How to Check Weather Information with Siri in iOS


What do the apple podcast? Hello everybody. My name is Thomas Dumbo. I also go by the name of anonymous and welcome to how to check the weather with Siri. Yes Siri is an amazing piece of technology that is packed into our I._O._S.. Devices that can obtain so many different things so many information answers and things that you asked her to do well in this particular podcast. I'm going to focus on just one thing about Siri and that is about the weather. There are so many things you can ask for particular whether information not just about the weather self of course. I'm going to show you that example. I'm going to show you all the little little various things you can ask Siri specifically for just nitty-gritty whether inflammation I so let's go ahead and just concentrate <hes> poppy something that we always do every day and that would be to ask Siri what the weather there's light for today so we simply just ask her. What's the weather going to be like for today? It's currently clear in eighty seven degrees in Lee's summit expect partly cloudy skies starting tonight. Temperatures are heading down from eighty seven degrees to eighty tonight. Pretty precise and clear it tells us the condition. The temperature is on its way down what's going to do tonight. Nice got some pretty cool stuff now. Sometimes she also wanted to kind of figure out. Hey I'm wondering what the forecast is going to be like for the rest of the week so you can simply ask her. What is the forecast for the next week? I don't have the full week but it should be mostly sunny. Lee's summit between Monday and next Friday daytime. Temperatures will start around ninety one degrees and we'll head up to ninety five with with overnight lows between seventy one and seventy five degrees so should be pretty typically just wanted to give me a summary overview of what I can expect for the next week so it's going to be pretty hot so fluctuating between ninety five and ninety one degrees and etc and such like that so that could be very helpful also ask Siri what the weather forecast is looking like for this weekend. What's the weather looks like for this weekend? Expect some clear skies and Lee's summit this weekend they time temperatures will hover hover around ninety one degrees with overnight lows around seventy one so that can help you out in any weekend plans that you may have you could just ask seriously. Hey what's going on for this weekend now. Obviously we can start now. Get into the nickel picky stuff. This is the stuff I like to use quite a bit so i WanNa pass this lawn to you so you can ask Siri about elements of a weather for example. I just want to know the current temperature right now. Instead of all the other things like always clear. We're or it's raining or is going to be such and such tonight. You could just say what's the current temperature so let's do that. What's the current temperature? It's about eighty seven degrees outside fast and easy we got the result is eighty seven degrees outside now as you know that temperature may not always be the right temperature well what I mean by that we got things like heat index wind chill and all that stuff so we want something like what is the feeling. What is the unreal feel of the temperature out there so even those eighty-seven outside? I'm curious how it really feels sauce. Ask Siri that what is the perceived temperature right now. The perceived temperature is ninety eight degrees so Syra gave us an indicator see the actual temperature is eighty seven right but if perceive it feels like ninety eight so it's really humid hot and sticky out there so soon as you get out there your glasses will start the fog up and you'll feel that humidity just hits you like a wall so the perceived temperature is going to be like really useful in a summer and winter for that matter so perceived temperature is kind of a nice thing so you can say oh man and it really feels like ninety eight eighty seven now. If you're heading out the door and you want to just to know what is out there now right right now. I want to know what the weather current weather conditions so. I'll just say that. What is the current weather condition it? It appears to be clear right now. In Lee's summit with the temperature of eighty seven degrees I so I don't have to hear about the wind speed or the nighttime or anything like that is clear. I don't need to take anything with me so I can get a feel for what I need to take with me on out the door I go now. You can also ask things like if I need an umbrella so let's check this out well. I need an umbrella today. It doesn't look like it's going to rain today so that when you get an idea not going out the door in the morning but you also so get what the weather's going to be like for the rest of the day so serious pretty confident if not GonNa rain today and I won't need any umbrella and raincoat for that matter of fact now some the other things you can do with Siri is asked for sunset and sunrise so so if there's something that you are curious you can ask that in specific Seles asks for the sunrise wanted to sunrise Gamal Sunrise tomorrow will be at six A._M.. And then you can obviously asser for sunset when is sunset onset this tonight sunset will be at eight forty five pm today and then you can get your sunset and sunrise information with that as I mentioned before is very humid here so if you want to check the humidity level you can do this so let's ask. Assiri what see humidity level the humidity index is currently sixty eight percent right so a sixty eight percent. That's pretty sticky but the nonetheless as very informative that would help me to know how sticky we have about their obviously from the current temperature to the perceived him. Try Pretty much already know is going to be pretty hot and sticky but nonetheless that's another various command. You can ask from Syria on a particular weather information now if you're wondering. I wonder if it's really blustery I I'm curious myself if it's still out there or any kind of win or if it's really gusty so you can ask the same thing. What is the current wind speed wind speed is currently eight miles per hour so at least I've got a little bit of win? It isn't complete standstill so gosh it'll be completely unbearable. There wasn't any win but nonetheless now you know what the wind speed is so you can find out if you need to bring anything with your for the win. The next one is going to be beneficial for some of those out there that keep track of the Brahmin for various reasons whether they want to keep track of weather coming in or out or for your aches whatever have not you can ask for the atmospheric pressure so we can do that. What is the current atmospheric atmosphere pressure? The barometric pressure is currently twenty nine point eight six inches of mercury so if that's your thing you can find out what the current bar by metric pressure is and so you can keep track of that now. I'm going to introduce you just one last command. Hand and that is the do point while do point pretty much goes hand in hand with humidity. If you are a weather buff like myself I like to find out about the dew point because that tells me a little bit humidity and not only that but how low at night you will gets. Let's ask about the dew point. What is the current do point they do point is currently seventy five degrees Fahrenheit dust pretty on all right so those are all the various weather information you can ask from searing now? Some of the things I didn't mention are all those those are from the current location now. You can always ask any of those information in other cities so if I want to see what is the current temperature in London it's sixty four degrees right now in London England. What is humidity level in Orlando Florida the Humidity Index in Orlando Florida's currently ninety four percent when is sunset in Hawaii sunset will be at seven seventeen pm today in Honolulu Hawaii so you can see and kind of figure out you can mix match and all different things various things you can do with Siri I well that's going to do for how to check the weather information with Siri now? If you have any information or advice or tips that you know of and you ask Siri about certain weather elements please leave a comment on this podcast so others can see it and maybe we can learn other things from each other. These are just some of the many many Siri.

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