31 - Wolves-Man City Pandemonium, Boxing Day Recap & Best of the Decade


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But the marquee match of Boxing Day Leicester City versus Liverpool. What happened to Chelsea against Southampton jumped to their impressive win? It spurs spurs themselves. Come from behind win against Brighton. How Austin Everton Fed under the new managers Michaela Data and Carlo Ancelotti and we'll handout handout? Some best of decade awards. But we gotTA stop my friend with a crazy events that played out between wolves. Manchester City may be the game of the season with an atmosphere. Mullen you rob WanNa believe. We'll game a football. That was well. He would go ten minutes on the clock. Wolves break-away collision. Addison got got sent off. A guero gets subbed off. Bravo comes on and these penalty given by. Va Aw penalties Miss Fail. Looks Closeness counties. Retaken the penalty not say than the penalty scored twenty five minutes of Football Mosaic. Set the tone for a bit of a crazy game in some respects. And and and the sending off of Addison which obviously denial of the goal scoring opportunities Joshua food contact with the with the goalkeeper. So we always fall out was going to be read. 'cause there's no issue with that. It totally changed the balancing complexity of a game where city would expect in an would want to dominate the full bowl and walls would be happy enough to the city to dominate. But look to talk. They did it when they want to go through the on its head because actually walls ended with Moore possession and city with the ones who at times would say a little bit deeper with the likes of more as Sterling Kevin. Deploying a midfield had been auto a single Silva in midfield still the quality to wolves. Yeah and there's so much in the game. I mean you know towards the end the city. He was struggling that. Just a team built to defend robotic defame with the football and when they've got a man less than that's that's not on situation they can easily Z.. Handle let's go and you did make a change in getting food sent Abakan. So so the antidote without Andy Garcia. And so you think is the right kind of move to get another natural defender in maybe Take Away Yeah but I mean wolves. Wolves is just amazing story. What they're doing this season and roll the Games that they've had a rope league Success so far. They've is pretty much the same team that plays as every week and an improvement of certain players Adama Traore again was the main threat. And he's he's really a good time against mench city this season. I just want to go back to the incident. Robin Urban Edison. Now we know that is a is a top goal or keep is probably the best with his feet I think we both have ever seen some of his distribution in passing but that was era Ease is prone to bad decision is when you think about it that that that incident right there decided the game really due to on a no. There's a lot of work to do in. No no the the sterling with two goals and stuff but then going down to ten men was a big problem. Particularly defense is not that great. I thought that was a really bad. goalkeeping didn't need to do that. Defensively city wounded could spot. They get caught with the ball of the top yet again but I thought that decision was really bad and then on his remarks. It's an uphill task in it. You you lose your grain penalty great. It was apparently was no Laura's step on the footsteps on his foot rub. Yeah Listen We. Now he's maybe it's one of those V locked looks at its contract. This definitely step on the fully goes down. You know gives a decision. Encroachment is is minimal but he is over the line I think only cody combat clear it so obviously impacts the outcome of the kick retain again feeling. I think is interesting at at the time he went to take again. We shots pet cordell almost not change. We get somebody else to take the penalty kick. Not that confident that rob. Isn't it the case that the penalty taker on an increasing TESTA retail. A good good question. I'm not sure that that's something we we will. Certainly I check in and find out without team. 'cause patent was definitely saying he may not move to make the change. I agree with you and just yeah I point and Tim in terms of sable let let me just go back to a real basic point that anybody coaches with no anybody who plays level. The football were CONACO picture bowl with ten minutes in the game. Kick Situation Guess played short-to-medium pixies heddle an absolutely no pressure on the ball. We'll go ten or fifteen years to look up and pick out. He's going to think he's looking for Johnny on the outside. I and then just to make someone after Manchester City or just about on the halfway line mob went when conaco cheese maybe fifty yards away from them now every coaching course I've been on every time with a group of places if these no pressure on the ball drop off give give don't allow that space in behind China one below the top can cause problem bunches to city. Defensive Line is so high is so risky the Edison would almost have to be twenty. We all do outside. He's out of here to be sweeper. Keep it it needs to be to get that. Because they're so high and he's so deep gunny justin cookies and as you say they make the decision to calm. He's never going to get that. He hits the play game changing all of a sudden. It's an uphill task for months now. Some of those basics and we go back to the TAP Guardiola saying he doesn't work on defense and all those things. Some of those things rob game changes some of those things you have to do. If you're going to be competitive in the way that to be competitive I know they definable the Balon. No one eats about possession but the basics have to happen. Yeah and and it's a good point and Because because their possessions usually so good football so good that doesn't get questioned that much when it does get questioned. They've they've relied in the past on really great individual defenders to get them out situations like Vincent Company Walker at times to this pace all the port with his visibility ability. So the situation right now with it when they haven't got great defenders out there then they're vulnerable and you know it's just just remarkable football rob and I want to switch over to wolves because we we've said the same stuff about mindset. He will. I certainly have about that defensive abilities or it's just this season is just not good enough. Apart from the fact that got brilliant go scores. They've still got Tenneco was I did last year. Defensively is where they have an issue and they found again today Eh. I think we're GonNa Talk Some Wolves Robin Team and not performance and the manager. And what he's doing a mullen you you in the studio. We've we're home. Watch it with my my son and the noise coming from the stadium and the shots of the fans in the crowd. I mean tha- that's a tropical club when you know we were talking about the record against top six teams now. I think he's twenty four points against toxics team since they've been back in the League of one six drew six And lost six. I think it is now so they certainly don't change play. They have the mentality of of a top sixteen team. They played with that belief from reassurance and off after the game I had Neuner said we weren't gonNA change too much. The little tweaks within the system got Johta mm-hmm and and Try a little bit narrower coming off the wide because of the game a little bit more underneath Hernandez but they they don't change Geno of what they do. And it's a credit to him as credit card to the football club that they they stick to what they're about and they stick to what they do well and they believe it will get results. It's the fifth place right now. They're absolutely going for top four spot absolutely going for and they they. They deserve the respect from that. I mean the to please stop plans. Today Jimenez Troy are. We both got a goal and an assist. There will great together. You know the drag back the deputy goal as well from him as major late in the game and those two players really with the stars today. Apart from the strength. They've got one other areas. I mean the improvement of of if a dormitory when he's been to several clubs a nobody really got the best of 'em you know. I think the system suits fine. He hasn't got a run back too much. He's complained nice and wide at certain times he's always going to be a threat over the top with his pace and friends everybody and with his strength. You know he's always going to be a threat just Benjamin Mendy. It's a foul rope. It's a foul shoves him in the back. It's a phone out of the atmosphere. I Gabri cope with it. I get the referees depressurization decisions etc in the crowd. That's a foul. I'm sorry shoulder to shoulder you can show your strength and your muscles those story. But you can't shove somebody in the middle of the back of the throws them forward to get the ball. If if Benjamin goes down you should have done goes down you should which is Robin. Bush shouldn't be situation where you go down to book rob. That going down is good defending you just talked about earlier earlier. Vincent Vincent Company is a strong if not stronger than than Benjamin goes to ground. It shouldn't have to. You have to be a good defender. You have to make good decisions because just go into the ground because she felt with contact Dr Pinkus owing to the ground forces referee to make a decision didn't have to should the force him to make a decision. These things in football that happen the in situ tackles happened in a box or Auerbach's given us no penalties Altis outsor- inside the box outside the ball. CBS Foul at and not just the world we live in. Unfortunately but Benjamin Mandy is a better defended end and understands the defending yes. He got to assure in the Bach he goes down. He says if we play on but he doesn't go down. Which is another Soa Paul of not being a the carriage? So we're saying you. International Defenders went when you play when whoo-hoo who've been brilliant defenders around the world who know times a sentence them go on and win afoul. That's what they know not. I could defend the well-done. You've got decision that you wanted. Yeah listen I think you'll talk and reality and I am not arguing with relative and but but we criticize plays everybody gets hammered for going down the box a little bit of context and then we say stay on the feet and this situation here where he honestly didn't feel the need to go over. It was a bump from behind. He stayed on his feet. They they did. They didn't and the referee look. Surely that only only be honest. I didn't see that big and the second point and again it doesn't make your viewpoint right or wrong is Benjamin Mandy had three occasions I we run again after he gave me a sweet cajuns to deal with the ball. It could knock it longer the pitch and get away from goal enough to defend situation. He could not out of play play and then he has another chance to maybe play off trial rain when it fell in all go cake he did it in three decisions. Did NYE was trying vinyl. That was never have electric going over the line and found himself almost to the ball in an awkward position. And many as you say it gets go she got to pull up pushed now. He's right to shield. That bore up every right to shield play. Yeah it can still shield the ball if the German if Choi Ori Lori reaches around and he hooks the ball back or tackles away from of course not disagreeing. Let me tell you okay. I we'RE GONNA agree to disagree. Let me tell you. What my overriding component of vessels Benjamin is not GonNa Fall for Manchester City around the point for me? I don't disagree with that. I just think I'm going strong strong on it just is just. I thought that was a foul and I get the emotions in other games. I think that's given us a foul but it didn't and you're right. It could clear the board could anything but he's still got the right. You still got the is in control of possession right there in front of the ball on the shelf comes in from behind the throws a mental forty takes a ball away But listen I took on detail evident. Obviously goal that had any effect on the game. Komo as you said look credited tools The way they played their I'm bishen stealing their opening a great story. Great Great Great News. I mean we're doing interviews. After Game Maybe fifteen eighteen twenty minutes after game you can still get funds in that going crazy. I mean that's probably football club who've been a long time out the premier league and a bought something to the League went when they've it combines so certainly well tools the big game of the the festive Fixtures Khaimah AH boxing day elasticity second place hosting Liverpool of pool of gun often and win the COPA choppy. Will you know asking some questions James. What the focus is Albany fat? What did they come back to in the primarily with wanted trophies tests in the Premier League gone pretty much it was Business as usual. Yeah yeah any questions asked of this team. At the moment. They've got all the answers. I mean th th the travel the extra time victory against Mingo Over there for the club World Championship. They come back. They've got a massive game away from home against Leicester City team that's been playing so so well And yet they still still show the desire. The Hunger Anna combination of physicality and skill antenna capability and quality. I guess to summarize is that is is that setting them apart that energy and the quality i. It's just it just looks so difficult to play against whether it should defending plaza midfield players the Harry and make good decisions on the ball. They work very very hard. You know from the full bikes that we'll get into in the quality that they've got to the front three players. Roberta for Meena. That connects connects. Everything together I mean it's just it's a tremendous football team and while you know unless the been getting a lot of accolades respect for how they've played and how the managers brought them which absolutely the case. This game doesn't change too much. I shouldn't anybody's opinion of of him. As a manager of Leicester A for for the mount they'd come forward but while Liverpool in this form in this with this conference and with steely determination that nothing's GonNa get in their way. It was just another example of they. They played trump is a lot for last year. Rob Wasn't it. I think we said that. They both city Liverpool champion. Second Liverpool continued Utah and it was just stunning standards. The Manchester City of Satin inside themselves in the League that continue to promote them. I mean mean points total State fifty two points from eighteen games to bang on. You know to to to to be one hundred point if they keep going at that level and what I liked. Bobbi is the very blink. The approach of the money do about it talks about the next game. You just got to ahead of himself. He doesn't like team going to themselves and it was interesting when he was asked asked about the lead. Now that the top table in terms of what does he in the football club thing. This is what he said. The only thing changes that in the questions the numbers. There's different ten eleven now. It's thirteen actually. Don't feel it we don't think about it at all be didn't mention it once before the game game Because it's just not interesting. Look we we all know that we can make I can. I can ride the stories by myself. So the story is never before in the history of Football Football British. What but these team had a big lead and lost the lead so that sounds in my ear negative so why should be thinking about something like that via chest to be a focus on the on the next I can tell us? V play was Chevy United Everton top united measures united. Next five games. Doesn't sound like anything decided in my s to be understand it'd be all you have to pay all of them And we we try with all we have to make ready to make sure that we already these games so now The numbers absolutely did you not relevant to us. Well said Robin Swell said he doesn't he doesn't score away from the fact that there is you know would be a horrific falling linkin from not winning talk from there he talks about. It says it's just negative. I don't WanNa talk about that. We pause it for the next games coming up so I mean everything through even from blooming day. One really. Isn't it with this guy taken off the club. He's always said the right. Things obviously is motivation. The tactical side of things on the recruitment over the years. He's been there has been up so he's spot on department. This situation but continues to be level headed sensible humble all the things that you we all funds would wanna hear he continues to say and continues to to Agai this team to what is going to be a permanent title. Do you remember one of the biggest sole of Losses of a tight lead. We go two and you might have been up in the the time having played on Kevin go emotional. Kevin core opening to Alex Kinda Bait Him and he came mount publicly. There was a big public. You know I'd love it. If they beat them and let us draw he's he said I'd love it. God Love Love It. If they see it they came to be. I'm sorry from from Y SMALLPO- in that yeah we couldn't agree and we couldn't but that was that was just the manager Kevin Keegan who lost control of himself. Emotional Betty came out and and and not transmitted yourself to the players and all of a sudden Newcastle from top the league and flying plane his lovely flowing football found themselves under pressure. You just do not get the sense that Yagan Klopp is ever going to get cool. Call Open any of that anyway. Going to affect him always good plays all each football club and he's doing a good job of an odd always always instead to you the the emotion of this full time as he's this whole emotion into fungus absolutely brilliantly now to be fair is that experience of you've of great things in Germany Rob's he's been there before Kevin Keegan level hadn't but I couldn't agree more just onto couple of individuals that we got to talk about. I think we know we're going to talk about Alexander. Enron of course grabs the headlines and no wonder why putting goal two assists. It took the corner led to the humble that as well involved in everything and going going forward in terms of a right back. It's difficult to think of a better attacking right back that we've seen all even back in our day when we played than this guy going forward now defensively still defending around but boy he does going forward. It's such an asset to the club and it's such a great fit fifties local place for his beloved Liverpool. I'm what is doing right now. Is Pretty remarkable. Isn't it by now musty you. You say I'm starting to wonder if these many better full boxing in in Europe and I know he's still got stuff to learn eh one hundred one defending in tactically. Sometimes he's positions. I think it'll be a little bit better in in terms of the dishes. Away from me. Senator Boxer moms away from his wing about so many you learn and comes in time and people at the club. I'm sure we'll be making sure that he doesn't neglect not side of his game. But if you knew the pitch may it's frightening how good this guy absolutely frightening. And if any time he ends up wanting to be a right winger. Was Somebody defensive behind me. Probably do that role just as well as I think it it grew up. Plans Wing. Didn't midfield player. Why play so that predominantly? Obviously help him right now and you can Klopp of course bringing them in and and making them into this rightback is so perfect for him It's just it's just great to say. We love young players too while he was he twenty two or something he's still very very young I just thought you had a remarkable game and it's been talked about. I talked about him. And you're right you make a good point. We don't watch a lot of view the European Leagues and I often don't like these kind of comparisons because we don't know because we don't we don't see a lot of really good places we can. We count so I don't know but if somebody better than him then that's that's probably some four back so he had a special day for menial special day I feel and again the midfield continues to a marvel in the energy and and I may be maybe some silky more curate if players on other teams but the way that this whole eleven works together with a front place and those midfield players is great to see Really a brilliant performance would mind just touching on Lester robust last couple of games now city levels and of course. Please don't take it the the I mean obviously love what happened to this team with the manager and this club the question. I'M GONNA shoot my friend. Is I understand how lester have been built to this point. Yeah and the strength of this team and the attacking this in the space and the pace here a appraising and different. Why will they learn over time to to in certain matches against certain teams to be more durable again? My favorite favorite word. Could they have been or can they in the future because he is asking too much for them to be tremendously defensively balanced as well as being slick and attacking and is something Anthony. Brennan Rojas will try and work to make even better against a good side to be a little less open and be a little. Bit More compacting tough to play against possibly I fill in grim Talked about times in comedy. They trolley sooners play. This box candidate where thielemans When next to indeedy where Madison listen came in on one side and Zeal tried to play this foreign. You Know Brandon always talks about one team numbers in there. I came away from that one and similar. You still thinking okay. What can we do and do you know what kind of realize robin and they played anxious city at the top of the the top of the game? You know one of the best teams when you have no doubt Liverpool of Champions League. The James Madison Yuichi Lemons and usually Perez and harvey bombs. And not quite at that level. I think you know and against the very top level when they're playing really well. They're not quite there yet. Now that might mean little bit more work on the training ground understanding standing mature in and it might need an injection of quality by bending lodges over time to get to the next level. Some we'll say soon we'll develop ah to Alexandra when you play and you don't quite know where you're going to end up so might hit a plateau new thing okay level and if I wanted if we in Football Oakland WanNa go to next level we might have to the next player in so you you you would hope for them to get to individually by different place. More van Questioned the coach that given more time he can work on tactically an just looked James Madison. The trump was of course the German strong tough to play games so this is very different middle ground to be aware I would go but I looked at James Mattis over the last couple of games now and an ally came along and I think he's got a bright future but in in the two games against two big sides. Yeah ain't really Tindal Window. He hasn't really dominated games. He's not really tactically had had an influence on the game even from a wide position coming in between the lines working on the ball just didn't quite look the play and that's not a slight on him when talking about the very highest levels now in family Megan European football but maybe this time time to grow into that or maybe he's not at that level. Where where we're talking about ratified ad? But anyway might they're still doing great in the primitive in second place as a good cushion for them to main and on top four and of course that will be the target and be a tremendous achievement because the other teams are getting A. It'll strongly to finish in the four. Let's move down the table Rubio and the next one on the list is Chelsea lost a home to sell them enough to being. So good against and Spurs yeah While this is in the ten o'clock window isn't it. Yeah scams going on at the same time. What do you think Chelsea rob is this? I mean for my point interview. It's it's to be expected really Chelsea team not GONNA win nearly every game recoun- expect them to be at the top of the League challenging the top two and I know when when they start well in Chelsea started. Well let me see some great performances and against Josie Spurs and other great games as well and young employers to one and scoring. Goes you Kinda then. We throw up the expectation level for them and then when they lose games disappointing games have been a few of these now. They've lost a law game kind of Cook on a couple of really. It's it's just to be expected for me. I wouldn't put any more pressure or criticism that the the young players we've talked about a million times. The asking young players we can we count at this level and this primarily continued to be really really effective in creating the scoring goals and winning games. It's difficult. It's not gonNA happen all the time I think. Learn involve I think's a learning curve to the players. I think so learning curve for frank we saw the fifth straight trunk face again that we sure Everton. We saw against boomers recently when teams talk any he was talking about his team. Don't create enough chances. Don't take chances I just don't get the bullying and into good enough positions Tommy Abrahams gone a little colder with the goals. That was always going to happen. He was going on. I feel interesting involving Luke to the game and saw the line open and I know they went box. We against Buddhism will particularly well and not only find little surprise to see the Barclay now. I know it's called to change and you winning team. I was a little surprised boxing against Southampton who did not done things on the pitcher but family STARTED UP FRONT Adams as well CIA Shea Adams yeah and I'm thinking I'm interested in to be fair off time Funk changing round little little bit think to zooming off an move four four four two four four four one one on underneath the strike apple. I just felt that this this whole season's going to be Paul all of some good things some good some learning and Chelsea. Aw and if a great season is going to be talk four for them just to find space in the top four a good season's going to be top six and and a and anything below will probably be seen as a little bit disappointing contrasting with the window coming up and now they do have chance to spend some money whether he feels he might WanNa go and buy a little bit more expensive one or two around with a little bit more. No no how have been around the chocolate trout. Some of these young players out. But I'm with you. I think we're looking at two seasons before frank gets to where he wants to and some of these plays is just got that body of work and number of games on the bell. You know sixty seventy eight games while you start to know what you're doing a little bit. Yeah and just finally on Chelsea winter. It's it's the tough time for for teams. All these games coming up. You know younger players a guarantee Eh. Every Chelsea finalised right now I guarantee as a season gets into the to the spring and things are a little bit on the weather gets warmer pitches. Get Super uh-huh amazing again. Chelsea will finish strong. I just I just feel that younger players by conditions fewer games not the grind more experience. I just think in maybe play or to to help in January. I think they'll go again Chelsea. It's just whether they've got enough over the next second. Half of the season to finish top four spots which again would be fantastic. I add five francs Chelsea just outside and got him in fifth spot in terms of my predictions at the start season. Wouldn't change out right now. But they've got a chance they go chance four and and I think they will go again. Nothing so I'm just going to say yellow bodily Butler wins. Just never know what you're GONNA get with this team I. It's just a weird team. WE WE WANNA against Villa Tuna Against Chelsea. I mean I know in dining is on the band aid. They arrested him for the weekend. Yeah I mean it's still half of the game is to go there still in trouble of negation but I think now when you see a few teams belief you and I both the Radiation Zone at you just feel it just feels good. It feels good with their fourteenth right now. And then he table to thirty three points off the relegation places but the give them run now the momentum and some will give them an an. Ralph hasn't hurt. Let's been kind of like people love them and then people started down. Was it the players with manager. VASA coveting massive result. Yeah yes and to win. Chelsea's is is a crazy great result. So that'd be That'd be very happy about that. Recent form think about half Nelson. That was the best win of the season. So given a bit of confidence team. A bit to Ralph never-never about thing onto hospital Ravi most because obviously I'm getting against Chelsea and talk to now. Doom by frontline Paul wouldn't have please Josie Marino his team at home against Brighton. won't go down down and to dig deep into Satan. Hof Obviously kept a close eye on this game in your face to all them a little bit disjointed. I felt well. There's a few things on this clubs now robbing the penalty that I find an amazingly Fascinating we know that we're going to be asked on every a new managers But the new Chelsea with Franklin PA but spurs with Joe Jamuna for these incredibly interesting fascinating time. What was seen? It is my my opinion Robin. You tell me what you think. The way the the white you said disjointed at the start the game it's it's turning into a Josie Josie Spurs team. Okay I'M GONNA say is it's a little clunky. The football stiff because of what he demands a more he. He wants to mortgage team into being and at the moment. That's still not secure enough defensively. So set-pieces still vulnerable and other goal. Given away that way players individuals still make mistakes we August eager and the and the previous game that side of his is will be his absolute focus to stop the mistakes and to be defensively secure and in that process. The consequence consequence. Is that the Silky. Football is just isn't the same because you it's almost impossible because you to play expensive. Football players have got to move away away from defensive spots to open themselves up to be less compact to enable the football to connect and to to move the ball of the field. He doesn't want that because he wants them super organized. So this is what you see in. This is what you see and we saw it before we saw in the united where sometimes when they attack it looks like so how awkward and difficult because they're not really working on that side of things it's still gonNA Josie teams doesn't score school. It looks different and my notes. Here is like clunky. Football quality moments and that's what his teams in the past. And that's what this dispersed hymns going to quality quality moments from quality players. That's what you're required midfield players and his strikers and he's Got Quality Hurricane Deli get. The goal was to come from one no behind because his team want secure yet to win the game. Ideally Rob and all that. You're talking about that. I've got on for ages of all this. But he won't concede that first goal. He hates conceding. The first goal because sometimes it's teams. Don't money quality I just I see happening and I'm not saying it's good or bad because it's probably going to get results. I absolutely the Spurs. We'll make the top four because he gets results is just the way it's happening. It's kind of predictable. And it's interesting and everybody is watching Spurs and say we'll all we didn't play flavor while all this well. That's the way it's going to be but you probably going to get a ton results and get get where you want to be in time. That's how I saw this game. Mass always see this is progressing. And I think it's kind of for me going according to plan what we've seen from Josie arena in previous clubs. So so he's an interesting one for me so look at Liverpool's defensively also the best defense in the league. lessees look at Monto city. Who won possession the ball and we know that defensive issues when I see the other teams rob they have coordinated press to win the boombox sometimes high sometimes round the middle thing but it almost looked like I? It's IT'S A well-planned trained go to get the ball and then they're gonNA play from not situation when I looked at spurs a number of times that we can can that one person goes hurricane was going two or three times oppress looking beyond human. Nobody was beyond him. The the rest of the team in the half and and the council are they can call between two stools and he also made me think the Josie Marino is not manager. Who Presser he's not practice but modern football apple is become about Sin Times going to press -able winning in good ad is going lead? The teams have done. But he's never done that. I know what I'm saying. Is it went on what Sammy's Paul. What makes him different so almost a little bit old fashioned football? Maybe rob when you say you're seeing an IT looks awkward and people are doing on the road. What is that a little bit of hangover from the previous regime? Tina was absolutely press. They want to get on the front some great performances with them doing that. Yeah it's just it's still it's still morphing is still morphing. And changing and it's it's it's remarkable to see it. Because of the fluid Portofino the diamond the different systems and all this implant possession football though that they ended up going into after big pressing the star of his time at the Spurs. It's changed and now it's gone back to a more simplified structured and jobs they start a football and it but it gets always and that's what's I mean for us. While they hired him the funds have got to realize. That sometimes AIN'T GONNA be Super Silky but most often is going to result in victories. And they are they are picking up results of imperfect is GonNa take take time and he's still want to figure out his defensive side of things but I still like was up in Tottenham Hotspur Rob even though you know some funds might want more. It's just logging and I think in time things things will balance. It's really interesting daily. Elliot's been indecent. Woman thinks five goals three assists to cover with Marina. Now I'm Josie himself they. They seem to be happy enough. Rapport with how things are going Deli. What about you your goal is well Glenn Hoddle was on co Coventry and he said it was is well Coskun Joseph Marino? Make you world-class Donna. I think for me I just focus on each game and where I am period career and you know I'm still twenty free and keep working hard and like I said I just want to give my best every game and keep improving and yeah I think we had a great five years on the porch. And you helped me develop into into play. I'm now and I'm just GONNA keep heading in the right direction and make sure in a Deli alley another go from him under you. Stephanie definitely is brother is at another goal in another incredible F- performance from first to last minute. The way you you work the work rates absolutely incredible so for me. This little details sometimes are more important that what comes uh-huh immediately in the direction of the eyes of the people so amazing goal. But I go. I go to other small big details and his attitude with these is fighting spirit for the team will mostly. I'll send you this great golic. Oh was I mean the control to Maneuver Ah Ball from the angle is a sweeping counter-attack from spurs really good. Football was special Kenny. Kenny become a world class but failed plant deadly rubbed think potential potential Very two very he's going to continue. Can you the the production. He's got a improve his all around game a little bit. Maybe when the opposition of the ball he's going to be more influential LINNEA game. Lynagh break-up play He's got to become triangle. I'm Paul Play Chelsea out twenty becomes. We'll we'll we'll and if he had the attitude and professionalism of practice ability of frank lamb. I think I think we'd agree or Don. I'll let you answer but I think more natural ability. He's going to be a bad player. Yeah I know you got the because of the the the insatiable desire desire to get better to practice every day and his finishing. But that's again something to watch. Isn't it funny. You know the the folklore stories of wedding Josie went into Shaolin and such a front. You know you pliable. You could become a great. You got to work hard and a lot. Isn't it funny. That seems to be guy you know all money just seem to to find find you know we always used to the golden boy of the gophers boy. Just seemed like Delhi Alley is the one that he's very much founded on talks about his effort in the game and he gave everything and he's he's details and things do it. It's just fascinating to me how we did with Frank Lampard. Looks like he's going down that road. Julie just move on ROB is. It's it's interesting point. Because aren't we used to hearing him tear tear into players and it's not very often where you get him again if this is all part of the New Jersey but talk about in terms of some of his players. I mean it's Nice. It's just different. It's often like do this. And he's got a little bit about about the way it goes. It's just nice to hear eulogize about one of his players because it means it would mean so much to him to hear that you you know with with a manager like him saying how Grady Goodwin for Spurs and. I'm just quickly. We've talked about Chelsea and Spurs Robin terms top four. What are we thinking right now? Halfway in terms of that I mean I think the spurs can do it. Do you know if we're assuming livable western one cigarette top four is it. Is it tight point for you can united. We'll we'll talk united in a minute but yeah just in timber okay. Maybe in terms of those two spurs and Chelsea who drive them finishing highest. I've off Chelsea Chelsea bit like you said I think it's GonNa be open downs. I think maybe we'll weather change. Maybe wanted something in in the window down energy and dry. But YOU'RE GONNA get a little bit. Yeah I've just got Chelsea okay. Manchester United the salves undergoing Shaw said that they are some ways confident they can finish in four. We said I've said it Good United by was good. United States was going from behind from long goal on sixty minutes and then just and some tremendous form from the young players. That look a million dollars in this kind of Um yeah performance level is trio Robina and look and they both scored Marshall Getting to which he need I think he was. Anyone that lasts seven Russia's eleven plenty goals are so most of these after school in the season Mason Greenwood slight deflection but shot and and the boys in the way this kid plays is. He's GonNa be another stall if these three click I. I was kind of getting my head around. These three click is got movement. It's got pace is power is it. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA get goals. They're going to terrorize and hurt. Defenses with with the way they play could Russia too marshy. AL become the mentors to to to Mason Greenwood and almost take responsibility Eh and help. It might help bag aiming so do you know what I'm trying to say. They just say you know we're the we're the guys. Now I'm wigging to lead the line and we're GONNA announcing greenwood album we. We're going to school forty goals between I don't think so. I love this under the Moselle needed. We need those goals needed performance and I have been a big fan of his confidence guy so so when you say can it be a mentor. Can he can. Can he be a leader of what's of young four. I don't think he's ready to do that. Rob I don't think he's you know he's got to convince me alone young players or or even funds united that he can be a consistent leader for this club. Now I of course. I know that everybody is not not a leading time. He's got. He's got a personality. Marcus fractured his growing. He's turned into a phenomenal forward. And I tell you what I'll give credit to the manager in charge of the club right now undergoing negotia and he hasn't been my favorite manager and etc etc.. Tell you give him credit. Because Marcus record is playing lightsout. He has stepped forward. It increases the level to a huge degree. And you've got to credit the manager. Of course the former strikers Monday night sitting in in in scoring different types of goals Marvis had had a jump a leap and a an aggressive into if we haven't seen that before so so rash foods season couldn't couldn't couldn't like the waste going anymore. I really really couldn't and not seen as a team that's been inconsistent and sometimes it's body language. Not Look great doesn't but I tell you what's better. I want to see it from Moscow awesome. Yeah so why can't happen to Marcial. That's what I'm worried about others. Go to in him. He's big enough heart. We wish take no more. I'm saying the potentials pretentious. I know you're going to be the one thing. Maybe he's Times on the potential Zarab. I'm just saying if you can get good marshalling good Radford and they can get whereas they've been the kids in the past they've been the ones who've always come in for game playing wide side and and not felt like if they can in a no. It's a big though. It's a big gift but we seem marcus should make some steps and you just same absolute. We CONSI Moscow makes four. I'm twenty four but we'll when we played with the kids and the buys phaser sixteen Samuel uh-huh kids who come in and play like veteran so I'm just saying if if this sole thing for all they're going to sell shares between now and the end the season get more she'll go all of us now drinking absolutely talking. Let's see Saadoun `away Rubio Ben Me Talk Off Ski. That's what I'm talking about. He can't be just at home against the Yes. So that's what I wanna see from him and you're not engine because if he can if he can go to that level of of reliance of personality Mason Greenwood James to come into them. We're we're talking. It's just it feels like that. Frontline needs a leader. An even if freshman was out for Water Marsh Goto left the feds. Somebody else up front or be more. I UH-HUH I just I. It's just that frontline lacks consistency. It lacks Just a little bit personality. The all. They're all kind of young and they're all kind of a little bit India now. That's why my feeling is united. This season's going to be some good some bad because when they when they get it go in there that brilliant to watch the Fast Dynamic Doc Mason Greenwood is going to be a star. He's is is down every time he gets the ball. Rob I is going to do something. Even shot blocked hedonism venenum. He's just too in terms of that again. A long way to go for him is super young player but I don't know I just think united front three players deserve credit manager. And how he's brought on Marcus Freshman is just come on we. Can we count now united. Don't trust about Chelsea isn't it. You know it's it's not that we've had in the possible. I quite liked the look of not just kind of got the field that these three my locker to this company on and off the pitch and it might just saw. We'll get them going book. Did you say something to Luke a over a few weeks. Let's quickly put you on the two teams who are two munches. New Money is in. Charge boomers won all snow. One now divides boom stopping a bit of a rough for them. Sixty feet in the last seven Getting a woman guzzling the first goal and Obama. Young's getting equalize. Also Michael Chattering Charge for the first game of what we have learned. What would have liked to bow all snow Elim? Where would assume what should be done about interested in? I mean it's just fun for assistance to look at these new projects new monsters coming in and fantasy the lineup First of all what I liked I I liked actually gonNA Jackson Lucas Tura to hold in place that pretty much held in this state. I I think I got a like the fi the obamas in the teams team. Yeah I think that's important No No There's issues with injuries of of course and Makarios soccer at left back as a young player. And it's not his fault but but thus a weakness in the team right now. He made he made his decision decision to go forward etc.. And just go out. It's a lot to ask him play in a position that prime position position as soon as difficult for something needs to change. Allison was okay. I'd need it okay. And he got involving going assistant something so he he he he goes the ball across the Bamian. Finished off But I kinda liked it. Rowbotham motion see this shape. Structure could see what he was trying to do. The full things going to be interesting to see how that develops. Yeah but my initial thoughts were I mean. Obviously they would have liked to go in there and get a victory. It just looked a little bit more structured and not so much wide open. gung-ho obsolete also wrote the same note stayed in position gave it a little bit more showcasing the team. Listen Obama. Young lock is that you don't have to tell them what you hope they have. Good moments Zil kind of in and out the game. Maybe you'd want a bit more from him but I'll things develop. I think the money just seem like he was pleased. The things and after the game I think he felt that there was more positives and negatives of attitudes desire on Christian and commitment it was better than I expected to undertake define and they know us to play at his rhythm pilot of things that I throw in terms of attitudes were terrific. I'm still in a lot about the place how we can help them more. What are the priorities for them to be more secure when they jump into the pitch but You just started just just three days there and we put which to put some things in place and I think the majority of them were were good. My only one now is reviewed again and to find solutions to do better to attack better to conceal lesson counter-attack to defend better tomorrow. Prepare Goose training session for them to to improve world. That's all I don't look at the game. Chelsea or United States is now at the moment. The urgency is now we need an impact. Now there's one thing raw that he must bring with. Experience of working with PAP is intensity on the quality of training the PEP Guardiola demands and insists assists on and make a Lotta has been. They're three and a half years and he's seen what impact vac professionalism if you like intensity has on on those players in that team him if he can bring the over to arsenal and it might take time and some of the places money be able to work the intensity then. It's got to help them a ton that's going to help them ton and when he talks about starting to talk about the rhythm. We're trying to bring. I think that's what he's talking about. I think he wants a more intense more quickly unless sloppiness focus more competitive edge. If he can bring that if nothing else that helps again he speaks while Disney. Yeah and I think he realizes maybe it's it's it's a long list of things he wants to establish in the end book. You know it. It's one on a time getting things getting some by. Just I think getting good habits around the football club thing important when when you go into new monitoring you on a new. GM You want to get the players used to your way of working getting the standard each day and level each day navy save training might be a little bit sloppier might be a bit slow. But you've got to opt out straight away. Everybody onside unless I always think you'RE GONNA lose wanted to on the way he's wanting to ain't going to be happy or wanted to not play and not so K.. As well because you got to move this forward and and make a little bit Lena. So interesting chimes For Awesome Mikhail Tattoo affable global. We'll see how that one goes. It was on Final one is Everton one burnley nil so called Orange Lachey I much in charge gets his win dominate covet living with with a really good diamond head of actually to get them all three points. I think this was just more about the win as much as I got three points. The confidence of the group I mean he walks in addressing roomy instantly. On's the respect what he's doing where he's been the plays worked with talked to I see one or two things about all transfers actually people maybe in the window coming into the football clubs so it looks like he's already starting to Look at this quasi where he'd one interesting no Michael King. He was benched again. Not sure if he's going to be typing terms of rugged centreback so Yeah we another one. We'll have to see how that one plays download I did. I went back and watched most of it. Rob Who's on that that window Tenneco went down to see What was going to do any changes system? You want the three center because you said Dan. Yeah I knew. Shameless Coleman is one of them and just kind of interesting very different. Yeah so a different system cigarettes and played alongside Fabio Del Yard. Cameroon Planet Frontier But odd and Richardson were very tight to a front three so they weren't wide. Yes it's very close and it was just a little bit different. Of course we the energy at Goodison. We know the expectation was. We know the excitement levels with Carlo and chill healthy walking down the touchline managing the football club so again fascinating. Just it's just really interesting. How Different Man's tactical I- selections will make an impact on the game? We know from what you said Moyes came with somebody that east playing in Italian football. He came into the game midway through the second-half that could be some changes there. Yeah ask auditions in the squad. It's it's not small squads options that we will see. I think feynman delve is important to get back in the side alongside of cigarettes in a completely over so yeah just interested in Roman interesting to watch slotting how he works. And how tactically. He's going to try and get more of the squawk because even the MOCHA silver tried different systems into place. It never really went anywhere. This is a difference Change is going to take time of course but it felt quite nice with those front three pleasure Charleston and cavalier and being close together because we all offer a little bit something different if they can get close in combined they could be quite harmful with of course Sediba the right the right wing. Excellent game none of the much performance from him a look on the left hand side it starts to look a little bit better so of course early days first game. Great to get the victory but I kinda liked what I saw in this first much month. alty always good to get start their way Newcastle Onsite they said we'll see how he e fazal tune but Yeah three points Don't sit next to him this time. More than down hugging ballboys is always a good thing as well so Exciting Times I had forgotten. They got a may money in charge. And all all of a sudden you feel a little bit leadership structure. We'll come back to the football club. Okay Mister Monster. Just before we wrap up today we get into the obviously the end of the year at the end of a decade and so a little bit of fun. A little bit of Pub Conversations with over tasked with putting together eighteen of the decade so in the last ten years in the Premier League. What would be our team of the year? And so I I started off with a four three three setup You want me to run mine and you give me a few in that real obvious. Yeah bankers all you run through yours and all just say where ever ever so engulfed gone. WD although maybe the last few weeks wouldn't have been there was a time. When he was almost unviable people were saying? He's with ten to fifteen points season. Dubs of of of the course of the thing is pretty much now on my I bought four was Bench Lava Ivanovich Vincent Company. Jon Cherry Cezanne Aspen the quarter across about lime from from right and left. Okay so yeah go keep agreed. left-backs difficult left tricky. I've gone for Patriots ever of Manchester United are no it kind of is the beginning of the decade pretty much. Yeah but in terms of left backs I mean Ashley Cole. A game was beginning of the decade right back early stage I. It's difficult. The Left Bank wasn't easy for me which was aggressive. Compromise liable migrate with him. So that's the change angel of Patriots Everett leftback instead of Aspen Equator. Okay so you've gone ever. They're not change in midfield three I thaw and Golic can take your an absolute in Davidge Silva account believe anybody would have a team and out w silver in that now and I've got same as you With him and within good account but I have a difference For the last in midfield. Yeah Cabinet Brian has been real Kevin. Debrecen has got to be infamy. Instead of Torah I know you had some great seasons and some performances and was at twenty goals just think. We've we've been blessed with Kevin Broin. Ah In this decade for few seasons and I just have him in China after the midfield instead of your story only change in midfield okay. So you're in the Deployment Katy B for you as a big. Your young and ahead of them. Go One playland denise. The Chew Strike is one player. highlander needs to add on and strike partnership assiduous Guero and hurricane from me agreed that some. Yeah I I just mentioned in in in my group and it was a it. Depends how you choose. What criteria uh-huh hurricane of the child? Should you have to one child to being the team of the decade. Maybe maybe maybe it's just the the production there the consistency around game professionalism. Yeah dust of course the only thing missing from his CV veep. And I liked those front three Rubio and I wouldn't change any of them was I. We emitting a spot for Wayne Rooney but was raining Munich. This decade Kate really close to it. Yeah really close to it. I mean Luis Suarez the other one Some people might mentioned of a great forward and he was a brilliant Ford totally in the middle of this decade Acadia Yeah they they'd get honorable mentions I just. I'm a big fan of Lozada. I just think he's a brilliant imply. An guero I mean the numbers speak speak for themselves Over the ten year. So yeah I mean there's going to be arguments probably throughout the team in some of these controls through social media and the disagree stronger than those those picks but no you make a good point Rooney really good platform for for many years. So yeah that's a good show as well just just before we close up we russell player of the decade I think we might have differed on this one. I went full big Vinnie. Vincent Company must was just Colossus for me and mine who came as football belgium-born. You'd think he's an him grow. Manchester loudly wouldn't force four different tiles. Captain Team Tim was was such an influence over this group and if nothing else just look this season when he left the football club. Water holies left A I everytime I used to hear him do an interview. Illness Locker wanting to pull a strip on an be Paul of his team. The Me Vincent Company was the outstanding individual individual Yeah not for me. Same Club So drug WAIROA scurvy. Sergio Grab Robbie's if you look at his numbers season to season two seasons business is in the twenty s isn't the twenties every single season And I think I think the stats of got an email here with rob your most goals from the player in the decade six hundred seventy three hundred seventy three goals in the decade visage. Guero I've got to have a big moment. Where Muncie won the title nine seconds of the game aim to Manchester United was a huge moment and surgery girls at the middle of it? So he'll be my player of the decade quickly. Make the team of the decades so which would be the team that you aren't to go for the one hundred point Mantis. It's two thousand seventeen. Two thousand eighteen points. The possession the way they played played the dominance of the gamut was funny. They won't win the League and monitor that we've never seen before these Vincent Great Teams assembled finish primarily Bob Taverna group in two thousand seventeen just on another level for me. Yeah I agree with that. I mean I I in other. We've moment best moment Of the ten year a decade rebel show favorite moment of voice in the primary issue amount says Yo guerra the goal I mean you only have to say that goal and he brings has has on the neck. I mean city Looking at them I've finished second diamond. Each of the game combination play company makes room volatility toes in Guero comes against the goalkeeper. smush easy in and seen like you. I've never seen before. I mean one. That's why we watch football global right there for that. Yeah I think in terms of of a moment that can't be beaten that just company the decade. Another moment I would want to. Mention is less city city. Winning the primarily Tha Rubio Twenty Sixteen fifteen sixteen season was was phenomenal seasonally and I couldn't believe as it was going on the couldn't couldn't believe that they would stay with it and I and I tell you what I did rob I the last second kind of the last third of the season by I took all in you know because I thought this is going to be. This is somebody's GonNa and be forgotten or it's going to be lessened somehow about the team's not being great or whatever it was and I studied that team and I watched him and I just marveled of the energy on the the running power the physicality they steamrollered rob all the other teams and the teams with the players. I thought it was a brilliant team gene with brilliant individuals with remarriages and Jamie Vardi. I'm doing tremendous things To create the goals scored the goals and go to county was was phenomenal nominal. So that win. The five thousand to one still is a is a tremendous moment in history of of the Primer League really. It wasn't an new ways. I think a mark for the underdog as you just never know Brilliant scenes great chemistry cloudier run Yari without Tieman Tieman Yeah fascinating fascinating in season for For Leicester City. Listen may I call it. Call it time there We will get another the podcast in before the end of the year. But I'd say for the halfway point in the Premier League with dramatic couple of days over the Christmas period Liverpool maintain thirteen gene point gap to the chasing pack in the shape of less to win. A fourteen point gotten out to take place Manchester City and they still got a game in hand lookout for final poke cast of two thousand nineteen. That's on Sunday. December the twenty ninth after much week. Twenty book finale. He's must together with two songs for listening. It's so good for me and it's goodnight from him. Good night good night.

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