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Just as the main characters and sitting on a hill the fight against the status quo corruption fun Tanna as a writer and producer is fought just as diligently against the status quo of television. That's from David David Beyond Cooley. Npr shows nearly as good city on a hill is what we're going to be reviewing this time here on. Sinophile in addition to that. How about this smorgasbord of stuff? That I've been catching up on oak which is bogged Juninho's film. He made before he won the Academy Award for Parasite Bruce L. by that's right Jim Carey classic from Oh three. I'd never seen it before. So I caught up on that reverse lafortune. I wanted to watch against thirtieth anniversary the film which won an Academy Award for Jeremy Irons and COP. Land an awesome cop movie from years ago. Those the movies are reviewing this time. Entertainment News of course about Corona virus and also Mount Rushmore. Jim Carrey movies and on her Bruce Almighty. How tough is that going to be a mount? Rushmore the Jim Carey best movies. We'll also do total recall from nine hundred ninety. That's the films of nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine when driving miss daisy. On best picture if you can believe it or not first and foremost though thank you so much for listening really appreciate all of you hope. You're all staying safe and at home is obviously going to be another month at least this. So let's keep the self distancing going and hopefully reading a lot of good books and reading a lot of good stuff out there on your hands and of course watching a lot of movies and TV and that's why attempt to help. I want to start with what everybody is talking about. Which is Tiger King on Net flicks? I believe it's a number one trending thing and net flicks right now. Everyone's watching it tweeting about it commenting about it. So I watched an episode and a half just too weird for me and to be honest with reminded me of a great documentary a much better documents. Your opinion called Fash cheap and out of control that's from Errol Morris and that's actually what I'd rather see when it comes to line kings in line tamers but I recognize the social currency. Which is why I want to open with that like I said. I think everybody's watching it or talking about it wasn't for me too. Outlandish too weird to screwed up and it seven episodes of forty five minutes of peace. It to me I gave it over an hour and I don't want to give five hours of my life. That was my thought process on it. Joe. Have you watched higher king? Are you aware of the buzz around this on Netflix? And I think we're in the exact same place as far as the show. I and a half in So far I don't really know what to make it but have been told that around episode three. The plot just takes a really really weird turn. Yeah I'm at the point now where he's married to two different guys. Listen to chew on. I'm just getting a little too weird for me. I don't know where this is going and I wonder too and I'm curious because now glad you're going to keep watching because then you can give your review. I'm never a fan of shows where you're laughing at the characters. I don't know if the filmmaker is trying to illuminate these characters or he's laughing at the characters and I think once you figure out what it is that will often depend upon whether or not you think it's good or not but we'll see what happens. I'm sure a lot of people wanNA talk about that another time. Let's start with city on a hill. It's on showtime. Here'S A synopsis early. One Thousand Nine Hundred Boston. Violent criminals corruption racism part of the norm hailing from Brooklyn District Attorney Decor Award seeks chain pharmacy surprising alliance with a hardened FBI veteran this unlikely duo takes on a family of armored car robbers from Charlestown the case of Boston's by altering the city's criminal justice system and they pulled a hell of a bait and switch on me. Did they not? This is what they love to do. You throw it the splashing name and the nerds like Megan involved. I'm not talking about Kevin Bacon. Who is terrific playing Jackie roar? Of course he is the big name but Tom Fontana Tom. Fontana is an absolute legend when it comes to television homicide life on the street which is one of my favorite five dramas of all time one of my favorite shows ever as a kid. It's a great cop dream of the nineties. I always piss off. People love the wire because I say yeah just good but David Simon the crater. The wire also wrote homicide life on the street the book which was then adapted into the show by Tom. Fontana and also Barry Levinson the acclaimed. Filmmakers I always tell people I listened the wires good Bahamas Better Fontana also did Oz which is what my top five favourite shows of all time. That's a drama which again featured outstanding cast so in the case of city on a hail. This is some of the beyond my purview. The thought I was reading entertainment weekly. I saw Tom. Fontana like what? And even in the Bluebird said legendary shore. Tom Fontana like Hey. I know Tom Fontana also did say elsewhere. If you're a fan of eighties dramas again another very popular or critically acclaimed show but then I started watching city on a hill. I'm they got me because I checked the credits. He didn't write any of the episodes. He did not create. This show is from chuck mclain instead. You just get an executive producer credit from Tom. Fontana and Barry Levinson I said come on. Let's like when scores says he gave gyms an executive producer credit and we asked the SAFDIE brothers me in bed lines. Hey what was Martin's involvement is nothing. He just watch the movies. That's great you've got a name on it. Go forward executive producer says you so I don't know how involved Tom Fontana wasn't this. Show but my suspicion after watching three episodes. It's not nearly enough. Here's the problem with and Joan. I've talked with this before it just too much Boston like at this point is so derivative to do a cop show above Boston. Like haven't we done this enough. We cannot overcome the greatness of the departed our Ben Affleck's movie the town. I mean no more on the Boston like I got it literally. The movie starts out there in the snow. They're talking about the Bruins game. They're dropping their ours later on they're talking about the Saux and everyone's a drunk and they're all Irish at times like enough like I got it and there's a joke with the Catholic priest I mean they're dealing with all these stereotypes plus it's even made worse by the fact it's nine hundred ninety s Boston. She going to deal with the bad fashion of that era of the haircuts etc. The only reason to watch this show really is Kevin. Bacon who is nothing short of a highly entertaining playing. What else a crooked dirty cop. He's got the pencil thin mustache he's snort and blow he's bringing banging some Asian chicken rub and tug he may potentially S. T. Which is the funniest part of the first three episodes? I saw he goes to a doctor to find out whether or not he's the doctor then calls and his mother-in-law answers the phone and takes the answer. What kind of doctor would just tell the mother-in-law? Oh yeah by the way your son in law does have an st or not. Later on she confronts Kevin Bacon. Says All your disgusting from you've got cooties? I spoke to the doctor so she misleads him into thinking he does have something. He doesn't have something later on. His wife challenges him to sleep with her because he would be a two months and he's a Guy. I've just had the mood you know. Tim is harboring the fact. He thinks he has this ailment which he ends up. Not Having but let's put it this way. After three episodes I was sent by the way the entire first season. It is ten episodes. I have no reason to continue because to me. It's all same old same old. I've seen it before whether it's cop shows whether it's Boston shows apologies to Kevin Bacon. Who is very entertaining? I'm giving city on a hill to maple leafs as you said before Joe. Enough of the Boston that that's why I was staying away from it to just you're right. It's just so much Boston. I want a different market for a change. You know what I mean. Not only do they win in sports but it just seems like there's so many stories based out of there and to like what you said. Love Kevin Bacon. But he's not going to keep me or bring me into the show. Yeah I was about to say if it was literally him on screen for all sixty minutes. I might do it. But he's a Co star in the show and the other lead actor Aldous Haji. I think is very wouldn't just playing one of these straight Arrow. Da's DIVORC- words his character's name so bacon said about half the episodes. So you know what I made. Some scroll through and just watch bacon scenes because he's clearly chewing the scenery and having a good time doing it. Brian Towel Rico. Rodriguez Dot Com. I show that is just enough crackling dialogue fasting characters to keep it. Sometimes clunky plot moving. I would focus on the clunky and not the rest of it next up here in our reviews is okay Jada. That's right if you're a fan of bunk June host parasite and he said Hey. What else is this guy done? Maybe you've seen Snow Pierce Chris Evans. But now as you watch. Osha readily available. It's on Netflix. Right now. To surprise of no one when I go to Netflix. Click on critically acclaimed films. And that's found Ocho what's it about? What's wrong joon-ho which means it's weird for ten idyllic years? Young Melia has been care taker and constant companion to oak a massive animal. An even bigger friend and first and foremost thought and when my kids are watching it with me the thought he was a rhino. Apparently he's a pig. Atarot in the mountains of South Korea that changes when family all multinational conglomerate. Miranda Corporation Takes Oath Jeff for themselves and Transports Sir to New York. This is a giant pig or an image obsessed and self promoting. Ceo has big plans for me. Dearest friend with no particular plan but single minded in intent we just sits out on a rescue mission so in many ways it reminded me you know remind me of is the shape of water. You know Guillermo del Toro is paying a mosh. The creatures and the Black Lagoon or splash. And it's a love story about the love between a creature and a woman in Oca- it's about the love between a young girl and an animal again. I think look Rhino Slash Elba but apparently the giant pig. And so you've got a bunch of scenery chewing in this case. The scenery chewing from tilda. Swinton wide is very funny playing two roles. Lucy Miranda a Nancy Miranda and I think way way way over the top Jake Jila Johnny Wilcox. Well I think a good actor giving a bad performance. I think it's just so ridiculous. What he's doing. It's impossible to take him seriously having said that because his bomb Juno it's different and it's essential and I think it makes really strong points about animal cruelty and that what we're doing in terms of our eating one way argue it. Kinda hit you over the head with a little bit too much but I'm going to give it three way police because it's got a distinct visual style. You can clearly tell the hands of an autour. Judo and the first hour in particular has a couple of thrilling chase sequences. I mean you think of parasite you don't think of action. You think of drama and suspense but the action that he puts off your. Oj Is really impressive. And I think for that reason alone I would recommend it. Paul Dana's good in a small role playing Jay. He's one of the Animal Rights Activists Steven Yeun. If you're fan of the walking dead or the foreign film burning. He was really good at as well. So if you're a fan of Peres I want to see more of him. I went back and watch oak from a couple years ago. It's available on Netflix. I'M GONNA give it three. Maple leafs because of the style in the distant nature of it but unlike parasite I'd have no reason to watch this again and unlike parasite. I don't know how many people I'd recommend this to Joe. You also saw it. What did you think I agree with you? I would also give it three maple leafs and overall really enjoyed it. Enjoy the story the CGI and the Action Incorporated with the CGI even when okay. Chaz walking through a pond in the waters rippling. I thought that was really impressive. But there was one thing and the spoiler is coming up. That really took me out of the movie and you can tell me if I'm nitpicking. But they would be talking to Mesia the characters in English and she would understand every single word but some scenes shoot need a translator and then they would reference. Hey Mesia you should learn English so that kind of took me out move. Because I'm like what does she know English the this they just explain their whole plan to her in English. Like I you know what I mean. That's a great point and you're absolutely right especially later on when she actually doesn't speak English and a critical. Go Hang on a second. Where does she know it or not? I think it's a quibble. But it's an understandable quibble ninety right about as far as taking out of the movie. 'cause you wait and my reading the subtitles and one out reading the subtitles on. What's going on here? I think that's a fair point show. That was really the only thing if anything just don't reference that she needs to learn English as well you know what I mean. Just just let it Kinda breathe. I think but I'll overall did like the movie. Yeah could just be that. She knows or does some bits of English. Some people do right. Don't make it explicit right. Exactly right well done so. That's okay available on a couple of reviews for people as well What makes the jumbo cohere as usual with? Bong is his extraordinary grasp of space and speed especially the Korean. Half the film I agree Anthea The New Yorker Strange well intentioned but heavy handed girl and her animal story that merely demonstrates netflix still has a lot to learn about the movie business out. That's Brian Lowry. Dot Com not only criticizing the movie but also net flicks heavy-handed. I mean I could see that. It is beating over the head and also from Zach Scott felt it's a testament to bong sprawling ambition. Oakland manages to be so many things at once a caustic satire of corporate evil on intercontinental action slash adventure epic and coming of age narrative for the girl all right. Let's lighten things up a little bit of Jim Carey. Shall We Bruce? Almighty hadn't seen it seventeen years ago. Finally got around to seeing it. If you haven't seen it probably have seen it. But here's what it's Abou Bruce Nolan's career intelligence has been stalled for a while when he passed away for a coveted anchorman position. He loses it complaining that God is treating them poorly soon after God. Morgan Freeman actually context. Bruce and offers him all of his powers if he thinks he can do a better job. Bruce accepts and goes on a spree using his newfound abilities for selfish personal use until he realizes that the prayers. The world are going unanswered director. Tom Shadia carries all buddy. Reuniting with them here Morgan Freeman playing. God had no idea. Jennifer Aniston was the love interest. She's grace connelly at Hermosa Fetching Peak Aniston and of course a character. I always have time for Philip Baker Hall. You know him from hard. Eight other Pity Anderson Movies. He plays the boss. I'm going to give it to maple leafs. I don't think I was missing much in not watching it for seventeen years. I think Jim Carrey's made many better movies. Which is why we're GONNA do the Mount Rushmore of his best films later on but the one scene in particular. Joe Is worth the price of admission. And that's why I watched it several times the DVR. Steve Carell is Evan. Baxter and by the way listen to Stephen Corral. So That's interesting. Did lose the end at some point his career but the scene where Kerry using his godlike powers ends up mimicking. What corrales trying to say? And he's uttering gibberish than starts doing stupid commentary from prompter that seat alone tremendous physical comedy by Steve Corral and a highly recommend it other than that. It was fairly predictable. Comedy I had some moments especially when he first rediscovers or excuse me once he discovers the power. That's good but to me it wasn't a Zanier Madcap. Osama this other movies as you know I've been no revisiting. Some of these movies the ones that I had not seen over the years me myself and Irene I think better than I thought it would be pretty funny. Yes man was deplorable as expected Bruce. Almighty was simply i-it how about you Adnan. I cannot have a fair opinion of this. I used to have this on DVD. I've seen the movie a thousand times. At this point I hold near and dear to my heart. I like how we were talking about Boston earlier by like how buffalo gets some love yes. I thought it was funny. Jim Carey's always great. I watched. Yes man that you're referencing the other month and I didn't really like it but Jim Carrey brings it with every single row. I definitely would recommend the movie to most people but then again don't hold me accountable because I have seen it too many times. Well that's fair enough. My brother loves it. He told me he's one of his best. That's why that inspired our Mount Rushmore. Peter Bradshaw Guardian. This has some very funny moments and lies in its first act. And the jetsons the comedy if every self-important deadly serious feel-good ending. I completely agree. The last thirty minutes stock would heavy handed. I'm like okay I got it. Find Be Nicer Jennifer Aniston. We all should be a Robert Koehler variety. Those remarkably little done with the premise snatch high-concept heaven adding another file to the growing cabinet of under realized comedies. I would agree with that next thirtieth anniversary reversal of fortune. Clause Bulow can you hear me? I'd never know Jeremy Irons work till I saw this movie. I was twelve years old. And he's simply smashing a WHO's accused of murdering his wife and the movie directed by Barb Schroeder. And a real to one of my favorite movies of all time Sunset Boulevard. You have a Dead Guy. Narrating the movie. And then you see Joseph cotten floating in the pool on the best openings ever well here you got Glenn Close. Who is the murdered wife? Narrating the movie to open it and talking about how she died and what happened. That brings you into the story irons. Nothing short of phenomenal winning best actor because his characters so enigmatic the whole thought is did he or didn't he murder his wife and he's a very aloof unlikeable character. Who MARRIED THIS WOMAN? Who has a lot of money to openly cheats on her previously paying for with other women and now has a girlfriend on the side. The more you learn about this guy that more creepy you think he is but irons plays him so well. And it's a really magnetic performance in particular is one scene. Where Ron Silver is? Alan Dershowitz is confronting him. I believe this was the scene. They showed the ostrich thirty years ago. But he's confronting him and says you know what the truth is. The truth is anymore and he goes. You know you're very strange. Man and irons repeats with delicious delicious. Line reading you have no idea which my wife was watching with me have never seen reversal of fortune. Oh let's line Kimono. It's from reversal of fortune. Of course line King Pedro Mosh to it because that will be in one thousand nine hundred four reversal of fortune. Nine hundred ninety but for the simple fact that I was happy to relive that moment you have no idea I'm going to give reversal of fortune. Three Maple leafs if you like a good murder mystery and a drama in terms of did he or didn't he the reason that I'm not as high as I once was. Was Ron Silver Alan Dershowitz? He's a good actor doing a good job. But Dershowitz is one of these guys who at the time. I was twelve years old Joe. I thought he was this idealistic lawyer and he was helping the impoverished then took on this Klaus von Bulow case because he felt it was unwinnable but everybody deserves a fair trial. But now if you Google Alan Dershowitz. I mean the guys in idiot. He's like a huge trump. Supporter is sold out these SCUMBAG and so when? I'm watching the movie. I'm very acutely aware of the fact that movies based on Alan Dershowitz his book and the movie. I've felt tries to make way too much of this hero and I'm like hanging a second the movies best ones examining Klaus von Bulow. Germs Glenn Close is very good as you see her in flashback but the other scenes are just about the legal process and law students and they feel just a little bit cliche and Dershowitz in particular. It's as if he agreed to let the film be adapted as long as it makes him into the Savior in this Christ like figure who saving the world so I found that a little bit. Tough to stomach the REWATCH. But I still recommend it if you've never seen reversal of fortune. I think people will enjoy -joy no you've never seen it but are you. At least aware of Klaus. Von Bulow or Jeremy Irons is working the movie. Yeah I'm aware of the story and the movie itself up definitely will check this out. But you're right. It seems like at this point has aged revisionist. History has occurred in the meantime with Alan Dershowitz. So I will be very mindful that when I watch it exactly like you and I both though you like nothing more when a guy is trying to make himself a hero and soon as I saw. Oh based on the book by on Dershowitz. I've read a lot of involvement in the movie and at times. It's just a little much to take. I hear some reviews for Vincent Canby The New York Times. There is a high degree of sometimes shocking intelligence running through reversal of fortune. It is a really well crafted with. It's a good word for. It can be intelligent intelligent filmmaking. You'll have awesome bulow talking about some of his wife used to do and then they'll cut immediately to Glenn close in bed dealing with whatever ailments you have time so it's really smartly constructed Robyn Karney of empire. This is a movie rich and moral ambiguities and one which thoroughly please voyeurs and detective story enthusiasts alike and Peter Travers of rolling stone reversal of fortunes and often chilly movie but the chill cuts to the bone. Yes it is not a warm syrupy movie but Guy Potentially killing his wife last before we get to the Mount Rushmore Jim Carey and that is cop. Land One of my favorite COP MOVIES. I decided to revisit this one when hotheaded super boy Michael rapaport accidentally gets involved in an ugly racially motivated incident. His uncle Ray Domino Harvey Keitel a corrupt New York City Cobb attempts to sweep it under the rug. By helping fake his nephew's death the bungled cover up leads to investigations by idealistic internal affairs officer Mo. Tilden played by Robert Deniro and Freddy Heflin Sylvester Stallone. Sheriff of the suburban New Jersey town were dominant. His fellow crooked policeman live honestly. It's a great cop. We've never seen it. You should stallone packed on thirty five to forty pounds to play the lumbering cop. It's got an incredible cast. Harvey Tell Plan Ray Donlan who is up to no good as one of the police figures. Ray Liotta Gary figures who also is a conflicted copies more on the side of stallone and doing something. Good Robert Deniro play motel. I gave you a Chad's eating the sandwich. My Main Cabbie loves it. He's playing the IRA Guy Peterberg. We try to get on the PODCAST. Bring joy down. Well these balked up aggressive cops. He's going to scene of domestic abuse bells. Your who's wonderful as always playing Lisera Dome? You Got Robert Patrick with a mustache. He's playing another dirty cop. Janine Garoppolo so funny and the Larry Sanders show she plays Silvester stallone partner. Cathy Moriarty from raging bull ridiculous cast and a really strong statement from James Mangold before he made walk the line and Wolverine. And all this other movies like Logan this kind of announce his arrival as a director and a force to be reckoned with after. It made heavy with pruitt Taylor Vince. He's the writer director of toppling. It was meant as an image to seventies of the past. And you know he loves circle and French connection who doesn't and Owen Gleiberman of entertainment weekly wrote mangles. Not He was doing when he cast Katelyn. Deniro this was their first movie together. Nine hundred ninety seven cents. I believe they done mean streets back in nineteen seventy-three so almost twenty four years ago the ending in particular where Freddie who battles. He's got a hearing in one ear. The Robert Patrick make sure he came during another year. The climax alone is spectacular filmmaking in terms of the use of the sound and the cinematography. We talked about making waves that documentary. Recently instead of this is another example of using sound really smartly by mangled Todd McCarthy of variety although too simplistic and it's good guys bad guys approach to morally and emotionally ambiguous material coppola emerges as an absorbing and dramatic yard but exposing the evil doings of some of. New York's finest and Ian Freer of Empire magazine a good effort but the star power on show throws the proceedings off kilter somewhat. Hiking up an expectation. The film ultimately cannot live up to. I'm GONNA give a former beliefs. Are They Copeland's great movie in a great cop? Louis Joe Nutter. If you've seen I don't believe we have but Kopplin definitely worthy of watching it's available right now on stars during a free preview. I hadn't seen it but it sounds like it's a movie that you just kind of enjoy when you watch it. You know it. You have two hours to kill. You WanNa Watch something that you really GonNa like with a lot of action and the Great Cast Copley's perfect movie for that. Yeah absolutely and just quickly also want to win some movie. I watch called the stranger. I know people aren't crazy in a black and white movies these days but again. It's on Netflix. Critically acclaimed movie section. Owl's Orson Welles. Co Stars in Directs Edward G. Robinson plays a private eye investigating a former Nazi. Who's now trying to disguise himself? In American that Nazi turned American. Nice guy is Orson Welles. It's a terrific movie if you like black and white you like noir. Suspense Wells was a tremendous director. Obviously a giant of cinema the strangers very readily available. Just go to NAPA strictly acclaim films. I always love Edward G. Robinson playing gangsters but this time he's playing The here of the story. It's short our three two minutes fearing the five little black and white goodness suspense checkup a stranger on Netflix. Mount Rushmore. Jim Carrey's coming up. Entertainment News is on the way coming up right after this. This episode is Rochester. New podcast hosted by Malcolm God well produced by the team behind revisionist history go and see as a six part series focused on Lexus and the philosophy of Ganci and boots which means go and see for yourself then idea that stems from the belief that if you experience something yourself you have a better understanding of people and how to create something for them in this series. Lexus INVITES GLOBAL TO JAPAN. Discover their unconventional thinking and processes firsthand find out. How Japanese tea ceremony influenced engineering of a car? Window at the sound of an engine is to lick a musical composition to elicit certain emotions. How Understanding Samurai warriors is led to a suspension innovation? Glasgow learns that. No detail is left behind and a car company CAN LEARN MORE CARS BY STUDYING PEOPLE. Go inside lexuses headquarters in Japan right along a top secret test track with a master driver. Sit in the expertly. Designed seat actually lowers to welcome you into the vehicle. Follow glad while on his journey starting march fifth wherever you like to listen visit. Lexus DOT COM curiosity for more stories. Like these all right some entertainment news pass along your world is talking about Kobe. One thousand nine hundred horse it's affecting the world of Hollywood the Hollywood Foreign Press Association suspended the eligibility rules for the Golden Globe Awards and let it movie theater closures necessitated by the spread of the Krona Virus. The suspensions which are temporary but could be extended mean that films that loss are Los Angeles the actual runs can still qualify for the Golden Globes and exhibitors will no longer be required to invite h FPA members to official screenings the H F P announced a statement the measures were taken to adjust the requirements for Golden Globes awards eligibility. The rule has been temporarily suspended to cover the period from March fifteenth to April thirtieth. Seventy th Golden Globe awards scheduled to take place in January of twenty twenty one. But that's good to see here jolly standard stand. People can't get to the movies and therefore you get to loosen things up in terms of qualification. Yeah and I think it's the right move to by the Hollywood foreign press. I'm sure the Academy Awards Are also taking a close look at what the Hollywood foreign press is doing right now before they make decision how they'll on how this might affect the Oscars next year absolutely. Let's hope By that point you've got some better news here. There isn't a second wave of this pandemic some other news. I found this fascinating. Spike Lee. Take an instagram one. Of My favorite directors. He shared a script he wrote for an UN produced Jackie Robinson bio-pic based on the iconic ballplayers nineteen seventy-two autobiography which is probably titled. I never had it made. According to spike wanted Denzel Washington the lead character taking on the mantle the first African American baseball player to break the color barrier and join Major League baseball a few years earlier washed. It started lease Malcolm X. The actor bleed. He was too old to play. Jackie Robinson at the time hundred and fifty five page script is available through the dropbox link in Spike Lee's Instagram page and at first glance appears to the majority of Robinson's life including his collegiate career at UCLA. His time spent in the military. He's essentially the majors and even his life after baseball. Like many of Lee's films we have no doubt it's an unflinching look. At a complex character forces straddle the racial cultural and political lines that exist in twentieth century. America if you can't see it in theaters we can at least in our heads that's from. Av Club. I always find this interesting. Joe You talk to any filmmaker and they will speak about produced screenplays at work that they would love to do. They couldn't collaborate on Spike Lee. And Jackie Robinson I mean that seems like would have been match-ban avid now. Obviously forty two came out to. Who knows if it'll ever happen but I'm curious to take a look at the script? Me To mulling through it right now. And it's it's it's the real thing he wasn't lying. I don't know why he would have been lying but ad and we need to get the sinophile players ready and we gotta make this thing all right. Let's get a little gofundme going. Let's try to get up. Where little kickstarter campaign at eventually? We could see this. That'd be awfully cool. Mount Rushmore all right. Tim enertainment news. Now let's get the Mount Rushmore. Jim carrey movies inspired by my brother. Who said Yeah. You'RE GONNA like Bruce Almighty. I think it's one of his best films. I don't think it's one of his best films. It's close to here. I'm going to give you his best and this is tricky because just a hang on. How do you balance? Drama with the comedy. So I'm GonNa give you a one out now drama attornal sunshine of the spotless mind in which he's tremendous. Joel a guy who wishes he could remove the love of his life because it's too painful to endure these memories. It was really creative and inspired rave reviews back in two thousand and four. A Shea was not nominated for best actor but I think it's one of his best films no doubt about L. include the Truman show which is again a comedy would also very dramatic. This was the point where Kerry was really diving into the waters of more dramatic roles. Andrew Nicol wrote the script felt like I was ahead of its time. Peter we are the director kind of predicted reality television Ed Harris Fantastic while movie and carry really sells the role and he does so by showing how torture this guy's realising that life there's a TV show for the entertainment of everyone so those two to me were locks on? Of course I gotTA GO ACE. Ventura pet detective which I re watched I watched it last the twenty fifth anniversary still hysterical and announced the birth of a new comedic. Talent will do anything for a laugh whether it's talking bought or just screaming or the ridiculous hairs actions to me. That's gotta be in there so that leaves only one coveted spot. What else can you get on here? I'm going to exclude dumb and dumber. I'm going to go with Liar. Liar I think to me. This is like Jim Carrey as Jerry Lewis. The physical comedy is unmatched. It's one of these high concept comedy. Just Bruce Almighty Jim Carey becomes God. Well in this case Jim Carey can't tell a lie and what he does with. That material is so inspired and so funny. I think Lila is really one of his best works. That is my Mount Rushmore Eternal Sunshine. The Truman Show Ace Ventura Liar. Liar I know you dumb and Dumber fans are gonNA come at me. I couldn't get it in. The mask obviously is great. Nobody's voting for the majestic. Obviously cable guy do is underrated would have liked to get it some love but that's GonNa be my choice. I've a feeling Joe. You'RE NOT GONNA GO MR penguins. What are you got No I won't be doing that today. But Oh it's a heartless this very very heartless I I will get me myself and Irene will be on my Mount Rushmore. Jim carrey movies. I love that movie. I think it's so funny if anyone's listening who hasn't seen that. It is not a family film. It is not meant to be watched with your kids. It is filthy foul but there is some it's just Jim Carrey at his finest plane a personal split personality. I'm also going to agree with you on eternal sunshine. Spotless Mind Love Michelle Dri in general. I will have to throw that on my list if you're going with pet detective. I'M GONNA go with Ace Ventura when nature calls love Africa. Love that scene where he's coming out of the the but that's so so so funny though. The the Rhino Giving Birth. Tim Alone is one of the greatest scenes ever. Jim Carey movie. Go ahead so good and the family. Just watching him do it. I would have lifted been onset that day and then my last one will be a tough call the cable guy only because the mask the mask is really a a light movie. A lot of his movies are the kids gates dark. It's brooding and it's sinister still very funny so I'll throw that on just because it gave conflicting emotions. The entire time watched it. I agree and it was different. Ben Stiller directed. It was not a hit. It was Jim. Carrey'S I bomb at the box office but I'm with you. I think it's better than people realize. Darkly funny the Lisp I mean the fact is as Lonely Guy. Desperate for attention we. Tv's perverted his life. I mean that show were there. The word game they're doing nipple he's trying to get across. That will see hysterical. I'm with the cable guy. Darkly funny and good stuff there. As far as Jim Carrey's best movies as always you can tweet me sinophile pot or Adan as for and let us know what your favorite Jim. Carrey movie is now. It's time for total recall. Total recall now. It's time for total recall from nine hundred ninety these films from Nineteen eighty-nine Driving Miss Daisy. Won Best Picture this. Give me one of the worst best picture winners ever. What else was nominated for? Best picture that year Joe. Born on the fourth of July dead poet's society field of dreams and my left foot interesting mixture driving Miss Daisy dead poet's society field of dreams are highly sentimental idealistic. My left foot is a happy ending. But it's also very dark in terms of what Christie Brown is dealing with and then born the fourth of July is a very heavy movie and antiwar and a bit of a tough watch. I'll be honest. I'm going to feel the dreams. What the hell. I love baseball more than anything and I think I get the fact that sentimental but people will come. Ray People will most definitely come. Kevin Costner Never Better James Earl Jones magnificent wonderful script Phil Alden Robinson I believe was a director of it and I love the source material. Which is right. W PECAN SELA noted Canadian who wrote shoeless Joe. I Love Field of dreams. I know it gets people chasing Schmaltz if it hits the hard for me. I'm glad it was nominated for best patriot. One that would have thought that all the academy baseball fans but I definitely like seeing that whenever driving. Miss Daisy Joe. I will agree with you. I will put field of dreams as well one because yes. I am a baseball fan to kind of goes into our conversation of Boston and Buffalo earlier. I'm glad to see I will get love as a mid Westerner and so why not field of dreams? That's a great point. Actually Right Midwest never wins this kind of stuff. Our best director was Oliver Stone for born the Fourth of July. This was his Second Academy Award having also won for platoon. Who Else was nominated Woody Allen for crimes and Misdemeanors Peter? We're for dead poet's Society Kenneth Brannagh for Henry V in Jim Sheridan from Manila foot. I'd love to give it to Kenneth Branagh for Henry. The fifth because it honestly is a great shakespearian adaptation and he and Kevin Kline by the two best at doing Shakespeare in the world. Right now the other ones I think you know the the star is better than directing meaning. My left foot. Jim Sheridan's all deal dead poet's society. I think it's all Robin Williams. More than Peter Weird. I do think that movies a little far fetched at times crimes and Misdemeanors I. Don't think is gonNA Woody Allen's best movies although I was a little surprised him up there for best director screenplay could've taken so I will agree with the academy Oliver Stone. It's visceral movie. It's anti war against from Oliver's heart. Tom Cruise is Ron Kovic. Playing a guy a wheelchair me early in the movie. Of course he loves American Blues and patriotism of the war sours him and he goes against it. It's very powerful stuff from all over stone. A worthy win I agree with you and the Academy with born on the fourth of July is really tough. Watch it. It's it's it's it's a heavy subject but I think the academy got right so Oliver Stone for sure. I was going to say not a movie. I've seen twice and I'm no desire to see at once. You should best actor was Daniel. Day-lewis this was his first best actor Oscar. I think it was the right decision. But who else was nominated. Kenneth Branagh for Henry V. Tom Cruise born on the fourth of July Morgan Freeman driving. Miss Daisy Robin Williams for dead. Poet's Society I. This was the birth of D D. L method acting. I mean this was for those who are unaware of Christy Brown. He was an artist. Painter can only do it with his left foot. The only thing he had a control otherwise you know his body completely betrayed him. It's a heartbreaking performance and at times he's missed anthropic character. He's got the big beard. He's tough to understand. He's virtually unintelligible but it was an incredible performance. I mean this was heavyweight champion performances by Daniel Day. Lewis no brainer that. He won best actor. Although shadow to Kenneth Branagh Gang Greatest Henry the fifth. I agree with you. I think Daniel day-lewis definitely is worthy of it. Catherine a rate would have always always advocate for Robin Williams. No matter what but I'll go Daniel Day. Lewis Best Actress was Jessica Tandy for driving miss. Daisy what else was nominative. Isabelle Adjani. Four Camille Claudel Pauline Collins for Surely Ballantyne just delaying for music box. Michelle pfeiffer for the fabulous. Baker boys never seen Camille Claudel Shirley Valentine or music box so I have no idea driving mistakes and while the overrated so I would have gone Michelle pfeiffer I love the fabulous Baker boys good movie about obviously the Bridges Brothers Jeff Bridges and Beau bridges the power of music pfeiffer. Sultry never won an Oscar. She's awesome she should one susie diamond. I agree I think that Driving Miss. Daisy is also overrated. Bell goes just calling for music box with mood. Music boxes good that okay. Yeah check it out. I mean I'm also just Jessica Link Fan in general but yeah. Check it out okay. Good stuff how about supporting actor. Denzel Washington went for glory. What else was nominated? Danny I l o do the right thing. Dan ackroyd driving mistake. Easy Marlon Brando a dry white season and Martin Landau crimes and misdemeanors brand of bread. Excuse me phenomenal and a dry white season. I mean just comes in as the lawyer is very ornate and Florida and certainly memorable. I'm so happy to date. Ackward is an academy award nominated actor. I just heard him podcast. I mean great Canadian born in Ottawa. Lived through using Kingston Super. Funny Guy who's is in love ghostbusters. Or spies like US trading places. So I'm just glad he did indeed mcadam award nomination but even he said he goes. I knew I'd have no chance. Once his glory allegany yellow is incredible. As do the right thing. I mean the academy could have gone either guy here but Denzel and glory the scene where he's getting whipped and the look on his face. Single-tier comes down amazing but again. I La Salle boycott cells. I mean honestly the either deller Daniella. You couldn't go wrong here. Joe One hundred percent I will personally go with Denzel but dayal. Oh and do the right thing. And he's so good in it but I think Denzel this is. This is one time where he was so deserving of the award so I'll go with Denzel all right how about best supporting actress. Brenda FLICKER PLYING. The MOM in my left foot bridget. Fagin Brown. Who Else was nominated Anjelica? Huston for enemies. A Love Story Lena. Olin for enemies. A love story Julia Roberts Steel Magnolias and Diane we St- for Parenthood Dianne wiest really funny and parenthood. Tim Curtains a huge fan. Steve Martin. The scene were sun makes the catch. He does that. Wild dance is really really funny. But I go with Brenda flicker playing a mom. Who's taken care of his son who is obviously terribly handicapped can do little the fend for himself. She's amazing in the movie as a bridge. Fagin BROWN I a worthy winner there for supporting actress. One hundred percent. I'm going to go with. I'm GONNA goes Julia. Roberts for Steel. Magnolias really enjoyed that movie and I liked her performance. You've never seen steel magnolias. But I trust your opinion this all right. It's good it's good definitely. Check that out before music box but yeah. I liked her performance in that. So I'll go too late Roberts best screenplay written directly for the screen absolute joke dead poets as I. Tom Schulman one. But this should have been spike Lee for the right thing. Which as you look at these nominees you go. How the hell was do the right thing. Not At for best picture and I was spying on nowadays for best director but go ahead. Give me the other nominees crimes and misdemeanors woody Allen. Do the right thing spike Lee sex lies and videotape Steven soderbergh. And when Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron Yeah come on Spike. He takes ten characters. It's a microcosm of America. It's bed stuy where Joe's moving at the time. You listen this podcast. He'll be moving into bed. Stuy with a couple of roommates. It's really funny. It's dramatic it's powerful performances. Our top directing is really inventive and the script with anything. It's a great great script which is original and join in so many different. Inspirations the whole scenes the ones paying a Mazda Mitchum where the whole love and hate guide so good so good. How is it not do the right thing? How the Hell is dead poet's listen? I'm all for seize the day captain my captain but this was spikes Oscar. Oh man and you are going to hate me. But I'm going to give it to when Harry met Sally by Nora Ephron oh I know I know well. Here's my defense. I think it is legitimately one of the best romantic comedies made but also just representation at the Oscars in one thousand nine hundred for a woman writer to get a nomination. I would've loved to see her one that night so I would give it to her. That is good rationale nor african-laid. Nawrath Ron was a really talented writer. I don't believe it or won an Oscar and we're hearing much lower I would say is our best movie. So those are all areas in your favor. And especially that Percy and billy crystal spit and grapes out the window and he's talking about a man and woman can't be friends because the man always wants to have sex with the woman and there are some great scenes. You always think about the orgasm scene. Which again is very inspired? But you're right. It is a great script will give you that. But I just can't have spike losing have a best adapted screenplay the winner was driving miss. Daisy Alfred Ori- baseness play. Who Else was nominated born on the fourth of July enemies a love story field of dreams and my left foot. Listen I love Paul Mazursky? The fact he was nine for enemies a love story. But I would with field of dreams and Phil Alden Robinson I like. I said the people will come. Ray Speech alone is about as good as it gets. You're a pacifist. I mean there's so many memorable lines ease his pain. If you build it he will come. Hey Dad WanNA catch me. And that's that's a tremendous script at all levels it so eminently quotable fill all the robinsons should have one. Oh one hundred percent agree in and the thing. I love about itunes that. There's a of nineties cheese that has an aged well over the years but field of dreams still holds up. The script holds up. The movie holds up. The story all did holds up. And so I I would definitely field of dreams couldn't agree more. Thanks so much checkout cinemas always you can subscribe rate and review an apple podcast next week author. Don winslow. He's one of my favorite writers. He's got a new collection short novels out. We're GonNa Talk Don about how his books have been adapted into Bubis and what he thinks the current climate right now all that more coming up plus I'll review Brock Meyer the last season season for curly and IFC. I'll give you my thoughts umbro bar until then. I'll see you at the movies.

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