1st and Goal Playing With Science Checkdown Week 10


It's time for the plane with science check down where sciences sports collide for that. We're pleased to be joined by our pals. Chuck nice, and Dr Eric Goth guys will check in with you at a moment. First. Let's go to Chicago. The bears beat the lions. Mitchell Trubisky was dialed in Jeff Jones with the call W B B M Chicago and the bears radio network is take us through the dynamics of the play. To live. Well, lion camp tackle a bear. Oh, my doctor Eric golf what happened here? Well, rookie ride receiver. Anthony Miller was the inside part of a three receivers set on the right side of the line at the snap confusion and sued in the lions secondary. While two of the three beers receivers occupied the attention of three lions in the secondary Miller slip through lion. Strong safety. Quandary digs was pointing at the line of scrimmage with his right hand, and pointing it Miller with his left hand. Now, we come to the decisive physics. The key concept here is relative velocity person on the sidelines would've seen Miller moving at a given speed direction, but Quinn, so a Miller moving with a speed and direction relative to himself. That's lions free safety. Glover Quin had to aim for a spot where he thought Miller would be when the collision happened the Quin aimed too far behind Miller and the best hope for was. An arm tackle Miller lowered a sitter amass when Quinn made contact increasing Miller stability Quinn's tackled. Didn't cut it and Miller easily broke free. He needed only to get to about sixteen miles per hour on his way to the end zone to ensure he wasn't tackled. It's not easy to calculate relative velocity at a split second on a gridiron, but professional athletes, do it all the time. Usually without thinking about it a quarterback throws to a spot where receiver will be as the ball falls to the ground and a defensive back aims where receiver will be when closing the distance. Sometimes check the calculation is a little off there. You have at one man's miscalculation as another man highlight reel. I'm sure G Q is not looking stylish on this play. And he's probably wishing the add some groupie cleats that he could click three times and go home. You know what I'm saying? Brian not feel you Chuck, but I figured there'd be at least one lion. King reference in there. What can I say you Simba you have forgotten? You'll. Here's a king of the comedy juggled. Thank you guys. We'll talk again next week before playing with science check down all free olien. Tune in.

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