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The Televerse #396- Spotlight on Hanna Season 1


TV. They make some money. Reality. Between. Hello, and welcome to televise. This is Kate calls, two hundred ever by knoll Kirk Patrick knoll has gone this week. It's going, okay. How are you? Well, I'm tired 'cause not quite awake yet. But mostly, we need to talk about covered up and that is not how I tip is starting like any podcast like unless it was really good. You know, when it comes out that we're talking about the Cobb live action at a remake that Netflix is doing which just like dropped a bunch of casting news yesterday. And most of it is like they're all very talented people, but it's not something I care about the thing. I think we all care about is that John, Joe is going to be the lead in now I have to watch it. Yeah, it's pretty much a law that you watch anything John chose. Now. It's, it's I'm really happy about this casting, like it goes, a little bit of a ways of making me feel better about the project. I'm still sort of antsy about it for on just like a writing and production design sort of level, but on an acting level, I feel much more confident about how these characters are gonna get betrayed John chose playing spike which is really delightful. Mystify. Shaquir is playing jet. He most recently was in Luke cage is bushmaster. And then we've got Daniel Panetta playing phase and unite both know her from the detour where she plays the sister. Yeah. And then they've got out hassle who hunt reporter doesn't even provide any. On the but he you, you and I both most recently saw him in the miniaturist where he played Johann brought the head of the household in that and until the really good everyone. No, they're all it's a really talented group of people, I think, and I'm very eager to see what they do even though, like I said, on Twitter, the really most important things who they cast for. And I think the consensus cheddar from Brooklyn nine clearly that rate casting, we will see if they if they follow through on that. But based on their early, you know, announcements I feel like pretty positive. They're headed a solid directionally. Yeah. Like I feel like John show is too old for spike, but gentle, but 'cause John show. And so they'll be mentioned the character little bit. But yeah, I mean I still mourn selfie. So. John show on my TV. Exorcist so L. Well, yes, of course that too. But yeah. How like wouldn't would either of these shows were announced would you have imagined? We'd be like years later on, like I'm still miss selfie in the exorcist. But John show you know, I didn't really like selfie that much. And I feel like I need to go back and watch it. Because I watched like a couple of episodes. Yeah. I think by the end, it really it really stepped it up, but I can hear what you're saying about the beginning. I didn't stick with it, but, like show wasn't even going to be on the exorcist in the third season. Show. Got really good in no small part. Because they had to step up to meet his charisma when he was bringing naps -solutely indeed. Well, that's I mean, there's other there's the TV news as we record like two or three shows are having their sues finale, this week, we're recording earlier than normal guys probably here. I'm on location for a gig. So the audio quality is not, you know what we would usually have here delivers, but because that we're recording little earlier. And I haven't seen a bunch of things I still haven't seen last week's broad city finale, I haven't watched it so good. I believe you. Evidence to watch it. We can talk about it. I haven't watched the season premiere of cloak and dagger which I'm hearing good things about two but haven't gotten to haven't gotten to most of the things I've gotten to the things that I get paid to write about. And that's just about it. And there's a there's a few other ones. That's really that's about it. Oh, you shouldn't feel about. Like I didn't get a lot of stuff this week either like neither risk out to like the twilight zone. We didn't get to the last. Oh, gee premier or the berry premier. I didn't get to the good fight. Yeah. We will catch up. I will catch listeners just just not this week. So we one of the shows I most interested, most intimating is, of course, the serious Nellie of critics girlfriend to hear from reliable sources that it's, it's a good finale and I'm looking at that next week. Hopefully, we'll have a guest on so cross your fingers everyone that the time it works out. But we should have a one of our friends of the show on to talk about that with us. But this week, we're gonna be talking about Hannah, which is on Amazon prime is the TV show at uptake of the, the movie that came out a few years back about a kid is asking basically where we spotlight section. But for now let's preemptively more in critics go friend by listening to a little loves not a game and then we'll come back with our week in TV we'll be right back up to this. How dare you? Is nothing sacred to you lady. So I think the word is just ma'am. Love is what unites NIA new and him in her and him in him and me as well. Jay kahlo. Students. Not a game loves not a game. None of us would ever say loves a cane, that would be bad. You can't be sure. Cool. But if we did, and that would be wrong. We thirty down that Josh has biggest song interesting. I'll double that. Ow. That was Love's not a game. The I think one of the last the last big group number for crazy ex girlfriend tears, which is having its series finale, this next week this coming week this week in TV. We're talking talk about the which had season seven premiere the Knowles gonna talk blackish each one, teach one will both talk craziest girlfriend. I have a date tonight. The penalty episode as well as fresh off the boat nerd watching than Knowles gonna catch us up on terraced house, opening new doors. Parts six I very much looking forward to what happened the last chapter of this show. I will just have a few thoughts about drag race. And the drag lympics the hobos go right into last week tonight, which Oliver who they did a segment on the WB. And of course, that's the appropriate showed lead into the return of legends of tomorrow, Lucia west us. Which I I'm sure I butchered that pronunciation, but we're going to do, I'll do that when we get to that episode every. Veep, which came back for season seven, and it was a while ago a couple years ago. But listeners may remember I wasn't as hot on the end of season six or really on season. Six in general of there was some of that really worked. But by the end of the season, I was just, like, how are they going to have these characters ran for president, again, like Selena was just in a giant scandal about, like fomenting like a war or trying to like negotiating these peace talks like it was a really big scandal, some of the different things to doing with people's data and hacking. And then the last two years happened all and I was like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. No one cares. It there is no such thing as a scandal that you can't just pivot away from. So that really helped with my buyin for this episode and having like it is I went back, like I said recently I went back and watched season, one veep, and things that they did as a joke season of veep of happened in our actual political life. So. So, you know, like it's impossible to parody the current situation and so they don't they don't even bother trying. They're just sticking with these characters and the world they've established, and they're commenting on the social in the political climate right now in general, but not like trying to set up specific figures to be like a one on one the way that maybe they did a little bit more of in the past the show, those absolute the call this. Like the first time I watch it. I was like, oh, it's solid. Good start. And the second time I watched it, I was like, oh, no. It's actually really even better, the thirteen watchos like this is such a funny show. It's so good. This cast is amazing. And it's such a deep bench and they the writers. No, the characters and the tone so, well, that they can really be very efficient to, to give interesting things to all, like, full ensemble, Catholic eight ten people, and the actors are so good that they're constantly playing. With each other. Like even when they have no dialogue in seen the reaction to what's going on. There's like you have to get the full sense of everything that they're doing, and doing so well and be you gotta watch a couple of times because the first time you're just following the Radha, tat really fast dialogue, and the plot and the second time you can start watching more. The reactions and by the second third time you're picking up like running jokes that go throughout the episode in the background of seen that, like you wouldn't even catch the first time through, there's such a clear craft and appreciation for this show from everyone who makes it that they're just operating at a level that most comedies never get close to. So yet, it's not for everyone. Of course the tone and the, the humor is very dry and they're terrible. Terrible people like they're, they're like thankful about a mass shooting in the first episode like because it deflects some of the potential like a fallout press fallout from from a mistake. That's. Terrible. These people are and for some people even just having a comedy that does stuff like that is destructive and nasty that they would ever wanna watch and I get it. But if that doesn't bother you really funny. So yeah, I'm back on the beat over the club. And there's only seven episodes this season, but I'm certainly basically for subsidized really looking forward to what's gonna come Hugh Laurie's coming back. Good. Rea- seahorn is playing his wife and yeah. And it also seems like they find time for, like a Paul Scher, cameo, Papas headed and say, two lines because they've established such a deep bench of guest characters over the course of seven seasons are six seasons before this, that they can just bring people in anybody who wants to prop up one more time they love working with this team so they will just for senior too, and I'm looking forward to getting victory lab with a lot of these characters and seeing what they bring with show brings to the, the last six episodes, now seven now. Six. So, you know, I'm Gerald chime back in, when I have more thoughts but for an hour, welcome back veep. Very grateful that I get to, to write about the show and, and yeah, it's Julia Louis Dreyfuss is just one of the all time greats of, of comedy when the all time American greats of comedy. And I mean, I'm sure you could say worldwide but I don't know worldwide. I know American comedy at least a somewhat. So. Really, really good. And I'm looking forward to the, the last accepts odes yet to come. What about blackish now for something completely different? I'm guessing based on a priests coversation. Have they stepped back up the episode this week is each one teach one? No. They really haven't. And it was frustrating again with junior working at the agency and being Josh's assistant, he sort of becomes, like tea, Josh and Drake. Not tolerate this at all and gets very upset about it, and then decides to mentor junior his system, Curtis who has recurred throughout the show, and then a here for two unseen, young black woman who Dray hired, but keeps forgetting that she's a girl just based on the name, so we're already after all start. So there's a good sort of like impulse here of Dray wants to sort of help them. Learn how. How to navigate being black in the business, which I think is a good sort of thing to explore and sort of tackle except for the fact that we totally underdo it by they do sort of a mock pitch to the group, the three men, teas and then jury takes all the credit for it Cass. Making a that sounds. Right. Right. And then it takes like the rest of the episode for them to convinced Dray that he took credit for their ideas, as opposed to hen just spurring on sort of the concepts, which they do they, you see a workshop ING session of him pushing them to figure out a more personal way to pitch things, but then he takes credit for other ideas that they develop and demonstrate. So it's just really frustrating and it's another instance of Drey being petulant, and then learning a lesson but still kind of being jerk about it Tempus stuff. I'm just I'm over at this point and the. Plot involves Boba becoming the hot mom at school. After the twins share video of her doing beyond say dance and she becomes hot mom at school. And both thrilled jackets nod, and it's fun e but it's also one of those things in which you realize how broad that they're doing Bo. Now to this extent that they're doing a hot mom sort of storyline. So it's like the shows just not great anymore. Instance, appointing in this episode even more so than some of the other ones, I think just felt like another nail in the coffin for me. Yeah. Just I'm exhausted. Just listening to that, and I really have no interest in watching that show. The show the you're describing and that's frustrating because it was such a great show for so long, so consistently. But yeah here in season. Five, and as we talked about off mic before we started here at listeners next week's episode of blackish is under Johnson colon. Good person, I already. Already. Don't wanna watch that. Yeah. And yeah, yeah, it's pointing but let's, let's talk about slits talk about something else. Let's talk about crazy ex girlfriends, and I have a date tonight. Yeah. How did you feel about our trio of well, I shouldn't say trio dates I should say duo dates plus and not date a not date of because they're already in a relationship sort of status. Because that's what that was anyway. Tell me how you talked about. I have a date tonight. I would love to tell you about this because I really enjoyed it. I thought I mean, I've already had said, I wasn't super excited about how did Centric, the end of the show has turned out to be. But I thought that this was absolutely lovely. I think a shoemaker her view over the club is, I think a spot on the whole episode. I think works. Really, really? Well, there's the main plotline is all of the, the three dates but really almost equal, not even a subplot is everybody else is reactions to it, and I think that, that works really, really well it because it feeds into rather than the distracting from what's going on, and it each person. I think they do a good job of matching their reactions to all this to each of the, the personalities of the supporting characters and having like, not distracting from that have heavy. Each of the characters be invested and B invested in a different way. Even just from the, the visible NC, or somebody, or maybe it was Heather's, like I've listened to so much complaining about this, that I get to care about how it turns out. And, you know, the return of the gag of by the end of the season of holidays, Dr kopecky, I thought was great. They really bounced there, the development of each of cast the, the characters with of straight up season, one two story line. You know, like straight off of the bachelor, but there's again, I think they really hit the tone lay threaded the needle on awareness of the bachelor Innis of it, but not, but not to Winky and like the found just a happy middle each of the dates were lovely and really indicative of the different kinds of people that, that these three guys are. And, and I look forward to the finale, I don't know if we'll be surprised or not. But from this episode the if she picks a guy, it's gonna be Greg, because they got the OTP. Ed it in this episode, but I think it you know, I don't really agree with especially Josh being in love with her. I think that feels very inorganic. But if they're going to do it, they did it really well. So that's sort of where I'm at with this. And I think they also the biggest thing for me outside of that. He's never which we have to talk about is the way that they showed the how this was affecting Rebecca and the pressure, she was feeling the strain, how this is not sustainable, or even a good thing. So I'm excited to see what the finale does. Yeah. So that was a long winded answer. What did you think? Well, let's talk about musical because we're als really great without accordia. That'd be one. You wanted to talk about was it? No, it wasn't. I didn't joy that weird out. You have him do a song about pooping in the balloon. I mean, that's what you, do you do quick reprise of where's the room to the tune of there's no bathroom? No, so I also really enjoyed this, and it's really because of the facts that between loves not a game, and the whole betting process at home base of giving this shows on samba. This big stretch of the episode, they get one final basically like cast number more or less. And then they get this entire plot with their all interacting with one another for the entire episode. And it's so good. And it's so delightful and such credit to the environment and the care that the show is built around each of these people that they can realistically within the confines of this show justify all the silliness at home base. But also the fact that everyone ended up like at least Josh Nathaniel ended up knowing about it by the end, which isn't very good as well. So I just really liked that, because it bolstered and provided the necessary sort of commentary, like you were saying and winking self awareness of the bachelor nation, sort of approach. They were taking with the three dates. So it plays on that while still giving us everything that we want from these characters for one. The last go round and that was just really filling for me and made the episode stronger than it was otherwise, I would have been if they hadn't them, something like this. I've just felt really bad for Dr coping though, because all she needed to do Kate was go to the smoothie or Donut place, the from two seasons ago that they don't go to anymore. That's all she had to do. Why does she go to the wine bar? They all go to just go to the donor place from two seasons. This should have been fined. So the dates like you said, were good, they really represented each of their in particular their particular sort of impulses joshes super romantic. Very simple sort of approach to nostalgia. Nathaniel making a grand gesture, but kinda messing it up by getting the date wrong. But it working out in the end because it's a very Nathaniel thing to do. Miss it up. But it works out at the end and then just the fact of Greg and Rebecca giving up on their date, and then just sliding right into, as you said, in TV, sort of edit of. Well, let's just half delivered. But I never know what I want to you. Get what you want. I mean I just looked at my person because we were watching it. I just went it's not a date. It's relationship. So no, it was really good. And like you I was like feeling really tended about doing the three dates and how sort of like did Centric was. But it all really worked well, tell straight all of them, plus, I mean, they blew their budget by going over to Los Angeles into the hills by the Griff Griffin observatory. So they had to do that. But it's really good. And I was I it has very nicely geared up for the finale. But yeah, tell me about Las not a game because this, I've really enjoyed this number I enjoyed how it sort of pivoted into from white Josh being, like, no, we shouldn't be doing this. L. J K. Let me late on some money. Well, I think there's a listener see wearing coming from this one important little info about Kate. I played guys and dolls the pit at least twice maybe three times in about six months when I o. Yeah. So, like I know and I had a wonderful time each time 'cause it must have just been twice. I don't know why like who the third one could have been thought it was three times six months, but it might it must have just been twice. But because I did it for with a community theater group. And then the high school was doing it and the, the guy running the pit found out that I because I wasn't being to pick didn't have enough time you found out that I had done the show that summer and he was, like, okay, you're playing the pit now we need more violence. Like tech week is next week. Come play the and because I had had to, you know, really practice it to learn re the previous time I still basically have like Havana memorize and these different things because like it's a really hard book, for those who don't know it's not Westside story hard, but it's like it is a challenging pit like there's a lot of real good music there for the orchestra in guys and dolls. And it yeah, it was just it was so much fun. I have really had so so strong place in my heart to start out with. But but for me. I love this number. It's my favorite number of the season. I would say, maybe the darkness is better kinda semantic level. But as far as just like fun and remembering song and the song that'll stick with you. This one's going to stick with me. I love that. The only white Josh number. We get is a really good one. Because not all the psychiatrist have actually gotten good songs to to really sink your teeth into, but he just crushes this. I think his, his, his dance chops and physicality throughout our terrific, his voice is gorgeous. And I it's one of those like, thank goodness you found a spotlight for him before the end before was too late. And that really feels what like with the dance number is like Valencia just like doing his peer wets just turning turning. And like I can do this all day guys. You won't even you have no idea and, and Paula with the tap break. Temperate goad like yeah. Yeah. You think those, those boys can tap? Will you see Paula, you know, so I I it really had a feel of we have a ridiculously overqualified supporting cast, we are going to give, as many of them and opportunity to, to do something in this last group number in. Right. Because it's a whole Ansaldo is, is terrific together there. They get little spotlight moments. But they're also just exactly what you need from a Broadway ensemble nand. That's not what we usually see in these kinds of shows in these kinds of TV musicals, and it certainly would when you see an ensemble when I've seen I should say you 'cause I haven't seen enough. Big shows in person knows posted recordings to, to really speak to that. So when I have seen on sample dance breaks, they people never look like this, either because the same height and roughly the same build because the that's you know what they're going for for the dance ensemble. So it's just really fun to see this whole crowd of people just get into formation. Basically, for this group, number, it was an absolute blast. And of course, the little mini reprise. We get with, with Rebecca labor is terrific. But it so captured the energy and the. Perspective of the show, it really excellent encapsulate what the show has been outside of Rebecca's personal journey. So, yeah, it was it was. I loved it. It was so good. I don't have anything to add to that. It's so I think I do think that your point about the variety versus of the cast in a dance ensemble here, as opposed to like, on a show which like you said, is generally sort of Samy. It just elevates it and gives it a whole like degree of lived in, in a way that you don't get with the show and a stage show for large extent depending on the show, and I think it just it's really delightful to see that play out here. And so that was really nice. Yeah. Who's really nice now a little sad about the fanatic. I'm very excited about the show, the live show that they record. Yeah. No. I I was excited. The clips of it just like, oh, good. They did. I'm being I'm getting buy. Yes. Good. Yes, those I see those white blazers there's only one song for that. Now. Do you have a of his way you think they're gonna go in the finale? Or are they are you not worried about that UN UN trying tend to Spain it? I've tried to stop into spin shows as much can Hjelm in that regard. And I think I've become a better TV viewers of it. Yeah. But. Yeah. So I think I don't want it to end up with anyone. But if she doesn't have with anyone needs to be, Greg yet was like I would love to see I like her choose no one except that. I don't think they've earned that. Yeah. No, not this Sealy David structuring the season. So. Yeah. Because we were all like team Paula. She's best friend instead, but the did that ending. So she's just go back to Audra clearly clearly, well, we'll have more thoughts on crazy school for next week. But for now let's go over to fresh off the boat in nerd watching, what was solid. I, I really enjoyed the musical like the music video numbers. We get felt those were were fun. Those the storyline main, the main plot with Evan and Eddie was took a little long to get where they're going for me. But, you know, I'll go with it. If it means they get these different music, video montages, I particularly enjoyed Jenny's left. I in waterfall sequence. What did you think of node watching I like to mainly because I always I always appreciate it. When they allow him reach you kind of loosen up a little bit so him, deciding, oh, you need to see two more birds. And then just. Flipping off Eddie and all. So good. It's so good impure, but no, the, the reason watch this upset are the music video recon recreation. So they did waterfall as you mentioned, and waterfalls, and I appreciated, Eddie going HIV, man. And then we had. -squitoes. I wish right at the top, and then they wrapped it up with a BC voice what you want, which required. It was beastie boys and it was so good. And yes, Jenny has left. I was great. Because my partner just went, of course. Ginny is luck die. And then the entire reason Jenny is left eye so that they can do her doing the lip sync of really fast rap part. On so no, it's really fun. But it's also one of those things where you go all these spent so much of their budget on this for the season on this. Which ties a little bit in to like speechless. Also blue their budget a little bit by doing the bare. In this week's episode. So if it's just a two two part like big, sort of all right. We're just we don't think we're gonna get another season even though the merger went through. But we're just going to pull out all the stops now. Yeah, I am curious to see what's going to happen with speechless. Particularly if it gets renewed, because they definitely went to, like, this is definitely our final season. We barely got renewed sluts really go for. Now, they're sending the there's ending judge college JJ after New York specifically, and yeah, we'll see. I would love it if they give new don't get me wrong. But like Nantou spitting it. We'll see. Yeah. How about tears house opening new doors? This is the last chunk of terraced house. Opening new doors, right? Yeah. No. This was part six so episodes, forty one to forty nine Kate so much drama. Just okay. All of the drama, so Soto who had invited Reese, co two the peaking glasses date, because there's a slot open leaves a couple of sowed into it, which is fine because it allows for the arrival of Masao WADA who is bassist for a number of bans in Japan, including a apparently, a fairly popular ban by the name of guests who know Columbia, Tomo and people were like shocked. It was him like he goes by a different name under that. And so people like what does. So it's someone. Reasonably famous in no small part. Because the span also through small scandal in two thousand sixteen because their lead vocalist, may or may not have been involved in some sort of a dull affair with television personality after he married a non celebrity. So there is a degree of scandal around the band that they've generally, I think, kind of come out of, but what does presence on the show is just really delightful. Because he's this thirty one year old man, who's just this big teddy bear whose hasn't been in a relationship for like six years. And there's just trying to find someone that he wants to spend spend have a romantic life with, and he thinks he finds someone here at terrorist house. And then in the final episode cheese says that she does not have feelings for him. And it's very sad because it's on Christmas Kate. It's on Christmas new. And so he she's telling him like this, he confesses feelings, like in the previous episode. And like just like. As is often the case with opening doors. It's like I feel for you feel free. Not to give me an answer just yet. Please think about it. And so he wants an answer Christmas. And when the woman provides an answer the departure was so for the trade or the ferry boat sounds almost immediately after allow is that like. Are allowed because they both turned to look at. Rose amazing. Yes, you cannot it's so good impure, and you need it because for a long stretch of this part all the women are basically at at odds with one another because there's discussions about people having too many off camera planning secrets super super hike, super reality shows, sort of stuff of, like two, people got together to sort of, basically stage, a rejection, sort of thing. Whereas another two people maybe escalated their relationship, but did it off camera and are playing very chaste on camera. And that has happened before it happened boys and girls in the city where some a couple were playing super chase. Because she needed to maintain her pop idol persona and they didn't want mess it up. So they were getting together when the cameras were away from the house, and no one knew about it for like a couple of weeks. But. Just stop doing things off camera everyone that solves all your problems. But this is like a high amount of drama circulating for solid like most of this part of the of the final part, and it's like they save all the drama for the end because spin of relatively like Lou drama season apart from more like socio sociocultural, sort of things like the kids from nowhere that I told you about in the fall, this is just generally been sort of loo drama season. So they saved it all for the end, basically. And that was kind of refreshing that it was all in the end. But it also made this part kind of nerve wracking, but layered by the fact that WADA is just so good and pure and lovely, and here's how lovely he is Kate. This, this kind of sums up both lovely his, but also like this show in its entirety of his first night in the house. Both of the other guys go to other part rooms in the house to sleep because his snoring is so loud. And distracting. They tell them about it. The next morning. He's like, oh, no. I am so sorry. So v comes back with literally every anti snoring product that they sell Japan to find out which one's going to work best, because that's how much she cares about creating a good environment, but also just system much about how nice this show is because anyone else would just got they can deal with it. If this was the American reality show, they would have been like you can deal with it, not this guy's like, I'm going to find every right strip and mask or guard or whatever we're going to figure this out. So my two front, new friends can sleep well. This show. So it was a really good part the entire season. I think is really good. Generally, I don't think it's quite as good as a boys and girls in the city, which is the first net flicks in coronation of this. But it's really delightful. It's really good. They've confirmed that there will be a nother season coming that will run from later this year into twenty twenty at least and that will take place in Tokyo because they were probably like, we're really tired of sitting cruise back and forth from this semi isolated location to Tokyo. So we're gonna we're gonna go back to Tokyo, y'all. And so that's what they're doing. So the next season's going to be Tokyo. It's going to start sometime in two thousand nineteen based on the truck board. And I'm very excited. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I really liked the location where they were visually. Yeah. It was lovely, but I can production-wise I get so, yeah, I don't know if I'll jump in, but I really drew, but I. Did watch tear sows m I have loved following wasn't happening. You like like tests are touching in with it. And that is I'm, I'm glad that this season was satisfying and ended up such a strong note. That's really entertaining like strong but sad. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another relenting episode is drag race repulsed great session, say, the drag lympics. So this is there the its group dance challenge basically, and the main thing with this is they're not down to ten queens with two teams of five and it is it just really refreshing. It's kind of like a like to sort of stop and take a breath and just have fun for a week. And because there's ten people right now they, it's too many people to do one on one challenges, really or to, like two person challenges. So they have two groups of five and because it's a dance challenge. There aren't Lido need to assign roles or anything deserves all going to have to learn choreography and dance. There's not a lot of drama there. So there's not a fit in like last week. They were fitting in three runways thirty three looks that just you had to keep moving moving moving moving so that you could get through everything. And it was really fun. And I really enjoyed that upset. But it was good to have a change of pace, then for this one. And so they give them time to really linger in certain things they linger with EV Allott. And with van g allot with some of their like what they have gone on this episode which I won't say anything about 'cause you haven't seen it, but the, the also there many challenge is with love Connie, and it's like a Jazzercise like Jane Fonda gal, gal stomaches is called, but it's it's like getting into their Jane Fonda, eighties workout gear. And yet, like I saw that, like the promote tease for it. I just went on as aerobics. It's so good. It's really funny. It's really good. And then the, the like they have Travis wall on, of course so for. So you think you can dance? Obviously, I'm a big fan of his, you know, I really enjoy his work and I he was in season, four as well. Did you watch the black swan or five, did you watch the black swan brew like repel, ballet that they did with? Elissa edwards. I think so. But I don't know for sure. Yes. So he choreograph that one he's back again here. And it just really it's delightful it works really well and the, the queen's just they, they just slay do so, well, it's really, really fun. There's fish, heavy stuff that they're dealing with behind the scenes with our like women in the work room stuff with some of the characters, but it just energetic. And if you live in everybody does a good job for the most part, and it's just it. I just really enjoyed this episode. So I hope that they do this again in future seasons. This is like a retread, but smarter of the cheer challenge from season nine right, right? And this is a smarter way to do it. And I just I want Travis while to be back as a choreographer. I want them to do these dance challenges, and it was just super fun. So I look forward to your thoughts next week. Yeah. And it's all say okay so let's talk about last week tonight with John Oliver. They did in episode centered on the WB, and I really enjoyed this segment is, is probably the most entities. They've done this season. I saw a few people online on Twitter and stuff come to, like, why would you like there's so many things wise this thing you talk about. And I feel like it's so smart. And so on point for our current, like political conversations. We're having the special everything around unions, and about billionaires CEO's exploiting, their work four. So I thought it was right on brand, and also really funny and really entertaining and really well researched. And I, I hope it comes to for, which, I hope that there is a like a pro union chant, that happens that vessel mania. We'll see what happens, but I, I would love this like, did something. Yeah. If you're wondering why they w you obviously. Paying attention to the segment is kind of how I feel about that. Yeah. Because none of this was particularly new to me in no small part because friend of the show Corey Barker, who actually came onto talk about WW with, like last year or the year before head told me all about the very terrible employment and labor practices that the WWE employs from registering them, as independent contractors to the various like a crowd funding avenues that retired wrestlers have to go through to pay for medical bills, because there's no such thing as a pension or retirement fund for these folks because they're independent contractors. And so all of that I thought was really well done. And the reasons why it's important like you said, are like giving giving your employees, especially when they're fulltime employees not contract workers. Let's be very clear here and. And all of that sort of stuff is important when we're talking about labor employment today. And this is just a really as as, as the WWE is demonstrated across its entire existence. It can become a microcosm of society in no small part because the table to react to things very quickly. And whether that's for good or for ill as a business. This has been something that has been building over number of years, so to highlight in this way, I think it was really effective. And it's also like you said, deeply funny because they made sure to do a super cut of watching Vince McMahon get hurt and there's nothing really better than watching Vince McMahon. Get hurt because he's awful. So yes, I'm hoping that something happens at wrestlemainia and that there's some good chance happening end. Yeah. I'll be interested in hearing about it on Monday from Corey sickly. Yeah. In timing this to be the week before wrestlemainia was smart, and it was. Yeah. It was. I also appreciated the clear glee in infectious. Joy that Oliver has towards wrestling, and that was, I think it was essential to make a segment work, and anything their their way to people who just don't understand wrestling, and don't understand entertainment, storytelling, who look down on wrestling, who like, oh, it's fake girl, different things fairly everything you watching TV's, but just about everything all actors, these actors just, you know, also do incredibly choreographed fight scenes at the time live. Come on. What's wrong with you? So, yeah, it's just I think that was a really important part of it to, to make sure that the audience knows that, that Oliver is not talking down to them is not critiquing their sport or their, their entertainment, their favorite show. And ended it doesn't need. It's not as some game you can be both. You know, if people want to choose to go into this field knowing the dangers knowing the risks, that's fine, then but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be protected by basic, workers comp. You know. So it was it was really, really fun segment. And it also feeds very nicely into the delightful return of legends of tomorrow, Lucia quest us, which is there like nineteen sixties, Mexican Ludar episode. And it was really, really good. I this episode so much. What did you think? I thought it was fine. I'm curious to see what you really responded to this. I think I just got bogged down in some, some of the Eva and Sarah staff of, why are we doing this again? Why, why are we doing this whole? I can't trust you. Why are you here and it's just like but. But, but, but, but type of thing of like this is this is frustrating, and I'm kinda tired that we're dipping back into that. Well again, but I, I think I just got bogged down in that aspect of it, as opposed to joying, the degree of Salinas that comes in of like turning Gary's brain in too much with the memory flasher, hen, just how abused Gary is in how just good at playing it. Adam Chapman treatment, I think is ad depicting that so I think I think that there's plenty of enjoyment here, but I'm also just like how how how, how does the Kobe get into this? And how did he get that outfit? And I had just so many like plot logistics questions about how this was working out that I wasn't quite sure how all was supposed to work in knows getting caught up in details as opposed to the spirit and the mood of the episode. Which is generally really good. And they capture that I think, generally fairly while by limiting their location to the ring that they're in, because goodness knows that are not going to recreate Mexico City in nineteen sixty one in Vancouver. But so I think there's good stuff in here. I just got bogged down in details Kate, I got bogged down. Too many details, but I'm excited about Nate's natives Ariz, sort of, like attempt at a sting operation Nate. He's setting himself up as a double agent against his dad. So I'm interested in seeing how that plays out. But yeah, it was fine. So tell me what you really enjoyed about it. Because generally knowledged was fun. Just didn't click for me, somehow. Okay. Well, I'm sorry that you don't like fun things and just have. No, joy, okay? We both know that that is not true. Okay. So, yes, I know I'm not being fair. So what I enjoyed about this goes pretty much everything. So I here we are coming from, especially with Sarah and APIs f but for me actually it. It would be irritating. If Eva wasn't upset at Sarah countermanding her instructions, because she's supposed to be your boss in, so yes, obviously, we've seen her side with the legends before in the Sarah's always, right? The legends are always right for the most part. So I get that. But I would've felt like it wasn't true to her character into her history. If there wasn't some pushback in, she didn't she wasn't frustrated is like the thing where you're in a fight with someone and you know that you're wrong, but ended the person is right. But that's not really the point the points they didn't have your back. You know. Yes, I expect you to defend me about the thing that I'm clearly not that I'm clearly wrong about definitely Roma won. Best picture, guys. I watched it that happened. You know, like, yes, I expect you to have my back on that even though we both know that I was wrong misremembered it, but I couldn't get out of the situation gracefully. You're supposed to. Off with me and you did it. And that's why I mad like obviously this is much higher stakes situation of that. But that felt more lived in real for their relationship than it would have been to see her to have a just go with Sarah against everything that she has built her career on even if she knows inside the stairs. Probably. Right. So, so. Yeah. I mean I get it. Yes. We've been here before it that it is a bit of a retread. But we also got sexy Tango inside. Don't really such a very good. It was very good. It was very fun. And even though series eyebrows was distracting. The I don't know what happened there. But like the makeup was pretty good. But then her it was the whole thing is very distracting when I was watching it. What else I I mean we got we got Ray being the ring let's give like it was also it was so fun. I like desire in Nate stuff like you said, I like. Where they have really developed the Nate in his dad relationship over the course of the season, in a way that feels lived in real, just where he is absolutely villain in wrong, and bad. But he also is other. He also has been a good father at times. He also has been a terrible father at times, and he's multiple things. In a way that still feels totally appropriate for the show, which is the right amount of broad and the right amount of specific in and doing both of those things in a really satisfying way, like for me this episode. Gosh, the camp and silliness of, of the my limited knowledge of Ludar, wrestling, absolutely right. And married that tone throughout the episode. And this idea goes perfectly with the drug Olympics to for from drivers this blending of something could be. Ridiculously ridiculous and silly, and that doesn't negate the power of the emotional heart to it. And it's this it's legends does so, well, so for me that was a threat throughout the episode. And I thought they really nailed that. So I'm really it was also just such a lovely way to come back and I watch this like a week or two ago with the screener, so I hadn't seen all the ads and everything too. So I didn't know it was going to be Mexican wrestling. Episode going into. So I got that fun of the surprise and the energy throughout as well. I also like what we go Constantine here. I thought it was a good way to incorporate him without having it be about him. I think too often they just lean on the Miskel things that he can be more important figure in the episode. And I thought that this blended the tones of the shows in the different characters. Well so, yeah, the ending was darker them. I would have liked. Yeah. But it's a reason for her to be on the ship now. So yes, it is. Yeah. That's make another friend. I guess poor Kobe. Just just what that bathroom needs another garrison exact about. Oh man. Good times. I hope they never changed that on the ship. Anyways any final thoughts on legends. Are you looking forward to this half season? Oh, no. I'm definitely looking forward to it and I'm very excited about it. I mean by only lasts thought again is like another instance of meeting down the details. They misspelt fundraiser on the banner at the gala, okay? They, they put a space between fund raiser that's weird that's weird. I just went that's not correct. Yeah. Yeah. Feels like somebody messed up the spelling by a letter in autocorrect did that they didn't notice or something, you know that that's disappointing though. I will say as someone who is such a pendant for spelling. I have I was point by student that I have had the word exercise spilled wrong on all of my students lesson notes in and practice logs for years, because I have the British spelling and not the American spelling. And it's now bothering me to my core 'cause is nothing. I can do about the years where it was spelled wrong, and I just don't have the time to fix it right now. So I'm giving them practice logs with exercise spelled wrong, and I know it and I can't fix at the time. These are the challenges of being grammar pedants. Yes, my hourly rate is super photo. I get afford my hourly rate, let alone anyone else's. Yeah. And we all know I under value my time, so. Yeah. No, it's I'm very glad that legends is back and I look forward to this next this next season. What was your we can TV? Well, I wanna mention full-frontal Samantha b they have the Lewis brothers for their third segment, and they went to go talk about Sach Greek statuary since Greece such has been co opted, by the alright, and what's premises recently very explicitly, but it has been for a little while prior to them and talked to museum carriers and researchers. And scientists about. Yeah, no, we don't know why this is like this, either because these were painted being displayed, and thus depicted, people, many different colors, and also the Greeks ancient Greeks didn't really have a whole big concept of whiteness, really based on. Research. So they're just doing this, because it's marble is the entire point of the thing of, like, yeah. No, they're, they're just behaving like this, because it's marble and moves brothers are very, very good in the segment. And the entire something is generally just a lot of fun. So encourage you to seek it out and watch it, you can probably just watch the segment individually on YouTube, where they break up the show. But it was it was very good at nine joined it. But I think what wins might week is probably I have a date tonight with terrace house, opening new doors. Which aired like two weeks ago. Very close second. What about you so much? Good. TV. Yeah. I think I have to give it to craziest girlfriend, I have a date tonight, but strong honorable mention to veep, and even even drag race to like I really liked pretty much all the TV I watched this week. So it was it was a good week at TV for me. I didn't get a lot of Ewing in, but it was a high hit two MS ratio. Was this week's full-frontal did they do that interview with the kid gun vaccinated? Yes. I saw that segment as well as the floating around and I really enjoyed that. So the, the Riverdale thing that one was okay. I sort of enjoyed it. I my favorite bit was her coughing into a which entering Schiff and not even trying to hide the fact that the bloods, already on the handkerchief before she even costs. 'cause you can kind of see it. I just went. I do love you show. Good time times. Now, we will take a break listen to a trailer for Hansie's one income back with our season spotlight on Amazon's new adaptation of the film, Hamma. We'll be right back after this. Suck above your father. Do you know why kept in the forest? Did you tell you where he was going? The are worried about him. They're safe. Now. She's faking richer scale out of there. Tell me why should find before she finds us. She say if anyone is this not exist? Exists people trying to me. To trust me. I don't trust anyone. I want to give you a normal life. Two. It destroy. To the flame. Did you grow? Do you think I'm we it? Awesome wonderful. Full pay. There's hun. How dangerous fees? I want to lose you. Almost equal. Why did they want to? Steve just. She smith. So. Fia. Folks, that knows it's dying. Just. Cage, that was the trailer for Amazon's Hannah, which is, of course, adaptation of the film from few years ago, about a like a tween young teen who is an assassin in her name is Hannah, I meant to get to all of this managed to time for a couple of sodas knoll has seen all season one. So I will let's start with, you know, 'cause, you know better. How was Hannah? It's. It's like a lot of is in that fine. I think like the big thing about it is, like, wow. This was okay. Killing reunion is the best way. Since this stars estimate creed miles Hannah, but it has merely as Mercer Wieger takes over in the Cape Blanchette role of the CIA, spook and Joachim who plays Erik Heller taking over from the Arab banner role in the twenty eleven Phil SMU creed miles takes over social rodents role in the original film, and yet, it's basically like fine. It loses a lot of the. The kind of dark not dark, but the sort of, like fractured fairy tale sort of aspect that the twenty seven film, has and goes instead for Clint from consequence of sound described sort of a warmed over twenty four and it's about accurate, especially in the middle part of the episode season. Is that just feels like a warmed over twenty four and not a particularly good warmed over twenty four? And that makes the show sort of have to rely on Enos candidate increase miles to kinda carry things, and thankfully, they do, but there's nothing particularly essential here, and totally aesthetically the best thing about it, which is a good carry over from the film while there isn't a whatchamacallit chemical brothers soundtrack here. There's really good muse. Supervision here. There's a lot of really solid like sound choices musical choices I should say that go really well with sequences here in this particular film, not film intelligence series. So I think there's good stuff mainly on the music and the action level. But there's nothing completely essential about this, because it retreads the movie super hardcore, and it's a little frustrating that there's nothing super interesting about it until, like the last two episodes, and then it becomes. Oh, right. Here's what we want to do the whole time type of thing. Now, can I jump to the last two episodes reasonably? Yeah. You probably can okay because all I will tell the thing I can tell you is that you can jump to those last two episodes, and I can tell you that Marissa basically gets pivoted out of the. Primary antagonist role and someone else comes in to fill that void while she's sort of like figures out who she wants to be sort of the decision. She makes the end will not surprise you and. So, yeah, you could jump to that because they finally it turns out that you tracks is started up the project again, basically with a whole new group of girls and it's been much more successful, except for trainee, two four nine who's also really the like one of, I think, to trainees of color, who's similarly different in terms of, like what's going on with all this stuff. Why are we doing this? And it's like that doesn't feel pointed at all show. And so. Those less to have the most action in them of, which is a weird thing to say about show that's based on something like Hannah where there's long stretches of no one fights. There's not a lot of fight choreography by choreography. There is okay. But the last two have a fair amount of action choreography that are better than what's come before. And it's just weird that they wanted to really kind of character driven story, but really struggle to think execute that really well or in a way that's compelling or interesting feels fresh everything. Just feels really wrote on by the numbers, and I can't tell how much of that is the problem of one to Hugh relatively closely to the original film, which they do for good chunk of the season versus wanting to do all of that. So they contrition doing virtual story should they get a second? Which is what they set up themselves for. But they also the way that the show ends could this be the end as well? It would generally be okay. But I don't know what a second season of the necessarily looks like at how fresh fields from a teenage Jason Bourne, sort of deal. Okay. So I want to pesetas of this, and I watched the I haven't seen the movie. So have the words you're just saying, I have no idea what they mean. But I can fill the blanks. So the first episode, I thought was solid, and it was a good start. It was like, okay, I'm curious why? I've seen such middling reviews of this based on this first episode. They've got a very talented cast. And I was really watch the killing but Marinos is very good Joachim. It is very good. And I think, though young actor they cast to be Hannah does a good job the stuff we get with her end the, the, the young polish boy is great really, really works. Great physicality, the good awkwardness in everything. I think that, that really works. Then we get the second episode and I'm immediately out. I'm so hard out from the show after the second episode. I like that the it's called like friend, I live as a family that they introduce who are going on vacation going on holiday, and, you know, there's teen drama with the eldest daughter. Or the eldest child, but that they all work great, but we take Hannah from having grown up her tire life in a forest with one person. She has ever met in ever talked to who is her father, and then she meets another person and by because she talked to someone she like people with guns, come, and she has to run away at her reaction to this is I know let's go. Make friends hang out at the mall like it's horrible. It's really bad. It's really bad writing. I don't second believe that she is capable of handling all this contact with people all the noise and the hustle, like g should be completely disoriented and she should be completely a uncomfortable, just being around people and that doesn't happen when there's a convenient moment she covers her she puts her hands over her ears. Ears because of the noise. But, but only when there's a convenient moment for it. She's not thrown by interacting, with people in a way that she should be she should be super messed up from only like compared to what we expect from a character in a show from only having interacted with her father, her entire life. Like they, they make a point to show that her dad's been educating her. Apparently he knows everything about every subject, so that she can be fluent in conversations until the plot needs are not to be. But and he's taught her multiple languages and history. And it's really important for her to know the Beatles, and the godfather. Yeah. Exactly. You know without having ever seen them or hurt. Yeah. I mean it's just it's, it's a what I saw was a good cast and good production elements with. Bad lazy writing. I mean, I try not to say Lisi rating, because I'm sure somebody worked really hard on writers, probably work, their butts up. But it's very convenient writing. It's very it's not curious writing at all. And it's frustrating because you have these based on these first couple of says, I think the pieces of an interesting show. Interesting story here that they don't care about telling because they care more about having a teen action superstar about any sort of actual person. And yes, obviously in these sort of action, blockbuster kind of movies in this case TV shows. We're all often asked to check our, our, our brain a little bit at the door into willing suspension of disbelief in all of that. But if you want me to connect with this kind of character and her what she's dealing with as a teen. Than you can't. Ask me to shut off my brain. You either one or the other. You can't Doug it both. And so when she's like just going out for a makeover at the mall with her new friend and not like still being thrown by this is what a car is having never seen a car in her entire life yet. It's too much. I can't give it to him. That's where I met with. No. I think I think too, large degree. That's fair. There's a lack of acclamation processing that happens in this, and it's impart because the show is really wrapped up in explaining you tracks, which is the agency organization that created Hannah and, or yeah. Created hannah. I think it's the best way of phrasing that developed. It's weird anyway. Especially when they like veer away from her subject. Subjectivity a lot, which is up for a lot of for a lot of the stretch particularly like episodes, three and four really focus on Eric. And his goals of retaking done you tracks and it's like buddy. I mean, I know that they care, but. Foot splits. Let's back a little bit and think, and so this shows also like more interested in filling out a degree of mythology about what's happened in have what have these came to be then is maybe necessary because it doesn't have anything really to the story is the largest problem here is like. Flushing out the weirdness of Allah, g from the film doesn't add anything because it's just oh, it's a government agency. That's doing things to women young girls and training them to be super assassins. And it's like, yes. And that, that is no longer the implant that you need to do now you have to do something else, and there is no nothing else that you can add to that, at least, not in the decision to sort of limited to the last two heads degree. And so, well, there's like, good bits of like sort of teenage drama of, like of which McCall, it Hannah sort of, like getting petulant rebelling against Eric to be. Why don't you take me on the shoot 'em up mission in this kind of stuff, and, like getting really kind of off frustrated by that or she hooks back up with sofi after certain point, and then so fee. No sorry Hannah makes is out and the hasn't has sex with the boy that Sophie is super into. Like navigating that sort of stuff, generally seems super easy, and we close over the fact that she just is apparently super baddeck kissing like two weeks prior to this and is now totally comfortable having sex and to your point about cars. I'm like, where did that emotional are just come from that I did not across for follow at all? What was she watching on the train in the van or like literally who told her about all this? I don't think Arab did. Well, it's one thing to be told there's a thing called a band, and they music and music, which is something you've never heard of side of nature. Sounds sounds like things and then in that in one famous band, is the Beatles, and one of their most famous, like an actually experiencing it. So even if you want to say, well, her father told her all about L things that exist in the current world, like, even if you are willing to give them that which you shouldn't, but even if you do, it's a very different thing to experience it. Like I almost wanted a little bit unfrozen caveman lawyer. Small demons inside this box like. If you've never experienced technology, which is, which is, I think what the first episode. Indicates, like, implies with her reaction to how that, that truck thing is. Yeah. Like, how are you not like it could have shown her like observing the boy from the beginning, you know, and then coming back in like like she'd been like watching like figuring out ways to get to the edge of the forest or whatever in, like observing some other things in acclimatizing learning from that. Right. But they don't in so don't get both of these things like how does she understand doors? You know like. She's never experienced door until she's being held prisoner. But somehow like jailbreaks no problem. Welcome to the fun. Yeah. It's not a difficult concept the door. But you but you get what I mean anyway. Yeah. Yeah. So I think there's just generally again, this lack of thought he said and that. Real means the actors have to do a lot of the lifting and the degree to which, though, successful out successful just kind of depends on bases. And that's frustrating yet and I know it sound very harsh because I'm being harsh, but I do actually really appreciate the performances that we're getting, I think what they're good. They're doing a really good job and the amount that I was actually interested in these characters is impressive. My brain rebelled how much my palate rebelled against the setup for for, for Hannah and the like that second episode and how they the writers have her respond to everything. So, yeah, yeah, I sound real, I it's really harsh my response. But. It. That's not a reflection on the actors, that's not a reflection on the direction in a big way. I mean for me it really just comes down to the writing. So, yeah, yes, should I watch the movie you should watch the movie from Joe, right? Guy who did. Atonement right. Yeah. Yeah. And it's. I think it captures catches a really good vibe that the show, does not like I said that there's this sort of like fractured. Fairytale sort of approach to it that. This show, just isn't interested in bracing. And I wanted to cover up time to rewatch it. But weirdly despite getting the picking up Hannah as a television series Amazon didn't pick up the show for prime video. I mean, the movie for prime video and I just went, but. But wanted to I wanted to watch this, but I don't wanna pay like four dollars to rent it. So I think that's kind of frustrating. So, but I would encourage you to check it out. I will note that one of the writers from the movie to a polish on it. David far is largely responsible for at adapting? This. But he just stripped out all the good. Interesting things for some reason, the movie that he has a writing credit for. And as like. I don't understand why we meet these choices. Even down to the fact that like. Their entire split. Like in the forest comes from what you call it that Eric just kind of leaves. Hannah. To watch him call it that there's a petition coming. So he's sort of like activates tracking beacon as I recall correctly. And then just leaves Intel's Intel's hand it's up to her to meet her in Berlin is sort of like a final training missions ordeal. And that's a little messed up. But it's also like a plunges are into this world in different sort of way than it does here. And I think there's more there's more compelling stuff here in the film than there to my recollection. Again, it's been a lot. I don't think I've seen this since it came out in theaters. I saw it in theaters. But you do also get the benefit of Cape Blanchette. I am. So why wouldn't you want that thing? It's a good thing, though again. I like Marino's in what I saw. But yeah, yeah. Cape cable inches. Cape lunch. Well. Tim tempted to nothing positive Braise for us here until for Hannah. Let us know if you agree or disagree with love to hear your thoughts. If you're onboard with Hannah, you think I should really finish the season, let me know we did here, by the way from Vince, which we should mention the top of the show, but we're asking what Amazon properties people were excited about 'cause, you know, obviously we were excited about hand enough to watch it. But we were having trouble thinking, of course, Vince reminded us that they renewed the expanse. So that is one that I know a lot of people are really excited and looking to, including four mentioned Clinton Worthington of the sound and the school. But yeah, the this it's not speaking well to development, right? Yeah. There are a number of things that I keep thinking I wanna watch like forever with my Rudolph from or there's that Natalie dormer hanging. Doc, which meant to watch, but it's like, never think to watch it. Yeah, yeah. Amazon really, there's no excuse for help poor their video platform is in their absence stuff for like streaming Amazon primal. It's rough. Yeah. Anyways, okay. Well, I guess we'll wrap that up there. If you show notes you could oppose for this episode over the television that or where you can leave us, comment, not thought of the TV, you can Email us television, G dot com. You can like our page on Facebook started conversation there or you can find us in IT with 'em for a chaptered feed in three unsheltered feed were also up Stitcher, and we can leave us rating review either place. We'd love to hear from you. If you do us rating review in situ, or nineteen let us know, because we don't always find out about that for, you know, we rephrase, I don't always find out about that for years. Until later when I realize, oh, you can do comments in Lipson. I didn't know that anyways, you also, of course my both of us on Twitter. I am at the television in Knowle. You're at Noel, R K. So every sort of my newsletter. So if you like to subscribe to that, you can go to tiny letter dot com for slash spaghetti on Tuesday. So, yeah, if you're interested in that it's totally free. I'm not charging anyone for this because it's that's, that's silly. And it's my, my newsletters kind of silly even though I've been very happy with the past two been super Superfund would recommend have enjoyed. Yes. Thank you can subscribe described ring the bell. Well on that note, thank you all. Thank you, everyone for listening. We'll be back next week with another delivers.

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