The Bionic Woman


Welcome to I used to watch. This the podcast where we watch our favorite shows from the seventies and eighties and see what we think of them today. Here are our hosts Mike forget and Mike Sullivan. Hello, welcome back used to watch. This. I am like forget. Oh, I'm Mike Sullivan house ago. Mike, pretty good. How you doing? I'll just great. We don't really have much to talk about ahead of time. Mike now mention that maybe we should mention about Peter Mayhew from Star Wars, Mr. Chewbacca himself passed away recently, which is pretty sad seemed like a lot of people pretty broken up about it that a cool stuff from like, Mark Hamill and stuff. So did selfishly put a link to our Star Wars holiday special. I guess. Which probably wasn't the best thing to do. But anyway. Representation of Star Wars right there either. So no. But it is all Wookey all the time. That's true for you. We learned a lot about Wookey. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. A lot more than we really need it to. All right. So what do we have today? Mike today. We are kind of dusting off the Biannic woman and take a look at the pilot episode. I don't think it has an age week, Jamie. This is still favorite song ever. Yeah. I think it's welcome home. Jaime. Oh, is it? Okay. This song is not in it shouldn't. I really thought at one point. It was your pop up. I thought it was coming in one point. Then we should I think we should re record that. Like a cover. I don't think you can make it any better than that. Probably not. But. I don't I don't think I don't think he could that is like perfection right there. She me people people like always talk about William Shatner, making a record and Leonard nimoy nimoy. Nimoy swear to God. I think it was like a like a spoken-word things are something to I where he did one. I don't I don't know. What it is. I want to say, I am Spock. But that was a memoir he wrote. So yeah, I I don't know what his name, what's. But. I would like to get it. I'm stifled by that information. Yeah. Now, it's it's definitely out there. All right. I can take a note. I gotta make a note of this. Go to the bathroom. Based on that news. I have mister spock's music from outer space. What it was called interesting. Yes. I always thought I don't know if nothing to do with our show or the Sepah, so but I. What's different? Yeah. I didn't think he'd like to be referred to as Spock like thought he tried to not be fit. So I actually I was just forgot what I was listening to a podcast. But yeah after that was kinda done confirmed. He did want a separate himself from that. And that's why he wrote a book called I am not Spock. Okay. So maybe later as he got older. Yeah. Then as he got older, he kind of embraces like, you know, what this is the way it is the, obviously if the show never existed probably wouldn't be rich. Got us one thing. Going for me. Yeah. Brace. Oh, he did. Yeah. He did learn to accept it later. All right. All right. So terms with it. So yeah, we're focusing back to our topic. Jamie Sommers a woman barely alive woman fairly alive. It was week. Did you think that the intro? Yeah. Yeah. Like six has his awesome one where he's going in? He's crashing and his little experimental jet. You know, we can rebuild them. This one is just like. Yeah. It was down. It was it was like there was a airplane. She jumped out of that top secret government taxed don't across the screen. Right. And they wouldn't even say how much she cost now. But they did in this episode Oscar kind of hinted that she was not quite as expensive as Steve. So I might have some audio that we'll get to that. Okay. Yeah. Like said professional tennis player now teacher, right, which sucks. I mean, she had it made, you know, even mentioned in the show that she beat Billie Jean King. So when Chris Evert Lloyd's are actually figured Amos's, Chris Evert, then so I I don't know tennis. I didn't even have people. I thought there was just making them up. No. That's what was great about it. They talked about X. She's like wait was that the one way I'd be Chris ever. No. I didn't play Chrissy in that when it was Billie Jean King. Yeah. Beat her. Meanwhile, they're like watching the Shogo bitch. He wouldn't have a chance. We're digressing. All right. So. How does even so they they start off where they want to do a surgery bring her memory back? They think they know what to do to get her memory back. And I think we can do you can be cool with it. You wanna try it? And she says, yes, I got really hung up on this part because. Because it did it started with Oscar dictating a memo or something. Oh, yes. Yes. So he say we're gonna do this highly controversial experimental dangerous surgery on Jamie and cheese. They're going to get her memory back or be vegetable vegetable right now, I can't remember what he said. But he almost like it was it was binary was either gonna work or she it was she dead. You know, like like, I mean, I guess it's brain surgery, right? You gotta connect some stuff rearrange some wiring. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know what they're gonna do. But yeah, I did forget about that whole reciting thing because he liked talks about her whole backstory. Just in case people didn't watch man writes. Yeah, this two parter. Yeah. Right. Well, there's there was a lot to cram in here. I thought you know. Yeah. Yeah. So they do the surgery almost like instantly. Yeah. And she's fully recovered. I mean, there's like, no she. It looks. Great. There's yeah. No scarring. They would've had to drill in or something. Right. There might be some shaved hair, right? Which is Abon saw. But nothing it was somehow very orthoscopic. Maybe I don't know. How the yeah. But they went up through the again, and they really. They took care of it that, you know, Mike, you ought to just made a breakthrough in brain surgery. So let's let's bring that up to. I don't know. We'll we'll bring that up mentioned were attending later this summer hosted by Ben Carson. So of course, I think Michael does a surgery if you remember Michael from the doctor stole Jamie away from Steve. Yeah. Talk about like Arthur ethics in the. The things he's you can even see it on his face like because she remembers her high school, right? She remembers like teachers and she hugs, Mike. And then that he's like do you remember Steve? That's like the second is like, okay. We gotta do some tests to see how your member. Do you? Remember, your parents names? Remember, Steve, what's? What? And she's like, oh, my biotic friend. Yeah. Yeah. And about him. Yeah. I even wrote it I go the doctor probably made it. So she would remember, Steve he probably did something newer, what's. So she did have a problem. Remembering steve. And I was thinking, right. He probably did curve that piece out. Yeah. Because that's how the brain works. Just when you open it up. It's all like labeled in this like memories of husband. Yeah. It's just a matter of, you know. Knowing what you're doing once, you're inside. Right. Exactly. The memory of ex-boyfriend, you can cut that right out. Yeah. So that's, you know, Rudy is like the one that jumps into because he's there, of course, he didn't do the brain surgery because he's a just a doctor, right? And he's, but he wants to know if she remembers the accident, and that's when they realize that that all that stuff is just wiped out, which isn't abnormal for a tragic accident people can't remember, you know, part of it is maybe because of injury and part of it's because you're suppressing it. But anyway, but then they some Silla Stanage. Though that you could come up with a surgery to restore memory. Hey, this is why I mean, I can see like if there was some sort of braces on. Exactly. This alone. What does this looks like it should be connected to something? Yeah. Probably talking out of turn because it's probably possible. But I yeah. It's not like going back and say, hey, this TV's unplugged. That's exactly. Reboot. So. Yeah. The show some pictures she remembers like asker and school. Parents Steve's parents, right. Remember, these parents, which there's some weird story there because I'm trying to figure out the chronology with that. Because at some point she talks like she was like, your parents die when she was a teenager. Right. Right. Her parents died, and then she she did mention that Steve fairs became her legal guardians, right, which I remember her parents dying. But I don't remember that being that they were her guardian. Yeah. So kind of like he was shoes. Marius stepbrother, right? That's kenna. That's correct bay. Brady, Marcia Brady thing right there, actually. But she doesn't remember the night in the rain and one point where that was like that was the last episode. We saw right when her by that was when the pretending she died right or actually after she died. Yeah. But you remember that? But she can't remember much of it. She remembers being in the rain, right? Ryan she wants to get working on memory. But you know, they want to take it slow, especially Michael. I'm sure right. I think we've had enough. Let's say, you know, it's not Russian anything. Now. Right. Right. And then, you know, I don't know. I I'm not sure how far along this was. But at some point, she leaves, you know, she's leaving. Right. She decides she's going to move back to. Wherever she's from wherever Steve's from. Yeah. Well, that's later though. Okay. All right. Then I want to the 'cause I got some stuff talk about I so. All right. So we cut to her practicing working with her bags bigotry, she. Okay. So she's out running. And she's in that sweater. That is in. If you go look at any of the toys for the Biannic woman. This is that sweater the white sweater with the strength has stellar stripes on it, you you probably member too soon as he side, and the doctor, you know, he's testing Audubon Chamie come on a mile away. And then she could hear it which is interesting because like, I wonder how the Bina gear works because. So she has to like kind of focused to make it work, right or something like that seems like because otherwise everything would be super. Right next to you. It would be like screaming in your ear. She's a bird goes by doing. She's got she's got to have some control of that. Somehow. She knows when and how to active. From saying like, how would she know that he's whispering? Anyway. But then she runs and jumps log and she runs into him and kisses him, hugs them. And I feel Steve's anger boiling. And he's not even there me too. And oh, yeah. This is when Rudy's quiz ner like showing Earl slides of different like tennis courts. Oh, yeah. That's this core. That's Wimbledon like flat. Yeah. Exactly. And that's when she said that she beat Billie Jean King. Right. Right. And she still doesn't remember the accident and the back in Davidge doesn't remember anything about Stephen their marriage. So they're like, but they're yeah. They're like, we're not telling her. That's that's pretty much the way. Like, I Rudy was like, yeah. I took that other report. I didn't yet. Takes his class out of the classified report that he gave her in. Yeah. And then later Oscar. What did he he's like? I just don't know the best way to tell her. Yeah. Like guys step up to the plate here. It's not that bright deal. I mean, I'm surprised it looked through her folder that Rudy had and be like wiser like a year and a half yet. Right. Due to half. But although I guess he could just say, well, you were recovering during that time. I don't know. But he has so they they don't want to tell her and. So at this point. She's on the tennis court. So she's kind of hitting some balls. Not really a great form for a pro. And that's when ask your pops in which asked her does a lot at least in this this episode. Yeah. Yes. Just like does he have a job because he's constantly like popping up at their place. He yeah, he's in vacation or something because he's spending a lot of time there. Yeah. And he's like, so you're going to go back to be in pro. And she's like, I don't think there's really fair. She freaking lunch ball at like sends it through the fence like right busting through. She's I don't think Jimmy Connors can even return this one I trouble with that too. Because I was thinking maybe there's certain pieces that I think and this is one of them. But I was thinking regardless of how hard you hit that ball. The ball is not going to tear hole in the fence the ball would probably shred as it went would shred through the fence yet. Right. Would not would not Pierce the fence like that. Right. A chain link fence. Yeah. Which actually it gets gets me thinking because last night I was watching the video online where some guys were using different things to launch a golf ball. The try to get a golf ball to explode basically L facet to get it going. It was it was kind of it was pretty humorous. But anyway, but yeah, I spent a good two minutes after that distracted by just the thought turn. Turn to the tennis Vago through the vents. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't have the strength to do it. You're right. It would just disintegrate. And this is when they start talking about what she wants to do Dow he's because actually the recording when he was recording before he was even thinking, hey, she's been through enough. She should be left alone. He's telling the secretary or whatever that that secretary. But like secretary whatever of prevent. Supposed to be from exactly. And but she's like, you know, I think I wanna teach again, you know, I used to do that. That's what I was studying. So that's what she wants to do. And but she's a little worried about living up to her obligating because asked her gay rallies. And there's that clip you were talking about so. What I would really like to do. Is back to ohi down some roots. And maybe some old and try teaching again. Sounds wonderful. Good for me. But what about for you? Me. What do you made me? Well about your needs to us. I mean, you got a pretty big investment your bionic woman here, kiddo. I probably cost as much Steve did not quite expensive. I mean, your parts of smaller. Ago her parts are smaller. But yeah. So in this scene, she saying, hey, I wanna I wanna do these like side jobs for the government whenever you need me. And he's like, no, you're done you're done. And she's like, no, no. I wanna do. She's no you're done. So the question and he's like, no, no, really. I wanna do it. He's like, okay. There's like twice in this episode where he just gives up like he's stonewalling. And then he just is. Yeah. I think I have a clip of the other one later, okay? Whenever. Really argue with you. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, I thought it was interesting. And I was thinking look Jamie, your unstable. That's why they don't want you you're well she stable now who knows a couple. I don't know. Actually, we have no idea how long it's been. But no, yeah. No idea how much time passed feels like a couple of days and they're like. She's good to go. Right. But but yeah, he says yes, finally and she's already called Steve's dad to come. She's like, oh, I already called to get a pilot to take me home because he was gonna fly back and he's like oh Stevens. No, dad. Yeah. So he's gonna come pick her up and bring her back to a high. And and this is where basically asked like so canoe, maybe teller mode. Yeah. It was uncomfortable. The our family, I guess it would make sense it should come from them. Instead at no. Their holding way too long and let. Rag 'cause you figure it's been again. We have no idea how long right don't ever since the. No, not the original accident. She remembered him after that right with the ban. She died, right? Venture. She died that she didn't remember him. Right. Right. Okay. Let's get it was that law go that we watched that. But anyway. Yes. Mm last where we weren't Oscar. It's like, yeah. No. We haven't told her about the about Steve the like, well, why don't you? Let us teller. He's like, okay. You know? Mike. Oh, the doctor comes with their and you can see like Steve Dag, given the stink. I wanna talk about earlier in your later. So I don't want to say is that she pretty quickly wrote off, Michael she's like, Michael you always be my heart and then jumps on the plane. See her SIA. Yeah. It was. So it's like before she would so tied to him. And now just rakes. Let's see thanks for my brain way. I'll see. Yeah. But I think yeah, I think Steve dad was pretty happy about that. Yeah. Yeah. So yes. So they go to the airport, and are they get to ohi then in the coming off. And you know, no, they're getting on the airplane. They go to take off some weird dudes like at a pay phone over there watching like just left there on the way to. Yeah. That was. Yeah. Like where did this guy come from place? But I guess they had to put some plot. In this episode, the yeah, I was waiting for her to freak out about the airplane to the accident and everything that was good. That was good. But she doesn't really remember that part. So that's fine. Yeah. So then they go to their parents house. She calls a mom and dad to which are mile just let's pause for one moment. Mom and dad sometimes. And then she doesn't remember Steve who she grew up with as her brother, basically, by whatever we'll move on from there. Okay. Well, she. Yeah. I right, anyway, the mind is a fickle thing. So so there at this. She's like, oh, yeah. We bought this mansion we always wanna raise horses, and I'm like this the ranch Steve. Is this his ranch? Like when it came on the market. We couldn't resist it. Yeah. I swear it's the same one. That it Steve bought. Yeah. I think it is. Yeah. And they're like, oh, and you can live above the bar. Yeah. Like, hey, we're going to travel a lot now. So we decided to buy the farm full of horses that we're not gonna be run into care of. And you could sleep about the bar like, right? A lot of weird information can piled into one scene. Right. And. She's like, you know, it's kinda messed up there. But with your by annex, you'll be able to fix it. No time. Like, yeah. I don't think that's what they were designed for cleaning skill by annex. Really exactly Ed at enough you signed Twitter, but Christopher page, our friend from the time Shifter's podcast, even said, he's like, you know, I just recently watched this one it seems like the us a lot of robotics for doing housework. They do she's kind of. That Steve did use them to fix up. The the ranch to remember. He was like biologically song would yell. Yeah. Yeah. There's there's a scene. I don't know if I'm spoiling anything you're looking forward to here. But there's a scene where the the dad comes with the new stove itchy. She lifts it off the truck. So that's, you know, very, dick. My question is how the hell there to get up there. And is that guy didn't lift biotic guy at the warehouse to put it in there. So what it is? It's just like sitting at the end of the truck bed to have. Right. It's like on the edge of like did he drive there? Yeah. Anyways. So what happens next? So they're in the house. They're out there sitting around reading mail like they're sitting around reading mail. There is not much going on in this episode is so far let's break it into parts really happened. Yes. And this is where they have a scrapbook and she's like, oh Jamie's like oh. Can I see can I see and they've already like flipped past one page that has like their wedding announcement. And they kind of like go back away from that. The mom. She gives us like just wet myself stare. Obviously, there's something in that book that you see. Right. So then they start from the beginning and this book so as the front of because it was like a scrap Booker whatever photo, Al I know what it's supposed to be they call scrapbook. But it's got these giant pages these page has like one tiny vote on the middle, right? Is like a four inch newspaper article. That was pretty great. But. And that is like their little their little, and then even had picture her when they're little I always thought of us my daughter, anyway, like what here's Stephen the fish when he's like four and then suddenly like three pages in their wedding announce, I know exactly organize. This nothing else happened. Yeah. I thought the exact same thing. I thought it was pretty funny. Yeah. And that oh, so anyway, so she sees a clip and ammos forget, I have the clipper her noticing that. And and they warned her right? They said well here, I got a little thing here. They said, yeah. This next page might be a little rough for you during Stephen closer than you, Jamie. Jamie next fade, maybe baneful. Where she flips to it. What is? Gonna be. Stephen. I were going to be married. Matcher? She's really selling it there. Prize? So a couple observations about Jimmy. So this this episode and even previously. I think I mentioned she's very perky very lighthearted fun innocent like in her voice. The way should talk about stuff. The. Does a lot of that like pausing? What she talks right for things me. Yeah. I mean, it's affective she. Yeah. She makes earth, you know. Yeah. She didn't have any that her like whizzes causing any pain like physical pain and her brain, right? And she says, no, no. She remembers Steve's debt to me. But. Now, she say that. But she she did make it clear that she feels nothing for Steve. Yeah. She just doesn't remember. I don't remember being in love with them or something like that. Which so I don't know again. It's weird that she remembers all this thing about her parents spirits and nothing about him. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It's this is when. This is when later the dad brings stole home. Okay. She takes it in and ask your calls. A check in see she got a job because he's got nothing else to do. Right. And he's he's got a. Okay. So she asked his calling to see if she got a job and then some about the air force school. And it seems like they've already talked about this somewhere else goes cut out of the episode. Yeah. We don't what are you talking about? So. And Steve is in the office with asker, and you can hear him uncomfortably wriggling around in the chair with his leather leather where the mother jacket leather pants. So. And he's on his way to Thailand. But I guess right. Yeah. And I is this. This is part one still right? Yeah. And he's on his way to Thailand is causes a highs gal elsia soon, and I presume that means when he gets home from Thailand. Right. But then we'll talk about that later because then he comes back. But anyway, now she's driving around and this was a dead at that's two eighty or to sixty. Yeah, it's a little dots. It was so cool car like that. Yeah. She had a cool car. And so she got the teaching job. It's only the only one teaching spot in guys like so these kids are little bit on the rough side because a trail around a lot. And I'm like, wow is Tony ravioli ready from grace American hair going to be one of the kids. It's right. It's in his younger days if they would have great success. Hey, hey missing. This is how you. Thirty. I'm tony. But he's like six. That would be a great. Yeah. Like a leather jacket, and anyway, but that was not the case. But so she. So wait till this disguised from the air force school, or whatever is like showing around and like telling her like this close, whatever did you notice? How Hansie the sky is. Yes. Hi, I'm just met. You let me put my hand on your but walking through his let me grab your arm as I talked to you. And then on your back. I walk you through the. Wow. And did you see like how he grabbed her arm to like, hey, come this way, clamp and honor our? Control that I noticed that too. And I was like they sit in this guy up to be some sort of bad guy or something are we gonna watch Jamie, just like fling him across the room for touching her too much because warranted. Yeah, that's bright. Anyway. So she's like, okay. Well, I'm gonna go home and study for school. I guess. And this is when. I put a I don't know if you saw the video clip on Twitter. So this is when the mom comes, and she's like can have have some tuna fish or something, but she has has no Cheka can't find my can open. They can. Due to his user thumbnail on this obviously piece of tinfoil. Yeah. It was it was terribly terribly done. Yeah. It's almost like the prop guy goes. All right. This isn't going to be in a close up, right? Don't worry about it. It's can be like across the room, you won't even tell or like, maybe the prop guy was sick that day. Like some of the intern had to do it or something. One of his kids. Yeah. But it was it was like tin foil wrapped around the top of something. She put her finger, right? So, but she does get it open. And I don't even know why she was opening Canada. Were they going to eat that for? I don't even know. I it's. Attune around right. Because if you wanna get every cat in the neighborhood to come to your house is open Canada, right, especially when you live on a ranch, and then they probably have a bunch of stray cats there. And then James did make a funny joke there where she the the mom is like first of all the mom look appalled while she was doing this which I was appalled. See I'm like, this is disgusting. She opening that with her fingernail like, but again back to your point of the tennis racket. It's still wanted to work your fingernails account ripped up slow. I'm assuming biotic fingernail, right? Like, it's true. I guess the whole arm. The whole army wasn't tissues. So. So. Yeah. So let's assume it's a finger now. And that goes with her joke like she said oh out, you know, the mom's like, oh, do you have any more of those fingernails or something like that? And she's like, oh L S grew de about the parts or something like that. They're trying to be funny, but the press biotic nails. Yeah. And this is where the mom says. I always not have used the daughter, even before your parents were dead, whatever we're weirdo. And then there's a scene. I don't know if you have a clip of this or not, but there was in this scene. Jamie says something along the lines of you know, when I see the pictures of Steve I remember it. But it's in my mind, not in my heart. Yeah. Yeah. I tell you something between you, and I you're you may or whatever it she's host. Sure, she's like. I remember Steve. But I just don't know that I have the feelings in my heart might you just said that why did you have a mission to say it get? Rubbing salt in this poor woman wounds that her look I never loved these debt anyway. So it doesn't matter. Good bet together. What what is going on? But so we go back to the school. So now the first day of schools with these ruffians here that she has. And so one key what shoots rubberband editor backer head when she goes to write something on the board. Yeah. And she turned around and there's this fake kid laughter. Did you notice that was horrible? Panning the kids, and there's nobody laugh nobody moving in the giggles, and it's clearly not part of the audio. Right. Originally was it was pretty bad. So she's like, all right? I'm going to. I know how to get these kids in shape. She's like, hey, can you give me that phone book over there? And the funny thing, right. You saw it come in. Once she said that right? Well, the funny thing is not long ago. Like last week or the week before I was flipping through the channels in the Bannock woman's AB this frequency was on. Really you actually. Yeah. So and I didn't realize it was from this one until it happened. I'm like, oh my God. I just saw this. So yeah. So I have a little I have a little thing in this here where she is. Talking about respect in the classroom. What to do basically threatening them some teachers feel that the best way to get respect from the students is to threaten them. That noise. Facile. Most the time you're not really carried out, you know. And I've always felt that the best way of teaching was the gentle pro. Coach. Crazy. That respect for teachers should grow naturally. Through friendship and trust. And I expect you to be able to develop and understand all this and have that kind of respect for me. So basically scared straight. See this this phone book. This is going to be your little neck. You don't show spine? I thought it was great. It's good idea. Really? Because you're not really threatening. You're saying exactly the opposite. As as you're showing your force. Right. Exactly. You know with the class that day. So I don't know what else happened but did with the phone book. Ripping isn't it like some kind of there's some kind of trick to that. Right. Like where you can tear phone book in half. Sure. I don't I have never done it. I don't know it. But that's. Yeah. And then this and the when the kids start listening. She's like, okay, I want you guys to write an autobiography, I'm like, oh kids love that. Turn your Desi around. And write a story about yourself. Let's get in a circle face each other. Yeah. And then. Oh, yes. So then the that guy that same that Colonel or wherever the guy got the job. Was there the creepy guy? He's like so Strahan's. Because. He's like Hayes. So you in Steve in inches. A I don't know. Yeah. Okay. Just checking what do you mean? Just checking checking cuts right creep. And then so then issues driving home car culture off or cuts another car off. They goes like around her right than someone cuts him off. And he gets pushed off the side of the road on basic car burst into flames right away. But then they keep showing this camera. Yeah. So someone's recording are now doing this on Mike ways this the Bigfoot people again. And then they show the TV. Yeah. There was like Chris very crisp picture on the TV right than the rest of that beset. I was watching. Really wants once again this camera. One single camera can capture a lot a lot, right? I mean, you just keep on camera. And it's that got I don't even care if they set up multiple cameras. There's no way they would get different angles going. That's really good placement. Because they yeah. Close up of her in the car window. Yeah. She rips the Kardar off the guy like looking at the putting thing is is like so this guy, this is advocacy. We find out faked right purpose for her to do this staged. Yeah. And like we, but this freaking car really blew up. What if she didn't get out of there? But she just kept going. Car expect sucks to be you you cut me off. I'm going. Yeah. So the guy did get in a real accident in probably did get hurt. Exactly. She's like, okay. You stay here. He's she's like I'll go get help. I'll be back. I would see no cellphones. And she comes back seemingly hours later because it's like midnight now. Yes nighttime. It's like it was daytime when this happened. And now it's nighttime. Yeah. And the drivers like. What's going on? There's nobody here. Yeah. Yeah. You sure you didn't forces car off the road. So then we're back at the what somehow back at the airport. Like, oh, we have a surprise for you. And there's this fighter jet coming in. Somehow. She knows it St. flying end. Let Steve the guy can barely remember. Yeah. Again, they talk about. And now they're walking and talking and talking about how they grew up together. Again, they are ten years apart real-life. So right. I know they try to keep saying that they're the same age. But. Jamie still looks like she's like eighteen in the show. She's I mean, I forgot what was early twenties. But she's really young looking like fifty already, and I know he's not I know he's like he was like mid thirties. But again back in the day people aid act to us. We assumed everyone was older anyway. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. She's talks about how she knows that the engagement. She's feels awful that. She can't remember. And they go to see the tree where they carve. Yeah. Tree. Yeah. Where the carve their names, and she's like you tried to hide this for me 'cause member they went there that went up sewed after. The which. Yeah. Yeah. And then and then they show them like putting their hands together like on that spot on the tree. And I was thinking I like half expecting Steve to like by honestly, rip the heart in their names off the tree as the hand was run road away. This is how I feel. Bitch of the ground. But again, the talk about Steve being Thailand. And you know, she goes to see him off. And they kind of have a pretty passionate kiss for someone who can't remember. She's like, let's have let's be a new beginning. Right. Some new beginning. Right there. Right. And then this is the NASCAR says, hey, I don't think that accident was an accident. You think something's up and he wants to relieve? But she's like, no, I don't wanna leave and she wants to make a Stanford south. She's like, I'm not gonna leave just because somebody's trying to kill me. Right. And this is like, right. This one. This thing happened at their parents house, right? Like multiple times in the scene. Oscar walked in and out of the house. I'm like does this guy have anything to do with? Yeah. Right. Why is he there and plus nothing is secure if if someone's really trying to kill her, right? Exactly. And that's how it ends. That's part. That's part one by one year. That's a hell of a cliff own hangar. What you know, it goes to it goes through the old guy in the car in the limo. And then it says to be continued like what why is that seemed to be right, exactly. Though, my gosh, I gotta know where this guy's going go into the airport galax, rich. Did you see that limo? I can't wait to find out. If that guy has a TV in there. Yeah. So yeah. That was it. And then. I don't even remember how do you can start. So it starts off with Jamie driving, and like the desert, basically. Okay. And there's a there's a thing of the radio there talking about Steve Austin getting grin reception and Thailand. What? The American astronaut in Thailand their big hit. I guess so we before we before we go on. I forgot at this one point when the previous part when they're talking and stuff they go to a swing set. Do you? Remember the song? Yes. We did not skip this. So he says something like some I can't remember what it was. But something about how he threw a frog on or whatever she said, he did they're running a lizard. Yeah. Says she did something to him. And he's like, oh, I got back at you. Put a lizard shirt or something. Right. Exactly swing. Yeah. And he sits down on the swing, and then we gotta look I got a little clip of this. 'cause I talk about this second. Aback? That's an awful thing to do. That noise is him out of school lunch. The. So let's like the one that every kid tries to do. Right. Is try to swing on like a full three sixty on that thing. I thought she was he sell like like a like an old jet. Bomber something when she pushed him I'm like going to go sailing forward like. He holds onto the change. And he does like he swings over. It's like five think he did like to loops around it too. Yeah. It was the most ridiculous. That was the best. I was laughing so hard, and I don't think it was meant to be funny. It was crazy at least in that funny in that way. And then I think she had some flashbacks while he was like upset down. Right. Yeah. She remembered him being like a little kid. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. On the swing right that same swing still there. Twenty years later, not rested. Bents pretty good forty. Anyways. So now now she's driving and her breaks out. Yeah. So this is almost immediately after Oscar. Yeah, this is right. This is part of I trying to kill you. Okay. And he's like what if this? What if you're in the middle of an accident? Can you handle it? She's like, yeah. So yeah. So her breaks are out in the solution is not don't turn off the car. Don't try to run into some bushes or something but stick your foot out. You know, you're buying a foot with some Santa Lonner. I don't know what it was a high heel shoe or something I don't know what it was either. But that she would have been shredded it was worn down. But I was Elting it would've gone down to her her biotic foot the flush would have been torn off and the metal been like grinding the pavement. Yeah. And the meantime, someone is have in the bushes with a camera again. Yeah. And there's a camera in the log to. So there was like oh was there yet? So you can see from Malayan goals. Oh, I didn't know the Cameron the long good. Maybe I just made that up. I don't know. No. 'cause she was looking directly at it. Yeah. And I thought she was actually going to notice it. But yeah, but then she comes home and. The mobs. Like, oh, ask your called a check on you. What does this do? Due to Oscar. He's like becoming a problem. God get your own kids Jesus. Yeah. And then he's like, you know, she tells the mom about the of the accident or whatever. And she's like, you know, the problem, you know, is my favorite shoe or my favorite is. She's like. That's crazy. Your cut your break line or whatever. And then Oscar eventually tells her that put like a charge in her break line or something right? Yeah. Like, a remote charge. So it would blow it out. Yeah. But before that, she goes to her place to call them, and she can hear by honestly that there's a phone bugging her. Yes. She so she. Yeah. So she goes. So she tells the mom the collar from her phone her phone bugged. I guess I again, how do they bug her phone whatever figure? Figured about the phone at a residence Yuna bug on phones. Right. Yeah. But then we find out through asker that this guy that we keep seeing which we probably should recognize. I guess was the guy from the refinery at that last episode with a diva. So once he said that it clicked right? And now granted this wasn't like the next week after that six million dollar man episode. I don't know how much time passes in between it, but the regular viewers would have forgotten with think, I'm sure that's why he says it, you know, because this was like a mid season replacement which which I read about I guess started taking over from to comedy shows that have never heard of before. So I guess they never came back. But but they said something like how he's a he's a, you know, he's the bad guy. But he makes good with bads hard to track. He's got good businesses and shady businesses, and he kinda mix them. So it's tough the tough turn down and yen. She doesn't think these trying to killer. He's she's like. Yeah. I think he's testing me to see what I'm capable of right in. At some point. We meet his son too, right? Yeah. But that's a little later. All right. I keep thing pointing I think he might have been like visible, but he didn't really like I'm excited to talk about the sun because he was from some Disney movie from like something. Look up. Yeah. Like when it was really young. He was from like some other movie. But I and I didn't look up either. I just remember that from oh back in the day from the real thing. Yeah. Memory may be failing me. So I could have just lied. But that's as far as you knew you're correct. So that's not really I'm gonna look while you talk. Okay. Stall forms. Stretch. All right. So anyway, yes. So this is where they talk about the now Oscar shows up there again because again nothing to do. So they. He thinks that this guy wants to buyer or buyer out or have her work for them or something like that. And so she comes up with it. And she's like, hey, I got an idea. Let's again idea I got little player that here. Why do you test drive a car? Because you're thinking about buying it. He certainly has the money to make you a good offer. That is what's on his mind. Why don't we make it a lot easier for? Jamie. What are you talking? Well, suppose he thought that I was fed up with you, and the OS I it would be a perfect opportunity for me to go right into his campaign or I'll wait a minute. He said yourself we haven't trouble getting a man in their movement would probably have a better shot at dreamy. It might work. All right. You got it. That's one of those days where he talks where he just like gives up. He's like, okay fine. Yeah. That's what I he's very puts up a good front in the drops it. Yeah. But so anyway, so they have they have this fake fight in the hawk 'cause she figures that just probably somebody watching around this base. So they have this fake fight. In turns out, the janitor is clean in the same spot on the floor for like twenty minutes. Right. Making it obvious that he's listening in in fact, he's probably been there all day. Right. He probably even heard the making of the plan. But the that's the funny thing is like, okay, we're gonna do this planet. We're gonna do fake five Bubba. And like the first time, they do it. It's it it's fine. They don't have to try it again. Yeah. And. So this is when she gets a call at home from Oscar on the bug phone on purpose in he offers her nineteen thousand dollars a year. And she's like, what am I buying a cocktail waitress? I wonder what the going like average salary. The nited states was at that time nineteen thousand was probably not too bad. But for being a secret spy, that's not good. Like average person probably wasn't terrible. But then she hangs up on them. And then like she hangs up shit. I'm sorry asked you know, that really like that. But you know, but she was she was like, overly polite. You know, and then we cut to the two guys listening, and it's the dad and the son. Did you find out who was from down still kind of look, okay? And. So they're like walking through the forest. I think where they don't there a setting up other cameras or what they were doing. But he's a pay. You've been kind of quiet since graduated from law school last week. He's thinking of doing government work what like he graduated last week. Although I would say most lawyers don't have a job set up before they even dealt law school. I think so what was what was said last name. Do you? Remember, who's the rich guy in a son the Bagai? No Elgin, was it Elton. Okay. Because there is somebody named Elgin. Hell who's Helen? Okay. I'll just get. I don't know. I don't know what their name was. Right. Keep going. Never gonna find this guy. Okay. Was that? All right. So they they're talking about that. And you know, and the son wants to work for them. But he's like, hey, you gotta do jet work is I I can't be. I just got a law school. I can't be breaking the line mmediately, basically. And and the kids got kind of like a good streak in right? Like you want right. Yeah. What do you call that? Like. Idealist or something. Yeah. Exactly. And I'm like this guy is at least forty years old. It's coming out of Las compa the way. Yeah. I mean, I know law schools low longer so you come out a little older, but not forty. But is like she's going to realize her own net worth you know. And they're gonna be sickly make a good. So they they set up a meeting with her and like he calls her is I got make it worth your while. They, you know, meet me in the alley behind the Bank. Right in twenty minutes, or we'll never talk about this again. Yeah. Exactly. And. I dunno. She's walk into the Bank. Then again, I don't know why. She and dry. Oh boy. It's right shoes breaks curves on audit commission. Yeah. So she's repeating it our heads something about like how to get there. I don't know is weird. But then she's there. I guess she's walking through there guys. Like, all right. She should be there. Now, she should be far enough in now. So they come barreling around the corner and this giant limo trying to turn. Tip it over and the kids like dad stop. What do you do do you run over? Then the other car van comes their way. She has nowhere to go. You'll see you'll see he'll sit in and then she basically jumps over onto the the railing. Fires ahead. Yeah. Yeah. So she jumps to escape and then like. She kind of looks down. Right could job. And then they go to breakfast. I don't know. Yeah. She gets out of the car. Like yells up to her like, you are extrordinary or something. Yeah. What? And then. Good. And then yet, and then he basically like make certain offered a hire her to do to work for him. Right. I like showing her the tapes that they recorded. Yeah. And you're like a regular Alan fund. Does the nice reference to like, yeah? Which no one. Now what happened? Efforts are one million dollars. I'll do acquires she has acquired some things. No biggie. And basically it says you don't have to you know, she's like I'll get some clothes now. You don't have to leave. You can stay right here. Got all the clothes you need. Because they have to like pretend like they're going like some party, right or something like that. They were going to some formal party where she needs like bus through a. Yeah. Then then I'll say right up ahead. But like, he's she's got steal something still something there. Right. And the kids like sweating. I keep calling the kid. I have no idea what his name is. I know. I can't I can't even find him. I'm like, I d m m DVD, and he's not I can't find him in the list for that. I really, okay, I see the old guy way. Maybe this him. No. Can't find. I don't know. Yeah. But anyway, he goes and shows her like where closetful closes, although the guy the dad, and he goes into Kissinger's Guo. Hey. And pushes him away. And he's like, okay. Sorry. You know, she goes and changes, I guess and she picks up the phone to try to call somebody. But she can hear that there's a bug in there. So I don't know she just decides to stay there in this dress. I guess and go to the party and. Then we cut to her parents house or whatever. And of course, who's at the house again, ask her. Okay. Yeah. 'cause he has nothing else to do. I mean, I guess he's worried about it. Because they haven't you know, they started this thing and he hasn't heard from her. But it's funny. How much they like incorporated him into this episode and how little Steve was incorporated into it. Right. Right. Exactly. And you know, I could see them like wanted to make him as a father figure, but he she has one. Stepdad? It's true too. Many of us in fact. Yeah. Yeah. I guess it'd be a grandfather figure, but. So the guy that kidnapped on the door. Hey, decent. And he's got an awesome talk side, and that both Hugh data, and she's glad to get to, you know, talk a little bit the not much really happens at all. And he's somebody I, you know, happy or something about no, she said somebody he says somebody his dad, you know, not being that nice or whatever. And she's like, well, I don't care as long as you keep supplying me with stuff like the jewelry and stuff that she gets right? And he's like well, but is it necessary. And she's like, what do you mean? You're a tennis pro. Now, you're teacher. Would you need this stuff for? She's like, I don't know. It was going to have more these true if she was a tennis pro and the top of her game like she was she should have a fair amount of money away. Yeah. You're so. He's like doesn't really make sense. Don't you have like an Adidas contract or something? Yeah. Right. Okay. So they go. So they're going to in a state of this guy a Butler. He's a developer. And they have to get plans for a thing called project rebound, and it's Gordon jump is the guy member w care. Diane big, I, yeah, he's that's his house that they're gonna go. Right. So. He recognizes her as tennis pro whatever. And she's like, I retired. And so he's you know, trying to get some tennis tips. And kinda putting the moves under Neil the guys get this. It was pretty funny. Yeah. And. So then she slips away and goes the room to go get the stuff and so. I don't know she rips this lockout. So the kid is by the way following her. And he's like peeking in the door like some two year. And how can she not hear that with her cure? I don't know. Well, again, you know, it depends what she's doing. But so she has she rips off this like lock thing on the front of it. Right. It's like the sparks flying. And oh, yeah. He's like, I hope the electric barrier bother you. Yeah. And then she goes in and just rips the door off on Mike. Why does she have to rip though thing off then she ripped the door off is just gone right through? But yeah, she just peeled through that like metal safe door. Like it was nothing like pay brea. And then she takes the project. Rebound papers. It's top secret navy thing then she sees pad of paper on the desk. And she bound glee writes, no, it sounds like a typewriter like super fast. It's just says like the kid, and then the kid goes in and takes the no and just says the call asking or asking. Couple. That'd be great to have a crossover them. Oscar mayer. Oscar at hours I and they just figure he'll know who it is. I guess, but he takes the note. And so then they get back together the old guy. He's like, hey, we're gonna make a great deal of money together. He's like next missions tomorrow. He has the plans upstairs follow, but he wants her to stay for a few minutes. So. Wants a son to stay back behind for finish. Because he wants to talk to him. Right. So she leaves. But only goes half way out then this with their buying a year. Right. She's standing right outside the door, basically. Yeah. And then she listened to them talking about stuff. I don't even know what they're talking about is this where she jumps up. Then she jumps up the stairs. When they start coming out the door. Yes. She like Joe's three floors up to her. Yeah. But but he doesn't give the the note to his dad. He's going to he's going to rat on Jamie. But he changes his mind cause he sees the plans or like some top secret stuff. So I think he's getting nervous, and they has some then I think the other parts are gonna do they say, and I'm kind of going kind of fast. But this was a really, I don't know. Anyway. This this episode. This whole two-parter was all backloaded like all the stuff happened in the last twenty minutes like the first forty minutes. Nothing happened. So they're going to get some sonar device at one of his company makes. I guess that's what the problem is yet because they're going to basically make money off it by selling to the government. Right. So. He says he wants to talk about Jamie. But he wants to check a few things out. I as the kid talking with. He's basically what her deal is. He was going to blow the her cover. He's like he gave it a kind of a second. Right. Yeah. So this is when she you know, they go. Hey, let's go see she's ready and she jumps up the stairs. Because she's supposed to be getting dread. Yeah. Now, they then they show up at some lab, and she goes into her own like broad daylight just kinda running across cameras like follower, and I like to she did karate chop the fence open it up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Butter. Yeah. And then she's in the one thing getting something and her son shows up behind her with a gun. And the meantime, wasn't Hertzel was his son. Yeah, I'm sorry. In the meantime, while she's doing other stuff the old guy is inside a safe. With other other dudes or whatever they're showing her off. Right. Like, she. So this was kind of like a play like he he like tricked her into doing this. So he could show her to these other people to try to sell her base. Right. Exactly. So ask your that. We cut to ask you're showing up at the other that contractors place. He wants to check in the guest book to see if anyone's there, I didn't notice anything in the checkbook that really set it off now. But anyway, so the kid hazard dry the vantage mode sponsors, you're a spy, you're working for the eyes. And he's you know, he's kinda half. Glad that she didn't sell out that easy, and he loves his father. He wants to protect him. He can be warm and compassionate. But the kid overalls kid. Yeah. I mean, a good forty year old kid, and he wants to do the right thing. So she pretty much easily persuades him. Right. Right. Switch sides or whatever. But but meanwhile, Oscar dumb ass tells us guy tells the big I from W pre who they still the plans from like, hey, yeah. I've got someone on this case. So we got someone on the inside, basically. Oh, yeah. That's right. Because he tells the. Because then he calls up, and he's okay. I'm calling on my colleagues who are in industry. Just letting you know, I got robbed and Oscar saying there's someone got someone on the inside. So right the bed. Oh, this because this part here. That's why they weren't on the inside that was later. And but he does she does tell the kid that her dad is killed his dad is killed some people and doesn't wanna believe it. Right. Like, no. But I'm telling you the truth. So this is when they say, okay. The last thing is tough. You have to get an envelope with a print security aboard in there from electrodynamics, which I think ends up being one of his companies. Right. This is where he goes inside in. You know, he's like, wait, five minutes and come in or whatever. And. The kid is in his office looking through the guys files and sees it as dad is like super bad. I don't know what you seize files. He keep files on like we killed. I don't know. He's got files on himself killing people, which is a bad idea for anyone out there. Right. And then you know, he's and he's trying to tell us kit. It's a cutthroat business. Whatever right can happen. Sometimes you got to kill people. Yeah. He's like if you don't like, you should leave. But to get biggest score, I'm like, probably, Jamie. And this is when you see her jump offense and runs for the building. And they're watching TV again, this what I meant before last time. Yeah. And the basically leader to vault in their in their waiting for and they wanted to basically take her apartment physio. She works. Jeez. And but then the kid comes running in with a gun to save the day. He pulls lexical out of the wall in which basically lacks them in. Right. And he's like, you know, she's like sorry after caller was I under dad, and it's ended abruptly ended. I think get. Get. Like, no resolution now. Yeah, you're pretty much. That's that's it. It was thought there was going to be like an epilogue where they show like Jamie back the house settle in going, right? All right. This is my life. Now, my classes getting an order and no, Nope. Just sorry dad's going to jail fam-. Yeah. So yeah. Overall, not the bad. Not no not the best. I'm going to guess that. This shows got better. I don't could be wrong. But I think. Again for the time. I think they would have trouble. With Jamie being lead not that they can't have shows women lead. But like her being like. They were seem seem to try to add on. No, we'll see. What happens? Yeah. I think too much like like we were saying too much housework with -biotics. Yeah. So I was thinking it was Eisenman was the kid, but that might not be him. But he was he looks kinda like him. He's he was a kid from escape from which mountain or return to which or whatever back when we were. Oh, you think oh, okay. You're saying the little okay. The kid in that little kid. That's a girl who was. Now, Jim Richards or whatever the other one. Yeah. Girl was but she's from the real housewives, man. Yeah. Did not know that. Well, she's not anymore. She was not one of them. She was I can't even find db anyway. Yes. I believe. So. Yes. So this is not great. I it's not I don't know. It just there was too much in the beginning. Where didn't really have any point. No, no. And then it was all you're right. It was all crammed into the second half. Now, you have three tests. It's like some sort of Greek mythology. Three tests you're going to have to pass three level this job. Yeah. And then just like bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. All right. He's arrested. Now, it's over. Yeah. So, but yeah, there's some other episodes that I definitely want to see like there's one where they meet Bigfoot again. I cannot get enough. A big Foot's. There's some fem bots one where they have these like robot women that go after ask your and stuff. So really that sounds good too. Yeah. Yeah. I see I see more of the ban equipment in our podcast features. So. Yeah. Just because it's kind of weird. Yeah. Anyway. So yeah, that's it for this episode. Don't highly recommend it. But you should see it. Yeah. I mean, it's Iconex. So you can't you have to see it. Right. You know, you just gotta take it with a grain of nineteen seventies salt. Right. Exactly. But anyway, all right. So we don't know what we're doing next. Right. Right. Keep it that way. And we'll announce that we do. Yes. All right. So remember to check out I tunes and all the other pod. Catchers out there. Google play Ron Spotify. Ron all the good stuff. Please read it review if you can Reading's appreciate. Yeah. Facebook dot com slash I used to watch. This Twitter's used to with the number two in the middle watch this Instagram. I used to watch this our website. I used to watch this dot com, and that'll do anything. Yeah. I think it. Great. All right. So for this episode of I used to watch. I am Mike forget, oh, Mike Sullivan. Thanks, guys. Fact you next time. Bye.

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