"A Family Affair: The Rosenberg Espionage Case"


Saturday January nineteenth this weekend. Pulse. I'm Joey Hudson. You host we gather at twelve noon, every Saturday talk about places to go people to see charitable vents and everything in between right here in the upstate of South Carolina, western North Carolina in northeast, Georgia. Glad to have you along today. Be sure and visit our website ninety four five the answer dot com like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at talk non four five. Joining me on the ninety four five WGTK guest line. Jeffrey k Smith author of some of my favorites. Rendezvous in Dallas is assoiation of John F Kennedy. The fighting little judge live in Tom's of George C Wallace the wizard of the saddle Nathan Bedford force and one of my really big favorites. Listen to me, the brief life and enduring legacy of buddy, Holly, Jeff good to have you has been way too long. It has always good to be with joy. Yeah. Appreciate it. Last year. You graciously sent me a copy of what at the time was your newest family affair the Rosenberg espionage case. Sorry, took me so long to to get around to reading it by gotta say once again, you nailed it. This is the story wasn't too familiar with it. But you brought it to life is the real life spy story. Tell us about what it really is a real life spy story. And this warned that really polarized America in the early nineteen fifty and as well as much of the world, and it really tore a family of Sunder, the testimony of a brother and a sister in law against I sister and brother went to prison and the sister was ultimately executed people often forget that the fear of communism so-called, red minutes. So in the nineteen fifties. Was akin to the fears that we have today of radical Islamic terrorism. And you know, I it was some somewhat Tom Lee. I guess you could say, and again, this book was initially published a last January, but but the last couple of years we've had all this talk of of Russia and Russian collusion than the interference of a foreign government within our political system. You know back when this story unfolded is a similar atmosphere. All you know, we had government employees having to sign loyalty of we had the passage of the Smith act, which established criminal penalties for persons advocating, the overthrow the American government. We had congressional committees investigating any suspicion of communist activity, and as you mentioned this story has literally brother testifying against his sister who ultimately received the death penalty because of it when you were writing this in researching this did you have in mind that that the the factor drawl any. Correlations between some of the discussions that. We're having now on a possible Russian on influence in our lectures, and our government when you wrote this. Yes. I think there's certain parallels. And of course, as you. And I both know history tends to repeat itself. The, you know, read minutes really began in August, nineteen forty nine when the Soviet Union detonated their first atomic bomb. Well, ahead of the time train predicted by the American military intelligence experts and that really triggered the fear of Soviet subversion. And really precipitated the red scare and it also occurred during the backdrop of the Korean war when communist North Korea invaded democratic South Korea. Ultimately, nearly two million people were killed in that war and leading thirty six thousand Americans. So the climate was very right for perhaps fear trumping reason during the red scare. Now, you point out that the Rosenbergs were the only defendants who were sentenced to death one. You think that was the case? Well, I think that the federal government, namely, the Justice department wanted to send a message to anyone who potentially might have been a spy for the Soviet Union or Wisconsin inviting becoming a spy for the union. You know, the Rosenbergs were the only two people ever executed for espionage at a time. When United States was not at war and Ethel Rosenberg was only the second woman in history to have been fake security by the federal government. I having been married Surat who was part of the conspiracy disseminate ABRAHAM LINCOLN. So, you know, obviously like you always do a tremendous amount of research when you're writing these books was there a political role in this? I mean were the Rosenbergs guilty. Well, that's a lot of what I leave for the for the reader to to to think about in the contemplate themselves a lot of questions that are brought to mind by this book number one where the Rosenbergs guilty. The answer is Julius Rosenberg was most certainly guilty Ethel Rosenberg perhaps was guilty by sociation without being directly aspire self. You know, the second question did their alleged crimes warrant punishment by the death penalty? One can argue that either way how much of a role politics play in this apparently a significant amount. How much of this was a government sanctioned frame up, and how much of the trial testimony was perjured certainly bay. The green glass the brother of Ethel Rosenberg as well as wife offered perjured testimony. And there's some. They were coerced by the prosecution, and so yeah. Well, you can just see how something under that climate how it could have gotten so out of hand and politics is very strange at times. So wonderful job is always a truly when I again, I wasn't that for millier with this story. But once I started it, I literally could not put it down. And as you know, I'd had the book for about a year and just had not gotten around to it. But when I read it, and then I reached out to we gotta talk about it because it's a great book. And I always enjoy reading what you write on our ninety four five WGTK guests lawn today. Jeffrey case myth, author of many books and local physician here in the upstate of South Carolina. You've you work on another one as you always are. So let's let's kind of tease this. This next book. This can be coming up soon in of course, we'll visit on it as well. Yes. This will be my fifteenth book in bringing history alive series, and it's actually in publication right now. And we'll be available very soon, and it's entitled prelude to war the presidency of James Buchanan, and as many may remember cannon was the fifteenth, president United States who preceded ABRAHAM LINCOLN, and historically he has been viewed as the most ineffective president in numerous historical polls. And I went into this book with a question. Okay. Was he really that bad of a president or the disadvantage or misfortune of being one of the book ends to a mortar? Abraham lincoln. And I think the readers will find the answer that question some of both. Yup. Jeffrey case Mitha, tell us how if a listener would like to purchase, particularly the family affair the Rosenberg espionage case. But any of your books was the easiest way for them to buy them. Really to route. They are available on Amazon dot com and Barnes and noble dot com or people can go directly to my website, which is WWW dot new frontier publications dot net. And they can take a look at really all the books, I've written brief synopsis of each one of those and then website has direct link to to Amazon. Okay. And if you can't remember any of that, I'm gonna put this on our Tex LAN the the big rock Tech's eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five just text the keyword book. Be oh, okay. Book to eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five and I'm going to have a link to Jeff's website. So that you can get information on how to purchase one of his books row. Quick. We have a about a minute or so left. I'm always curious with how you decide what to write about. You know, it's a very process it's something typically that. I've read a little bit about and perhaps it, okay? His the whole story been told here or has the story been told in readable fashion. And once I latch onto something the best way to learn about it is to research and write a book about it. And so as you can see my interest have been buried from from buddy, Holly, James Buchanan, but each one of those has been sort of labor of low for me, and how long does it typically take you to complete a book? Roughly about a year is typically from the beginning stages of research to riding in multiple edits that are done. Sure. Jeff Smith, the author of again, a mini my favorites. I just a wonderful local author right here and upstate South Carolina. You have a chance a again, just text the keyword book to our big rock Texana eight seven seven two three five nine four zero father. I'm going to have a Lincoln there. That's gonna send you information on how you can get you can purchase his book and see the many others that he is written over the years. Always a pleasure to have you, my friend. Absolutely. Thank you very much joy. Jeffrey case myth up next. Tony Lee Greenwood county sheriff's office gives us our weekly crime stoppers update that much more he'll ninety four five WTT k the. Suzanne the plans they may put an into. Walked out this moan ano- road down this. So. Just can't remember who to send it to. I've seen seen rain. Seen sunny days. Times when a find a friend. But I always see. Down on Jesus. Gotta help me. Make us.

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