October 12, 2020: Sex Pistols Girlfriend Found Dead


Shipped is delivery differently their expert shoppers, pickup, fresh groceries, household essentials, and even pet supplies from local stories you love. Get everything delivered to your door and as soon as one hour. About full shoppers unbelievably fresh produce and peace of mind. That's the difference shipped makes try same-day delivery for yourself at dot com slash true crime today once again that's S. H. I. P. T. dot com slash true crime. Today is Monday October Twelfth Two Thousand Twenty on this day in nineteen. Seventy. Eight twenty year old Nancy Spungen the girlfriend of former sex pistols bassist sid vicious was found dead she had succumbed to a stab wound on a hotel bathroom floor. Welcome to today in true crime. Apar- cast original due to the graphic nature of today's crimes. Listener discretion is advised extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen. Today, we're covering the murder of Nancy Spungen. Let's go back to the Chelsea Hotel in New York City in the dark morning hours of October Twelfth Nineteen seventy eight. It was two thirty. Am when twenty year old Nancy spungen placed a desperate call. FIDGETED with the phone cord listening to the incessant ring as she glanced over at her boyfriend sid. Twenty one year old John Simon Ritchie known as sid vicious sat on the edge of the bed in drugged out Hayes he and Nancy had been living here at the Chelsea hotel for months. Now Sids punk band. The sex pistols had broken up earlier that year from infighting when he joined the band as a bassist sid barely knew how to play his instrument but the GIG had catapulted him to fame in the punk scene. That was how nancy a troubled punk groupie and sex worker from Philadelphia had latched onto him. Even after the band dissolved Nancy had stuck with sid who was generally shy and withdrawn and what sid lacked in assertiveness his girlfriend more than made up for Nancy was brazen winey and rude, the very ethos of punk. But so much so that most of sids friends couldn't stand her some of them called her nauseating Nancy still by all appearances she and Sid were deeply in love or at least deeply codependent. Finally, Nancy heard hello on the other end it was twenty nine year old Michael Mora better known as rockets Red Glare rugged was a fixture in the New York punk scene frequenting the same grungy clubs as sid and Nancy he even worked as sids bodyguard on occasion. Tonight. Nancy had a special request. She said, they needed a delivery of dilaudid opiates to their. Hotel Room. Rockets wasn't sure where he would find these. So late at night, but he knew better than to argue with Nancy besides he was sure sid would be able to pay up. Earlier that year SID had released a string of Solo tracks including a smash hit cover of Frank. Sinatra's my way. The EX bassist was rolling in royalties and it was no secret that he and Nancy we're spending it all on drugs. From the minute Nancy and rockets hung up the details got hazy. Rockets alleges he went to visit sid and Nancy at their hotel room telling them. He was unable to find any dilaudid. So late at night, he also claimed to have seen Stephen Sid and Nancy's quayle lewd, and to in all dealer in the hotel as he left other friends claim to have visited the couple that night were they watched sid take around thirty doses of two and all more than most people could handle and certainly enough to knock the PUNK stor out cold. Then at seven thirty am sid and Nancy's neighbor Vero. Heard Female moans coming from the room next door mendelssohn claimed that whoever it was it sounded like she was alone. Wasn't until hours later at ten am that the front desk got a call it was said he reportedly said someone was sick and needed help when police arrived sid was pacing the hall, the site inside his room was gruesome. Nancy was balled up on the bathroom floor covered in blood in her lower abdomen was a single stab wound she had bled to death. Up next authorities try to piece together who killed Nazi. Listeners who doesn't love a good ghost story rattling chains mysteriously moving objects unfinished business I am ready for all things spooky and so is podcast network starting October. First, we're bringing you the scariest most hair raising ghost stories ever imagined every Thursday on the new original series haunted places go stories Alistair Murdoch summons a new spine tingling tale of rates, phantoms, and chilling apparitions. These stories come from all over the world including Japan. India. The UK and even ancient. 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When twenty year old Nancy Spungen was found dead on the morning of October Twelfth Nineteen Seventy eight the most immediate suspect was her boyfriend twenty one year old punk musician sid vicious sid even incriminated himself when questioned by the police he replied. I did it because I'm a dirty dog. Immediately, SID, was arrested but shortly after he rescinded his claim and said, he'd been unconscious when the crime happened his label virgin records even posted a twenty five thousand pound bail. As fans authorities waited to hear the outcome of the investigation Sid attempted suicide. Then in December, he had an altercation with musician Patti Smith's brother smashing a Heineken bottle over his head. It was enough to get him locked up again. Sid served a two month jail sentence while the public speculated whether this usually shy punk rocker was in fact capable of things far worse than hitting someone with a beer bottle. But the murder just didn't add up by all accounts said had been strung out on to an all likely unconscious. When Nancy I'd what's more the couple had allegedly had multiple visitors that night and six different types of fingerprints were found in the bathroom to top this off sitting Nancy's substantial amount of cash was missing a possible motive for someone other than Sid. Some fixtures in the seventies punk scene were sure that twenty nine year old rockets Red Glare had done it while sid was knocked out onto an all rockets stabbed nancy in the stomach taken sids money and ran for it. Some posters even claimed to have overheard rockets brag about the murder at local clubs. But when questioned rockets always maintained that he was innocent, he likely pointed his finger at Sid and Nancy's drug pushers Stephen, who he'd seen on his way out. Beyond murder rumors of a botched double suicide lent an air of sorted romanticism to Nancy's deaf people speculated that sids heavy dose of two and all was supposed to kill him and that Nancy with her fearless flair for the dramatic had tried to stab herself. Sid Suicide Attempt, shortly, after his release from jail was seen as evidence that their plan had gone awry and he wanted to uphold his half of it. Ultimately, Nancy's murder was not thoroughly investigated by her family's accounts. She'd always been a troubled child with a violent personality and because she had such difficult reputation, her loss hardly sparked an sympathy from those who had known her towards the end of her life. Even as suspicions loomed over Sid, they only served to bolster his punk fame emerging fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood even printed teacher with the slogan she's dead I'm alive I'm yours. In any case following his second release from prison sid went to celebrate with his new girlfriend Michelle Robinson at her apartment in New York, syd's mother and beverly was in town a drug addict like her son she brought some party favors for the occasion. The next morning. February second, Nineteen seventy-nine nine sid was found dead in Robinson's apartment. He had died of a heroin overdose less than four months after Nancy passed away. Sid was cremated and according to Punk Lor. His ashes were scattered over Nancy SPUNGEN's grave in Philadelphia to this day, no killer has ever been convicted of her death. Thanks for listening to today and true crime I'm Vanessa Richardson if you're interested in more stories of true love turned deadly checkout Parkhouse, original crimes of passion today true crime is of Park cast original. 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