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Today's Chad breakthrough show is sponsored by express. Vpn Your online activity shouldn't be public protect yourself. Express VPN DOT com slash. Watch Chad it. Is Party to mom. Welcome to another episode. The Chad Braid. Their show here in the mothership studio twenty two piloted by the One and only puppet master. Mark Tate who is driving us into the nether regions. We are deep into the corona virus. Right now candy. The Ethiopians keeping US abreast of all things corona all things cove nineteen all things. Woo flew all things Chinese virus. I don't know party fell Steve. If you understand this but this disease is racist it is completely racist. Because how dare you ever talk about the origin of the disease? I'm offended you should be offended. Hot News Natalie. Everyone in this room as we social distance ourselves from one. Another should be offended. I may be offended for all of you. Watching those view chatting sitting there watching on your little youtube social distancing away sitting in your office not interacting with people get out my friends. Play Board Game Breathe. Fresh air drink a beer but not in a Bar. Because they've all been closed out there all shutdown. Don't go to Florida. Do not do that because there's no restaurants there's no bars clearwater. Beach is packed with people but clearwater beach nasty. So here we are after yesterday. Twenty four hours later. We're still here. We've been quarantined to this room of studio twenty. Two in the odds of US ever leaving are slim. Candy will not let us leave. It's almost like mystery science theater three thousand. We're stuck. It's most definitely an interesting time to be alive. No one has ever seen anything like this in the history of of our lives most fast food restaurants shutdown yesterday amid growing fears of the virus. I myself upon hearing the news when immediately Burger King and got a whopper junior. The city of Dallas is closed all restaurants and bars for the next seven days and more and more people are calling for our governor. Greg Abbott to make this effective statewide. Don't know our relationship with China is heating up. The president referred to the corona virus as the Chinese virus in a tweet late last night. San Francisco is on lockdown with residents required to stay inside their homes unless a medical emergency. Nope telling what's going to happen to their population of homeless wiping their asses in the street. Now Nancy Pelosi our favorite. Nancy has called for politicians to practice social distancing from her and other house members which ironically have been practicing since the day they were born. So I love you Nancy. But we're GONNA AIR HUG it. Have OUT THAT FOLKS. I'm excited about today's program. 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We find that they are as functional as they are fun. Thick is made plant based thickness for superior lather. So you're going to need that. Gross Nasty loofah anymore. Throw that thing in the trash and as an added bonus when you have to seventeen and a half ounce bottle of thick. You're getting a light arm workout so visit. Duke. Canon DOT COM. Use the Promo Code. Watch chat for fifteen percents off your entire order. Free Shipping with orders over thirty dollars. You get a range of Duke Cannon. Men's premium products that are also available your local target go to do cannon dot COM use. Promo Code Watch Chad. Hey welcome back. Everybody hope you didn't get sick during that little quick break question on social media this morning. I put it on my watch. Chat breakthrough page choke all of your following. It's the name of it is watch Chad. Pray through someone else. Sent me a message. This morning Hot News and said. How many facebook pages do you have? Four that you need to know about jat breakthrough Chad prayed. Their political cowboy watched chat so watch temperature so oppose it on there and I said there's two million followers on this page. How many of you personally know somebody? I saw that. That has contracted corona virus. Personally know a lot of can't read a lot of people can't answer questions so yes or no question. Do you know anyone personally is what I have? And of course there were few that knew it. There were some who the way they said. It made me doubt their response or affirmative response like there was one lady on there who went on and on about how her family member just died the other day from it but yet if you went to her page he had a ton of memes making fun of it and I'm like no don't think like you're lying because I just can't imagine anybody putting humorous memes about a disease on there that you know anyway with someone they just lost you if they just lost someone they loved. Yeah yeah that'd be tough. I did see that on your page this morning and I saw quite a few said that they knew people And I actually. There were a couple who passed away. And there's a couple that are in the hospital right now. A severe pneumonia tested positive. Say I mean but again the sheer ratio of it was huge because there was about six thousand comments underneath that most of them were no. So we'll see people. Everybody has conspiracy theories party foul. Steve has joined that party. Oh yeah of. What now. About all kinds of conspiracies that are out there. Do I believe any of them know Steve? You've got some thoughts. I've got a few. Where do you want to? I want to start with the strongest one. You have the strongest one. I change my mind. The entire world is trying to get us in our homes around the TV's so they can introduce us to alien wrong with you know. I think there's a possibility. What if they're just getting us all in her home. So we're watching. Tv and then they make that announcement that we've made contact aliens. Have TO DO WITH ANYTHING. I I just think it's a possibility. I wouldn't rule it out. Well if they're going to make sure that you don't want the world to go into chaos so that'd be more calm you're all in your own hug and a half to make that announcement pretty quickly. Because if they don't know none of us are making money to be able to pay our bills so that we won't have TV on on Thursday. Okay the money after that. Do you have cable television anymore? No exactly you let yours go. That's right I cut the cable exactly. That's what people throw commodities are going to go away. You're not gonNA need any of that if there's alien she don't need to be in your house on social media well let me just say that. The aliens at this point are driving past earth and locking their doors. Because they don't want anything to do that's my that's the wildest. I wanted you to change my mind about something to change your mind. I mean they're like they're like in a bad neighborhood at three. Am you can hear the walk on the alien spacecraft as it flies past. We've lost our free and minds out here. I mean. This is uncharted territory. We've never been in a situation like this. J lovely wife. Jane continues to say this is just all surreal. You know this is weird. You know you go to her clinic there. They don't let anybody in the waiting room right now. They're having to wait in their cars and then bring him in which I think is smart. I think it's actually smart. The social distancing thing has like I wanNA do a t shirt that says something about social distancing like. I'm socially distant that's actually part of. The problem is social distance. We need I mean we quit letting our kids play in the dirt. Get dirty and get all the stuff that they should get get immune to it and now we freak out over you know. Well that's an Enormou- world. Now they're doing social distancing which they recommend six feet separation or ten feet in now. They're saying ten feet nine and ten feet up because they don't want you to give it away to somebody with an underlying condition. So he might not even know it intersects came out yesterday. You know famous Hollywood actor. I don't understand how these people Hollywood are testing positive for. I've heard speculation that it's because they travel a lot more and bigger to go to the beach. People say the funniest things you know. Well they get to go to resort communities and hang out together and okay but it came out and he doesn't have symptoms. He's non symptomatic so you have these people that that's the deal is their corn to self quarantine because they don't want to give this unthinkable Somebody with underlying condition Your mother my mother your mother I mean they all have these things. Talk to my mom. This morning I like mom. Stay in the house she said. Don't worry what if this is genetically designed disease to wipe out. The older population could bay. I mean well I'll tell you I'll tell you you know so. Donald Trump came under a lot of a lot of crap yesterday because he called it. The Chinese Corona virus. Donald Trump is trying to explain to us in so many ways without just coming out and saying that China created something. Let it go in order to control their protesters and then they lied to the world about the nature of this thing and the spread and they didn't shut down their borders. What are you laugh at Christmas smiling? Finally Listening Ira Hall with our for our raw true but you know we catch a little flak about making fun of the disease. We're not making fun of the disease is making fun of People's reactions the craziest things. I cannot believe the number of people yesterday when I was in there trying to buy all my gas cans. Atwood's everybody else was in there trying to get their gas cans by Kathy as well narcissist party vow. Steve is in their mind. His dammed up get no gas. Prices are at all time low. I thought hey wouldn't hurt the all time but I mean in the last few years stockpiling the gas cans talked me about people saying that. Calling it the Wuhan flu is racist. So that's the thing I don't want to get into some stuff later on in the show. Got Some Fun video to show you and all that stuff but so trump is trying to explain to us in so many words There are a ton of viruses and diseases that affect the world on epidemic of not pandemic levels and we know a lot of them so this idea that Wu Han flu or virus or Chinese Virus Chinese. Corona virus is racist. First of all Chinese is not a race. China is not a race. It's a nationality. So you got you got a list or something bad. GimMe GimMe Gimme a rundown machine gun. Those things let me do is take a walk through disease memory lane here. Seventeen diseases named after places or people come up with K- get ready to be offended. West Nile virus the Guinea Worm Rocky Mountain spotted. Fever lime disease. Ross river fever those Ross River people. I don't like him. I don't like them. I don't want them coming to my house. Ebola Valley Fever Marburg which valley. You may look no no no yeah I wanNA tell you it was in California oh remember that TV show. I case came from Argentina. Got It like a fever. Teddy gag me Marburg virus now. That one's were everything you start bleeding from all your orifices see. Nobody knows anybody. That's doing that. That was Marburg Germany. Okay norovirus Zeka. Japanese encephalitis Japanese tour. You know what going back to the Zeke of people don't realize it places like Zico like that's a place Z. Roars in Uganda. Yeah Yeah German measles Spanish flu which I sent you last night information. I didn't send you the Spanish Louis C. I sent you the stats about the Spanish flu. And how many people it killed during war. One crazy Lhasa River Am I saying that? Right Nigeria and Legionnaire's disease so orange. Yeah American no no here I wanNA tell you It was the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia. Mylar that Philadelphia Philadelphia. Well I mean those are white people I mean. Surely they were white people. Yeah so that's the deal. I mean come on the issue is it. Everybody could see through this the issues that Donald Trump look at no matter. What the man does I point now. Steve Ray agree with you. This is hard. Go ahead because I've been giving you my theories over in that. Donald TRUMP IS GONNA come out of this thing smelling like a rose. Absolutely it's GonNa be a hero through this thing gotta be a hero and I truly believe I'm GonNa go on record and you can get pissed off at me. You could come at me. Say anything you know. We talked to pastor Denison Franklin yesterday. Great Little Talk with him and various other people that are out there and I have the more I talked to people the more I realize. Donald Trump is in position. Because I believe God put him there. I believe put in there. It's a divinely directed thing. It's the grace of God that's weird because Donald trump to me. He's the barbarian right right. But he's in this place. He's in this spot. He doesn't care. Pray for the president. Looks Tired Man's worn? It sounds tires only probably down to from three hours of sleep a night down to one but he is a bull in a China cabinet. Not Please don't be offended that I said that China Shop. Yes China shop camping China Shop. Either either way. He's he stirs up trouble. No question now but but I'll tell you can you imagine. Imagine Hillary Clinton where the President Right now? No but I've also got that Komo was this morning on the news talking about how great the president and his team have responded to your he was talking so good about the same thing. Gavin newsom said to him but this is also they realized. You know what we're better off under this and we are Bernie Sanders our bylaws. They'RE GONNA. They're they're talking good about him because they don't want to show you. I'm going to show you some video. You know biking came out. I watched the first half hour of the debate. The other day Biden came out and actually strunk some good sentences together which was effective for him. But I'm going to show you some video later in the show that I'm GonNa give you a prime example of what Bernie Sanders America. Looks like and if you don't have strong solid leadership the Donald Trump came out yesterday and I just make this point when he said in. The media sucks man. The media's such fake news. Nobody knows what to believe about this whole thing because they don't know who to trust they don't go to so they come out yesterday. And you know trump says we pull this pick took a screen shot of it and I know I gotta move quick. You know it came out and he said we'll be backing you but try getting it yourself. He told the governor is talking about the ventilators. Try Getting it yourselves. Point of sales much better much more direct if you can get yourself so what they took out of that. Was you know people writing things that Oh trump's leaving you all alone he just don't you just go get it yourself now. He said it's easier if you don't involve the federal government to try and make the bureaucracy happen it's common sense. He's right he's right. It's always easier to people on twitter. We'll both exactly what he said. People like you're not that stupid. You're not that stupid. If you're I mean you know you're twisting those words to try to make that man say something he absolutely did not say people on twitter. Say Well he said You. GotTa go good at yourself now. He said we'll be back. And you will help you but cut out the middleman cut out the red tape cut out the bureaucracy. Try to get it yourself. It would be far easier for me to go to the store and buy something then to send Steve and hope he comes back with the right stuff or at what time is just is right. I'M NOT INSULTED Steve. I don't WANNA have Steve Do. I don't have to go to the store because I already have it but I remind Mr Gasoline Steve Look for gasoline. Unloaded are- so sick of this racist thing. I watched last night Harlem Nights Red Fox her and I'm like Oh. Yeah Yeah. Comedy was calm yes. Hey It's shocking that your home can be stolen this easily and brutal. That's what the brutal lesson Debra learned. Oh Deborah when thieves founder homes title online and forged it now. We can laugh about tongue in cheek about deborah. But I'm telling you this is serious stuff. They literally took ownership of her home. It can happen to you in an instant thieves legally owned her home. She got addicted spent a fortune in legal fees. Trying to get it back. Fbi calls home title fraud. Some of the one of the fastest growing crime. That's out there and you don't WanNa be next. That's why I urge you to protect the online title to your home with home tidal. Lock the legal documents to all of our homes are kept online. Where thieves hunt them. Can you imagine be going through this stuff right now and adding that on top of everything else that you're having to deal with? Is someone steals your home title. They forged the documents and state that you sold your home to them then they borrow against your home and stick you with the payments. There's no insurance or bank. That's going to protect you from that home title lot. Does you could already be a victim of title fraud and not even know it so find out. Go Register your home at home. Title Dot Com and enter Chad for a month free of protection again N. Chat for one month free at home title Lot Dot Com got a home title LoC dot Com. Don't move all right. Is everybody taking their temperature. You're good rectal. Thermometers man. That's the only way to be sure. That's the only way to be sure DNC Chairman Tom. Perez calls for voting by mail in primaries amid corona virus concerns Yeah so they want the states to allow residents. A lot of places tried to shut down their primaries It's been a battle between the governors and the courts and all of these things that are going on happened in. What would that Ohio was going on? That was a big deal They were trying to delay. There's yeah I mean it's it's a bad deal. This is not good for the election for anybody really. I can't see a positive. I mean it's definitely bad for trump. And that's why say take this thing seriously because one trump's shutting down. I was on the Jesse Kelly show last night and Let me just remind everybody. Trump loves big MACs. He loves McDonalds. So for trump to start shutting down fast food. It's a major deal major deal and then he needs a strong economy going into this election cycle. So he definitely doesn't want to hurt that and I do encourage everybody and I'm not going to give anybody any stock tips but I will tell you this if you will invest in stock market in upcoming days. You'RE GONNA come out of this thing. Oh lot better when it's all said and done what you got well so wh during trump's speech a few days ago when he had walgreens Walmart all the all kind of those big big boxes step up and say how they were helping he was naming a few of the like Google of Walmart Court but Route Roche and all that is Joseph buying stock. He's like boom boom boom. He's buying all that stock. I mean 'cause Bilo Sell High Right so anyway up your your thank God for Capitalism Steve. You had some other show and I didn't even know it yesterday. Why would you need to know it? I will because I watch it. I'M GONNA Jesse. Kelly show quite often chat Jesse Kelly shout up. He's six foot eight anyway. You don't WanNa know what America would look like under Bernie Sanders. We've seen the empty aisles of toilet paper saying the the bare shelves. We have seen the fights the online people going after it got one car. That's loaded up with the toilet paper. It's Sh- Armegeddon and then you've got another one with some beer in there just one case of beer because people have their priorities. They're not going crazy. I busted an entire bottle of Tito's vodka an entire handle. Tito's vodka on the driveway. Yesterday cried a little not that I needed it to drink. Mark I just I I like to have for barter you know if I need to pour some vodka ziplock bag and sell it. I cussed a little bit because I thought it was my bottle. Then it wasn't. I was good. Y'All ever really listen to Steve. The narcissism chance. The rapper said. I'm the best part of this program. He did chance. The rapper doesn't have a soul. I know but it made me feel good. Yeah Actually Jesse. Kelly asked me last night. And I'll ask you guys he said. Would you rather go ahead and just get the Wu? Han flew for a couple of weeks. Or would you rather be born? A- Ginger and I said I would definitely take the flu. Definitely take the flu. Because they don't have a soul and as one thing to sell your soul or sell out but to be born without one and not even ever know what having a soul feels like and plus. They looked so weird naked in. Oh is pasty white freckles. And that whatever going on right there that fiery red grass with the mushroom growing in the middle of it. It's weird man. It's almost racist almost but it's not what we're talking about. Oh Yeah I like the loves redheads. I want you guys to see. I want you guys to see. I do love redheads. Do love female not chance. I want you guys to see what. Bernie's America would look like on a daily basis because I've been there and I've seen it in other countries and what you guys this is what it looks like rotate candy. Oh my gosh. Now this is outside of the Costco. This is outside of the bargain. Shopping bulk shopping's a box store. There look at these people lined up. That actually is mild compared to other video that I've seen I saw one. I tweeted it this morning. I tweeted the video it went. It was a fast action cam time. Lap Steel. It went all the way down behind the building when across the front of the building down behind the building and then curved around the parking lot went all the way out to the street to the highway and then went down the highway. I mean they gotta be out of the samples at that point by the time you get in there. Nobody's handing out pizza bites. You know what I'm saying. I'd be so pissed if I had to wait four hours five hours to get in the Costco and then I got in there. And they had left was diamonds and were they only letting in ten or fifteen people in at a time was at like one in one out. I think people just go stand in line so that. Hey I'm standing that long line because they're going to be out here filming. It will do that yes I think they do. You would do that. Weiss boss went yesterday to lower income Grocery store what is a lower income grocery in a bad part of town? Talking d the store was fully stocked. There was no pandemonium going on. People can't afford it by so I think this is just a. You sat on the poor side of town. Yeah I I don't think that's the reason that it's empty. I think because they ain't going all crazy. We live on the same plan. He's tied up in social media that social media and the news drives all of this craziness and stuff like that. First of all anybody going to costco doesn't know they're going to show up on the news at night if you see cameras in the parking lot. You're like hey I'm going to go stand in line that I think they do it. Yes you do it. No so you could see yo ass on a TV. No I can watch myself every night. Monday through third. She didn't want to see yourself on. Cbs ABC you're the blaze is where it's at. I can't believe I deal with him. No they don't. I think people do that. They can't believe all those people owned businesses. I drew there. Isn't that a business? Mind what you do you have. You have a business. Small Business Right. There's a lot of people a lot of businesses. Very ain't nothing. There ain't nothing you can be handing out cash at the end of the line by the way today's Saint Patrick's Day. None of us is wearing. Green Eyes are GRANOLA. Got April I could be going. Yeah I could be going to the end of the Rainbow to get a pot of gold. I ain't waiting for four hours ain't doing it. I ain't Riding Space Mountain. I I don't I never set foot and six flags in Arlington Texas. Really never I have never set foot in it okay. Not a bit won't do me and I've had season passes won't do it. I like it a ban rollers. Next Video Candidate Gallagher. This nonsense. It's GonNa it's GonNa it's GonNa now folks if you're not using your time quarantined. Create that type of content. You're missing what are we doing? Yeah you're missing out. What do we do? That was cute cute. You know what I want people to do like I was having a little last night. I was having some youtube. Envy speaking about content creator. I was having some youtube because I was never a youtube guy. People think of me as a youtube guy. I'm not a youtube facebook guy but here in the last year we've been trying to build a youtube right because of the show and go on there. We got about two hundred forty one thousand people that subscribed to which is no slack. But I go to Steven crowder's he's got four point five one million on there and I might come on that good but he the way they got the golden ticket man. I want you to subscribe. I know everybody gets on here. And you're having a little flirtatious track. Chat Room Trat Room. You'll chat room with fact Chad. In fact Steve Fact Party Bill. I like doing that kind of gets. Let us paying attention to the show. You can listen to the show. Yeah they are. They don't miss a word. They're not Brinda bottle and God bless her man. She gives donate money on trying to figure out how to set that up on mine. I want somebody to donate the my use. I don't get it Brendan and see. That's what I've been trying to explain to you. I gave her my pay pal address. Like because it's going straight to blaze place thirty five percent of US going to youtube and the rest of us going to blaze. She makes twenty dollars comment and picks the colors cool. Zhiku man she brenda's up like eighty five dollars a show. Who Love YOU BE Gerald and Sandy and and What does Allen Zone there? Yeah I mean we got the we got the fact squad. I DID A T. SHIRT. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa have one made the fact squad. It will only be for those of you who are watching on Youtube but I need people to go Kansas. We need people to go subscribe. I really have a goal of getting that Youtube Channel. Up to a million subscribers up to a million subscribers I mean we just. We're a quarter of the way there. That's a realist. Taking me six years on your way fast growing fifty or sixty thousand and they'll since January no not since January but since probably September of last year okay. You know who became famous overnight? Corona virus really talk about becoming a household name? It's got stairs in no time. We should do more skit stuff on your youtube channel. Okay the that'd be fun. Nothing grows on youtube anymore. That's the thing I put out the video about me doing the deal with toilet paper in the Journal. Max You know doing a little deal out on the street. I had two and a half million views on facebook. Somebody people stole the video and shared it. Other people had five million ten million stuff like that which tells me that mine is getting hammered. That is getting crushed. Correct and other people's don't have the same algorithms on their correct but it only got like. I Dunno eighty thousand on Youtube. You're going to have to watermark your skit videos. You can't do that because when you do that. That hinders video. If you start putting watermarks on there and words on there and things like that they realized that you're putting branded content out there. See this is social media. This is the daily job for US trying to work. This thing is soon as the podcast is over every night at seven PM I have to go through and share it all these different places and by the Way Kansas. I need you. I need you to send me the art every day. The thumbprint art. I need it. I can't put it on instagram. How many times I have to go do a screen shot of the YouTube deal? Kansas making my life hard fun video watched this one. Look at this. Komo won't WanNa take today house. Parents with children at Treadwell. Middle and elementary schools are not playing around many wipe their kids down and some even sprayed them with disinfectant spray as they took them home Monday down when I got him out of them through. The parents are doing this after they found out an employee who works at trouble middle and elementary came in contact with a person who tested positive for the corona virus in Memphis. Some extreme measures to do is messed up now. Came to mow folks Dania phone on Dan. Then why are you wearing all that? You're GONNA die plastic bag out of the mass face. Good Open for their first kid in the face with Las Hall one hundred give him some vitamin C a glass of orange juice. Stay where your plastic bag? Why don't you get your bag on your bed? Cover braving any people give somebody to vet room a spray of who you swallowed his German. Ext GARGLE GERM GERMANY'S. Hey if your mailbox anything like mine. People are Biz now. Ninety percent of the time it's fairly depressing place political flyers utility bills unholy amounts of coupons but once a month. I do have a reason to be pretty stoked. Because that's because my box awesome from bespoke post comes in Bespoke boatswain's guys only the best stuff every single month. That no matter what you're into box of awesome has you covered from style and grooming goods to bar wear cooking tools. Outdoor gear box of awesome has carefully built collections. For every part of your life to get started take the quiz at box of awesome dot com. Your answers will help them pick the right box. Awesome just for you. They released new box every month across a ton of different categories. It's free to sign up and you can skip a month or you can cancel anytime. Each box costs only forty five bucks but has over seventy dollars worth of gear in size. You can get a twenty percent off your first month monthly box when you sign up at box of awesome dot com and enter. The code watched Chad at checkout. That is box of awesome. Not Com Code Chad for twenty percent off your first order. Now you've made clear fair wash. Why can't they watch you talking to me is gonNA is GonNa time right now? It's GonNa Gangqi pillow. He wants to practice social desisting. How engage confront public housing? Mostly we met Kinky here to serve our kicks effectively. The health and safety are chef is essential to the mission key. Aim bipartisan consultation. With the attorney for addition and the third of the MOMS and Alvan abundance of caution on writing to encourage you take steps key promote Shosha. Did you watch the deasy? Obvious Gates maintain more and have you're watching staff Keller. Were from home on nowhere near No. Nobody wants to get near ninety. I didn't hear a word you said you didn't. I did not understand. I feel like you wasted a minute. I did a little more. How MUCH TIME NANCY? Pelosi of our time for sure you wasted sixty seconds. Mansi wants social distancing Mitt. Romney wants to give every American adult one thousand dollars for corona virus. Everybody That's that's what he wants to do. Every American adult should immediately receive one thousand dollars. Because that's going to carry it through. That's going to get you. That ain't GonNa cut it close for me going to get you to August. Well WE KNOW. Yo Champagne tastes right. Yeah Peace Corps. They're spent suspending operations. Good because they're a bunch of ORGY MONGERS ANYWAY. Evacuate and all their volunteers. We gotTA fight between Dallas and Fort Worth now. Yes tell okay. I saw this on the news last night. Dallas has shutdown the restaurants and the bars right. That was that was to keep everything. Clean while they were on their they. The reporter said we're they're hoping that the cities around Dallas follow suit because it's you just go one county over or one city over and then it defeats the purpose of the spread during that alive. Shot came up of mayor. Betsy price for Fort Worth Fort Worth Mayor. That's right right. Came on and she said we're not shutting our businesses down. We're going to ask the bars. The restaurants to operate at fifty percent capacity. So if you can hold fifty people are hundred people we want fifty if you can hold it now if you can hold six hundred. It's one sixty Max something like that. Anyway they came back to the stop. Putzer feazel up you corona foot. Anyway they came back to the reporter and reporters like well that was kind of a slap in the face to Dallas. Oh these reporters are gonNA start a fight or anchors are going to start a fight between Dallas Fort Worth. I like that Fort Worth. Didn't shut down the businesses and the restaurants and the bars. These we gotta make money. You know who else it and shutting down Roswell Mexico they're going to have their annual UFO festival. Y'All is a reason y'all telling you coordinates with my whole theory. Steve's argument go onto something maybe yes but they're going to do it. They're like screw it. We should know about Thursday. I think you think so. Yep Aliens GonNA REVEAL THEM BY THOSE WELL. I think Thursday five. Pm will go ahead and be nationwide shutdown except for grocery stores and pharmacies. I loved it all. These people were wanting to storm area. Fifty one just a few short months ago and now they're running screaming away from something with a ninety eight percent recovery rate. Yeah so You're in Brazil. In Sao Paulo. There were hundreds of inmates at escape from at least four prison. They they were having. Yeah they they were. They were doing some corona virus stuff. I don't even know they're out there. On the loose trump. The trump administration is seeking an eight hundred fifty billion dollar stimulus package to offset the corona virus havoc. Now talking baby true. Ooh Yeah Day. I'm just thinking about all that money might wasted on his presence. Fake presidential campaign many Mike. It was a fake wisely is respirators and ventilators. Why aren't they buying them? He's on airtime. Spend your money like Nina. Said all all that stuff comes from China. Respirators all our medications. All antibiotics comes from China. Wine that stuff being made in America. And it's it's all todd up it's crazy. Hey you know you could do. Get your stimulus package right here. I'm stimulated President what you claim. Get it get it. We got a brand new. The official video comes out tomorrow tomorrow. The official video should be released tomorrow. But you can go to watch Chad dot com you get the CD and mainly you gotta do something white hanging out I mean go buy some hamsters brame house known that's how this whole thing started bats hamsters didn't come from China. They came from Hamster Dan. Everybody got a little wooden soon on your feet. We should go okay. Don't you think yeah sure? Oh my gosh. We're going to tell you guys before we're out of here but hang tight. I'm going to get right to it boy. How that's cute little picture you posted of us on your facebook tagged everybody. Yeah yeah I wanted to everybody? No fewer than ten people in the room telling we got one two three four five people so we're fifty percents obedient. And we're all social distanced. I put a picture up from the opposite direction. Yeah you sure. Did Steve say that or contributing to make sure that I was in there somewhere? Now it'll be left out. Appreciate that Steve. You really are funny. He is funny. He is funny. I'm extremely fun. He also funny funny. You're not you're not funny weird and funny ha ha you know what I'm saying. Yeah I've never known anybody quite that narcissistic. Hey folks listen. If you don't have to go out don't go out all right. Get your stuff. Get your supplies The grocery stores have reported they'll continue to have their stock We're working on a few different things using voices to make sure that those in the trucking industry you know they. They can't be closing down rest areas. It can't be closing down the bathrooms and the truck stops in these kind of things. We rely on the trucking industry. So there's men and women are out there driving getting those goods and it would seem that a lot of the bureaucracy is actually working against them. These people have to stop and p they have to stop and rest so little practical things like that so I encourage everybody man. Reach out to your local state and County and city officials On the issues. Don't call nine one one when you run out of toilet paper. Believe it or not. That's happening I mean. Nobody shits at much really. Nobody does but be mindful of other people. There's no reason for you hoard. Everything stockpile everything Have Faith folks have faith? This is still. America is very weird but it's still America and being America was very capitalistic. Right so I want you to go to watch Chad. Dot Com yourself t-shirt by the CD. And Subscribe I. I'm just saying that tongue in cheek but at the same time by the way nothing comes from China. And everything's quarantined in Steve's house and nothing's going to live that long in the shipping process so don't worry about the corona go subscribe. Go subscribe and everyone do me a favor right now. Go to our podcast offered. Go to apple podcasts. Leave a rating interview five stars. We love you. God bless we will talk to you next time bye.

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