Thursday, October 11th, 2018


Good morning millennials, good morning, millennials warning. This morning. Good morning. Welcome to the morning show streaming exclusively on YouTube today because God listens to the morning toast as Mark Zuckerberg and Jackie. And I have been going back and forth between the idea of just getting rid of the Facebook stream because it's just not premium and we're done, but the base book and we can make any money there. And then all of a sudden today Facebook malfunctions and it's like, this is what God wanted. So we have to respect it right. And so we're excited to see all you on YouTube watching live on YouTube. You know what? Let's give up front like an extra thirty seconds like they'd go to Facebook, where's the stream? And then they see the postal, like, let's just okay, we'll wait teacher style. Quiet for the podcast though out church. Oh, well, how was your night? May night was horrible. You were sick in between the time. I left your apartment and got to my apartment. I got so sick reports and no. I don't know if anything. It was THEO withdrawal. I had had the worst migraine ever is the worst. I literally laid in bed like with an ice pack on my head like until fell asleep like wanting to die. I thought like I could die right now. It was horrible. Migraines just kept moving until it was just in my I, yeah, there's no cure for migraines, which is why it's like one of the worst things to suffer from God. God, I, I was crying. I was in so much page. You should have joined the. There's a chronic migraine toasters group, but I, I don't want to deal with your pain on top of my pay. Do I ask them for remedies for the most part, I had tried most of the stuff that everyone posted weird. Acupuncture, I'm like nothing works. Like, let's say migrated, probably once a week and maybe five out of those monthly a year weeks year. Sorry, does etc. And work like that's like a gamble. I ten percent of the Advil. No bullshit. Advil never works. It's unless it's like the most conventional pain. Like I don't know, like right, like backpay. Right. Like the most easy pain and like the real most of the time when I have paid and like I can't diagnose what it is. So I just take Advil to like, see if it'll work like it never does unless it's like my, I got a cut or something like it's just simple. No, but it's not the adult working. It's like the cut just stopped hurting Advil does. Absolutely nothing last night. It didn't even touch my migraine. It was so horrible. And painful and like I was just so grateful to wake up this morning and be okay. So sometimes like pretty much the only thing that gets rid of a migraine is to go to sleep, and I don't believe there's anything worse on this planet than waking up with the migraine like strong glassy. That is like pure evil. It's like you'd think and falling asleep with the migraine is so hard because you're so focused on just being asleep because you're in pain. Yeah, a is hard enough, but then on top of that with a migraine, like I've never been one of those people who like has true both owing asleep actually. I actually used to like when I was in high school, there was just so many pits in high school like things that kept me up at night, and then the second dense density in the same bed. Like I've never had a sleepless night you. I feel like in high school, I used to fall asleep quicker because like your days were just jammed packed time. You got to bed like you were just tired, but now I have a lot of my mind like real people problems in like. It's sometimes I fall asleep easily, and sometimes it takes me a while. Well, do you know there's one? There's one prescription pill for migraines that's like crack, like, where do I get it? So Ben used to have it because Ben Ben like gave me migraines. Like I never really got migrants, got like headaches frequently then came up with his chronic migraines when we started dating and pass them onto me. And like now it's my problem and there's this pill, I forget what it is. It's like so expensive and Ben had it. And one day I had like though worst migraine and I took it and took a bath took it and went to bed, and I had the worst anxiety attack like an I don't get anxiety like, I'm not. I don't really have issues like that and I was in my bed. My heart was pounding so fast. I could hear it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and like I just literally member getting into mom's bed and like literally freaking out and I can never take. And so I don't know if it works. I guess it was. I guess I was focusing on my anxiety, not my pressure. It definitely works, but that would happen to you. Of course, later I got the pill, any toaster doctors if you guys wanna make yourself useful and writes in prescriptions, you know where to find me yet. By the way, Email in bio, I'm always leaning on the toasters for stuff like I don't feel like I put stuff out there and the toaster somehow until sir works in marketing. Like this is a police officer. Now we have. Yards. It was called to the bar. We used to of of a yet, but I've been putting out like for years about prescriptions, but like that borders on illegal, and that's the one thing I haven't been able to get from the toaster. Do you know what I mean? Or we can ride it ourselves, Betty Hooper style. I mean, close enough is I have a toaster who works in marketing for Thompson, etc. And sends me yearly supplies and that's close because in excedrin can be lifesavers, but it's not the same. I need a prescription pad and the doctor who doesn't know how to write. I us even prescription pad like I can figure out the rest actually I couldn't. I don't even know what to prescribe myself, but migraine medication will help because if I ever feel the way that I did last night, like shoot me, I, I don't know what to do. I was with a cold wash cloth on my head act was bringing me bags of ice and like there was nothing that would be. How does actually he does two things. And if you've ever migraine, you have to go over to your house and make Ben rub your face. Okay. He just he, his thumbs are so big in heart, and he literally just like rubs underneath and around your eyes and like your. Face and it doesn't help. But like momentarily you forget about the migraine, then he, this is also weird acupressure thing where like he shoves his thumbs telling me to do that. Okay. It does provide temporary relief, but the migraine always comes back. Nothing could help me last night when you're when you have migraine, like you're open to any stupid suggestion. I one time setup on my sink. Countertop put my feet in very hot water and put a frozen peas on my neck, which is like the contrast of the hot and the coldest, oh my God, I felt so stupid couldn't really bend over like that. Well, I had an ice pack on my scalp and a heating pad on my belly, and I was like, this is stupid yet, and then I was sweating, but whatever, anyways, up until the migraine. It was an amazing night. We watched Riverdale Roddy as apartment nephew. See, chess was a perfect angel boy, perfect angel boy, like every time he comes over think he knows he's like auditioning for Zack's approval because Jackie really wants to juggle exacts a fence about it. So every time he sees THEO THEO is like, what could be for him. And I told THEO, sees cousins. I told you. I said, we better behave. Because a lot is on the line for your for your aunt, so you'd better hop to it. And if you want cousins each has from the same litter, right. Like and the thing is like with the, oh, if you see him after eight or nine o'clock, he is just like even if he had like a relaxing day or even if he had the craziest day, like he is dead eight o'clock, the clock strikes eight and he's dead like he is asleep anywhere on the carpet on the floor and your arms on the couch. So he's really like so pure and like you could just like chill with him on your lap. And he's like the best version of himself. He's not like running around like trying to play, which to some. Unluckily Riverdale starts at eight, so because we don't get the CW I thought they came over to like hang out and I was like, Jason, we're come over about three. In the exact same. It's a family affair. Their play new house like entertaining. And Jake is like when they get there, they're like, we don't have to see w Mike. Mike, let's we to make arrangements, but it was a fun plan and we got some Kucher me by next week. My fucking couch will be there. Some of you and Zach, one after like huddle up on the tiny little couch, right? But also after watching us sites, episode of Riverdale like I don't know if I can watch week tweak anymore. The only reason why I would do it for the toasters we can talk about it. We will be covered at the end of that. So it's like the way I watched the first season of where rail like altogether was the most Joyce experience of my life and like watching it, we tweak like one gives me PDF scenes from after Dale to like it's just hard to keep up and like to know how I feel and with dimension everything. It really is hard to remember what happened, especially lesson and there's so much going on now. Dalton daily is what us what's it called grandest, Brandon insists it's like an, there's so much sue pity going on like I can't keep up, and there was there was so much stupidity last season. It's really getting hard to keep up with the stupidity, and I think that's looks like a really spoil television for me that like I cannot because either I'm watching a show that's a Hulu or Netflix, where like. Watch it all, or I'm watching something that has eight seasons ready. And I been out like now watching blue bloods week to week. I'm like, this sucks. I watch eight seasons in a month. I check let ships creek week to week last year. Nope, especially because those episodes are legit. Eighteen minutes. Right? And it's like, that's it. Oh, and now watching desperate housewives, and I got to like a climax into I finished the season two finale and it's just like it not to sound like an old person or anything like they don't make TV like they used to. They do in a two part season finale last night and just everything happened. Like by the way, I went to bed with such a pin that was like telling them because like Tom has the lovechild with that horrible woman who's from. Poise magazine, they're going out there and she's editor and she did you come up some crab cakes in your purse? Guess that's what I was trying to think of last night. I was like, who's that woman? She's on it. I don't know who she is. She's the lovechild or. Magic. But you know what I mean? That's who she plays. And then fucking Carlos who I stand had sex with Xiaomei who's an ungrateful. Thuat Gabby gave her a whole life and so SOGA Turkey for that brazen. Then she goes bucks. Her husband in the car I was. I was like, so upset by it. Like, I don't know why I feel really connected to those marriages like they're really strong and they have their problems. But I feel like I don't. I felt betrayed on behalf of both of the lecture, but like lest we forget that she was having sex with John Tucker. Okay. But here's the thing, and then I'm not an advocate for adultery, but like their their marriage was different than it was so different. Like he was with Tanaka. He was never home and he was kind of mean in borderline abusive. Remember like they alluded to him and you grabbed her like it was weird and it was different. And I'm not saying it was okay, but like it was definitely not as worse as them working on their marriage, her getting having a kid really for him and like changing who she is and like he's a fucking like everything was so good, and I just love them together and they'd love Carlos. And I'm so mad like, and I went to bed. I couldn't sleep. Actually. I do sometimes get kept up at night, and I was just like really upset. Because I can just imagine first of all, it's such a pit for Lynette, like Thompson, really do anything wrong. Like this lady had a kid didn't tell him, but like what a pit like have a life with someone and then know there's another life. No in like now it's your problem and you're going into any any work hard at your ad agency to hand over thirty thousand dollars the psychopath like that just hit and then he just felt for for Gabby. I was really upset like that whole wealth Bree up to and then bring it in yell, and they found out that Caleb wasn't the killer. Like it was the other brother who almost tried to kill Bree and she checked herself into the institution an Orson who was also institution visiting his friend ran over Mike? Yes. Oh my God. That's a weird story line because then he totally pivots and then him and like become friends and it makes no sense. Yeah, thanks for ruining it because I don't even know what happens. Oh, well, he, you know that marries Bree. Yes, it's so then he's a member of the community like not not remembering stuff is really made it like soap legible. It's like I'm watching all over and we were so young we were. We were too young to you watching like a lot of what was going on, but we didn't understand that Justice for Carl. He's the catch of the century and justices surfer. Taking the, he loves Susan so much and he bought her a house and she was in that stupid RV like that was so stupid Justice form. Now, remember what happens with narrow. Yes, no. Notice. That's what I'm talking about. Remember please don't even want to trigger my memories. Okay, but you're going to be so pleased. Good and obviously him eighty with great. Yeah, and like eighty burning down, Susan's house, she should've. Okay. First of all, plus we forget Susan burned down her house, Susan storm answers, and so many like she's sort it. It was about time Susan. Got some fucking kick kick in the ass. Totally. Sorry. I just need to go on that gave me a huge pit and like I still love Carlos Salinas. And like, what is he up to now as an actor? I don't know, but I feel like he's very versatile like he could be businessman. He was like, he was businessman whose prisoner, right? He was also masseuse at one point. He is blind at blind masseuse, what? Yeah, he goes by stub. I really just I only remember him going blind because you know ritual Ashcroft when we were in middle school Bruin different me because every week we used to watch and it didn't watch on Senate. She goes, can you believe Carlos's blindness at wet? And I'll never forgive her for it. Well, when he's lined, his profession becomes masseuse and he makes a woman orgasm. Yeah. And then she's attested. Okay. Okay. Something. I really don't remember anyways, and we'll recap Riverdale after the past by then. Because it was a very conflicting episode and they just want to thank every toaster who DM's me at nine thirty nine because the movie we were supposed to go to for aid to bring my glasses. They all reminded me you. So kidnaps Riverdale is just like, couldn't get up and I didn't want to see the movie because it started at nine forty, and that meant I would have been home by midnight and I'd just like needed to be in bed watching desperate housewives, eight, Margaret, my ticket to go with her friend and I will see it eventually maybe Sunday. Yeah, it's just like my lifestyle. Currently, thank God. I didn't go because there would have been a death in theater. Tests in the theater? No. But like I, my lifestyle these days is just like not accommodating to like sitting in the movie theater for three hours either because I'm home so infrequently that like when I am home, like I have to be in my bedroom or I'm not home. So I need someone to figure out like gimme a someone pirated for me and put on my computer so I can watch it on the plane. That's how I know some of you like work in the industry. You have screeners get it to her. That's enough, please. I need it like for my health for sure. And so we can talk about on the show and I can finally tell you all my thoughts. I was supposed to see it last night and seeing it again on Friday night. So I was gonna see it three times now it only people wanted to update with Brielle because on the show yesterday and I'm coming to Atlanta tomorrow night, eight pm at the buyer cedar, make sure buy tickets, job dot com. We're so close to selling out in eleven hundred person theater like just fucking love to toasters like just make your front come or just by ticket and like you don't have to come up to twenty five dollars. So we dmt her last night and I said, you should come. We crafted message. I told her I would give her tickets and she broke back after the shift. She was like, I guess I would love to. It's supposed to be oriented, homecoming, Blake, maybe I'll just skip it and I'm like, all right. Well, I'll leave a couple tickets. We'll call and just let me now respond, but like she knows that the tickets are there and like she might show up and Heather McGuinness coming to very exciting. A tow Senate Atlanta, literally, I was gonna say that when I go to cities, I should like invite local sleds just like for press. Look, who else is in Atlanta. I mean, besides all the house is look, I don't have any connections with them. Stranger things. Oh, Chris, Christine denies thing. Should you invite Millie, Bobby Brown, totally what it Chris do you might Liz? I she said because I put in my Instagram story that Lear vice Balan in Atlanta, and the show takes place in Atlanta, Atlanta in dynasty that she's going to be like my God this weekend and Liz was Kristen coho. Sometimes she's friends with Liz Gillies went high school. They're like best friends. She said she told Lisboa show and like told her she should come and I didn't hear back, but whatever was good enough for me. Totally. Okay. Without further ado here are the fast five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast. Okay. Today's stories are celebrity heavy. Hasn't been one of those days in a while. The world turned a lot. I turned some interesting stuff. The world was turned. The world was turned in soa, Selena Gomez because she enters mental health treatment facility asked after hospitalizations. Okay. According to him z. who was the first report? News Gomez, suffered an apparent emotional breakdown following to hospitalizations within the last few weeks related to her lupus and last year's kidney transplant. The outlive reports that go MS received medical treatment at cedar Sinai and LA. After her white blood cell count became increasingly low. A reduction in the number of white blood cells is called Luke co PINA and is sometimes common for those with active lupus. Earlier this year Gomez completed a two week treatment program in NYC ID and depression. She's Hurley reportedly receiving treatment, including dialectical behavior therapy at the same psychiatric facility. So news has a statement from her Cam for an insider. Sling has been really trying to. A hard recently to remain focus and not let her health affect her. She has been actively writing new music and moved to the Orange County for a change of pace in a breath of fresh air and to be on the real housewives. Ultimately with all of her rising health issues. Salinas started to feel super over one. Okay. So I like in in her entire career. This is maybe now her third or fourth stint in a facility that we know about its celebrities go a lot for like two weeks at a time and don't tell anyone. And each time it's been some issue related to her mental health. And I do think that mental health is a real issue that a lot of people suffer from, but those people are not Selena about Mets and like just stop playing with us like we know what's really going on. Ones online, right? It's just like it's so and you know, for a celebrity of her level to be releasing this much information about like what she's going through. What exact triaging? Howdy. White blood cell. She had right. It's like we are tied something. So like here's a bunch of facts that like could it could be true? You know, like I feel like if someone of her level, it really was getting the help that you needed like it would be much more like under lock and key. And if she said, even if she admitted she was going to go to some facility, she would say like, she's just seeking treatment for depression, et cetera, et cetera. It's like they need to prove that like this thing. So like they're releasing like random medical records when like when she was six. Yeah. And it's honestly like really fucked up if it is the case that like she is she's got into the hospital two times recently, like we don't think it's for mental health issues, but that she's like bringing her lupus in her kidney transplant into this reflects badly on like her doctor that like her, her knee transplant has gone. So awry also Francia Raisa like the angel who gave her her kidney imagined. Give someone your kidney and then they keep doing drugs with it and like, that's what got their first one like done in the first place. But it's just like she's also someone that just she needs to be given a break like by society and her managers and everything like she doesn't need to be working, doesn't need to be unlike Taki Taki with Carnaby and DJ snake. You know what I feel like society doesn't demand that of her. It's literally ho team who like Bernie, sir, like that props her up like makes her to the McCallum looking terror wild, and it's like coach and Tiffany's yet who are doing this to her and it's like, literally her being dead. We can. He's like, generates more revenue than like, literally anyone in Hollywood. It's the craziest thing, and I feel like as a consumer of pop culture, like I once you can take like a couple years off like you need it and you don't bring that much of the table that like I will. I will suffer. So you do you, I think, needs to be on behalf of all the toasters actually like take some time for yourself because you really need it, but it's not us. I don't think the public is demanding that she comes out even when she was working fulltime like she didn't do anything that she had a couple. She had one album like literally Glenn Monte Carlo. Right. Okay. Like it's like the jig. You weren't even doing anything when you were working. So just take the time off. It's like there are plenty of roles who can like sing on his Ed song. You just fine. But they're like literally, like I feel like ten people in Hollywood, like agents, managers, publicists whose entire livelihood depends on Selena Gomez, showing up to her fake coach events. You know what I mean? Yeah. But like I give you a list of like people who I would rather buy a coach back from happily clothing rats. She marauders yet. No Cordell shy Jackie out, you know, right. Yeah. No, I've heard good things about them. Only positive, of course. Kiernan Shipka. She's on Sabrina, the teenage which literally anyone gonna coach, bad guys coming Mendez can be carrying lily, soak you. I'm them done. Go into the water waiver with their coach bags. I'm supposed to have until like a big Bongo or like they did Billabong. They've literally did that. Did those like Mingo handy's coal. So he is so Riverdale they did. It is they're good money. They're the biggest, the biggest invest. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, we wish lead to go the best, whatever it is that she is going through, but like I wish he would just be honest. I also wish her honesty, right? Because there is something humbling about just like being real with the people who literally made you what you are and it's like stop, like we know, but it's like her fans are such fools. No, that's what that's what blows. Do you ever have these moments where like you think about the world? Yes. Like from above, let him out your what is this all four. You get a bird's eye view of like earth, and I have moments like that where I'm like, well, there are people who like walk around this earth thinking that like Selena Gomez is like a very private person who just wants to hang out and play board games with her family. And then occasionally has a check into specific because she has. And when she looks wacky, it's her hair and makeup team spot. Right? Like there are people who read like us magazine and believe it like. I live in on different than those people. I live in reality hundred percent. I don't know what the fuck you live percent. It's still crazy like it really blows my mind. It's sad if you think about it. So many people on me more data for us though, because like we know all these things were so frustrated angry and we're like begging her, to be honest. Whereas like they live in a simpler life just thinking, she's like suffering from Zaidi depression, and you know a lot of issues that a lot of people suffer from, and she's just another one about and they say like she really needs to become friends with Jimmy again, because I feel like of everyone in Hollywood, and there are so many who suffer with substance abuse problems like Demi does it in the most real organic way. But if I had only one who's had success, really, I were Demi I would never want to be friends. I was all of this so publicly, I'm so honest about like all of my struggles and like you do the same thing, but you pretend like you're better than me. I completely agree on. I'm saying for Selena, Demi would be a good person for her to be friends with Jimmy. Like I literally, she's the only person in Hollywood who is like so up front about her struggles with substance abuse and. Like publicly like, yes, I'm going to be hard because I relapsed and I did this like she doesn't have her team hiding. The fact that she was checked into the hospital for an overdose. Like they're someone told me, I wanna say who it is, but it was really good source that law enforcement is called to Selena Gomez house like very frequently. And she refuses treatment to the hospital because once you go to the hustle and there's an ambulance, like it's a whole media circus like, and they always find out if you're in the hospital, but like they take an arcane and they don't call, they don't allow themselves to be taken to the ambulance in England because they're fine. Yeah. Like place Demi Levato was like so honest and like is actually a good role model in a weird way. And Selena Gomez is just like out of your pretending knock will think of the good that you could be doing with your platform. Let's funny. 'cause she thinks she's doing right telling coach bags? No, like Demi Lovato's literally the only honest person in Hollywood, and I just want her to be friends with Kim. They are friend. I think there are two. Okay. Next up. I'm obsessed with this story. What is the Channing? Tatum is dating. Jessie j. Moving on Channing Tatum's eating, Jessie j following his split from Jenin Don us weekly can exclusively reveal Tatum. Jesse have been seen each other for a couple months sources confirmed to us. The actor has been spotted at the domino singers. Recent concerts in Seattle and Salt Lake City. According to social media user, the player the pair played mini golf and a local course in Seattle on Saturday. October six. Most recently titan was was spotted at Jesse show in Salt Lake City on October. Eighth second source tells us that it's new casual and they're having fun together. I'm so here for this supremely talented people getting together. Okay. What could be better? I just like to feeling Jessie. J's so odd. Like when I think of her career because like the, here's what I know about Jessie j random good songs on the radio. Never looked the face that on the cover of every magazine, but like good, good music. She performed at a cast on some award show, which I'll never forget. Then she was on the Chinese. America's got talent by like a Chinese talent show. Yeah. And by the way she was amazing and you should watch videos like she selects only the most premium songs. And like she fell off the face of the earth for awhile, and then like wrote a song for pitch. Perfect. Like I don't get her celebrity like, what? What would you say she is be list? No, I don't know because her talent is Ayla edgy. Ever performed ever see her before. I'm like she is an unbelievable singer and songwriter completely agree. And for while she was making like hit after hit, like domino is an amazing, bang, bang. She liked her whole album masterpieces such a good album now because I'm a big fan for music. She comes up on my release writer and like every song she releases is trash. I don't know what happened the someone. She's not on my release radar. I haven't heard about her like and I know her I'm familiar with her and I'm a consumer of all things pop culture. And I haven't heard a piece of news of 'bout Jesse James literally since it was BuzzFeed article that she's on the Chinese, Joe. Okay. I'm going to give you a piece of news better that you're gonna laugh at what so wild act. She had a new song called Queen, and it came out on Spotify and she took a screen shot of her like release radar and Queen was like. The first thing on the playlist and she was like, oh my gosh, thank you spot. Human ashes. She was like thinking Spotify for putting like cleanest number one on the playlist but you're released radar is tailored to you. So of course, she James a song that's going to be listened to a lot of her own music really funny gender since she was like Spotify, chose them. Number one. She's only number one in her own book on such a metaphor. You know, that's really sad. It was really cute and like, pier. I don't have anything against her, but I would just love to know in what circle she ran into Channing Tatum who is a very Alice star, right? But this this is a rising tide raising both ships like he needs a high profile relationship like she needs some positive buzz. I'm sorry, not Jesse. I culture Jesse. James. What's does he Jesse? Jay Leno, Jay or j. y. jet letter j. This is this is weird and like, I don't know why I like when you think of people like in life, I just think of Jessie. J is a person who has sex. Do you know what I mean? Like when I see her, I'm just like, I never think about like sometimes when I see celebrities and like, oh, she's cute naked and like she was up crazy sex with like, here's a picture of her, maybe her differently. No, I don't see. Like I just think of her, like as someone with no vagina. Do you know what I mean? I I understand what you mean KENDALL Jenner vibes for sure. I don't think that way about her, but I understand why you think that because all of her cover like her artwork for her albums, like she comes off his intense belon- bay right short hair like it's a very intensive. That's exactly what it is. It's intense. This picture of her is like a lot sweeter. She looks like a regular girl in the club either. Honestly, like this could be a good pair, but you know the blind say that Channing Tatum is just like an outrageous cheater, and that's what happened genital on. So I don't have a see a bright future for these these show. I, I remember reading a blind so long about ten to one and Channing Tatum and the because. They did for so long. I actually thought the wind was wrong, but it wasn't which is at like, he's an outrageous cheater, she is like so insecure that she's like always has to go to everything with him. And by the way, wouldn't you be insecure too if your husband was so hot and like you really weren't famous, you were famous for being Jenner Dwan Tatum doin. Right. And you're famous for being a good dancer, like which we know like doesn't really get you anywhere in life right? The president and Julian Huxley filled void for for what they needed, like you who were replaced? Right, deleting one dancer, and we have it her never getting in with dancing with the stars was a mistake. I feel like she thought she was about it on some friendly, giving us a judge those three judges who judged chanting with the stars like what is their background? What makes that old man qualified to judge other people dancing? I don't know. I don't know about him, but now Juliana judge. Okay. Yeah, and she's qualified but don't say the three that they had the girl and then the two guy old man. And the funny guy like with accent, he's cute and he definitely dances like I just get the vibe from him. I don't get like good vibes from that Oldman. No, it's like he's like Mr.. Wonderful. Thank people who judge gymnastics, like our biggest break, the beaten. Right? Yeah. No, it's like the irony isn't lost. It's not an thicket is a home movie objects, stick. It. Of this is weird like good for Jessie. J honestly for like we're talking about her now when honestly I have spoken about her to make Google just go YouTube search later today. Jessie j Chinese talent show. She is so amazing and they have like subtitles and everything. And she picks the best when he uses. She's I have nothing like there is not a note that Jessie j can hit. She is really like one of the most talented singers in in the music industry right now and like nobody cares they will now maybe they will now. So even if it's a fake relationship for PR it's working and I'm like here for it. And even if hooked up once they're not dating and he went to her show, maybe he's a big fan of the music. Cute. Right? And it's like she wrote that song flashlight for pitch perfect two, which is an amazing song, and they did a pitch perfect version and she has her own version which is way better. And they literally like put every list celebrity and pitch. Perfect. And like she wrote the song and they didn't even put her in, you know? Yeah. I mean, maybe she is like a, I feel like she kind of is someone like a Casey Musk's who start as a songwriter never really intended to be in the spotlight. But like her talents propelled her foward sort of they propelled her like a couple of inches, right. But then I think maybe I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt which was like she was propelled propelled foward. She had dumped like she looks into spotlight and then kind of like retracted little bit like maybe it wasn't for her. So that's what I'm going to see you. And then she came back with the mask and now she's giving her songs to Jennifer Lopez on her voice. I know she gets her songs to everyone like it's so crazy. She has so many songs to get at in beyond, say, riana one direction. I love ya. Like do you ever seen her carpool karaoke? Yes. Oh my God. She birth by the same thing as she has like. Crooked bottom teeth and it like is pretty. And when she sings, like she's always like in the carpool karaoke, all you could see his her teeth wild because her face is covered. But she has just like the most amazing voice and it's like when she sings, like sometimes she cracks, but it sounds good. Yeah. And amazing catalog. Like we saw her at panorama a few years ago, I know and it was the time of our lives. I haven't been to see a concert, but I know that when I go because I plan on it at some point in my life, like I will have a great time of either. Okay, good. Okay. Next story back to Taylor swift because reason through today, because that's what happens with the celebrity stories. There's really not eating. There's really not much they're they're, that's true, which one o'clock? Yes. Let's be out of here by seven thirty because I have to change or you do Uber permanent a, we own. Otherwise we'll be there an hour early. Hey, is Taylor swift stepped out. So obviously, like there's states worth of news about it. Tell us like twenty teen AMA after party just gave us major foam. Oh, says e. news. Okay. So Taylor swift had an after party at her home and her new crew now is Shawn Mendez headache Yoko Jack antonoff. Kili Kyoko? Yeah. Do you think that until he was there, perhaps was at the the rumors. True. So my God for. First of all, I love that Caccia and if she ever, here's this podcast like I wanted to know like if you are dating hilly, Kyoko look them. So here for it and I support you, and I just like, I want you to tell everyone because I'm happy for you and if your hobby, but if it's a lilac. Sorry for spreading rumors about you, right. We'll be of course, and then a bunch of backup dancers. So this is her new squad to feel like Kyoko is like randomly famous like, how did she get here new? It's like it's, it's our fault. It's like we were sleeping, you know, because we're old and shit and like she's been coming up on what like online platform. I don't. Did I modify like where people listen to music? I don't know, because we're old. What's your song? I don't know Taylor. Yeah, I don't know because I'm just like this one where you keep saying it's like didn't, but took one word some. It's like if we didn't know that camper who was obsessed with Halsey, that's how we would have felt about Halsey that's by the way what joking day. And she would have been a big star because you got old. Yeah, that's a good point. Well, I don't know hilly Kyoko and I feel like her famous like annoying because like she got on Taylor swift stage and that was like friends with the crew. And like I've been working so hard for years, and it's still very for me not to say like, hey, Kyoko Sweding because of like Kaley Kyoko Sweding Kili cocoa and she's not spending any anymore, show divorce, but like it's one whole name. No. By the way, I don't feel the way at all only got, I want to say Haley, kikoko's tweeting every time it did. Jessie. J just wants to Jessie James decker like data understand yet or Jesse James, right? Which is what I did say Harry. Oh, she's from lemonade, mouth, hilly. Kyoko. That's not an that Disney Bridget men layer from lemonade mouth, and she's a stock that would that would be like saying, oh my God, three Larssen. She's from thirty thirty six chicks whatever. Well, at least she had a start like that makes me feel better. Like I didn't miss something. I've seen the post here for lemonade mouth on Netflix and purposely ignored it. And I've been told that I would like it, but purposely ignorant. Well, I really want to know if I can tell you without this party like now this is all I can think about it if she is like, I'm so jealous, but like also happy for, I guess. Yeah. Wow. That would be like that would make sure step up. No, I know I just noticing about last night because her dean and then Higgins like the wants to go to the Amy's. It's obviously because like they have risen the ranks at iheart, and like I heard catapults certain people like, and I'm just so curious why them three, you know what I mean? And like what happened to actually I right. Well, maybe she was like busy. Otherwise, she would have been there Ashy I is never too busy. A red carpet, especially like a real one. That's true. I don't know. I don't know. I dean was there because I don't think his podcast is like anything. Also. He does his podcast now with Jared and Vanessa gremaldi. So maybe Jared and actually I actually got paid to be somewhere or something, and they just couldn't make it. No, I think actually I would give thousand dollars. They couldn't make time in their busy Pence dropping schedule. Oh, Marky. Mark hunt, stroking schedule, but I never realized that, but that's Marky Mark, like our so much better as a kid. I didn't know who, of course, and his Pence shoving schedule. What does that even mean? I don't know my schedule, I guess. Take his pants off or his pants hanging low by the if we know anything. Now it's like Marky. Mark schedule is Pence tropic Eubanks up to in the morning. He's jumping schedule has only gotten even more Pence. The pants are now fully like on the floor. There are no pants to begin with. He has no time for pens. It's an ex story is a sleeper story. You really like buzzing through. I mean, that's going to be liberty stories. Like, what? What more do you want me to say about Halley cocoas meeting? I don't know. I'm just like not done with the fact that bacteria was probably tell us housing like, I'm really need you to internalize it. But what is there to say? It was like for me, it's like I feel like I'm pretty much like almost on the same level as bacteria like she came from the bachelor I can digital. So people like don't take seriously, but we really like a lot of people know who we are like, I don't know. And like I very rarely getting ready to fly. Cool. Shit. Like she very randomly Becca, tilles gonna be there on the like precedent by right and like, so now I'm thinking like, oh, it could've been me. Why did I have to be married, right? Or maybe like Ben to step up his game and what becomes ends with Taylor swift? Yeah, maybe release his country song. Finally, Jackie last night fen was walking to you and you called me, and he's like, I wrote a couple of lines for song today. I forgot to tell you and I'm like, okay, like sometimes they just say, okay. 'cause like it's not. Worth like being like, what the fuck are you doing? You know. And I had to just apologize for being any credible bitch the night before a sports that he was like, honestly, thank you. And he's like, I understand what you're going through. I said things, but you're going. So he's like I have a song and I'm like, great. And for the most part, like when he gets these ideas, I know he's gonna forget about it. So like me, like getting involved is just like unnecessary. And then he comes up and he's, he sings the song. It's like I didn't. It was like it wasn't terrible. But like I was like, what are you doing is I'm going to record it like my friend will like works and music and he can record it for me. And I'm like, you cannot do that. Like I say, I'm like gonna song. It's American. I was like, literally stopped just let him because he's never gonna finish it. And maybe if he does, how funny would that be like soccer at a song for me and like it's so cute. No. But like I literally said, you have to copy everything I do. He's like, what do you mean? I'm like, I'm writing a song you are. Yes. I told you this. Nate didn't did about the songwriter in the Hamptons million didn't? Yes. And you didn't answer it? What did you say? I said that I was saying in the Hamptons, and I met this guy who is a song writer, and he wrote. Kindle sexy song written like a bunch of Bob's like that. Okay. I don't. I didn't see any and I was thinking maybe I should write a song and like a good move for my career. 'cause like I'd be doing it as a joke, but it also really have a good voice, but I don't want people to think it might trying to come singer, which I'm not I'd right as you've just hung up your dream. Right. And I still am, but like I think it would be good to have a my own song like the toasters could Bob to and be my own song that I owned that. Like if I ever complained on my show like I don't have any right, like issues within amazing song. Right. So and he's, it would be like an Erica Jane song like a bop and like that has a good message like grab spoon or something, I don't know. And how's it going? Well, so I just signed the paperwork is it's like very, like with the fees and everything because like he wrote it. So are you paying a lot for the song? It's quite expensive. Yes. And I think it'll be worth it and I'm not really doing it to make money or anything like I'm doing it because I think it would be hilarious and maybe kind of good, but I don't know what message that sends to the universe am I do? I take my career seriously, so I'm not sure about it right, but then it's like manager was was against it, and sometimes you release a song Gretchen Rossi and your joke. Sometimes you release a song and you're an icon, John tardy? Yeah, Countess. I agree and manager was against it, which obviously made me want to do with even more right. And now I'm like, not one hundred percent. Sure what I wanted to do. Ok, well, think about it. And in the meantime, let Ben right, because what are your thoughts on it on my phone, I like now this is all in new news for me, and I get all facets of what you're saying like it would be hilarious, and it would just be a fun thing for us, but it might also reflect poorly on like where you see your career going. Right. And like I really, I'm serious trying to be a comedian, and I think I'm doing a good job like I take sketch comedy very seriously. So like and I would have fucked with that, you know, right. And it's like, you can't do it all, and even if you can't do it all, you have to do everything at the highest level. So like this isn't going to be at the highest level is going to be once on even if it's a great song like it would be like Melissa, right? But she wasn't a comedian. Anyways. Next story is asleep or story, but I find it to be quite interesting. Okay. Bradley Cooper and the shake barely speak during their dinner date. Rather Cooper stars board, maybe a hit at the box office, but the actor and director. Did not appear to be unclouded nine with his baby mama. Irena shake on Tuesday. Are we still calling people baby mamas? Like I said, derogatory, I believe that it is and just important. Every mistake is not really decision into shake new. It's so important to know because it's the saddest thing of ever heard. It's shoes aimless models out there who book similar with the same last name and they're not related. It's not like Cohen or like Smith, and it makes me like each of them less because I thought they were sisters coming up to get love just like a couple of gals. I know. But instead. I have spam on my fire you want. Then chicks of course, I am. Jackie's ipad has virus on page. Six only got in. Now I lost a story. She right. Well, well, you get it back up reform. Okay. Joe given me a million reasons to that, you go. Did your Dench say, of course, I always wondered like why who wrote the song is back? It's back, but I'm not done. You give spam against steal the show because you giving me a million bases. I'm going to screech out the store even meet. Okay. You can go. The couple had a low key dinner date at Masa in Time Warner center in spice told paychecks. They were serving some major attitude to each other, what they were not happiest by told us the couple sat down. He was in a hoodie and she was fresh-faced no makeup, and they barely spoke to each other at the start of meal. Halfway through. She started looking off to the side and he was moody. Cooper model shake have been dating since two thousand fifteen. The couple welcomed their first child together, Leah last year. That's definitely weird. No daylight. You weird vibes of November where they were fighting at Wimbledon and those pictures of her crying and him yelling at her. They're always fighting rightly anyways, fighting about your beautiful, right. And you know that like this is not the lifelike he had wanted now, like, you know that like he just thought he was having sex with the model, and then she got pregnant and like he wasn't planned. And now he's like, he's a good guy like he's he's leading the right thing loves his mom's like he's doing the right thing like not abandoning her, but I don't think that they're happy with each other. And it's like so sad because like, but then I also think about like, okay, if there was people watching every meal I had with Ben after a long day like, okay, sometimes I don't talk. Sometimes we're just both on our phones and sometimes like two nights ago, trucking, bitch, I don't know if that makes is newsworthy, yes and no. I feel like even when you're not at your best, you don't not speak for an entire meal. This is your map. This isn't the first time we've seen like contention between them. That's the point. And like they know that they're Ayla somebody's, they know when they go to a restaurant, people are looking at them. And so this was the best they could do. I went to a restaurant and even if I was feeling in a bad mood and I knew. That like everyone looking at me and he was going to be paid six. Like I would put on an act, of course actress over here. Totally funny hub the day. Seven eleven. Make wish get you. Baggage. You bad. You did. You hear Mace, crock air maze. Oh, wow, that's out of control. They give me like very pittsfield vibes. And I think they just moved into a big house in pits Ville because neither of them are happy with the situation. And like I think she thought getting pregnant like she was going to nail down the guy that everyone wanted and she did, and he's not the guy that she thought he was going to be because he didn't intend intend to have the sort of life. Right. And I think he's in love with lady Gaga. Right? I'm hoping he, I think like working with lady Gaga like I don't know if they're like soulmates and he's in love with her, but I think it like mattessich like, oh, wow, there could be more for me out there yet and like like, could've dated a singer, right. You know, not even a singer, like a megastar icon, knew it now. I don't think lady young girl for him like they're both. They're too big of stars. That's. True, but I think he could have dated like Jessie j. Right? Like he had a type of like, like, who could he laying him every night Paolo? Yes, soon to be Paulo. Totally. That's an excellent point you raise and like, I don't know. I really like when celebrities state people in the industry who aren't celebrities. Lady Gaga is engaged to her agent from CAA Christian Krino and like I like that. Like I think it's probably good for her career. Thank Reese Witherspoon. Right. It's nice to have someone who. Right? Someone who knows the business but is out trying to be in the front of every picture. So as much as I don't want lady Gaga to wake up with Christian Krino like she can do so much better than that, we ain't, and I really like I, I expected more for her and I think can Kinney was like the perfect guy for because I guess he is a celebrity, but like he has like a steady job, making those NBC checks, he is not like the most famous person, but he is the hottest, no. And also it's like she's a singer. He's an actor Bradley. Cooper is an actor and now he's actually a Jackson means moon, and he should eight a singer. They're not competing for the same jobs. What jazz on data. Then. Someone please pirate. That would be Senator Gordon the movie theater and set up a tripod for me. Livestream at I've played coming up like w so great. Even though on my way home from Alabama, I watched three identical strangers and they didn't finish it, but they have it on tells us why ten tomorrow to watch it. And I was just about to get to like the climax and it is the most upsetting movie. I don't know if I can do another upsetting because I just watched room, right? No, but this is like, so it's so real and they have two, three, two other three of the brothers and like it is the most upsetting movie. I've watched in a while and it wasn't even like a pit. It was just like sadness, and they had this grandma, and she was like making me cry like, but if I do watch it, I know it's going to be. I think it should be a does. Maybe it'll be like, that isn't interested. Okay. We need some positive movies before we can get to the negative because I'm still I still think about room before I go to sleep every night. I think we'll secretariat should lift your spirits. Fear. We'll talk whether on Monday we will. Uh, so there will be show tomorrow. You won't be here. I don't know who mycosis yet. I haven't made. Moves me Ben. Maybe I'm ready bailable maybe I'm ready for him again. Okay. And then be loved, then he can test out his new song. Oh my God. He's so annoyed. People do love Ben and like, who am I to not get the people what they want? No, totally. I can never like guess or predict what the people like. Yeah, like when I think you're gonna like someone you don't like them as much as I thought you would. And when I think you're going to be about someone, you love them. Right? Actually that never that never happens where I think they're not going to like someone in. They do know for the most part of my, oh, they're perfect. And then like the toasters hate this person and I'm like, what? Yeah, weird. Yeah. Okay. Fit. The final story. Little Bisnews Snapchat. Unveils new original shows to learn Mackie's. IRS. Okay, Snapchat. The saddest company honors is hoping its new original content will bring it will help bring back former users and appealed existing ones. Just going to tell you right now, this is a bad plan. Do not spend any money on it on Wednesday, the company unveiled its first collection of snap originals, including scripted programs in Duckie series produced exclusively for the platform. The shows will include drama, mystery, horror, and comedy. The company is partnering with popular social media stars such as summer McKean Dylan. Jordan never writers from TV shows such as Riverdale and Friday night lights for the programs unless brighter Ross's working on this. I'm not interested in the shows are sharonville. And can you've been charged to? And I know that right. Arrests isn't working on this because like between river downstream in the team, his plate is both. No, this is not my plate this. This is like, I heard that they were going to do this like two years ago when I went on CNBC to talk about Snapchat, going public. They were like asking me what I thought of the future. And I said Snapchat is like intending on making like literally long-form TV shows and the fact that it took them this long and they already lost all their users is like, sorry, you slept on it for too long. And when I was checking the Snapchat Daily Mail, Snapchat everyday, like that would have been the time for me to also maybe watch a show. They're like, this is over and it was just having this conversation with my managers because like they were like, what? Like, let's say, because I was talking about the future and like the toasts in like what we would want to do. They're like, let's say Snapchat because they are spending a lot of money on digital shows. Like let's say, Snapchat, kitchen. They wanted exclusive. They gave you. A ton of money and exclusively do it on Snapchat. I literally would go well how much money, right? But like that's how someone who like used to be the biggest advocate of Snapchat, like they totally lost me on every front. I like have the app and actually was thinking about deleting it. I'm going to soon. Also controversial statements going to go against everything trend forecasters are predicting an investing in, but people do not wanna watch on their phone. They watched it on their phone when they have to on the plane on the train. But if I'm sitting in my bed and I have a TV up or it could watch some snap original on my phone, I'm going to watch TV or the computer a computer work. A lot of people walk gator works to like if you're a college student or if you're at work. But like if I'm in my bed, I don't own a TV, but I had my computer and I had my phone like it's not gonna watch something iphone. People watch things on their phone out of necessity that they would prefer to watch it on a big screen. So stop investing in mobile only content than the toast because people can't watch on TV while they're at work, which is why people watch it on the computers computers and phones podcast, no or like, it depends if you have a split stream. It depends on job. If you can get. If you sit in a corner and you can get away with watching under computer, you do, if your boss looks at your monitor, you probably watch on your phone propped up against her desk with your morning, tells pop socket helping. Right. Interesting. Okay. So this is in me an epic fail and. It's going to be very sad, make sure you sell all of your Snapchat socks. Hold on when I was on CNBC, which is still my best interview today. I warn people do not do not by Benz had really wanted to buy because like then his, he thought he was like supporting Ben and doing it, and then took me member like, don't do it. And I was right. You did say that. Yeah. Well, it would have been fine to by then and then sell quickly, but. This is just very sad, but it's no one's fault other than their own, of course say they weren't on top of the world. Facebook wanted to buy them for billion, even Instagram, copying their stories feature didn't sink them. Like like when Instagram introduced videos, they sink immediately bind was dead in a day. When stories came out, people were still loyal to snatch on, especially. And then people started doing both. And then literally people migrated completely because Instagram was other than pretty filters. Instagram gave you more of every work with swipe tad's tech shifty different texts in different spots. You could put whatever the fuck you wanted on your story on you had to choose between three color filters, and it was just like they, they wanted you to play by their Instagram is we make the rules if we say we want something enough, it'll show right. That was the best part about Instagram is like the users had like an ear tomorrow. If everyone was tweeting like, oh, I wish they would stop auto playing up in interim. Remember when Snapchat automatically made you watch the next person story it when you click someone and it was like, so embarrassed. And ever complained about it. It took them over a year to get rid of that. Why? Because they were all team busy like boozing it up and Silicon Valley to listen to our qualms, totally and like verified on Snapchat. And it was like the greatest thing ever could still few people were. And like now it means nothing. Nothing we've got to get the toast verified on Instagram. Yeah, even though it's not stopping us eighty thousand strong. We had already at like eighty point you. Instagram is like my life and I just like watch it every day. Just like watch the number grow and we have to do something like major when we get to on. Because what's so crazy about this is that first of all, the instruments only been out for six months and we are at more followers than we ever were doing over a year breath. Yeah. So that's why I'm just like upset and what should we do want me at two hundred? We'll have to think about it. Take a bath and hunting western. Oh my God. No, still waiting on it me too. We'll think about maybe we'll do like a special episode. No, something bigger. Not like too big. No, we don't have to throw a party. No, no, like we'll do that when we get to a million. Yeah, and I'm gonna get to ten thousand picture on users. That's first of all loons and we need like acute photo she with Anthony Vasquez. Of course, also, I just feel like a photo shoot. I was thinking the other day. I like the head headshot that are used for almost shows like people show up and they're like, who is this? Because that's not me. I did it in your old apartment. I remember literally four years ago I just got engaged, so I got engaged in twenty sixteen it's time. It's time echinacea head head head touched my hair short in my head shots, but I think that's better for the head shot by look. I really feel at one day, like maybe when we're off like we should come back in here, get rid of the chairs and stuff use the pink backdrop and the leads and just like take photos. Okay, I'm available. Okay. But not today Kardashians you finally watch Japan. I watched because I had heard so much about it, and I don't feel like pressure anymore, like keep up every week with the Kardashians. But I'd heard so much about this. People are like Kim's crazy and I'm like, oh shit. And I knew his convers- Courtney and I kind of pit because I'm so team, Kim, and everyone was like, I'm team Kim, but I thought Kim was. Crazy. So we watched episode. I kept waiting for this like to drop of like Kim bean crazy, and I just couldn't disagree with everyone less for two reasons. Basically, if you don't want episode, Kim went to Japan to do this easy photo shoot, and what I didn't know that that's what she did. It's so cool like that. He explained it to me and it was an she shows up at airports, Brennan places in these outfits. Obviously, she gets by paparazzi is for ten seconds. They take over a million photos and they're out in the world. A minute later. Right? And that's the collection. For all of the looks and the look. But they don't have higher end of tiger in the studio and hair and makeup, like that's just her life. So she planned this trip to Japan. 'cause she wanted Japan to me the backdrop like the whole point of this trip was work. It was to shoot, what was it like seventeen looks. I don't know how many was so mad. It was so many and by she so cute. I don't like fully understand or love the easiest static. It's not made for me, but I appreciate like someone's art and I don't understand fashion. So like it's not for me. Yeah, I appreciate the easiest headed. I think some questions are better than others. This one had its moments when she wore the puffy vest and the spandex shirt. I thought she'll so cute and like the glasses Gillette's futuristic when she was wearing leggings along sleeve and this like that's not totally. That's just a jogger bragging outfit, the woman in home alone, did it better, but at the end of the day, like that's art, I guess. So as I don't have to like it or with it, but it's art, but I just feel like it's it's working full energy just like that's weird. That's like high fashion. So then. Courtney and Chloe wanted to tag along because they had never been to Tokyo, which I think is so weird. Like they've been all around the world number into Tokyo. I mean, I haven't been all around the world, but I've never been to Tokyo. And if you were going, I would be there in new like they've been tossed Rilya which is the furthest place from America and you haven't been to Tokyo. Tokyo maybe don't just came in Kim had this whole thing plan with the glam and every outfit was planned and Courtney came along because they'd never been in. They'd really wanted to go in the kind of sisters strip, which is so cute. But like the point of the trip was work and the first night Kim goes in one the offense, and she's ready to be 'paparazzi didn't. She's walking with Cornyn khloe and they looked terrible. Like Kim was being mean, I didn't think coronate look at the show was terrible, but her off it was really cute, but they're wearing the kick AWS shadow that blue is Kim's blue and she was promoting and you saw the pallet on the desk and that was around the same time a pallet that color came out. So like, why are you knocking the I shouted, what's your eye shadow? Totally, totally Chloe. Looked insane. Yeah. The eye shadow was ter. Address the earrings. Everything was pregnant, like give her a break. I didn't realize they had this thing with clothes hair because with her hair, I don't know at the end they were like, we met every time we make fun of hairs. If like they always say it Courtney and claw and Kim and I had never heard it, but she does wild things with their hair. And I just thought that was like an interesting tidbit is, but what is wrong with her hair most of the time like, no, it's just like the styles that you choose like she does the high right. Don't know. Like was brave. She's either short or long waiting. I don't know. I guess second thing family, but I didn't get it like when we need it just looks good on TV and it doesn't look realize maybe maybe it looks like a PC and like you could see the tracks like the difference between the extensions and that's bad. That's horrible. So when they get back to the hotel, Courtney, Kim is like saw the paparazzi pictures. She's like, I'm trying to get my like you as look like clowns. And she definitely was being like a little harsh calling them. Clowns was me at dinner. She was harsh, but it was. It was fair. They did look weird calling them clowns was mean, but she's working there. They're gonna to make it funny and going up. And then she like was persistently like just being more than like insulting the Glenn people. But when Courtney was wearing that red thing with her shoulders, like I didn't know what the fuck she was doing and when Kim was in the room, like literally like your associates like yelling and I was like, why are you doing this? And then I realized like basically tiling photo shoot. And if Courtney wants to come on the trip and being every photo like you have to be in tune with the aesthetic because you only get one chance to shoot the thing. And then I was like. Okay. Then being offended like they have every right to be, but Kim, like was sort of justified. I understood where she was coming from, but like she was being very mean about it. She said, like a couple of things that were unnecessarily green as opposed to be like, this is a work trip. I'm gonna need you to here to this vibe. And if that's the case, by the way, you need to tell them before the trip and they need to pack like you should pack for them totally style, all their lowly and like the glam teen and the stylish should know that this is our by then likely. I didn't think the courting looked that terrible any of the time she looks like fine. Yeah, Kim was like, you're not like, what was the word she used? She was like, she said, Kelly knows, yes. She was like, you should just like him, which is just like very sad. You know, she's like you're not being like a. You're nothing your ranks revolutionary or anything, but why does it have to be doesn't have to be, but something to say, just like Kim was self aware enough that on two points she said, I know I'm being harsh and she apologized once and then was meet again. And then at the end of the episode, they were like, you should just compliment someone before. You're so mean and she's like, okay, like she's like, I don't know with corneas like she always did. She's right, and she's it's like she is a wall and that's it. And Kim was like, she can be someone can say to her kinder- being mean, she's like, I know. I'm sorry, let she apologize. Like I don't know. There's something to be said. I feel like everyone was like people who are team corny was like waiting for him to fuck up and like jumped on her. And Kim is like, yeah, I like Kim was aware. Reasonable enough to be like, yes, I was. I took it too far and I'm sorry. Yes, I just I think Kim's message was fine. Like this is a work trip and was justified getting all right. Like she was just like saying things like if a sister ever said to me, like, what? What did she say? Remind me like first of all, you look like clowns is media and like laughing. And then when she was in the room and it was like grainy footage almost why she was yelling at the glam squad and like just saying that nothing according wears is revolutionary. And like she's being like cheesy with her Asian Japan, vibes. This is like meeting with all your mazes is like we're here to work like you need to get into more easy vibe even if it's just all block like playing just don't like it's a bit much Mike, right? But she was just like digging in and it's like, that's just not how you talk to your sisters. No, I'm definitely Kim apologised and the way that I look at it, it's just like Kim was totally justified in in wanting them to change. Their looks. Her delivery was way to me. But also if your sister like you don't feel the need to filter like you can just say, because like it's your, but things like that shouldn't come out of your mouth about your sister. She should have been more less direct, but also she did the right thing in the end and apologized and like didn't start fights with people like crossing her, like that's what corny does like. And you say something like she can't be like, you're right. She has to defend her actions like to the death we're, I was eating. I'm sorry. Guess, but also like, well, Courtney said later on, which was kind of funny, and it was just like it was sad for chemo and she was like, it takes for me to say that I'm hurt then to just be a bitch back to you and be like you're wearing turquoise shoes in a puppy best and like, yes, which is also funny and sort of it is. But corny says that like as if Kim is saying these things because like kids insecure and doesn't want to talk about feelings like no, Kim out of all them is like the most direct and doesn't like hide behind her feelings. Like corny was saying that as if she took like a moral high round, like I'm in tune with my emotions, and I can say that I'm hurting. I'm not just going to be a bitch, whereas you're being a bitch because you're not saying something like there wasn't anything. Kim, Kim wasn't hiding anything by being a bitch. You know what I mean? That's a corny does. Yeah, but she could have done that and then they've just would have both been bitches, right? Yeah, yeah. But right. They could have done that, but Kim isn't like insecure or like hiding or not saying something, and just just just covering it up by being a bitch, which is what Courtney does. So Clinton was like, I'm not doing that like as if Kim was, but she's on, do you know? But Courtney could've is all she was saying she could be a bitch to. Yes. Kim wasn't being a bitch because she was like. Zander them context like when Scott and Chris went to lunch and they were like, I can't have Kim look at me. 'cause like then she tells me everything that's wrong with me. It's like, who would want to be around like when you tell me like I have a pimple it's like, I know what I look like. Shut the front. Bag by ticket. Go out totally. And why didn't he just go on the trip. Like I felt so much pressure for him to get everything right. Like Honey, she's been that wasn't a look, oh, you look fire like, oh my God, when he was like, that was in luck. I'm like, if you like it's on, they have picked. Wrong. No, totally. That was so bizarre freaky and he's like, oh, wait. No, you'll fire, oh my God killing, but they were cute and like she worked so hard for Roseman. She works. She's so keeping, you know, she also loves it like they're a match made in heaven. Hopefully, the rumors aren't true that they're getting divorced because like he creates all the south like she lives. She just walked out of the picture, taking a look at McDonald's and like make it a look. Yeah, and they are just like doing the thing that they love totally. I feel that he should have been there like total along the way to help her because that was like a big undertaking and like, why did they have to go to Japan like that is so far Vegas has survived. I feel like he made Kim, like the way that she is now critical of the way everyone everyone looks because like, do you remember when they first started dating and she was living in that house, clean after closet. And he was like, that's bad. That's bad. And he is like so critical just because like he has his eye and like he's very obsessed with like, looks and fashion, and she was at what like this is from Luton Nova stuff that like kit khloe whereas now is what Kim east where they asked, you looks down on it, but it's like you were no better than that. When literally all you guys were was gene. Heels and lasers share Justin long hair like you guys were cheesy as house to let us don't like, do not where you came from, totally and county. I definitely made her into this fashion icon, fashion critic, Jess? Does he? That's what he did. He came into rows and pointed out all the things she has right now. She doesn't have everyone else. Yeah, and her house is empty. Yeah, whatever works for them yet. Riverdale also. Okay. I don't even remember what happened because like so much. L. there's jury. I'm so glad that like he turned himself in. I'm so let the Veronica didn't get to go into that hotel room at the five seasons and like talk to the jury because that is not how the world we're down. And when they did that on the show has lost to lost. A grip on reality is like a major major crime, huge as if you could just waltz into where jury is in Riverdale there's only one hotel like there would be security. I just like obviously are not going to say in jail forever, like they have to figure out a way, but like I loved when it was Archie Veronica higher. I'm like against the world and Archie was like taking Hiram side against. She was like the worst decision I ever made in like in general. I guess you need to take your family side. But here it's like varsity is my everything. I love them so much Ramal gist, so evil and high. So evil, like Archie did so much for you. You couldn't let one thing slide like you're taking over town. Like just let this slide. I really want like Ronco could be doing more because at the end of the day, the only thing higher much kind of cares about is not even. Anymore. Not anymore, but like the the worst thing, she did him say, I'm not your daughter anymore. Like you should pack up and leave and like not talk to him and like then maybe it might get through to him like she's just like she's not doing enough like she could end this all. It's like hanging believe she's still living under his house while he's framing her boyfriend for murder, and she's still dating her boyfriend, right? Like stay at that is right about any Alice is being so crazy with Polly and until the end, which is unclear what actually happened with the babies in the fire because Betty like clearly was like tweaking. Alice pleading some good point. I was like, you don't. Maybe the farm sounds kind of good, but I know she was just really seeming a calm person who's like what their shock rough, but like because she was way too intense before, right, but if you're a person who is very intense and like is going through a lot and you're like the anti shock revive to hear that kind of talk like leave me alone so that he was justified in being Munger crazy, which was being like a little maybe is that day Alice was like a good place after her husband or not yet murderer, right? They're they're, they're dealing with it and and bet he's not know, and it's like you through your whole summer into this lock ace and you felt like, what did you even come up with that helped the case? And I think Molly ringwald being her son's lawyer was a terrible call yet they they should have had it may there's going to defend her son, even if he's a murderer. That's the premise of other had mayor McCoy be like the first seat, the main lawyer, the one who talks and delivers the talking points and then Molly ringwald on the other shared just like being supportive, but also being a lawyer, right? That was like a bad call and I'm glad they addressed it. She was like, maybe I made the wrong decision being lawyer. She said, yeah, I agree it. Good for you could for you for knowing that a little too late now, but the scene and they were all like being cute, the swap. Swo- ponding water. The swamp swamp. That was cute and I need. I need more like that when they're driving down the highway to young blood by five seconds on my amazing song choice like they always do good songs like obviously, Sunder that was that would be like an epic moment for me. No, it was so put your hands in there. Right? But meanwhile, like she's like abusing drugs and we got, we got a lot of kissing scenes from Betty jug head, and I realized that lily my heart is not a good kisser. No, she's kissing like she's acting kissing, but it's like, that's your real man. Like give them smooch. It must be looked so nice. Just like smooch that your man, but it also must be nice. Smooch k. j. app, this is going to say, Cami. Mendez definitely likes kissing traffic is like, who wouldn't. But like when Reggie and k j are throwing the football. Like I think I personally think AJ's hotter because like I love him, but you, yes, that he's hotter totally. So like she really is living the dream Cami and we got totally making out with both of them legally. Daytime, job nine to five is making out with the hottest man alive who then so many like sweaty app scenes from right. And then from five to nine, she's making out with Charles mountain. Also, I, we got so many bikini scenes like wit randomly, which I just love because I feel like I'm gonna just obsessed with these people who are like follow on Instagram and just like obsessive in lies. And now I got like basically the making and the only reason I just show me so I know it's out there because everyone else was super tan in this episode like the point like that was the vibe, and then she's super pale, and it's just like it's uneven playing field being like, really makes you look worse completely unless you're her. She looks amazing pale, but it's it's summer. She looks at place written. Also a pale person really flourishes in a very cute one piece with like an open back, right? Whereas when they had her walking into the diner, like some low clash stripper, it's like she deserves better with a bikini. Cheryl has been through so much like don't put her in those short. I couldn't agree more and. Cami war on highway wisdom agency, which was cute. Look, we're naming bathing sister, their underwear and bras. It looks like underwear and bras, but you knew you were going to the lake for some reason. Only looked at Cami Mendez. The boys were right, definitely wearing boxers. Cami was wearing a bathing suit? No, I think her people wearing bras which would make anything they're wearing underwear. Why we can. We meant as where under up to her nipples because it's the look Riverdale there in the nineteen fifties because also in two thousand eighteen, they don't have AC in the courthouse. That's by the Gino that literally for the first few episodes of season one when everyone was watching that I have to watch. I was under the assumption that it should place in the fifties. We because you go to the hospital and the doctors are like sailor hat. And then someone who had a cell phone and I was like, that's what I was like, wait, this show is now it was very convenient. It's weird. It's they do. I think they like to keep the timing was. It's not like super technology heavy, but they have cars extended like trysofi. Yeah, but older houses look like bedrooms from the fifties, like Betty paper, right? And they don't have AC at the courthouse in there. Having manual fans like being spun, but. I'd like I like it and then it's not like happen at any time will what it was going to say is Cammy war one piece. I mean, high waisted bikini. Thank you. And I feel like you really don't get to see on the show like how tiny she is. Because when I met her, I was like social by how frail petite short did mole that she was smoke from every angle like she was thin like, and you don't get that because they'd never show her full. I realized that they always show her waist. We'd like alien dresses like as if she's hiding something and nothing to hide, the only people who wear dresses or curvy people who don't want to show off their clover curbs in the moment. So you'd think that like she pleaded skirts and you think that she is not so small, but she is? Yeah. And Lilius on. They've just got like banging bodies, and they're also like healthy buys and spots to aspire to their positive body images for share. And lilies is we're looking like so white and blue last night. Like I thought they put a filter on her is say, might have to make her like, look more shrunk out where she's used those. Doc drops at everyone in Hollywood uses. I need them. You make your whites wider and you're like, greens, greener. Or harass. Yeah, or like a filter yet the whole show is like Sean and filter. Last night filter was different than usual because usually it's like a darker hue more moody. But last night, it's summer, it's Labor Day. So we're going to give them like more of a Kelvin filter and they're not in school yet? No, I totally felt Betty when she was like, I can't go back to school. No, that's like how I used to feel like the world's energy. Like I threw my whole life into this internship like basically I had no summer should be easier than an internship at a law firm yet, but she was just like they never even have homework. She was like, I just what she does not have a break totally, but also it was her best friend and she's sort of in love with Archie still and she, but she didn't do anything actually helpful so she could have stayed home. She didn't want to be home. It's like the show was set up in the beginning to for you to really think that like Betty and Archie. We're like meant to be boy next door girl. Next door, neighbors, love, love love. And now I don't feel that way anymore. Right? And I think it's also because lily Cole art dating in real life and the ban hood ships them so much that it affected the story. I, it definitely affected the story line. Hold on. And I mean, because no one else, but us ships Archie so much that I hope they stay together forever ever like she when he tried to break up with her. She was like, no, two, I love them so much. I guess schizo worried that they're going to break up if they didn't break up through all of this and he liked chose her over her own father over his own father. Then maybe they'll be together forever. Maybe. Maybe we'll be like a hard time watching because my DVR was all fucked up. We started, we buy some middle. Then the minute has yet to twenty four. Then we were like, wow, we really much twenty four minutes and we realized we didn't see the first twelve minutes. Then we went one to twelve days. We're like, who did arching murder? Yeah, I thought he murdered the guy who got out of jail when the gun went off, but no, he was being set up for that lake house murder that like hotdog thing with the students and the ghouls I don't understand and it's like so stupid. I mean, like I could give a rip about Jag, no saying the words and d Simmons I don't give a rip what you do. And like next week, undoubted house there, like Deandra goes to her about liens problems and she goes, I don't give dogs to rip what's. I always think like, you know how we say, rotten hill like Brittany. I always think I'll give a rip. Do you? I always like to now that she says it again. What does it mean now? I think it means a shit shoe. Dog shit yet arrived. What you do? Well, you can Ron HALE. Now, that's the best thing ever. Also Betty having seizure at the end with some of the greatest acting I've ever seen clearly Reinhart is like an amazing actress agreed because last season, but it's very much her season and she was going through so many emotions, and she was incredible, incredible actress like shield, proven herself. You don't think of Riverdale like the teeny Bopper show with like everyone having twelve million Instagram. Followers is also the show where there's like amazing acting happen happening, but lily Reinhart is an amazing actress and that seizure was professional. Yeah, that was that was an EMMY worthy. It was okay. Well, check nights ago because we've meeting and I'm so tired and I'm like starting to have period cramps like I really need to go, okay, I have made a lot home. Thank you so much for tuning into the morning toast the millennium morning show. We're back tomorrow. I'm in Atlanta. I'm playing the buyers theaters, make sure they get tickets at grow with no job dot com. Heather McMahon, we'll be there and maybe Brielle Biermann tomorrow we're doing then you're doing them tomorrow. I'm going to be checked van. If you can't do it, I'll find someone it'll be a premium show. Don't worry. So make sure you're here tomorrow too much Jackie holding down the fort with a fun guest host on the morning to us. The millennial morning show. We go live Monday through Friday, ten thirty AM. Eastern time on YouTube and maybe Facebook. So make sure you're subscribed and you'd like us all over the place. And then we're also able as a podcast anywhere podcasts can be listen to this scribe to some Spotify if you're an Android user or listen to us on the podcast store. Thank you so much for listening. I'm cloudy Ashraf grow with no job. Feel free to follow me. I'm jackassery Jackie, O problems. Please follow me or I'll cry by.

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