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1341: There Are No Extra Lives. Make This One Count by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness on Mindfulness & YOLO


This is optimal living daily episode thirteen forty one. There are no extra lives. Make this one count by steve cam nerd fitness dot com and i'm just like like happy tuesday to you and welcome back or welcome for the first time if you knew here is where i simply read to you every single day of the year including weekends and holidays and before where we get to today's post small business owners where a lot of hats while some are great others like the filing taxes and running payroll hat are not so great. Those are some of the worst hats. I have to wear but not anymore thanks to gusto gustov payroll taxes and h._r. Actually easy for small businesses gusto automatically automatically pays and files your federal state and local taxes so that you don't have to worry about it plus they make it easy to add on health benefits and even 4._0._1._k.'s for for your team and he get direct access to certified h._r. Experts to sounds like a great way to take care of your business right. 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There are no extra schrool lives make this one count by steve cam of nerd fitness dot com before i started nerd fitness i work for a company called sixth man which produces floating loadings music festivals although i no longer work for them and even have a full team here fitness now i still attend one event every year without fail the rock boat a floating musical festival where he spent five days with music fans and twenty five plus bands is my one chance every year to truly disconnect reflect embrace raise my love of music while at sea received word that one of my former co worker from six men had passed away due to complications from surgery for lung cancer despite never having smoked a cigarette in her life tiffany was only thirty one here on nerve fitness often talk about how we don't get to pick the level of difficulty. We have to play lay on in the game of life. Some people get to play on easy while others have to play on legendary tiffany played on a level two steps above legendary forced to deal with a tremendous number of issues throughout her life. Never once failing sport a smile or positive attitude. She's simply played the hand. She was dealt to the best of her ability smiling smiling till the very end. She never complained or asked why it broke my heart. I am really going to miss her is a shame that it generally takes a tragedy to remind signed us. How short and unexpected life can be and that we need to enjoy every day. The stark realization is that in order to live our lives fully and happily we have to remember. Were we have no extra lives. This is it. Do you enjoy your story as gandalf. The grey taught us quote all we have to do decide what to do with the time that is given to us and quote ours emails daily from people who are in situations or are unhappy about the path they're on and my advice is generally the same. You must find a way to be happy today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. If you're in a fee job start looking for a new one to the day more make your own if you're in a few relationship get out of it if you're friends with people who drag you down fire them and move on yes all of these easier said than done. Somebody wants told me you can make excuses or you can get what you want but not both the first time i heard that it felt like a slap in the face a brutal wakeup call if you're not interested in getting what you want i e continuing to be unhappy and making excuses about why change won't work. You're feeling yourself with untapped potential. I'll regret and what if yes it is morbid to say but the lives remaining counter in our game is zero. We get hit by a bus tomorrow. Oh or find out that the one thing we all take for granted or health is taken from us at a moment's notice so be happy today. Here's how i found to do that. Make your life about the story. Not about possessions or bank accounts not telling you to quit your job and move into a tent in the mountains though i'm not saying don't do that if that will make you happy. What i am saying is that every day is an opportunity for adventure happiness and improvement or another day of being unhappy and unfulfilled. We spend so much time on that. Just doesn't matter when we should make sure we spend that time on the important stuff you can start by making sure you spend time with people who who philip your brain with stories that start with remember that time we own never forget it. Whether it's a quiet night with friends join a beer and swapping stories playing a board game game or climbing a frigging mountain in a foreign country. We need to take advantage of the fact that today is a good day to be above the roses. If you can fill your day with adventure improvement improvement in gratitude you're on the right path. Joy remains just a few short days after the rock boat. I got to be the best man at the wedding of my best frank cash whom i've known since first grade and i've been on so many incredible adventures with we shared so many memories nobody would ever believe cash was the travel partner that ed joined up with me for many of my crazy adventures around the world as i was putting together my speech for the newly married couple i couldn't help but think back on my previous week on the rock boat my friend tiffany whose light burned out far too soon and how fortunate i am to spend another day alive and well. Here's what i said quote in and my brief time on this planet. I've come to learn a few things. Although we don't get too big how much time we get to have we do get to choose two things who we spend our time with what what types of stories we have with those people and quote although tiffany's life was cut too short. I'm grateful for the time i had with her and the lesson. She taught me about playing in life on legendary. I'm grateful for my friendship with cash and the ridiculous stories we've had together. There are so many things we take for granted but none more so than our health and time we have left. We can control one and we have no clue about the other so make sure today's an opportunity to go to bed saying i live today right eight. I have to quest for you today. Pick up the phone and call a friend or family member. You're grateful to have in your life and let them know you're glad he or she is in your life. If and do one thing today that reminds you is a great day to be alive. Whether it's playing music going for a hike with your dog starting to plan a big trip or grabbing dinner with a friend we haven't seen in a while. Do something billions of people would give anything to have the chance to do again cash. Thanks for the adventures letting me be a part of your wedding tiffany. Thanks for everything you've taught me you will be missed as my friends in gaelic storm say here's the one more day above the roses. He just listened to the post titled. There are no extra lives. Make this one count by steve cam of nerd fitness fitness dot com super touching that one was tough for me to narrate actually really liked it. Hope is impactful for you to and real quick. Don't forget gusto offers modern earn easy payroll benefits and h._r. To small businesses across the country get in touch now and get three months free when run first payroll just go to gusto dot com slash josh old. That's gusto dot com slash l. d. they'll do for today. Thank you for being here. Have a great rest of your day. Take advantage of it and i'll see you in the wednesday show tomorrow where optimal life awaits.

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