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Fellow from Washington Chuck Todd, and this is the Chuck Todd Gas. So cute music. Vinyl countdown. With less than a week to go before election president trump and former vice president Joe Biden are making closing arguments with trump holding his rallies in. Key states in an effort to juice space turnout for Biden campaign playing a mix of offense defense. So weirdly Joe Biden. Had No official campaign events plan. For today. Six days before the election. We will discuss of course, it's not just the White House that's on the line. The Senate's also grabs their enough tight races at Mitch. McConnell. Might not be the Senate majority leader in January, and then there's the house race where we find some interesting storylines if you understand the future of both Marty. So joining me now to discuss racist down the balance for the best amiable course national editor of the Cook Political. Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics Man Behind one of our favorites newsletters. Sabah's Crystal Ball Haney and Larry Welcome to the todd cast I. I I gotta I gotTa start with this Amy Walter. It's six days when we're speaking right now and I'm still just sort of Joe Biden is not in a battleground state today. Let me repeat six days before the election by not in a battleground state unless he accidentally crosses the Delaware today. and Go, drop off a piece of mail. Okay I know in is kind of remarkable. Truck when we think about all of our past election experiences, right they involve both candidates. Crisscrossing, the state the states are crisscrossing the country in a last ditch effort and we know empirically chuck that. Those. More likely than not help the candidate feel better and are they're just burning off anxious energy than actually swinging votes one way or the other right that there? Yes it's. It's great I think in in a show of a sort of a last minute a push into a state to say you know if this means we win by one thousand votes because I got to that state at the end That's great. But in this era beyond the pandemic. In this era where people are getting their news from all kinds of sources, this whole trope of gotta go into a state to get you know on the local news broadcasts for the eleven o'clock show I don't think it holds as much weight as at once dead. Now that's for sure and we're not going to get the the twenty five thousand show up in Madison for Bruce Springsteen Allah John Kerry. Look at look at this turn out you know to. Right, Larry Sabato, there's something about Joe Biden's campaign that feels like a throwback. Doesn't it. It is sort of a you know he and maybe that's one way of staying maybe not campaigning today as a way of staying on message right? Well you began this campaign that way and he's ending it this way. I always say the one st I'm absolutely sure of is vines GonNa Carry Delaware because he's been so many during the campaign but look I think it's wise I think what they've done is absolutely correct given the circumstances of this election year and first of all, there's a pandemic Biden is what seventy seven getting ready to turn seventy eight it's nothing to fool around with when you're. Older says guys pushing seventy So I understand that part of it but the most important thing is Joe. Biden can make mistakes we think through his career is that a long long long career, but he has made lots of verbal gaffes. So you know you can't get in trouble for things. You don't say that's a really important lesson in politics and Biden, his learned it over and over. So look there are Democrats who are worrying that by sending the last days in Georgia Arizona Texas you're there are because they remember Hillary Clinton. Not Going to Wisconsin Etcetera but this is a very different race very different race. Well, let's talk about. reading some tea leaves here and I'm going to start I'm going to start sort of geographically from what I know about your own, both of your own where were you guys have spent time in your lives and you know stuff? Well, so I because they're unique state. So Larry let me just start with this look we know which way Virginia's GonNa go but I guess the bit but because Virginia's an early reporting state it, there is some tea leaves to read that could tell us about the national dynamic. So give me one me one thing you'll look for in the Virginia turnout in the Virginia presidential that you think could give us a hint at what's happening national. Well, a off air we were talking about the Fifth District, which is actually where Charlottesville lives though it isn't like Charlottesville at all. It's a giant district stretching from northern Virginia the way to the North Carolina border, and it's eleven twelve point Republican district should go for trump easily that's very much in question if he carries an all, it'll be by a few. And that incredibly is a district that may turn over the turn over to the Democrats at certainly close race because the Republicans nominated somebody way to the right they tossed out an incumbent Republican congressman WHO's a moderate? So I would say look to the fifth because if you're. Sitting on pins and needles down get out. Virginia. Virginia is going varies all I. Mean it's much better than for Hillary Clinton she wasn't. Digits. Yes I do I think it goes in? Around in. So maybe it's nine maybe it's eleven but this isn't even vaguely close. Yeah. Amy I'm going to start I know you have unique. You spend some time in south. Carolina. You get to see that. you spent some time down there and I know you've had different experiences in. Pennsylvania. So let me start with those two states. What what's something to watch for in South Carolina? That might give you a hint that's also an early reporting state. It is a lot of folks I think have been looking at the first district and notably. So because that's the district that Democrats picked up in two thousand and eighteen and I, think all of us at the beginning of the twenty twenty cycle thought well, that's one of those seats that you pick up in a wave year but probably lose it in traditional D-, presidential your turn out. But the Democrat there has been running really strong campaign. He's favored to win pretty easily So I'm I'm very curious to see the margins in that district for trump and Biden because what we've been seeing and hearing is That it's not just that you know the Democratic candidates ahead in that district so that the race at the presidential level is also tied their and that's you know that I can't remember what exactly the trump number was there but it certainly was five to ten points and and that's what we're seeing all over the country truck at the at the congressional level. You know we've been talking to pollsters for awhile now on both sides that say you know whatever trump got here in twenty-six he's polling somewhere between five and ten points low were and you know can survive in some of these red states with trump getting a lower margin but. In other places like Pennsylvania, for example, you can't because it's not just the philly suburbs where Biden is running really strong. It's also a been northeastern Pennsylvania and near Harrisburg and in you know in and around where. Connor Lamb, all those kinds of candidates were successful. So that's where trump really needs. To run up the score and hope that maybe these congressional district polls are missing something for him. Larry can you identify one state or Congressional district where trump is stronger than he was four years ago? Now that that's pushing maybe maybe something in Alabama. He's I. Mean That's The reason I this is one of the ways I check myself right? which is. Forget the numbers airman. Where is he strunk? And I can't think of many examples and the reason I picked Alabama was not just out of air. I keep seeing surveys both congressional district in statewide that show him doing even better than what was twenty points I think he wanted by in two sixteen. So among hard core conservatives and where the evangelical population is large, trump is proved himself and they're going to reward him. But the problem is they don't have anything near majority the votes. So you know it's tough for trump to to make advances I think he's trying to to skim by with one or two percent and a lot of these states hoping that he can cobble together an Electoral College Jordi again acknowledging is is people ain't GonNa win the popular vote is he's GonNa lose it worse much worse than in two thousand sixteen. Why would say amy I just pulled in California Biden is leading is narrow he only had a thirty six point. Only Warren harding one by more points in California. I think forty was his win to take that Larry I thought that was a good a good good piece of Trivia for eight hundred twenty. I remember it chuck I was. But Larry think about this amy Larry Just said Virginia Tad. We're looking at thirty six bide Mike Clear seventy. Okay. It in California. I. Could could buy win the popular vote by seven or eight points, and we still see all the battleground states decided by less than three. Yes. Certainly good I mean that's the thing. Thing that. I'm trying to prepare people for the. To The ride Utah to speak close a blowout meaning week, we could take up eighty percent hundred percent. Look at Iowa Florida North Carolina Georgia. Five and get fifty two in any of them. I think he can get close to that. Sure but you can also see it being he may win all of them, but you could also see a scenario chuck where he doesn't any of those you know the North Carolina, Florida Georgia Texas Ohio, and it comes down once again to like we saw in two thousand eighteen Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan Arizona turning blue by decent if not narrowing margins you know. I went back chuck and I looked at going back to nineteen eighty the the final the margin of the popular vote and then the electoral vote percentage for the winning candidate. So let's go back and look for example two, thousand, eight. So Obama wins fifty, three, forty, six. Now that is a reasonable number to think we could see in twenty twenty right largest income at Democratic victory. Since nineteen thirty to the regular. Okay. So he got three hundred, sixty, five electoral votes with that. He got sixty eight percent of the electoral college with fifty three percents by Biden. That's my realistic biden concealing yes. I I would agree and then you know you look at. Of course a ten point late, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, which a lot of folks. Like to point. To compare to compare this year two, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty when a ten point victory for Reagan got him. Four hundred eighty nine electoral votes, right? So we're not we're not at that. But it's I think it's realistic to think that. Yes. Somewhere over three hundred is certainly plausible but getting into the four hundreds. Without both Texas and Georgia right. Larry. I I don't I don't think he'll reach four, hundred I think he he could easily get mid three fifties and you know just going back. I. Saw that same poll you saw. In. California plus thirty six. And my first reaction or that's goodness news for Biden, and then my second reaction was that's terrible news for might. Running up the popular vote in eat league blue states and this is true in other Places York New Jersey Illinois he's getting higher percentages than Hillary Clinton did in the places where he doesn't need the votes engine trump to win the electoral college again more easily but Mike Garcia won't win. That's It you know in a you're at I'm being slightly facetious but you get my point there. It does have a meaning down about. Yeah and that's really the question chuck when you were asking about, is there a district or part of the country where the president's doing better today than he did in two thousand sixteen I'm very curious to see if what we're seeing in the polling about trump's strength with Latino voters really does materialize, and in that case, you know some of these Central Valley districts again, he's not GonNa win them but improve on his margins there or Rio Grande valley or something like that you know like in the Texas twenty-three, not not clear that that's going to going to hold out but that's definitely one place where I would look. Let me go into the mid West and that is we see that that the president and it's really a financial reason that he's having to do this they've decided. Look. Let's see if we have to pretend, we have to find pat without. Florida. which I think says, a lot I think the month the Bloomberg money is having an impact they feel overwhelmed. So at this point there, they wanNA roll the dice. Michigan and Wisconsin do either one of the neither one of them look like they're going to move when four years ago both of them looked. Certainly looked like they were hard. They were reaches for trump, but they seem like bigger reaches now. I fear were missing something Larry What do you fear and what do you see? My fear is summarized that old acronym PTSD and I think we all feel that way and you're absolutely right. I look at Wisconsin I. Look at Michigan Look at Pennsylvania and I wonder you know in the beginning of this cycle. I thought Michigan would be the easy pickup for the Democratic nominee. Biden or somebody else. L Look like. Your look like that and Wisconsin would be tougher and. Tougher, and now it's it's starting to look like Michigan is the toughest one of the three although you could argue, Pennsylvania still the toughest. But Wisconsin, if we're to believe the surveys that are being produced and I don't believe one this morning that had plus seventeen. In. Wisconsin for by then. I, think you do ask those questions? Is there a hidden stronger rural vote that's going to produce not just larger numbers but also a larger percentage for trump getting back to our question about where he might do better than he did in two thousand sixteen. So look we're all prepared for surprises. We have to be especially after the last time, but you know at at a certain point. And keep in mind we have had more surveys and good surveys formed survey in many of these states, sometimes two and a half to one compared to twenty sixteen like Wisconsin. We have a lot more to go on. We do you know amy I wonder if the Michigan situated the reason, there's been stability there in the numbers meaning it's never feels like in the last couple of months, it's by never been able to leave bigger than six or seven. Is that James. Campaigns pretty strong down the balance in the Senate pack. The Senate Republican packs are in that state way that they're not. There isn't that kind of extra help in Wisconsin for trump there isn't that kind of extra help in Pennsylvania. I just wonder how much James Campaign has been. Does it provide almost like an artificial floor that is kept trump more competitive than maybe maybe it should be you know that's really interesting. I've been thinking about that with Iowa to right where the Biden campaign not right right I think. that. You know that the fact that Greenfield and the SEC in all the outside groups are in there helping the Democratic Senate candidate is probably helping Biden and all the money that's been pouring into the house races in Texas and the legislative races in Texas. Again, those are all going to suburban Houston Dallas. Also boosting biden bright normally the top the. Lower down on the ticket folks are desperate for the presidential candidate to come in. But in this case, there's enough money coming from the down ballot races that it's actually probably having an impact On on the presidential so I I think you're right there the other thing to think about with Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin, I mean, I just keep coming back to something that I've been focused on since twenty sixteen, which is. The trump margin in these states and how. Important it is to look at his vote share from two thousand sixteen and how close or how far away he is from that in two thousand twenty and what we saw in two thousand, eighteen was. The trump vote share was incredibly predictive for Republican candidates that year. So even even the Republicans who outperformed. trump in two thousand, sixteen found themselves not doing any better. Or if they were lucky three or four points, maybe better than trump did in their districts. So trump got forty, six, bega, forty six and in with Wisconsin Panya Michigan remember he carried all three of those with less than fifty percent of the vote. That's not gonNA. Be The case this time around where he can count on third party candidates siphoning enough away to be able to win with less than fifty and I also go back to you know if you look at the polling actually in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania has been incredibly stable in that you know poll after poll trump forty, four, trump forty-five, the trump. Trump forty five he's the he's number. I'm sorry. Yes. Yes. It's been Dana Radic number number. Yes. Yup and if you're at forty five percent I, mean all of us have followed politics for a long time. If you're an incumbent forty, five percent a week out from an election that is a very bad place to be now can he make up some of that and get himself to forty? Seven Forty, eight? Yeah, I don't. I. Don't disagree with that at all. It's the how do you get to fifty from forty five? That is a bigger push even if we. Say. They're all these voters maybe that we've missed. I WANNA stick in the mid West Larry Island Ohio. So, four years ago Hillary Clinton performs the way she performs both of those states both were nearly double digits in the great takeaway was she lost Texas by less than she lost Iowa right. So it was this and you hear that the assumption was well Okay Iowa and Ohio they're going the way of Missouri. And yet here we are and they're right back to where they weren't twenty twelve right back to where they were twenty eight right back to where they were twenty four. What's The outlier? Sixteen or eighteen, or now of probably sixteen I think sixteen is going to go down in history as the great exception us some might call it a fluke. We'll see what Tuesday tells us and maybe days and weeks thereafter But I think twenty sixteen will go down in history as the great exception. So, many of the normal rules were broken, which makes sense because trump breaks role that's really how he lives But this time you know he's got a four year record and things are going terribly well, you know Kobe Kobe Kobe now so I think this one's going to be more normal that doesn't mean that Biden will necessarily carry Ohio. In Iowa if I had to guess I'd say a little better in Iowa than Ohio it's my gun. Yeah. That's my gut reaction to it but in my guts been growing during your pin. I've got a better handle on this thing is pandemic you wide your gut so you can have more gut feelings. That's exactly what I don I feel like I've done my part I, my part, the pandemic, the five I wear elastic. Than Belts and I think we we've all learned that. Well. Let's talk about this year's outliers though and let me get into Senate races. So you know we're all political junkies, which probably means if you're like me. You No. Longer you're like, yeah whatever Montana Iowa North Carolina tell me more about Kansas South Carolina Alaska right like you know we always want the new thing as political junkies the new races. All right. So I love those three I'm obsessed with all three and Kansas, is my real obsession state because I think Kansas is not an outlier I think Kansas is going to be. is on its way to becoming more like Iowa in a will be more competitive. For the foreseeable future, the other two I don't know what to think but that's more. My head is at amy discuss those three and. What do you make of all three? The. Kansas. Start with Kansas. So. You know I think what we're seeing there is how different? Johnson County looks now from the rest of the state and Johnson County of course suburban Kansas City which has in the past voted. Has Been. More. Swinging they voted for Democrats. Traditionally, Swing Kansas three was traditionally the strict of Kansas right and now it is like so many suburbs in. In. And around Metro areas, it has moved decidedly decided. Against the president and so I think you're gonNA see incredible numbers for Democrats out of Johnson County. But then you got the rest of the state and I still think that's where the rural the red come through for the president wildcards are our our weather which Tonto Pika are going to act like suburban areas. That's right that I in. The, the story I've heard in Kansas is that Brownback is still. There's still more angered brownback to. And I think there is still this and if you watch the campaign ads there from the democratic. Senate candidate. There's still this sort of Midwest Nice. Let's let's try to be bipartisan Yes we are a you know. C, Conservative kind of place but we also. Don't like to to see people overreach right or an an and the the backlash not just brownback but also Kobe. Has Been Remarkable. You know it's it is one state where that tea party fervor the Trumpian Maginnis just hasn't really stuck in Kansas in a way that it has in these other red states it. This is why I feel that Larry that even if Republicans hold the Senate seat and even if. Trump wins the state say fifty, one, forty, six, which is something you're just like, wow, what's going on in Kansas that this is a shift that it is a more moderate republican state then its reputation once told us yes, I think the book what's The matter with Kansas? We'll have to be rewritten and we often get stuck in the history trap and I'm particularly vulnerable to it because I've. Done I call it been there done that disease. Yeah. Exactly can happen because it hasn't happened. The Democrats can't win a sentence because they haven't won one since Franklin Roosevelt. No they can and and obviously bullies trying to the democratic. Senate nominee is trying to repeat to Governor Kelly's campaigning since she doesn't have the same opponent though was very popular but just to broaden out a little bit think about this on election night, we used to always expect two three four big upsets really big upsets in the Senate or governor whatever, and often because they're so little tickets living we don't have those upsets the way we used to however this. Time. You've got Democrats being competitive in Senate races or an independent Slash Democrat in Alaska you've got them being competitive in Alaska in Montana in Kansas in south. Carolina. In Georgia you know Democrats only need to pull an upset maybe in one or at most two of the seats to guarantee Senate, control an absolute majority not fifty fifty. So it's worth keeping an eye on the if there is a way they're high enough above the water so they can catch it. I'M GONNA pause. There will be right back after a quick break to talk about some upset specials from Larry. You're listening to the Chuck Todd Cast. For. The, Prince. Amy In fact, Larry's getting at something and I sorta hinted at it about the you know about the top of the ticket and the Electoral College that it does feel like. Everything may end up just tipping the in one direction and so while. I. Look at the Democrats path to the majority is actually boat is actually quite difficult. At first, right at the end of the day, they have to figure out how to flip one of the following probably two of the following three, Montana, Iowa and North Carolina. The good news is there in the game and all three, but they probably two of the three in order to cement majority those easily they can lose all three and then certainly. You know they get really close in a whole bunch of red leaning states, but they don't get there or they win them all but say, maybe one right like an Alaska feels like. You know that they just need too much help to pull that off and maybe they come up to point short in Texas. Let. Are we looking at that phenomenon that more likely they probably all they all the they all either win by a point or lose by points. I mean, traditionally, that is what's happened. If you look at the Cook Report Ratings for the Senate for the last ten, fifteen years, you'll note that. The tossups don't ever break fifty fifty, the closest races breaks seventy to eighty percent one direction at the end but you're right truck you do wonder if in this moment were in with you know they incredible polarization plus record turnout. Does. This look more like two, thousand, eighteen than two, thousand, eight, crank. The closest races in red states ended up going to or maybe purplish red states end up sticking with Republicans. So to your point the North Carolina in Iowa Montana's But the Arizona Wisconsin Pennsylvania Michigan's or pretty well, Colorado's they. They stay pretty well safely into the Democratic Camp and and this is what I think we don't know is we're turning out so many people. So. I just don't know how you right and so I don't know how you account for low propensity voters all across the spectrum both from the trump demographic and from the Biden Democrat. Let's have a little fun here. Last few minutes under the radar. Campaigns or candidates that that you're sort of into, you're going to be curious to watch and if they win, you'll be curious to watch them govern Larry we start with you. I go you mentioned Alaska I would definitely go without gross just because he's very interesting. He is Alaska. They just don't vote for Democrats but it's surprisingly closed not just the Senate race but the House race and the and the presidential race even in Alaska they've never really taken to trump account. Remind me in a way even though they're not at all religious like Utah of Utah they've than Utah's never taking your trump either. So I think that's a very interesting race it's received almost no coverage because it's Alaska. Irwin, pandemic even longer I have to say I'm surprised how many members of my tribe do well in Alaska Politics It's not it's not something you would at, but at the same time. You. Know it's a very libertarian state. They don't care about religion. You know, hey, you're here you're tough enough to be here. Okay Anybody else you're watching any other state you're. Upset specials anything like that. Well You I'm sure you've all received the calls that I have over the past couple of months that Doug Jones is going to win. This thing Doug Jones is going to pull it out. Tommy reveal terrible candidate Blah Blah Blah a none of us believe it but I'm watching it because you know that's a tough position to be in the one. Democrat who's a? Really, resent. C- You know of course he'll. If he wins, he'll get I think a very nice appointment maybe in the Justice Department I, I have to tell you. And it. I don't know whether this is enough of a trend to say, but Tommy topper Ville. Reminds me a lot of Tom Osborne and a button. took out. Who are terrible political candidates they don't do the extra work. They're kind of Lazy Osborne was a lazy elected Wilkinson famously lost his race that he shouldn't have lost granted. He could blame LBJ in the in the landslide year for that one I believe it was sixty four but but and then, and then this with Tommy who has been incredibly lazy. And who doesn't live in the state I? Mean that's what's remarkable. I've even really did think in that race when they got. So I happen to know this area very well, my my in law as all are from the panhandle there and he lives on the beach in Florida and he did this little promotional video that says I love living at floor right here Florida. I'm sure he thought Oh. What am I ever running for Office ed I did think it would be one of those things that would resume and what's interesting is it doesn't it did not seem to penetrate at all what cost Com Daschle in South Dakota I thought could cost the Tommy top level right in Alabama. Didn't aren't Amy Gimme your upset specials you're under the radars, your obsessions what are you? You took one of them which is the Virginia five but from the Senate you know. He's no longer under the John James and Michigan. But he's one of these candidates where you know he is in a really strong candidate who's running in the wrong years and we've seen these you know politics is as much about timing is anything else. You could see John James had been running not in the two thousand, eighteen wave not in the twenty, twenty presidential. But in a midterm year like twenty, ten or twenty fourteen that would have been arrested that you could see him win if not easily but we feel better about his chances and then I guess I'm also just keeping an eye on. Mississippi. Thank you for bringing that up I have a curiosity about Mr. Espy's campaign myself. Yeah. I mean, look at our Senator Jessica Taylor's been talking about this for a while. Now, the fact that the Senator Cindy Hyde Smith hasn't been raising a lot of money she's not really on TV The African American. Population Mississippi is significant espionage shown that he's able to really you know run strong there and you know I. Think because we have turned out that's going up everywhere. You know you can't I do I think that He's going win no, but it's definitely one to keep an eye out make an interesting. Prediction that. Has So many caveats in it that Y- can't hold me to it. Jamie Harrison wentz in South Carolina. I think it wakes up the Mississippi Democratic Party. Do what it can be like Mississippi as a voter registration and organisation hurdle for the Democrats. It's not a persuasion hurdle right? They could become a lot more competitive if if. It is something that. If Jamie Harrison is able to be basically the first modern democratic US senator in in the south. That could and then you and you and it's followed up with warnock. In fact, warnock looks like he's you know right now. I would say you know who is most likely to be a US senator in Georgia I might put him one right now in new to right of like of of outcomes Apu's you know best position to win this thing I. Think I'd rather be worn out right now than any of the candidates in either race. What you yeah. Yeah I think that's a really really great point and South Carolina is well. Georgia, showed, US enjoying his broken rates, it energizes American electorates in Alabama. Mississippi maybe trade. that it would be just changed the south the perception that Democrats have who's of who can get elected. Quote winnable candidate. Yeah. Exactly. What does electable candidates look like it is like Doug, Jones maybe they look like Jamie Harris Yep. Exactly I mean that's where it started it. All started with the Stacey Abrams election and. Just in terms of now at the time, but certainly this conversation about. A candidate who you know an African American woman Get close in a state like Georgia, right a state that they've been. So careful the Democrats to put the you know. Jimmy Carter Lake. Southern White Democrat in in front. To. Keep going 'cause this is fun to do. I guess I should we we should stop. It would be. You. Know we could do haven't done Kentucky. Senate. We haven't done. You know but we have done Minnesota. Senate I, mean we did leave a few things on the table here but. Did I. Leave anything out turn out. I'll give you this quickly over under one, hundred, fifty, five, million, Larry over under. Under under but not much under. Amy. I would say under too. But I I'm with Larry that. You. Know. I am not saying that it's GonNa, be you know? Well hundred by the way ready to settle the bad. It's going to be difficult because here's a here's a wit I. Think how? Attempt to vote I didn't. Less than one hundred and fifty, five, million votes will count. How's that. Going to be an eye opener for many. Americans. Well, it's quite possible that well over a million ballots will be disallowed for one reason or another one million Americans who went to the trouble of trying to vote or voting thought their vote was counted and it wasn't. If we ever going to change, it might be after this election I hope. So you know what? It's an excellent point in an excellent point to end on it. It's like if we have more than a million, Americans disenfranchise it is it is about time we re re reexamined. This ridiculousness of how the rules are done. I have to tell you I didn't know a post market matter anymore I will leave it there. Larry. Sabato. Amy. Walter. Thank. You I think we did the we did the listeners. Good. Much. Appreciate you've been listening to the Chuck Todd cast from the press. Today's episode was produced by Justice Gilpin Green and Matt. Rivera John Reece's our executive producer. Our theme music is composed by media NBC News. Special coverage of election night begins Tuesday at five pm Eastern on NBC News Now that's when the first exit polls. Are ripped open under the tree and gets me depressed daily MSNBC every day at one meet the press reports on demand on peacock this week. How you can trust the polls this time. Then there's the big show every Sunday morning to thanks for listening until your clothing. Hi Everyone. 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