#27 - The Collective Psychology + Astrology of 2020 and Covid-19 + How to Transform our Experience with Psychotherapist Isaac Archuleta, MA, LPC


It is Monday march. Twenty third twenty twenty. We have just moved through the Spring Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. A New Year has begun. New Life is on. Its Way we've also just had Saturn shifts out of capricorn and touchdown into the sign of Aquarius. Where he will be for just a little while before he heads back into capricorn in the summer. There's news happening all day every day. That is shocking. Scary WORRISOME CONFUSING EXCITING. Joyous and everything in between and this episode. I invite back onto the podcast colleague and Psychotherapist Isaac Arte of I am clinic dot com to share his insight and his wisdom about how to manage our emotional wellbeing are physical mental wellbeing spiritual wellbeing during this time. Obviously this time in history is triggering each and every single human on the earth and the different and unique way. I've seen some people completely freaking out. Scared worried feeling helpless. I've seen other people deep into conspiracy around what is really going on. I've seen some people quite apathetic not carrying too much. I've seen some people excited for the future and again everything in between but the beauty about this moment is that each of us is being brought to part of our self took part of our inner world to part of our human experience which requires us to use the tools that have been given to move through this period of time with grace. Of course all the work. I've been doing all these years has been trying to teach each and every one of you and myself the importance of grace the importance of grace to move us through the challenges that life will forever present us no matter where we are a few weeks or a few months or even a few years after this moment life will always bring us to our knees life will always have curious and wondering life will always make us feel helpless from time to time and strong other times. The tools I offer are just for that to give you the great knowing in the great grace that all is as it should be Isaac Archie. Leda in this episode from I am clinic. Dot Com is going to be talking about the emotional triggers. What's happening in the brain? How we can actually move through these moments so that we are not paralyzed in the state of fight flight or freeze but that we can eat revolutionize our experienced to allow for more connection deeper more authentic connection than we could of ever had before this moment in history is one of great significance for many many reasons but more than anything we all have this opportunity to really build connection and relationship to ourself to others into the heavens above to build a relationship that is better and brighter in bigger bigger than it has ever been and in this. Podcast is will teach us how to do that. This is a conversation that we had on the live instagram. If you're not following me there be sure to do so at the handle accessible underscore astrology and I've been trying to put lives out there for all of you to follow along with and learn about the astrology and other modalities. You can use to really work with this time so please follow their to follow along with any lives that offer and also if you do want to watch the live playback video of it that is available to community members. You can find that information and the description of this show. Thank you all so much for you. Mazing feedback amazing reviews. It has been an absolute honor to be able to serve you all during this time. I hope this episode is very helpful for you. A tool for you to use to move through these times with grace. I'm your host junior crock. This is accessible astrology. Please enjoy this episode. Please believe that there is an opportunity right now in consciousness opportunity. Spec -nificant future Ah Harry Bell. Hi I thank you for such a warm introduction. Yeah will your fabulous human with incredible skills surfers to humanity. And I'm so psyched that you're going to talk with me today on this life and what we'll do is we'll try to post this onto the actual podcasts because a lot of people may listeners. Don't use the INSTAGRAM. So we'll be able to get to to everybody from that perspective. So why don't you tell a few people from my audience who you are and what you do and what your specialty is and all of that good stuff absolutely? Yeah so we have an in person office here in Denver Colorado. I'm literally sitting in. I am clinic. We're located on ninth broken in Denver but we also do a lot of tele- therapy so we're meeting with people Through video skype zoom that kind of online therapy specifically I am clinic was created for the Lgbtq community and the religious family members But as we've kind of done some work we're getting people of any type of background nationality race organization you name it And we do a lot of as you mentioned. Md Our work which helps with depression anxiety any type of triggering And I love to do couples. Relational Arc. So yeah. That's your piece chicken. Yeah you're really good at couples work and you you're you're serious method or your ideology is beautiful and the information that you've imparted upon me and ultimately to my partner has been absolutely game changing as yet so you're brilliant with the The couple's therapy and like you said you you're so broad at this point with the clients that you work with. Yeah if anybody's listening and whoever winds up listening to the podcast I really encourage you to reach out CIZEK because I think it's not. I actually think it's not actually that easy to find. Great couple's therapist actually. I think it's actually fairly challenging. Someone who can see it from a systems perspective. Something like that like your system operating on this in your system is operating on this and being able to describe that so So the reason that we decided to do this live today is it was last minute. But I think I'm over here in the UK right now. There's a travel ban Technically I could go to the US. But I don't see why would do that right now. Because of what's going on in the world at this moment and so I'm having my experience here in the UK of world events and it's unique to my experience. And I asked you how is it going for you over there in Colorado in the USA? And you knew describing entirely different set of circumstances and so my feeling is when we're talking. I wanted to bring you on to talk about this anyway to the to all of my audience to talk about. How do we work with the trauma of all this collective trauma the collective piteously etcetera etcetera? But also something you mentioned that i WanNa talk about first is how the experience can be so varied and different based on different places of the world right so the UK. Where I am right now is having a really different experience from what I can see than what it sounds like. You're having the experience in Colorado and you mentioned something before we started talking about that. So that's the first thing I want to start with is. We'll talk about the astrology of all. This of course was your take on that you know. Collective trauma collective grief or collective experience. Yeah so one of the interesting things is From a very neurological or biological perspective is that we will regulate our central nervous system will regulate based off of what we're seeing so they say misery loves company but so does anxiety so does trauma so does depression so does discomfort fear paranoia. You name it though. My central nervous system is calibrating. Based off of what? I'm seeing other people express and kind of the thing that I've been really concerned about for all of us. Is that what we carry emotionally as actually additive? So our body has the sponge. I like to think of it as a sponge. Anyways the LIMBIC system. It's our fascists author our body but this sponge will just hold Nb talk about it as though it's additive so like a snowball rolling down the hill. This thing is just going to get bigger and bigger and what I'm talking about here. Is the emotions around. Fear the emotions around powerlessness anxiety. Depression of aloneness astray shen fear. All of that emotion is literally going to ask different bodies so for all of us in this collective process if we're not careful if we're not watching what's happening on the central nervous system. We're just feeding the snowball with all of this fear. Worry doubt Just kind of expanding in our own bodies and then we're all regulating and kind of calibrating off of each other so we're just allowing all of this really negative energy to literally stockpile in our bodies know here in Colorado literally right now. We're in a snowstorm So Snow's falling so we're not out but we you know we can't be out. I learn because all of our restaurants are closed. Gymnasiums are closed down There's a lot of non movement and so the aloneness can just be so powerful. I'M S. I'm meeting with people through video for their sessions today. I'm just hearing so much fear anxiety. I'm seeing symptoms that I haven't seen in a long time because we're all being triggered now. This isn't just a Colorado thing. I think this is a global thing. Because we're all experiencing the same kind of frenetic and entry right and that would explain then ultimately why my experience in the UK is nice? Exactly like yours is in. Colorado right now because people's response is different and nervous system responses different and the media is different which is important to also other energy totally. And so. If we're having those visuals stimulus come in. That are triggering something and we keep. We might even keep feeding on it as well. 'cause neurologically wired to feed fear or theatre. Whatever that might be it goes it goes whereas so it's like an individual experience within the collective experience too. So if I walked around here currently where I am and people seem pretty nonchalant which is definitely experience. I'm having having here because there's food off shelves and things like that here as well But the calibration of nervous system is different here because of where we are located right now and what. We're being What we're seeing how we're responding to each other how we're connecting with each other and then also historical genetic experiences one of the things about being here as England has been through. I mean both castles everywhere that are half bombed gene on a need from World War. Two or one or even prior to that. There's lists from the Roman Empire. There's there's such a history of trauma collective trauma that lives in the physical body of this nation America's new and it's It's so multifaceted. There's so many people from so many different places that the trauma response could be quite enlarged. Engrossed yeah you know I think that one of the things. That's so profound is that I love what you're saying here because there is a genetic memory for those people who live who have lived through chaos and trauma like this before wars and you know the fever. The Spanish flu whatever it might be and so I think people do have a somatic memory of how to live through some of this but also what we see in Europe in any kind of Latin countries in what collectivistic culture so Italy Spain France. They're all going to be minded about the ton of Asian countries if not all of them are collectivistic minded to say it's all about the harmony of the collective and they're more willing to work as a team whereas here in America culturally were individualistic says every man for himself and so the the psyche of North American is going to say I'm alone. It's all about how I can protect myself. Because we're not here to think as a collective that says we are in this together. I'm hearing that narrative but culturally. We don't understand the actual pragmatic demonstration of that. You know I think that as a Hispanic person my family's very collectivistic attempts like this unlike we're gonNA be fine paper. I have fifty seven first cousins literally that I can cost out there. All generally like a five mile radius of me but that's not true for the common you know White North American. It's very much I'm by myself I think that any silver lining here. There's a lot of silver lining but this is one that can really be beneficial for North Americans to establish the site entity of neighbor of I would really encourage people to embrace that. Yeah that's a beautiful thing you know when we think about the astrology of right now. I want to kind of bring that in into this total conversation. Because part of what's happening is something that of course. I've talked about for a very long time when we look at the astrology of this moment in consciousness as an astrologer we've known that Thursday's system that has been built in the Western model which is very much. The system of of the American model is well because it's very western model right America. The America Clinical System the American economic system. The American everything is such a new ideology right and a lot of it is founded in philosophies that were established about twenty five hundred years ago. So what we've known as astrologists that were collectively coming to a sort of collapse of that ideology for a variety of reasons mostly to prepare us for the age of Aquarius Tell therapies these types of things lives on instagram and so on and so forth. I mean people who were uncomfortable there the Internet. They have to get comfortable with it now. Because this is what we're moving into for the next twenty. Five Hundred Years is the age of Aquarius so really bizarre transition. The other piece about it is America in particular is having a very unique experience in all of this Americans having what we call a Pluto return and this is some ad giving lectures about for a decade in Research. Very thoroughly for a very long time. And what that means is that Pluto is the planet who will some will say. He's not a planet but he's a dwarf planet now but he's not the plant that's the furthest out outer space these pretty far out in outer space and he was discovered actually between more or one in World War Two in. It's interesting that we discovered this planet and we call him. Pluto right the god of the underworld or otherwise on his Haiti's every religion has a philosophy. Your story has sort of hades character archetype and so when we think about what does that mean that. This planet was discovered during these huge transformational wars. Were just in World War Two alone. Eighty five million people died which is something I would like to discuss. Also how World War Two traumas getting re-triggered right now? Everyone but this time where there's so much. D- chaos and death in change and transformation. They name this planet Pluto. The God of the underworld Started to pay attention. We pay attention to these things and so we started to look at poodle back in time in history where he's been during the during any kind of world event during any kind of maybe future world event and what we've noticed as Pluto represents the unconscious nece the collective unconsciousness of a nation of an idea of personality. He's the deep deep deep roots. So when I look at somebody's Cluedo in their chart as individuals. I look at it and I can. I Shit you not this point. I can usually tell where someone's from on on the globe so I might have a client migrating Sicilian 'cause I can feel into their Pluto in the actual rude system from which they were born. So it's stuff that's working us that we don't even realize right like you come from a Hispanic culture. That has massive influences that you are unconscious of because you don't know what it's like to be me a a white. Polish Girl Ryan so so we take that Pluto in and we look at the deep rooted unconsciousness but then we can look at that Pluto in the tar of a nation when the nation was born. Where was the Pluto right and what will happen in this gets complicated but what will happen is Pluto goes around the sun every two hundred forty eight years k Whereas the earth goes around the sun at three hundred sixty five days for put two hundred forty years in win a pluto comes back to the point in the sky where he was when a nation was born like we'll never have applied overturn as individuals. But when he comes back to that point we noticed that nation goes through a sort of death lash rebirth. It's very few empires if you do if you look at the map. Very few empires remain empires for much longer than two hundred fifty years were remarkably cell. And I'm not saying this will happen to Americorps. That won't but I know that America astrologically logically is going through a okay kids. It's time to mature like your brand new nation and get off of your fucking highways is like it's time to mature because again over here in. England. They're kind of hardened right like flipping through fucking war. We've been through NYC Clegg's name it right like like Khan conquered. We've lost you know we've been through all these things and so America has this opportunity to crumble or to mature in. That's what you're saying is the majority of the nation is. There's a collective ness to ed absolutely in the words that I love one of my favorite authors has this quote in. It's very short that it's death before life and I think this idea that we have to let die so we can purge and clean out so we can open up to this new life. And I think we're going to do this economically but I as a therapist some really chained onto what this will do to us. Relational the you know that as as the system of people as as a nation community how we function as neighbors to this globe we really kind of need a mature and this will give us a major what we might call like a sacred crumbling so that we can open up to be not only neighbors to ourselves but neighbors to the world in a very very different way and we won't understand how to do this as a nation if we can't do it in our own homes. I right and I think we're GonNa notice that sacred Crumbling happening in our homes though that collectively we can create as a nation. So let's talk about that. Let's talk about the you know there's the macro and the micro rates so obviously the macro is that we're going through again as an astrologer. I've seen this coming for so long that more than anything. I'm just impressed. By whoever created this system the accuracy of which the chart said look back it's miraculously actually miraculously and so so the miracle astrology kind of in this place of recognizing pace of this is happening on a macro. But it's also then of course happening on the micro and I just asked me community actually today strongly. Not Because I've heard stories from all over the board. Some people are doing great right now. Some are in everything in the middle. And so I said. Where's this happening in your chart whereas this massive consciousness collapsed which is in the sign of capricorn wears cap accord in your chart when you having capricorn look like because at the micro level were each going through a gigantic transformation ourselves right and so when we are in this experience whether we're alone whether we're with fifty servers cousins whether with just one partner that the tension of that transformation will show up with just ourselves looking in the mirror in of course with our partners our children and so on so you know one of the managers use a personal example? If I can but one of the things I've noticed with my partner tonight is because he's not only British these also Egyptian right so they went through thousands of years of trauma and people coming conquering doing these things in so he has a very different disposition about all of this in a very different temperament about all of it and I was upset the other day I was like you don't understand you not letting VP upset right Right in so. That's that is very likely to happen. Like you're stressing me out your dress. You're not right in. How do we manage that? What's your what are your words of wisdom especially in partnership in relationship. Absolutely what you just described here is so freaking common. It's just it's normal because what we're what we're trained to do is talk about the data of our reality use. Said this you get into that. You didn't respect me that way or you stood me up at the restaurant for date night or whatever it is and we WANNA use data to throw at each other when really so if the data's appear kind of the primary later that we can see we always want to know that there's a secondary emotion underneath and were not trained to talk about this emotion. We're trained to talk about how it shows itself in our reality and so if we can talk about the primary emotion Literally controlled trajectory of our conversation in our communication. I think that almost ninety nine percent of people who couples who come come sing communicating in this is why because what we say is something like You're not carrying enough and you didn't wash your hands when you walked in the door. And don't you care where lobbing all of this data at each other but what we really could be talking about something that says? I'm telling myself that I've been working hard to keep myself. Cova free not only for myself but for you and I'm telling myself that you don't care and when I hear that voice in my head that says you don't care I get really angry at you and I don't know if there's truth to what I'm telling myself but I need the show. You my interpretation the story so that we can have some clarity here because I really wanted anything connected to right now and I don't want my interpretation of your behavior to to kind of be the thing that ruins our connection especially as we know each other relationships we will. We won't fabricate these truths about our partner because we know them so well and we will. We will literally hold our interpretation of our partner as though which true and it has nothing to do with reality. I think if we go ahead talk about county so let's say if so for example. Okay I'll I'll use myself as examples so the other day. Somebody decided to set forest fires around my house in Colorado in my parents house. Yeah six of them. They went into the forest and just went rogue right. Thank God the snow came right and so here. I am over in England. I can't do anything about it if my my dad is immune. He's got serious challenges with his immunity and they wanted to stuff them all in elementary Jim together right so so of course how could I not freak out right? So I'm and my partner's reaction to that is calmness right. He's staying incredibly calm. So I'm legitimately triggered at this point. What do you say to me in that moment when I'm like irrationally triggered in that moment where he's doing his best actually to serve me by staying calm and by? Not You know exaggerating. Because that's how he approaches things as very strong careers. What would you say when the person is triggered themselves? Solit- say in another situation on just lost their job and You know they don't have the money partner. Does the part you know. There's so many layers of what this can look like right now. Would you say to the person who's triggered right now in relationship? This is a beautiful question and like because I care about humanity. I can't describe how much love I feel for the world but late. This is me with utmost sincerity. We have something in our bodies called nervous system and is in charge of cool calm and collected or fight flight or freeze when we go into fight flight or freeze we have. This whole cascade of events are pupils. Dilate are hard increases because we get general into the circulatory system A ton of blood goes start biceps in quad so we can run away. Were trained to survive. But what happens in this moment? Is The PREFRONTAL CORTEX. Rational thinking happens and over. Here Bro. Conver- Nikki's area where rational language happens. They are totally suppressed. The body is literally point. All of the energy away from rational and rational language and cognitive functioning to throw to the physical body can fight run. Or it's totally overwhelmed. Just freeze so were the keyword that all of us want to think about if we're at home having anxiety for arguing with our partner for slumping down into depression if we're raging or just frenetic. Whatever we might be feeling right now. We have to know that we're fight flight or freeze mode which means rational thinking and rational language. I've suppressed so like everyone right now. Everybody really were all right intentionally. Coming at whatever level firefighter freeze. Because we're all powerless. And that is always the key word whenever you feel powerless. You'RE GONNA be in fight flight or freeze which means your cognition will be impaired. You cannot rationalize yourself through this so the thing to do in this is a this is a skill set that I really wish the whole world knew about if you have anxiety depression freaking now if you feel like your relationships applying apart if you have no money left whatever it might be. This is the skill set Described as quickly as they can. So what we WANNA do to give the power back to cool calm collected. So we're turning off firefighter freeze and we're turning on cool calm and collected when we can identified the emotion in our body. So let's say I'm having anxiety about my dad who's ill being stuffed in this gymnasium. All kinds of sick people. I WanNa find this emotion and my body might be head chest arms but we want to find the eye of the storm. Let's pretend this is a hurricane? And then I wanNA find how big this storm is semantically in my body I know. How far does this thing go? When I find this storm cloud of powerlessness residing in my body. I WANNA turn it into nothing but a physical sensation. So this isn't powerless anymore. It's not fear of my dad. We're turning all of that narrative off and we're literally just get experience. This as neurons firing in our chest olive down powerlessness for not even calling it parallels powerlessness or calling get Tension a tingling sensation. We're boiling this down to nothing but a physical experience. So we're giving power back to cool calm collected when we do this then the next step just like in the yoga exercise we WanNa take in some nice big deep breaths and vision that all of that. Fresh oxygen is going right to the horizon so that we can recalibrate our central nervous system so we wanted to breathe and the cool calm collected mechanism in the body will begin to take care of the storm until it's completely gone. You might have to breathe for two minutes sometimes. Twenty minutes depending on. How big the sensation is that. Once the sensation is gone. You want to open your eyes and this is really important. You want to open your eyes and look around the room. Because this is how your central nervous system recalibrate S- though for people with anxiety disorders. They're up in firefighter freeze too often. That the body will just stay there right and this exercise trains us how to get out of fight flight or freeze back into cool calm and collected over and over and over and over again until we retain train the body had just At that cool calm collected place one more thing we always say. Take a deep breath and we're like. Oh God how many people doesn't really work but when we're doing it with the tight The sent the fresh oxygen is literally re-oxygenation. The Neo cortex rational thinking national language the resilient centers in the Right Hemisphere language to baucus sued in the left so the special oxygen is really really important. Nice big deep breaths not only will this help retrain your central nervous system so we get out of firefighter freeze more often. But it's also whenever we run tight trae Shinwar keeping that bundle of emotion from adding to the snowball so as we sit here kind of in this cove experience. We can fill our snowball getting bigger. Anti-traditional help decrease so that we're not just collectively adding to our fee earner trauma right and so let let me just run through it just to clarify real quickly so we we so I go back to that moment with my family and I think. Vox full fight. He might be like freeze. That might be his calm response right. Perhaps maybe he's just like everything's GonNa be fine. And maybe that's his response to some. Or maybe legitimately just very calm with the docile very possible and so regardless. It's not about him at this moment is about. There's an incredible amount of stress. I go I closed my eyes. I feel into the physical part of my body where I'm feeling the stress picture. It almost a Z. I can I can tangibly understand it and I deeply deeply into that point of. Let's call it like a starburst. Him In my chances look into the horizon not distress point into the of the storm. The horizon so if I have LAK- anxiety point here my chest that feels like a starburst were without be around it around. It could go all the way down to the your arm all the way back to actual point. You're GONNA tap last all the way. Let's say those long later my fingertips inside breed starting at my fingertips and breathing in and breathing through my arm. All the way to the actual starburst melts away and sue. It'll it'll it'll melt away into relief. Neutrality Peace Joy. Your central nervous system will counter act. Because that's how it that's at stop rule comment collected will say like I. Gotcha I gotcha. Gotcha hold on coming on coming in you. Get this Nice Release. And then that's we want you to open your eyes. So the central nervous system can recalibrate in a sense. Saying I can feel this way in this reality. Our career training the central nervous system had live at cool calm and collected right and this might be one of those opportunities. Five things you know. There's still clients with what find things do you but for things do here three the you know the one thing you taste or one eighty dollars whatever kind of a thing sometimes just to be like okay smell. Something can taste something. I concede something I can hear. Some that can touch. Something might touch. So so. That's the beauty of the opportunity of this time. Astrologically is that if we can so. I did this toolbox thing that needed the fog. Because unlike everyone buckle up fucking crazy year and I gave people all these tools to be recognizing that you're out outer world is absolutely reflection of the inner world right and so like we said the beginning for taking all this information on this information. Our body our our physical Yard neurons our body. Our physical body our muscles. All these things start to believe it true but we actually can come into ourselves. Transform here and then it transforms the outside world. The Revolutionary Possibility in this at this moment in consciousness is fucking incredible and the reason I keep trying to pump information out to people right now myself. Is I get the news I get it? I get virus. I get all of the economy crashing but was stock market. This is not a hero and if we are able to take all that kind of put it aside not maybe that might not be the right way neurologically to say it but if we're able to work through the trauma of it the the fight flame freeze of it worked through an income to the place of calm and ration now as a collective consciousness miss moment in time the potential the human potential reality and this is Gillian. I am literally slumps. Yeah everywhere thinking about the possibility of that. Yeah we are in a sense sitting in what we might think of as like a critical period where we have an opportunity can open window to jump through. Spiral Dynamics integral theory can wilburs work Dr Cowan's work with say that these are the moments when we literally have the potential as a collective all of the quantum physicists of the world would say it's these moments where we literally have the option to shift collective consciousness to move evolution. And I agree with you. Were sitting at this really beautiful point and I think from the stars down to those particles in us that determine how we sit with our loved on right in front of us is the the arena. It is the battleground where we are waging this war can I show? Can IT TURN OFF my fear? Can I sit in my full sovereignty? And cannot create a relational change here that will replicate a south out so that we changed consciousness and I think if we can get our bodies center control we gotTA World Back in the control of the love that right and it's like I love what you're saying. You mentioned Ken Wilber Similarly Joe Dispense End At wise word passing me by the biology of belief Bruce Lipton genetics epigenetics. So this is the thing we have. These thought leaders on the planet right now for like. Hey y'all fucking tools you can change your whole physical body you can change your your financial world you can change your at your your health world. You can change your relational world all of these things. By starting here in calming the systems working through these traumas releasing than cutting off the neurological synoptic pathway. That says this is my reality. When that was trauma that happened thirty years ago. Right in this collective trauma we can make this neurological synoptic nerve stronger. o'clock fuck fuck as a collective consciousness or we don't break it break it break. This is opportunity. This is opportunity and the thing is the system that is literally. Collapsing is the system. That says you have to go outside of yourself to change the world right. This is the industrial revolution. This colonization this is this masculine. We call the patriarch. That's how people refer to it but it's quite literally we've had this very Gang masculine approach to the Western mind for such a long time. This divide and conquer. I go onto this piece of land and build a wall and I build this building in do these things outside of myself and I go to you know. Thought Dad leaves the at home farm. He goes off to the office. Delhi knee leaves home. Mom then gets tampons and pads and so she has the ability to leave home and she goes off to the office. And we've been living in this consciousness that drops out of the way from the emotional experience of the moment of now. So we're all living in this hyper trauma state and we have been but this is showing us that it is. It's there it's present in your if anyone is feeling this incredible strong anxiety right now. It wasn't Nowhere like this is living in US especially in America for ever right and so we have this opportunity right now where the north known is in cancer and the north note of all. These things are in cancer. The key to the salvation of humanity right now is cancer as an archetypal sign. Which is the mother which is the. I'm no hold view daughter in the space. I'm going to hold you husband in the space. I'm going to hold youself in myspace long enough to hold. You let you cry. Let it out so that you feel connected and safe right reports literally. What's happening astrologically right now. And I just yes and I think that that is literally what we're being called to do in our living rooms when we can't go anywhere it's just too. I love what is happening. Astrologically because to mirror that relational is to say look like right. Now you're a small business owner or you're a waiter who just lost their job or A. Ceo didn't save now. Your company is on the brink of closing and as this snowball comes up in you. How can we sit here in? Nurture the hell out of you. Yeah this fear can either become this roadblock to separate us your Your criticism your control your biting tongue your frustration all of that snowball energy can you can just lob at avenue right now or we can identify that primary emotion and we can talk about. What's hurting you and we can nurture this until it's gone. How can we tackle this team as a community and I definitely think that this? I don't know what the Universe is up to. But in my mind it is calling us to recognise where we can say. I need to pay attention to my body because if I'm going to help I need to start here. I heard a scientist to say recently. The threat of this virus would be so minimal. If there was better nutrition periods. The people were just eating better food. This would not be the threat that it is being portrayed as or whatever being told that it is is people actually have good nutrition. It would be just a very simple coal right and there's a lot more to say about that one of the things. I've noticed live. My partner is when we had any kind of tension in this kind of self quarantined well-meant were like let's make a meal together and it's just such a better meal and I'm like and we have to leave everything outside in the Anxious I'm not working. I'm not working you know. He's doing whatever he's doing that like note. The rule is we're we're no longer brain phones laptops in the kitchen and she's were not mixer technology anymore. We are going to make the meal together. You're going to do this part dishes. We'll get done. We're GONNA make wholesome nutritious meals and bond. They always been together a lot but we actually need to be with each other right now. Absolutely someone I was just watching some of the comments go and someone asks what you do if you're isolated at home by yourself great question. Yeah I think that this is. I definitely agree with you. I was listening to what you're saying. And yes the with each other but for those people who are at home isolated alone. Police online light connect with someone use facetime. Whatever you need to do to connect with someone telephone whatever The other thing that you can do is there's an APP for everything and I love this one but it's called the B. S. D. R. Player. It's an APP that creates bilateral stimulation so download the APP. It's very basic. You put your headphones in in. It'll beep in one year than other. What this does is going. The bilateral stimulation will mimic. What happens during Rem Sleep? So Ramsey is are going back and forth. Snowball comes up if you will be activated and we can clean it up with this APP. If you're at home alone with I want you to do is turn the APP on for too deep breaths then turn it off for one degress turn it on for too deep breaths. Turn it off for one deep breath and run that over and over and over. Because what you're doing is you're training the central nervous system. The Meat Villas. That turned on fighter. Freeze the bilateral stimulation will turn off the fight flight or freeze and help activate cool calm collected. The you're sitting at home filling all of this anxiety or worry or your slumping down into depression or anger pop in the headphones to deep breaths with the Dawn. One with it off over and over and over again and give your central nervous system the chance that it needs. You can also with this. App runs visualization exercises You can visualize being with your best friend. Hearing them laugh looking into their eyes holding their hands and your brain will literally fire as though you're with that person because of the bilateral stimulation. So you're giving your body countless ambulance but more than anything tried to connect with someone have some laughter. Shares funny stories connect because psychological isolation is definitely a thing. It's very very painful. Yeah and I think this is the beauty. Is I think again. This is where it's were being asked to get comfortable with technology and where we're going and consciousness is this. This is a we think. We're like high technology now like we haven't seen anything yet. The technological revolution is very very much a Upon us and it's going to be a really massive factor in the next twenty five hundred years so also getting comfortable with connecting with people on these platforms is an advantageous way to work with this as well and. I know that you don't have time left. I know you have to get going to see a client. We're GONNA come back to this conversation because you and I both feel very strongly that we have these gifts that we both in learning. Over the course of our careers we have very similar charts Isaac And we both feel like this is our moment to make sure you all get this information like it's really important to both. Isaac and I thought we are sharing as much information as we can because we can actually help help you and And if anyone wants to reach out to Isaac factual session to me actual reading that is also available that we can. We can do this video conference thing as well But we will be back. This is just the beginning of these conversations. Thank you and I will have because I want to. Just be giving us much information as possible right now. People absolutely gonNA save after yet. Yeah I mean if you need help reach out to someone access therapist a friend take care of yourself but not in the way that says. I have to be strong enough to do this by myself. But strong enough to step into the vulnerability that says. I am created as relational being and that means I need to take care of myself by being in relationship. This is not. The time to see. Vulnerability is weakness at the time to see it as your obstacle course to connect with people. Because that's what the universes craving for in this weird paradox like Gobi separate so that I can teach you how to be together. All Italy I think is what we're up to right now and I say access that like crazy. Remember what it feels like to be held and loved and vulnerable and belonging. Because that's over craving for I love. That is like absolutely love it? Thank you for hopping on this live with me. I really well. Hey we'll we'll get. We'll do this again because it's Oscar have so much more to say of course but hopefully this is a good place to stop so thank you so much for joining up some lovely. I'm not entirely sure how to do this. So I'm gonNA I think x. You out and hopefully says that where your life's going to ex- you out again. I don't know how to do it. Let's give it a shot. I think you're the best able knee haircut. Everyone okay all right okay and I hope I got for those of you who are have been listening. This has been really helpful for you. A ISAAC had to go because he did have a he needed to see But if there's any other questions that you guys can think of that you would like us to answer later on. I'm going to be bringing another therapist onto this live. Hopefully tomorrow seminar get every person I can think of. Who has these incredible skills to hop onto the slight I g? Tv thing with me and share this with all of you as much as possible so if you have any questions don't hesitate to the enemy reach out and do do what you can to participate in these conversations so we can quite literally change the consciousness with this information.

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