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Reading this is sustain inert. I'm your host belmont with me as always this are. Mr producer will carried tonight. Will doing this monday evening. Fi but we got a lot to cover we. Do we do before we started before. Hit the record button. You were like this thing is now all of a sudden three pages like yeah i guess it is. There was a lot that has happened. Nineteen of course we address to start with the biggest biggest thing we can which spider man three will become no way home christmas day. Yes and chances are it will probably stick with that. Christmas release date but Yeah it was funny that Tom holland and several members of the few member. Since i today and the cat's having fun with names and tea with With us and then of course a nice video that drop last week with the new name way. Home and of course. I think following up from that. Tom holland of saw interview where he pretty much said that. Toby and andrew are not going to be in the film but we'll see So doctor strange will come out after no way okay. That's interesting that that actually gives more credit. Tom holland saying they're not. I'm the only spiders. Yeah yeah. I wanna say dr strange. I wanna say it's march twenty twenty two. Okay i can loop. I don't know. I don't know the batman will the out that month. I dunno dr stans. That's a bit risky for me. Okay but it. Has this really beautiful up. That i liked along division however away anyway. We'll get there. We'll get there get there and hopefully. It will be the last one with tom because he also does. This is his last one as far as under his contract. So we shall see yeah and then meanwhile in dc land superman and lois debuted it on the seat w everyone is just saying it's raw it's interesting. It's what they wanted in the movies. Which i feel like the cw versus use to that comparison. That's like roach. Check the box. Compare it to the movies compared to the movies right. Why are they doing this. This type of Storytelling a essentially a teen network via. That's the like young twenty year olds and lowers the prime audience for cw and yet it has all of these superman or all of these heroes shows that seemed to revitalize franchise i watched it the. Here's my one critique. It did not need to be two hours. It did not need to be like this and it wasn't even two hours run. Time lives an hour. Yeah it was about our maybe twenty with commercials. Yeah it didn't need to be that they they really did not have to i i i i saw where it was all. Go in. and it's like okay but overall. I think that it did what a pilot should do Where i didn't i kept for some reason. I kept thinking about the flash pilot and if you re flash there they do some stuff never continues throughout the rest of the ship. And i think with this pilot. I couldn't pick up on anything that i was thinking to myself. That's going to change. They're not gonna do that. They very much. It was very much about the characters and us recognizing this as not not another superman show but a a show about the kents. Yup i i would agree with you there. did like it this far as a As far as politics go and flashes a very good comparison because a life the flash pilot. This one definitely came out of the gate very strong. I think it definitely in a lotta ways that seems to have ignored crisis. Ignore the fact that they are. Maybe you're crisis but that they are part of the era verse because it felt like it was. It was almost like a reboot of the character of what we've seen up to this point and the adverse so So i so. I i as far as the matic things about it. It definitely felt a little bit more grounded and also something else get into a black lightning later the and even even bat woman. We saw this week as well is what toll you be a superhero takes on your family and i really like that aspect of it as far as the cats and his dynamic with with this thing for males boring but also this amex as far as just their daily lives trying to raise a family all the pressures of pain pills and things. You know what. I'll see in the arab shows so it definitely totally definitely was different. But also i think it it also gave us you know it really fleshed out clark kent as as as a person and and as some of the things that he was having having to deal with and losing his mother and also having all this powers superman movie or is it. He's like all the all these powers and i can't. I couldn't save him talking about jonathan when he had his heart attack and a ethic of the same with what he's dealing with in the shed right. it really made him appear as a father. The flaw other. And and which. I which i like that twists. Because we're we're very much used to him being the a sun in the three and He has he has sons of his own to look after. And so we'll see we'll see how it goes. I mean again. It always is gonna get compared to the last one because she's a modest probably one of one of the if not the best. Cw full complete seasons. There is for sure. Good luck with also something. The dc loves to do is right when they launched a show. They loved talk about movies. this week. Felt like the best time for it to get put out there in the world. That black panther comic offer to nisha coats is is writing a superman revolt. Movie for warner brothers and d. c. j. j. abrams producing under his bad robot label and no word on if henry cavill is returning and that is primarily because everyone is casting michael b jordan. The superman and i say these superman. Because we don't know if it's gonna be clark kent or if it's gonna be a different version But i think it's interesting. I- i- j.j. abrams is in is. Is someone who. I'm kind of like kay track record with me. Think fair Yeah what i saw this. I was like well it could be. The force awakens. Jj or it could be processed cow walker. Che che mean the. The force awakens. I didn't even think that. I think everyone that movie because of the nostalgia of it but looking back on it or my first impression of it was. It's paint by numbers. It was like that entire trilogy but still yeah maybe mid or maybe star trek. Maybe a another other. Where he rebooted a franchise And i thought the two thousand dollars and star trek in the kelvin universe was was very very well done so but we'll e utrillo parkey. Yeah hey you know. I could easily be like one of these heads be located. It's not william shatner in not star trek. But i'm not going to be that person but one thing i did want to. I thought about this article. I read earlier this evening. And a tweeted it out from About black panther speaking of at initial coats and The whole issue of recasting and into your point about black michael jordan Being fan cast so far and the whole thing about whether or not chadwick boseman. Whether or not to challah should be recast and it was very this article. was really mason really Excellent points that Really if they really wanted to honor The character and chadwick is to is indeed to recast because and speaking. I thought about this. In the context of superman we've had it talked about. Henry cavill had multiple actors. Play this character. Even after opposite. Christopher he had his accident and brandon. Ralph came in and took over But yet for made a point with in particular with african american heroes. Why can't we do that with with with the cia and and it was really good piece to my personal page. I tweeted there in between it from our show. Count really really fault. Provoking on on on the especially in context of talking about rebates. And one thing. I want to point out the way. You just said that if you made it sound like Christopher reeves got an accident and then the very next day brandon. I know but my point i believe. Get your point. I didn't say there was a time gap an s one of the things. This article makes the point that they could give it that. We've heard news that they're going to do it. Will contra show you could like use that time period to give a little bit more space between chadwick staff and and black panther too. So yeah no. I i agree with you. I think that at the end of the day the there initially. And i think it was just the shock of all like okay. How do we proceed given the strategy that has occurred and and and being respectful but also not like moving on quickly and that's where feigen and marvel are kind of like it's a balancing act. So i even if they don't immediately recast him for black panther too. I still don't think it's not. It's not something that maybe once there's more more breasts between between Chadwick passing and and when we get the new to challah. I i think they'll return to that wells when i'm trying to say it just And in fighting we trust so when the right time is to go back there and do the recast because yeah there. You're just withholding another opportunity for her star and that's not what chadwick was about at all so exactly and speaking about chadwick. He is the winner of glow golden globe and so are a lot of other people. Some other people. I wanna worth noting is basically the cast of the crown. Gosh renew it. That's these in the actors and actresses klay charles and diana's like they carried the show. They really did. They really did. So the julian anderson say oh my god i just wish her husband would something to because he he killed me whenever he appeared upstream but very happy for them Surprisingly all i've been hearing all have been here for months now will is talk about promising young woman Promising young woman and judas in the black messiah. But i was very shocked when this other film that i had heard about but not nearly as much as the other two Called no-man's-land basically just felt like it swept a lot of stuff. Get the not yeah the. Tv's i mean it got director and and and motion picture francis one to right I think so. Go back and look at the list. What is she becomes the next merrill like exactly. Yeah yeah the other notable ones. I knew this was of course aubrey ray for arbor day. Excuse me For went in us feebly holiday and only the second black actress to win In like thirty five years after after we'll be one. I guess for sister act or call local or color purple. We call it. Yeah yeah yeah sorry An issue. I can't i can't recall which one but i guess time tommy was. Yeah that would be about right. And then we'll think ghost it was ghost ghost. That's right that's right. It was ghost because color. Kirk lightning i. I have to look this up now. I'm really gonna kick myself. But i think heller. Purple is almost notable as having all of these nominations in winning. Hardly anything yeah. It was just very very strange but anyway. Yeah there's that there was that and then of course yet comedy category shits creek got golden globe. Wind is party gets obviously finished up this past year as well. So yeah i. it's still it's still. I am treating award season very much. Like how my dad treated the football season. It's fake season because the tiny is just messing with my head and it doesn't feel we've got in so late the fact that we've gone without the cinemas for pretty much a year. Now it just everything about this feels so removed and isolated that. I'm very much not i don't. I'm not like in previous years. Where i was all about it so same thing. I mean i did what. Yeah catch duisenberg messiah. Very good film me to. I watched it too. I liked love it. It's proof of why i never understand. History teachers say like you can't learn history by watching movies mike system. These are really well done and better more interesting than the actual history. But exactly i'm just gonna go and rewatch hamilton. They hum all right well. Why don't you walk us through. What's going on in lindley state so episode four three black lightning that book of reconstruction quick Quick recap on this particular episode Again solid solid alliens for black lightning this week. It was Several several notable things happen I of course. Jefferson is still in a really bad place as far as henderson and and lent is also still experimenting on herself. Trying to be Someone who can help lightning and thunder keep order in the freeman street because jefferson has completely hung up the customers given it back to gabby. He's done he's do anything to do with black lightning which of course just like we saw in for season now the one hundred and tobias and the gangs are of course getting control again and freelance. So i threw that went to that point la la actually set up A a image cage style. Fight club That he was actually streaming over the internet. People like place their bets and The teacher that jefferson Was who lost their son. In last week's episode due to the crossfire between all the gang wars Given jefferson was a bouncer but actually he was in in las fight. Club at jefferson tracked it down and Ended up in his fight club Against his opponent to you Was all i had basically plant in to base to basically beat anybody. He obviously control all the winnings in the purse when people make bets on these fights so so that was very interesting things as far as jefferson hanging up his costume is black lightning. But he's still going around being a crimefighter but but not as black lightning but the surface appears utilizing his black lightning powers. So it so. There was a lot of talk with that going on this week. Another really interesting thing. As far as bringing into show into the larger fold of the dc era verse is Lynn whenever she her therapy session talking about her family and she she notes that sure her brother had dropped out of college and joined the army and of course lens last name is stuart and we learned in arrow that general stewart who adopted diggle and. Yeah so they made a canon and this show this week that That lenin and diggle are our brothers sister. Which i thought was says i heard it. I was like what they did. Also excited. i was like you know we have theorized about it for for a while and make that happen so So green lantern is coming. Oh green energy is coming and so it was that and of course thunder And grace Grace finally woke up from her coma and they were did not and Gamby his plant fire with his girlfriend. Of course He was able to get one in the direct energy weapons that her company was was building. So you know. Of course that that is going to end up blowing up in his face. Some point and Speaking of things blowing up jennifer Was given the phone news treatment as far as her. Her antics is as far. As one of the local media. shows was basically Doing a hatchet job on on on on a light and and Jennifer decided to trade her own narrative in up social media accounts. So you know. That's that's definitely not going to end. Well either But that's something that something that did take place this week. And then the biggie was jefferson land. We're trying to patch together their marriage and he tried to arrange a date night for her and then link is at a restaurant to by us as their antic. Kit and tobias was like come on. Let's have dinner. Let's talk his sits down to buy as offers her a all the funding and materials that she needs to be able to cure Cure disease and of course jefferson walks in and we fade to black as he heads out of the restaurant pissed off so lots going on with black lightning. Hopefully they'll be able to tie up all these threads that they are. They're dropping the season. Because and i hope they do not one bit like quick resolution things because there's a lot going on in the show right now. Yeah i really. I appreciate how you broke down very straight base very calm cool and collected and i don't know if the listeners fully understood your last point so if you don't mind i'm just going to read it from the Are rundown this is what will met to say. So if he didn't he he he put the run down. Tobias has of indecent proposal for lynn and jeff walks in images that run through my mind history. Yeah yeah. I'm sorry. I was i was talking from your mandate looked at the notes. I was listening to you. And i'm gonna say and he didn't know i. I'm not make sure listener snow. Whatever else they to show does as much episode. And i made that note at the beginning instead of seeing how internet the end cliffhangers for sure Meanwhile in gotham we got a brand new episode. Her last for two more weeks as it goes on Some hiatus but don't worry that just means we got time for the flash next time This episode. I don't know about the season i don't know if it's slower. Something this episode eight. I kept thinking. And i blame oil as always will puts things in my head and then i watch these shows. I can't get them out of my head because you're all of your points about alice last week. I was so distracted this week. Watching the episode will is so right. Alice does not belong in the story anymore. And it's really. It's not good noticeable. Now here's the big completely completely. Blow your mind this week about allison really well go ahead. Well i agree with you. Let me this. I say that i agree with you. That this episode and nothing hit me was. We're already at the six episodes with this season. Yeah going back it is it really is and i felt that it did for me. It started off slow this week and then but especially when they were doing the work trying to use the desert rose antidote and it seemed like i dunno it just took me a while to get into the episode and but once i did get into it i thought it was thought it was pretty solid outing overall even the alice story Because the reason why this week alice worked for me was because she was classical alice was she. She was a yeah. Beat bubby the things. That makes alice interesting I felt helped carry the story ford this week because they did tight. I felt this week. I did a better job of time. The map the napier map painting into her overall story. Better this week. Still so i will. I will see your point. But i think there was one moment. That was classical. Allison it was very very very ed. Last like two minutes is like okay. Alice personally back but for for whatever reason i think that the Why shouldn't stand out as much to you. This week is because because of the painting not so much of her. But the painting and ocean like ocean suddenly got connected to angelique which connects to ryan and suddenly. We have more motivation like there. There really are moving in a way. Where ryan is is is being pushed into the center of this whole web With to via and the cure which which is something that for whatever reason the thought this always happens to me when i watched that woman at the very beginning. There's a few scenes. And then i think the myself. Oh i wonder if they're going to use the cure on ryan rip tonight and o. K. as to where we go now. I had that same felt this week. He see where we're going now. Marianne die climactic. But we i agree. I think i think oddly enough. This episode does a really good job with kind. These lease ends that for the past. Few episodes have have felt very disconnected. Am trying to bring them together to bring everyone on the same page but at the same time for whatever reason it was really hard to get into. Yeah i like how it was yet. Omnibuses wales or Editing or what it was but yeah it just seemed that it with the kid and then of course the the the the person in the asylum was Who who needed occur to to help him with with the brain operations that hamilton. Labs did on him. It just seemed yet. It just seemed like okay going with this. And but what's but let the guy go lane and then you know of course when jacob and mary are having their moment in the in the in the car and of course the in a there's something about there's people get rammed and bat and bat themed Products because i i thought about when when christian pales pacman rammed guard he The guy for making it to the tv studio to tell the world who he was but it was. It was one of those things where okay to my point earlier. Not in their show where where we're dealing with. Fathers not knowing or the toll that it takes on them and doing all this crime fighting in the case of jacob kane really not knowing who who marry was and even his his widow his mary's mother and and and i don't know maybe a ties back to his obsession with trying to find out what happened to beth early I don't remember what it jacob to like. Lose track of oh you. The rest of his family was built at crows. I don't know what it was. But i thought it was just a through line of asala shows this week that made me think about the bigger point of. What doing this type of work takes on on individuals. Be yeah i marry. I is always gonna stand out to me. And when they do stuff with her I think that it's it's kind of. It didn't hit as hard as other weeks. But i still appreciated that. Yeah so Dad or stepdad. Or whoever i should all you these days because my mom isn't around anymore we We only have each other left in this crazy family that we built and i'm running this lab clinic underground clinic illegally and So so i'm kind of goes back to mary's been leading this double life to that. We always forget about and and i'm glad that they didn't reveal an fyi. I'm working with matt woman. But i think that It was still just enough to kind of talk about that. Double life in that tool that you were you. Were speaking about as well on top of that. We have a lot of ryan in angelique and soci- They're totally studied up. Ryan sophie getting together like in a few seasons. I don't know if they can rush but enemy still lovers classic one on one Angelique we knew she was. She was gonna do something they. they had. A heartbreaking goodbye because of sophie and what else happened. Yeah yeah. I felt that i thought that was very. I saw the heartbreak. Come it yeah. yeah like. Thirty telegraphed like for example. The tonk poisoning. Caribbean does rose Man and you know we. We wondered what was meant to be the breaking point for for ryan and angelique and and it was interesting enough. The crows and i that was i thought about lucas. Luke's the sand lake mary now when she was trying to call for help. I thought luke's comment about Ryan being a hero. Really nali where. She's trying to find a terminal disease but also the choices again that she's been making for angelique i years ago when she took the fall for her and her to be imprisoned in her first interaction with crows and sophie and then and then now trying to help angelique get out of the collective and setting up his deal with sophie and and and the real the bill takeaway seems with angelique and ryan's relationship is. Brian really wants to help. But angelique is the person that won't will accept that help and and the other piece to it is as well as given how Brian was so like burn. It all down with the with the with the crows so to mary and luke and she had the conversation on the rooftop with with riot with with the sophie as well Now actually partnering with them to to try to help angelique so It i think to your point it is maybe setting the stage for them to Have a romantic relationship. But i think a lot of things have to happen for that to happen to transpire One of those. So sophie haven't really come to terms with the organization that the cruise is well organization that the coro is an an grief over. Kate may think that. I think that's what the season is building up to. And that next season will be the season romance. Just saying they are young. They have great chemistry screen together to so that i would argue. They have better chemistry than her in them together. Rioting or sophian k. together. I never was of like this is way to force But i hope they take that lesson and don't force this just allow it which they are doing a good job right now right now. They're doing a pretty good job. Because like you said there's a lot of other stuff going on To prevent that being the focus. But i think that is it for us on that woman Because we got a very big episode go on division to cover him by episode. I mean previously on so basically talking about mc you history really. This episode is what i need it. I've needed for the past two weeks from wanda vision. Because the the the again breaking these episodes crafted in such a way that pays pays demolish to class sake. Tv episodes so do have this. Kind of flashback Version or or like this take on almost it's a wonderful life Or or avenir scrooge. And all that i think was so so well done because they allowed they. They did it. So that a we could figure out how wanda got to westview and be also do a lot of red com for mcu. And we'll get there and then also just talent origins story that we honestly didn't even think we a needed or wanted but for time reason when you're watching it you're just like this is why liked her so much in infinity and and the the moments that they chose they they didn't feel they didn't feel extensions of things that we've already seen. They felt very honest to both what we know about. Wanda and and wanda division itself. Like the the crafty. The shows that have been Alluded to with how. The season has unfolded with mary. Tyler moore malcolm in the middle and planning them through these flashbacks. You're just like they knew they went so freaking meta god they did they did. Yeah so. I agree that this really did do a marvelous job of risk. This basically re i guess for me. It validated why. I have come full circle on this on this from when we started watching this show to your you know one of the points you made was again building. On all the various comp tropes and and other classic sitcom any even show troops a lot of times is to do the do. The flashback episode. Yep and and and so we got that. When this week and as far as origin stories i remember whenever we first started talking about one vision. The first couple of episodes else was for me as a as a mcu watcher. It was like okay. Yeah wanda and ambition. Were yeah they were in the in the story but not once. The had moments notable moments and a story but they really did a marvelous job over the course of the these eight episodes of really making us care about these two characters in the anc in a way that we now in a way that people do about tony. Stark in the way to do about steve rogers. Now i feel and the numbers the metrics barrett l. I mean people feel that way now about wanda and vision and so you know so the hats all to to to the creative team and the way they structured this series and and a very linear storytelling this time and this particular episode. Yeah i mean you. We should just do a wreck. Con of captain america's civil war and replace the pepper cross seen with the scene in this episode about grief Because that's that's something that looking back on up until this point we never really did see her grieving the loss of her brother and on top of that i from what i heard. A lot of people have gone back to age of altron and rewatch that movie because the the motivation of the twins originally is very like okay. Let's wait we have no connection to you and your family so it's gonna seem a bit thin but watching the scene play out you see the the loss of innocence and everything in that moment that maybe not the loss of innocence but the loss of a the the state what life could be or what life what a family should be that. It's been shown to them while watching these old. Tv shows like the white picket fence idea. which which is beautiful. And there's a lot of what we've already speculated. We've already speculated that liz about grief and tv is a way people escape. Some of their their Biggest emotions and remind. And because it's a safe place because everything works out and nothing is real. And they talk about that a lot throughout this and an agatha love lizzy lizzy olsen all all of her true fans caller lizzy by the way. I hear chris. Evans caller that the time And and i think. I think elizabeth nelson is is like. This is her episode. I do think though. Kathryn hahn without her. Just the this sprinkle of kathryn hahn that you get in every single beat and and the way that marvel that they've constructed not only the story about wanda but they used agatha in such a way that you're you're you're also realizing along the way so last week was a farce and it wasn't agatha all it's been wanda long and an agatha is just here because she's been trying to figure everything out just like the rest of us significant. That's great about this show. I mean you know. We talked a few weeks ago. About how and darcy or us and now and now you're so right it's agatha now. We're agatha's us with all these like little always easter eggs. All the things they throw out a weekend. We were theory spiraling and they'd get all blown the hell agatha's that personnel. And and and and you're right i. I was talking with someone who was disappointed. That monica wasn't in this episode and they didn't need to be this. This really had some folk it really to your point it really was wanted to along and ford is episode to work hat to pair off agatha and and wounded solo said it really exploring yet into the deeper depths of the things that we've been getting all these think you know all the tallis commercials to start toaster. The bomb being put the toaster the the magic and and and agatha's Taking her back to the scene that we saw at the end of Of of Winter soldier will. We first introduced to to wanda and her brother. And and and and the heart of the heart cal. Oh yeah and the only golf now. Heart's on the calendar. Which we learn is is is pretty much the heart on a on a note to wanda about this is This is where to grow older people. Yeah this old yeah. Vision have bought a plot. Yeah he bought this lot and he added that know the heart from the we were all like thinking. What does this mean in episode in what does and all and we we get the answer. It was them a space where they could retire from being a superheroes and and and brawl together and and and that was another beautiful thing about this episode. When we see the moment that wanda and vision fall in love again. It was as we talked about before it was a place agree fan. Of course everyone is clearly the the big takeaway line in addition to the role in From the week is what is. Grief isn't nutella persevering I mean damn happy you know. I had to stop when i when i was watching that for for various reasons. You know obviously just recent father but you know it that such a simple lamba profound right right. It's classic vision from age of ultra really mean. We all that that movie is well. That movie But everyone remembers vision and altron talking at the very end and vision. Best moments are when an annual appreciate that is when he goes full data on the job the truth even though he has no ability to understand humanity because he's human and and and so. I think that's why that wine in particular just hits home because it's a classic vision line that is just pulls you back into how on earth do you. Do you have a woman fall in love with a robot that robot says things it things. Yeah good i was just gonna say that's not the only magic trick that this episode does because something that blew my mind. Is i remember when they were first announced. We're gonna have quicksilver and the scarlet witch in and everything. But i think even when altron was i drop. There is speculation. Will they ever call her the scarlet witch and and that there's been so much time removed that that deflate has like kind of just ended at so now in this episode. That's last the line that agatha says is chaos magic year the scarlet letter. which and we're just like they. They said this is what this episode in pretty much up until this point this season has been building to just that name drought. And why am i so satisfied because it's freaking awesome. Yes totally totally. 'cause up to this point yeah. We all called that but again how. This show is also. Yeah hearst agatha dropping. Matt and boondoggles drop the mic else. Like i literally is like clapping. They did it such bizarre thing to feel satisfied over because this whole time. We're like 'older mom. Louw were of these older people might come and she's gonna call them out and then no no. No it's it's not about them right. Now it's about wanda really is which she's a scarlet witch. We'll what does that mean. So i which i thought was such a funny thing or not even funny but just this way. Where again this this balancing. Act that they've been doing of all this love loss exploration episode and then it goes straight back into you but but we'll whoa. This is still the mcu. So yeah we're going to drop some some names for you empower from abilities and then and then also you know we can't. We can't fully go non visions so we have to bring him back to life and kinda. Yeah yeah but but again how. Well they just pulled all the threads together. Because i 'cause with with hayward manipulating situation and cause because at the end and also i guess a failure on the part it of of maybe the pinchers and how reckless sore or maybe it wasn't that maybe they they innocent see was part of sore sword and and which is not girl shield and the whole the thinking to the bigger point is this akopian accords and And i think it back to civil war of course vision siding on the side of tony stark and i guess they were able to instead of giving a proper funeral. You know he. you're right. It may reminds us appoint that he is a robot and he is a creation and and i think back to the episode. Where hayward was like wanda breaking into the lab and of course we see actually what actually ends up. Happening he she. She didn't still take vision. Body they they kept it incentive to build a weapon and he says look while they're having that conversation which was you know where he again. He was manipulating the situation with wanda whenever she went to the sword headquarters you know. We can't let forty. We can't have millions of dollars. That vibe radium. Go into the ground and and and and in these various things in her. Because i don't know if he was going to use that to maybe have her conjure up given that dig. Original power should remind stone and wanda we learn. Also she got her powers at least at least they were awakened by the stone. Yeah and so much freaking ret con they can ret conned the show itself bat within the thought. We showed you Her stealing his body. We didn't show you that we just lead you to believe that and this is actually what happened and like we lead you to believe that. Tony stark's missile. Just didn't go off. Which still we're gonna let you think. Well maybe you should have powers and she did bain so it's just the i don't know why didn't they just call this con- well this people we on the on the wait a second we're going to wreck con previously. Showed these past future present every day but also one of the other note. I was think about that sort of hanging out there. Especially we see the white vision at the end in the in the midst of credits. Is darcy a computer program. Whenever she hacked into the heck into their swords system and there was that foul she was trying to to learn more about so that you think that follows probably two to the white vision. Yeah yeah see see. We were just talking about a show that we love that has great writers but the episode pulled together. And i'm talking about that woman pulled together points in a way that didn't engage us. It was like a lot of exposition some action and just like kind of pulling everything together. This episode did that same thing. The difference though is i never was bored for an. I never felt like i was thinking too much. I was just letting things happen like you. We shouldn't be watching the shows to be like. Oh let me just think about why they put that there so that then i can basically tell myself what's going to happen instead of actually just watching it all unfold in front of me. Which is what. Juan division did. This week is like net. We're going to retail you. These stories in for some reason. It's not gonna be boring even though you quote unquote. No this no ravenna. we're gonna replay it in a different way. Share some new insights and then just be like bam she scarlet witch and even yeah and all fan fan and non fan of comics alike. Love that moment. yeah. I mean it will satisfy. I mean we you. Clearly you and i knew that's what she was. Be known by but if you came to the show with no previous history of of marble then you're equally satisfied. Even when she was saying. I was like episode where she going with this. All the people who are like the fist store like she's gonna save a pistou and then she was like the starlit witch and they were like bouma mind just exploded about that. Well i think that is it for us tonight. Milwaukee tiller listeners where they can find you can find me at will poke w. i l. l. m. l. k. on twitter and you can find me attache belmont s j. b. e. l. m. o. n. T. please follow our crew on twitter at seen inert venison falls on instagram but most importantly rates describing comment on apple podcasts. Spotify youtube stitcher. Or wherever you get your podcast good night and he got you welcome.

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