#959 - Adventurous Couple Turns Travel Itineraries Into Cash


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I had in that part of the world i still remember it now many years later so if you ever get the chance to go to eastern europe away from from some of the more frequently visited countries in the west it can make for a truly unique and interesting experience but it helps to have a guide so today's satisfied school story to tell you about an adventurous couple who turns travel itinerary into cash earning extra money showing the beautiful country up romania it takes a while for them to get going but now they're touring clients every week bringing in a substantial second income so we'll look at how they got the idea what went well and what was challenging for them along with. Perhaps some takeaway lessons for you so stay tuned. That story is coming up in just about thirty seconds. Subtle school is supported by wicks dot com with which you can manage and grow your business online line on a single platform so you create a professional website and use your built in s._e._o. 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Returning from a weekend trip to the mountains bucharest romania based carina product and her husband flora shared shared some of these thoughts driving to the city meant a return to the hustle and bustle at their busy schedules in jobs corinna spinner days working in human resources and florin in the pharmaceutical appealed while they had little to complain about they would've loved a few more days away driving along the country romanian roads they were already looking forward to their next adventure and talking about ideas for where they wanted to go next they both immediately said we wanna keep travelling which is not surprising since it's something they both loved since they were kids but then one of them suggested wouldn't it be great to have a business travel and soon they decided on starting a travel agency offering guided trips and customer experiences carina loves researching and planning itineraries flora and love sharing cool places and things so the idea was perfect on only do they like the idea of showing off their home country but travel business could earn extra money and allow them to travel more themselves. It was a win all around or at least they thought it might be entrepreneurial. Ideas weren't new to them where others remained merely ideas. This one was different print. The couple started researching their new business. Idea the very next day you nothing about the travel business so they had a lot to learn quickly discovered that travel agencies in romania nia require licenses and training education requirements took several months and corinna employment use the time wisely whatever time wasn't spent at work or in class was spent developing their new business refined this business model by researching competing companies especially the products they offer and how they priced this information helped him finalize allies their own products and develop a formula to calculate pricing korean built the website herself which saved them on startup costs they decided to offer at many different packages as well plus customer experiences all of which outlined on this new site and told they spend around fifteen hundred euros or about seventeen hundred dollars u._s. a good portion of which went to the necessary licenses senses finally their training was complete and secret romania was open for business published. Their website worked hard to promote it but they got little initial traction in business in fact it would be about a year before the couple had what they consider to be their first real customer someone they didn't know karina employer and we're excited but also surprised when a traveler they didn't recognize them to register for a walking tour of bucharest. The clients travel package wasn't very expensive but it gave them a boost reenergize them still after this first client business continues to be slow for nearly two more years korean foreign maintain their full time jobs while seeking the advice of others in the industry. May i also tried new marketing strategies but nothing seemed to work some days they thought about giving up not only with their lack of success mentally draining but the business wasn't even covering it's minimal operating operating costs fortunately kept at it and things began to change in two thousand seventeen after partnering with a new booking platform brought customers in exchange for commission business increased creased and has grown steadily ever since today in secret romania's fourth year this side hustle consistently earns them thirteen hundred euros per month roughly seventeen thousand dollars per year and also known as a lot of money in romania. He's extra finds allowed carina and fluorine to save money and take more trips to their own. The bonus income also gave floor and more flexibility to reduce his schedule which he loves in addition. They've learned a lot of new skills starting a business from scratch. They've learned about everything from s._e._o. To finance finance marketing to time management all skills they say are invaluable for whatever they do next while they're mistakes led to important lessons. There are a few that corinna says that she would rather have skipped. They were starting the business today they would begin with fewer product offerings just two or three maximum and then put a lot of promotion into that they also didn't have an effective way to track what marketing efforts were actually working. I which lead to wasted resources with the lessons learned they've been able to improve and the work continues carina implore flooring or excitedly looking ahead refining their marketing and optimizing their website to showcase their homeland most of all they never stop learning and never stop thinking about their next adventure venture awesome. So what can we take away from the story well. Sometimes it takes a while to get up and running. Maybe that's the first observation most overnight successes tend to take a lot more than one night sons. It takes weeks sometimes months and sometimes like you heard in this story. He can take even longer so in some situations. The answer is is you know. Just be patient. It's going to take time especially if you're doing something that you haven't tried before or something. That's not familiar to your target. Market could be all kinds of reasons why it doesn't happen right away now at the same time in this story we identify a few things that they would do differently if starting now that might save them some of that time they started with offering too many packages. They offered offered all kinds of packages. They said they would customize everything basically like hey. If you want to do something with travel in romania we can do it for you. It's not always the best approach. Sometimes it's better to say here the two or three things that we do. Maybe even just the one thing that we do and we're going to really focus on promoting this one thing now. It's also important to track what's working because and their story like for a long time. They weren't sure what marketing efforts were working in. What weren't that led to some wasted efforts and resources and then finally they really started getting this boost once they had some form of lead generation partner with some kind of booking platform it essentially brought customer to them are brought leads to them. So once i started doing all those things reduced the number of packages the the end paying attention saying like where our efforts actually producing good results and identified a source that could bring them leads started working for them and now it's going really well. I mean seventeen thousand dollars. A year as a side income in romania is really really good and speaking of that they had to undertake several months of training and apply for all these kinds of licenses to be able to operate this business so if you don't live in a place like romania you don't usually have to deal with that much bureaucracy so be thankful for that. It's usually a lot simpler especially for this kind of service business so congratulations to them. If you ever find yourself wanting to plan a different kind of trip or go to eastern europe maybe see something that's as i said a bit different from the more frequently visited cities and countries to the west <hes> checkout secret romania linked him up on the show notes page that page at school dot com slash nine five nine nine. Weekly recap is on the way tomorrow along with a whole new set of stories next week. You'll join me for them. My name is chris elbow and this is title school. It took a <music> from the onward project.

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