324: 10 Experts Share Their Biggest Marketing Hack for the New Year


That is where you're gonNA find the biggest breakthroughs that will help you rise to your fullest potential in twenty twenty and beyond. Hey My name is progenitor and I am obsessed with all things business marketing numbers and helping you navigate both the messy and the magical seasons of this thing called life. I'm a small town Mama. Mahu at three hundred dollars camera grew as successful photo Biz. And now I've worked from home runs seven-figure online business. I teach you the tried and true secrets to building a career. You Adore our away from the real talk no way money. Hardship growth loss in marketing are all topics we discussed here. Think of this. Is Your one stop shop for happy. Hour with a gal pal of of mixed with business will pull up a seat. Make sure your cozy and get ready to be challenged and encouraged while you learn this is the gold digger. PODCAST Happy New Year era. Happy Twenty Twenty happy new decade. This is very first episode of the Gold digger. PODCAST in twenty twenty. And you might have noticed. We've got a fresh new sound the new year new me that's motto right but that's not all we've got on day one of this freshman year. We have a stacked list of experts on the show to share the biggest species marketing advice. They've got to get your New Year off to an incredible start. Amy Porterfield Russell. Brunson gingras Yosi tiffany. The budget needs to Lee Lee Shea. Sunny Leonard doozy number CHARD and more. I invited all of these experts to each give us a mini marketing lesson into share their favorite marketing hacks ax. I'm taking notes on these. Do Ready for some expert advice to light the fire under your marketing for twenty twenty. Let's Divan in would you. You pay one hundred thousand dollars a day to be coached by the best. Probably not and the good news is you don't have to so one of the experts in this episode is actually my a business coach Dean Graciosa after working with him for over a year. I put the three life-changing secrets I learned from him into one free guide for you had degenerated your dot com slash three secrets to download it. Right now I'm even including a workshop. He made to help me get exactly what I want. If you want to know the secret to defining success advice for negotiating any deal how to determine what your advantages and some never before shared stories. It's all inside my guide at Jenin. Katcher DOT com slash. Three Secrets Secrets. That's Jenna couture dot com slash the number three and secrets. Do you want to know my marketing act for the New Year. I know I have ten experts here to share theirs but feel like I'd be slacking if I didn't jump in with my bonus tip for you spoiler alert. It's really similar to the marketing advice. I've shared since day. One if this podcast start an email list until I'm blue in the face I will tell you the biggest game changer. In my business thing that moves the needle the most for me is my email list. You don't need to have a massive list of subscribers to move the needle in your Biz. I learned from my friend. Amy Porterfield that two hundred fifty subscribers is kind of the sweet spot you can have a successful profitable launch with the list of people probably smaller than the number of kids who went to high school with you know where to start by. You're ready to take email list action. My totally free zero to two fifty challenges like a mini course in email list building. Sign up today at list. BILL CHALLENGE DOT com. That's list build challenge dot com calmed. Join my free mini course in email list building okay now onto the experts. Hey they're gold. Diggers Amy Porterfield. Here Amy Puerto Phil Phil Dot Com. I'm the host of the online marketing. Made Easy podcast and I help. Entrepreneurs grow their email list create digital courses based on their skills and knowledge and sell those digital courses with webinars online. Now the marketing hack that I plan to take into twenty twenty is to use more videos in all all that I'm doing but specifically the hack is to use the tool bomb bomb now you might have just said did she say bomb bomb while I did B. O.. Mb that's the name of the tool that allows you to quickly record video and embedded into your email if turns that video into a Gif and then that gift can be clicked on and they can watch the video easily. It's different than just including a link in an email that says click here here to watch the video. It's a whole different ballgame because it's more personal and more engaging and let's be honest we all need to do more video right and I'm always always looking for really easy ways to video to connect with my audience and so pam is really personal and it adds an element love interest and also curiosity to my emails. And so you're GonNa see me use this more and more now. Here's the thing if you're curious about using this tool think about sending a quick video email to one of your clients just a personal email just for them or like I do consider creating a video for a launch or a promotion or a special piece of content you have coming out embedded into your email and send it to your entire list. It just makes your emails more interesting so I'm GonNa do it. I hope you try it out. CHECK OUT BOM BOM in order to get all the details but really in twenty twenty twenty. It's my year of doing even more video and finding really easy ways to make that happen. All right good luck in all you do and I hope to connect you again soon. Bye for now hi go. Da's I'm clay Baker and I'm a period courage. I help women understand monthly cycle and living hominy with the hormones rather than working against them. You know how some days you feel on top of the world creating magic and simply sailing scene three a list of two days and then there are other days when you just can't switch it on L. hormones changing all of the time and they play a big role in determining happening why we can feel different from wait to wake. These understanding can be applied to the way we approach relationships creativity our wellbeing and absolutely the way that we do business. My biggest marketing hack for twenty twenty-five is to take a menstrual cycle awareness into your business and cycles INC NCUA tasks and projects with your earn flow so honored for example that around affiliation when famous sex hormones are at their peak. I am more confident prolific and I become an extra for the one week in the menstrual cycle. This makes the perfect phase in the cycle for me to to record some video content batch schedule few instagram parts or even have professional photos taken. I do not do not want to day that when I have my period in that week when I do my period I just don't feel like being online as much so I give myself permission to be off social media for a few days. My strength in this week is doing all of that juicy behind the scenes business planning and coming up with creative solutions. Once my period period ends there. I'll be surging with estrogen and full of energy ready to catch that. Hormonal wave and take action getting started on this. Hack doc is all about psycho chatting Sir to start chatting Asako look back now to the first day of your lost period that seal Saku it day one then council would from there and you'll end up on your slack. WHO'd fit today than in the NAP or general? Stop to jot down your creative strengths and communication powers and begin to see how they might change Irv Vermont. When do you feel more confident and productive when Oh you more detail oriented or intuitive about what needs to happen next in your business? I predict. You'll start noticing patterns quite quickly use. Use this approach to work with your body from all creative fly in twenty twenty. Hey It's short and here is my marketing hack. Never never never never again put together. Amy Sales Promotion or marketing funnel without incorporating subscriptions wins in trials. It will immediately change the course of your future. So many people put together something for sale. One time your job is asked how. How can we actually sell something? But then bolt on or add on in the rest of the funnel an offer where someone can sign up for monthly recurring billing billing. I know that sounds so basic but I see somebody will doing promotions where they sell this great little product or great widget and that's it they sell the widget. Maybe we sell television on pain and plants in then what ends up happening. Is that value that customers only tied to that one purchase or maybe a hopeful new new future purchase which you should also folks on always get your buyers to buy more things but your real job is to think how can buyers of anything to actually buy into a subscription where they're paying every single month for new content new things that allow you to build a greater lifetime value of that customer based based on subscription so what I like to do is sell a single item as an example and then on the thank you page introduce them to some type of subscription and have them by that subscription or if they're in my email series introduce them to a free trial or one dollar trial where they go in they can enter their name amen email or their credit card information for the free or dollar trial and then after fourteen days of a free trial Bamut auto continues at the regular monthly subscription description rate. By having that in the funnel we've been able to take a customer value of whatever the lifetime value and literally ten x by always asking. What new promotions do we have coming up? And what new things can we add in that funnel that lead that conversation in Indu Subscriptions. I can't share with you. How powerful that is? It will change your businesses future video marketing and social media strategists and. I'm so so excited to share my marketing. Hack with you for twenty twenty one big thing that I've noticed that really increases your engagement and retention particularly when it comes the video across any platform. This could be on instagram on Youtube or on. Facebook is that were so used to seeing highly edited videos with all of these tax prompts across each video and I started experimenting with minimal editing and what I noticed is people. We're paying way more attention with less editing. Now this is great for so many reasons. One it means less work for you but to a means way more eyeballs and way more attention on your content which is what we all are after anyway when it comes to social media and in creating content it does take time and effort and your biggest focus should be getting a return on that investment of time and effort. And the best way to do that is to make. I'm sure people are actually paying attention to say. Now you have to keep in mind that your audience is getting hit with thousands of messages every single day so often like to say when they go left. You go right so when you're seeing everyone putting a lot of tax stand prompts and editing into their videos go the other way and try reducing the amount of affects you add amount of editing involved or even the amount of captions you add. If it's something like instagram stories you don't even necessarily need to add the tax. It should really be more headline based or even minimal editing altogether so makes people pay more attention so I really tested this out on Youtube. First and foremost rose minimize my set. I went back to the basics with really really simple camera setup. Not a lot of editing and it has done so well for my channel Channel Gr- exponentially financially and I've noticed it with our clients as well because you have to remember the most valuable thing about your video content or any social media. Content is the impact impact. It's going to make on the viewer. The audience the listener. So when you stay focused on that and you don't get too caught up in. What looks like you're going to notice a lot more impact and a lot more engagement from your audience because they'll be so appreciative of the value? You're providing them versus be production value and again like I said it also saves you time as well so I will be taking that into twenty twenty and playing around with even more minimal editing in my content in videos because I think we're all craving so much more real which is also why we all love Gina so much so another thing to try that Kinda goes along with this keep it authentic into really relate to your audience is multimedia direct messaging so sharing videos with your audience sending dams to new followers. That's an actual video Let them now that it really is you and they truly connect with you because on a very nerdy level. One of the biggest tax with social media is relationships. That's something that algorithms pay attention to and look at some more. You build relationships through direct messages with rich content like videos and taxed and boy stadiums the higher. You're going to rank in the algorithm especially sleep on instagram. So those are my main marketing hacks bringing into twenty twenty and I hope they're four you know. Hey Hey gold diggers. It's it's me tiffany the budget these elite J. Your favorite financial educator. And I'm going to share with you my biggest and best financial hack back and that is storytelling. Well here's the thing actually used to be a preschool teacher for ten years and there is nothing more powerful than a story. Worry that even when I was teaching students their letters or shapes your colors the thing they remembered most was always the story so whenever I wanted to teach them something or to ensure they remembered what I shared with them that I made sure to tie it to a story and that is one of the ways that I've been able to take the budget. He's the from this fledgling company to a multi seven figure a year company and have over eight hundred thousand. Women transform their lives with their finances finances and so what that looks like an action. Is this instead of saying you know sign up for a free Webinar or class instead. Yeah I would share. How budgeting transformed my life or the life of someone that helped and in sharing that how this specific thing budgeting or this credit credit tip or this debt tip in in sharing that person story of how specifically changed their life? Then I invite you to change your life as well and then folks opt into the web arm and sometimes I have an upsell during the webinars. Sometimes I don't sometimes if the lead generator sometimes. It's just just a goodwill generator. But either way you know when people meet me in the street when people see me at whole foods or people you know hit me up at at home depot. They almost almost always are retelling a story back to me that I have shared with them the social media. And so that's what I want you go diggers that. Do not be afraid to be a preschool teacher and a storyteller stories are fun. Stories are engaging in stories are easy to remember AIDS Gingras Yosi A and I feel really fortunate that I get to impact people's lives for living in a positive way. I guess you could impact people's lives in a negative way but through sharing knowledge and capabilities and tools and techniques by writing books and created courses into a masterminds. I helped people go faster on their desire desire to get where they want to go. And that's through thirty something years of being an entrepreneur going fast and going hard and failing succeeding. So I'm in the knowledge industry in it's it's the greatest thing that I ever could have wished I wish for anyone and as far as marketing hacked to take into two thousand twenty I would say two words marketing marketing stamina. The other one is authenticity. I guess it's three words I I'll start with. Authenticity is simple. The world is sick of the overnight magical money machines or orbits skinny by taking this pill our workout fifteen seconds a day and look like you did when you were eighteen the world just wants the best version of you. They just want the true through purest form. Jenna is the absolute quintessential example of that just being the best version of her and were attracted her. We WanNA learn from her. WanNa grow from because you feel understood when you see her so make sure that you allow your prospects in your clients to feel understood. Most of the world wants them understand them. And that's that's just not how you get into their hearts not how you can make impact in the world and then secondly have marketing stamina. Marketing works so many times people will will create a course a product. Write a book. Do a training want to sell a widget in triumph marketing campaign or two or three try. FACEBOOK facebook doesn't work or they'll they'll try direct mail say direct mail doesn't work. Try another outlet to a youtube video does. Here's the thing all of those things work it's like saying planes. Don't fly planes fly you. You might not know the aerodynamics. So when you think about wanting to impact people's lives in getting your product your service your idea to their hands you have to have the stamina to keep trying. You have to keep going because facebook does work. INSTAGRAM does work Youtube desert linked to does work direct mail. Works Radio Works. TV be worse. You just gotTa go deep learn from people who have already done it continued to test tweak against the control meaning whatever is working or not working. Keep testing against against that one to approve the numbers in at these three last things and I think it really helped as hunger focus measurement. You have to have hunger don't dabble you have to focus. Focus on one or two things. Pick a swimming lane. You'll be distracted all over the place. And lastly measure have a scorecard. Nobody would like to play a game. If you don't know who's winning so measure a your marketing have marketing stamina. Be The best version of you and have amazing year. What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. I'm one of the CO founders owners of click funnels DOT COM and. I'm so excited today to be on the gold digger podcast with one of my favorite people in World Janika. So I want to basically give you as my biggest marketing hack and it's a simple one one but I think it's really powerful is something that we're focusing on inside of our company and so the big marketing hack is that everything we sell is a framework and so what does the Framework America Framework is basically your own customized proprietary process to do something all of us have our own frameworks if you'll get no matter what it is yourself. It's a book or it's a course or it's a mastermind group BORSA seminar an event. You're always selling a framework and so looking at through that Lens. I've been thinking a lot recently. About how my job my goal in the marketplace it places to be a framework crater to create frameworks that I can share with my audience. And so how do you create frameworks Lotta Times. Sometimes we get ideas for our frameworks. It's inspiration right. We can ideas other times. It's by interviewing. People are listening to podcasts or reading books. And you're trying to consume all this information with a goal to figure out what is your framework based on all of the stuff that you're seeing that you're learning that you're experiencing in your own studies in your own learning in your own growth. What are the things that are out there that you can take as an artist as a crater to take aac those things and put them into your own proprietary framework where it's easily the five steps to this or the sixteenth steps this? I look back at everything. I've been really successful with it I've ever sold online. It's always some some type of framework. I am a perfect webinar framework. I have by funnel frameworks. Have Fun frameworks for lead. Funnels for high ticket funnels like and I look at like how to actually make my money. Yes I sell L. Software but they make money is by creating frameworks that I can then give to people or teach people and so for me. It's really understanding that. That's what the business were really Leeann is in creating our own custom frameworks and then delivering those to our audience and the framework so the key to get somebody to be successful so I think for me. The biggest marketing hack is looking through our businesses. That way like my job is to go out there in the marketplace. I'm getting paid to think for a whole bunch of people some ego think study and learn and figure things out based on all the stuff that I'm learning. Let me turn it into a simple framework. Give somebody a process they can follow step-by-step process to give them result and then that becomes an ad on facebook that becomes your lead magnet is the framework that becomes the web class the masterclass the mastermind doing his is teaching that framework in different modalities in different ways and so I hope that helps somebody out there. He's been struggling trying to figure out what to seller what my sister crate. I'm learning always amazing. Things but how do I how do we actually serve at the highest level. It really comes back to understand that you're a framework crater your artists. The thing that you bring unique to the to the world is is your perspective and you looking at all things. You're learning whatever market. You're in how do I. How do I turn this new framework that I can first off to get myself success in second to help get my dream customers their success as well and so that the marquis going into the new year with is figuring out? What are the new? I need to create. Make my my audience more successful. Were they stuck. Everywhere they're stuck let me create a framework that framework may become a new book. Maybe it's a new podcast. Maybe it's a facebook spaghetti maybe it's the lead magnet. Maybe it's a home study course in w doesn't really matter. I'm just thinking through that Lens of what's the framework to create to give my dream customers. More success we start asking those questions becomes real easy finding the answer so hopefully helps you so much for allowing me. Be Our podcast and we'll talk to you all soon. It is. It's Jacqueline Johnson the CEO and founder of cream. Cultivate and my marketing hat. I would have to say is partner marketing. In what what I mean by that is finding partners who have a similar size email list to you and teaming up on a sweepstakes where you all blast out your email and what what you're giving away to your various databases and you all can get incredible opt emails from brands. That have similar audience to you. That might be like minded in. What you're we're doing that for me has been really impactful and I think it's also a great way to create friendships and partnerships with brands? That are similar to yours. Where where it doesn't necessarily cost any money and you can do this at any level so whether you have a million people in your database or ten people in your database you can find other companies that are willing to give away a ticket to XYZ event product of some kind to come together and put something? That's merchandise really beautifully in that makes sense for everyone's ruins brand and use that. Because I really think you know as much as I love social media and instagram and all these different platforms email is so powerful. It's something that we're we're all addicted to checking constantly. And I think it's something that you truly own so if instagram goes away tomorrow or you know as we've seen vine disappeared appeared overnight. You can't really rely on that audience as much as you want to. especially as a business in a brand so having that constant communication and someone who does this very well as is the one and only geno culture with your audience through email I think is so important and growing your email lists can be hard and expensive but an easy way to do that is through partner marketing marketing and I would say check it out for twenty twenty and hopefully that helps you out. Thanks Jetta. Hey Jenna it's Ed my lead and I'll give you my marketing attack. That has worked tremendously for me every day on instagram on my social media I run something called the Max out two minute drill and it's designed signed to drive engagement with my audience every single day but the other thing it does is it actually helps me create better content as well. Because I'm in their reading. The comments laments that people make them I post but the way it works is is essentially this. There's three ways to win with me and the prizes they can win are very they can win gear. Max Ax out close from my store. They can win a fifteen minute. Coaching call with me. Sometimes a fifteen minute coaching call with some of my guests. It's been a ride on my jet. It's spend tickets to see me speak it's been just a variety of different things and I keep them guessing on what the reward is going to be. Some of them are huge. A ride on a jet and some of. It's not so huge like a hat hat right and so it's varied and I post the winners every week as well and so what they do to win is a following when I make a post my main feed on instagram. They have two minutes to make a comment at this induces people to turn their notifications on. If they make a comment they're involved in a daily drawn. We pick a winner every single day from the group of people who just make a comment and the first two minutes. I was finding that people stopped commenting after two minutes in so we added levels two and three level too is. If you make a comment on someone else's comment you increase Greece your chances of winning as well so this increases cross engagement amongst the people in my group generates more engagement overall also. The Third Way to win is just to make a comment everyday redick on every post regardless of what time so if you missed the first two minutes as long as at the end of the week you've made a comment. I make one post today by the way my main feed. We take all the people at the end of the week. That made a post or comment on my post every day and they have a chance to win collectively as well and so what it does is it generates engagement but it also doc helps me generate the Hashtag Max out brand as well because I re post a winners every single Sunday on instagram. So it's not just a campaign they're seeing. The people winning were posting photographs in my story. Some of them on the plane videos like that or them winning the gear or them getting my book or them at my speaking engagements and so they know I follow. Follow up on it. The key to it is being relentless and persistent the first six months I did it. It did not move engagement at all. And that's why most people stop doing these things. But now I average a couple thousand comments per post in general somewhere between fifteen hundred and three thousand proposed. And that's about triple what it was before I started. We're doing this in general one point about this that I should add is I don't think the significance of it is the level of the reward. I think it's that there's just a reward it tells. Does your audience you care. It also sends a message to them that you are paying attention to their comments. And so I don't think there's anything wrong with the reward was simple if the reward award was coaching. Call with whoever the person is running a similar campaign or if the reward was some sort of coaching call or anything basic a book that you might have or a free email or a a newsletter that you have or you know a month or two to a subscription that you charge for for free anything as long as there's a reward. People people will do things to participate to get rewards and what it does is it creates enthusiasm on your content and it separates you from other people. Whatever your space is so it could be that? There's going to get an email from you. It could be that they're going to get if you you know you have a subscription you sell every single mother to get some access to it for a short window of time without having to pay for it if you look at it this way. If that's a the thirty dollars a week fee you know that you're paying in order to drive engagement and then I'll also do things. We have another half that we use this year just share in addition which is the Max out challenge. which is it goes in tandem with this but without was was that we ask people to make posts in their main feed about how they're maxing out their life or what they're doing to make a difference other other people's lives and if they post it in their main feed and used the correct Hashtag? which was Max out? I would pick the winners and post them on my story and so they posted their main feed aid and we select winners and they'd get also rewards. Coaching call with me was what the reward was for that and I picked five of them. But what happened was we had thousands of people make post with Hashtag. Max acts out talking about how they're maxing out their life and then I posted them on my story a reposted on my story so I use the power of my story to induce them to make make comments or posts rather about Hashtag Max out so both of them kind of go in tandem but the one that is a two minute drill. I've run for two years every single week for two years and so that's that's my marketing hack. I hope it helps. Everybody hates Marie. FORLEO author of the number one near times bestseller. Everything is figure out about and I'm the founder of school which is the online business goal for creatives who want to make money and change the world so when it comes to marketing in twenty twenty and beyond there's one word I recommend commend you focus on relentlessly. I want you to allow this word to really be the fuel behind any marketing strategy that you deploy and that word word is this courage courage so what I mean by that. I mean you having the audacity the bravery to bring a new level of creativity and uniqueness to your marketing. Let me give you an example. So last year when I was thinking about launching my book I knew I. I didn't want to do the same thing that everyone else in the space does you know. A lot of people are busy and so they resort to using formulas and formulas are fine. But they're not necessarily surly going to help you. Stand out or have a breakthrough moment in your business. So I wanted my book launch to be incredibly playful innovative challenging and literally literally something the world had never seen before so I had this idea I said to myself what if a beyond say concert and a tedtalk had a baby and then through a block party would if that was the kickoff to my worldwide book tour it sounded nuts but it also sounded awesome. I'd never seen anything unlike done before. and honestly I didn't even know if I could pull it off now. Was I scared. A hundred percent was it difficult. Oh my goodness it was probably one of the hardest most challenging things I've ever attempted to do in my career. In fact I knew it was going to be this way so I recorded everything including all of behind the scenes process. So if you WanNa see me full of anxiety and fear and self doubt just Google Marie Folio Book Tour and you'll see how the whole thing came together but here's the point. I'm one hundred percent certain that flexing Mike Courage muscles throughout the entire book launch process including that concert that I produced and performed in. I'm certain that all of it played a pivotal role in us. Debut at number one on the New York Times bestseller lists and we did that completely. The organically there was no bulk buys there was no funny business that was just hewer drive and heart and people loving the book. So here's how this relates to you. I want you to remember. The world really does need that very special gift that only you have and that includes the boldness and the creativity and the heart and yet the courage that you pour into your marketing when it comes to winning in this business. I'm telling you it's not about secret. Formulas is not about tricks is definitely not about gaming the algorithms if you want your marketing to really break through and make the difference that it's meant to make you have got to break through you. You gotta get out from behind your keyboard. You gotta pay attention to those wild and crazy fun ideas you have in your heart about how to inspire people and has served people in your audience. I want you to pay attention to the ideas that bring you joy. Pay attention to what sounds like fun and rather than looking around at what other people are doing. Look look inside your own heart. I promise you that is. We're GONNA find the biggest breakthroughs that will help you rise to your fullest potential in twenty twenty and beyond so if this inspired you and I hope it did come let me know I'm at Marie Forleo on all the social platforms and we've got lots more ideas to help you create a business in life. You love over at Marie TV and Marie Forleo podcast so have an amazing year and I hope to talk to you soon. Ballistic ten experts. They're marketing hack and links to find them for even more advice are all over Jenin. Could your blog dot com slash experts. Have you twenty twenty gold diggers. I hope this episode is the perfect start for the new year. And as always if you haven't taken a second yet hit subscribe and leave a review. I consider those love notes from you you to me and I read them every single week. Thanks for tuning in and starting off your New Year right. I'll talk to you soon. I'm over here giving you a virtual high five right because you just finished another episode of the Gold Digger podcast tobacco by way too fast for anyone else if you want more head over to Golddigger PODCASTS DOT COM for show notes. It's an all the discount codes from today sponsors and if you're looking for a new crew of movers and shakers like you to bounce ideas and ask questions be sure to join my exclusive community for gold diggers on facebook links waiting for you at Golddigger PODCAST DOT com.

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