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You got nothing else to do. I also got a book cash in the right by that. Get Natasha old album coke money I mean just go wild with content from us and also let us know if you have any issues Kala. Yeah calls your secret email. Endless Honeymoon pod at g mail DOT COM Let's start the show. Hey everybody welcome to the endless honeymoon. Podcast that's the Tasha jarrow and that was a cashier who got it. Got some updates for you. Got some hot updates. Since last time we taped the day after we heard the doctor tell us we could go. I could go surfing very excited. Los Angeles County shut down every single beach. In my birthday's tomorrow. I wanted to go to the beach. Well we would have to drive outside of city limits and it probably wouldn't be responsible speaking of irresponsible. My friend who has covert nineteen is in his cove. Nineteen bed right now who? I surf with all the time. Andrew Sean is his name. He's got a podcast called podcast but outside. He just put an instagram post up with a with a sick pick. You know. It's like a hot sexy. Pick where you have like Cova but you kind of look good still. And that's not really a thing yet. Hit his Texan. He has a mild case and I was texting in to be fair. He hasn't gotten tested. So you're not. He's not exactly. We wouldn't go tested today. Oh you didn't tell me that he doesn't know if he has. It did go get whatever that big cotton swab shoved up his nose today but he was like thinking he had all the symptoms of it. I was texting with him and he goes. You should go surfing right now. It's really empty and I go I. I don't know that seems pretty irresponsible he's like. I don't think it's irresponsible. Where are you texting me from again? Literally convalescing and your Cova bed right now telling me best practices for out of social distance. You can't take advice from someone who has covered. Never take advice on responsible social distancing practices from somebody with covert nineteen. I I totally agree eighteen. Okay Dude you gotta do not so novel strain of the Corona virus much less novel short story. Yes you go for it. We've been. We've been walking doing family. Wa doing some family isolation walks and we will run into other people with kids and we have to hold our kids back one of King. Yeah one of the most depressing parts of the whole thing is like the kid at our age doesn't know what's going on which could be a blessing and a curse right. I mean if they if she really knew what was going on would be like what the fuck is happening. Why am I not able to go outside anymore? But generally just all of a sudden were around all the time she doesn't go outside or see her friends and we. We went today right. We walked by our friends house. Brendon Walsh and waved through a window. Like two little kids like best friends their little daughter and our daughter waving at each other through a window unclear what was happening. I don't really think the kids at to really know what's happening. But they know they want to hang out with each other they also think that they want to like only use a knife and like only eat syrup wrong too dumb to notice kind of an Andrew is to the to the way we have an update also on the on the German Shepherd Situation. So so this woman comes over. We meet this dog last week. Very scary to me. I was a little too scared and like one day went by the day after I said most you should tell this woman were not interested in the dog so I was going to go texture but it was one of those. You know those kinds of texts where you're in a business interaction and the person is so weird that you kind of know when you say. I'm not going to buy the thing I said in the Tasha. I think she's going to not be cool. The reason why I wasn't going to be cool is because she thought it was normal to just leave this vicious dog at our house with nowhere for it to sleep. Not Having met are three other dogs and only met our baby like for one. Second right do we. I don't know if we talked about the fact that when when at the end of the petting situation where he met the dog for like four seconds she was like Oh comeback on Thursday and give you a training session and we were like great. That sounds great. So we'll think about it until Thursday and she's like no. I mean you by now and we were like We just we don't even just meant the dog. You just said all these things. It needs like a Kennel and all this other stuff we don't know. And she's like she kind of huffed off I go. It's a big decision and this is the big red flag she goes. It's not a big decision. It's like a hundred pound German shepherd that she claims is trained to kill as you just tick now. It felt very. She started laughing at me because I asked if the German shepherd if it was okay if it was forty degrees outside for it to be sleeping outside is wearing a fur coat anyway. She texts Moshe. Would you please read her last tax our tax? I said very respectfully I said I think we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA pass on the doll. We've done some thinking. We don't think we're ready and she wrote back. I wouldn't have wasted my time. I'm very busy and was well. I'm sorry for the MISS. And she said so. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Good luck selling the dog and she wrote back. Actually I was thinking about you and your family and you're in the middle of a crisis and are not emotionally ready for this dog. I'm like below the. Why were you going to sell us? The dog with a hard pressure of a used car salesman or a timeshare salesman and then. I was like okay. I didn't write back and then she writes again. I knew she was going to write those. This good luck in overcoming virus. A definitely sarcastic. By the way this part I kinda liked your wife surely needs to learn some manners but what she says. The end is the best. Tell her if she invites people to the house. Don't tell them to put gloves on. This is just best practices. I don't know what she's talking about. I think there was a time when he touched a doorknob. And you told me to put a glove on before I turn the door. No eloquent the very end when she left. Cobra this covert. She's very nice to her the entire time outrageous but then this line at the end I kind of come back on her side a little bit Texas. The third text. You are really need luck to live with her so sorry and you know what she's right. I am really need luck. Need luck to live with me. Look but you blame me. No because I said tell her. I'm not ready for the dog. So now she's like mad at me. I didn't do anything to her. Except at one point I guess when she was leaving I said Moshe make sure to use a glove on the door. Because I thought that's what we were all doing. It's almost like she doesn't believe in cove it right and she thought I was like. She's probably too tough to get Kovic. She's a Russian German shepherd trainer who pretends she grew up in Los Angeles even though she sounds like a KGB agent she'd be the worst KGB spy ever no. I grew up in grenade the heels from here I went to Michael. I went to Hollywood high school. This is my my hometown Jalil. You must really need luck to live with her and she's not wrong right when you think of it. I I must say that on the air. We'll I told you we shouldn't read it. 'cause it wasn't flattering but I mean it's absurd. I didn't do anything wrong. I agree. She's a psycho. I just like fed her dumb dog twenty pieces of chicken. No she's a complete psycho and the idea that you would want to give a trained attack dog with a hard sales pressure. Situation is just completely a red flag. Red Flag City right. I kept trying to get our dogs out to meet the dog too and she was like no not yet right so she wanted to not introduce the dogs but leave the dog. Yeah Yeah So. If you're listening Putin Putin et go fuck yourself so sorry. I wanted to write back Natasha within lend me. I wanted to write back. You're right this is a prison. Do you know any women for me. She wouldn't let me. Well my my. I don't think you ever engage with crazy. You're totally right. But there was so much fun that could have been. But you're right. You never engage. No here's a better rule. You never engaged with Russian crazy people who know your address and trained killer dogs for a living. I think that's a good point. Never take covert nineteen advice from. Cova one thousand nine patients and never provoke a KGB agent with a killer dog collection. Well speaking of taking advice we thought we could get some advice and information a little a little bunker to bunker call with friends Jordan scovill Rory Yeah can you hear me? Yeah we can hear you pretty good. How are you are you? There are gonNA come out from the backyard. How are you guys? We are never been better so good. Yeah you so so so fucking so I was doing some Some minor spray painting of our front gate today and this couple walked by while I was out looking like a crazy person like spray painting my front gate and they asked how you doing and I was like good and then I realized like no one is good at all. You know Kinda Good Kinda you know. I'm not dead. I'm not sick. I guess how people are now. I don't wear a thing. Yeah what what is what is this. What do you call this? And don't know rory. I've gotten some of my most intense social distancing schooling from your instagram and twitter pages. Tell you what I pay for it. I paid for that with what follows not so much on follows. And obviously it's not even that much but there's so many people that they're like they're like you're spreading panic in like shut the fuck up and I'm I a lot of my just delete but some of them. I'm like you honestly read what I'm hosting and you your interpretation of it isn't Oh this even if this guy's wrong is hard as clearly in the right place like no part of you thinks that that'll I'll also like. When is it time to panic. It's like the world is closed down. It's like if there was a time to panic. It seems like it would probably be around. Now Yeah Yeah yes I got. There was a facebook thing I just read from a friend. Who's a comedian? Who was like I just believe in my heart of hearts that we're all going to be okay and you're like what is your heart of hearts have to do it. This is a virus. This isn't like a spiritual lesson for us to learn I o Oscar trip. You can't beat it off with positive vibes like it's either has the rate of spread that it does or doesn't have the rate of spread that it does it's not. It's not about thinking positive. Yeah this shit doesn't care about us. Yeah I I think someone putting that on facebook that's only applicable to like The local news telling you to expect a bad thunderstorms expected bad thunderstorm. That will maybe kill your grandparents so you guys are keeping it really tight. Like I have a lot of friends who say their social distancing and then you like ask them two more questions and they're like yeah but I'm working on my trainer every day and my assistant comes to the House every day and I'm having sex with two different girls but you know they're not having sex with anybody else are shutdown tinder only doing now. What do you think of that like are you? You're very passionate like. I guess I wanNA know like also worry what. What inspires you to be so active. You just believe this is what we should be doing. I don't know I think I think I do get enough people that message me that do work in hospitals and healthcare and some of them tell me to not To not post some of the stuff they they're sending me and tell me what their schedule's been like or stuff that they've seen and I I don't I don't know I do sometimes post political ransom stuff. 'cause I I just get off and I don't really care if if anybody wants to leave a negative commenter or start something but I think with this. I was like well. I have a fifty dollars. Something like fifty thousand dollars somewhere in there and I was just like. Oh that's that's a lot of people that if if they see this. If a good number of those people see this may also keyed this. Maybe they spread it to however many people. Because I I. I don't know I think after listening to Joe Rogan's podcast with the CDC guy. I was fully on board to be like. Oh I believe every word this dude saying and I think it's we gotta like buckle and and we gotta we gotta run a tight ship. That's what we gotta do. We gotTA GET DONALD TRUMP to listen to the JOE rogan experience. I know tweeted at it. I'm sure somebody's tweeting. It Adam Jordan are you as a Gung Ho. And as taken by the social distancing messaging as as roy or or is he is he leading the charge in your couple in your family. Rory is I think I'd say more leading the charge In terms of the cleaning of things. That's coming inside. But we're both heating The social distancing like for example will go for a walk in our neighborhood and friends of ours. Live down the street and they stand on their porch and we stand on the sidewalk like a lot more than six feet apart. And when we're walking the neighborhood we're walking in the street and avoiding other people and we're both doing that but in Roy's little more stringent about an. I guess smarter and he remembers. It's it's like changing new habits right. It's urge creating new habits to remember to clean off all of your your stuff before you run inside and so it's kind of a little disjointed only because it's just not normal it doesn't feel normal and did they were going to have to live like this for a while. I mean I do. I think at least the next couple of months I think and I think it's Potentially forming good habits for us that we should maybe not. You know wiping everything down with bleach before it comes into a house but but keep keep pissing on your cell phone before you bring it inside right. That's yes your urine. Diarrhea are both sterile. So if you can diarrhea on your cell phone or Paeon. You're totally good exactly. It's not just spur. Jellyfish stings people right. Dial on your friend yeah. Do you think we're done with handshakes forever or maybe for generation. Here's what I think. I think I think things are gonNA be kind of as they are right now and still. There is an adequate amount of testing to see who has what and who doesn't in order to start. See like I feel like right now. We're everywhere is is so swamped. Because there's no way to know in advance what we're dealing with and I think once there's enough testing We can start to maybe get on top of it but I don't think I think realistically there's not GonNa be a vaccine. That's globally accessible for I. I read something that said. The fall of twenty twenty one and I I mean I don't know anything but all ever read. Is that creating a vaccine. Take so much testing in time to make sure that it doesn't cause other problems Right they say during the one they say you can't Russia vaccine because they have to wait fourteen months to make sure that it doesn't kill the person that took it. Yeah and so so that because that would be a real that would be a real nice irony. Wouldn't it if we all took a vaccine that killed one hundred percent of human human beings? It would almost be the cherry on top of the reality we currently lives in. But I don't even understand how any of this is going to be possible. Like people are going to run out of money in like one month right sense. I mean I I get that. We have to do this but at the same time. I'm like it looks bad on at every level. I think this stimulus I think this stimulus released. Bill is going to to help a lot for a certain amount of time for hopefully a lot of people but yeah. I think realistically we will. We will have if this goes on for a very long period of time. I think we're going to have to conclude that money isn't actually a natural resource that makes any sense for survival anyways knowing that the the system that we're in it isn't that it it can't be broken it can be broken. We just have to adjust to the fact that we have to go back to how things were at some point in time where people just contributed what their skill set was and we may have to do that to read bill during bartering and also just being like look at how many people right now are like. Hey I know how to make bread. And if someone's like why not a harvest flower as long as everyone is like well. If I contribute something might take care of. I think I I mean I. I don't know what that reality looks like to me. That sounds like a more peaceful reality. So what happens? Stand UP COMEDIANS. In this new book the burning man because creating in society. What do we do? We have nothing I can tell you honestly where my head is at right now and it's so stupid but we watch one episode of the Great British baking show with Elliot every day. Yes yes he loves it. She loves it. We love it and I I was like you know if if it gets to a point where people do have access to Food like we figure out the Food System. People just have to stay in their homes. We should try to just get really good at baking and on the back end Will move to British Columbia and will open a bakery. Wait in line the problem with so many problems with this plan first of all why British Columbia they are. They more likely to go to the barter system developed capitalism as we are so long my reason for saying British Columbia as it's so beautiful but also because I'm like you know what is it. I don't know what this country is turning into if trump was reelected. I think I'd have to just move to a small town in Canada where everyone's filled with compassion and cares about each other and all they want is a stand up. Comedian has been baking for four months. I mean if someone is he's look he's got a bakery during the amazing industries and then at night he runs an open. Mike Yeah Yeah No. They're gonNA come in. They're going to take a bite of your morning. Benigo are heard. It was actually really talented comedy. I the mayor. The mayor of the town comes in. It's like we all spoke. We'd like you to get back in comedy. Yeah we'd actually like to ship you. Bet If nothing else you can develop a Sitcom called. Roy's Roy's rolls. I think it'd be a good place to store. Rory's that Rolls Stories Roles Rory and also Jordan guises perspective like I feel like a Moesha's annoying me more than he ever has. Whoa WHOA WHOA. Whoa WHOA like. This is such a hard time when you're in a couple because we don't really get any time away from each other like do you guys have any tips. You seem like you have a pretty like healthy relationship or have you gotten into any juicy fun ridiculous fights. Yeah I mean I think are fighting is probably been the same now. It's just all about our way of life. I have different little bit of a different perspective. I think that you guys tower together. So you guys were together on the road. Answer Home Rory's out on the road more often than not an. I'm home by myself so for me. The adjustment is like figuring out how to share our space. Because normally I'm home by myself after Elliott goes to sleep and like I've got my space and there's nobody else I can do whatever I wanna do and now it's rory and I together and I make her make her nude models for me. That's so funny. I thought what you were saying you were going to say was. Roy's on the road all the time and I'm by myself and so this has been a really awesome opportunity for us to reconnect as a couple and you really zig zag. It's slow in coming all the time in the world. Yeah Yeah yeah totally. Yeah no I don't know that I've been home this much. So I'm it's It's an adjustment. Feels bizarre to me that. There's so many things at home that I've wanted to do and I every time I'm on the road. I always wanted to be home and spend more time with our kid and I'm like I'm you know trying to find the silver lining and not completely throw away the horrific tragedy. That's occurring outside. I go oh. There is something from this that I am getting to do. It is weird it that Natasha's play this clip from this rabbi. Who was like I? Some of it was a little bit like over the top. Like you know all of this. God's will type of message but the thing he said that stuck with me was all of us. A lot of us have convinced ourselves that going out spending time with our friends being on the road partying. Eating in restaurants being in bars is a working is our life. And and now we're home and we're not doing any of those things and we're still alive and still experiencing our life and so it just it. It's kind of like how the Buddhist think about a mind that you think of your mind as that like anxious monologue. That's constantly telling you you know you're not good enough or do this or do that. But then you start. Meditating you realize Oh. There's a mind underneath my mind and it's kind of like that like with what life is like that. I thought that was a really profound ideal. Now that we've shut our lives down and we're still living our lives like maybe we weren't noticing that we were. We were kind of ignoring large parts of our life this whole time. Yeah well that's that I agree with that. I think that's a great Statement I that's what takes me back to Earlier about the the money system crashing is that realize the anytime I got on the road and I get paid. I'm always just like oh. I'm I'm really fortunate. I have a job that is is fun to do. And it's I I get paid solely based on on me just being who I already am. There's something that's so fulfilling about that. That feels great. And I'm sure that's something. All comics relates to is like what a what a great thing to be paid for. But I'm always like but what am I trying to do with this money? It's it's making it just so I can stay alive and it isn't a thing that actually keeps you alive right right right right because now here we are Roy. You're such a hippie. Honestly such I want to. I want to be but I I. I don't know how to fully embrace it and that's why I wanted to call you. Guys are my Delilah AH comes to the market I have been thinking a lot about lately about how at some point in human history we created money out of thin air purely just somebody was actually this Puka. Shell equals a bag of grains now and then and then we kind of like we kind of lost control we created the market and then we kind of lost control of it and then people like a two thousand years later like I can't pay my rent at one point. It was like what do you mean rent? We all built this hut together and now it's gotten so out of control that we're like you know what we're actually willing to kill grandma for this thing we have to. It's almost like we created a god and then it's literally the terminator like we created this thing. We can't control it. We we've lost control of it now. We're we're trying to make a blood sacrifice to hope that it will appease it and the rains will come again. You know what I always. I always think about how How the really rich people whether famous or not but just really rich people and like the lifestyle that you can live as a rich person I always. I always like in the event of End Times this this worship of rich people or famous people it would literally in they snap of your fingers. It would go away. Suddenly you were like. Oh we have to fight off this pack of wolves and go you. Wouldn't you wouldn't look to your right. It'd be like where's Godot. Dash she would be like. Do you have a weapon and be you know what to do because we're counting but does that mean that we should start like learning how to use weapons. I don't think that day hoping that day never comes but I couldn't tell you I don't know you are hippy. After all if you're telling everybody to arm themselves it seems like become a hippie toward. There's a Natasha did you have something. No no Oh there's a passage I read in in World War Z. Of all books. You know the the Bax Brooks Book. Yeah and it's it's really this fascinating idea about the zombies come and all of a sudden societies decimated and all of a sudden all of the people that were the most powerful the lawyers and screenwriters and politicians and you know the Intelligencia the rich and powerful people that had spent their lives developing skills. That weren't functionally useful. Were completely like at the all of a sudden at the lowest rung of society because they had no value whatsoever like nobody cares and and all of the people that they had employed you know like their security and the Gardner and the and the and the contractor and the cleaning person. All of those people had real life skills and so all of a sudden they became the most powerful and important people in society. And I. It's like we're so close to that whole can't do anything. Me and Rory what can you do? I can like have sex and like cook or you'll be a prostitute that's respectable career. Choi career the child. What do you mean you re re your first? What do you what do you mean what am I gonNA do? I told you I'm going to have a fucking Baker is going to be a baker paper Jordan. What are you what will you do? What will you do in the apocalyptic future? What were your job be would be. I think that we can go along this aching route. So you enroll your bakers. I build something if they had to be built our house. So Roy British Columbian Bakers. Natasha and I can keep watch the children and entertain the Tasha a woman of the night. Yeah and I am Jewish so I will be taken care of no matter what happens. We have a secret bunker where we all go at the end of at the end of even in our small post-apocalyptic town. You still have the secret bunker. I just go to that. Rabbi the video of this week and they'll take care of me yes perfect. Thank you guys for talking with us. Yeah this is great. Thank you thank you for reaching out from your bunker to our bunker. We love you guys. Love you Tuesday's thanks okay. Bye-bye I was going to say on that call but I'll just tell you now I was just kind of teasing you. Don't you're not really annoying me? That much of what I was going to say is I one thing I should have said to them. Which has been helping us is doing like exercise or meditation or Yoga Videos Warriors. Something we've been doing we did. I did a youtube work. Youtube is crazy. The resources on there I came downstairs yesterday. I wanted to kick boxing workout. I did a kickboxing workout today. I'm a little sore from all the squats I did. I'm like I'm going to do an APP Zorka. You and I didn't work together and that you can do a twenty minute a thirty minute a one our own. I forgot to say something to he was talking about. The medical professionals will reach out to him. I had a medical professional reach out to me on Instagram. And she was like please. Don't say my name because I'm not authorized to speak for the hospital and I looked at her instagram eurorail. And it was so like hilariously not her name. It was something like you know. Xbox three sixty one to three or whatever so don't worry you're good but she was saying that it's important for us to get out the message that the hospitals are incredibly short of a masks. They need those. All of those n ninety five masks that you hoarded if you have a hundred a box of them an extra box. You don't need them as much as the first responders that are in the hospitals right now. That are literally day after day coming into contact with people that one hundred percent covert like my friend. Andrew Sean. The Surfing Legend of the cove in nineteen community. If you have them contact a local hospital and drop them off drop them off so that those people who are putting themselves in harm's way don't get sick. I think that people who hoard masks like anyone who's like I'm going to buy five hundred masks for me and my family. They're not going to give them back right. You don't think there's any celebrities are just hoarding mask. Well there's other people that celebrity if you've got give them if you know anybody spread the word maybe yeah half of Senate tweet about it. Put An instagram post about Get the message out And speaking of getting the message I thought maybe I don't know if we should do it now now I thought maybe it would be cool to. There's a comedian who actually does have covert. I read a post that he did. He put about what the experience was like Colin. Yeah I thought we'd call them tonight and And Talk to him about what felt like what happened to him. How scary it was. How scary it wasn't he. Has I believe a pretty mild case has it? All the cases are mild. Well let's not. I know I know I know but I do think that like people who are on the young side right now are kind of torn between staying inside or rejoining society and just getting it right but the problem with just going outside and getting it is not you getting it. It's US spreading it. I know so. Let's see what it was like from a real person with real cove in nineteen. We are going to call his name as Chuck Armstrong and we're going to give him a call. Hello Hey Chuck. Hey Hi it's motion casher in the Tasha Lazaro colleagues or you do not sound sick. He's like hello I am. I am totally over it at this point. I am I am through it. How do you know the head because I got tested? Well let's start at the beginning. All right first of all chuck is very funny. Stand up comedian and we worked together in in Seattle many years ago. Yeah yeah actually. I'm I'm half of a double activists. Sketch do of And I opened my act called Charles. We opened for you in Seattle. And I WANNA say two thousand eleven. I remember the show. It was an epoch. Show it was I. It really was a fun. Awesome night what was really funny about that was I remember because you were the headliner. like a lot of tickets were selling more than normal. It was the monthly. Yeah Yeah it was the monthly Like all comedy show in Seattle. You're the headliner. And so the producer this guy tryst and basically just decided to kind of do a bunch of the local comics solid. So I think that show ended up being like three hours long was like so massive of Seattle Comics Yeah it was a fantastic show and I remember what I remember thinking. Chuck I saw your your act and I remember thinking I really like your partner but you I remember thinking I hope this guy get sick someday. I hope that he catches one of the one of the worst global viruses that we've ever seen and wow it's crazy. How prayer prayer works was funny. That's actually the most common review that our act got back in the day Alana Craze for Charlie and just people wishing all kinds of play can blight upon me. Well you got all those. So let's start at the beginning. What happened at the beginning? How did you feel? What did it feel like at the very beginning? So yeah so I I should say like this seems to be affecting everyone totally differently like they ought to This is just me but I woke up on Tuesday that I guess it was like a ten. I think Yeah whenever that whenever that Tuesday was and I felt like Like like a little sick like I felt like I maybe had picked up like a colder like a really mild flu And so I had like. I like aches and chills and Like was tired but you know nothing that I thought would like that big a deal And in fact I had I had a show that was supposed to go on that Thursday and I called my my producing partner and I was like. Hey you know. I'm feeling a little sick with with Kobe. Going around like should we talk about cancelling it and he was also like I. You know I'm also feeling a little thick you know we'd been hanging out that weekend working on the show so he was like. Yeah you know I think I think we should just like. We're probably just got a cold or something like that. I was coughing. It wasn't a big deal where you did you do the show. No we ended up not doing the show so this is on Tuesday the show on Thursday. So then we get yeah. We get to Wednesday and then Wednesday was the day when all the Sports League started cancelling their seasons and we check in again and we were both like yeah. We're both still feeling about the same. We're not feeling You know not. We're not coughing. We're not feeling really bad. But like you know. Maybe we should just think about cancelling the show so we kinda hobby. We cancel the show but we were both a little bit like you know because this is dumb. We just have a cold like you know. We're being overly cautious but we were like. Yeah there's probably the smart thing to do I still felt the same like on Wednesday. I honestly felt like I like had had You know like just like a cold And then on Thursday. I started to feel a lot worse like I got I got like a bad fever. Basically beginning Thursday nights that. That was the night that we would that. We're supposed to do the show so we'd already canceled it. I was already like we're in the clear there Thursday like my aches chills got worse. I definitely had a fever at that point. That was also when I watched. That was when I watched tombstone more. You mentioned tombstone a lot in your description of getting over and I really liked Yeah well let me tell you when you have a bad fever you know you. Haven't you have a lot of time to sit on your bed and think but the diversity of thought that you're capable of entertaining is extremely limited? So you can really just focus on one thing. What we're most of the thoughts beyond tomb state. I'M GONNA die. Oh well no. I know honesty. Am I going to start coughing? Start coughing because that was because he just contagion why I hadn't watched contagion. I was a little bit like I don't know if I should watch this going on. Definitely out good choice to pick. Tombstone and not contagion. You would have had much worse. Thank you thank you very much. I mean Val. Kilmer does play a guy with tuberculosis don. Actually this seems a little more similar to to Burke Yellow Sus than it does to. What was it called? I don't remember what what the disease in contagion was what. Yeah what's the name of the illness from Contagion Tasha? I don't remember yeah. I have to say I'm still waiting to see how this ends. Okay well he felt or to cove it was killed the villain into stone. That's okay all right so all I all all rush through this so basically I val. Kilmer is a kind of these an outlaw. In a way and Yeah Yeah Yeah conflicted you know. And he like sorry all right. I'll stop okay so so I got like a lot worse over the weekend. My fever basic up to one hundred and two and I started coughing. Pretty bad on On Saturday can I ask you about the cough? How did it feel different than a regular like I have a cough cough? Was there something unique about it? Yeah well so yes. Basically but but it didn't feel like a new type of this makes sense. It sort of feels like. Do you know when you have a bad cold. And you're congested and you're coughing a lot of flam right or it didn't feel like bat. I had no like Fleming my lungs. I wasn't coughing anything up but usually at least in my experience when I've been sick like that I- towards the end of the illness will like just sort of cough like nothing up. Just kind of like like they say. Dry Cough is a symptom. And I guess that's kind of the right description so it was not a bad call. I didn't feel like hawking along I didn't feel like I was trying to copy off it just sort of always felt like kinda needed to like expelled. Some Air For two days. Yeah so that Kinda kicked in. I WANNA say Friday Saturday after. The fever started like really kind of noticeably. Started Thursday and Saturday the when you cough did you freak out. Were you panicking when the cough began A little bit. Yeah but I really don't because it wasn't bad right like the things that I've been reading had been like people getting the Monja and people you know like having a hard time breathing and I didn't have any of that like it was just like a kind of like an annoying cough almost like Almost like you cough like when you buy you drink too big glass of water or something and then you gotTa Talk Right your throat. But it was like that intermittently you know I was like I would call like that. Every you know every twenty thirty minutes just a couple of costs this just a couple of cough Or knew exactly what I was expecting. And then but I mean it was never. It was never so bad that I had problems breathing. It was never so bad that I Like was concerned about whether or not I'd be able to fall asleep. The KAKU keep me up like the thing that was most concerning to me. Was that my fever. Got Up to one hundred and two and I couldn't remember the last time I had a fever. That bad right like I don't think since I've been a kid had I had a fever of one hundred and two or what. Were you delusional? Where you feel like I had like some pretty like weird fever dreams like like. I couldn't remember any specifics but like I was. You know like very clearly like I and I like not to be sweating through the clothes that I was sleeping in so I would like put change of clothes out and I was like having been fevered dreams and An interesting feeling fever always got worse at night so I would wake up from like a nice like I'm getting better. I'm fine and then at night like around. Ten o'clock would feel awful like horrible and the only thing I could do was crawl into bed and try to fall asleep. We take tylenol. What we taken. Oh Yeah so I started I started taking advil pm when the fever I came on And then I was reading about it online and So this is I should say also. In the interest of responsibility this is just anecdotal but The I think the French Health Ministry remember the French equivalent of the CDC. I don't I don't know what the proper name is and I'm sure it's not an English probably in French so whenever I would be wrong it's institute Delta Tombstone I believe Yeah exactly yeah. That's exactly right. It's wow how serendipitous beautiful after that film. Yeah 'cause the Turkey Laos's they They add put out a statement saying there were some concerns that I do pro Finn Exacerbated the symptoms and I read some of the like I think it was like A. There's a there's like a paper in science. There was a scientific paper that I don't remember where I found that was about that. Topic that was describing. How like the receptor? I don't know I don't know the Science and personally I can't be specific here and whatever I would probably just mislead people anyway but like they're like sci fi to make sense from what I read it was like. Oh Yeah 'cause affects your cells this way and the virus does the same way like they might. They might make the situation worse. So I switched to Tylenol When I was going to bed so I was taking tylenol. Pm At night. Before I go to sleep and that that did seem to really help The advil didn't seem to help But I didn't notice it making it worse so I don't WanNa like lead people astray and then since followed up a couple other health ministries have said like no. There's no evidence that this is true. I don't know why the French said this so I don't know if that's the case but in my experience advil didn't seem to help. The tylenol did well regardless of whether advil bad. Everybody does seem to kind of agree that if you're having low grade symptoms tylenol does seem to help people. So that's that's at least good i. We're not medical professionals but we are comedians. Comedians are philosophers comedies. Like a church comedy clubs. Churches COMEDY SETS ARE LIKE PREACHING. And so in that way we're leaders of the community so incredibly hot take thanks now. What comedians do we kind of were were the thinkers the philosophers were? They were the kind of the neo journalist so Natasha did you. WanNa cut me off and say something. I'm still WANNA know so from March tenth. When was it over ten days situation? Like you seem very like in very high spirits right now. Oh yeah I feel fantastic right now the whole thing and and basically took twelve days so the fever broke surprisingly like almost immediately. When I woke up on Sunday like I went to bed. Saturday with a really bad fever woke up Sunday I should say I was sleeping like twelve hours a night like my body was just was beat so I would go to bed at midnight and wake up at like noon or one any any any masturbation at all or too sick for that I would say man. Let me tell you. I think that's how you know that is bad news. Yeah masturbation this whole time tune stone yet but now I mean this this that accident well credible. That's that's pretty intense Sunday. The nights breaks. I wake up and I'm and I'm feeling more or less fine. I'm still coughing. Though and I T- I call my doctor's office and my doctor was like the receptionist said you know we don't want anybody to come in but the dog like the opposite set up like a video conference so I do video conference appointment with my doctor and I know no masturbation during that either. Well I mean a little bit. I mean you know I was sitting on my desk so it's kind of a hot webcam situation role play as a cam of I. Don't CARE DOC ROLE. Playing situation the good way for doctors to make money. So so what did they ask you? he actually my symptoms. It was a it was a guy he was the guy. It is a guy a male doctor. He died that it caught on the Webcam. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah he like he described because to me and I had to make a really sexy so it was to do that. He died of Horny now. He ran on the. Yeah Yeah He. He went down to symptoms and basically told them you know it was going on and he said he was like okay. There's a good chance you might have it. You should get tested if you can You know we don't have tests here at our office He's been so there's a couple of hospitals in New York One of them was Bellevue Hospital interesting. Which I've only noticed a mental hospital. He said they've got a ton of tasks he said. Otherwise I live in Brooklyn so he was like. If you're in Brooklyn maybe try Try and urgent care so okay so I went to. I went to an urgent care On the next day on Tuesday already feeling. I'm feeling about the same and they held on Monday but I'm still coughing a fever anymore as you're going through the streets of New York. Are you like extremely freaked out about getting people sick? Yeah so I was wearing a mask I happen. I happen to have an M ninety five. Valco from yeah. I haven't had val kilmer one of those plastic Halloween Sarah. That'll do it. Because I got a few you know and so I was like this will work. This will filter out. Yeah so you have a are you avoiding people I was then I mean I'm still isolating. I'll get I'll get there. Get there at the end of the story. Oh sure so so at the time. Yeah so I I had a mask so I I was wearing the mask. I had a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer so I was like sanitizing my hands pretty much after doing anything. I would open my front door. Tenant has my hands before and after like any time. I opened the door to the urgent care. The doctor's office whatever I was doing And also I will say like you know like of course like they had hand sanitizer stations like up like three or four places inside Inside the reception area. So you're gonNA earn care and they're like we don't have any cash the only place that has them in Brooklyn his stadium D which I don't know if you're listening to familiar city. Md is kind of like a walk in clinic. Throughout New York It's like an urgent care but But I think like you know a little bit less hospital adjacent so I had never been to one but it was cool. It was very well. Run you check in like a little electric key off. And they had you know. Massive hand sanitizer stations. Next all of those I go in to talk to the doctor there and they tell me okay. We do have tests but you. I mean my thirties there. Like you are not at risk. You don't have any prior health conditions long dishes so we are going to test you for the flu. I so I had to have a flu tasks which was like a nasal swab and like it'll take thirty minutes for this so I had to like hang out and Doctor'S OFFICE FOR THIRTY MINUTES THEY test came back negative and then they were like yeah well We're going to test you for covert. Now it's going to be the same thing but also because I'm low risk low priority. You know they. They said they're not going to be able to get the results back for four five days from. You're not going to rush it through. So they said you know act like you have it go back into social isolation you know social distancing whatever as much as you can act like you have it so. I said okay. When did you you start coughing? More just to really get into character like just to make sure they would give me the task when though just act like you have it like. You're already feeling better. It's kind of difficult to get a handle on the character like you might WanNa like really give give it. Give it a lump. Yeah exactly similar to what kilmer did in tune where he really kinda cultivated the call right because it's it's unlikely that kilmer actually had to Berkeley losses during that role. It's extremely guys method actor right. I don't know maybe he found somebody you know to like. Get some Turkey losses. You as. He was preparing so wouldn't be SURPRI. I wouldn't put it past. He's a great actor. We can all agree on that. He was robbed role. One of the best top-five easily five Batman so so you go home. You're freaking out. You're acting like you got it. Yeah well I will say this though I. I feel so much better than I did on Friday Saturday right so like Friday Saturday I was. I was very freaked out. I was I was sick. I had one hundred degree fever. I'm like am I gonNA have difficulty breathing Kinda like what? Natasha was earlier. I was just like sort of like I gotta start coughing and will get bad when I do But at this point I'm now feelings by and the cough is still. It's not a bad coffee so I don't have a hard time breathing. I'm just sort of like it's. It's like a light competent. It persists basically like all of last week. I got a call Friday or Saturday. And they tell me they're like oh you're like you tested positive for For a virus and I'm like what does that mean and there was like okay. Well you had it and you still have it and You are like you should remain isolated from you. Know Your family if possible. Bur until seventy two hours after Citizens Bear jokes on them. I live alone so I liked that. They really concerned. I like that. They assumed it they look at you and they go so stay away from your mom and Dad who you definitely live with. Yeah one look at me and like like you're going to have. Yeah your mom your dad in a tiny apartment you all live in. Stay with. Stay away from all nine. If your roommate's that's going to be very important. Yeah Bush apartment with five hundred other COMEDIANS Ping so now are you immune to it like you can only get at once so I mean like the sort of. They don't really know what it seems to be like from everything I've read and from what my doctor told me both my my doctor and the doctor at city. Md who tested me is that It's I'm basically immune to the to the strain that I that I have. So they're like you're fine for that and you know probably like most likely that would be that version of it that I would be exposed to again in the next you know six months or whatever but they did say they're very worried about Mutation they don't know how much the thing is mutating and the extent which it's mutating whether you can get infected again so they kind of told me they're like look probably you're you're fine but we can't say that with certainty like we don't. We don't really know it's too early to know so they said. Please continue to use an abundance of caution. Please continue to distance yourself as much as you can. Which is feasible. By the way can we just take a moment acknowledge? What an amazing time. This has all been for the phrase abundance of caution like it's having such a moment right now. Like how often do we use that phrase prior to this as a reality like once every three years of college never heard more chuck? There's an abundance of abundance of caution being said right now that I couldn't agree I couldn't have said it better myself. I agree wholeheartedly. My Sane of the phrases increased Li nine hundred percent so so. Are you taking an abundance of caution? When did you feel like all better? I felt better basically on this path like this past Saturday Sunday like I was like Sunday. I think was probably the first thing that I really like. Felt like myself like truly like myself. What I wasn't it's been is even though like today. I feel totally fine. Totally normal but I still didn't very tired so whatever it took my body to you know get over. The illness like see like tired me out entirely and even when the fever was gone I was still extremely fatigued like still sleeping. You know ten eleven hours a night. I'm sleeping like ten hours a night. No problem But otherwise I basically started feeling completely back to normal. I WANNA say like around. Sun like basically Saturday Sundays. Like twelve or so days after After the first sentence came on was about when I started feeling dot com myself. I have an idea. I think you should get one of those now gene bottles. Look I WANNA show one of these big like. It's like these huge. I don't know forty eight ounce things of water and make sure you're drinking that much a day. Oh Yeah Well I. I am drinking out of a novelty mets souvenir glass dot at a Mexican. That'll do it Scott. Because it's got the ounce measurement on it to make sure you're not getting rift on the beer for twenty four five ounce glass so I'm drinking like three or four of those today. Yeah I mean it. Just out of an abundance of caution you should be drinking fluid. You know that's not good at drinking it abundance of fluids but it's easy to forget and I sometimes think having a measuring thing especially if you need to stay healthy is is important because you can go a whole day without drinking water and not even realize it Mel Chuck. It's your now in the seventy two hour past symptoms zone is that do you think that? Yeah I yes. Yeah so what are you doing? Are you back in the world are you? Are you walking around like skipping through Times Square going I I had it? I don't have no more. Who wants a hug? Yeah I'm I'm looking subway. Poll you know. It's normal cell. No but I really am seriously curious like now that you've had it and you don't have any more like are you more brazen. Are you still social distancing? Like what's the deal? Yeah so we'll visit a couple of things right like so first of all like F freezing in New York is totally. Shut Down Bro. Bars and restaurants total totally closed Like copy shops totally closed. Even if I like you know it's not like apartments coolest place in town like you know what I wanted. But you don't WanNa go hang out with friends Bear they're not gonNA lead their apartments and I still have to you know. Take the subway or or take a taxi or left or whatever to get there so it's not like it's not like there's a a you know like a big world of activities to walk back into you. Couldn't find some irresponsible millennials to go hang out with and smoke a joint with or something. I mean I I I guess I I got on. I'm not on Tick Tock. Maybe that's where they all hang like underground cova then. There's gotTa be you here today. Actually a news story that broke. They had like an Ironic Cove Party in Kentucky. Like a bunch of young people. Like fuck this. We're fucking partying and then one of the people at the party. Has it now and probably the entire Party is going to get it? Yeah I mean they got so. That's the thing right like people are like. I started feeling sick and people on my block. Where like throwing Corona Party? I don't this seems to be pretty real guys. The right time to be really not using an abundance of caution agree chuck. You might agree. Took I think that's a good use of the phrase? I have one last question for chuck to. I know that we've kept time. What's like what's the vibe in New York right now? It's pretty eerie frankly It feels weirdly desolate Like I mean there's no shows there's bars closed like that's crazy. Bars or closed. Restaurants are closed. So I like because I'm feeling fine now. I have like gone out on walks by myself. I'm still tried to social distancing thing because you know abundance of caution et CETERA. But all I can walk around the park and you see people like people have you know trying to keep this and then people are in math right and it definitely is like it even still way less crowded in the park like for whatever it took people seem to like. Now be taking it very seriously like you. Don't see people out right I haven't ridden the subway. And like I guess this happens over two weeks ago And Yeah I don't know you people coming up out of the subway. You don't see it just. It just seems weird. It seems sort of Eerie and desolate. I think it's like go ahead. I'm going to say it's like if you've ever been in New York City on Thanksgiving Day it. It kind of feels like that every day similar here in Los Angeles. I think you should get a t-shirt shirt printed that said I had Cova I'm immune now Lee and then ladies question our lady. Yeah something like that as late as ladies on the back or is it all on the front. Oh I kind of like the back. That's kind of fun and then here's the cool thing once you're done using it for your personal life when New York it's up and running again you can probably sell it to a bunch of those gift shops in Times Square. Yeah it's a really the idea. Ocampo could sell up to like one of those like really overpriced vintage clothing store anymore that it costs to make a real covert. Natasha had another question. Okay I have one last question because you're the only person you're the only person I've talked to. Who has who has Kovin? Oh right yeah so before you got it. Were you in any kind of like situation where you would have been around a lot of people have you or do you feel like no other than being in New York which is such a like a like an accountant. Obnoxious answer. But it's like I don't know I think like the L. Train Services. Like three hundred thousand people write a day and I was writing that every single day. Virus can incubate for up to two weeks. So if I was like if I had it you know and had no symptoms like I was getting on the subway every single day for. You know that it's a crazy. New York has the perfect perfect incubation center for this disease. It's so Man It just really drives home the New York versus La thing like La wins with a bullet. Wow Man yeah man like yeah you know. I didn't I didn't expect to come on your on your podcast thrown by having the La Corner slammed the big apple but no but it is kind of Irian scary to think about like everybody. Everybody who had covert in New York was writing in a fucking tube with a bunch of people that didn't have and vice versa. I mean it's like that is really disturbing. We also think about like I mean all the activity right is necessarily also really crammed in. It's going I'm going to. I'm going to comedy clubs. That are like tiny tiny basements in the lower east side. I'm like I'm going to the bar. Senator Washing Islanders Gamer. Or whatever there's people there like everybody's touching the same stuff like if you're on the subway you're going to bars. You go into restaurants like yeah. It's it's pretty scary. I think that will. I don't know I think the impact of the virus on New York specifically is like much much much. It's going to be much more severe than I think anyone is expecting. I've had a buddy of mine here in New York has all the same symptoms I had and he now can't get tested because he's alert priority exactly straight won't even give them a pat straight white man just another thing another widget against us brother and that's what we really wanted to talk to you about. Thirty can't believe he was. My friend was white. You know it's amazing we own. We only only a stick with our own race friendship wise. It's really awesome again. Another thing that's really positive about L. A. Versus New York. Check your so cool to sit on the phone with us and let us like Ascii so many questions. Yeah thank you so much I do I I really. I'm happy that you're well. I think it's important also to say that what you had sounds like a typical version of the incredibly mild version of this. And Yeah so please. Usually I'm gonNA say yeah because the thing is just seems to affect people totally differently like anything you read like. I think I got incredibly lucky that I didn't have any trouble breathing that I didn't have any like any of those things that can happen to like. That are having a lot of people right because my experience was that I read your update on facebook and and I was like Oh this is like it really brought my anxiety level down to be honest. You know because I'm like you know I'm young and I'm healthy and You know and then I read somebody else's Description his symptoms and he's also young and healthy more than he is yours. He was forty two. I'm closer to that than I. Well I don't know how old you are. You said you're in your thirties. There's a big old spectrum but anyway yeah what are you in? La AROUND FORTY IN LA. But I I look thirty nine in La and that's because of you know they say white don't crack right. Yeah they do say that it's a classic saying that abundance of an abundance of Melanin a dearth of melon lack of Melanin. Don't cry at any rate so then I read this other review review. The Internet is ruining the via review of Govan but another description of a healthy forty two year old. I mean an athlete triathlon runner. And it fucking ravaged him man I you know he he had exactly what you described but then it got worse and it got worse and he the fever got worse he put himself in cold baths and he was taking rescue inhalers and and then if he said he felt like he was right next door to death and so I just yeah to the. If you're listening. This isn't Chuck's chuck story is not necessarily A. Don't worry about it. It's just a it's a it's a it's a look at what What this feels like from somebody? That didn't get absolutely through the ringer done it. I'm so glad you're healthy now. Chuck Yeah and and Selami. Hey Mama Yeah one last question before we let you go. Have you masturbated? Yeah well a New Yorker never tell fair enough that's another say a New Yorker tells. Why don't crack and an abundance of caution? I'll bet you there was an abundance if and when you did that gotta be after that build up after Kobe. Build up on New York and Emma tells you Brooklyn accent if it if it drives the Point New Yorker tells a New York couldn't have most you. Well Chuck thank you. You told a lot and it was incredibly fun to talk to you and in Enlightening and we're so happy that you're feeling better. Thank you. Thank you so much Thanks for having me on Guy We'll we'll we'll linke on all the socials and stuff to our people appreciate your time. Thank you very much. You too bye-bye okay. Well this is. The endless honeymoon podcast. Regardless if it's the bonus episode or not so what would we be if not a podcast? That does some relationship advice. Who Do one call okay? Let's do one all right. Let's do one call. Yeah we'RE GONNA Call Charlotte in Dallas. Hello SHARLA SHARLA. It's Natasha Moshe. What's going on guys you know? We're just co in our Cova. Dan and Smell there's a faint smell of bleach around us all. Yeah Yeah we're kind of trying to stay positive. Yes period. Weird time happening What's going on with you? Okay so give a little bit of a story I So I've been in my house and it's like last Tuesday when my job sent me home trying to work from home becoming a teacher to a seven year old at the same time My husband's still working. He's considered a central staff at the hospital. So we're not really totally isolated. Because he's obviously at the hospital So to add another layer nine months pregnant and due next week and like I'm scheduled to induce on Tuesday hopefully doing all this before like hostels get overrun and while they're still allowing the partner to even be there while you birth And also it's like I were to get sick or anyone around me get sick. They'll isolate the baby which is like insane and think about and So with that being said I've like told some of the family like hey if you haven't been quarantined like you can't come to the house and we get home. I'm sorry like even though like it's totally understandable I still feel kind of Dick about it. the main line is my dad. Who takes everything really personal? He can be irrational. He's like the typical Grumpy Long Island Jew and give an example. One time he came over to my house and I've adopted a dog and the dog like wasn't pumped to see him because he's like the Beuys adopted dog and my dad left my house mad. 'cause my dog goes and takes tiny to be fair. A lot of dogs don't care for Long Island Jews. I mean that's especially in Texas Texas dog. Yes they could. They could smell it on him immediately. But I mean that's totally you're right and you have to have those boundaries and I think it's smart to have those boundaries and I think that you know if your parents don't understand they will soon take it from me parents. Just don't understand so it is your dilemma. What do you? What do you say to him? I don't know I don't know even know why so. I guess it's it's in my DNA to feel guilty So he just I still. He's going to be a rational about it and I mainly the the first reason why like I even contacted. Y'All I think he'll talk about like weird quarantine situations now like well during pandemics hedda weird you know. No doubt pretty calm him. Call seem like you're pretty measured in like ready for for what you seem like a pioneer woman who was just ready to take charge your pioneer. Do One of the few one of the things you do you feel. Do you feel any strength. That's from all of this or do you feel like how. Where are you feeling as a pregnant woman about to give birth right now I mean I've definitely had a couple meltdowns just imagining like It's like this is my husband's first child my previous daughter. She's seven I was actually single when I gave birth to her. But I was good friends with your dad. Like unlikely. Like it's all good as it possibly could have been. But it's still not the dream you don't want to be a single person giving birth and we are you allowed to have a child out of wedlock in Texas a real question. No Kidding Yeah. So so he is. He more freaked out than you are. Because he's not had a child before Yeah he's just. He's playing really show. But I asked the Lincoln we scheduled to do some Tuesday over. How are you feeling about that? Like no nerve wracking. So I think it's not really GonNa hit US talk happening But my main thing was like I really wanted this time to be normal. Sure of course early culture. It's not normal but whatever And so now I'm like what the Fuck Kinik. What if he's not even able to be there in the sit there for two days in the hospital by yourself so I have a a little bit of a meltdown about that but then I'm hoping as of right now not shutting down as intensively as like they have in New York and stuff like that right and if they do you'll get through it? You know it. It'll just yeah. Yeah I mean I guess but I mean first of all. I think both Natasha and I because of our experience. And you've had this experience of already already with how intense it is to have a kid period. I think we're both am I right in the desert kind of in awe of the fact that you're you're going through this it's already so terrifying and you're going through this in the most terrifying time in our history like honestly like you know we down. Kudos to you for walking through it. I mean. That's the thing about pregnancy though it's like it's common the baby baby common. It's like Omar. Common baby become basically. Your question is like is it. Are you being rude to tell? Your parents can't come like I'm not being rude. It's just like how do I even approach this irrational person? I mean I guess I just do it. And if he acts crazy like if not me. That's not my problem fingernails. Just say. We're taking social distancing very seriously. It's very important for these next three weeks to be. We'll reassess it at this time. You know we love you. Can we please facetime and zoom? You're like basically as you know because you've already had a kid like your DNA you know your spiritual DNA gets reconstructed when it comes to having a kid something so incredibly helpless that you that you are the person that's sorta take care of it so like if you're worried about your guilty Jewish DNA making you feel like guilt. I I have a feeling once that baby comes. You're not even going to be tripping off of your irrational dad going like what what about me. What about the dog? I A dog now this. You know it's like you're just going to be like sorry no you know. It's like the guilt. I feel like we'll go away when the primacy of what you have to do with that little kid comes but in terms of making your dad because like probably he's being annoying and irrational. Because he's like scared and sad right. I mean that's reality of it and also that hope that whole boomer generation like isn't doesn't WanNa be old right they don't WanNa admit that they're old and they don't like social distance that much right they want to just say I can do it. Everything's Fine I guess that's that's a fair point. But that's not the that's not the point here isn't that he needs to social distance. It's that you are social distancing because you've got a hospital worker and your house and a newborn coming like so I think to me like did you see that video. There's I mean going around. You know I'm the king. There's a mean going around. A three generations was social distancing. It's heartbreaking picture of a A Dad bringing his newborn to his debt to his father through a window and the dad is on the inside looking at the little grandkids. Have you seen that now? Seem like the anniversary one but yeah so it's something similar so as Corny as it is like. That's so an option for you to take your newborn baby over to your dad's place and say this is look in hold. Hold your child up like Simba in the Lion King or Kunda in in roots and say here is your grandchild. And it'll be nice and it'll be sweet. It'll be all that he can get. Because that's what you're offering. Well all the boy in the bubble. Neha we're all the boy in the bubble. That's so sad. Well here's a positive. Here's the positive I'm just realizing right. Now it's all so scary but I just know that everything's GonNa be okay for you. You'RE GONNA get through it no complications. Everybody's going to be healthy. I can feel it. The positive is there is literally no time more well suited for shelter in place. Then I now the months after having a newborn I mean we did that. We did that. Two years ago without the pandemic pump. That I just get to be alone with the baby totally. Also you seem so calm like what's your secret marijuana yes. I love getting high when pregnant I don't no I think just I've been busy becoming a teacher. 'cause now school's out for like a couple of months and there's been busy and you know doing laundry and vacuuming eating And just knowing that it's going to happen either way it'll be good. It will be good like you kind of feeling like a housewife right. I I kinda I kinda feel like that. Yeah I know it's it's real weird. It's Kinda cool to not have to work and get to. The sexes like nine sitting at home like existing very pregnant thinking about Takao income for him. So yeah that's so hard to get that baby out. You can facetime your annoying dead every day and you can show them the baby through the window and it's going to be you're you're about to have the the nicest incubation period. Anyone can have in these trying times because you get to hang out with your new baby so excited for you. Thank you very much. Thank you good luck by. I mean yeah. That's something I mean inducing on Saturday and yeah that seems like a lot. Universities like don't have kids and you're like I got one hour. It'll be here Saturday but I mean God the kind of can you imagine being the dad been like come on? Let me just touch the baby a little bit. I mean what she is going through seems very intense. It isn't a because now I just read in New York and I don't know what did she live in New York Dallas. I read a New York. Yeah they're they're thinking about in certain areas. Not letting anyone come to you come with you got to give birth like not even a husband a Dula. Nobody your. That's scary. If you couldn't have come with me I would have been so afraid. Would you have chosen me or the Dula? No you really don't know but it was such an emotional time I would. I would have a really hard time. Maybe the second one idea. Okay right. You're a little bit more grizzled well. Jeez to everybody out there at that's the thing I'm thinking about. Is it everybody out? There has their version of the freaked out like circumstances at the I mean. This woman's is particular and specific and intense but like there are old people out there that are terrified. And there's people out there that are That are immuno-compromised people out there. People living with diseases and diabetes and HIV lupus. And all this stuff like everybody's got their own little crisis in like that. These are relentless times viruses. Don't care about your heart of hearts but we still have like each other. And that's kind of beautiful thing shelter in place. We're all sheltered in place. And we're all connecting to the people that we love and I loved what the doctor said last week. He said social isolation not physical physical isolation not social isolation. I thought that was good luck. I feel closer to my friendship circle than ever. Because we're all calling and checking on each other and that's been actually really nice and it's nice slick that video that you sent to me you know there is more to life than going out. There is what you have at home and inside and there's always the movie tombstone which I I WANNA get podcasting. Go Walk Okay Okay. We'll guess thing. I thought I'd tell you before we go again. I really I love tombstone. I think it's a good movie. Well you guys like kept talking about this movie that I had no reference to know. Let's go watch it. You want to watch right now. No sounds awful. It's a western. You love Western's with Val kilmer. It's a western with VAL kilmer. You know actually does a good. Let's go do it. I do like Westerns. I like Westerns. But you know what I love your I love you too.

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