Final Mock Draft + Big Charity Bet Episode 030


Welcome to the fantasy football overtime podcast, I'm your host Jason Ski with me as always are tyler, Hollerbach and Matt Win. Less than one week away from opening kickoff. You guys. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve just it's an open up those presents I cannot wait for this to happen. Yeah. I cannot wait as well. Like you said, we're six days away. I was still riding high from jeopardy victory man things are good right now what's coming up in six days? What coming up in the sixties NFL? How about you kick off? Little little. That's happening. Yeah. Fantasy football podcast you should probably know that okay. What's going on today Fellas? Well, we are going through our final mock draft of the preseason season whatever you WANNA call. Yes. We know you do mock draft smits. Never know what can change the way we're doing it today though is going to be best ball format. So essentially, what that means if you're unfamiliar with a best, ball fantasy football league is we're going to draft a team today Tyler Jake, and I are all going to be randomly picked for our draft slot. Shortly in this type of league, there is no move so we can't make any trades we can't cut anybody we can't pick anybody up. Whoever we draft today are the players that will be on your team for the whole year and then automatically inserts the best players into your lineup each week. Yeah. We're going to go full PR quarterback two running back to receivers tight end to flex, and then ten bench spots just to give the best score a little boost. Yeah. You need that flexibility in a bus ball and we'll be drafting this on fantasy pros checking out their mock draft. Yeah. On ESPN sleeper now, fantasy prose will give them all a try if you guys have learned anything about us so far it's that we love to make bets Oud. We Love Bets. So we're not just doing this league for fun. We're going to throw a little bit down on it tyler do you WanNa tell that bet is going to be I am really cold just thinking about it how about you jake it's like ninety five degrees. So I'm good. I'm pretty warm at actually seems pretty good right now what you're about to say. All right. So the losing to so second place third place out of the three of us have to. Do the polar plunge in March probably what the polar plunge can. Now I'm call us and our goal. So polar plunge is a big charity event where this charity puts it on cuts a big hole in the middle of a lake. Yes. Whole. There's ice on this lake F Y Yes, a cuts a big hole in the middle of the lake and you have to jump in and it raises a bunch of money for charity. Yeah. It's a super super cool event. It raises tons of money for a very awesome charitable cause and it's also really cool to watch your friends suffer for about ten seconds. You're right it's GONNA to be. Awesome seeing you to jump in. We'll livestream that too just to get instant reactions I think that's the best way to go about that. Yeah I will for sure be filming you guys I'll make sure that I put that on our facebook at F. F. O. T. podcast and twitter GONNA put on twitter too. Yeah. We'll put it on everything I might make an instagram account and put it on there too. Sure. Good four we get to that. I want to ask you what is your Sunday a ritual you know what you do you wake up you know whatever the next steps are before kickoff for me it's make a nice big. Breakfast about eight. Am Few eggs maybe some bacon. Every Sunday. Every Sunday. Okay. Tyler's for for breakfast some breakfast and then set some draftkings lineups usually between ten and twenty of them. Do some research make sure on my lines or solid for the day body eleven o'clock check the weather sure. There's no changes in any weather and then sit on the couch for ten hours watching some football matt what's your ritual? Yes. So on football Sunday ritual I wake up pretty early because I have a hard time sleeping because I'm so excited quadruple check all of my lineup's all throughout the morning, but then I make sure to drive to the nearest. Big Old Burrito load that thing up sometimes they have trouble folding it and rolling it because it's so big gotta go double wrapped then. Yeah. Sometimes you do and then I come home and I sit on my couch and kick my feet up in I. Watch football for about twelve consecutive hours. I get Red Zone I hang out with Chris. Hanson. Love Chris. It's great guy. Scott. Hanson Kristin Scott. Chris. The Guy Catch a predator. Also. Chris Hansen. That's why I said that I think it's Scott. Whatever his name is. He's awesome and I, watch it all day Jake. What about you? Part of my ritual is thanks to Matt. I also go ahead and get your Poland once they open up man I used to be roommates. So he got that ritual stuck in my ritual so get. The bolay and yeah, it's get the police down e check the lineups makes there's no late injuries in the late scratches this year especially with Covid make sure you look for those pickups and everything too. So pretty pretty same ritual Nice Jake we bring him back some coin flips for this episode, we're going to bring back some coin flips. It's been awhile. So I got a few here for you guys. We'll see what you think. Let's do it. I one full PTR wants you to think about that. Don't think about ADP just player versus player get got it. Got It. Clyde Edwards layer versus Michael. Thomas Micheal Thomas Thomas Clyde versus Julio. Julio Clyde Clyde versus atoms collide versus Hill Clyde Clyde. There it is. I wanted to find your breaking point there tyler right there. The only wide receiver that I'm taking oversee Eh is Michael Thomas. I. Knew Yours I wanted his I'm just clarifying perfect. All right. Moving on to the next one here James White verse three. Cohen. Cohen. especially not with that Montgomery Torri. Cohen. Depending on the David Montgomery and I think even without that. A lot of standalone value. No matter what no matter what no matter what. I think they have the same role. I actually thought that would be a lot harder tossup between the two of you, tyree. Cohen either way get. Tony Pollard Shay Sediment Chase Edmunds Pollard fully healthy. Kenyan. Drake Pollard verse admits it's still going to be chase edmunds because Elliott doesn't break down and we haven't seen Kenyan drake with a full workload yet take an edmonds all day stop hollered get Alexander Madison Verse Latavius Murray Murray Murray Madison versus Pollard Madison Pollard Madison versus Edmonds Edmonds Madison Global Disagreement there on the on the handcuffs I like it for me. I'm looking for a handcuff where. The starter gets injured a lot. It's a different story. If you're like both of the starters are injured, which one would you rather have a for me there's such a better chance at Alvin Cook is going to get injured than Ezekiel. Elliott. So that's why I'm going Alexander. Madison over like a Pollard All de Politics stugotz value. That's why like him over Yeah Week Value I agree with both of those are a couple more todd Gurley DJ or. Their reasoning. Back. When in doubt picking back exact same thing early because he's running back. James Connor versus Kelvin Ridley when in doubt go connor all that one I'm going to go Calvin Ridley just due to injury concern. That's the last one I had for you. Guys, Nice? Never. Never disappoint Jacob. Oh thank you. I like you can tell the coin flip should get in better. Deeper into the season more research gone into these answers. Yes. They are like it. I like the little liberal discussion disagreement between the two of you. All right. Let's jump into this mock draft and see where were draft in loading, loading, loading off Mac up one. I got pick four and jake got picks sick match for the board. Hoodie got here Matt like this is the question. This one is extremely obvious. It is Christian McCaffrey Regardless Aqua your style is you take Christian McCaffrey first overall and that's what I did Mexico's Saquon Barkley. Dalvin Cook and it's on me little surprise Delvin at three tally In easy pick as well. Thought four would be a little bit more tricky while we're going to lock in some Zeke Club here. Yeah. This is going to be difficult. It's not difficult. Thank you number five for taking Michael Thomas that's easy. Pick for Alvin Kamara number six, lock it in. So we all got our big running back. Yes. We did Tyler. What do we got the rest around one rest of round one we have Joe Mixon C. H. Davante Adams. Josh Jacobs Derrick Henry, and then nick job. So I am on the clock the beginning of round two. We have the Andrea Hopkins tyreek Hill Julio Jones Kenyan drake. Mile Sanders Austin. `Jay Yeah I. Don't like those running backs that went ahead of me. That's normally the three that I would have targeted there. So I'm GonNa do something a little bit different than we what we preach here at the fantasy football time podcast GONNA go Travis. Kelsey. ooh. GETS THE BIG TIGHT END? Yeah. Think in Best Ball format I need that advantage at tight end this. So I'M GONNA WANNA ride that yeah I like it that. Is Good in the best ball formats can sway your pick here I. Don't think. So okay we do have Aaron Jones's went off the board. Let's see who we have here. Wide Receivers Godwin Golladay, Robinson running backs for not Connor girly Carson what do you think thinking might also go tight end? Are you on Lenny? Lock in Lenny Locking Lenny or maybe I'll snap snag up that early quarterback Yeah Lenny still on the board though Tyler, you know Matt wants money. So you obviously, we're GONNA follow Jay I'll take George biddle. look at you guys. Yeah. Changing things up see what happens all your boys gone boy is gone and then Godwin. All Right, Matt you're on the clock for back-to-back picks. Walk us through what you're thinking here. I'm thinking I got some pretty obvious picks in front of me. I'm looking at Todd Gurley who still there I'm shocked that Tyler took a tight end over todd. Gurley is banged on being around three Oh he's ninety. Three Um, but I love having McCaffrey who is as safe as it gets todd Gurley is a little more of a risk, but he is an absolute stud I. Think he's going to be solid in then I might spice it up and do something you wouldn't expect with my next pick so I'm going girly Lamar's coming up. Mar, it might be the receivers are Allen Robinson Kenny. Golladay or DJ more. Those are really the only ones that are even consideration right now, Juju also on the clock, but Matt just ignores. That, in a best ball league, I want the guys that are going to just ball for you. We are Kennedy with Lamar Jackson. Yeah, we knew we knew we predicted. That's interesting in best ball format because the madden curse is real next off, we have od be and Mike Evans? Mike. Evans was thought on here just for the best ball type that boom and Michael Evans Michael Evans now we have Allen Robinson Kenny G. DJ more Phelan Cooper Woods think this has to be Alan. Robinson here lock it up double check in here. Make sure you're not missing anything. Is still sitting there. Looking at you, lanny is there what basketball we can draft some some question marks at quarter or at running back and they might pan off. So we're going to lock up for sure wide receiver Allen Robinson will thank you because I thought for sure you're going to take my pick between US DJ more went Chris Carson no actually I'm going to go running back. Oh, lanny it's not James Connor. It is James Connor talk about upside Best Ball Kenny G., E. J. More Lenny DJ SHARK AJ Brown do Jews ECKERD's at three theline Cooper Cup. Mark Andrews Kevin. Ridley. Amari. Cooper off to Jake Oof. Turn a lot of my wide receiver targets are gone your boy Lockett still there he is. However, that's not going to be my maybe what do you think I'm going wide receiver Robert Woods is still there are either looking at Robert Woods, Tyler Lockett Scary Terry Keenan Allen Sutton so I lied I'm going running back who just stock in them up. Ends up going Jonathan Taylor I like it I like where I was going to go looking at that. If you got back courtly Sutton wins I, happen to me, click the running back position here and I, saw his name pop up and I said Oh that's a good one now here I'm Linden. Running back we have Bell Gordon David Johnson is where we are at their wide receiver we are at Lockett or woods nick. We really have to go woods here in baseball it's not the greatest, but you do need some some points in their wanting to lockup woods. Yep. You GotTa have points at all positions right to call. A. Hot. Topic all right after Tyler took Robert, Woods love, Bell, and David Johnson went out the board I know Matt, you weren't targeting either one of those. I'm perfectly fine with those go off the board. So I'm trying to figure out what route I want to go. I got scary Terri. Tyler Lockett decay metcalf. It's kind of tempting to go lock it an metcalf in a best of all you can just let whichever one of them ball going to my lineup I like that but I think I'm GonNa take the one that I think is the best player and go with scary Terry as well. I'm still looking here I have Lamar Jackson Christian. McCaffrey and Todd Gurley. So I, feel pretty good at those spots my first pick I am going Tyler Lockett Mixon's, and now my comes down to either scary terry or decay metcalf. If I want a pair those two up in a regular draft decay, metcalf wouldn't even be thought after taking lock it but that's the difference with best ball is whichever one of them goes off automatically gets put in my lineup. So it's a lot more enticing right now, but I'm not sure if it's enticing enough to take him over scary terry who am really high on year you out my my advice here I mean yeah. Listen to it. Sure Take Prescott. Oh. God You need a backup for Lamar. Yeah you do better. Take Lock Them Up. What's IT GONNA be Tick Tock Gary Terry fifteen seconds near my it's gone. All right next to Shawn Watson devante Parker deshaun before tack you don't see that too often you don't. So it is on me here I am leaning manse decay metcalf just so I can have all the points and he doesn't get any. We're also my head at cream hunters here I do like that. I'm currently sitting Z. George, kill Allen Robinson and Robert Woods let's lock up cream hunt. Yeah. I was thinking about cream if I didn't have to running backs I for sure would have gone with Kareem Ingo three it's fine. You'll. You definitely can. But. All right. So Matt or Holler back took haunt team five between us took metcalf is that where you're at what I wanted? The beauty of getting McCaffrey in the style is unless things don't go according to plan, he will be one of your running backs you're using every week. So you just need to get one more running back that really chips in. So that's why I didn't go. Kareem Hunt. I like. So God, what am i GonNa do now what are you thinking I am Really torn I mean I know I need wide receivers so I'm going to it's probably reach but I don't think he'll be there the way back so I'm GonNa Swing for the fences Stefan digs yikes. Yeah I know I didn't love the pick but I I wanted to tell by the way you said it Yup and by the silence from both Tyler and That's all right like I said he's he's perfect for this format I. Don't need them to be a weekly contributor I need him to pop off for forty. So Jay on your team so far. So I have you have Alvin Kamara Travis Kelsey James Connor Jonathan Taylor Stefan Day. Veritas and so next one here I am just kind of looking at best available just to see you know what's there recently went off Keenan Allen Kyla Murray Aj Green Melvin Gordon Waller Russell Wilson Helton swift buoyed marquees Brown brandin cooks, Dak. Prescott. Really Mad. The DAK went pick before me. That was actually Super League where I was hoping to go here but I will be okay with the with a target of of back I'll take Gallup Shershukov. All right. Who am I looking at here, Tyler what is your team? Currently my team currently is Zeke George Kitto Robinson Robert Woods, cream hunt like I do like it a lot to just want some more running back. Mark Ingram is here I think fat is pretty much where I have to go not sure what's going on with Montgomery wide receiver we have Ataman Jones Fuller maybe some landry not sure what's going on their quarterbacks looks like probably waiting on quarterback now so We're going mark. Ingram. Welcome to streaming quarterback except for we can't stream. So do you should probably just draft the one quarterback? All right. So after Holler back went it went will thrower will fuller Jarvis Landry Matt, you're on the clock back toback picks actually Kinda surprised that this individual is still on the board. He is a running back in. He is pretty boomer bust. He's not huge in the receptions category, but he scores a lot of touchdowns on the ground. Yes race. So he's not GonNa do much in the air, but he has games where he goes for twenty points just based off of his rushing numbers I like this offense quite a bit this year and they're going to run the ball a ton. They led the League in rushing last year and I think they're gonNa do it again I'm going where he most for one of them cope pick number two, pick number two sorry empty deepen thought here looking through hock not paying attention to you easy. I'm going with easy the tight end number one Mr Higby my I don't get that money. That wasn't what I wanted to. This is my first Sheriff Tyler. He'd be this season he keeps getting sniped before me, but that will not happen today he is on my team. I share congratulations. Oh. There you go. Now I'll let you hit that one. I saw after Matt Higby Gillian an-and and Marvin Jones went in tyler you're on the clock. What do you think in here oh? Let's take a look and see what we have. We have some crowder sanders sleigh in might might be pretty good here in best ball running back single terry acres wide Cohn Cohn might get some for the start of the season. Yeah. Depending on how long Montgomery's Value later, you still got your your do Jordan Howard sitting out there. I'll get him on the way back I won't take Jordan I promise. Yeah. Yeah I'm GonNa take her Torri Cohen just based off of Monti's injury. There's nothing else there are right. So team five between us took Evan grow which thank you for that. I was not going that way was really surprised. You didn't go this route tyler but I, thank you for doing it as I will take all of camakers in best ball format I was thinking there too We have crowder Samuel Brown Henry. Kirk lamb off bunch of quarterbacks ran off and Jacobs back on the clock. Yeah. You weren't kidding with the quarterback around holy cow canonize sitting there with Lamar. Jackson. Max Gone off the board and neither one of US have in one. Yup. Well, we will certainly see what happens there. What do you think here I am looking at best available you know running back or wide receiver even quarterback Kinda considering I will leave Jordan Howard therefore you and I'm just GonNa keep racking up these running backs take Ronald. Jones here actually thinking about quarterback I'm gonNA. have to draft to or a second tight end and get hearst, and if he balls out can always to flex and then also fell the by spot for kittle not bad. They're either this is a rough spot on the draft here I'm GonNa go and draft a quarterback sooner than I normally do and take Joe brees Tom Brady went between us. Would you consider Tom Brady Tom? Brady there. Doesn't like the Tom Brady hype. You Never Know Matt's on the board here. What do you think and to recap my team I got Lamar Jackson I'm feeling great a quarterback I have that injury Christian McCaffrey I have todd Gurley and Rahim Oester. Tyler Lockett Terry maclaurin and Tyler higby. I'm loving. My squad I got a pretty good spread so far I want some more wide receiver help. I am very high on Henry Rugs. There's also been some injuries in Las, vegas so I like Henry Rugs, even more. So I'm GonNa take him because I view him as a boomer bus player, which is exactly what you want in this format when you already have what you consider to be a safe team. So we're going with Henry rugs there seems pretty early for rugs no little little early but best ball I'm not gonNA knock it because if he balls out then when you're in the eighth and Ninth Round though especially picking at number one like you're not getting them on the way back. So if you want a guy, you have to take them. Yeah. There's only get it in your guy. So I'm not positive wrote him in a go yet I got twenty nine seconds left and probably and end up taking every bit of it here to who I know where you're going do it's probably not what you think not hardman now I'm going to go with a running back that darn. It has incredible potential I know what he might not do much until he earns starting role I'm going Jacob Yelp by knew that darn it now was to. Round our right I am on the board recap my team here quick while you're doing that area, Slayton and Matt Brady went after Jacob wasn't gonNA take slate in here that upsets me I didn't see that we have Zeke and cream Han Mark Ingram Torri Cohen Alan, Robinson Robert Woods George Kibble, and drew brees. I really wanted to lighten especially in this format. Let's see what we have here. Then maybe like Preston Williams Raygor Nicole Hardman. Hamlet Matt McCall Hartman. No. You cannot. You don't know if I can draft him that I really wanted him in this format today. I would have had to take them right there. I passed on him or he is competing with two tight ends. When I'M GONNA take regular sure you're not going to Jordan Howard is now the board he's very safe Yup are. GonNa get ten points a week. That's not what you're looking for in this. So I made this mistake last time and I feel like this is going to happen to me again. So I'm gonNA take one quarterback. Here I'm GonNa Take Stafford because I have a feeling that I'm GONNA sees like four go off here and not one when a single on. All right. Cool. Well, I miss calculated that Jeez who had hartman in Gronk went off there. All right. Well, no quarterbacks went in between my pick. So there's that are at this one's pretty easy here I'm. GonNa Take Preston Williams I love that pick here in the especially for peak my third wide receiver at this point I went very running back heavy. All right. I am on the board thinking really booming here it take like Madison just hoping for a Cook, injury could take Moss because he's GonNa have value no matter what I think seeing that it's one hundred percent sack moss. Yeah. I'm kind of surprised that Moss is still out there. Honestly all I wanted Robbie Anderson he just went hurts Oh new met rub interest me Mike Williams you have shoulder injury and all. So I'M GONNA rough spot right now, I need some wide receivers. The rest of my team is stacked. I have the second best quarterback in the League. I have four good running backs. I got my tight end one in Tyler higby in the spicy takes episode, and then I love lock it Maclaurin and drugs but I definitely need to address wide receiver which ones are you thinking? I'm looking at the Indianapolis pair I think one of them has a really. Good season I'm not sure which one they can both your back to back here. I'm actually considering that I also don't mind Sammy Watkins at this point my first pick is going to be Michael Pittman. So I want Michael Pittman junior trying to it's not letting me that we go in now I got another decision to make here with wide receiver lot lizard himself as their yes he is. He is still sitting out there wide receiver to the Green Bay. You know what I I've been telling myself the entire offseason here that I'm really really high on this colts offense I think one of the colts receivers are going to blow up this year they could be all for me. They want to be inconsistent but that's exactly what you want in best ball is one of them to go off each week so I am going to. Pair Michael Pittman with Paris Campbell Perryman Boston. Scott go off next and I am on the board. Let's see what we're working with. Here. I'll Hayden hers just keeps dropping down draft boards still here in a to flex other options. Anthony Miller Jackson we know what he did week one last year Sammy Watkins we know he did we won last year best ball not looking so bad Steal, but oof which way you're going Holler Whiz you're gonNA draft a second tight end in. Hayden. Hearst Scher lock it in. It's a good move of like normally I'm not taking tight ends of specify invest in earlier pick with like Tyler higby but in basketball leagues if you don't and they get injured, you're getting zero points at that position. So this draft is a lot different. Lamar will be taking another quarterback just because you can't afford an injury in this. Yeah. Absolutely. I would not have taken hidden hers because he has the same by we can is Kelsey and I was not going to tell you that until after you drafted him so I don't have Travis Kelsey. I. Don't I do that's why I couldn't take him because I want it. Write sill I'm on the clock in I'm going to go an unconventional route I'm gonNA, grab my second quarterback take it in Big Ben Right you want to recap who just went off the board think we have to at this point. It's pretty late highlight just a couple. Sure just. Jared Coke and Hopkinson. We had some that he m- hines and chase Edmunds and Madison. So a bunch of handcuffs in there and I wanted any of that. Too and Justin Jackson a lot of handcuffs there. So that sways my decision pretty easily too. I want to take my second tight end already Nana taking our favorite Johnny Nice. New I wasn't with two took Johnny Aaron Rodgers went right after that. Here I'm actually leaning a second quarterback and one that's going to be way more upside. So super swinging than like drew brees. Garner. Mid To. Is He gone men's shoe men shoe mania. Now we are GonNa go Daniel Jones though locking and Daniel Jones Danny Guy Guy like Daniel Johns a lot. This year then went Austin Hooper Allen Lazard, and now it's to me I am looking at quarterback and tight end. I think here because I'm pretty sufficient at the other positions I really WanNa Daniel Jones you just sniped him from me right there. And the quarterback position is pretty thin at the moment. Yeah. Really like Big Ben there a lot earlier than I wanted to. But glad I did I went second quarterback way earlier than I wanted to as well time for a third. I'M GONNA get my tight end out of the way and making sure he doesn't have the same bye week. So I'm going Noah Fan who would just keep q being in. So Matt Only Yeah you guys should do that. All right. It's back to me who fantasy prose thumbs up in the bottom corner for that Noah fant pick. Yeah. Yeah exceeded enhance. Now ADP I don't ever expect to be needing my second quarterback. So the main thing is pick a guy that doesn't have a a Bi week that matches. Amar. But also someone that could boom you're other players. So someone that would pair well with Campbell and Pitman. Who are we thinking here? Who Do you think mortar back with pair well with them? Kirk cousins the old man river's himself or River we're going rivers for a chance at a stack. When they have a monster, we gross it is on me have fun jumping in the cold Masami Watkins is here to Sean Jackson also can I do a third tight end? I. Just like Tight Ends Dallas Goddard, tons of upside if arts gets hurt which he probably will you laughing at the upside? Yes. Tight ends. You really like all of the above. Well. Don't you like tight ends? No. Yeah comment time is running down. You got seconds, seconds five, I WANNA I WANNA part of that offense three Sammy Watkins. So sure sure. We'll give you one or two weeks worthwhile which we want. A well, I'm going to take a similar type player if the drafter will ever let me go actually I'm GonNa. Take time I like I've been drafting pretty quick here. So I'm going to take a guy that if he's healthy and he hits, he's going to give me a huge weeks I. Think last year he had one hundred, twenty six touched is that you're taking to Sean Jax you are correct sir. Thank you pairs very well especially, the best ball format either risky pick someone just took devante free I saw that yeah someone that's not on a team in best ball is very risky. ooh Yes, it is now. I know what I would take if I was you yeah. What's I know what I want I'm hoping that it makes it to me. You know I promise you I probably am not taking your guy goes I'm reaching for the stars here I think. I know what you're doing what I do does he play for Washington? He does you're GONNA love I locked in some love you. Like price level I love a lot at this point is to do is beat out a thirty eight year old Adrian Peterson. So Yeah Antonio Gibson's GonNa player all too though there's a lot going on I mean yeah. He's definitely GonNa, play a role, but I don't think Gibson feature player. So I think if something were to happen to AP Bryce love it. Hey, guys, I'm on the clock. Five seconds. Okay. Wanted to give you time to think Oh, I had thought and that's why I said I am GonNa do something you should have done and I should have done. I am going to lock up a handcuff here and probably the day one start learning touches in Malcolm. Brown since you have cam acres, that's fine. I didn't draft CAM to be the week one player I drafted Cam for week five through sixteen seventeen. All right. Then we had Jamal Williams and Eric Ibran go. So now at this stage I'm literally just looking for players that have potential to have a breakout week nothing more at this point. So I am going to go with a guy like James Washington has potential to blow up in weeks and that's exactly what I want. So I'm going James Washington with one. and. I'm not sure what wrote him going with number two quite yet let's see I'm GonNa take a guy here that in the event of an injury, he is the next man up Gone Daring Evans. Here's a guy a guy chefs guy here's a guy if Derrick Henry were to go out, Evans would be a stud all the sudden, but he's not going to see the. Field otherwise jerk Mackinnon and Chris Thompson, go in between you guys like those similar approach probably going to be for the for the rest of the draft is just kind of draft. If something happens to guy, this guy will step up in between Josh Kelley Andrew De'andre Washington here thinking we're going go Josh Kelley to pick it's also is gonNA take we'll continue in a similar vein. I'll take while stood at this point. These are all reaches were just aiming for guys that just have upside. Yeah. There's barely anybody of relevance at this point unless there is an injury, I mean kirk cousins got drafted. Yeah. He just went off the board. And Rashad Penny Ito Smith REX burkhead. Yeah. That's what we're working with right now. So mine experts La Viscous Chenault and I am on the clock. What am I looking at here Garner still up there men shoe mania all look at that. That's lock it up ten seconds left lockup. Gardner sure thought I was going to get in with my very last PIC- no wow. Three QB's Lamar Miller and Darius guys. Went off the board like that in best ball like that's a that's a that's a swing. Right? There were guys in the field. Now we are on the sixteenth realm also. Yeah Miller and guys are not Miller might see the field at least but guys is not going to be a football team this year All right. Let's see what we're looking at here. We are getting fin I'M GONNA TAKE A. Flyer on Randall Cobb ever know what he can do in a Houston offense this year, and then I'm going to go maybe thinking about doing the same approach with my earlier wide receivers on Indian taking Kenny stills who's going to have to good games all year before he's injured Jake Draft Adam Humphreys our ourselves mel aspect. Okay. Yeah. I'm going. We'll send he stills. He's GonNa, give me two games all season. I will consider him with my last pick. I'll give him an honest consider. We'll see who else is there. I might have someone else has to take. This is a guy I've considered a lot at the end of drafts this year, but usually there's much better available wide receiver number three, four, a high flying offense. We're GONNA take Russell Gauge Okay I thought you're taking my guy was like you better not. I'll take a guy who's Boston camp. It sounds like another rookie my team I have a ton of them. I'll say Brian Edwards out of Oakland Vegas sorry. Almost said it wrong I took him in a draft recently was pretty happy with a good pick for here. Darn it. My pick went off the board now Thompson No era. Yeah. Antonio Brown. I was I was feeling now and in a ball, what are your options? Last round? Yeah. This is my very last pick. Let's see here. You still got Denzel mims T Higgins Chris Conley. This isn't like a great night bus ball pick. It's just more because I have a very injury prone running back, James Connor and he's still here for some reason I'm GonNa Take Benny's now just in case something happens I can get a piece of that Pittsburgh offense still the right move for you there. Reggie. Jonathan. You'RE GONNA take my my handcuff. This last round is even the handcuff. Mike Davis might be I can't be taken that I need a wide receiver. That's GONNA. Put One game of forty points and that's it. Let's see what we have here. I should just pick Adam Humphreys do it go with Adam? Humphrey is otherwise what else are you looking at this point O. J. Howard, fourth tight end. He's technically the tight end you know. I. Think that might be. That's the pick OJ. Howard. And that leaves the final pick to Matt might not in this guy to go. All right. So for me Mr. irrelevant is actually I was really hoping would get back. To me in best ball formats since I already took mark or not Mark Ingram that's already took jk dobbins especially with the chance of us. Yeah. With the chance of Ingram getting hurt each thirty season I like having multiple options in this running back committee. So I'm going Gus Edwards, stand the draft he's team. This is a a lot of players on the team. Yeah. I actually like what I ended up with here. What do they give you for a draft grade? I got an a you had an e yeah. Ninety three out of one hundred Nice I did not get any. I disagree with their rating entirely I got a B plus. One hundred whoever wrote these ratings are I want whatever small? What did you get if they give me a seventy six? Wrongly, disagree with that I got the. Three out of Ondo. I'm agree with Matt they don't know what they're smoking. You don't know what they're doing. Cool. Well, that wraps up a another mock draft. The last one that will be recorded for the season and big bet on it losing to do the polar plunge year buddy looking forward to it. Next week is football. We'll have a couple episodes for next week. Not sure what they are yet, but we'll come up with them other than that. Make sure you follow us on twitter at F. Ot podcast or on facebook fantasy football overtime makes you hit the legs subscribe spotify Google wherever your podcasts. Thanks for listening. Appreciate you. Thanks. bye-bye.

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