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Hello and welcome to you really shouldn't have now I'm a huge fan of the NFL. So when the opportunity arose, the have a former player on the show. I absolutely jumped at the chance. Joining me this week is former offensive Lineman Shaun Harper. We talked about his NFL career playing the La Rams in Indianapolis Colts as well as he's been thiessen stepping away from the field and as always he lets me in on the story behind the worst gift he's ever been given. Sean, thanks so much for joining me on the show today. Really great to have you here. Thank you for having meat. We're going to have fun today I. Think we will. I wanted to start with question inspired by the title of Your Book, which is the winning edge principles to bring out the winner in year as I. Wanted Scenarios is the culture and sort of mindset winning and plays a win. Is that something that was instilled early on in your sporting career yet actually yes, it was and I I actually stumbled upon this concept by default. What I mean by that is that I was faced with. An insurmountable proposition in the proposition was that an on my current trajectory, I never achieve a level of success because I didn't have the grades had a one point six, two cumulative GPA out of high school, which is dismal. I wasn't I wasn't a outstanding athlete I had nothing going for me at all. And so according to success, you know you got to happen the good marks with good grades to good network some fame you know parents have something at nothing and so. According to the success Mike said I would never make it. But when I transformed or transcend into a winning Mike Set I was able to pull from other. Aspects of life and other opportunities, illuminated themselves to me, and which enabled me. To win into keep. I Xi. You started playing sport from an early age. When did you first start playing football? When did you realize it was something you could potentially pursue professionally. I started playing football in the second grade. My mom made me play football not because I love the sport although I did watch it but I was a little lazy kid. You know I didn't want to go out and running a half mile before practice and. A crazy drills I hated that stuff and so slipped ball, which is a unnecessary evil. You know all the way up probably till my senior year in high school I started liking it. I wanted to a junior college and then I started liking it more than. About like junior year Indiana University. I got a phone call and the phone conversation was like you know you had the potential to go pro and that's when I made the switch. I always had in my heart to go pro but to be introduced or sewn to speak it outside of myself was my junior year in college. If we go to. Your professional career I guess the draft is the moment that signifies to start the players professional career. What do you remember of that draw process and did you ever have a feeling of witch team might draft? You was really interesting before the draft there's what they call it the combine And? It is a route. It is an amazing experience. Yeah. Every NFL team at least three of four people personnel per NFL team and they're watching and they're bringing in probably a few hundred of the best athletes in America and and they they have a chance to get to know you one on one. They watch you and your drills and your skill sets, and maybe even a little bit of like one on one competition. I just see how you're acting how you fair what's your body language like and I tell you it was a great experience and I. It was at that time when I begin to talk talk to particular teams and they were showing an interest and And then leading up to the draft day You know if you're like a first round pick, you know they invite you to New York and you know they have a table in the suite wherever and your name we get interview and you know but the third picking a fourth round out of eleven rounds pretty high but not in the first round pick. and. So I was at home and I was just in my college apartment the phone ring out sitting on a couch and had a friend with me and I was watching the draft and right before they called my name I own car effective for such and such from the rams. Are you ready? I? Said I'm ready in the hung the phone up within. One Minute later, it Sinoe we're drafting Shaun Harper to the rams from Indiana University. Awesome moment. Now, you were dropped the rams but you also spent time at both the Houston oilers and Indianapolis Colts during the career. So I wonder what the most memorable moments were stay with the from your playing career you know the Molson memorable moments believe or not is in caging. Other athletes. Hit the locker room, the locker room experience and you know hanging out with other guys with that you know can do a deal on the disk mindset. You know just let's just do it. one up in each other that competition off the field was just is intriguing invigorating asked the competition on the field you played in NFL Europe Amsterdam Rousseau I wanted it. I experienced differed it'll from playing in the US you know much. I tell you the major difference the major difference was the culture. The European culture is just fascinating. E. I had more fun. It's just you know my first time in Amsterdam and the Nice actually played for Frankfurt as well. Germany it just traveling all over Europe. Into U K Scotland at Barcelona is just the culture. was more honestly more fascinating than playing football itself during your time with Amsterdam, you will say protected a very young Kurt, Warner at quarterback. So I wanted to even back then did he show the promise of the player that he went onto become? Yes but it was more often field I, his his his leadership was so consistent off the field even more than being on the field just just being that individual. To right the ship. Even more consistent than me or anyone else on the team you know he would hold weekly Chapel meetings. Bible, studies would encourage players would get on players, it. Basically, it was like a kosher on the field. So that was an amazing experience with that individual with NFL Europe over being nine more but the gain has seen a huge international absently here in the UK did you ever expect that? Serbia thing when you play in Europe the we'd see sell out crowds in the UK. In No It's a long time coming. The European crowd. honestly is wow. How should I say this? The European crowd in some instances is is is a better fit for an NFL team in this Y. Because the loyalty level. Of the European crowd is just. Remarkable is fascinating like we would lose a game and the fans would still Hugo. They're like you lost but you our team, you know they actually embraced you and they would seem Sina like soccer song I mean how broke down first time? I heard that it was like sixty, five, thousand people in frame for neural singing some sun in German. I'm like Oh my God like how can we played for these people? They're very loyal they're very loyal. Then mornings. The worst gift either been given home my goodness. The worst gift I have ever been given in my entire life I. Don't know if this was real or not. or whether it's like a joke. But when I was a kid right, I used to go to the store every year and I would get my father. After like this brute or something like a couple of bucks and that would get every single year and I can remember. I think I was in my thirties knows radio excited I was going over to his house for Christmas and I opened it up and it was a bottle of brute out like I would never wear this. For me for years was like this is horrible. This is. Not. Even aftershave this is like tonic you put on your skin if you cut yourself. What is Had to be it during your playing read. Did you ever play an easily pranks or by each of the joke gifts three time in the locker room? We didn't have joke gifts. We had nice gifts We'll do small things like little p-r-a-x-i-s like let's say that somebody's breath was of strong right and so what we would do is that We would go out and purchase like you know two hundred sticks of bubble gum and as soon as the person would walk into the facility, there'll be a stick of gum and that's In, a subsequent show sticks gums that will lead you know maybe like ten, fifteen, twenty feet all the way up to his locker and hugh looking his helmet and we like five hundred places gum like man did you get the message? In all, you played seven seasons in the nfl I wonder what prompted the decision to retire it was time. It's it's one of the things that that I've never wanted was to chase anything. and I didn't wanNA chase the dream anymore especially when there's other opportunities that are knocking. So sometimes you have to step away from that. Post playing career you went into the security business so I wonder how? About. Know it was. It was amazing because my brother had the business and then you you know he kinda. wrote it over to me and my brother-in-law eventually I took it but you know it's a natural fit I I played left tackle. So the left tackle is just like every lyman except for his mentality. The left tackle is a very protective individual. In the left tackle usually a loner. Reserved so. Coming into the security, it's like you know it was a very simple transition on the left tackle in my client is to quarterback. That's how I wrote it. Yeah. It was great. Principles of building a winning team in a sporting environment, you think transplant into the business world. I think most if not all concepts of building a winning team trim since into the corporate world in here's one of my beats. One of my beef is that I do a ton of consulting speaking I end, and so when I speak to a sea level individuals, you know people are in a corporate boardroom, a lot of them had that competitive winning mindset. But when you get to middle management in lower, they teach us success mindset and there's a dichotomy. There's a difference between the two. And so I would love and in I, encourage them to teach a team or a winning mindset all the way from the C. level all the way down to the person in the mailroom whatever rank everyone everyone that's involved the contractors everyone. Has a winning mindset and when you bring the entire team. Or I'm sorry. The Entire Corporation at transferred that that energy pools. Like, you've never seen. and. So that has been one of my missions might goal is to is to create a winning environment for teams. Whether experiences and lessons you took from his sporting career that you able to apply to your own business venture up in the beginning. Oh Yeah. So let me give you an example in the NFL. We probably spend no less than forty hours of film rap practice just film studying. Our competitor. Well, I'll say thirty hours steadying the competitor studying the competition. Okay. As back to forty, because you've got the scouting department in the scouting department's in some caves somewhere and all they do is study the opponents either tendencies of read updates. They know everything about each individual that we're going against the height, the weight, the tendencies. nonverbal communication. But what I've learned and what I've noticed in the corporate world, we don't study our competition like that it but I've I've learned that I studied the competition I studied that competitors every single one of them mean everyone that does security in Columbus I know who you are. I know everything about you your strengths, your weaknesses everything. And and and that is one of many tactics and strategies I used has allowed me to win at this level. We mentioned the book shall right at the beginning of the interview, the the winning age eight principles, the Brown, the winner in. Yeah. What do you feel is the one key principle but you've taken with you throughout your career Jenny, the law to twelve you know water water boils at two hundred and eleven degrees. At. Two hundred twelve degrees water boils and boiling water has changed the world in the greatest victories have not been by huge margins. They've been with ten through when hundreds of seconds you know. This person won the golf tournament by two strokes. As person one you know India Nascar by you know a tenth of a second L. A. Sprinter, a tenth of a second to the smallest margins but we don't remember who came in second. We is member who came in I saw. Being to out work and be more intentional than your competition. and. Discovering your greatest competitor. which is not other businesses it yourself and pushing yourself are hired a coach to push you into the to twelve. Show wrapping up if you had to go right back to the beginning of your career and get yourself a gift to help you get where you are. Now, what gift would it be? I would get a personal trainer, a personal coach. I would find someone who has played a game. And on the off season I would work with him every day. Out, get a hotel room and I would go wherever he is. Or she and I would work with him every day. And finally, she'll, where can people find out more about you and what you do Yes. So you can go to my website at Shaun Harper Dot Org Sean with a w look any search engine Shaun Harper dot co I do the free gift we talked about the winning edge. So Shot Harper dot co you can go there. You'll get a free copy of my book know there it is in digital format it's yours. selfishly, if you can help me out I'm always trying to increase my instagram presence So if you can. Go to Shaun Harper, speaker and follow me on Instagram have tons up amazing contents updated every day you will not be disappointed. Incredible. Now before I, let you go I have one question the store but starting the season is upon us who's winning the superbowl. Well. Do you know I'm going to say something here. And this is gonNA shock a lot of people. Okay. Bouquet. Normally A. Link towards my Indianapolis, copes, of course. But Dark course. Be on the lookout for the Dallas Cowboys. Okay. Yes, they have a lot of weapons. They have a lot of weapons share. If ain't gonNA, bring it vision. Yeah because he has something to prove what we'll keep an eye on the cowboys and see how is coming into the season Sean. Thanks so much for joining me on the show has been great abbey here. Thank you so much. Thanks. Again, police things. This episode of you really shouldn't have be short subscribe to us on your chosen Casa this to make sure you never miss another at the site. You can also find us on twitter and instagram at bad poets as well as online at back gifts pod doke. International PODCAST. 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