The Great Gildersleeve 51-01-31 (393) A Shower for Marjorie


The foods eight presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve The Great Gildersleeve brought to you each week. By the kraft foods governing famous over the years for the finest cheese craft now brings you the finest in cheese license. Their craft deluxe slices extra delicious pasteurized process. Cheese in perfect slices know slivers no dried edges. No broken pieces but really perfect slices wrapped and sealed ride in the SPIC and span craft plant look for crappy luck slices in neat half pound packages eight big slices of delicious processed cheese to the package. You'll find them in your grocer's dairy case convenient delicious craft deluxe slices Well in about three weeks. There should be a new arrival in the Great Gildersleeve House. Margarian Bronco are going to be Momma and POPPA and our water commissioner proud right now. He's looking in the window of a summer baby shop. Let's see what they had led playpen. It'd be nice for the baby. You wonder what the price is he he. He led the price tag down yoga climbing up. And certainly not looking for ideas for my dreams. Baby I've caused. Isn't this an attractive window? Look there I had pink Buddha's when I was baby a good with pink. Booties what do you plan to buy for the baby gala? To go easy I have so many other expenses. I now yeah. He's trying to see the price tag and playpen but again on standing in my head. If you stand on your head out here very funny this little this cute girl tied under the Chin. Fetching any baby you'll ever the in those Q. Judge by Marjorie. The play him and the blanket. The bottle warmer Shane and electric battle armor. I could use that to heat up my axe Cambronne if all retiring I always have a warm cup of oxtail with my ride. Good the figure. It look at those Peter Rabbit. Pajamas queued to by those to amuse me. You you stop by to get an idea for a gift and now it's practically turned into a shower. You can't afford all these things. I say. Come to think of it. Why don't I give module your baby shower? Certainly I'll invite you. Pv In the rest of my friends. You can't give Madria shower. You're the head of the family. Were drawn with that. It isn't socially correct that shower should be given by someone in my dreams. Proud judge even given some of those and frankly there wasn't much loot this time. I want to get into a higher bracket maintain that a shower should be given that one of my girlfriends say. Why can't it be given by one of my girlfriends and Olympia shower? It'll be a cloudburst Nobody's GonNa Throckmorton. Beat Gildersleeve does the wrong things. Social Migraine baby shower to version. That capping giving this. Because I wanted to be here idea. I be diplomatic easy to me track Martin and Katherine you me. A few minutes nurse's UNIFIL and Nice. Thank you I'm doing at the hospital soon. You and I only take what's on your mind right mind. Well usually the office time of day. I know we might be baby coming next month. I have to give some diamond thought for the family. How is Marjorie? She's by now that I just had a discussion with judge. Hook about baby showers. Oh it's there's a big man in town he wants to give my Jewish. Our the judge agrees with need. It wouldn't be proper. I know you live in the first place. You should be given by a girl somebody close to. The family governed imagine could be a girlfriend of mine see Morton. Do you think I'm close enough to your close to what I had in mind to wonderful idea? Caffeine so thoughtful impotence module has your own circle of friends. I didn't want to be pushy understand. You're just like me. I hate to be pushed now. Let's see I could arrange it for this Saturday night? If that isn't too soon that'll be fine. Plus we're awfully busy at the hospital. Be Glad to take care of all the details for you ready. L. TV's judge Hooker and Rumson bullied. He's rich and likes to give the phone me today using. He's awfully nice. Try to steal my girl. He wanted me to go dancing. That settles it. Won't be invited prison. No pricing I told him I had to work at the hospital. Find Little Hospital either. Go there right now jock Morton to help me with a shower. Just leave everything to be. I'll get buried to help the refreshment all you have to do is beat the guess. She's the door and Throckmorton. Let me see a nice gesture to invite that big man who wanted to give Marjorie the shower. Yes good idea. I wonder if she saw through me. slip back to the kitchen and have a talk with thirty shower has to be a surprise Bullard in his Cadillac honking at me. What you it. The Wheeler Bullard's flame heating belittle niece. Brenda you shouldn't be inventor blurred car drivers. I Falls Niagara Falls in honeymoons. Oh Jen pretending Julie Roy. Yeah how do you like my bridal veil lose to Gildersleeve Pretty Idaho potato sack and look my bridegroom with a stock of salary and his button. Really hand as well have fun. Just cut the honeymoon when I called you dinner. Leroy I on comes Birdie from the story driver Kansas City but he only wants to me too. I let her walk a boy over for you're going to house. I'd like to discuss a little something in mind you to know about this. But I'm planning a baby shower for Marjorie. Hey that night is going to be quite a party no leroy it doesn't concern you know very and I'd like you love children this upscale grown up not necessarily my boy shower. Get me into this birdies neutral. Leroy they won't be any children their view. My goodness not wanted Roy. Come on let's drive to Chicago Illinois. I don't want to pretend anymore. Why Not Leroy stuff I will not. Who would a problem child problem uncle? What a busy little mother-to-be you knitting evening. Magic Move Nice. I wouldn't work to hide. Mighty somebody might give you like that good. What was wrong with Leroy tonight? New Era hardly touched his dinner. A little moody wasn't he rushed across the street to Brandon's he wouldn't tell me what was bothering him to seek. It secret will tell me on. You know you can't keep secrets from me. Tell me I think I run across the street and see what I can do to cheer. See You later years Leroy. Maybe a little bit upset about the shower. Now but a couple of tickets to hop along Cassidy will cure. Kids change their minds every five minutes. Oh getting his car. I don't WanNA mention gatherings spider to Him. I'll just hide behind this land. Potentally drive made it. He didn't see me do. I didn't know if that was your a Birdie. Just set out the barrel of cans. Meet night cans. Tomorrow tying my shoot go. I was just leaving for the club and a game of billiards. Nothing better to do your Leroy. He's inside with Brendan the Housekeeper Gildas. We haven't done the town in quite a while. What about Saturday night that? Why don't we go out with your girl? You would a neighbor who will bullard. I Call Catherine today. I A lot her lovely voice in fact what a lovely woman now Z. Here bullet I'm very fond of Catherine and she's very fond of me. Young as you may as well know that I'm very fond of a myself. So what no. Wait a minute booed. That isn't fair. All is fair in love and walk and this is war. I A high Banda. Like Georgie won't see Kanter tomorrow night. I wouldn't admit that baby shower. It'd be offered to pay the hospital. I'd better square things. Leroy Leroy Inc. Really step out here for a minute. My boy okay log has hello Mr Gildersleeve look kitties. I just thought it was something for you to do. We're the shower. Yeah how would you like to take a hotline CASSIDY POPCORN MONEY? I don't look at me like that. We've seen the picture anyway. I put my guns away. You did my boy. Yeah be an glitch showers in the thing you do back. You'll look giddy. Don't care about seeing how long you don't you give a little party of your own. You pretend you went to Niagara Falls. You can pretend you're giving shower reminding you could even invite some of your little a wonderful idea. Roy. We can have it at my house uncle by the ice cream. Yeah how about tomorrow night only during the idea. Thank for getting it at the help. Brenda why don't you get your uncle runs in the chaperone? Use Our doing anything tomorrow night next. Oh he'll do anything for me. Come on let's get off the invitation. That's the idea. Gillislee dealer clever Gildersleeve. We'll be back in just a moment now. You can enjoy the most delicious pasteurized process cheese. You ever tasted and you can join and perfect slices. Their craft deluxe slices. And you'll find eight big sandwich sized slices in each neat half package. These wonderful crafty lex slices are different from any sliced cheese. You ever had before because craft slices are made a completely new way. Instead of being cut from a loaf craft deluxe slices are actually formed by an exclusive new craft invention. That captures every single. Bit of the fine delicious process cheese flavor in every perfect slice then some come to you clean and sanitarium and perfect with no slivers or dried edges craft deluxe slices wrapped right in the SPIC and span craft plant and they're wrapped in such convenient need packages. You can keep several kinds of crafty luck slices in your refrigerator because those neat packages take up so little room so tomorrow look for them in your grocer's Derek Ace. Those perfect slices of extra delicious processed cheese craft deluxe license. Let's get back to the lead. Time Water Commissioner amazed himself at the slipway human thing me Ryan. Little Brandon wanted to attend the shower. He's arranging for Marjorie. Was a great man stymie sir? He cleverly suggested they give party themselves now. It's the following morning and the great man is heading downtown guiltlessly. You'd have a great talent for keeping everybody happy corrective shower and such short notice the heck night ranger on care with good a little wonder. We should've asked him last night. Plenty of PD do for you today. Nothing I'm the one doing things for people today you would. You can't pay the soda. Check Leroy left mirrow soda check. He was in a little brandon. They left in a big hurry in real. Well he's excited. Excited do and you see will grow. They SPLIT A BANANA SPLIT. A to jumble heaven in four minutes. You'll my goodness asked local record one hour. Well put it on my bill family lines. Are You Roger? Bashing about very good. Green is having a little party this evening. Great changes come over Leroy. He's gotta be an uncle so he thinks he's grown up tonight. He and Brenda pretending they're gonNA shower for my kids love to pretend you're right away. Peavy Miss Milford is giving a real shah reminds me this evening. I making the arrangements and you would Mrs. Pbr Invite we can't make it this evening together. The UK recounting kill. Leroy invited phoebe. Why you tell me eating me over you. Don't WanNa go to that party just pretending not under five gallons of ice cream kind of pretending I having all the kids in town yeah alright. Tv put the Ice Cream in my bill. I won't have to Mr Bullard already. Paid for it cash rating again can leaving. Don't try to change the subject. You HAVE TO COME TO MY PARTY PARTY. Leroy invited to a party and he's going to John and I may wear mild. Large cabinet is giving a shower tonight and we want you to come and FAG LA. I can't disappoint Leroy. You should have issued your invitation earlier. Lear I wrote is brought it around last night would look fellow TV. I understand Rumson. Bullard is providing prizes for everyone. I'm here to tell you. He nearly brought out store. I hope we play games. I'm good at pinning the tail on the donkey yielders. Yeah it's Nice. If you WANNA HUMOR. Leroy you'll have more fun at my party. We're GONNA have hats and favorites. We'll go to play. Monopoly is lots of fun size. It'll be nobody bullard's but kids aling all right. Go to his body. That'd be plenty of people coming to mind. I wonder who will come A U. L? That's all right. Floyd sure have a good time. Leroy's body around nearby. Nobody else to ask that. Leroy Shanghaied all. I guess who it coming. People that Catherine's body you'll be catherine and me. Hello Leroy what you've been doing favors. Mavin talking to caterer. Sure said GonNa limit when you get a caterer. That's why didn't go brother Leroy. I was arranging for tonight. No you had one cooking. You didn't win tonight. Yeah Mr. PB Judge Hooker Michelle Muslin. Even the mayor's coming to my party. Whose comedy roller now. See here young man is not polite. Ask How K. G. Wish I'd thought of chief gauge my dear good thing. I didn't mention the shower democracy did Leroy ten. You render giving me a shower tonight. Sweet Jack Think it was all Leroy's idea yes I love my guest. I'm losing credit for the idea. Go press address on key by will go to the guest of honor. I just have to call Catherine. Admit that I you too slow a good thing I did not engage cater like Leroy I would be in trouble Katherine Dr Martin about the shower. I'm afraid we have to change our plans. A little shower. I was completely taken. Yes asked how much better place to have shower. He has so much. Um Catherine thank. You won't be off until eight showers but I can. I meet her at the shower. I'm not even invited. Thought it'd be idea now everybody's going except me this happen. Ask YOU TO SHARE. Know Very Been Nice president trump on. Just leave it on her pill yes MR guilty of Nevada. Glad invite you to his sharp. He knew you wouldn't have thought murdy when a grown man is botched lurks. It's hard to admit it to a little boy. Please don't you never you've gone adolf imagine giving a baby shower and I'd like to be there but I kind of asked me to invite me after all. I didn't invite him now. I could get in the as a caterer no I wouldn't trust myself carrying pies around I might push one. Writing Bullard. Space is going to be and to be glad she birdie and must boy be glad you ain't. I should go just out of courtesy milberg miserable. It doesn't worry me for a minute. Not Misbehave isn't GonNa Forget me just because I'm not that Max. You probably the shower early. If I'm not there in that Cadillac. She might that. Bullard said this is war by him. He'll start advancing tonight. I'm worried trying to break down the door. Willard Gildersleeve I need your help. You do coming. I haven't time potty. Leroy Brenda giving do I. Well they ran out to a movie and I'm stuck with movie but they were so enthusiastic about the shower that was before a new hop along cassidy. Came to the hitching post. I thought Leroy put his guns away. Gildersleeve you have to help me. I don't even know who's invited to this party. You Know No. They didn't even leave me a guest list. I can tell you one person who's indicted boo me. Well go shave and come on over. I'll be there to shakes Mr Billard. I get to see Katherine after all boy. Oh Boy Oh boy oh boy oh boy cave and get my pricing Leroy. What he came back to invite me to shower thought or something. Yeah I know why you came back. Leroy eighty cents for the movies. Twenty cents per glad. You're my uncle. I'm glad you're a boy again Gildersleeve. We'll be right back if each member of your family has a special favorite kind of pasteurized process. Cheese here's good news. You can please them. All with graph deluxe slices these perfect slices of extra delicious pasteurized process. Cheese come in five favorite varieties. There's wonderfully mellow craft. American craft American with meadows added net sweet craft Swiss craft brick with a deep down rich taste and sharp old English brand. Get several so everyone can enjoy his favorite for good cheese snacks and sandwiches. That are so easy to make in a Jiffy. You'll find them in your grocer's Derek Ace. The five delicious varieties of craft deluxe slices Lovely shower on so many beautiful things. The baby nice looking at Bullard. He thinks he's GonNa Drive Catherine Fan. Come on Catherine. I got the CAR SNEAKY NEIGHBOR. Mr Is it. He just wanted to tell you. This is a fine sleeping hunters you gave. Mogae for the baby. Glad you're like now if you'll excuse. He's pretty complicated though building. You better show me how it works. So we'll know how to put it on the baby all right. I'll put it on you and you can tell me I have it right up guilty to loosen it up to get it over my shoulders. This was made for a baby very simple. You Hook these straps and then the child can't crawl out of bed. Let's see will fast into this chair now. No no I can't I can't move good. Give you the keys to your car. I'm taking Catherine talks radio. One one of it goes written by Paulo last donated. I'd be white using my rob roster in put it in the cash wanted Kathleen. Very Lee Rob Randolph. Ill Gordon Barbara Whiting Ross. And John Huston saying tonight on the company makers of a famous line of craft quality food products be shorter listening next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Next time. You read the icebox or sit down for between meals snack. Don't forget to add little cross prepared. Muster that meek you eat or that sandwich you make when you add a little mustard you add a lot of Tang. There are two kinds of kraft salad mustard with that. Delicately spiced mild flavor am craft mustard with snappy horseradish at it and both kinds on him then for extra zest in meet her cheese. Just add a little mustard and you Latin. Love of tank by crafts prepared mustard. Remember the Falcon every Sunday over the station. Check your paper time of broadcast and listen next Sunday. As the Falcons solves the case of the neighbors nightmare only air comes the glamorous unpredictable Groucho Marx on NBC.

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