, but there is an eye in quiz and her next quiz is about sports moments in film and TV. But first, let's check in with our contestants. Jonathan as someone who works in post production, you don't love going to movies to relax because it feels like job. Yeah, it feels like my work has kind of ruined the Choi of movies for me despite the glamour of my job. Yeah, everyday is a red carpet. I mean, look at me. Listeners, you may not know, but Jonathan isn't a three p. suit. Tyler. You are part of this very cool after school program called row NY founded fifteen years ago by your sister? Yes. Okay. And how do you like working with your sister? It's good. She's not my direct supervisor, but I got to see her more often than I would otherwise. Sure. Okay. That was that was beautifully vague. I get to see her more. I see here with my aunts. I had to say true statement. Let's go to your next game Jonathon. What is your favorite training montage and a sports movie while I'm such a sports fan. But I think my favorite has to be remembered ghost when he's trying to push the penny, it was his mind and he just keeps trying to Patrick swayze's trying to push the penny and he's trying to push the. And initially movie of all time. Yeah. He loads that petty to Demi Moore, and it's done. Yeah. Yeah, Tyler. What's your favorite training montage and a sports movie? I feel like the obvious answer. Here's rocky, but I've never seen any of them, but I'm going to go with creed because I have seen that one. Oh, Michael Jordan is great and fun montage. Okay. So this is an audio quiz called put me in coach. We're going to play a clip from fictional coach or athlete. You have to the movie or television show at came from Tyler. You on the last game. So you win this and you are in the final round, Jonathan, you need to win this or you have to go to a Mets game. Here we go. Your first clip is from a TV show. Clear is full horns. Let's go. Jonathan Friday night lights. That is correct. Yes. Clear is full hearts. That's all you need to win man. You should be good at sports too, though. Dispose if you don't know how to play. You're right. What show is this cheerleading coach from yet by this is passing up as we speak. That's. Tyler. I'm gonna go with glee. Yeah, that's glee never seen it. It's a good one that's coach, sue Sylvester played by Jane Lynch. All right. What classic is this from crying and baseball. Jonathan league of their own. Yeah, that's correct. I think we can agree Channing. Tatum is inspirational. Even when he isn't talking some born green, some achieve. Some. Have greatness thrust upon. Jonathan magic, Mike. That's that's the greatness thrust upon them. In my house. I'm sorry, that is not what we're looking for. Tyler. Can you steal that was actually going to be? My answer is. I don't think I know this one. Okay. It's actually she's the man. As we all know, Denzel Washington can motivate anyone to do anything. I'm going to tell you all about how much. Fun. You're gonna have this season. We leave for camp. Gettysburg college, August fifteenth, seven, twenty nine AM. If you report at seven thirty, you will not be playing football. This season. You will be watching. Tyler. Remember the titans. Remember the titans is correct. Was it grew Greg Puska? How did our contestants do once again, it's a very close match, and in fact a tie great work both of you. I have a tiebreaker question for you. What canine lead film franchise includes movies titled golden receiver world pup seventh inning, fetch and spikes back. Jonathan Beethoven. No, I'm sorry that is not correct Tyler. Do you know the answer airbud airbud is correct. And that means Tyler. You've run two games and you'll be going onto the final round at the end of the show. Jonathan, we're sorry to see you go. Thank you very much. Coming up. Our guest is Diane Guerrero from the television shows superior donuts orange is the new black and Jane. The virgin in an opposite reality. She's from the television shows inferior. Fritters blue is the old white and Andrew the slut. I'm fear Eisenberg and this is asked me another from and. Support for NPR and the following message comes from ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire ZipRecruiter's powerful matching technology finds the right people for you and actively invites them to apply. That's why ZipRecruiter is rated number one by employers in the US based on hiring sites with over one thousand reviews on trust pilot. And right now, listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash another. This week, the history, every person must come out the meaning. Are you coming out more. And your stories of coming out, you like other men. Why on the latest episode of it's been a minute from NPR. This is asked me another NPR's. Our puzzles were games and trivia. I'm Jonathan Coleman here with puzzle who Greg Liska. Now, here's your host. Fear Eisenberg. Jonathan, it's time to welcome our special guest. She's an actor activist and author, you know her from orange is the new black and Jane the virgin. Please welcome. Diane Guerrero. Diane, welcome to ask me another Dan. You went to reach us college to set outside of Boston. You studied political science and communications. I did. How did you end up becoming an actor? I wasn't that very good at school. Yeah, I know. No, I really wasn't. I wasn't great at it. I went to school because I wanted to be. I wanted to be number of things really, but I said to myself, oh, maybe I'll try out journalism and so I started taking political science courses and communication. And then I was like, oh, I think I'm going to be a diplomat. That's really hard to. On, so then you know, and then I thought it was like, okay, you know what? I'm just gonna figure it out. Maybe law school who knows and then yeah, and then I kept on trying different things till I got here. And did you did you take acting classes or did you start auditioning? Like how did that transition happen? Well, I went to performance art Tai school when I was a kid I when I was in high school, and so I was very familiar with the arts and I really loved it. When I left college, I started taking acting classes, so I just went to like beginning acting and beginning improv. And so I kept on taking classes like that. Then I moved to New York and I, I joined this school that was sort of like a cult on. It was scary, but it really did prepare me help. It helps. Yeah. Yeah. They were certainly big on thick skin. Oh yeah, they they made me cry every day somehow I could not cry in a damn scene. So I, what I did was I just started auditioning, and then I started working. Yeah. Yeah. And this is graduation season and you just gave a commencement speech at your on the monitor and to received an honorary doctorate of laws. How did it feel? Was it fun? Oh, God, it was great. It was great. Yeah. And I, I've been doing more of these within the last two years. I've been giving talks at different universities. I've gotten better. And so this one it was special because I was actually getting a degree along with everybody else. I actually didn't get my degree from Regis when I went there. I was like a semester your semester schilling. Yeah. Yeah, a few credits. So this was pretty great. Yeah. Yeah. But of course, all I went to Catholic all women's college now it's not a women's anymore, but you know, all all of my the nuns because there were still nuns teaching their professors and they all came up during the this is nice, but you can finish. You can finish you have you just have a few credits left and Mike just leave me alone online classes Komi later. Now, your big acting break came in two thousand and twelve. When you were cast in orange is the new black as Marita Ramose a Bronx, bred character with Colombian roots. Now, it seems that the show managed the impossible. It's a huge ensemble cast where everyone supposedly like each other. What is the secret ingredient? Just just be around women. Just have everyone be a woman. I, you know, from experience, it's it's a really great environment. You know, it's so funny because people like would assume the opposite war, how you know how they've brainwashed us in the past caddy women, his the state l. ac- competition. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I feel like I mean, you can find that anywhere really. But I think I mean, I always have found myself very comfortable in groups of women and spaces where it's like female run. I mean, I went to an all women's college, but this was definitely a progressive group and everyone really loved being there, and everybody was really excited to make something that was unlike any other. And you know what I find very impressive and particularly admirable about you is that you are one hundred percent self made because growing up your parents, Andrew brother were deported when you were just fourteen years old and you were forced to basically fend for yourself, how did you manage. I don't know. Yeah. I, you know, I think I had a very clear out of very need that if that did happen. I mean, I did grow up with fear of my family being separated that was always very present in our household. And so I was just always sort of like an outside of looking in, especially because I was the only one in the family who was documented, who is a citizen. So anyway, I grew up very confused, but I always had a very clear in my mind that whatever happened that I was going to continue going and I was going to be strong and I was gonna find a way to succeed. And that didn't mean I mean I didn't. I didn't think, oh, I'm going to succeed as an actor this or that I just wanted to succeed in life. I guess I just wanted to figure out a way to be happy and to, you know. You know, figure everything out and hopefully along the way, help my family one day and in two thousand fourteen, you wrote a very powerful op Ed piece for the Los Angeles Times about your brother, your brother, your parents, deportation. What was it about? Two thousand fourteen that you decided it is now time for me to tell the story publicly. I thought maybe my voice could be an asset. Way because especially because of the the people who are I was hearing on the news and on different talk shows really didn't when they talked about immigration. It really didn't seem personal to me. So I figured it will. How are these people representing my experience and the experience of millions? I know what this feels like. I know family separation is, so it's not really that easy. It's not. We need to have better conversations about this, and then I decided, okay, I'll write something and see if it moves the needle in any way. And what was the aftermath once that was published? It was. It was like cats out of a bag and do all this work. So I'm like, I'm so tired. I'm like, oh, we here struggling Hollywood. I'm like, nobody wants to give me a job. You know those some drug dealers girlfriend. And here I am putting myself in this vision like now do all this work on top of this work. Yeah. And it also led to obviously you deciding to write a book a whole memoir based on your life. Yeah, called in the country. We love my family divided, and now you not only have this book, but you've decided to publish it while it's being published. Your latest book is targeted towards a young adult audience. Yeah, it is called family divided one girl's journey of home loss and hope. What is different about this version? It's just like an easier read like easier than already the easy book. And why do people come up to me all the time? It's like, I loved your book. I read it in one sitting, it's an easy read. Yeah, I I mentioned for younger student. Those are the students that have been responding to the story. So I wrote it for them. Really. It wasn't intended for you an adult. So yeah, that's why you found it easy. And now this memoir your story is being developed as television series. Well, trying, okay. I'm in talks right now of developing either a series or film. I can take it in many different directions, but that's sort of like when I'm getting into right now, animated series, all that ovals. Yeah, yeah. I wanna make into a children's book actually. I'm very interested in that. And then you know. Knows Dora the explorer dose. You were going to put my family bitches. It'll be that she'll be like going. Lee families alone, Grassi. Diana, you ready for an ask me another challenge? Yes. Okay, fantastic. Diane, Guerrero. Everybody. Now, Diane in highschool, you were voted most likely to have her own television talkshow also best mile and best smile. Yeah. So your quiz both gone Mike braces off that year just like any so that it would like particularly straight, really great. Saw downhill from there. Retainers. Got last, but. Your quizzes about surprising, celebrities, superlatives if you do well enough Emily, go lightly from morehead city North Carolina's gonna win and ask me another rubik's cube. Okay. All right. Here's your first one. Sandra Bullock says her high school classmates voted her a most likely to brighten your day, be most likely to be late to class or see most likely to become an FBI agent who goes undercover at a beauty pageant. Oh my God. All of those things are so her they are. I would say be most likely to be late to class. Yeah. Oh, you're making her high school classmates more hilarious. It's actually a mo- most likely to brighten your I know is that one, but I just, I don't know. I thought about Sandra, she's always late to things and her movies. She's always like. Running with her heels in reef caves and amazing impression, just like jogging speed. She's trying to get to class. She was running late. Gillian Anderson of the experts told NPR she was voted a most likely to get married. I be most likely to get arrested or see most likely to surpass David Duchovny. She must be really wild bee is. I'm going to go a most likely get married. I because you thought she couldn't be that wild. I just, yeah, she's a serious girl. Guess what it's most likely to get arrested and she dressed like a rebel. She had a reputation as a troublemaker on the night of graduation. She's stuck into the high school to glued the locks shut as a prank. But was caught and arrested. Wow. I did not. I mean, first of all, respect. Did not know that about, all right. Oprah says her high school, classmates voted her a most popular, be most likely to become president or see most likely to hide a surprise under your chair. It's a, it's most popular. Here's your last clue. Chris Pratt's, Washington state, high school classmates voted him a class clown. Be best beard. See best, Chris. It's funny because there so many. The bunch of them. A class clown glass cone is correct. Yeah, he was voted. All right puzzle grew, Greg, plus. How did Diane do? Well, congratulations. Diane, you did excellently and you and listen, Emily, go lightly. We'll both win and ask me another rubik's cube. Nice job. Diane new book. My family divided one girl's journey of home loss and hope is out July seventeenth. Give it up for Diane Guerrero. Everybody. One our next special guests to play for you follow. Ask me 'nother on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In our next game, we manipulate the English language who are we God's? Let's meet our contestants. I up Kathleen Durkin on buzzer number one. You're in Latin teacher. Welcome. Thanks so much. Kathleen. Did you study Latin in high school in college? I did since sixth grade. All right. So you've always love Latin, not quite. Ironically, I dropped it in high school, but don't tell my students that. And then what made you return to it? One of those things where you're in college, you have to choose a language. I thought that it would look really good on law school applications. I went forward and never turned back classics is my whole life. So. And you were like, forget law. I'm going straight with the Latin. Absolutely. I mean, what's more mortal? What can I say? That's right. Yeah, you're Ponant is Patrick drizzling on buzzer number two. You're a high school, special Ed and social studies teacher welcome. Hi, Patrick. In addition to being a teacher, you love exploring cemeteries, do not in the weird ways to normal. Yeah. Normal and I'm like a heralded mod. Weird thing. No, right. But recently you had a wine and cheese picnic. Yeah. I feel like there's not a lot of green space in New York, but if it's going to be crowded, at least the crowd is a little bit below you. Morbid, sorry. No, I was gonna ask you to like so me on it, but you did. Remember, Kathleen and Patrick. The first of you who wins two of our games. We'll go onto our final round. So we've got a word game for you called. The end is nearer. Each answer is a two word phrase made by removing the last letter of the first word. Let's go to our puzzle, grew Greg Pless co for an example. Defy said, William Shakespeare loves getting tipsy at this pub. You would answer barred bar. This thing about right. You remove the last letter of the word barred to make the word bar. They got got got happy. Believe in yourself, you'll be fine. Don't believe in yourself. You'll probably be ok to all right. Here we go. This neighborhood is totally being gentrified by birds of prey native to the American southwest who else can afford the expensive apartment. Give you appleans just laughing. Would you like a hint? Sure, sure, yes. So the expensive apartment is a clue to the second half and the bird of prey is the first half. Kathleen Condor condo. Exactly. Well, done. Oh, I can't take any credit for that. It was entirely due to the work of former vice president gore. Jonathan actually helped you by underlining vocally the word entirely. And then you want to think about Mr. gore and his first name. Kathleen all Al all out. That's correct. It was all out. Okay. How about this one? There's nothing like a sense Saraf Helvetica based typeface when you're formatting, the lyrics of Puccini's Nissim Dorma. So the first half is the name of typeface, and you're going to cut off the last letter. Are you are arial aria, there you go. From meets fonts meets were game. This is NPR. Finally. Only on this show. Okay. Let's try this a freshly hatched rooster or hen is all about this season's most stylish trends. Kathleen. What does she shit chick? Yes, I'll give that to you. It's chick, Sheikh is what we're looking for it. That's right. I take it. You enjoy jeopardy. Just a bed. Okay. Here's your next one. So lustrous. Have you been polishing the front of your leg? Just below the knee, Kathleen shine shine. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We were going for shiny shin Jin. We stop at that guy at Grand Central station, get my in. Just the left one. Just the left one I always have to take because I don't like to take my pants off central states. Not incur current central part of the airport seem. I've got a bunch of extra pasta, bread, bagels, and other grain products. Maybe I can use them to fuel my automobile, Patrick carb car, carb car. You got it. Greg, how did our contestants to win this game? I'd like to congratulate both of them on making it through Kathleen. You have won the first round. Congratulations. Ask me others appearing at the Nantucket film festival in June, and we need contestants. If you'll be in the area, put that lobster roll down and go to may tickets dot org, give us your Email and we will send you a contestant quiz coming up, jump and cold and we'll sing about money. They say a penny saved is a penny earned, which is why I always take a penny, but never leave one. I'm your Eisenberg, and this is asked me another from NPR. Support comes from Lisa, the mattress with over eleven thousand five star reviews. Any mission to end bed listeners in America. The Leesa mattress was designed to provide support and pressure relief to everybody type and sleep style free deeper night's sleep. Lisa plan to treat for every order and donates a mattress for every ten sold get one hundred and twenty five dollars off free shipping and one hundred nine to try the Leesa mattress go to l. e. e. s. a. dot com slash NPR. Hey, there podcast listeners join us for a live taping of ask me another at the bell house, Monday, October fifteenth. Our special guests is Golden Globe award winning actor, Michael c hall and literally game about bad ideas from the past. Oh, there are so many to choose from info and tickets at AMA tickets dot org. What happens when a family decides to adopt a child of a different race? All of my life. My parents have told me I'm just like my brother and sisters, but I wasn't and I'm not this week on codes which transracial adoptees speak for themselves. This is NPR's asked me another. I'm Jonathan Coulton here with puzzle guru, Greg plus go. Now here's your host. Fear Eisenberg. Thank you. Jonathan. Before the break, we met our contestants, Kathleen and Patrick. Our next game is all about currency. They say, more money more problems. But if you're like me, you've also thought I'd work it out. Kathleen you and your siblings planned pretty embarrass seventieth birthday party for your mother in Jamaica? Yes. How did that go? It was great in planning the process, but when you're making connections with flights, and so my sister and I were meeting in Philadelphia, we're supposed to get on the same flight, but her connection was late. So I put on the waterworks pretty extensively on the plane did work to the extent that the flight attendant head flight attendant and pilot got off the plane with something to do until my sister arrive. Good. I don't recommend this practice, but nobody knows people you're applauding because they're like that you do. Patrick. Your friends have often tease you about the fact that there are coins at the bottom of your shower? Yeah, the best way I can piece it together is you take now in your, it's warm in the summer and then maybe coins fall out of your pocket, and you take a shower after your nap and that's where they end up, maybe. Oh, so. So there's this, the coin fairly, doesn't happen to a lot of people, but. I, I was not that embarrassed by, but I like that. You're just napping just covered in coin. Let's go to your next game. Kathleen, what country do you think has the snazzy est currency? I'm gonna have to go with countries like Canada or the UK. Their money has color. It's got women something a little different. Yeah, would have funk. Yep, that's true. Queens everywhere. Patrick, what country do you think as snazzy as currency need country that like managed to poke holes and have interesting little shapes that lack any, you know where the metal is not there, but there's holes in the middle takes some dedication to right. Well, it's not just like a circle and that's it. That's easy to make right. Okay. Have holes in them. They don't stick to. You is easy. I appreciate that. According to the money exchange company travel ex- their one hundred and eighty different currencies in the world. One hundred and eighty one. If you recognize my currency off your eyes and bucks. So contestants, you have to a mere handful of them in this music parody game called cash rules. Every song around me, Kathleen, you won the last game, so you win this and you're in the final round Patrick, you need to win this or you have to listen to my brother-in-law, explain how the stock market really works. We rewrote songs with the word money in the title to make them about global currencies to Rian to identify the currency used in the place that I'm singing about. And if you're right for bonus point, you can give me the title of the song. I'm parodying ready any here. We go. To avoid confusion. There is no collusion. She works hard here in Moscow, which is why she's paid in these. Patrick, the rubel rubel is correct. News fake clue. This is a good one for bonus point. Can you name the original song? She worked hard for the money, Donna summer? Yeah, that's right. Next one Canada has this money must drill ya and New Zealand Singapore. Has this money Taiwan and the police size, Dan, Patrick, the dollar the dollar is the answer. That's right. Ramona's point. Can you name the song that I sang very poorly? It's already out of my head. Sorry. No fence taken. Sorry. The name of the song is rhymes with witch better. Have my money. Here's your next month. But. I from Spain. No use bass ex-colonies posed rain. June teen and. Also fairly beans Cuba. Mexico, Patrick peso. That's right. Peso. Can you name the song Pink, Floyd money? Yeah, you got it. Just for visual in everyone's mind when I was nine years old, I took jazz dance and for our number we did it to pink Floyd's money. We're in gold LeMay unitards and we rolled all around the. Round. And then all of a sudden said up with like. We were nine. It's remarkable for another reason which is that song is in seven, four, which is an odd time to dance to. We were advanced. Was jazz, Dan. Seven minutes Jad does. Here's an excellent. No way Denmark, Iceland, a very nice land. They use cash call this. Czech Republic, Sweden. There proceeded to use a cash co. This. Kathleen, I was about, say, what is. But you still have to yourself. L. Ernie in order to get the answer. Crown is a crown. That's right. Bonus point. Can you name the two got up on not saying what is to remember what it is understand them? The song was money, money, money by Abba. Here we go. Fin. Grease did league slack. These countries ditch thick separate books. Now they just use me. Kathleen euro euro you got it. Name the song for the bonus point, MO money, MO problems, God. That's right. This is your last clue bills stick to this. There will withdraw from the union. Joan even do with new goes. She. Thanks brexit. Kathleen, the pound the pound sterling. That is correct. For bonus point. Can you name the song? If I say money and a funny voice, will that help my knee. It helps me Kathleen, but it's the incorrect answer that was called, you never give me your money. So Beatles song publicly regret plus, how did they do hatrick is the winner of this game. And that means Kathleen is one one game. Patrick's one another. So we're going to go on to a quick game three, I'll give you a category and you'll go back and forth. Naming things that fall into that category. The first contestant to mess up will be eliminated buzz in to answer I, here's your category named the ten largest countries by area. Patrick. Russia. Russia is correct. Kathleen China? Correct. Patrick Canada? Correct. Kathleen United States? Correct. Patrick Brazil. Brazil. Correct. Kathleen Australia, Australia is correct. Patrick, India, India is correct. Kathleen, Greenland. I'm sorry, that's incorrect. The other answers were Al jeera, Argentina, and casick's. STAN. Kathleen were sorry to see you go. Thank you so much for being with Patrick. Congratulations. Going on to the final round. While Tyler and Patrick get ready for the final round, it's time for us to play a game. This is wisdom of the crowd puzzle, Greg Puska. How does this work? We asked the previous live audience here at the bell house to answer trivia questions with new miracle answers. For example, how many licks does it take to get to the Tutsi roll center of a Tootsie pop? Now we averaged everyone's responses and now we'll compare the wisdom of the crowd to the wisdom of fear and Jonathan. All right. Here we go. According to the encyclopedia Britannica approximately how many stone blocks make up the great pyramid of Giza. So a pyramid with four sides. I was there once I was at this pyramid. All I remember is that it is very big. The blocks are pretty big, but not super big. This is just technical term. That you're gonna know how I don't know. Figure this out. So we'll let's say one f on the bottom say I don't know a hundred blocks and then if it were cube, you do one hundred times one hundred times one hundred, which would be a one with six, which is a million. But it's not a cube, it's a pyramid, so it's going to be less, but I don't know how by how much because I don't remember my geometry. But I'm going to say it's. I'm going to say five hundred thousand blocks. I've hundred thousand a lot of very big pyramids. Okay. Fear. Sixty. Sixty blocks. Okay. I'm gonna say slightly less than yours to sort of even out and give myself a shot. So I'm going to say four hundred thousand four hundred. I did someone just do a spit saints. Escorted at you. Very brave and smart snorting dark anonymous darkness. Very proud. Just to be clear. We were talking about the great pyramids green. It's not the mini pyramid, but the great outing nobody likes right. So Jonathan, you said five hundred thousand? Yes. You said four hundred thousand blocks. The crowd said there were two million. Three hundred ninety. Nine thousand three hundred forty eight blocks seems like too many. The correct answer is two point. Three million. Wow. The crowd was very close just a little the next one according to a two thousand ten study in the Wall Street Journal in an average NFL football game for how many minutes is the ball actually in play. Okay. This is American football, right? Yes. Okay. So what does that three periods. I can't. I can't help you. You're going to have to work this. It doesn't seem like it's ever long enough that the balls in play. It's always like a whistle, and they finally tries four tries or something like that. Yeah, Canadian football, three. It's harder. You don't. Okay. So I'm going to say how about forty minutes? Forty minutes, got collectively totally out the game. Like a lot of minutes now making it exciting does seem like a lot of minutes, but I don't know. I mean to have, yeah, I used air quotes. I don't know if I'm correct. Well, that's why there's a halftime show. I know that this is a sport where there's a lot of running and kicking new jump on each other. That's yeah, that's all right. So this to have, yeah, football game and they're each fifteen hours long. They take forever. I think there's a lot of a lot of ways to time. There's a lot of they run down the clock for some reason that I don't understand what time out, what's that, who even knows stay punt. They huddle. I'm gonna say. You guys are big fans. Clearly I'm going to say that it's I'm just going to say it's a fifty fifty minutes zero. So there are sixty minutes of actual time in the game. Right fierce says forty of those. The ball is in play. Fifty fifty. It's probably right. At least he didn't say sixty eight or something. The crowd thought that football football is in play for thirty eight minutes. The real answer is eleven minutes. You do the rest to stand around. They dispute what happened during the eleven minutes Paul. Okay. So the crowd wins that one. Congratulations. Good work for a good work, Jonathan and good work. Previous audience. It's time to own our big winner. Let's bring back our finalists. Tyler Kraus who works for a sister, but she's not his direct supervisor and Patrick Drew's lane who takes naps covered in coins. Greg plus go take it away Tyler and Patrick. Your final round is called walk. Don't run. Every answer will contain one of three natural human gates walk skip or run. For example, if I said it's the nineteen Ninety-three movie about the Jamaican bobsled team. You would answer cool runnings because that has the word running. Our big winner will receive an ask me another rubik's cube signed by Diane Guerrero. Now we rolled a twenty sided die. Backstage and Tyler is going. I here we go Tyler in two thousand seventeen. This reality show hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn aired its sixteenth season. Runway project runway that is correct. Patrick. This Atlantic City attraction is the most expensive property on a standard monopoly board boardwalk. Boardwalk is correct Tyler. This hip hop group teamed up with Steven Tyler to record a cover of walk this way. Run DMC. Correct. Patrick. She is Barbie's younger sister skipper. Very good, correct. Tyler. This Mattel card game is based on the old game, spite and malice. I don't know. The correct answer is skipped, Bo, never heard of it. It's got skip. Answer there. All right. Patrick this toy popular in the nineteen nineties challenged users to hop over a rotating bowl attached to one's ankle. Skip it. That is correct. Tyler. He's the cartoon character. Wiley, Coyote fails to catch. Oh boy. I should really know this, but I'm, I'm blanking. Not sure. No, I'm sorry. We were looking for road round like, yeah, there it is that one. Patrick, it's the TV series starring Chuck Norris who subdued criminals using martial arts Walker, Texas ranger, at is correct. We are at the halfway point. Patrick is in the lead four to two Tyler twenty. First birthdays are not celebrate Ori occasions in this story and novel adapted into a nineteen. Seventy-six SCI fi film. Forgetting everything right now. No, nothing. The answer is Logan's run. Logan's run. Patrick. Shel Silverstein wrote this children's poetry collection published in one thousand nine hundred seventy four where the sidewalk ends. That is correct. All right. So here's the situation. Patrick is in the lead five to two Tyler. If you get this question wrong, Patrick will win the game Tyler. It's America's second most popular brand of peanut butter Skippy Skippy is correct. Do that one. Do that one k the score now is five to three Patrick. If you get this question right, you will win. The tiniest puppy in the litter is known as this to runt. That is correct. Patrick. Tyler. You're fantastic. Thank you so much. Well, done, big hand for Tyler. Everybody. And congratulations Patrick your winner. And that is our show as others puzzle guru is Greg Liska, hey, my name anagrams the Scargel gig or house musician, Jonathan Coulton, Dow jolted cannon. Our cousins were ridden by Andrew cane, Madeline, Kaplan, carol-lee, and senior writers, Kyle Bakley, and Karen Laurie with additional material by we'll Hinds are acting. Senior supervising producer is Rachel. Neil asked me is produced by Sylvie Douglas cats have Travis large, Chuck Yuli, Melfi Kiara Powell Denison and Ramon would along with Steve Nelson and on your grandma. And we recorded by Damon Whitmore, Rick Quan, Norico cobby and David hurt gin. We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn, New York. The bell house, hot fuel, blues and production partner WNYC. I'm her ripe Pagonis. Oh, fear, Eisenberg. And this was asked me another from in VR. Hey, happy to hear. You're still listening. And since you're still here, why not pop overdue apple podcasts, and write us a review. We love to hear from you and it helps others find out about our show for additional information about new episodes. Upcoming live shows roadshows and bonus games follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks. Next time on asked me another. We're joined by actor, Nick Kroll from the krill show Broadway's. Oh, Hello. And the Netflix limited series big mouth and we'll play a game called best of the fest where contestants will have to guess real festivals from once we just made up. So join me off your Eisenberg for NPR's. Our puzzles were games and trivia. Support for this podcast and the following message come from answer net essentials from Comcast, connecting more than six million low income people to low cost, high speed internet at home. So students are ready for homework class graduation and more now they're ready for anything.

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