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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer the trump administration has stirred concern and confusion by rewriting the guidelines four Corona Virus Testing Bureau Richard Harris reports public health experts fear they are intended to reduce testing The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly updated its web page Monday with new testing guidelines. The old guideline said anyone who had significant exposure to someone with corona virus should get tested the new guidelines leave that decision to people's doctors and state and local public health officials. Public Health officials have been alarmed by the change fearing it will reduce testing, but an administration official says the intent was to give more power to state and local health officials. So they can make more strategic decisions about who should get tested. Admiral. Brett Wa- said he expected the number of tests. To rise not fall Richard Harris NPR news a black conservative running for. Congress, in Utah is set to speak at the Republican National. Convention. Denied Burgess Owens's in a race that could test the GOP's ability to recapture the suburban districts. It gave Democrats control. The House owns as a former NFL player and Fox News commentator who handily won the Republican primary, the sixty, nine year, old political newcomer and supporter of President. Trump is trying to reclaim the suburban Salt Lake City seat. Once held by me love and other black conservative lost in two thousand eighteen to a moderate Democrat. Final preparations are underway as Hurricane Laura barrels toward the Louisiana and Texas coast forecasters. Now, predicting that storm make landfall as a category four hurricane was stained winds of one hundred and forty five miles an hour in deadly storm surge Paul Brown of member station. W. R. K. F. has the story Louisiana Governor John Bel. Edwards says, time is running out for people in the path of the storm to get to safety. Coastal. Perez. Can Expect Up to twenty feet of storm surge levels. Edwards says, the state hasn't seen in more than fifty years. You're going to hear the word unsurvivable. To. Describe the storm surge that we are expecting. Part of the state are already experiencing the early effects of the storm and the states. Evacuation efforts will soon give way to search and rescue operations forecasters from the National Weather Service in New Orleans say damage from high winds could render large swaths of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas unrecognizable. For NPR news I'm Paul Braun in Baton Rouge authorities in Kenosha Wisconsin say a white seventeen year old from Illinois has been arrested and charged with first degree intentional homicide in the killing of two people during a third night of protests over the police shooting of a black man. Last night's fatal shooting was captured on cell phone video. It shows the suspect wielding a semiautomatic rifle. Continued blowout profits in the tech sector helped power the market higher again today the Dow of eighty three points. The Nasdaq rose one, hundred, Ninety, eight points. The S&P five hundred gained thirty, five points. This is NPR. Military says it killed six al-shabaab extremists in an airstrike after the al Qaeda Link Group attack Somali forces while US forces were nearby US Africa Command in a statement saying the airstrike was carried out near a village in Somalia after al-shabaab fighters attacked from a building statement says three of the fighters were wounded. It says, no, you s forces were killed or injured. You Trade Commissioner Phil. Resigning under fire after he was exposed for attending a golf dinner in Ireland violation of covid nineteen restrictions NPR's Frank Langfitt reports from London Hogan attended the event after flying in from Europe and failing to restrict his Movement for two weeks as was required. Phil Hogan said he tested negative for the corona virus earlier this month the you trade commissioner insisted he'd followed the rules but admitted making mistakes in fact, eye-witnesses said that after Hogan. Arrived in Ireland he hadn't been self isolating. For instance, he'd been using a public restaurant and bar in County Kildare west of Dublin. Hogan's resignation comes as the European Union and the United Kingdom struggled a hammer out a post brexit free trade deal if the two sides failed to reach agreement the result. Will be more damage to economies that are already in recession Frank Langfitt NPR news London more people exercising at home rather than going to gym during the coronavirus pandemic translated into strong second quarter earnings. Dick's sporting goods retailer says its second quarter results easily beat Wall Street expectations for the quarter of the company says it earned two hundred, seventy, six, point eight, million dollars or three dollars and twelve cents share. That's well above the dollar and twenty four cents a share that analysts were expecting. This is, NPR.

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