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Introducing Back to Biz with Katie and Boz


Katie couric I'm bozeman. Saint John. I'm posted the HIP podcast next question with me. Katie couric and of course. I'm a longtime journalist sister. You are an award winning journalist. That's true but it was. Yeah and I'M THE CHIEF. Marketing Officer at endeavor and someone who is so impressive. Her career was actually the subject of a Harvard. Business School class. Those are factual facts and we wanted to combine closes business and branding expertise with Katie's natural curiosity to create a podcast responding to this moment in time. Welcome to Katie bows get it Biz bows cue. We get it back to visit looking towards the future to understand how this unprecedented moment will forever change the business of check and Media Travel and leisure education sports and fashion and pop culture each week. We'll talk to the big thinkers leaders and innovators in those industries. And the last some how. They're responding to these big societal shifts that the pandemic has brought about and how they're adjusting to this new way of life often not just through adaptation but through innovation too right because in many ways this has been a really dark time but it's also a time for recalibrating and finding the light so come and join us. It's going to be fun and enlightening and maybe even hope back to Biz with Kadian Bows. It's out now but like all good things this limited job just ten episodes to get it while it's hot you drop it like it's what it is hot. Katie what she it was hot to start with remain tied will always listen to back to Biz with Katie and bows on the heart. Radio APP APPLE PODCASTS. Or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

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