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How do you feel about your office? Is it just a space for employees to work? Or is it a space where your employees do their best work from new HQ's two satellite offices with we work? You can find a space that works for you. Visit Weadock oh, slush space matters. To learn more. I'm Rita Foley with ABC news minute. Hundreds turned out for a vigil last night in honor of the twelve people shot dead at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Z? We the oh the shooter a former marine apparently killed himself northern and southern California are battling wildfires. One. In paradise. California has destroyed homes businesses and schools say witnesses AP correspondent Jackie Quinn reports wiped out that's how one fire official describes the town of paradise about two hundred miles north of San Francisco where everyone was evacuated. The Trump administration says it will deny asylum to immigrants who entered the country illegally. Michelle Obama's says she had a miscarriage twenty years ago and had in vitro fertilization to conceive her two daughters. I'm Rita Foley once upon a morning there was a freshly brewed Nick cafe coffee. It was made with one hundred percents arabica beans yet. Something was missing. Fear not in the distance, a sausage mcmuffin. The sunrise quest for breakfast. The perfect pyramid. Mcdonald's and mornings were happy forever. After. Right now. Get one dollar any size coffee in two dollars sausage mcmuffin with egg off the one two three dollar menu. Prices participation may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer combo meal.

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