S6: March Mysteries: Jack the Ripper Pt. 1


He's one of the most infamous serial killers of all time between August and November of eighteen. Eighty eight he murdered five women in London see stand. He was never caught but his legend lives on. If you enjoy these episodes on Jack The ripper been one here more like it. Check OUT OUR serial killers podcast. Every Monday and Thursday we provide a rare glimpse into the mind methods and madness of the world's most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile. Follow serial killers free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Due to the graphic nature of this murder case listener discretion is advised. This episode includes dramatization and discussions of murder and assault. That listeners may find offensive or distressing. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen eight little hose with no hope of heaven. Gladstone may save one and they'll be seven seven little pause begging for a shilling one stays in court. Then there's a killing six little horse. Glad to be alive one sidled up to Jack then there are five four and whore where I'm right so do three and me. I'll said the town alight air. Their two two little hose shivering with fright Sika cozy doorway in the middle of the night. Jack's my flashes then there's but one and the last ones the right best for jacks idea. You know where he lurked. Can you spare some change? You know whom he killed fancy a drink love. You know what he did you even know him name repor strikes again but what you don't know is what troubles eat most. Who was he and why did he do it? Like many before us we will embark on an Odyssey of investigation. Into the slayings of history's most notorious. Serial Killer Jack The ripper. But that's not all we will also explore the psychology behind his actions. Some of the most too gruesome murders known to mankind. We can speculate with some authority to try to understand his motivations and perhaps what catalyzed them his story of terrorists dense yet is actual crime. Spree was short-lived experts have deduced that he was only active as a serial killer for ten weeks murdering at least five women. All sex workers from August to October of eighteen eighty eight in and around White Chapel England. One of the most miserable and destitute slums a Victorian Europe. This timeframe is comparatively shorter than that of other famous serial killers. Perhaps that's one of the reasons. He remains such a notable figure of unbridled evil in darkness the damage he was able to inflict and only a few months that and the social and Cultural Maelstrom. He left in his wake which continues spirit to this day. Jack The ripper has become such a symbolic force in history and in popular culture that he has risen to nearly mythological proportions as society continues to give life to his violent and Macabre story we strengthen its lasting power proving once and for all the eternal draw of the serial killer hello and welcome to a duel addition of unsolved murders true crime stories and serial killers. You're listening to the first episode of our three part Jack. The ripper special on Carter Roy. And I'm Wendy. Mackenzie we host unsolved murders each week for the serial killers fans out there. Unsolved murders is a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mysteries of true cold cases and unsolved murders. If you haven't heard it yet you can listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast directory. Well I've certainly listened in subscribed I'm Greg Poulsen host of serial killers and I'm Vanessa. Richardson the other host of serial killers. Every week. Our podcast glimpses into the minds. Methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers. Subscribe and listen as Greg talks listeners. Through the life and of a serial killer every week and my partner in crime. Vanessa provides psychological analysis. This Week Vanessa is. The psychological voice tried to pull back the cerebral layers of Jack the ripper and attempt to pinpoint his motivations. It's important to note that Vanessa's not a psychologist or psychiatrist herself. But has done a plethora research on the subject especially this subject Jack. The ripper has fascinated me for years and I can't wait to dig into the inner workings of his twisted psyche. You're not alone Vanessa. In fact a cult following has developed around the story of Jack The ripper which has given birth to a technical term for those who investigate his crimes. You mean rip Arolla Gist. That's right rip. Arolla journalists those who studied the white chapel murderers can range from serious scholars looking to unmask the killer once and for all to those who just consider themselves Jack The ripper enthusiasts. I suppose we fall somewhere in the middle now. I like to think of myself as a serious scholar of the macab regardless. We can't examine jack the ripper without understanding the time in which he lived and more importantly the setting up his vicious and terrifying crimes travel back with us to the year. Eighteen eighty eight Victorian England Queen Victoria. The woman who redefined the English monarchy had been ruling for over fifty years and believe it or not she would actually play a role in the Jack. The ripper. Investigation in its later stages Royal England. However it was a far cry away from where this story takes place. White Chapel London part of a region known as east end whatever. Darkest tears lurked in your childhood. Nightmares could never compare to the daily reality of this area. Unbelievable POVERTY RAMPANT CRIME. A plethora of diseases the slums of east end were like hell on earth and in the winter. Not Nearly as warm. The infant fatality rate was staggering. Fifty five percent of children died before the age of five life was literally a daily battle for survival in the streets were unbearably wet cold. Noisy and full of treacherous threats. Cops would only venture these streets in groups no less than four people at a time. That's how dangerous it was. Women had to adapt to the violence and become quite hard and brutal themselves. In fact most if not all would carry guns and knives when going out at night court the brave new world while the English climate was moist and dunk. The social climate of east end wasn't much better. Tensions were constantly in the air. As stifling is the putrid scent of horse droppings and body over an influx of Jewish immigrants into the region began a trend of xenophobia as well as anti-semitism many British locals feared the outsider but also hated him and there was a societal belief at the time within England that because Jewish immigrants accepted less money for jobs that they were taking all the opportunities from their English neighbours. The bottom line was no matter who you were native immigrant life was fairly miserable and this was before and unbridled psychopath terrorized the streets of white chapel. Considering this places so atrocious I wonder Vanessa. What was the psychological impact of this milieu? I mean could have been a product of his environment to just acting out as a response to it. That's very possible but then we have to assume that Jack emerged from this environment. We're not positive. He even lived in east end their theories that Jack was actually an upper class citizen. Who lived outside of White Chapel but traveled there to snare his victims more easily in the slums where policing was lax and it was basically a criminal freefall all with this also a theory that he live very close to the locations of his kills within the last few years crime. Experts have used a computer algorithm and geographical profiling to try to pinpoint the location object to represent. Wow they can do apparently yes. They use Jack's movements around east end to come up with the hypothesis that he lived at flower and Dean Street smack in the middle of the slum region White Chapel. That's incredible Dr. Kim Rossmo. Who used to work for the Canadian? Police Force led this digital age investigation and came up with this conclusion. Here's a direct quote. I would be very surprised. Indeed if the ripper had not had some involvement with Florentine street he might have lived there drank. They're picked up prostitutes there. He might have even had a relative there. There's a high chance it was within his area of activity. This would make sense for another reason. Criminologists deemed the serial killers comfort zone. This refers to the concept that killers tend to kill where they feel most comfortable. This may mean in close proximity to their homes or where most of their day to day activity takes place in other words. They're first instinct is to hunt in territory. They know best. It gives a sense of confidence whereas a new or foreign environment may make the killer feel like he or she is not in control. Okay that makes a Lotta sense for argument's sake. Let's say Jack was indeed from East End? How would that impact him emotionally? And psychologically well if you witnessed the daily struggles firsthand such as poverty disease crime and let's face it utter hopelessness. This could translate into a strong and desperate desire for a better life. This could mean desire for more money more comfortable living arrangements more opportunities this discontent which starts as a desire for something. One doesn't have festers and turns into anger and resentment if he didn't have an outlet for these emotions such as drinking or fighting or even positive outlets like art or writing he may have channeled all this rage and aggression into its most violent form murder grotesque brutal almost savage like murder. We can't ignore the fact that newspapers in circulation referred to east end as the abyss and had been doing so for some time. This place was one of the most dreadful and crime ridden areas and there wasn't much reprieve from it except what I already mentioned drinking and fighting. These were daily rituals for eastenders. Yes like starbucks. In Contemporary America a myriad of local pubs dotted the street corners offering cold beer and cheap. Gin that's right. Although money was scarce Jin was plenty and people often wasted what little coin they had stiff nectar. The more people drank the more their tensions and desperation bubbled to the surface which manifested in constant violence. And there wasn't much solace away from these threats. Most residents didn't own or rent property. They rented beds. Buildings known as lodging or doss houses lined the streets offering twin beds to sleep in need and I'm guessing these bids weren't of the posture pedic variety. Hardly the word soft and clean. Do not come to mind when picturing these beds because most inhabitants couldn't afford a room or an entire flat they spend each day trying to scrounge up enough money for a meal and a stiff drink and somewhere to lay their heads at night. The poorest of the poor who couldn't even afford to rent a bed we're given the cheapest option to sleep upright standing against a rope tied across a wall and never be able to sleep standing up. You say that now but if you're tired enough probably right families who could afford a place to rent stayed in single room flats that measured about ten by twelve feet. Sometimes as many as nine people lived in this claustrophobic space where would they sleep right? There in the room probably piled onto each other like a Wolf. Pack to keep warm. Where were they eat that same room? And sometimes if the parents worked from home they'd use a section of the room is a workspace. It's almost unimaginable. This was the common existence for most people in east end. Yeah jobs were limited. Times were desperate so it's no surprise that women turn to sex work. It's the cold night. I got something that can make you warmer. It's estimated that out of over four hundred and fifty thousand people in East End. There were about twelve hundred sex workers working. During the Time Jack. The ripper began his killing spree but he was about to make a small dent in that number. A dent that would leave a lasting impression. It's important to note that there are actually ten murders that can be attributed to Jack The ripper. But they're only five that have been deemed canonical. This means that research is believed that these murders were committed by one man known as Jack The ripper whereas the other murders could have been jack or other killers entirely for the purpose of this series will be focusing on the canonical five victims as they're known but before we meet Jack's victims let's explore the geography of east end. This element prove very integral to Jack. Slayings and how he carried them out with such dexterity efficiency. The maze like complexity of east end streets and alleyways most notably it's tiny passageways between lodging houses and shops made it easy for him to carry out his killings and sneak out undetected. And that makes me wonder. Do we think he improvised his escapes. Or did he know the blueprint of the area like the back of his hand and planned accordingly. Very interesting thought like had he studied them beforehand or was he lucky simply weaving in and out of alleys heavily veiled by the cloak of night. Well I'd like to think he knew his way around the city to some degree but when it actually came time to evading detection there was some thrill of having to think on his feet as he turned a corner or slid through a passageway. But it's hard to say for sure regardless. He accomplished what he set out to. Do we return to our story in just a moment from the podcast network and now back to our story. Jack's first of his five victims was Mary. Ann Nichols Nichols was forty three years old in a mere five foot two inches. She had dark skin Brown eyes and dark hair speckled with grey. She was the daughter of a blacksmith and apparently was fairly close to her father in eighteen. Sixty four she married. A printer named William Nichols and eventually bore him five children however the two separated on and off until they finally called it quits in eighteen. Eighty apparently their woes stem from Mary's love of alcohol which her father acknowledged as well once she split from her husband. She abandoned the rest of the family too and began working at Lambeth. Workhouse work houses such as this one. We're established in the Elizabethan era and existed to provide food and shelter for the destitute elderly and ill in return for unpaid work. However by eighteen eighty seven nichols was no longer at Lambeth instead and she was broken homeless which led to night sleeping in Trafalgar. Swear she was eventually sent back to Lambeth where she met the matron of the workhouse who found a respectable job as a domestic servant at an estate in the country. This was a huge opportunity and step up for Nichols. However it wasn't long that Nichols took a different path. She stole expensive clothing from her employers and fled and she was soon back in east end sharing a rented room with three other women and soliciting herself for money. August thirtieth eighteen eighty eight. It was a day like any other except for a particularly tumultuous case of lightning and rain which colored the afternoon skies bleak gray. It's hard to say what Nichols did that. Day and night when she walked the streets of stand but based on her track record we can assume she engaged in some quality drinking by twelve thirty. Am The next morning August. Thirty First Nichols was seen leaving a pub called the frying pan. She made her way to a Lodging House. Where once inside? She warned south by a fire. You'll have to pay for a bit if you WanNa stay by that fire. I'm afraid I'm a bit short today. You'll have to find a house that accepts a smile instead. Move along now allow soon get by DOS money. See what a Deli bonded. I've got now. Oh well. It's a fine hat. Now off your go nichols left. The Lodging House and begin walking the streets again stumbling a bit from her many drinks at the pub once at the corner of Osborne Street and White Chapel Road Nichols rested against the wall of a grocery store at this point her friend and roommate a woman by the name of Emily Holland Approach Nichols. She told her to go back to the Lodging House and talk to house deputy into letting her stay but Nichols refused. How justice soon find a gentleman willing to offer the necessary funds and so Nichols and Holland parted ways. Right before Nichols ventured onto a path off the main road where she was hoping to find an eager customer but what she found was much more horrific three forty a. m. Charles Cross was walking to work. It was still dark a couple hours before sunrise. And something caught his eye bundled up tarp but as he approached it soon became apparent. That's not what he was seeing. Dear God come and look over here. There's a woman she's dead now. I can feel something I think. She's breathing but it's very little if she is no. I don't think so. There's not much to do. We find constable then this way only a few minutes. After the two men left police constable John Neal on patrol approached the scene. He kneeled down to inspect the body and discovered something. The other two men hadn't the woman's throat had been slit a moment later. Another constable walked by John. For God's sake go fetch a doctor. Eventually doctor arrived and examined the body briefly and then had nickles taken to the morgue a spot of congealed blood from the neck wound had slowly move towards the gutter at a slugs pace until it was washed away by neighbours son. Little did they know how much blood was about to run through these streets. The murder of Mary Nichols was mild in nature. Compared to Jack's future victims but it started the conversation. This was the first sex worker that would die at the hands of Jack The ripper. It's a common question because we can't help but wonder why did Jack target sex workers. Well Greg One major theory is that he wanted to rid society of this form of sexual corruption. He didn't morally agree with women selling themselves for money. In fact may have disgusted him so much that he took to killing them like vigilante trying to remove a black mark from society scorecard. He took it upon himself to eliminate one form of evil from the Earth. That's one theory yes. The second theory is more general. He had an urge to kill and is easiest targets. Were sex workers why it's simple. These women were voluntarily venturing into dark alleyways and corners to conduct their business. They needed the dimly lit spaces and privacy to commit their sexual acts. Imagine Jack accepting sex worker solicitations. She thinks she's in control leading him into the darkness but in reality she is actually making herself more vulnerable and creating her own snare allowing him to strike when she's most unprepared. How this theory? Although it's interesting and certainly seems to play a role in the narrative of the killings feels a little unsatisfied. I Agree Jack was probably much more complex than that. This brings me to the third theory which revolves around the psychological concept known as mother hate. We know that childhood plays a pivotal role in shaping individual and where does childhood begin with the mother she literally brings a person into being into the world and has the closest relationship with their child and the majority of cases so the way a mother treats her child specifically her son greatly affects how he will view himself the opposite sex and the world as a whole if a mother or mother figure treated her son? Poorly? Let's say with physical or sexual abuse to go to one extreme. There's a strong possibility that this child would develop a powerful hatred and resentment toward his mother. And that's where it starts but hardly where it ends. This mother hate can balloon out to include hatred of all women in general crime writer. Stephen Michaud refers to this. As Malignant misogyny every female in existence becomes just an extension of the mother child so vehemently despises and the same goes for women who were mistreated by their fathers. When these women grow up men become the enemy and many of the abused girls either. Avoid men completely or take out their anger by sexually exploiting men an eternal quest for power or control. This idea of mother hate was a very theory. When Discussing Jack? The ripper attention to kill sex workers and it makes sense because we don't know exactly who Jack. The ripper was we have to speculate. We can propose that maybe. He had a terrible and dysfunctional relationship with his mother and began killing spree as a symbolic way to get revenge on her because his victims were specifically sex workers and not just women in general say from different occupations. We can also infer that Jack may have had a sexually confusing relationship with his mother would mean by that what maybe she abused him sexually. Or maybe he was attracted to her which hyper sexualize him too early. If he had these inappropriate feelings for her they could have transformed into guilt. You're not supposed to love your mother like that. And so he began a cycle of trying to destroy over and over again his mother or what she did to him or what. He consented to do with her Jack. The ripper. Fbi profile conducted many years later in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty eight alludes to this idea of a dysfunctional relationship with his mother. It states quote. He came from a family where he was raised by domineering. Mother and a week passive and or absent father in all likelihood. His mother drank heavily and had enjoyed the company of many men. As a result he had failed to receive consistent care and contact with stable adult role models the fact that one hundred years later the FBI was still investigating the cases. Incredible and lucky for us. We can use this profile of the killer continually adding to it as we go to help us. Decide the identity of Jack The ripper. Yes now one interesting thing to note about that excerpt from the F. B. I. Profile is a suggestion that his mother was an alcoholic. As we'll come to discover all jacks victims had a history of excessive drinking which caused the many problems in life. It's fair to say that drinking was common in London slums in the late nineteenth century. But I think it's also important to note that Jack's victims all had become slaves to the substance even before they were sex workers living in the east end so maybe he targeted his specific victims because they shared the alcoholic trait like his mother. It's certainly possible. Well now. The Jack had one murder under his belt. He was ready for another. And this time the unfortunate victim was Anne Chapman. Chapman was born in eighteen. Forty one which would make her. Forty-seven she was the illegitimate child of a soldier named George Smith and a woman named Ruth Chapman in eighteen sixty nine Annie. Chapman actually married one of her mother's distant relatives a- coachman named John Chapman when John Acquired job working for a wealthy couple who lived in a lavish mansion. He and Anne stayed on the estate grounds in an apartment above the stables. But it didn't take long before any developed a pesky drinking habit and this created problems for her husband whose job it was to interact with and serve the wealthy elite. Eventually her habit escalated. She was arrested several times in known throughout the area as drunk it became too much for John to bear so he anani separated. She went to London leaving her two children with John who centre a weekly allowance so she could get by but in eighteen eighty six. The allowance stopped. Anne's husband had died and now she was truly on her own and for a while. She tried to survive by selling flowers on the streets or doing whatever crochet work she could get but it wasn't enough so she turned to sex work. The days leading up to Chapman's death or well documented a couple of nights before her murder she had gotten into a fight with the woman by the name of Elisa. Cooper Chapman left with a black eye. Then she spent the next day with one of her regulars a laborer by the name of Ted Stanley. The following day she wasn't feeling well and procured some pain pills that she wrapped up in a small piece of paper. She shared a drink with the painter named William Stevens and then took to the streets to find some money for a bed that night. She was last seen heading towards a church. What the hell. When a man by the name of John Davis stepped outside his apartment that morning he discovered any chapman slumped next to a dilapidated fans. She was dead and her body was badly mutilated. Please be advised that the following information is disturbing an intended for mature audiences. Only like Nichols Chapman's throat. Had Been Slit almost down to the spine but there was more. Her stomach had been opened with a knife. Her intestines were removed and strewn over her shoulder. Her uterus was missing and sewer parts of her vagina and bladder. The killer had most likely taken the body parts when he left when Chapman was examined her swollen face and protruding tongue suggested that she had been suffocated before her throat had been slit when detectives came to the scene. They questioned the neighbors and other citizens Elizabeth long who worked at spittle fields market reported what she had seen who was about five thirty in the morning. Because I just heard the Kachanaburi chime looked up and this man and a woman talking. Could you describe the man? It was hard to see him. He's facing the other direction but I did manage to get a look at his robot and you was dark. A foreigner I think and his clothes he wore brown deer stalker hat and dark cope. I was his appearance fairly gentle his age. Oh I don't know maybe forty. Is there anything else you can tell me? Well they were talking fairly loudly were were they talking about. Not sure. All I heard was a man. Say William and the woman answered him with a simple yes. Chapman was taken to the mortuary where she was examined by the reputable. Dr George Bagster Phillips. There's much bruising about the face his bruises or on the is or older these on the Chin insides of the draw fresh. The murderer must have held the victims Chin to push back the head so he was able to make the incision across the throat. Her swollen face and extended tongue suggests suffocating prior to the incision. Can you estimate the time of death? Due to Rigor Mortis I would say she has been dead for at least two hours. Alright these incisions are what will they were made very cleanly almost expert. I'd venture to say I think whoever did this as a fair amount of anatomical knowledge what he's saying he could be a doctor yes or surgeon. He worked quickly and poorly lit environment and must have felt the immeasurable pressure from the potential threat of someone stumbling upon the scene considering all this he demonstrates almost exquisite skill with a knife and so this is how the theory emerged. That Jack The ripper was a doctor and some ripper. All just still maintain it to be true. The idea that Jack had some medical knowledge also made it into the FBI's nineteen eighty-eight profile which stated he sought employment where it could work alone and indulge his destructive fantasies in jobs. Such as butcher morticians helper. Medical Examiner's assistant or hospital attendant so by point we know he targets sex workers possibly due to a mother complex any may have had medical training or work in the medical field. What else do we know? Well Chapman was the second murder victim and by now we can start to see a pattern forming with his mo and his ritual or signature as. It's also called for those of us not well-versed in serial killer lingo can you explain? Vanessa? Of course Mo refers to the Latin term modus operandi which simply translates to mode of operation. This covers how a particular serial killer operates. How and where they hunt how they carry out their crimes and how they make their escape. So what can we say was Jack's Mo at this stage well? We know that his hunting grounds as they're called were the slums of East London. He went out late at night wearing dark inconspicuous clothing and use the shadows to his advantage. He then scoped out a possible victim alone. Sex worker potentially one who looked particularly desperate to earn some money at the time. Maybe he approached. Maybe he waited for her to make advances either way he probably indicated. He was interested in sexual rendezvous. They would go into a dark corner. Passageway and Jack would survey the location making sure no witnesses were around then he would strike. He strangled the Victim First. Incapacitating her then slater throat. It seems that's where he stopped with his first victim. Mary Nichols but for Chapman. After slitting her throat he went on to other mutilations cutting open her stomach and then going for her genitals so there was obviously some escalation between his first crime and his second. Absolutely what would account for this? The most common answer is that early in his or her criminal career. A serial killer will experiment with the act. Maybe the first killing the quickest because there's some insecurity wrapped up in it like maybe the killer is thinking. Can I really pull this off? What if someone catches me exactly? You have to remember that the first kill for a serial killer is very powerful crossing a threshold the first time it's new and frightening territory but it's also exciting and once the act is successfully completed data excitement remains embedded in the emotional and psychological and even physical makeup of that person and that's when killing becomes like a drug driving the murderer to reach desperately for the next even greater high so for Jack. Could it have been that? Only cutting the throat of his first victim was his way of testing the waters. Yes I think so. And obviously he liked what he did and he got away with it so for his next kill instead of simply dipping a toe in the cold river to continue your metaphor. He put his entire foot in. It's more of a rush. It's definitely more satisfying. My question is why the intestines. Why did he remove any Chapman's innards draped them over her shoulder? Will now. We're getting into the realm of ritual and signature. These terms often used interchangeably referred to the specific details of the killing such as unique mutilations or assign left by the killer at the crime scene. In Jack's case the removal of the intestines and the placement on the woman's shoulder is a very specific choice. And we'll see he continues it. For some time disembowelling. His victims became a pivotal part of his signature. We can look to other serial killers for their own unique signatures. There's the aptly named eyeball killer. Charles Albright also a sex worker killer murdered three women Texas from one thousand nine hundred nineteen ninety-one he earned this moniker by skillfully. Removing the victims eyeballs. Seriously where did that signature come from? It may have originated with his fascination with taxidermy. As a child he would torture and kill small animals and then stuff them himself. Think about the cold dead eyes of stuffed Fox Squirrel. I'm guessing that's not a typical extracurricular activity no and when he was finally caught and imprisoned he would spend his days in his cell. Drawing pictures of female is but signature can also refer to an object left behind by the killer correct right in that type of scenario. The signature is more like a calling card. Let's take a look at some of the most famous and fascinating serial killer calling cards starting around. Nineteen ninety-seven across eleven. Us states someone began targeting White College age males and drowning them in bodies of water. It is believed that about forty murders may be attributed to the same killer or killers. In over twelve of the cases a symbol was left near the crime scene. A hand painted Smiley face. And so this killer or these killers came to be known as the Smiley face killers very fitting the famous Zodiac killer. Who featured on both unsolved murders and serial killers may be the most popular example of this phenomenon of the signature? In the late nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies. He murdered at least five people in Northern California but claimed to have taken many more lives than that. He didn't leave a calling card at the crime scenes per se but is most closely associated with what has become his literal signature. Zodiac killer famously wrote letters to various San Francisco newspapers. He would sign them with a peculiar symbol. A circle with a jagged cross running through it. That image became synonymous with him and his crimes. And then there's Randy Kraft Aka the scorecard killer between one thousand nine hundred seventy two and nineteen eighty-three craft raped. Tortured mutilated and murdered at least sixteen men ages. Thirteen to twenty five. He kept a coated record of his kills with references to the victims in the trunk of his car. The list contains sixty one names and phrases which referred to the traits initials or locations of his victims. Doesn't seem like the smartest idea like keeping a diary of all your murderous conquests right craft was found guilty and sentenced to death on November. Twenty ninth nine thousand nine hundred nine. He remains on death row at San Quentin State Prison. There's something else. We can examine when thinking about Jack. The ripper method of killing. Generally speaking serial killers can be grouped into four different categories based on what drives them to kill. The first type is known as the visionary killer. These are people who are basically driven by psychosis they may here dark voices or have violent visions that push them to kill and destroy. The second is the mission oriented murderer. This person generally kills because of what he or she believes to be a moral crusade. Then there is the hedonistic killer. He or she kills for lust. The act of murder itself is a huge turn on and finally there is the control oriented serial killer taking the lives of victims gives him or her an intense sense of power and control. Which is actually more gratifying than anything even sex. So which one is Jack? I think he's all four and the reason for this is the because he was never caught. We don't have any real answers. All we have are. The details of the gruesome remains of his atrocious act. That's a really good point Vanessa. If we look at what he did targeting sex workers we could say he was a mission oriented killer ridding the world of what he says on holy or corrupt right but considering that he mutilated the female body such a degree and took precisely female parts like the uterus. This suggests to sexually perverse undertone. This would then reflect the hedonistic type. Right that's right. And since he targeted sex workers who were vulnerable because they were women and were alone and in the dark he was easily able to assert power over them. Exactly right which would speak to the control oriented category the fact that he strangled them. I also suggests how much he craved to feel dominant. There's one other type of the four we haven't touched on the visionary killer. Yes Greg is it possible that Jack was simply insane driven by voices commanding him to carry out these horrific crimes? I think so. Yeah so do I when we think of Jack is all of these put together. He's very much like a mosaic of every serial killer archetype speaking of serial killer archetypes ammos signatures. There was something founded. Any Chapman's crime scene near the body. Investigators picked it up thinking it could be a helpful clue. It was a torn piece of envelope which bore the seal of the Sussex Regiment which was the symbol of an infantry unit of the British army on the other side of the scrap. Were two things the letter M. seemingly written by a man and a post office stamp dated London Twenty eight August eighteen eighty eight. The investigators jumped at this finding thinking. That Chapman's murderer was possibly soldier. So investigators went to the military camp of the Sussex Regiment and interrogated cement. But what they discovered was that the envelopes with the military seal were common in the camp and in the post office of the nearby town. And so what? Police believe could be a valuable piece of evidence essentially turned out to be nothing. Chapman and found a scrap of paper on the ground and use it to wrap up her medications when her pillbox broke. And just like that. The trail was cold again. It was revealed later though that any chapman had been suffering from a severe medical condition which is probably what caused her pain in the first place. She actually didn't have much time to live but sadly what little time she did have left was stolen from her by the anonymous killer stalking the streets of white chapel. Our story will continue in a moment after the break and now back to the story by this point with two brutal murders fairly close together. In time and location the press began its literary crusade to expose the horrors of east end and it's terrifying new foe. Now it's important to understand the Jack. The ripper was the first serial killer covered by the press which means we can't deny that it played a pivotal role in the creation of him as a killer and ultimately as the dark legend he would forever remain at the time. The murders began. There was such a clear divide between the classes. The prevailing public view was that west end was made up of the middle class who lived in wealth. Cleanliness incivility but east end was a breeding ground for the squalor of society the darkest vices imagined but there was something else associated with east end and that was the concept of the foreigner as mentioned earlier many immigrants had migrated to east London in search of jobs and opportunity citizens living in west end and other middle and higher class areas of London were primarily in a state of xenophobia which is an intense fear or dislike of people from other countries and cultures this Social Malays illuminated by the Jack The ripper case through various publications. These papers aimed to expose the problem and address the unbearable conditions of e stand as well as the suspicion. The Jack was a killer from a foreign land of all the publications at the time. It was the star that would become most famous for reporting on the White Chapel murders so we can acknowledge that because the press had become such a powerful mode of information as England near the turn of the century Jack The ripper. Intern became a powerful representation of the serial murderer. How the press sensationalized? His crimes is one of the reasons. He has left such an indelible impression on society as a whole right and around the same time that the press began covering the white chapel killings. A new investigator entered the scene of all the authorities involved. His name is the one most linked to the Jack. The ripper investigation forty-five-year-old Inspector Frederick Aber Line came from Scotland Yard which is just the fancy name for the British Police Force. Aber line was originally a clockmaker who joined the force in eighteen sixty three. He quickly rose through the ranks and in eighteen seventy three became an inspector who through his experience and dedication was well versed on east end and all its criminal prowess and so when it was time for authorities to choose a new leader. Aber line was at the top of their short list. He quickly took charge of the ground. Investigation Walter do a young detective at the time alluded to Aber Line. In his memoir. Inspector Avalon was portly and gentle speaking. The type of police officer in there had been many who might easily have been mistaken for the manager of a bank or solicitor. He was also a man who had proved himself in many previous big cases. His strong suit was his knowledge of crime and criminals in the east end for he had been for many years the detective inspector of the White Chapel Division so basically before Scotland Yard east end was his stomping ground. Exactly and now. It was almost as if aber line was coming home. We have a killer no midst. What do we know about him? He hates prostitutes contractor. We know he has attacked and killed two prostitutes whether he hates them more simply finds them easy. Prey is another matter. What else do we know he strikes late at night or early in the morning he chooses secluded locations and he leaves quite efficiently. Yes what else. He's cunning maybe perhaps the issue is not what he is but rather what we are. Not Sir we need to cover more ground with more men. That's a given. But what will make the difference? We need men who are alert focused. We need men who see better in darkness than in light we need men who feel more comfortable in corners doorways. We need men who think like this white chapel butcher. Is that understood yes sir understood? Let's gather who we have rally various men from the surrounding areas. It's time we take this seriously. When Aber Line arrived on the scene he had a newspaper. Article to contend with the Star had recently published an article detailing the exploits of a man known only as the Leather Apron. He was a local criminal. His identity known that the sex workers of east end feared and hated. He came right up to missie. May and put a night tour throat. I saw at all. He told her to give whatever she had. An earthquake hits or he's litter open right there. Does he ever accosted you know he hasn't and you better have the mind not to. The Leather Apron would approach sex workers and threaten them with a knife as he demanded they give him whatever money they had on them. His Monica came from the Leather Apron. That he wore when he came in contact with these sex workers. Don't for a moment think this was an odd item to wear seep in working class London. Many tradesmen worked in jobs that required the use of a leather apron. It was eventually believed that the man was a shoemaker over the announcement of the Leather Apron and the suggestion that he could be the white chapel murderer came away of fear and anger is caused mobs to take to the streets in search of this elusive and troublesome figure. And this created even more mayhem in east end. But the search for the leather apron proved fairly fruitless. That is until Sergeant William thicke pursued. A man he thought was a viable suspect. Sergeant thick a dedicated and capable detective was once described by Walter. Do as an unholy terror to the local lawbreakers not too shabby of a reputation. Right well apparently. Thick had an in various criminals and believed he had a lead on the identity of the leather apron. Another inspector had filed a police report about a man suspected to be the criminal all of the authorities were after and thick knew where to find him so on September tenth. Eighteen eighty eight fiqh paid a visit to a man by the name of John. Peiser yes Mr Peiser. I am arresting you on suspicion of committing the murder of Annie Chapman. John Peiser was a Polish Jew. Who WORKED AS A bootmaker? He had a leather apron and was suspected of threatening. Several sex workers get this. He had a prior conviction for a stabbing offense as Sergeant. Thicke hauled him away. There was a vapor of hope in the air sir. We had the leather apron in custody. Excellent it was a hope that John. Peiser was indeed the man responsible for the ghastly white chapel. Murders you there are you. Yes keep to the main roads. Make sure there's light where you are. He has come for ones like us. Hope that East London could be done with this unmitigated terror but sadly as we know it was only the beginning you'll forget to subscribe to unsolved murders and serial killers on itunes. Google play soundcloud. Stitcher spotify or any other podcast directory. 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