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Daily - William Byron Talladega Setup


The final lap with Kerry Murphy is is on winner from this past weekend. William Byron is on and he's getting us all set up for Talladega superspeedway. Virtually this coming weekend. Yeah it's been be a tough tough race I think virtually you're GONNA see a lot of aggression and things of that nature I can't really say that has any relation to what happened at Daytona Recently but yeah you have to pursue a tough sport in itself and you know it's a lot of risk involved in your just part of it. Nascar is ambitious. They WANNA finish the whole schedule for this season. Which means we might see racing to three times a week. What is William Byron? Thank the logistics are of that. Yeah it's going to be managing your time The team aspect of things. That's going to be difficult because guys are GONNA have to turn around and you're off. Efforts are going to be really exceptional to prepare good cars for me the driver. I'm just going to have to manage my time really well after being good physical shape and not be too worn out Trained too hard or anything like that. So it's going to be a really fine balance You just can't take care of yourself and treat it like Treated like it was I. Guess growing raise Three or four times the weekend Legend cars granted the rate Sometimes we need to get worn out pot so I definitely GonNa have to kind of refer back dot com.

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