Boris tells Trump to 'Dial it down' over Iran; Harry and Meghans possible future home; Plus BTS x Serpentine collaboration


From the Evening Standard in London. This is the leader. Yeah Hi David. Moslims Police Johnston told America and Iran to dial it down and make a deal. Mrs Johnson. Some did praise. Trump has a great deal maker now. Deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil on the prime minister's surprise intervention into US politics. Also the ones ones I saw. Were pretty massive. You know these amazing beautiful wooden structures often light mansions with various entrances for for boats to more and platform phone superior to dive off and Barbecue Gardens. Terrace we speak to. Es Magazine Editor in chief lower. We're about her time in the same area. Harry and Meghan a bottling fourteen eighteen million dollar mansion while their future is finalized. And it's a very unusual move and you can see why the Serpentine said yes South Korea's bt acid the biggest boy band in the world. Why are they collaborating with London? Sapin time on a massive all project. The Standards Robert Decks explains taken from the evening. Standard's editorial call them. This is the leader for the whole thing. Pick up the newspaper or head to standard DOT CO DOT UK slash comet in a moment Nikola sessile on Boris Johnson's appeal to the US. And around. Boris Johnson's calling for the nuclear pact with Iran to be replaced with a new trump deal in an interview with the BBC. He says it's time to dial down tension in the Middle East after the US. Assassination of Iranian Indian General Qasim Sulejmani a deputy political editor Nicholas. Cecil is covering the story. Nicholas this seems like quite a surprising intervention. Boris Johnson's language which has certainly caught people in diplomatic circles by surprise because on the face of it he appears now to be pushing the idea of replacing the JCP la which is the nuclear agreement. Struck in Twenty fifteen between Tehran and major world powers. Now if you contrast this with the language of Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb who tweeted just a few hours later on this issue and there does seem to be a difference in emphasis as Mr Rob is talking hear about preserving the nuclear deal this morning. He announced that Britain France and Germany had triggered a dispute resolution mechanism for it breaches by your arm of the nuclear deal and he stressed we want to bring you on back into full complaints and preserve the deal is Boris Johnson acknowledging knowledge that the current nuclear deal with Iran is over. I would not go quite so far this stage and say that Britain regards. JCP as dead but it is certainly certainly in a critical condition after Donald trump pulled the US out of it in two thousand eighteen and hopes are not high terror will fall back into line just because the he dispute resolution mechanism has been triggered. A Don't think there's much confidence in Whitehall or Washington a new deal can be struck by Mr Trump. Certainly he not sued both options reviving the JCP LA or striking a new deal hugely challenging but the alternatives are very bleak. The West is determined to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons but was desperately wants to avoid a new Middle East war which could be triggered by military strikes at Iranian. You Ain't nuclear facilities. Mrs Johnson did praise the Sta. Trump has a great deal maker and he seems to be seeking coach to find a way to break the deadlock while the West also keeps pressure on Tehran. To find a way out of the current crisis. Let's turn to domestic issues. What's the prime minister said? The chances of a brexit deal this year in typically colorful language Mrs Johnson said it was ethically likely a comprehensive deal would be me week by the end of December suggesting this would happen unless was what he called a complete failure of common sense but he stopped short of a cast. Iron guarantees of a comprehensive trade deal which many experts say is almost impossible to achieve in such a short timescale so on the chances of a new Iran nuclear deal or a comprehensive EU UK trade. Deal by the end of the year. I certainly would not bet on either. The next sense I'm getting is they. They want to achieve a lifestyle that slightly more progressive slightly more blatantly matic and I feel like yes. They could live in Vancouver Island. Laura wheel on the allure of Vancouver Island the Bolt Hole. Where Harry and Meghan GonNa stay in and could move to longtime and not knowing what might be around the Corner Vancouver Island Tourist Agency destination? British Columbia sales area has a place as for those who enjoy doing things differently. It's where Harry and Meghan were holidaying immediately before announcing they want to quit being senior royals. And it's where the Evening Standard's revealed. Harry will fly to before the end of the week to be with his wife and their son Archie. So Fan Couva island in a mansion by the waterfront as where the couple will be while it's decided a highly live the rest of their lives but could it be right there. He S Magazine's editor in chief Laura wheels written for the paper on the time she spent on the same cappella. God was Heidi and Megan will be and she's with me now. Laura what's it like yes so I spent a year in Vancouver actually when I was twenty one years sold for reasons. I'm sure we'll get onto later. And I spent a lot of time in the Vancouver City mainland and then I- holiday with new friends I had made in the city up in the archipelago Just north of the city which is which includes Vancouver island various other islands. It is one of the most speech were places I've ever been in my life. It's very relaxing the pace of life slows right down beautiful landscapes. Incredible fresh air so lots to love about it in the column. You talk about these caverns. Tell me about those. Because they're not. Why would expect to be a bit of a cabin much watch like anything? They're SORTA varying degrees of the sizes of these properties. And they call them cabins because I think when Parents of the friends that I may adot in Vancouver when they fast built these cabins. They wear essentially cabins and many of them. I think Portland on these islands when they were in their late twenties. Easily therapies in the name of the year these parents have built these bigger properties. And now we're seeing out in Vancouver Island and across the other islands yes. Smaller cabins is but the ones I saw. Were pretty massive. These amazing beautiful wooden structures often like mansions with entrances for boats to more and platform foam people to dive off and Barbecue Gardens and terraces and they are decorated beautifully and very in keeping with this Canadian. A great outdoors. Lots of it would But they are in there as there are small properties but there are also astronomically. Huge properties. Are there this. Sounds like the kind of lifestyle that I particularly take. Your Liberty would quite enjoy. So you've got that kind of rural atmosphere but if you wanted to quit Fleiss to La exactly exactly. And I think that's why I'm making a real case for Vancouver because obviously we. We don't know if it's going to be Vancouver or Toronto which is where making has Filmed during during much of her career in the Sitcom seats that was based out in Toronto. But the great thing about Vancouver. It's name is little Hollywood. There are various Tax Benefits NFL. I think to filming a lot in Vancouver. It's very hospitable to the creative industries so you see a lot of films being made there and like you said short flights to allay as well for For the actress You know she may not want to carry on that part of her career but it's very accessible to The paciest side side of life but then also offers a sort of sanctuary. which which I think is kind of the best both worlds you can just imagine? I mean I did about you though. But sometimes when I'm on holiday they'll be in some big partial tale of relatively cheap airbnb. No quite like this but looking out and going to I could live here. You can imagine that con- It could they live there. I I mean I could I mean I it would. It would be a huge departure from the lifestyle that they lead now but I think the interesting thing is. I'm getting the sense I'm getting is they. Want to achieve much like many People I know a lifestyle that slightly more progressive less kind of rugged to one place slightly more globally nomadic crossing times irons not feeling wedded to one location. And I feel oh like yes. They could live in Vancouver island if they really did want to retreat. I mean I is quite isolated but equally Vancouver self provides that again the best of both worlds to be able to have that kind of rural escape but then also be connected to a city as well. And if you want to find out why Laura was there. You'll have to read our article in the newspaper or online at standard dot co two K.. DNA by one of the biggest selling singles of modern times around three million copies sold. The videos also had more than nine hundred million views news on Youtube. The K pop under at the height of their incredible success and their next release is an art. Exhibition the Serpentine Gallery in London. Part of a global noble project announced by the Group editorial column. Thinks it'll be a hit if you haven't heard of Bt 's you will soon when they loss S. came to London they storm the Oh to now they're growing up. As big bands often do back in the sixties the Beatles went from op-ed kids to Sitar strumming drumming philosophers in the time it took them to go from. Please please me to rubber soul now. BTS are revealing their intellectual Soosai to by teaming up with the Serpentine Gallery as part of a global ought project. London is getting Catharsis by the Danish artist last year. Cobb could Stinson which is supposed to provide an environment. Three which view is can redefine their relationship to nature. It sounds lovely even even the tranquillity doesn't last long ten thousand screaming teenage fans in Kensington Gardens. Should see to that are asked the Robert Taxes here that Robert just to put this in perspective of sold more than forty million records. That last tour was seen by more than one point. Five million people. They are the biggest boy band in the world. And now they're doing an Arctic's Bisham. It's an unusual move for pop pop at its very unusual move you can see why the Serpentine said. Yes though I mean as you site. They are huge if you ask any gallery. What they want they want people through the doors on talk about they want people through that doors who don't know become through doors and bts and their fans lines bites and by simply saying we're doing this with the Serpentine? They will increase their audience begins. They will diversify their audience hugely. It's absolute no brainer for the gallery. What are they doing? They've employed curators. Who is in turn employed? Some of the curator's Reuters Hervey turned commission about twenty two artists to do five very large scale. Public free works. So how much exactly they have to do with with it. You'd have to ask them not me. But now given that buck into these works on for the Serpentine Chosen Dinesh Artists who's based in a huge digital recreation ancient North American forests It looks astounded. I'm quite why they've done. If you visit the show there will apparently be a message from beatty s explaining what they want to do. And I think it's just a classic pop bond as you say they're massive when Papa John's get massive going right brought to the Beatles and the stones they get bored with just putting out records and playing gigs and I think what else can we do. We have all these fans. These people listen to US take off make films films are they so fashion ranges apple records is the Beatles did PTSD decide to get into contemporary one and some of the people they are walking with you mentioned on the artist Davis People like Anthony Golden. There's a bit of a rockstar himself. Isn't he indeed. I mean they they they have gone for for big serious players like this uptown in an like Antony Gormley Owen is using lots and lots of aluminium. Choose to create what he calls a live join on the Brooklyn Bridge. She New York And that's the of its London is new. York is Seoul I guess where would you find. People have the international reach. Can you find it now. Where else but put music? They have outraged their funds. All over the world so they can pull people to all these different locations. Once you hit a certain level of fame you have a genuine influence in genuine power and it's really interesting the enact by bts is using that to drive people towards art. Isn't it that must speech. That's too that credit it so I mean th they could you know as we also input bonds get to that level you can also spend all you need to know the things Nelson and your career quite quickly Klay so now all all credit to them. I think it does fit in with the Sunday. Think the Serpentine is extremely visual. is digital technology. A and don't have to go with seven hundred fifty. It will be online which weren't quite the same experience still be worth doing. And that fits in with all their pail. You know if you you alright. Huge Pot bond. You have strong visual appeal. You now have mustered the digital wealth to reach your fans. I'm so is playing to their strengths. If you look we know during the video message but what bts founds onto no and I know this love and listen to the leader up. Are they going to be there. There was a video message for people that were there this morning. whether they'll go there in the future I think they've got till the end of March pro show closes asylum. We will see talk. Talk to pop icons Bob Dylan how to show win a mayfair gallery a couple of years ago. He wasn't there for the opening but they did say he did pop in and stroll around while nobody was watching Where the BTS S. component stroke aren't anywhere while now he's watching is probably different muscle and Salita subscribe to make sure you never miss an episode? And you can rate and share us to back tomorrow at four PM.

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