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Welcome to daily pop. These are heartbreaking times for our country right now. I'm Aaron. Lim joined by Morgan. Stewart and Nina Parker and we begin today with the brother of George Floyd who shared a powerful message yesterday on Good Morning America about the riots and looting. Do feel like is over. was going on because he was about. Unity. The things does transpiring now. They they may call. A unity is destructive unity. Is Not. It's not what he was about. That's not what my brother was about. You know he would. He would motivate you to. Channel if you angry is okay to be angry. But Channel Your anger to do so deposited. We'll make a change another way. Do. You think that the looters are taking away from the message. To be honest with you I WanNa talk about ludicrous. I'm seeing people post about looting, but were completely silent on the loss of black life. I feel like people wanting to talk about looting. are, people who want the issue to go away? I think I saw Stephanie. Pratt post to shoot looters on her twitter page, but then post one thing about. George Floyd then post one thing about all of the black lives lost so to me the people who are talking best their main emphasis, those people. Don't give a damn about. America being better, they just WanNa be comfortable and I understand we're George. Floyd's brother is coming from, but he also has to understand that it doesn't work that way. Not Everybody is going to be able to show restraint or be able to be. Ingrained in the same way that the their counterpart may be because. He is experiences are different. This is beyond that at this point, things are people are fed up, and not only that people are starting peaceful and walking and protesting and being met with aggression by law enforcement that increases that problem to there are many copies of this is not just one dimensional. And you know what's interesting as well. There are people who actually have had their storefronts broken into, or they have had things stolen throughout all of this, and yet they have recognized that merch can be replaced, but a life cannot be replaced, and I'm not condoning the behavior you know when things have branched off to looting and riots. That's totally not what the protest was about, and there are a lot of news outlets that didn't even show the hours of peaceful protesting before it turned in to chaos, and if you aren't on social media, or you don't have friends who are woke or you don't have people who vocalizing these things, then that's all you see. That is nearly unfortunate. And there are a lot of people who came together to help. Clean up their city. What else would you guys like to see happen? I mean I think it is really nice when you do see a sense of community come together after all of deluding and all of the destruction, but I do think that obviously there is a bigger issue. Here is Nina said, and this is just people's response to that, because it's just been going on for so long, it's been ignored money. How no matter how many circumstances and incidents we have like unfortunately what happened with George Floyd so? I just think deluding is really not. Something that people need to be focusing on and as you said, it's true, all of this stuff can be replaced. Obviously, nobody wants to destruction, but unfortunately that's just where we are as a society at this point you know. Wants it like no, no one is. Nobody wants that in the night. And I think that you know we see this happening and people instantly at go to that, but you know loud about the leader's in quiet about the killings, so I need people to pick. Pick what what's important because if you have to understand that if all you're upset about as looting, this is going to keep continuing and it's you're you're also? You are just GonNa. Say you are a part of the problem. Many celebs are coming forward right now that they are donating money to help Chrissy. teigen committed to donating two hundred thousand dollars to help bail out protesters across the country, lively and Ryan Reynolds announced that they've donated two hundred thousand dollars to the N. Double ACP Legal Defense Fund. How do we feel about this? Do you think that celebs are doing enough because they're? They're countless other celebs who are donating as well. But is it? Is it enough right now? I think people are doing the best with what they can. At least I would hope so I do think it's up to people like Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds to step up to represent people that are white that are trying to do the best they can and kind of help defeat injustice as best served to them, so I think that look somebody could always do more. I'm sure people want to do more, but I think if people are making steps to try to be better and tried to enter a conversation that maybe they weren't having before. How other people live, and to maybe try to put them selves in their own shoes. I think that that's something that should be applauded and recognized you know. Listen the motivation. Whatever people's motivation is at the end of the day. Going to help people and a seen Chrissy Teigen. Get all this criticism people saying. How can you donate to this? It's. I'm so confused by people. Resisting people wanting to protest, but also saying that you're here for Justice in American rights like two weeks ago when people were protesting opening up with starbucks, it was okay now. The people are protesting black lives as a problem like. You were you were just touting your constitutional rights two weeks ago? Let me make this last point Huntington Beach California. They didn't have any problem with those protesters out there screaming spitting in lieu cop's face, throwing things into the street. The protests were black lives. Matter was shut down for being awful. If you don't see if you don't see the blatant disregard for the lives of black people. You are asleep. That is a powerful statement and effect linneman while Miranda. Apologize for taking part in what he called the moral failure of not speaking up sooner. Do you guys think that there are a lot of people who are part of this moral failure? Yeah, I mean yeah. But not just this week like. Folks been silent for a long time. I have to say that I know that there were a lot of black women when me to really. Became prominent that. Felt like. Okay well welcome to the Party y'all we've been talking. We've been saying this. It was like. We were screaming into an empty room. I, personally felt like beings haven't had to happen to white women for it to become. A in a nationwide global issue, and so now when I see people, you know finally coming around. It's like of course like I'm never gonNA feel like don't do that, but also people are now finally checking their privilege there now kind of checking the bubbles that they've been living in and unfortunately something really ugly had to happen for for that to a car. How do you guys feel about some of your friends who are posting on their social media completely unrelated to this movement right now there are people who are still posting self user cooking yet. They have not spoken out about this movement once. You Know I. got. I need and I've talked about this quite quite a bit. I just feel like during this time. I mean I you guys know completely self obsessed and really do care about my instagram and to see. People posting about things that are completely irrelevant to what's going on or even worse, posting something having to do with George Floyd or where you can donate or how they're so upset about what's going on, and then immediately post something about their daily workout, or even what they're eating and I'm just like guys like I know that. Maybe you're not on daily popper nightly pop, and you're not on television, but you're still human being, and you still need to act accordingly during this time, so you cannot be posting your cinnamon toast crunch after you posted about Roy Tarpley. Just. Have some type of responsibility and Mike. It doesn't look authentic. You know it doesn't look right when when people are are doing that, and it's like I know people don't want to be policed with what they what they choose to post, and but it's just like. All I'm. GonNa, say as my follow button is on fire, and we see you. We see you know whether it's not authentic, and we will move accordingly. Don't want this black support or support for people who are part of the movement. When it's the fun stuff, understand that when when this is over because one day I will be. We won't be back to support you right absolutely, Are you? Guys will be right back with more. As protests continue around the country. Sittings have imposed curfews including here in Los Angeles. How do we feel about the curfew? I mean our curfews have been changing here in Los? Angeles I can't speak for other cities, but initially there were curfews. Yeah I think a few days ago, it was announced at eight PM, and then they changed it to six PM at five fifteen so read. It was like they changed it so it. It feels like a setup. That's what it feels like to me, because if I'm out and say I took public transportation wherever I'm at. They also shut down all the public transportation la, so you. If you don't have the money for Uber and you know you're in the middle of the city trying to get home. You're stuck, so that means the chances of you getting arrested are a lot higher a. To me. I'm looking up for the JIG. I feel like the JIG is up like they're trying to get. Out on the streets like that's what that's what they're doing. There should be a better way of enforcing the curfew I think we've also seen the president of the presence of the National Guard in attempt to control the protests and looting. How do we feel about this? Being effective will air I really WANNA go back? One second to the curfew really has to do with the national. That's why the National Guard is here to enforce the curfew, so it's connected, but this this to me and from anybody who's really paying attention. Is this curfew? in my opinion is to prevent people from protesting. which is our constitutional rights, so it's. A lot of these protests are starting at twelve one o'clock. They're making the pro they're. They're starting at eight and moving into six now one PM, and if you're not having rose colored glasses on, you can see this in clear response to people protesting in the streets, and they can say it's looting, and they can say it's variety, but if the National Guard is here, and they're standing by while people are peacefully protesting. Why why would that? Why would there be a curfew needed rate right? That's a really good point like why? Why is there a curfew? Entire National Guard is everywhere and people are peacefully going on about their business, which is their right? What is? Because they don't want you to. They want you to be quiet. Right every time we have more of these conversations that gets more and more heated. Like it's just crazy over past weekend, police officers in new, Jersey and Flint Michigan made headlines when they took off their gear and marched alongside protesters. Kristen. Bell posted this photo on instagram writing. Now we're talking. There are some mixed feelings about these images I mean when I see an image like that. Obviously, it's I want to. Be Happy about it and I. Think it's for all the right reasons, but I think it goes back to sort of the authenticity, and I'm not saying that by the way I want to be very clear about saying that all cops are bad. I think that there are a lot of amazing police officers that have do you know dedicated their lives to protecting and serving people but I just think it's one of those things that when images like that surface in the midst of what's transpired. It's just we made. I don't know maybe I'm a little bit jaded, but my mind isn't automatically like good on them. It just more or less. Is this a photo? Operas is really how you feel. I agree with you and I. Think Look obviously standing in solidarity is great. But I guess my mind. I'm like okay, and now what because when you end this? What happens after that? And I feel like a lot of these police officers who are participating in this art problem with this for their colleagues. So how do we reach them? so I think you know it's. It's a start, but I I would love to see enacted in Em- policies in ways that we can see it written down a black and white, so that what's happening is being prevented with police brutality, so I mean it. Theoretically, it's great, but now what? I will say seeing some of these officers marching kneeling and showing that they know that this is wrong. Shows their fellow officers who agree that they they can be vocal that there are good officers who who had. Because maybe they were afraid because they didn't want to disappoint their colleagues. But I think other officers other good officers seeing this less. No that I too can be in solidarity with this moment I can be an ally, and maybe there is a way that I can show others than I am an ally and I think that it can't evoke change within the system, if more people just ignore it, so and I just want to say this one last thing Erin 'cause I know. We're running out of time, but you're you're not you're. You can't categorize yourself as good if you stand by state. Are you guys up next. Our colleague and friend Victor Cruz is joining us. He's opening up about a very important conversation. He had to have with his young daughter about racism. That we are treated differently than other people. I don't like how. I believe that. Doing Great. Doing great job. Storms. We have black. We have the feel like thinking. As I treat wrong. Duties look. Right. Who? I purposely hadn't watched that because I knew what it was going to evoke in so. There's no way a little girl needs to articulate herself like that such a young age. Seventy, a viral video from two thousand sixteen that recently resurfaced when it was posted by Governor Newsom. Still very important today. My colleague Victor. Cruz is joining me from New York Victor are no. I've been paying attention to your social media I. Know that you've been very vocal about everything that's going on, and you also have a daughter and posted a very powerful message on Instagram, talking to her seeing this video in having a young daughter How is this affecting you? It's affecting me a lot I. mean you know mainly for starters just trying to explain the things that you know the things that she seen like George Floyd getting his. His neck knee down upon by an officer like I have to explain that to her, and why her biggest question to me was widening, take his knee off of his neck, and and like you know, and then I have to further explain who you are, and you're young black. Queen. Y You know there's GonNa be some people that don't like you solely because of who you are, and just the color of your skin, and where you come from, and and she's looking at me with these is that she's a little confused by it obviously because she's like, but then it's like she's watching the television watching CNN and we're seeing what's. What's going on a number explaining to her why we've reached his breaking point, I'm saying means of people from years past this has happened to, and she's a little confused, but she understands, and I can tell. She understands that and I can tell that she's trying to make sense of it all. I'm just happy. I can be here to guide her through something like this, whereas someone like myself. And even my mom had kind learn kind of on the fly. You know what I mean kind of just adapt to a world as opposed to getting someone from that's been through a to connect back down and give you that advice. And I think that's an important point to make because. When I see criticism of people in the street, right, I mean I don't think that anyone feels like it's okay to to loot, or it's okay to burn things down, but especially I feel like if you haven't had someone in your life, who's been able to help you process? These. Injustices and the oppression that people feel it can turn into something that can only be explained his rage. And, so I wonder how other children who don't have a dad like you with would process those types of emotions. It's tough. I think it's exactly that rage. You know even that video that we just showed from a few years ago. I get angry. Just watching that you know what I'm saying. I'm happy that she had to. Be there, explaining the fact that she even conceptualize that at her age and to be able to regulate that is is unfair shouldn't happen. It shouldn't. Because there aren't white kids out there. Having to have that same battles, there aren't white kids out there facing those same injustices, so it just breaks your heart, and it's something that you want to continue to educate, but I'm optimistic right now. Because I feel like of all the other times that this has happened, this is the first time that it's reached. Reached a global scale and people are upset about it. People are angry and I. Really feel like this time there will be some changes made because that's the only way we're going to see a true different is if we continue to educate ourselves first artists, and then really see a change within the these police departments, and then going all the way up through the judicial system I mean it's embedded all throughout our fabric of the United States of America so as long as we begin the process of. Getting that out weeding out the bad apple sort of speak, then we'll be in a good plate, right? I think that all those uncomfortable conversations that I feel like. Maybe we're glazed over before. are being had now even though if some of them do turn ugly, it seems like maybe the the start of something I hope it does feel different and I hope that it I'm hopeful but skeptical at the same time because I. Feel like we've been here before. But but I do I do see certain people stepping up. Before that doesn't leave me hopeful. Agreed and the I wanNA leave you with this friend of mine named Rodney fired, who owns a brand called kiss very prominent brand in it's been growing over the past couple of years, and he's a white Jewish male, and he's one of my best friends. And we spoke for you know an hour hour, and a half the other day and his store actually got looted, and I asked him about I was like Oh. How do you feel about your store? Getting happen twice actually the past two days. Days and he was just cool. Man Like needs to burn a little bit. If it's going to cause a little change, I'm cool. We'll get everything back like that's not not worried about the terroristic things at this moment like it's fine. Let America burn a little bit. So people can learn. He can come out of that and I was like Oh. That's why you one of my closest friends. That's why I love you no matter where you are who you are. What color your skin is no. Absolutely in I appreciate you express because I know a lot of people have talked about that, but there are a lot of people who are in this fight with us in Victor I. Thank you so much for for adding this to the conversation. It's much appreciate it. Thank you Nina? I WanNa, go ahead and bring back wargin and Aaron. We watched a video where a little girl found her voice, and I wanted to know how it affected you guys for her to speak so eloquently and be so clear with her message and her emotions at that age. I mean I don't think there's really anything that needs to be said. My hope and prayer is that kids of all ages and adults continue to find their voice and speak up. Apply that young girl because I was. That is it for us today? We will see you tomorrow I. Love You guys so much. Guys.

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