Charles Manson Pt. 2: Helter Skelter


Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of murder sexual assault drug drug use and violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen when Suzanne struthers fifteen year old brother call to tell her. Nobody was answering the door at their mother and stepfather's house. She didn't believe him at first. It was after nine P._M.. And they weren't the type to go out carousing late at night but he insisted she come over. Suzanne told herself. It was probably nothing one of his jokes that she didn't understand but she couldn't shake her rattled nerves she. He took her boyfriend Joe to go investigate. When Suzanne arrived at her parents house she retrieved the spare key and unlocked the back door? Joe suggested that she she weighed in the kitchen while he checked the living room as she waited. Suzanne looked around and spotted a pile of watermelon rinds in the sink. The site of the mess us in her mother's normally meet kitchen gave Suzanne chill a moment later Joe hurried back into the kitchen seeing his face Suzanne's museum worry turned to panic. He wouldn't tell her what he saw in the living room only that they had to leave right now as Joe Joe guided her to the back door. Suzanne glanced at the refrigerator startled scrawled on the door and red paint was a strange message coach helter skelter hi I'm Lena hops and this is crimes of passion apar- cast original the legal definition of a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore passionate crimes primes how does a marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's visit them mind between love and hate what manipulates our relationships and a deadly results last week we explorer Charles Manson's troubled troubled childhood in and out of juvenile facilities as an adult. He spent another ten years in prison but despite his criminal tendencies Charles had an amazing talent for manipulating people when he was released from prison in nineteen sixty seven Charles used this power of manipulation addition to attract a following of lost vulnerable people who were desperate for love and guidance he called his group of two dozen disciples the family family under Charles Guidance they spent their day squatting at Spahn ranch and seamy valley taking drugs participating in group sex and listening to Charles Lecture about a coming race war which he called helter skelter but by July of nineteen sixty nine Charles's thoughts and actions were turning increasingly violent after a dispute with a drug dealer named lots of Papa Charles went to lots of poppas apartment can't shot him and left him for dead but this shooting was only the start of the brutality Charles perpetuated that summer in this episode we'll talk about how Charles directed his followers to kill for him how the group began to splinter in the aftermath of the violence and how the family family was finally brought to justice. This episode is part of our casts summer of Sixty Nine Event July twenty second through August night. All your favorite podcast shows are teaming up to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of a landmark summer in American history. The summer of nineteen eighteen sixty nine from the Manson murders to the moon landing. We're diving deep into the summer. America hit a boiling point with twenty three special special episodes across sixteen different podcast originals will be digging into the fallout of emo KS assassination a wide reaching l._S._d.. Cold Old and rumors of a Kennedy family cover up you can find these specials and more all in our new park has presents feed on spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach reach out on facebook and Instagram podcast and twitter at podcast network several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy today's episode the best way to assist to leave a five star review where ever you're listening it really does help the last week we explored Charles Manson's troubled childhood in and out of juvenile facilities as an adult. He spent another another ten years in prison but despite his criminal tendencies Charles had an amazing talent for manipulating people when he was released from prison in nineteen sixty seven Charles used his power of manipulation to attract a following of lost vulnerable people who were desperate for love love and guidance he called his group of two dozen disciples the family under Charles's guidance they spent their day squatting at spahn ranch in Seamy Amy Valley taking drugs participating in group sex and listening to Charles Lecture about a coming race war which he called helter skelter but by July of nineteen sixty nine Charles thoughts and actions were turning increasingly violent after dispute with a drug dealer her name Martha Papa Charles went to lots of poppas apartment shot him and left him for dead but this shooting was only the start of the brutality Liberty Charles perpetuated that summer in this episode we'll talk about how Charles directed his followers to kill for him how the group began to splinter in in the aftermath of the violence and how the family was finally brought to justice after Charles gunned down on lots of Papa in July of nineteen sixty nine he bragged to his followers about the shooting but he wrongly believed lots of Papa was affiliated with the Black Panthers Panthers and worried that the panthers might come after the family and Revenge Charles became fixated on his plan to flee death valley and Wade out helter authors kilter in isolated safety there Charles said they would hide in a pit until the world returned to order but before they could make take their trip to the desert the family needed to raise some funds Charles Thaad one potential source of income might be thirty four year old music teacher and drug dealer dealer Gary Henman and men was friendly with the family sometimes letting them crash at his house but Charles was an interested in the man's friendship <music> with Henman as with all Charles's relationships Charles only cared about how he could use the other person to benefit himself this. This was also how Charles felt about twenty one year old musician Bobby beausoleil bobby wasn't an official member of the family but he hung out at the ranch frequently frequently listen to Charles Lectures about helter skelter and was romantically involved with some of the family women in July of nineteen sixty nine nine Charles learned that the two men were in the midst of an argument Bobby Beausoleil had purchased a thousand tabs of Mescaline from Gary Hinman but he then claimed name but the drugs were tainted. Bobby wanted his money back. Charles figured that as long as bobby was asking for a refund he should demand some extra cash to to help fund the families 'cause in exchange Charleston over a few family members to Henman's house to put pressure on him. Charles knew that Henman Bliss particularly attracted to Manson family member eligible Bailey so he suggested she go along to help her swayed Henman but L. A. Joe asked to be excused from duty. Perhaps she guests at the visit might become violent. She later said that she witnessed the family members arguing over which guns and weapons they would bring the Henman's apartment instead Charleston family members Bruce Davis Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner to act as enforcers they he held the drug dealer up at gunpoint while the spurn Bobby Beausoleil beat him senseless eventually henman agreed to sign over the pink slips to his two vehicles goals as payment but when bobby called Charles to let him know he wasn't satisfied he was sure Henman must have money stashed away for the next two days Bobby Mary Brenner and Susan Atkins held Gary Hinman hostage in his home. They continue to make demands demands for money while bobby relentlessly beat him when Henman told them he'd go to the police bobby was spooked. He might go to prison for what he done. He called Charles. Who said you know what to do? Bobby took that as a command to silence Henman by killing him before I continue with Bobby Psychology please note that I am not a licenced psychiatrist or psychologist but I have done a lot of research for the show. The American Psychological Association has expressed skepticism that people can be brainwashed into acting violently but some psychologists his point to countless examples of people falling under a violent Colt influence and going on to do the unthinkable licensed mental health counselor stephen in Hassen use the rise about Keta and other terrorist groups as modern examples of how people can be indoctrinated into committing murder these extremist extremist groups have radicalized individuals through isolation limiting access to outside information and instilling an US versus them mentality polity Charles Manson uses same tactics family members look to Charles as their only source of wisdom and guidance some even thought he he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ Charles exploited their trust to make them believe they had to take a stand against the rich and powerful pigs news of the outside world. The family wasn't just willing to kill for their God Charles. They were proud to do it. So when Charles Girls gave the word bobby readily obeyed he stabbed Henman then dipped his hand and the dying man's blood head to draw on the wall he wrote political piggy and then painted pawprint Charles had instructed bobby to leave evidence incriminating the Black Panthers he hoped Henman's death would heighten racial tensions and help kick off helter skelter then then the group left taking Henman's cars with them back at spahn ranch. Susan Atkins boasted to the other women about the murder but not all the family members were impressed. Ella Jo Bailey felt sick to her stomach. She couldn't believe that the people she saw every day. People she loved could casually admit to murder she had heard about Charlie early shooting and Black Panther a few weeks before but that hadn't hit her the same way. She figured it was just Charlie. Protecting the family hearing about Henman's death was different. She knew Henman she had been invited into his home l.. A. Joe wondered what might have happened if she hadn't refused to go back. Perhaps she could have done something to help. Henman now it was too late and she felt paralyzed. Paralyzed with guilt eligible reflected on her time with the Family Charlie had been the center of her life for nearly two years she she had once thought she'd be happy to follow Charlie's lead for the rest of her life but now she admitted that she felt differently. Perhaps it had started when Bill Vance joined the group bill was special and at some point after he arrived L. A. Joe had begun to think of him as her boyfriend but Charlie discouraged the family from forming attachments he told them that everyone belong to everyone else. Falling in love with bill was eligible first act of disobedience against Charlie now in the wake of Henman's death. L. Joe began to steal herself up for another her larger rebellion as soon as she could Bobby beausoleil decided to flee to San Francisco driving the car he had stolen from Henman but the car broke down midway there when highway highway patrol stopped to help they realized that an all points bulletin had been issued for the stolen car the officers discovered the knife bobby had used to stab hinman stashed in the cars well later they matched his fingerprints to a thumbprint left and Gary Henman's house. The officers arrested Bobby Lobby and he was charged with murder. When Charles heard about the arrest he was worried bobby? Mike confessed to everything implicating the family in the murder murder but he was also upset. The Henman's murder had it made more of an impact he had hoped to spark a media frenzy thou would initiate the coming race war so as family discussed how to deal with Bobby's of rest Charles began to work out a new plan he wanted to stage an even and more brutal murder one so shocking it would make headlines around the country Charles was sure that such an event would be enough to trigger helter skelter and as a bonus it might help bobby beausoleil. The family thought if more murders were committed while bobby was in in custody it would prove that the police had arrested the wrong man and he would be let go on the night of August eighth nineteen sixty nine Charles took family member Tex Watson aside and told him what needed to be done a year earlier when Charles was cozying up to every music industry contact attack that would tolerate him. He had pursued a relationship with music producer Terry Melcher at the time Melcher lived in a secluded house on Cielo drive live even though Melcher had moved out of the house some months before Charles reason that whoever lived there now must also be rich and famous anyone anyone who lived in a place like that must be the kind of high profile person whose death would make national news according to Charles's plan tax and a few of the family women would go to Cielo drive break into the house and murder them in his research. Stephen Harrison stated that in the most destructive colts psychological influence seeks to disrupt an individual's identity personal behavior thoughts emotions and reconstructed in the image of the leader Tex Watson win later say that he accepted Charles's plan without an argument because Manson slaw law was greater than his own conscience Charles recruited more followers to help tax twenty one year old Susan Atkins Twenty one year old Pat Krenwinkel and twenty year old Linda Ca Sabin he instructed them to obey any command techs gave but didn't tell them the goal of the mission as they got into the car. Charles called out do something witchy it was a code to replicate Gary Henman's murder and the political piggy Hegi message bobby had scrawled on the wall just after midnight on August ninth nineteen sixty nine the family arrived at the House on Cielo Drive Dr Texts instructed the women to climb over the fence once they were on the grounds techs told them the plan kill anyone they found inside coming up. We'll talk about the infamous murder spree of August ninth eighth and Tenth Nineteen Sixty nine. Have you heard about Fab fit fun. It's a women's lifestyle subscription option box filled with full-size premium beauty lifestyle fitness home and tech products and it sent right to your door with the seasonal must haves. You need need when my first facet fun box arrived. It felt like a friend had sent me a Christmas gift. All of the items are wrapped beautifully and you get to see what each product is like like based on the magazine that is included in the box. 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Oh Five Oh Cielo drive once they got their techs gave the women the order he had received from Charles Charles Manson they were to break in and kill everyone inside after Melchior moved out thirty five year old director Roman Polanski and his wife Twenty six year old actress Sharon Tate rented the House that night Polanski was not home he was filming filming a movie in Europe but pregnant tate just two weeks away from her due date had stayed behind in Los Angeles another couple also resided the house a longtime friend of Polanski's thirty two year old Vojtech Frankowski and his girlfriend twenty five year old Abigail soldier the pair had moved in to keep sharing company before the birth on that August night Sharon had another visitor her close friend and hairstylists thirty five year old J. C. bring in addition to the main house. The property also had a smaller guest cottage. The property caretaker nineteen year old William Garretson lived in the cottage that night he had a friend over eighteen year old student. Steve Parent parent was just leaving the property around twelve fifteen a m on August ninth. When the family members heard Steve Parents car coming toward them down the driveway they hid in some bushes but as a car stopped at the front gate techs emerged holding his gun the teenager implored please? Please don't hurt me. I'm I'm your friend. I won't tell TEX ignored him. He sliced parents arm with a knife and then shot him for times. Steve Parents slumped over in the front seat dead the group pause to see if the gunfire had alerted the residents of the home but the surrounding canyons muffled the sound Texan the women continued on to the main house techs found in open window leading into the Frans Hall after slicing open the screen he told Linda to stay and keep lookout while the rest went inside in the Living Room Tex Susan in an pat found boy tech break Hausky asleep on the couch. Frankowski woke up and ask them what they wanted. Techs replied. I'm the the devil and I'm here to do the devil's business then he kicked by house-key in the head rendering him barely conscious textile the women to check the rest of the house. They found Abigail folder Sharon tate and J. C.. Bring in the bedrooms brandishing their knives. They ordered everyone to the living room. Once their tax tied up the men Jay and the still dazed for a house-key <music> Sharon tate started to cry J. shouted. Can't you see she's pregnant. As soon as Jay spoke techs tax shot him in the abdomen text demanded all the money the hostages had folder revealed that she had about seventy dollars in her purse. It's about five hundred dollars today. Tate explained that she didn't have any money in the house but she could get some knowing that Charles would be upset that if they returned to spawn ranch without much cash tex became angry J._c.. Bring grown in writhe on the floor from his gunshot that wound Tex world on him and stabbed him until he died when tate and folger's screamed in Horror Vojtech for Hausky awoke from his stupor and struggle to untie his own hands Susan Atkins leapt at him and stabbed his legs tex turned the gun on him and began to shoot but he somehow managed to break free and limped outside techs quickly caught up with him. Frankowski died with two bullet wounds Jones and fifty one stab wounds Linda. K._C._B._S. was still outside keeping lookout when they had set out that evening she thought they were going on another another creepy crawling mission not a murder spree as soon as she saw tax shoot Steve Parent she had entered a state of shock. Now she made an attempt to end the gory scene she shouted. Please make it stop people are coming but nobody was coming and tax did not stop Linda gave up she decided to hop the fence. Get away from the property and wait by their car. As for a house-key died on the Front Lawn Abigail soldier tried to break away she also tried to escape across the yard but Pat Krenwinkel in lingle caught up with her and stabbed her when tex trotted over he pointed path towards the guest cottage and told her to look inside and kill anyone one there at seemed shaken after stabbing Bolger and she only pretended to check the guest cottage telling tax at the house was empty. If the caretaker William Garretson was awake he didn't give any sign to reveal himself techs. Meanwhile continued stabbing Abigail folder later. He claimed she told him as she died. I give up. You've got me finally the murderers turned into pregnant Sharon Tate Tate Beg them to spare her. She pleaded with them to kidnap her and keep her alive just long enough to deliver her baby. The family ignored her. Susan Atkins held the sobbing woman while Tex stabbed her sixteen times when she was dead. Susan dipped a towel in her blood and wrote the worth Hig on the front door with their mission accomplished. The group left the property techs. Susan and Pat Join Linda a car and drove away when they got back to the ranch inch Charles was eager to hear about the crime in fact he wanted to see it for himself to make sure it was gruesome enough to attract media attention then he drew back to the House himself that night and made small adjustments wanting to make the crime scene as bizarre and shocking as possible he placed the towel over Jaycee brings head. He draped an American flag over Sharon Tate's body. He moved a pair of glasses to the living room when when he was finished he drove back to spahn ranch and went to bed the next Lisa also found a number of recreational drugs in the House M._D._a.. A- sheesh and marijuana perhaps the murders were the result of a drug deal L. gone bad back at spahn ranch. Susan Techs and Pat Watch the news and basked in the attention. Their crimes had received Charles wasn't satisfied. None of the reports blamed the deaths on the Black Panthers nor do they link the debts to Gary Henman's murder. The tate murders wouldn't clear Bobby Beausoleil. 's name nor would they begin helter skelter so Charles decided that more people had to the die this time it wouldn't simply issue orders from the ranch. He intended to oversee the killings himself. Charles gathered rather the same group he'd sent to Ceelo Dr Techs Susan Pat and Linda no one had told Charles that Linda ran away during during the previous night's murders and she was too afraid to object when Charles selected her for a second journey Charles also brought Nineteen Year Roll Leslie Van Houten an eighteen year old clem Grogan the group dressed in dark clothes and gathered their knives then they set out into the tonight Charles directed them to a neighborhood in Los Feliz and told them to stop next door to a house the family had been to before for parties. He's but the friend had moved out the previous fall and no one was sure why Charles pick this target he in Tex- gone out of the car and entered entered through an unlocked back door inside forty four year old Lino Lobby Yongfu and his wife thirty eight year old rosemary were asleep Lino you know in Rosemary were not rich celebrities. He ran a chain of grocery stores and she owned a dress shop. They were a well liked upper middle class couple. They had no connections to Manson or the family. When Charles Tex went into the house they found Lino Asleep on the couch? When he awoke Charles Order a text to tie the man's hands behind his back with some leather ropes he brought from the ranch Charles went into the bedroom brought out Rosemary Harry and sat her next to her husband then he retrieved pat and Leslie from the car he told techs make sure everybody he does something before? Leaving Charles Stole Rosemary's Wallet Techs put a pillowcase over Leena La Bianca as head and wrapped a lamp record around the man's neck and mouth he instructed pat and Leslie to take Rosemary into the bedroom and do the same thing to her when when they were out of sight Tech Stab Lino with a bayonet from the bedroom rosemary screamed. What are you doing to my husband? She tried to run to Lino but the lamp cords wrapped around her neck or still plugged into the wall as Rosemary strained against the cords. Pat Pat stabbed her with a kitchen knife. Then Tex came in to complete the job with his bayonet when Rosemary was dead tax return to the Living Room stabbed Lino a few more times and carved the word war into the man's stomach pat stuck an ivory handled carving fork fork in his body. They went back to the bedroom. Were techs instructed Leslie to Stab Rosemary's body following Charlie's command that everyone participate when they were finished they use blood to write messages on the wall in the living room they wrote wrote rise and death to pigs in the kitchen on the refrigerator door. Pat wrote helter skelter misspelled spelled H. E. A. L. T. R. AS TEX PAT and Leslie followed followed Charles's orders Charles led the rest of the Women Linda Clem and Susan to a denny's restaurant instill mar he told Linda Delete Rosemary's wallet and the restaurant bathroom he expected a black woman to find the wallet steal the credit cards inside and then be blamed for the law Bianca's murderer's then Charles asked them who else they might kill Charles recalled Linda telling him about a Lebanese actor named salad natter whom she met while panhandling Linda had gone back to the actors home in Santa Monica to have sex Charles asked if Linda remembered the building where the actor lived windass said yes but when Charles handed her a knife and told her she was going to find matter and slit his throat. Linda balked the bloody events of the previous night had sickened her and she did not want to be a part of more violence. She said I'm not you Charlie. Dan Charles ignored her. He needed as many notorious deaths as possible to ignite helter skelter he dropped the family members off in front front of the actor's apartment and told Linda to lead Susan and Clem to the actors door where they would kill him. Then Charles drove away way back to spawn ranch. Linda pretended to obey Charles but she purposefully took Susan and Clem to the wrong unit when a stranger answered the door. Linda backed away and told the family that she didn't remember where natter lived the group hitchhiked back to spawn on and nobody discussed what had happened. The following evening Rosemary Labianca fifteen year old son frank came home. I'm from staying at a friend's house when his mother and stepfather didn't answer the door. Frank called his twenty one year old sister Suzanne and Suzanne's boyfriend Joe Dorgan the three entered the house where they found Rosemary and Lino Bianca dead the immediately called the police when journalists I got a hold of the story they noticed the similarities between the crime scene at Cielo drive and the Law Bianca residents police however were skeptical optical Leena La Bianca had some gambling debts and investigators thought he might build some money to members of the mafia although it seemed as if if the family had gotten away with murder Charles worried about Bobby Beausoleil who was still being held for Gary Henman's death and who might confess and point like the police to Charles at any moment the week after the murders Charleston Linda Kosabe into visit Bobby in jail and give him a message to stay quiet quiet. Linda happily took her assignment Linda K._C._B._S. in skin crawl the she thought about her naievety say she had left an unhappy marriage to join the family because she thought she might find higher love with Charlie and his women she felt disgusted gusted by what she knew now the family had nothing to do with love they were just mindless robots controlled by a Madman Linda would give anything to Undo the Knights of August ninth and tenth but her only option was to move forward she had had to get out only one thing was stopping Linda from deserting the family and never looking back her young daughter. Tanya UH lived at spahn ranch to limit desperately trying to think of a way to take Tanya without raising Charlie suspicions but it it was hopeless she knew Charlie would never let them leave together. If she tried Charlie might kill her and then Tanya would be stuck with the family family forever. Leaving Tanya was the hardest thing Linda had ever done but she knew that it was the only way to get help she had had to do it to save them. Both with her decision made Linda borrowed a car and meet a show of leaving to visit Bobby at the Los Angeles Louis County jail but instead of driving south she went east. Her heart broke as the mile stretched between her and Tanya but she she willed herself to keep going. She had to reach her husband Bob in New Mexico then she would tell him everything. After after Linda reunited with her husband she told him about the murderers but she was too afraid to go to the police worried the family might hurt her daughter. She was anxious to that. The family might try to come after her but by then Charles was too busy to pursue an insubordinate family member he was hard at work preparing his followers further move to the desert coming coming up. We'll talk about the fracturing of the family in Death Valley and how the groups breakdown helped investigators and prosecutors make their case against Charles Manson now the conclusion of the story in late August of nineteen sixty nine Charles Manson decided it was time for helter skelter to begin he ordered some of his most loyal followers to carry out a series of brutal murders on August ninth and tenth killing seven people not long after the murders spawn ranch was raided by police. It had nothing to do with the tate or lobby on the murders. Police suspected the group was operating an auto theft ring on the property they had been stealing Dune buggies and motorcycles our cycles in preparation for their trek to the desert and had actually previously been rated for similar suspicions. Police took some of the family members into to custody but the charges were dropped within days for lack of evidence. Although they released the adult family members they placed the family children including Linda CA sapiens daughter Tanya into foster care when Lyndon discovered this she returned to l._a.. County to regain custody over the girl but she did not reveal anything about the murders back at the ranch Charles remained anxious about the police's raid he thought it might be a signal that someone was spilling family secrets. He blamed Donald Shorty Shea an employee of the ranch owner short he didn't care for the families presence at at the ranch and he often advised his boss to kick them out given his animosity towards Charles Short. He made a convenience ape goat some night in late August about two weeks. After the Tate Murders Charles Bruce Davis and Clem Grogan took shorty shea out into into the desert and killed him with a Stun Charles decided it was time to retreat to Death Valley National Park hundreds of miles away from civilization to wait out the coming race Horse Charles most ardent followers were thrilled that they were finally going to escape into the pit Charles had prophesied they believed that once they were inside the pit they would go through metamorphosis and take whatever form they desired but they had to locate the pit before this could happen when they reached the desert. Charles ordered them to go on daily excursions in search of the whole that would lead them to the pit each night when they returned from day of searching exhausted they would gather around a fire her take hits of acid and listen to Charles preaching about helter skelter and their new life Sharon Kay Farber a counselor with a p._H._d.. In in social work said that colts prey upon the tendency of many to rely on magical thinking which reinforces the tendency to endow the leader with omnipotent patent and magical powers the member can readily come to believe that the leader can read his mind or hear conversations at a distance many many of Charles's followers were desperate for Charles's predictions to come true they had joined Charles in the first place to escape their empty lives and now they wanted to escape from reality itself but for the family members who were not quite sold on Charles is apocalyptic predictions life even death valley was a difficult adjustment. There was no electricity or telephones they were constantly running low on food and supplies and the daily expeditions to find the pit or brutal in the desert heat as morale dropped Tex Watson grew frustrated every day. The Group failed to find the pit techs grew more doubtful of Charles claims confused and depressed. He began to fervently Ervin. Lee wished that he could erase his life with the family. After a few weeks he left the Wchs Department these suspicions lead Park Rangers and the California Highway Patrol to pay the family visit they found stolen cars including in makeshift armored vehicles with scampered to hold weapons. The officer suspicions of the Strange Group deepened on October tenth the park service a highway patrol and Inyo County Sheriff's department raided the property authorities made over a dozen arrests but they did not locate Charles by by chance he had gone back to Los Angeles a day before to try to raise some extra money and replenish their food stash Charles returned to death valley as soon as she heard about the raid perhaps panicked at the thought of his followers in custody and what they might be telling the gleese he wanted to be physically close to <unk> them while he figured out how to regain control immediately after Charles's return. The authorities raided the desert ranch again this time as California Highway Patrolman James Pursell meet a sweep inside the House he found a lit candle flickering on the table and he knew that someone must must be home herself searched the bathroom right before his eyes the door of a small cabinet by the sinks Longo been and Charles Charles Manson emerged herself said if you make one false move I'll blow your head off to which Charles replied applied. I Charles was arrested and brought to a jail in Inyo county along with the rest of the family. Once serious interogations began everything started to unravel twenty year old kitty lead singer who was pregnant with Bobby Beausoleil as baby and frustrated that she was being kept in the dark told the police everything she heard about Gary Henman's murder she also told them she had heard Susan Atkins bragging being about stabbing a man in the legs she assumed Susan was talking about Henman but he hadn't been stabbed in the legs the attack she described fit another crime better the murder of Vojtech Reich Hausky at Sharon Tate's house investigators questioned Susan who corroborated the story story admitting that she had been present for Henman's murder. Susan was subsequently booked for murder and moved to a women's prison and Los Angeles County any Susan spend the next few weeks bragging to other inmates that she had been part of the Tate Murders John R Schaffer a behavioral analyst list for the F._B._i.. Says this behavior is common stating when criminals commit crimes they feel an overwhelming need to tell someone what they dead especially if the crime required skill and cunning criminals crave recognition for their nefarious deeds Susan's fellow uh-huh inmates reported her statements to authorities while investigators were linking the family to the tate and Hinman murderers they also discovered evidence of Charles's is involvement in the lobby bianca murders the leather material of Charles's deer skin suit matched the leather ropes used to tie the hands of Rosemary and Lino Lino Lubyanka in the previous months police had conducted three separate murder investigations without seeing a link between them now <hes> with the Manson family in custody. The connections between the Tate Labianca and Henman murders were staring them in the face now that the police had found the perpetrators of the murders prosecutor Vinson Bouillaud see began to build his case against Charles he would have to rely on witness MS testimony and for this he would need to convince some of the family members to let go of their devotion to and fear of their leader breaking breaking Charles's hold over the family was a difficult process psychologist and cold expert. Margaret Singer stated that the idea of leaving a colt is often unbearable for participants. She says there is a psychological bond that becomes most difficult to sever. Perhaps Charles Charles's most bonded and devout follower was Susan Atkins who had been present for all the bloody crimes. Susan Atkins ends. I'd the prosecutors sitting across from her. He was trying to question her but it was hard to focus on him. She had to stay alert and case Charlie. We tried to send a message to her. The lawyers kept telling her that Charlie was far away in jail in Inyo County but Susan knew that Charlie was everywhere he was watching her now. You would know if Susan betrayed him. Her lawyer told her that the prosecutors accusers wanted her to testify against Charlie. He told her that if she didn't cooperate prosecutors would push for the death penalty but Susan understood what her lawyers did not death was meaningless. Only the spirit mattered and the spirit lived forever. That's what Charlie had taught her. Susan Atkins belief in Charles was unwavering but she seemed to enjoy talking about the murderers lawyers convinced her to testify in front of a grand jury in Los Angeles. Susan explained how Charles had programmed the family to do things and gave detailed descriptions of their crimes. Susan didn't seem to realize that she was incriminating Charles. She saw her her testimony. As an opportunity to proselytize about Charles's godlike powers the grand jury panel issued indictments on seven counts of murder her and one count of conspiracy to commit murder against Charles Manson Tex Watson Susan Atkins Linda Ca Sapien and Patricia Krenwinkel Leslie Van Houten was indicted on two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. The trial began in the summer of nineteen seventy although she had testified in front of the Grand Jury Susan Atkins Refuse to testify for the prosecution at trial now now she claimed that Charles was innocent and that the family had acted alone without his help or influence but prosecutors had other witnesses to counter counter this they arranged deal with Linda Kosabe Ian who had accompanied the family on the murder missions but refused to kill anyone. Linda was granted granted immunity in exchange for her testimony. The prosecutors also secured the testimony of former family member Barbara Hoyt who had walked sixteen hours through the desert to escape them testifying against a family proved to be risky prior to the trial a family member approach Barbara era pretending to renew their friendship but then proceeded to poison Barbara with ten tabs of L._S._D.. When Barbara recovered from the overdose she was more determined than ever to testify although prosecutors manage to turn some family members into cooperative witnesses most of them remained under Charles's spell fame social psychologist Leon festinger studied similar behavior in nineteen fifties UFL Colt festinger linger noted that when the Colt Leaders Doomsday Prophesy failed the cult members became more committed rather than less festinger attributed this to cognitive dissonance writing that a person can distort her perception and the information about the world around her in order to protect her convictions during the Manson trial several of the family women gathered outside the courthouse every day singing and chanting for crowds of onlookers inside the courtroom courtroom Charles tried to disrupt the trial with a variety of antics including carving a small X. in his forehead just above his eyebrows he arrange for a family member to pass out a written statement outside the courthouse it read I have exed myself from your world? No Man or lawyer lawyer is speaking for me. I speak for myself. I am not allowed to speak with words so I have spoken with the Mark I will be wearing on my forehead forehead after he did this. The family woman appeared at the courthouse with X.'s gouged into their foreheads but the trial move forward as scheduled on March twenty ninth nineteen seventy one the jury returned a guilty verdict Charles Manson and Susan Atkins at Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten were sentenced to die in the Gas Chamber Tex Watson had a separate retrial was convicted in October of nineteen seventy one and also sentenced to death but before these sentences were carried readout California's Supreme Court voted to abolish the death penalty in nineteen seventy two Charles remained infamous in prison attracting attracting notoriety in part due to the devotion of his followers in nineteen seventy five family member Lynette squeaky Kief Romi attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford Secret Service tackled her before she could shoot Charles might not have ordered himself but many speculate that Lynette did it to impress him. She was sentenced to life in prison for the assassination attempt and paroled in two two thousand nine in recent two thousand nineteen interview. She confessed that she was still in love with Manson other followers. I did not remain faithful. Susan Atkins eventually renounced Charles and converted to Christianity. She died of cancer in two thousand eight after nearly three decades in prison Tex Watson Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten have also expressed the repudiation of Charles Charles they remain in prison today and have so far been denied parole. Charles Manson died in prison and two thousand thousand seventeen at the age of eighty three but fifty years after the Manson families crimes people remain fascinated by the colts legacy. The Manson family came together at the height of a counterculture movement that encourage young people to reject convention question authority and an embrace the ideals of peace and love Charles Manson's brutal crimes effectively destroyed the spirit of the sixties as a world came came to associate the hippie lifestyle with the wave of crime and violence but if Charles Life shows anything it's that he did not need a Hippie ideology ideology or political agenda to inspire him to violence his militias behavior began long before the nineteen sixties Charles's cousin Joanne told the following story six years old first grade. He talked the girls in his class into to beating up other boys. He doesn't like then when the principal comes to ask Charlie. Why did you do that Charlie's responses? It wasn't me they were doing what they wanted. You can't blame me for that. Thirty years later he'd use the same defense with a new group of girls. 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