Impeachment & The Coming Crash W/ Peter Schiff


We need to roll back the state. We spy on all of our own citizens. Our prisons are loaded with non violent drug offenders. If you WANNA know who America's next enemy is look at who were funding right now. One of these problems are the government being cupid's. What's beverage body welcome to a brand new episode of part of the problem. This is this should be a good one. I'm excited for this episode. I WANNA start off on my own here just talking about the news of the day because I don't know if you've been paying attention but there's some rather large news that's a that's unfolding over the last twenty four hours as as jr in the WWe to say business just picked up. Isn't that right. It's what Jerry used to say. Businesses picked up. I don't know I think that was a thing the wrestling announcers I packed up and then stone cold. Steve Austin would come out. I don't know either way. Business did indeed just pick up. Nancy Pelosi gave aby press conference yesterday announcing that she is going forward with an impeachment inquiry regarding impeaching Donald Trump she. She said that the impeachment process has begun. Although my understanding of the constitution is that requires a vote I could be wrong about that but either way it. It looks like the Democrats are going ahead with the idea of impeachment. This is of course something that they've been flirting with since about about thirty seconds after Donald Trump got sworn in talk of impeachment has has plagued the trump administration and the way it's happening in the way it's unfolding folding is in my opinion rather shocking rather shocking and I you would think after all the stuff I talk about about you know how you know the nature of the state and where you know the nature of the media and how the the drastically low regard that I hold all these people in I wouldn't be surprised anymore by some of this stuff but I still am I. They still managed to get me. I actually couldn't believe I I could not believe after all of the hype after all of the investigations that this is what they're moving forward with for impeachment think think about this just think it through for a little bit. Donald Trump has been investigated by the House and the Senate he's got investigations running all over the place on state levels and of course at the FBI and then you know the special counsel the Robert Mueller investigation all of this investigating none none of what was found in those investigations has anything to do with what's happening with the impeachment proceedings. It's pretty nutty and if Donald trump he's claiming claiming that this is a presidential witch hunt he's been saying that for quite a while just on the on the face of it it would kind of seem to lean in his favor that after all of these investigations after so much investigating they've found nothing that they're moving forward with and now they're just doing it about something else so what's really surprising about this is what is what the story on its face is now. The story is that Donald Trump made a phone call to the president of Ukraine and that he did something inappropriate about this the story. Is that a whistle blower a whistle blower. Who's who we we don't know who he is. She went to the FBI and goes. Something inappropriate happened on this phone call now. This is the official story. This isn't what we're adding to it. Okay as of yesterday when the Democrats decide. They're moving forward with impeachment. The story is that we the Democrats don't know who this whistle blower is. According to The Washington Post in two other newspapers the whistle blower did not have the transcript of the phone call okay so they don't know who this guy is. They don't have the the transcript of the phone call and the transcript was never given to Congress by any other party so by their own story story. The Democrats don't know what happened on this phone call. They're going off rumors accusations and what's been reported in the media and this was enough for them to begin impeachment proceedings pretty strange pretty strange that that's what they would be going with now. It is possible you know like if under normal circumstances if I didn't know who all these people were it might lead one to assume they know something that they're not telling the rest of us because if this is what they're moving forward with Holy Shit. This looks like it's GonNa be nothing like it's GonNa blow up in their face so you might think well. They probably know something. Nothing else probably something we don't know that they're not telling us they have information and this is what they're going to bring up. However these are not normal circumstances and in the context we live in where we do know who these people are to think that they launched an entire? FBI investigation with nothing an entire special counsel investigation with nothing the you know got fis awards with nothing got all of these accusations of treason with nothing. It's hard to not entertain entertain the possibility that maybe they just have nothing. Maybe they're really just going forward with impeachment and they basically have nothing will today. The plot thickens a little bit. Donald Trump and the White House released what they call the transcript of the phone call now to be fair. It's not technically the phone call transcribed and it is a memo that I guess White House staffers take about the phone call but it reads as a transcript so theoretically theoretically could they be leaving something out. Could it have been doctored shore but they did release it and more or less what this is all about is donald trump a kind of I mean look. He never blatantly in the transfer by the way. It's really fascinating to read if you haven't read it. They released it. It's on the White House is twitter page. They posted it. It's out there. Go read it to hear how Donald Trump talks to a foreign leader is very interesting. It's it's you see the sharper side side of Donald Trump. Sometimes Donald trump comes off like this kind of bumbling idiot and sometimes it comes off like a cut throat businessman who's got some savvy and this was more more in my opinion of the ladder but what's going on here in the story really is quite something so it's about him. You could say pressuring the Ukrainian government into doing something for the money that they're getting from America and one of the things amongst others that he seems to want them to do is to look into what was going on with Joe Biden's son. Now what's funny about this is that it's really quite something. I mean you know this. This characterized the trump administration listen in general but really it's like something you've never seen before in politics. The idea that the president is being being impeached or impeachment proceedings are are starting against president four as they would say you know using a foreign adversary to try try to get dirt on his political opponent but really what it is is about the corruption of the front runner of the Democrats so the Republican president it could be impeached four trying to uncover blatant corruption by the Democratic Front runner now this has got to be. I was GONNA say bitter sweet eight but probably just bitter for Joe Biden. I mean it would be bitter sweet if he was the nominee already and the president's being impeached but when you're not when you don't even have the nomination sewed up. This has got to be rough because the whole thing I it's very interesting to watch. MSNBC AND CNN trying to tell the story without telling doing the part about Joe Biden so the story is that Joe Biden Son Okay Joe Biden's son hunter. Biden got a job Obama basically made Joe Biden and the envoy to to Ukraine he then his son Hunter Biden who who has no experience in the energy sector and doesn't speak the language and has no reason to be in this Ukrainian energy company is making six hundred okay a year from this Ukrainian energy company seems blakely indirectly to pay off Joe Biden now Joe Joe Biden on tape brags about the fact that he said they were going to withhold US money unless the prosecutor this company ended up getting investigated gated by this prosecutor in Ukraine and Joe Biden demanded this guy got fired and he bragged on tape at the Council on Foreign Relations that he was going to that he demanded this prosecutor who was looking into this company get fired or and if you didn't they would be withholding US money. He bragged about this openly. This isn't some conspiracy theory so the prosecutor does end up getting fired. That investigation never moves forward. Trump seem to want that investigation reopened trump seem. I'm to suggest that Ukraine should communicate with the attorney general should communicate with Rudy Giuliani so okay so if the worst case scenario if Donald Okay trump is guilty of something here he's Joe. Biden has to be just as guilty as him. I mean how is it you know some horrific thing for for Donald trump to say. Hey we give you all this money. I want you to reopen that investigation before. We give you that money for Joe Biden to say we give you all this money. I want this investigation shut down. If you you want this money in fact wouldn't it seem like the Joe Biden offense was far worse because one person's asking you to investigate something you were already investigating and one one person's asking you to shutdown investigation because it involves. His son seems to be pretty obvious that that would be worse then what trump did anyway this. Is You know. I don't know it's hard not to speculate about things is like this and I don't like to speculate too much but why would the Democrats not wait for at least least a little bit more evidence to come out if they did have more evidence of wrongdoing. Why would they keep it to themselves. That doesn't really seem to make any sense what Oh you'd WanNa do with an impeachment look. You got to think about it this way right. Politically the Democrats Nancy Pelosi has she doesn't care about the AOC's of the world the people who are in in these districts who you know who their base wants you impeach Donald Trump but why didn't Nancy Pelosi Impeach Donald Trump way before this because it's not just about people in you know secured a Democrat districts. She's got people in swing states in states who voted for Donald Trump who could be losing their seats over casting this impeachment vote if it goes bad and it's shown that they had no real evidence and no real reason I mean impeachments pretty heavy thing to do it kind of the nation apart you're you're flirting around around with unseating democratically elected president again not that I care about democracy but these people claim to and most people in this country tree at least claim to so if you were going to do that if you're going to put these people through the situation of making them put their name down and making them vote on this stuff. I think what it seems reasonable to me that what you would wanNA do would be to release as much information as you could to let them know hey people. We have a really good case here. Were fulfilling our constitutional duty. Were not just trying to impeach Donald Trump which we've clearly been doing since he's he's been in office. This isn't just like Oh. All these investigations failed so we're just throwing something else at the wall because that's sure sure does seem to be what it is right now. Now however that none of that is happening which leads me to suspect that really they don't have anything more than what we see ed. I mean look at turned out with the whole Muller investigation. They had nothing more than what we saw. It turned out re when you know when the F. B. I. I started investigating Donald Trump before the muller investigation Gatien they had the I mean. Andrew McCabe said they said well what led you to investigate him and he goes. I don't think it was anything that you guys didn't know about or see you know he fired Komi me. He said that thing about the Russians having Hillary Clinton's emails that that's what we had everything you knew and it's like wow that's it. That's what they had. They had everything we know. I I think right here after this transcripts been released. That's everything that they have. That's my hunch and if so man is is this GonNa be a tough one to sell. I mean I don't know you know. I'm no constitutional expert. I don't know exactly if there's a gray area where you can ask another another country to to you know reopen an investigation. I mean sure it happens. You know it is against his political rival. Maybe there's something there but first of all how many people really even how many people really even think through or ever have to defend why we should be giving Ukraine hundreds of millions of dollars in military assistance to begin with breath. I mean the the funny thing about all. This right is after all that trump. Russia collusion u the Ukraine and Russia have been involved in some some tensions and over the last few years and the idea that Donald trump is so chummy and doing business with the Ukrainians kind of you know destroys the whole narrative that he's a Russian puppet but whatever the off of that you know that's that never happened but it's hard to not speculate about what might be going on and I have heard some people speculate that would donald trump that the Ukrainians knew a lot about the origins of the Russia investigation of the phony collusion witch hunt and the idea that donald trump was maybe trying to get to the bottom of that and work out some type of deal. They're like maybe it's nothing to do with this transcript of this phone call. It was some other deal that they had worked out that just seems a little bit more plausible to me because this seems like a move of desperation from the Democrats. That's that's what it seems like to me and I don't know it'll be interesting to see if anything comes out in that in that direction the other thing. That's you know worth noting and is probably the more important point. The bigger picture here is that you have donald trump. You know worst case scenario being like hey. We give you a lot of money. I think we should get something for that money and this is where a whistle blower will step forward and say something really inappropriate happened happened here in this conversation this is this is the way the deep state works. This is the way government accountability works in the United States of America. Now of course course you think about some of the things that other presidents have done. I mean you think about Barack Obama who started a a drone or I should say started but really built up the drone. Program is bombing countries that we are not at war with and was lying to the American people about it. I mean straight up we he. It's been admitted on national television that his press secretary was instructed not to answer any questions about the drone program they were essentially pretending it didn't exist wonder what type of communications there might have been about this program to bomb. Saudi nations who know the Congress has not declared war against nobody felt a constitutional duty to step up and say anything about that nothing George W Bush with the wiretapping with the outing of CIA agents with instituting torture all of these things. No one felt the need to step up. No one felt the need to start the impeachment process overall that but Donald Trump makes a phone call where he says some inappropriate appropriate things to the Ukraine and this is what's launching an impeachment investigation. It is very strange and very very revealing about what actually can get you in trouble in the United States Federal Mafia. It is really something you know. This is a big a big risk by the Democrats. They're going big on this. One and we'll Z. Y. We will see what what ends up happening. What ends up coming of all of this but from where I'm sitting right now. This looks like this could be their most epic failure yet. of course almost all of the Democratic candidates for president have all voiced their support for for for the impeachment Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden. All of them have gotten in on this and it's GonNa be something. It's going to be something to see what actually ends up happening with all this. I I don't know quite what to say. I don't know quite what to say else anyway but this is really this is this is history. This is history that we're living through for sure and you know Joe Biden's son of course there was obvious shadiness going on there and okay so donald trump wanted to look into this wanted to investigate it. I mean on the bigger philosophical picture. Why why should we be giving these other countries money to begin with and why. Should we not ask for anything in return if we do give them all this. This money doesn't seem that unreasonable and I think to most people this isn't GonNa see that unreasonable and it doesn't seem like they're suggesting that anything criminal happened here because there's not calls to investigate donald trump in any criminal sense. The calls are just for impeachment. Where of course the bar is much lower and you don't actually need to prove any you don't need to prove like for the standard of indicting somebody. There's no you're not going to go to trial where you have to prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt you simply have to get votes in. Congress as as many said before an impeachable offenses anything that Congress determines impeachable offense debate now. You may not believe that that was the original intent of the founders is or maybe you do but in effect that is the reality. If you get Congress to vote with you then you get an impeachment now. Of course they know. Oh that is impeachment is not going through. Donald trump is not going to be removed from office from this impeachment. I shouldn't even say not but very very unlikely unlikely and not that the Republicans wouldn't stab him in the back in a second. I I've always thought that Donald Trump is as a despised by the mainstream Republicans as he is by the mainstream Democrats. There's a lot of evidence to back that up but this is still politics and the idea I mean all of these Republicans would be sacrificing their political future Mutahar if they were to vote to impeach Donald Trump I mean maybe one or two maybe get Mitt Romney in the Senate to vote for that because he's in Utah where there weren't ever a big fans of Donald Trump. Although he did carry that state you know he he was pulling very poorly there up until the election night. I think that was more a rejection of Hillary Clinton than support for Donald Trump and Mitt Romney. Is You know he's a Mormon. He may be able to hold downs Mormons in Utah and vote for them but so many of these Republicans vote against Donald Trump like this. It's it's you know you're you're sacrificing your political future so I highly doubt the Republicans are going I would if it made it that far would vote to impeach Donald Trump so it would just be a situation where you know the house votes to impeach him the Senate. Lets them off much like usually happens in these situations but I think one of the things that's interesting to think about with all of this and who knows exactly but think through what this might do to the country entry I mean if the perception is and from my point of view it's really not far off from the reality but if the perception is that basically the entire media establishment and the political establishment and the deep state establishment have been trying to oust donald trump from the the very beginning that they've tried several different tactics all the way back to when he was candidate talk about them flirting around with the idea of changing the rules news before the Republican National Convention you can talk about the media holding onto that e Hollywood access tape and then releasing a few weeks before the election all these things over over and over again all the negative media attention all of this stuff all of the attempts to get rid of them after he got in and I mean in the transition process the investigations the attempted deep state cu the trump Russia collusion thing which completely fell apart. You have all of these attempts to get him and let's it's just say hypothetically you get him on a transcript. Anyone would read and go alright. I guess maybe he shouldn't Ernest said that I mean it's far from anything like the president is a puppet of Vladimir Putin. You know it's nothing like what you guys always started. This is how literally really Hitler gets brought down. But what would it mean. If you were to bring down a president this way I mean well over sixty million people people voted for Donald trump a lot of them still really like Donald Trump and and how would this be seen again from my perspective not far from what it is but how would this be seen by all the trump supporters well. You wanted this guy out forever. You attempted over and over to rebuff the will of the American can people and in an election year where Democrats seem crazy and they all think he's GonNa win. re-election you guys go ahead and remove him without letting me the American people vote on it. I mean if you wanted to just tear this country apart. I don't know that there's anything you could do that would be more effective than on that and you know it's. It's pretty rich as somebody who is not a fan of democracy. It's pretty rich to see all of these the people who claim to love it so much go this route you know it's like the the whole thing with trump the Russian interference and all this. They interfered in the democratic process in the democratic process. They undermined our democracy democracy this democracy that yet here we are in an election in year. I mean not technically but almost in the election year in election season for sure and you're GONNA move forward with impeachment rather than just. Let's say we'll hey. Let's vote this guy out. Don Donald Trump the one who turned around and release the transcript so everybody can see what it is that he said and I just can't imagine I mean I know there's a certain segment of the population that hates donald trump so much that whatever he does they're are going to be like yeah. That was an impeachable offense but I don't know seems seems like a bit of a stretch to me and and it's if you wanted to push this country you know toward more and more division. This would be the way to do it. It's pretty surprising to me I can't I can't I can't believe after everything they've dangled in front of the American people that this is actually the thing they're going to move forward on. We'll we'll see how it how it turns out. We'll we'll definitely be following here on the show. Oh and we'll keep you guys updated. I'll keep giving you my thoughts on it. All right. That's going to that's going to wrap my thoughts about the impeachment I guys. 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I'd say as excited as I've ever been and to have a guest on the show because this is somebody's had a huge influence on me who I've learned a lot from it is the Great Peter Shift the CEO of Euro Pacific capital and the author author of several great books how economy grows and why it crashes crashproof lot lots of other great ones as well so Mr Peter Schiff. Thank you so much for coming on. Oh my pleasure happy to be part of your program so as people who listen to this show no but I'll just retail quickly the story for you. I was about two thousand and seven so is a twelve years ago. I was first introduced to libertarianism with the Ron Paul Giuliani moment and I really liked that. Guy Ron Paul and I was like wow he he's really making some great points about the war and he kept talking about the free market and how the free market's. GonNa solve all of our problems and it just did. I was like this kind of goes against everything I've been taught and then the economy crashed and I was like I gotTa look into what this guy is talking about as I started doing research on him you were one of the first guys that I found and I found this guy who had predicted with really stunning accuracy what was going to happen in the financial crisis of two thousand eight and then I started reading all of your stuff along with some other free market guys and really got convinced that capitalism was the way to go so I owe you a debt of gratitude. You've helped me develop my perspective on things and understand the world better. What was it like for you. Being a guy who you are a successful for business man and you're a commentator on TV but all the sudden kind of in the early days of of Youtube being a big thing. You had all these videos going viral of everybody laughing at you as as you explain to them that the subprime mortgage scheme was going to take tank the economy. What was it like to go through those days well. I think it was kind of frustrating strating but I did enjoy the exposure that I was getting in at least to the credit of a lot of these networks at the time anyway they had the ought and so I was on quite often and you know they barely let me on now so I think that once a Lotta my predictions came true I think they became a little bit more reluctant to give me the airtime I think when I was kind of like there to provide a little comic relief maybe or just fair and balanced counter-view to the conventional wisdom they had me on with you know great frequency but I'm rarely on these last several years or even since just a financial crisis itself. Maybe they kept me on for about another year so but by two thousand and ten my appearances were way way down and of course there are even fewer now well. Maybe when the next crash comes they'll. They'll call you up. WanNa hear from you again. I used to love those Cable News appearances because it would be you know it reminds me of when I'll see like David Stockman will get an occasional appearance on cable news and it's just whatever the panel a group of people is the way it used to be when you were on there. It was just so obvious that everybody else is just kind of regurgitating. These approved talking points and this one guy has some real thoughts on this thing and it would be such an interesting contrast to watch the the difference between you guys. Let me ask you what was it. Why were you able to see what so many others missed like. What was it in your background. I know your father was a free market guys. You are probably raised kind of understanding some of this stuff but what what had you read. What had you learned in your life that you could see the market. The bubbles developing living in the market. You know the real question is why couldn't everybody else was like. I had any kind of special gift. They were just completely oblivious and the the question is why were they so oblivious and a lot of it has to do with group think a lot of it has to do with the fact that when you're inside a bubble it's very difficult to recognize denies the bubble in fact. I forget who said it but you know when your financial livelihood depends on you not understanding something you generally don't understand it and and so that was the problem I mean everybody had a vested interest in keeping the party going Nobody wanted to even consider that that it could eh but you know I was a lot more objective. I thought as kind of an outsider I was you know I was in the financial business but I was you know I had my own firm. I wasn't part of the establishment so I could see it a lot. More clearly and certainly had the ability to come out and say what I thought I think a lot of other people within the financial community might have had a feeling that I was right but they just didn't have the ability really to come out publicly and say because you know they they had a tow the company line so I had a little bit more freedom in that I was self employed that I can speak my mind and so I was able to do it but I mean it's basic understanding think of economics and finance and money and the fact is that the OH eight financial crisis is obvious that disaster actually was as obvious obvious as the as the housing bubble was and I was not only talking about it with great frequency but I was writing about it. There's all sorts of articles I I wrote for years and I sent them to hundreds of reporters laying out the bubble and now a lot of it was humorous because it was so obvious it was actually funny but people could see that but is obvious is that was the crisis that were headed for now is even more apparent than that one but all of the people that were so complacent that oblivious leading up to the crisis the same people you you know have the same feeling today they think everything's great the economy's booming nothing can go wrong. The Federal Reserve is a bunch of genius. They know what they're doing and this. This economy is about to hit a brick wall and it's a much bigger a wall much higher than the one that they didn't notice you know eight that we smashed into yeah. I remember when I when I found you in two thousand eight and it was at the time John McCain who was the the nominee of the Republican Republican Party. He famously said the fundamentals of the economy are strong and I remember hearing you in an interview respond to that and you said how could the fundamentals of this economy economy be strong. We have an entire economy. That's based off consumer spending instead of production. It's based off deficit financing borrowing money from other the the economy is is inherently based off of other people making our stuff and then us borrowing money so we can buy that stuff from them and that just seems so common sense to me it was a bubble will but McCain was running on the Bush record he was you know basically the third term for Bush so he had to claim the economy was sound sound. That was his campaign strategy. You know it's unfortunate to that. John McCain actually interrupted his campaign to go and vote for tarp. Yeah that's right and you know I actually would have voted for. McCain had he interrupted his campaign to vote against harp but because he couldn't even do that one thing I didn't vote for you know and I don't think I even voted in that election for president because Ron I mean Gary Johnson was running but he it didn't make the ballot in my state of Connecticut so I don't think I was. I just think I abstained. I couldn't vote for Obama but I couldn't vote for a guy that would vote for tar art so I didn't have a choice. Did you get Ron Paul Primary vote in there. I think so no I I can't remember if he was on the ballot in Connecticut or not right yeah there were there were no there were no good options and truthfully speaking even if McCain had won we probably would've seen government spending right around the same levels as it probably would have been. Everything Obama did wrong plus bombing around or something like that so I you know the Republicans have never really offered a free market alternative alternative so in the US neither trump. I mean trump. All the Republicans are making the same mistakes to where they raised Bush in a way the way they thought we had a great economy economy under Bush because he cut taxes. That was a bunch of nonsense. We had a phony economy because the Fed cut rates well. The same thing is happening under the trump in fact although the feds started out hiking rates but the thing is they started where the rates were so low that even though they were hiking rates there were still a massive monetary stimulus. EMME lous inflame the economy but then trump was able to add fuel to that by cutting taxes but now the Fed is cutting rates as well in fact. They just went back to quantitative easing now. They're not going to admit that because they're not calling quantitative easing but it's the exact same thing and so you know a rose by any other name although in this case it's not a rose roses are good. I this is definitely bad. This is you know debt monetization and inflation op but you know trump is made the same mistakes as a Bush cut taxes but increased government spending means bigger deficits and then pretend end that spending that borrow money equates to a stronger economy and economic growth it doesn't it's just setting ourselves up for the next collapse which is going to be much bigger than the one that has happened under Bush and this time it could start in trump's first term. Bush was able to delay the day of reckoning to his second term because the DOT com bubble wasn't really that big and so the Fed was able to reflate a housing bubble that was able to push postpone that recession until Oh seven eleven oh eight but that is why we had Obama but this collapse should it begin before the twenty twenty election. This is GonNa be what gives us somebody much much worse than Obama. Potentially Elizabeth Warren who looks like she's the front runner at this point but just imagine in a war in presidency especially if the Democrats retake the house which they will do. I mean if Warren wins the White House. There's no question that the Democrats will pick pick up enough seats to give the Democrats control of the executive and the legislative branches yeah. It's really terrifying and what's really scary about it is that the narrative almost writes itself. It's like here look we went with Donald Trump this business man this capitalist. He cut taxes capitalism's the problem. This is why we need the government to come in and save people not like Obama like really juice the government up so what do you got your predictions right in two thousand and sixty thousand seven. Is that what you see happening. What do you think the government will be. I've seen that happen for awhile in fact I think the democratic narrative is better than that. I think their whole strategy he is donald trump inherited a great economy from Obama because Obama fixed the economy that Bush broke and then he it was great great and he handed it off to trump who inherited all the good work right that Obama did and then like everything else that donald trump is inherited in his his life. He's squandered that great economy with tax cuts and deregulation and put us right back into the same ditch that Bush put us in and now we need another savior like Obama only because now it's a bigger ditch and it's even worse now. We need to go with a complete overhaul the economy me. We need to reject capitalism because this is proven. Capitalism has now proven that is a complete failure and so what we need is the opposite of capitalism. We need socialism. We need the government now to come in and Nash Lot takeover stuff and provide all this free stop and we really need to get those rich people and the bankers because you know they're the one they're the reason the communists such a disaster and Bisa perfect script. What's going to happen and it's it's. It's not good for the country. I believe me is is there any way to cushion the landing in any sense like if let's say say we got some hypothetical world we got. Peter Schiff and Ron Paul and David Stockman a lot of people who really understand the economic situation. We're in you guys got elected. Are you guys got in control. I mean it seems to me like who is who is the Fed chairman under Reagan Volcker Logger Volcker who raised rates will you can't even do that today. Because of the debt that we're carrying around I mean anything we can do. Well you have to do that but then you have to default on a lot of the debt which we have to do I mean there's no easy way out of this. A lot of people are going to lose a lot of money. No matter what you do but there is a right way to approach this and there's the way we're approaching it. which is the wrong way but if it were up to me the way we can ease the pain and it's not going to be painless? There's no there's no way to do that right. It's trying to do that. That is the reason that the problem is so big all the years of kicking the can down the road fact even Jim Bullard was interview today on CNBC and he admitted if you could read between the lines but he said the reason he wants to cut rates because the Fed is basically going to be powerless in the next recession and so we should do whatever we can to delay that recession for as long as possible but the the problem is whatever the Fed does delay the recession just makes that recession worse so rather than delay it make it worse. Let's embrace it and get it over with but what we could do to ease the transition is to shrink the size of the federal government so that the federal government is a smaller drag job on the economy. I mean we're giant weight. That is anchoring the economy. we need to lighten the load and so the government needs to get a small as possible able by cutting as much spending as possible and I'm not talking about just waste fraud and abuse. I'm talking about the real meat of what the government spending we gotta go to the entitlements and and other agencies and just get rid of entire departments. We need to really shrink down to size because we can't afford this enormous government. We've been borrowing money to pay for it but we're not going to do that anymore. Because we need to let interest rates go up so that we can have more savings and investment but if interest rates go up. We can't afford to pay the debt on a Monday. We've already borrowed so that has to be defaulted on but if we're going to rebuild the infrastructure in the manufacturing base of this country we can't do that and and support a massive government at the same time so we have to make a choice. We want big government or big economy. Do we want economic growth and prosperity or we WANNA live in a welfare state. You know where we share the misery. You gotta make those choices but unfortunately none of the politicians are willing to level with the voters and of course the voters at this point you know after after you know spending a lifetime government schools are two brainwashed even understand the truth even if it was told to them yeah well that's that's for for short so during during the Obama years it. It seems like he did pretty much. Everything wrong economically speaking. I mean you had the longest this period really. There's nothing else like it that you could compare it to the longest period of near zero zero interest rates record high government spending and even even though this did keep the next recession at bay. I agree with your perspective at it's making it worse than that. It's inevitable but even even with in this environment with artificially low interest rates. It seems like something's happening here. Where you see the populism on the right wing rise populism socialism socialism on the left wing rise and so many people it seems like even while you're keeping the recession at bay get punished with zero percent interest rates? I mean the savers get punished. People on fixed incomes get punished. Everybody who's gotten who experienced a recovery under Obama seems to be people who were politically connected or playing in the Wall Street casino and for the regular working people. Things didn't really recover so even if we don't even before the crash isn't it bad for the economy. It's been bad the entire time because everything that they have done to postpone. The pain has basically prevented the cure right so the disease keeps keeps getting worse instead of restructuring the economy based on sounder consumption and savings and investment vestment. We just continued to perpetuate the bauble and we do enrich certain segments of the economy that feed off all of the free money that the the government is or the Federal Reserve. Is You know sprinkling on on the banks and on Wall Street so people who own a lot of financial assets benefited from the inflation flation that the Fed was created but regular people who work for a living and earn wages they saw their cost of living rise much faster than their wages and they kept borrowing more and more money to make ends meet and so their net worth fell so Americans were poor as a result of that so called recovery and a lot of that frustration revealed with self in the polls in two thousand sixteen. I I mean that's one of the reasons that I was so confident. That trump had a very good chance of winning. I didn't think it was a sure thing but I thought he was more likely to win and lose and I was saying that publicly because I believe that there was a lot of disgruntled people out there who didn't believe the lies they were being fed by the Obama Administration or by the media or or by Wall Street about this great recovery because they were living in the real world. Not This fantasy world that Wall Street was living in and that's what happened I mean Donald Trump felt their pain. He told the truth about the phony nature of the recovery. The unemployment numbers were phony the GDP numbers were phony. we had a lousy economy and he was going to make America great again and you know the unfortunate. Thing is the minute he became president all the phone numbers were no longer phony how the big fat ugly bubble became a boom and he basically adopted everything he criticized and he's now demanding that the. Fed Cut rates more or do more. QE He wants to keep this whole a phony economy going long enough for him to get reelected to another term and by the way you mentioned that we had record deficits. It's under Obama will trump has already broken. Those records and we're not even in an official recession yet yeah. It's it's actually kind of hilarious and I don't even think trump sees the contradiction election but when he's out there talking about how it's the best economy in the history of the world but this damn fed won't put interest rates to zero by what by what you you know economic theory. Could that make any sense even by keynesianism. This is not how you're supposed to do it but also he said the economy under Obama was is the worst economy and now we have the best economy ever but statistically there's really not a difference. I mean the GDP growth under trump is pretty much indistinguishable from the GDP growth in the second term of Obama job creation is actually slower under trump than it was under Obama Kosor real wage increases. Yes the unemployment rate is lower but because it's been trending lower the whole time and so all we did is continue the trend that was in motion for a long time but when Obama was president trump said that's all phony. That's all a lie. It's a con. It's a fraud. I don't believe those government numbers. Unemployment is twenty percent thirty percent and now he expects us to believe the numbers right. which is it's a bunch of? Dodd sets. I mean he's basically turned on a dime on and nobody really holds them to. Although I do believe that come the two thousand twenty election the Democrats and the media are going to take trump up to task I think they're giving them kind of free ride now lulling him into a false sense of of security but I think it's very easy to bash him over the head because trump could be his own best critic because a lot of the things that trump was criticizing the economy about I mean not only did he not solve those problems. He's now you know basically doing exactly what he was criticizing. Yeah no absolutely I mean I think candidate trump was absolutely right when he said you know the unemployment numbers are are kind of phony because they don't account for all the people who have dropped out of the labor force and he was absolutely right when when he said that basically this recovery is is not what it's cracked up to be in and and it's like I've heard you talk about this before the CPI. Numbers are kind of phony. They don't really take into account. I know they're not kind of phony. They are folded they you. You know it's and it's not a conspiracy. They just came up with a formula that basically takes price hikes and diminishes them so that the final number her shows a much lower increase than the actual increase in costs and so that real cost of living is is rising a lot faster than the official measures but then the Fed says we don't have enough inflation. We need more. We actually have more than we don't need any of it actually but we have a a lot more than the numbers reveal but because the numbers are wrong we you know we keep on a cray words like if you're if you're driving driving your car and your speedometers broken and you're driving at thirty miles an hour but you're phenomena says Tanis. Oh we gotta go faster you step on the gas and then and you're going fifty but it's still says ten. It'll go faster because I'm you know you're going to get into an accident because you're speeding because you're you're looking at a speedometer and you're not paying attention to the real world. If you looked around you would see that. You're not going ten miles an hour but if you're just GonNa Look Stupid Broken Hospital Monitor you know then you're not gonNa know and so if you just look at the government speedometer of inflation the CPI you don't really know what's going on even though that number is going up but actually stop if you actually really buys stuff and by the way the other things that trump was saying as a candidate. I mean you said that you know we were losing on trade right. We had shoots trade deficits. Elect me and I'm GonNa make the trade desk go away. The trade deficits are bigger than ever. Obama never ran trade deficits as big as one dollars. Trump is running in fact you know he said that the the worst trade deal that was ever negotiate in the history of trade deals was nafta worst deal ever he negotiates. Nafta to which is almost identical to Nafta he just calls it the US MCA and says this is the greatest trade deal ever when there's basically hardly any difference the only differences. Nafta had a better name than the one we got now but it's basically basically the same deal repackage but it's gone from the worst one in history to the greatest. Thank you remember with Donald Trump's candidate. He actually talked about paying off the national debt like going to pay it all off right. We're GONNA BE OUTTA debt right. We got more debt than ever there. Are you know we're we're bleeding reading so all of these a statements are going to be used against trump and in the next election and Elizabeth Warren to she's out there warning about economic crash warning about a phony economy in too much debt and problems in the banking system and she's right now for the wrong reasons but she is going to look a lot smarter than trump trump when she's going to be able to say I warned about these problems I told you so. Trump was in denial trump thought everything was great. He doesn't know anything and so vote for me. And of of course she's going to take all the problems and make much much worse yet seems like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and I agree with you. I think Elizabeth Warren is more likely to come out as the nominee but both of them seem to tap into this kind of left wing populist energy and they do address some very real problems. It's just they have the exact wrong solution for every one of them but the exact wrong 'cause yet well yes. That's the irony of it is. It's government meant that has caused all the problems that are so upset about yet. They're blaming it on capitalism right and they want more government solution. What are the what are the best examples and I just talked about it on my podcast last week. Is the student loan problem which would not be a problem but for the government the government is the only reason we have the student loans and without student loans college would be a lot cheaper just the way it was before student loans so you have a problem that only exists because Democrats Democrats liberal politicians wanted to buy the votes of eighteen year olds who had just got the vote and they wanted to give them something for nothing so they promised to make college more affordable all by guaranteeing lows and then basically they took something. That was very affordable anybody who wanted to go to college before the government got involved in loans. Anybody could go either your the parents paid for it or you got a job and you work your way through college but nobody graduated with any debt and now we have this massive problem right people. Kohler broke. They're sweating. They're drowning and hundred thousand dollars or more of debt and you have all these. Democrats talking about how big this problem is and how they have to solve it. They caused it and their solution is to get the governor even more involved to provide free education which is going to cost a fortune. You know nothing is as expensive as what the government provides is for free so if you think education is expensive now. Where do you see how expensive it is when it's free but what we should do is go back to a free market in in education and get the government completely out of it right no more aid. No more loans guaranteed direct. Get get rid of it all and then if we do that we can actually really have some debt relief for people who were unfortunately led down this primrose path by the government and the educational establishment that the Prophet so much see that that's who makes money off of student loans is the colleges the colleges benefit but under a free market they would not do that under a a free market colleges would have to provide quality education at an affordable cost otherwise they'd have no customers but the government make sure they have customers no matter how L. Lousy the product is or how overprice it is. Yeah I actually do have some degree of sympathy for some of these kids who come out with so much debt because it's this giant racket where the government gets to buy votes the financial companies get to make loans that are guaranteed by the government and the colleges get to keep these huge profits and the kids get stuck with a word list list degree and a bunch of debt and about eighty percent of them probably never should have been in college to begin with their little just going. There ought to get Jeremy. This is a terrible thing that we've done into our young people and look at you know you read these articles today about all these women that basically have resorted to prostitution in order to to get through school so the government is turned our daughters and our sisters into prostitutes instagram prostitutes whatever but from prostitute. I mean it's just it's more efficient prostitution. No a lot of them are seeking arrangement or whatever these these sites are sugar babies and they find guys who have money and that's how they how they get through school cool really unfortunately the young men don't have that. They can't even do that right there. There's not there's not many women that are going to pay for sex so yeah you know it's funny because I think that a lot of what fuels the populist movements. It's kind of what you like. The analogy used before you're going fifty miles an hour but the it says ten miles an hour but there's still a lot of people in the back of that truck. We're like feels like we're going faster. You Know I. I know that they're telling us. We're not I mean I was just talking to my my my mother-in-law and father in law the other day and they were just coming. They're like man everything so expensive these days like the even they're not economists. You know what I mean. They're they're just going. Ma'am things really are like the the prices are getting out of control. It's like people notice this and one of the things that I've heard a lot of people talking about Elizabeth. Warren has talked about this and Tucker Carlson Carlson has talked about this is that they're like man. People just can't afford to have families anymore like even incomes isn't enough look look. My grandfather was a carpenter. He came to this country and he was thirteen. He had no money and didn't even speak English yet. He was able to support eight children and my grandmother. My Grandmother Mother didn't have a job and that was the way it was back then I mean nobody's nobody's wife worked. I mean even if you didn't have a high school degree degree you could support a family and it should be even easier for uneducated people to support families today with all the technology that we didn't have one hundred years ago that that that we have today no it's all because of government interference in the free market we would have a much more vibrant economy but for the government interference in capitalism hapless and of course whenever the government interferes with with capitalism it screws up and then capitalism gets the blame and the government takes advantage of that by saying you see capitalism doesn't work we need more government and then you know governor keeps getting bigger and bigger and doing more are and more damage to the economy yeah and this is the problem when you don't understand the cause of the problem and it seems like you know. I was talking about this on on one of my last shows those where the Joe Biden was defending obamacare because he was like well people people really like that. They're twenty-six-year-old can stay on their insurance and you know he's making the point is like okay fine. I understand people like that but no one asks the underlying question there which is obviously why does it twenty six year old need to be dependent on their parents. I mean when my grandfather it was twenty six. He was like you know. Seven years removed from a war I mean he was like supporting himself by the why do you need to be dependable. Bit were keeping kids is in school now until they're twenty four twenty five twenty six thirty sometimes because in college degree gets you nowhere so a lot of people stay in school to get a masters. PhD Hd but since there's so many kids collars that shouldn't be there. The classes are so full that to get a four year degree takes a lot of people six years. Look you know if you remember. I went down to Zuccotti Park. Oh Yeah of course great Pie Wall Street. You guys haven't seen you have to go to youtube and watch that video. It's one of the greatest if things ever it's Peter Schiff one percent occupy Wall Street. You'll find that I'm sorry go ahead but the reason I went down there again you you made the point yourself is that the problems are there are but everybody is pointing their finger in the wrong direction. They're pointing it at capitalism and not government not the Federal Reserve. That's where they should be looking now because Wall Street benefits from these bad policies. Wall Street gets the blame because they're they're seen has the face of the problem and in a way they're complicit in this by not speaking up right. They're taking all this free money and you know they're conspicuously a you know flaunting it but you know in the end. They're ultimately the setting the stage for their own destruction because they they are creating a monster here because when we get Socialist Ryan this country you know I you get in bed with the government and the government does what what happens when you get in bed with somebody and that's what's going to happen all these private businesses that have been cozying up to the government to get all that free money. They're going to lose a lot more than that. When all of a sudden the government totally destroys the businesses because what the real motivation is of the left what guys like Bernie Sanders Really WanNa do is they are dyed-in-the-wool socialists. I don't believe in private property. They want the government to nationalize the means of production from each according to his ability to each according to his need these guys believe this nonsense cents I mean most people are smart enough. They only believe in socialism when their kids but by the time they grow up you know they're smart enough to know what doesn't work well. Bernie Sanders never grew up. I mean how old is the guy. He's still believes. It's like it's like a little kid. Believe in Santa Claus in fact Santa Claus makes more sense than socialism. I mean Bernie Sanders went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon in the late eighties. This is the late eighties. I mean if you didn't realize the Soviet Union wasn't working out by that point they they were a few years off from collapse and he was still like this is a good system. They got going here and they just want to repeat it here. All these socialists they always think the problem. Is You know the the people didn't do it right. You know it they. They didn't have real socialism. You know but you know look the more socialism you have the poor you are the more freedom you have the richer you. Are you know every place in the world. Now I mean nobody is a pure capitalist country. You have elements of socialism and you have elements of a freedom which is capitalism but to the degree that you can minimize socialism and maximize freedom. You're more prosperity but what Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Sanders wants to do is dramatically limit freedom. You know they're promising free stuff but free stuff is not freedom right first of all for one person to get something for free. Somebody else has to pay for it against their will. The government doesn't have anything it only can redistribute what it takes so the more freebies. He's the government promises. The more of citizens are being enslaved to to to meet those commitments so you know what freedom means freedom from government. That's what people oh came to America for. Freedom means the government leaves you alone. I and then you're free to pursue your own happiness and your own self interest. It's not about trying to steal things from other people. You know government is supposed to secure your rights protect. The things that you own from People WanNa steal it but today what we need protection action from his own government because that's their own government. That's doing the theft. Only they want to call it taxation and regulation but it's really legal stuff yeah and it is really I mean it is unbelievable unbelievable how much they steal. I just started making decent money and man. There's a hoof what I what I have to pay for this government that I hate so much really outrageous well. I finally was able to you know in my fifties. Check out by moving to Puerto Rico pay taxes and I still have to spend a lot of money filling out my tax returns but at least the numbers on the checks are a lot smaller now because I'm living in Puerto Rico encourage anybody that wants to be free to come on down here. If if I keep making money I'm going to be joining you in Puerto Rico one of these days soon. I was disgusted by these last couple of years how much I've had to pay taxes and I'm sure I mean I'm sure there's pay off the yet yeah. No I know wisman warrants coming after all good. So what do you think you know I. I've certainly been very surprised. I think you have to correct me. If I'm I'm wrong and a lot of people have that the bubble that we're in right now has been able to last this long. I mean I I did not think we would get through eight years of this is this because all of the central banks in all of the industrialized world are kind of working in coordination with these low interest rates. How would they been able to keep it going this long. Do you think yeah that is certainly part of it and you know I'm in the same boat as you. I you know when I was writing my first book crashproof at a profit from the coming economic collapse when I was writing about how I thought the bursting the housing bubble would lead to a great recession which would ultimately to an economic crash. I didn't think that we'd be sitting around in two thousand nineteen and and the collapse that I was writing about wouldn't have occurred yet even though all the other events that I predicted that would precipitate the crash have occurred and you know what did happen is yes. No all the central banks around the world particularly in in Europe that you see be and Japan basically did the same thing that we we did they slashed interest rates and so on a relative basis they made the dollar appear more attractive and people began to be more concerned about what was happening happening in Europe or what was happening in Japan and we were the beneficiaries of all that flight capital because it kept the whole thing going we have barring more money going deeper into debt so that we can keep on consuming and keep this phony economy going and that's what happened because we succeeded in kicking the can down the road for all these years. All all of the problems just got bigger so now we're dealing with a bigger bubble and so when it pops it's going to be far more or disruptive. Far more painful had we been digging our way out of the whole for the last decade. We'd probably be out of it by now instead. We've been digging the hole bigger. We're in the Grand Canyon of economic now. I mean who knows how long it's GONNA take to get out of this yeah. Do you think I mean I know in the past. What's what's triggered. These economic crashes has been raising interest rates but we just saw the Fed as you pointed out earlier I mean they raised rates under trump but it was too rates that would have been historic lows if they were at any other time in my lifetime and then they are immediately pulling rates back even without a recession coming. Do you have an idea of what you think is going to be the triggering event or what's going to bring on this next inevitable crash. I don't think it's going to be the Fed. Raising rates is going to be the markets. Markets raising rates despite the Fed's efforts to suppress them and we've already seen that that's why the Fed has had to go back to. Qa four only they're just calling it. You know now are repurchase agreements or you know permanent open market operations whatever it is but they're trying to artificially suppress rates because they realize that when rates go up this time the economy's down for the count and so they're just doing everything they can to postpone the day of reckoning as long as they can even though the more they succeed the more we will fail because they can't stop the day of reckoning all they can do is make it worse by delaying it but for a politician delay is is is is the only thing you can do because you're just trying to get to an election and you don't care that's why it would have been nice if trump actually was a statesman who cared about the country tree instead of just a politician about his own re-election but unfortunately that's what he is. I think the Federal Reserve chairman they just want to keep it going until you know they can either get reappointed it or you know go land a book deal or get some you know job in at some private bank so they just don't want it to blow up the help you know but but I I don't think the Fed is going to going to raise rates the way you know Volker. We don't have the guts to do that or the ability to do that but the market's going to raise rates but I think when this thing really we start to fall apart. We're seeing it now in gold but gold isn't taking off. I mean gold hit a six-year high were but fifteen hundred let's see Gogo through two thousand and really start to move move higher. We need to see the dollar breakdown. That hasn't happened yet. It's still you know it's week against goal which shows that it's week but you know the foreign exchange markets. Sir Not showing that because the dollar is not as weak as some other currencies right now but when the dollar becomes the weakest currency which you will. That's another sign that it's about the hit the fan yeah and if you start to see the long end the bond market falling with the dollar as the price of gold is rising. That's it. It's over right well. It's not pleasant to think about but this stuff is seeming more and more inevitable. I mean you look at where the Fed the Fed asset the balance sheet at the Federal Reserve. What was it was something like eight hundred something billion dollars in two thousand eight when the when the market's tanked and what is it four and a half trillion dollars or something like that he got to two or the. Oh they started selling down okay and they brought it down to below three point eight trillion. It's now back above three point eight trillion because in the most recent week they expanded the balance sheet by seventy five billion. We'll find out tomorrow how much they expanded by in the following week. I'm sure it grow again so the balance sheet is going to go up. I I think by the time the two thousand twenty election comes around the balance sheet will be bigger than four and a half trillion it hit before they started to shrink it but ultimately ultimately. It's going much much higher than that. I mean that's you know especially. If Sanders becomes president because there is no way that this laundry list of government programs is going to be funded by taxing the rich because I have no doubt that they'll try to tax the rich. It's just that when you do when you when you tax you you know you end up altering behavior and you impact the economy. They WANNA tax wealth while there's can be a lot less wealth to tax once. They have a wealth tax. They're going to raise the income tax but there's GONNA be a lot less income tax not only for the rich but for the people that the rich no longer employ because they're no longer trying to make money that the government's going to confiscate so the whole economy is going to end up being smaller and so the government's going to redistributing a smaller pie and so they may raise taxes a lot but they're not. GonNa raise revenue a lot in fact. They may get less revenue but they're going to increase spending dramatically. Where's all that money going to come from the Fed is going to create it out of thin air and is going to buy up all the government bonds that the Treasury has to sell so that we can finance all these freebies and and so we talked earlier about the rising cost of living. It's going to be spiraling out of control. I mean you know it's going to be like the one thousand nine hundred seventies only on steroids so what can be able to to protect themselves precious metals above my shoulder older right. There's a logo for her shift gold so people could buy gold by some silver my my company shift gold has got great prices. I don't think anyone's anyone's going to beat us. make sure you get the most gold and silver you can for your money and pay as little premiums possible over the spot market but you'd have up people definitely should be doing that. They should be getting out of US financial assets entirely I mean if you're retired or close to retirement and you WANNA stay retired instead of watching in your money retire and having to go back to work doing who knows what you need to move your account to let me manage it for you. Your Pacific capital is a company. We do asset management. I have mutual funds that we run separately managed accounts we gotta get Outta Dodge. You gotta get invested not only in precious metals and mining stocks but there's a lot of I'm good conservative companies all around the world in countries that are not nearly as screwed up as the United States We'll get good dividends in currencies that will retain a lot of their purchasing power unlike the dollar. That's GONNA lose most of its purchasing power. I mean the good thing about my investment. Strategies in foreign stocks is. I don't have to be right for you to make money even if I'm wrong. The US stock market is at a record high valuation relative to Overseas Markets and particularly emerging markets so even if none of the bad things happen. I think investors are going to do a lot better investing abroad than they will investing in the US but if I am right and we get this collapse then it's going to be a even bigger difference. Awesome is going to be a difference between a retirement and and working every day until until you drop debt if you want to preserve your standard of living and in fact I think there's an opportunity to actually grow your standard of living. There's GonNa be a lot of people who are going to be impoverished. Who Don't see this coming but there will be some people who see the writing on the wall and have the courage to act act on what they read in advance. They're actually GONNA profit. my only concern is that the government takes the prophets away right. I mean that's going to be a problem. I can make people a lot of money and then the government says all right. You're in the ninety percent tax bracket. You know what are you. GonNa do there but at least I can help people avoid the losses to inflation flation entered the market by having people entrust our retirement accounts IRAS whatever money they have under management and I'll get it invested around the world in the safest. Hey I can find in the assets that I think will deliver the best real return relative to inflation and a weak dollar well. I I appreciate that and I appreciate you coming on the show. It's it's always interesting to hear your perspective. It was interesting to talk to you because I've been reading your stuff and watching you for so long and I still remember like it was was yesterday back in two thousand eight when everyone on CNBC and all the financial writers were saying you know there was no way we could have seen this coming. This was just it was like an act of God that you know nobody could have possibly predicted and then you'd see you know Peter Schiff video of this like oh no but this guy told you this was going to happen two years ago and you laughed at him so people I mean if you haven't watched those videos. Go Watch a youtube. Peter Schiff was right. There's a bunch of them. That went viral. That will come up so that you know listen to this amen when he talks about the economy. I'm talking. I do these podcasts several times a week. People should you know subscribe at shift radio to my podcast or go to my youtube channel. US is your Freeport and just you know sign up air and just listen to my podcast on Youtube or you know in your car I tunes whatever but I try to put out as much content tin is like can I and tell your friends about it because there's a lot of fake news out there and so you're getting the truth for me yeah and of course the the Peter Schiff radio show was what was part of launching the Tom Woods show. I know a lot of people listen to my show are fans of Tom. Woods as well by the way a quick plug. I'm I'm doing a I'm taking over the time would show for a week. It's David Smith Week. I think that's coming out next week or the week after we've already reported episodes us. Tom Used to guest host my I show I remember well. People like stuff on Molin didn't Larry Elder Times I would travel and then the producer of my show ended up producing Tom show and he continued his his show now. Every day I think right and I stopped doing my because I didn't have the time to get out there and Puerto Rico and enjoy that tax savings. Yes yes all right well Peter Shift. Thank you so much for coming on very much appreciate. It hope we get to talk again soon. As a the economy moves along keep up the good work all right. Thank you you too all right guys. That's going to be at our show for today. Thank you so much for watching or listening or however you consume this and we will be back on Friday with a brand a new episode peace. Hey guys if you WANNA grab merch for the show go to PODCAST MERCH DOT COM. We got a bunch of new part of the problem gear up there. There's also merged for all the podcasts on the network Work Legion. 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