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# 92 - The Kid Who Would Be King / A Private War / The Lady Eve


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This week on truth and movies. Joe Cornish returns to the director's chair for the author in adventure. The kid who would be king. The only person could have pulled that short out Rodman pike stars in the war correspondent bio-pic private war. No one in their right mind. Would do you do? But if you lose conviction hope to the rest of us. And in film club the screwball. Classic preston. He says the lady eve power case. We should always pick one out with good t- things expense later. Well, coming up on truth and movies. I let the white lies podcast. Hello podcasters. It's Michael leader here. This is going to host Jesse across from Adam would from the white lies to be here. And now thrift welcome back. Matt, thanks. So what's going on the news guys? We're stealing Oscar season. They can be wards just around the corner. Big news this week certain technical categories have being relegated to the at breaks. So they decided in their infinite wisdom near kademi that they're going to present the awards for cinematography editing is a couple of things in short live action short three or four. Those four they're going to be presenting them during the commercial breaks, which they always do every year. I think they do some of the what they lesser awards during nice breaks. But the they just seem to fundamentally mis read the room on this one and a number of high profile directors of voice their concerns about this on Twitter and Afonso quarrel quite eloquently pointing out the the words cinema is is in cinematography economy have one without the other. So the seemed like a nod decision from them, but they're just proves to me how relevant the academy and awards like this measure awards events. Larger have have you seen the slightly tinfoil hat theory about this. That's of course, ABC broadcast the Oscars owned by Disney. That's it's the categories in which Disney produced films have no dominations have been cut. I haven't seen that. So if you think about this sort of Black Panthers, Mary Poppins is etcetera all of the categories animated in o- or bow. The Pixar shorts is animated. Chore? Whereas live action has been relegated. It's an interesting theory. I don't know how true it might be. Yeah. I guess that makes sense from a commercial point of view if that's come from the higher up. So they just decided these the films in these the awards, we wanna give more screen time to it seems odd in a year, which you know, host which they've now confirmed so that you're not going to have these these lengthy monologues. And it seems like it's going to be more potentially more streamlined ever. Some of the performance life forms is going to be quite short. They said seems weird that they can't fund room somewhere in the telecast to actually get all the awards in in cutting this down for, you know, the governor's awards, you know, became an using a few years back, and it just seems that the head of the academy and the head of ABC seem to be taking their cue from Theresa May. And having this kind of red line of three hours that that they're refusing to back down on. And I haven't heard that that thing about the the Disney thing, that's really interesting. It's very interesting. Because again, not sure how truthful it is. But since a shame because this is a year where we have foreign language. Films for both heads have black and white films. That position was Hooker Fe very unique year and be shame to miss out on. I've just got a feeling that this is going to be a bit of a failure of the year. I mean, they seem to be experimenting with a lot of things and ABC's seemed to be really nervous about it. This whole popular film thing that was mooted and then dropped within a couple of months six months back, which it feels like they've affectively shoe haunting somehow and he's the best picture category. I just wonder if the blowback tool of this happening now with no host, the category mess ups and everything and this three hour is just gonna going to blow up in their faces and lead some better choices next year. We'll have to say, but in the meantime, they'll be lots of Oscar chat coming up on this very podcast feed when they're yeah. We got a an Oscar special wish we're gonna release next week. You could sell on their yesterday to mediating quite interesting. Sometimes heated conversation between David Jenkins and Robbie Koehler. In telegraph by blue had a little sneak peek listened to and it's pretty interesting, lots of stuff, I didn't know about the Oscars and kind of how it operates as a governing putty, basically. And if you're fan of David's while takes his tin four hundred plenty of those in there, but that's coming out next week have a lesson back to this week. We have some new films talk about up. I we have a round table discussion about the kid would be king. So it has been several years since Joe Cornish made his debut with the London set alien invasion horror the block and now he's back with the king a kid's adventure set in contemporary London with sword and sorcery fantasy flourishes. A young lad finds Excalibur the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur buried in the block of concrete on a building site. So could the world of myths and magic be real after all, here's a clip. It's still Tuchel until touch was nor person. It's a place. Off the coastal of there's an old ruined castle. Some people say it's working. No once. He's five. One more Todd left. Taro's me gave me this book. Even scientists. To Alex my once and future. King dad. What if this is a message? What if you will the only person could pull that sort out? What if it's? But you love at me. I promise what if it's the sword in the stone. Artem it's been seven or eight years since came out. And of course, Joe Cornish has been working away in the background on. Alexa, ventures a tint in and out man in the in feeling is. But it's been quite a while coming has it doesn't feel like it's been that long. But I was looking back. We so we attack the block on the cover the magazine back in two thousand eleven and I had to kind of really interesting chat with Joe they're talking about his career and his ambitions what he wanted to do it. And it's kind of a shame that it's been this long between the two projects. It does feel like getting a mid sized movie with with no real stars attached to it is quite difficult to get that made. You know, obviously Tatler block you look at now has John Boyega and Jodie Whittaker. And and these people have got onto to amazing things by the time certainly was not particularly exciting commercial prospect. I think this probably is going to suffer this similar faith. I know it's had a little bit of a rough opening weekend in the US. I really hope. A phone people go and see because I think is is quite sweet film. It's also offer me that really see often these days it was quite traditional not just in actual narrative. This kind of modern retelling of the sword in the stone story, but I just yeah. Just feels like quite conventional adventure movie made four kids not in a way this dumbed down or kind of talking down to them which trying to be too modern relevant and cool. Just does a film which young people would wanna go and see because is this kind of fun adventure? And yet predominant young cartoon. I think our work quite well together as a few nights cameos from Cornish regulars in there and Patrick Stewart rooks up at one point as well. So there's a few nice surprises in there for people. But by and large the the young cast, especially Louis circus, son vandy, I think he's terrific in the lead, Rome. We've both interviewed him and like him on this prochell Tories, clearly considered what this film is. And what he wants to do this film. He's in the past. Been offered the likes of Star Trek, and maybe DC movies marvel movies, but he really wants to make something original similar spoke directly to kids. He talks interviews about how nowadays a family movie is for the whole family or actually excuse puts a film like, I don't know an expert move, your marvel movie is kind of aiming squarely in that age two eighty demographic. So they can make two billion dollars total. This film is very much. He says for kids around aids two eleven maybe. And it's not associated with the franchise. It's original. But it's inspired by the movies. He saw growing up that we're original back then. But now have been revived and remade in sequels into oblivion about does does it work for you. I mean, it's best. I remember it. I mean, it's been years since I sort of. I mean, I remember broad liking tackle block. I think that was definitely void by Boyega. And I didn't think there's an there's quite a charismatic central or any other performance in this kind of match that you know, he's going from portrait to landscape mode for this one. Yes, what the tower block for a suburban sprawl and effectively gentrifying himself in the in the process. I'm glad it's not a matter. Postmodern nostalgia trip like so much is these days minute, very it is very contemporary phone. But I still think that there is something kind of peculiarly old fashioned in its Britishness. And I didn't just mean the kind of Allegri but more it's on it's going to British take on the blockbuster. When I was watching it. I couldn't help thinking of that blue Peter Tracy island, you know, so this just feels like the equivalent of a blockbuster fashioned out of couple of rows and string and. I mean, I guess if I was being generous, I would say it was charming. I mean, I think it's inaugural sincere. But I think is also inescapably a little bit rubbish. You talk about a homemade, Tracy island because this is actually quite a large budget budgeted film, think something like sixty million dollars and the credits. Have a lot of fear not is on there. I think it looks like it cost money like they really do invest in the design and the action sequences in this film. I think you say that. But I mean, I think the the sort of video game E Mossman that a chasing him. You know that have no real identity. I think Rebecca Ferguson is completely wasted villain the really see much of until the big special effects ending. And you know, I think he's he's a charming writer and the script is really well done conceptually. I think but I just I also think that he can't Iraq photography. Ooh, I disagree with that slightly. I think it's a different propositions the block, which is a edgier and actually to me quite fresh follow the kind of bridge. We don't see that often and was a little bit swear yer and more violent, and this is very much like a softer watered down version of that. I think an Joe someone who can clearly white comedy. And you get a sense that he really knows the store. He's trying to tell there's a few muddled subplots to do with his estrangement from his father young Alexis change of his father. And as you say the Bill in character had kind of woven in. But I like the way he takes like real world settings reappropriation for the story. And you have like where would you find a next galloper Monday setting? It would be probably like a building site in in an urban area that's being redeveloped and all these Winky flats being erected. There's a lot of stuff which is quite subtle observational stuff on British life and actually the state. Of the world now, and it doesn't feel like he's pushing that too hard. And this certainly not too much blacker an agenda locker political skew to it. So you can just watch on one level of it being a quite garden. Folic some kitty adventure movie, whether it's enough for everyone. I don't know. I think people who are more conditioned to seeing like big showy American blockbusters, a might not quicken the pulse enough. I should maybe qualify. What why just said she little because it is a little unfair. I do agree with with of Wadham just said, but I just think it's more the action that I have to take issue with because there are some really nice performances from from the kids here. I think Angus Imrie, especially as Martin Mullen as potentially star making performance, and Andy circuses, son. Louis Louis is terrific terrific, strong, Kip performances. I think the anger Samory is is is a real scene. Stealer. It's funny. There's a theme that he's trying to inspire the kids with this team of anyone can. Be the king of the world is yours. There's some amazing sequences early on whether going through the world of chicken shops and double decker buses and so on and the new stands outside news agents just have the headlines gloom and misery. And because I suppose kids growing today probably just conditioned to hear that everything's going down the pan, the must feel hopeless, and he wants to byu them hope that the will be passing generation, and whatever he seems really excited as with Tele block he's excited about the future about kids today as opposed to force feed kids today with the stuff he likes when he was growing up. But I do think an interesting theme where both the breakout form Ince's our kids from acting families Celia Imrie Angus. Well, he looks like he's been brutal happy this figure and his Merlin is so other worldly wonderful. I think that that definitely is. I mean, maybe I'm not seeing enough of them. But a paucity of sincere just not nudge, nudge, wink, wink, sort of meta postmodern stranger things, this has real sincerity to it. And and real converse? Specked I think for the various permutations of the legend and weaves them in really really well reveals issue now where families go to see films all expectations attained because autumn herons term to parents take their kids expecting to those off and the kids enjoyed the film been conditioned by Pixar marvel lease four quadrant. Blockbusters now that the something for everyone in these films 'cause I don't necessarily think you need to watch it through the eyes of the kids in the room to get everything from this film degree. Yeah. There may be on that many extra like meta levels of subtext. Or if I was a parent watching this. I would solve be quite glad that it was a wholesome adventure movie for my kids to enjoy an I probably wouldn't get as much of it myself. And I think there's nothing wrong with that. As a film said that is aimed at younger demographic. That is saying look go outside feed your imagination doesn't have to be doom and gloom. And I think it's an optimistic or hopeful film. Let's put some scores on this, Adam. So in anticipation enjoyments in retrospect been a long time as you said since Joe -ducted thing it felt like the kind of thing that was a passion project potentially for him or add much rather see someone like Joe Cornish. Make this kind of film than just your run of the mill like big Hollywood IP temple release. So was quite looking forward to this. I'd say a high three in anticipation and probably three four enjoy. And three in retrospect, it just on that cost for me of tipping over into a bit better. I think I would rewatch it if it came on TV on a Sunday afternoon. There's a lot to like about. I'm not sure there's much to rediscover or extra layers of data. All those like something's maybe missing, man. I guess three in advance. I mean, I enjoyed attack the block well enough. Then watching it, you know, I was probably at two. But then the more here you guys talking about it, and I'm reading and and seeing your interviews with with Cornish. I feel I'm being mean mean-spirited, and you know, and I did go into it expecting it to Hugh close to the to the Amblin Spielberg template. And and I am glad that it didn't will though I may not be the seven love with what it actually did do. So a two or three for enjoyment? Okay. With three and then two in retrospect, right? Well, I have followed Joe conscious career quite closely since which I loved. And all these are the projects heaves attached to and then moved on from films. He couldn't quite funding together for the fact that he has his back excites me to no end. So for in patient, and I really enjoyed this. I love living in his world for a bit. I love the I that he sees contemporary London Britain through and this is very much even though it's a different genre and skewing younger than the block. It's still the same world of chicken shops and scooters and even those moved slightly suburban also mirrors is very personal. I live very close to where the block was sets when it's came out. And now I live very close to where the king sets is not for me, unlike many films, it's not from in their thirties. We have so many other films to satisfy that. But I can't wait for my for month old son to build to watch this. Although by that time, this will feel very old fashioned. I'm sure so foreign enjoyment. It is slight. It is damn in retrospect said probably three, but I can't wait to see what he does next. If knows got this out of the way, I re. Really hope this is more like a Scott pilgrim, Mike where right if it didn't do so. Well, it doesn't home that prospects getting the next film made. So we'll see. Anyway, that's the kid would be king up next rough to Sri Lanka Syria with a private war. Osmond pike hair plays Marie called in the multi award winning war correspondent for the Sunday Times. And if others call in from her coverage of the shoreline concil war where in two thousand one she lost the sight in her left. I after rocket grenade attack through her death Syria in two thousand twelve the film focuses on the inherent extreme dangers that come with reporting on conflict and the need for humanitarian journalism his clip. The captures that featuring Calvin in conversation with her editor played by Tom Hollander. David blondie. Graf before you joined took his job. What is your point? And then he was killed two years later in San Salvador gel Silva lost both legs the Nian Canada Har what working for the New York Times. I was with him and Afghanstan south goose safe rooted he worked for was a twelve year old Palestinian girl killed by a stray bullet appears to heart. I watched her parents hold her. And she bled out. She was wearing Pearl earrings. She probably thought you looked pretty that day. I see. So you don't have to growing section Marie would that make you happy? Don't were to walk ins in your there is that what they will for. For. I don't know what they this. You do you see it? So that we don't have to. Yes. But also because you couldn't imagine a world in which you didn't. No one in their right mind. Do you do? But if you lose you conviction, what hooked to the rest of us. Yes. Roseman pike in that clip, Casey read forgotten. So we need to have contextualize not really context. That's quite late in the film that wasn't pike is drunk in that same character is drunk. So that is that is not the entirety of performance. Deep performance goes into this character. Right. I think it's a lot of performance. I made the mistake mistake. I I watched this back to back a couple of days ago with under the wire, which I hadn't seen documented the documentary, which is currently on I player for the next month until the other night. I didn't think that this holds up especially world compared to that too much a much richer sense of whom Rico from was from the documentary than I did from this. I think is a really good actress in lots of things, but I think she's really lumbered by pretty poor explicit scrip. I hear that the really kind of reduces her character to a few pretty easily digestible character traits that she suffers from PTSD she's alcoholic. I mean, there are a couple of terrible stains, the really this one where she's on a boat with her maid and made says did you think he might be suffering from PTSD? She's like, you mean post traumatic stress disorder, and it's really really shoved down your throat, and then the alcoholism, you know, there's a scene where she's getting very drunk in her flat that is cross cut with a with the scenes of our war. And it's a shame because Matthew Heineman, I mean, he's a fellow traveler with with Marie Colvin based on the documentaries made the cartel land was really good and city of ghosts as well. So mean, he suddenly has a sense of her journey, I guess from from his owners documentary filmmaker, but I just think it falls into that biography trap thirds that you don't get from the documentary. I mean, as well, you know, watching Conroy who is. Her was Marie covenes photography one of the few. She was able to work with for an extended period. I mean, you watch this brilliantly charismatic man in the documentary, Conroy telling her story, and we're lumbered with this black hole of charisma. Jamie Dornan just seems to suck the energy out of every single scene that he's in his poor Conrad from Liverpool. He's from he's from Liverpool. Jamie Dornan is from somewhere in the Irish Sea. It seems that there is some really good stuff in it as well. I mean, I think that the that Tom Hollander is excellent. And the movie is at its best when it's kind of doing the dance between the ethical and the business concerns of the character in the newspaper, you know, he's trying to push her into ever more dangerous situation. So that he can because you know, she's the Sunday Times as star report. So he can show more rags? And you know, she's breaking down essentially, but is also kind of dictate to thrill of this this pursuit of danger. But not just danger. She's very much careerist at the same time. And that's kind of where the more interesting stuff in her character comes from. But that is kind of padded with a lot of awful generic stuff as well. It's pretty really on the nose. You mentioned once he consented, the one that. I remember was when she says to a character. So you want the psychobabble I'll tell you my entire emotional history. We join the clinic, but at the same time. It's a screenplay plane of film that really is curious and interested in what drives somebody to do this. But then also the infrastructure around them why we should be covering this should be exposing specific journalists to bear witness for our benefit another one of the lines quite on the nose and lots of on the nose lines hair is what she's experiencing is the first draft of history really some really fascinating to chew on the film can be quite shonky at times as generous with her text as well, which I really liked, you know, it's the experts of her reading really gave a good sense of quite how brilliant and evocative and can visceral a writer. She was as well. And it's this premiered or the autumn festivals last year around the same time as a film with talked about two weeks ago. Destroyer certainly co kitman this is not a bad ass revenge thriller. It's very much focus is on the trauma and the danger and the peril of being in these situations. Just 'cause he has an pashas that she's the performing feats of adventure. While you're doing this, Adam how did you respond to private war? Yeah. Quite similar to both of you guys. I think. Hyneman you mentioned city of ghosts. Which is amazing documentary tells the story of what's been happening in Aleppo of the posture years, and you can tell that aspect of the stories were Hyneman is really like grounded in interested in. So you have the whole narrative building up to homes in two thousand twelve visit and that NC Quance, I think is the best part of the film when effectively, you know, this the end of the road for her and that question of. I guess everything that's been laid down about her character personality and the diction ultimately does pay off. Because the reason she's there and is still there at the end is is not necessarily just because of that like this whole question. Mark of can you actually make a difference? I feel like the foam answers that in a very articulate and quite moving way. I just think it takes a long time together. And there's just so many moments of tedious on logging and proper like Cup Soleil acting from pike, and which as you say comes from very blunt and straightforward screenplay that she comes down to homes, doesn't it? It's you know, from the from the first instance, it's you get ten years before homes than seven years than five. And so on as though the film saying that there's a certain inevitability to what's going to happen to a person that puts us off in this position. And yet she's willing to do it. Anyway, which you know, I'm not I'm not entirely sure how the kind of the idea of line. Sizing her in that way. Given the complexities of the character is seems again like another kind of reduction and it works in both directions. Well, because it it starts with his count down. But then the first prophecy quences losing her eye, and it really does just positions this as what can be lost, the constant. So on rather than it does Plumlee steps later on the mound publishing and so on journalism. But it does frame it in a way that his quite sensationalist. Maybe at times, I'm just remembering it, I'm hitting upon scenes and seems seems of probably the worst of the bio pig. There's a scene very sickly cute scene of her interviewing Colonel Gadhafi. I mean, this is probably true as well. As position in the film is almost like oh good EFI says that you're the only woman he'd rather need to talk to in the world even more than Condie rice is fifth design another fellow traveller in the world of war journalism. What one is overturned goes. Hey, come on after everything I did for you his team or which flourishes in screenplay that really shouldn't be there. I mean, I really do recommend. Shing under the one I thought it was really I mean, she was a real a real character and a half, you know, so a subject can so so funny as well and famous of laughing through quite lot of under the wire, which I certainly didn't do it any point in a private war. So again, I think the Rosamund pike really really goes for it here. And I think he's a good actor. But I just I didn't think the film or have performance really couches the Marie Colvin that I saw in the documentary. I'm really glad there's a documentary at that. Because it was one of those films where I was meeting on Wikipedia afterwards. Say something better I can get to grips with. Let's put some scores on this. Matt I mean three I guess I mean was curious about an awards contending performance apparently back in festivals, you know, to to. I mean, I think it's got a few interesting things that it never really follows through on. And it's pretty basic at the I've much though, scoring it's a little bit too preoccupied with presenting her kind of actually quite on a two dimensional reductive way. I mean, she's. Constantly smoking cigarettes. And yeah, just diction aspect of a personal. It's forced home to the point that it kind of obscures other aspects of other traits, which I think is real shame. Because as you say my watching that documentary this so much more two hundred and she has so much more character and personality those presented here. But I mean Rosamund pike does okay with the material. She's given I guess certainly not performance. Are remember though overall in in the kind of positive so say, yeah. Three to me. Twos. Across the board for me. Really? This looks like failed Oscar bait, and it was more interesting than that because of these threats, but the threads that frustrated in the moment. And I'm glad I can follow through on the mouse where there is a cameo or couple of seen performance from Stanley Tucci in this film very much as the lover that could have been. So if you're fan of of the to cooking eggs in a penthouse overlooking the Thames, maybe find that on YouTube, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend this. But I was a private war. We have a stone cold scruple classic coming up next film club with the lady eve. Going back to nineteen forty one. Now, the lady eve screwball comedy classic from writer director, president Sturgis. Studies was one of the first writers in Hollywood history to wrestle his way into the director's chair and the lady was one of the peaks of his over. It's the story of dorky air to brewery, fortune's hogs by cutting con woman and her crew and refunder is the Mark in a wreck. Meek Pratt falling turn. But dominating entire film is Barbara Stanwick. Shop sexy scene stealing best always going to be interested in snakes. Snakes in my life, in a way. What am I? I suppose it does sound sort of silly. I mean, I suppose I should have married. Settled down father always wanted me. To matter of fact, he's told me so rather plainly. I just never cared for the brewing. Business is. That's why you'd never married. Just I've never met her suppose she's around somewhere in the world. It would be too bad. If you never boomed into. I I suppose, you know, she looks like and everything. I think so. That she looks like Marguerite and fast. No, she isn't. She hasn't. She's not as bulky as opera singer how her teeth. You should always pick going out with good t-that seems expense later Barbara Stanwick there. So the jumping off point for this film clip pick is that lady was getting released by the British Film Institute time with that Barbara Stanwick season. So let's put this in context for Barbara stanwyck newcomers, shall we? So this is one of her great performances, but she had a long career in various comedy film Norville yet. Definitely this is by no means a kinda early breakout. She was well established at this point probably along with Sturges really approaching the peak of her powers who had a comment from Richard Johnson mentioning double indemnity in saying this has to go a long way to beat that. I think probably this along with the two performances people know best very different. Of course. She's paying their kind of classic fem fertile. I think this is probably my my favorite. I think she's just so witty and just. Yeah. Just really hold your attention than so dominates the screen in a way that very few leading ladies ever have. Done. Are you found? Oh god. I was trying to think this morning what my favorite studies movie of the dozen of them might be. I think this probably takes it. I mean on faithfully yours really like in the Palm Beach story. But yeah, this is probably the one. I mean, he's just one of the greatest writers of dialogue for starters in in all of cinema him and Charles letter out Island New bitch. Interesting that it was a long time before I heard his name. I was a good maybe ten fifteen years into watching films being interested in the history. Hollywood really before we came up. Why not? His big moment. I think came with will Sunday in in my kind of film discoveries with the release of brother where up out the current brothers movie. So that gave a renewed interest in instead just walk from Sullivan's travels. Sullivan's travels was is a film about a filmmaker who is making a film could over other where up out about the plight of the impoverished and decides that he's going to disguise himself as a rough sleeper takes the streets to experience what it's like and live so that he can make his movies true-to-life as possible as probably one of my least favorite of Sturges films that she is quite glib in its point that, you know, pull people need to do is see a funny movie and smile to get over everything. But the lady the lady the lady is fantastic. I mean. Yes, Stanwick and studies is a is a real kind of humanist. I think can has a real sense of class consciousness. I mean, he's always punching you think Sullivan's travels actually is probably the only one of studies movies where the main protagonist in this case Henry Fonda in that case. In Solomon's was Joel McCrea where he isn't a chump and Henry funder is dim Habsi in. This a snake expert that can't see the one wrapped around his leg. But you know, he's he's kind of counterbalanced by his very, sharp and smart valid Mugsy to these incredible performance from William Damaris to is in most of at least half a dozen of of Sturges films as well. Just hilarious positively the same day. I hadn't really seen Henry Fonda enroll like this much more like the wrong, man. It's the westerns. He's in ways much more of a solid bloke. I mean, I guess a couple years before he did young Mr. Lincoln, which you know, again, he starts off as this kind of quite knife on a Rable. But yeah, I mean, he's really he's he is playing against type hair. And and he's very very funny. And when you have a. Six hundred something like that. You wanna see him trip up? Yeah. Multiple times. In fact, Preston Sturges in his in his autobiography he was told by the money people that he had to keep the pratfalls down to under five. And but he decided just to all that advice in the hope that the audience would go with him and ended up being one of his biggest hits you can jump Hemi funder was quest published by this point because otherwise he might have been taught cast in these kind of roles because he just plays it to a T. I mean, this kind of pitch for gullible figure who you never really fully sympathetic towards. I love the bit where he's basically explaining his ballot. But it can't possibly be the same woman because it's going to be a ploy anything. Yeah. He he really would believe that he really would buy into that. Because is that much of a dope? You're totally on the side of the card shops hair. I think I mean, certainly with Stanwick, and you know, those the most enjoyable characters in the film. I think incredible the energy that she can bring to film preconception. That black and white movies or movies from certain era that energy and emotion was introduced in the Hollywood in the nineteen fifties with grandma is completely. She is just sparking everything is in love the the scene where she's observing Henry Fonda character in the mirror through her compact mirror, and she's narrating the scene and likewise when his changing her shoe seduction scene afterwards is is on fires. She's fantastic. Would we have another recommendation beyond? Maybe double indemnity, the other person Sturges film that Stanwick did which wasn't directed by him. It was directed by Mitchell. Listen, remember the nights so Sturges wrote a couple of screenplays for him before he insisted on on a directing career of his own it should be perennial Christmas movie. But isn't isn't as well known as some of the others. But it's just fantastic. Fred macmurray stunning. At one time for me is forty guns, which is maybe a decade of the half after this older. But she's the matriarch the leads a posse that defending their that ranch. And it's a completely different energies downtown. Really? But that season is playing out to the this film lady eve, maybe one or two others in the country, which strongly recommend them. And that wraps things up for this week next week we have on the basis of sex the Ruth Bader Ginsburg bio picked Rex by Mimi leader starring Felicity Jones. Nami hammer have Copernican which was one of the hits of can last year. Knitting Becky we both saw that atom out there. It'll be interesting to revisit that. Now, it's on release and fulfil club off the back of on the basis sex. We're going to revisit me leaders nine hundred ninety eight disaster movie. Deep impact, you're laughing. You really I haven't seen it since nineteen ninety eight part of the reason the size pick this because it was I think at the time the biggest budgeted film threat by woman also was really sustained some as Michael Bay's Armageddon. Very interesting to see the two different trajectories. Those directors went on after the really interesting, I think still it's in the top five largest budgets are given to a female director, even though it's twenty we're gonna Freeman is the president, right? Leoni is in there as well. I'm gonna watch this tonight. Yes, sounds fun. Let's not think of deep impact at the usual channels at truth and movies on Twitter via Email at truth movies at TC, London dot com or the comments section L utilize dot com slash podcast. Thank you at Woodward. Matthew joining me today, I've been Michael leader. As always this has been a seven digital production. Our site is a gift won that series. I disease could compromise. But yearly exams from an eye. Doctor can detect them before it's too late. Find an eye doctor today, a think about your eyes dot com. Sponsored by the American Optima Trich association.

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